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It was a day ride with friends, but as the day turned to night, not only did the ride last longer than expected, but so did the party. Secrets were disclosed leading to unexpected surprises.
I figured my old man was out getting the bike ready and Gary was with him so I pulled out the magazine from earlier and found the story I was reading earlier. His wife was wondering why he only watched and didn’t fuck the guys wife. He told her the guy I was fucking makes her watch. That was why she took my husband to the kitchen. She laughed and said “well what happened in the kitchen?” He told her she went upstairs, then sent him a text telling him to wait for her. Then she texted “What do u think my hubby is doing with her? Kissing her? Touching her? I want him to fuck her like a street corner whore. I was getting wet reading this, so I put a blanket over my lap, and slid my hand down my pants. When the guys wife texted him asking him “have u looked? I hope not. Imagine this in your tiny little wife.” She sent a picture of his cock and said “I luv watching him fuck women with that 10’ dock! I’ll see u in a minute, okay.” I closed my eyes and imagined I was his wife as I rubbed my clit.

I jumped when I felt the couch move hoping it was Johnny. Fuck! It was Gary sitting there with a shit eating grin. “Whatcha doing there Adair?” He snatched the magazine from my hand and smiled just as I heard a bike start. “Is that Johnny?” Gary nodded. “He’s getting fuel before they close. Umm, good story huh. “I can’t believe he likes watching,” I can…lol. Imagine those dweebs watching Jason and Travis fucking their ol lady’s right now” I really hoped he didn’t know what I was doing under the blanket, so I tried to make a joke to lighten the mood and hide my embarrassment. “See what you’re missing buddy? You shoulda gone…lol” “We all should have.” he said as he flipped through the story. “Imagine the fun…lol” “I don’t think so. So you’ve really done that, and please, don’t tell me it was anyone we know.” Gary laughed and shrugged his shoulders. “How does that even happen I asked? The guy just asks you if you want to fuck his girlfriend, or wife. It just seems so weird and awkward to me” Gary handed the magazine to me, smiled and said “Sometimes they ask or it just happens. I’ve had guys send their wives to flirt and ask, I was at a pool tournament and ended up fucking two chicks out back. They kept looking at these two dudes that must have followed us and were watching. It was their fucking husbands! I don’t even know where they were sitting because their wives were alone at the bar. Freaks! I like it though. Knowing I’m fucking another man’s woman. ”

The door opened and Carly was back. Shit, I thought, that was fast. Where the hell is Johnny? “Oh hi” she said, “I thought that looked like your friend at gas station but he was alone, so I didn’t think it was. He should be right behind me.” She wandered down the hall and Gary leaned over and whispered “Oh, by the way, yes.” “What?” “You guys know some of them. Feel free to guess who. Oh, and I like watching some of them fuck Carly too” “And she likes watching you too, right?” He shrugged, stood up, walked to the fridge, and dropped two beers on the table in front of me. “One for you and one for your husband if he ever gets here... lol” he quipped, as he headed for his room. I know asshole, I thought. I saw the movie. Nasty broad!

Carly came out dressed in a cute flowered skirt with a matching top, but before I could tell her I liked it, she headed for the door and said “back in a flash, Need anything from Jacks?” I shook my head no and said “just my husband.”

Johnny called soon after and apologized saying he had to fix some wires under his tank and was putting it back together now. “I hope you’re behaving yourself. Did Carly make it back? No more sex shows I hope…lol. “Yes, yes and no” I said. “I’m sorry honey, but it looks like we might have to stay there a little while because the Sheriffs are out and cruising. Give me a ½ hour or so, okay.”

Gary came out and asked if I wanted to play pool or jump in the Jacuzzi. “Jacuzzi? Now what would Carly think of that? Better yet Johnny?” He smiled his cutest and said “Carly has no say. She’s my sex slave. I fucked in front of you and she loved it…lol. Now Johnny, we both know how that would go. So there’s a bump in my room and I’ll see you at the table, unless you want me to text Johnny and ask.” He said with wide eyes and a smile. I grabbed my beer. “Pool it is“I said as I walked away, feeling his eyes on my ass.

I heard the door to the outside room close as I entered his room. My phone buzzed with a text from Gary. “Push play if you’re curious. Hitting next will move to the next video” Next to his TV was a security camera display that showed the room he was in, his driveway, and everywhere else outside including the Jacuzzi. I shut and locked the door. Gary was getting the table set up, so I hit play, knowing I could see him or anybody coming. He conveniently left the treats right there to partake too. He thinks he so smart I laughed to myself. My phone rang. It was Johnny, so I hit pause. He told me that Carly stopped by to see if he was okay, and wanted him to tell me that there are some comfortable clothes in the closet if you want to get out of your jeans and boots. I asked if she was with him. “No. Why? She was getting something for Gary I guess, Anyway, I had to tear into it again but I’m almost done. Get comfy okay, because I don’t want to leave till sunup.

Gary was out messing with the spa and watching something on his phone, so I started the video while I looked in the closet. I heard a familiar laugh and saw Lorrie sitting on her hubby’s lap. They were sitting on a chair in their basement and Kelly was whispering to her. He had his hands in her lap and was rubbing her pussy. I listened to her giggling as I looked for something to wear, but stopped in my tracks when I heard Kelly say “what do you think amigo. She can’t decide so the decision is yours. Should my wife wear a short little dress or tiny little skirt for us tonight?” The camera was still on them. Her legs were draped over his spread thighs, one hand pushing her tights down and her other rubbing her pussy. Her top was unbuttoned and Kelley was pulling her nipples as she was gri nding on his cock. “Tell you what my friend. My favorites are laid out on our bed so why don’t you pick what you like and bring them here. That’s okay right honey?” “Uh-Huh” Then I heard him. “Okay, be right back.”

Shit, I thought, It’s Gary. Is he gonna fuck Lorrie? I pulled two skirts and a little black dress from the closet wondering what he’s going to pick. I heard Lorrie ask “are you sure baby? You know I just want you to be happy. This will make you happy, right?” Kelley bit her ear and mumbled something. She turned around and kissed him while dry fucking him. I was so turned on I forgot about Gary, and wasn’t sure if Johnny or Carly were back. I found Gary on the camera and Johnny’s bike was there too, but when I heard Gary say “I found it you guys”, my attention went straight to the video. Gary. walked into view and started massaging Lorrie’s shoulders. Kelley said “I bet I can guess” He whispered in her ear and said “see if I’m right honey.” Gary leaned down and whispered “skirt or dress?” “Wait. If I’m right I get a wish and if I’m wrong, he does.” Gary put his ear by her mouth and said “well?” When she told him, he gave his goofy giggle and said “Let’s find out” and pulled a little tight dress out in one hand and a cute Levi skirt in the other. He held his hand out for Kelley to sh ake and said “you’re right, damnit.” “I knew it”, he said. He used her arms to lean her back on his lap, “Kiss the loser honey.” It looked like Gar 11y was just gonna give her a quick, light kiss, which he did, but then he pulled her back as far as he could and kissed her deep and passionately! He held her by her hair and when he finished he used it to violently pull her back up in Kelley’s lap. “Now kiss the winner too.“ When they finished kissing, Kelley asked “will you please wear this for us honey? It’ll make the hottest girl at the party even hotter. Right Gary?” Gary just smiled and held it against her. “Well, how can I say no when you ask me so nicely.” She kissed Kelley and pecked Gary on the cheek as she left the room.

I decided right then to wear the dress I liked because I didn’t want Gary thinking I wore a skirt for him.
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