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This is the continuation of a series that explores the hidden desires of a young lady discovering her passion for lesbian sex and serving her mistress. Throw in a discovery of her best friend's feelings for her and journey becomes more complicated. If you are looking for a traditional lesbian romance story this is probably not for you.
If you choose to continue, I hope you enjoy...


I returned to the apartment still half dazed from the events of the day. What an incredible surprise for Cynthia to show up at the office. Looking back, I could hardly believe what I had done in her office. It felt like I had watched it from outside my body. But walking around pantie-less reminded me it was all me.

I was thankful Stacey was not home yet, and disappointed at the same time. How could I possibly talk to her about any of this. She would tell me I'm crazy, and she would be right. I could not believe I sat completely naked in my bosses office and masturbated for her. Just hearing those words in my head brought the absurdity of the situation to light.

Even as the stupidity of my actions hit home, the look on her face as she watched me was etched in my mind. I have never felt so alive as when I crawled to her on hands and knees, naked and exposed. Her hungry eyes were worth the risk. I knew if she looked me in the eye and asked me to do it again, I would without hesitation.

I poured a glass of wine and sat on the sofa, warm and wet. I spread my legs wide and felt the air touching my exposed wet pussy. I wanted to find her silver bullet and make myself cum again and again. How could I hold out for four weeks to see her again? I promised no orgasms under any circumstances until I paid her back. But she would have no way of knowing...

Even as I thought that, I knew if she asked and I lied, she would know. It wasn't fair, I thought she was sleeping over tonight when I promised. Four weeks was impossible. I downed my third glass of wine and was ready to surrender to the silver bullet when my best friend and roommate Stacey came home.

"Hey girl, how was your day?" I asked cheerily.

"Hectic, but good. I'm loving it. I presented some of the ideas you and I brainstormed for the Yankees social media campaign and they are using some. My boss gave an "Atta Girl" for the ideas. I've gotta go on a west coast college swing for two weeks, leaving tomorrow night on the jet." She smiled happily.

"Awesome, private jet is the only way to travel." I smiled. "Wine?"

"Sure, sounds wonderful. I need to get comfy." She went to her room and came back with a mid-thigh pajama T.

I had her glass poured and she sat on the couch Indian style facing me. She picked up her glass and wiggled into the couch cushion. Just what I didn't need. Her night shirt road up enough to show me her light blue panties and her dark bush peeking through.

Without thinking, I assumed the position facing her. As a fresh blast of air hit my exposed lady parts, her eyes lit up. "Well hello Miss Vagina, welcome to the party! I take it you've been sexting with Cynthia?"

My face turned bright red and I closed my legs and sat on my feet side saddle. "Oh crap, I'm so sorry." I buried my face in my hand. "She actually surprised me today and showed up at the office."

"OMG, and you gave her your panties?" She asked skeptically.

I nodded head in hand and then took a large gulp of wine.

"What did you do?" She asked wide eyed.

"I don't want to talk about it..."

She interrupted. "That's not happening. I want all of it. Every slutty little detail."

Faced with coming clean to Stacey, I was ashamed of my behavior and just shook my head, staring at the couch cushion.

"Lecia, you know I love you and I won't judge, but now I've just got to know." She reached a finger under my chin and raised my eyes to meet hers. "What happened today?"

She smiled a devilish smile that put me at ease. She was truly excited to hear.

I downed my glass and I poured us both another. I started slow and told her about my day before the surprise as I thought about how much I should even share. She quickly downed another glass and was starting her fourth by the time I got to Cynthia flashing me her naked shaved pussy.

"Really! She flashed you right in front of him?" Her eyes and grin were both huge.

"He couldn't see! He was on the other side of the desk..."

"Oh, ok that makes sense. Did you squirt in your panties? Sorry, continue." She pantomimed locking her lips and tossing the key.

When I told her what she asked me to do next, she fidgeted in her seat and looked at me wide mouth. "You rubbed one off for her through your panties? OMG you really got it bad Lecia. Did she do the same?"

"No, she just watched mesmerized. Then she had me take my wet panties off and bring them too her on my hands and knees with my teeth." I said completely embarrassed.

"You did that?" She was shocked.

"Yes, you should have seen the look on her face. I've never felt so wanted in my life."

"I don't know what to say Lecia. I would never imagine you this far off the rails. You know what would happen if you got caught right? I mean signing a relationship consent for the workplace does not give you the ok to fuck in the office." She looked terrified. "Please, think about it Lecia. Do whatever you want in private, but you just can't do that shit at work!"

That hit me like a freight train. I had let the excitement and newfound lust completely block out reason and common sense. "Oh, shit Stacey you're right, I've lost my mind. She seems to have some kind of power over me, that makes me forget about everything else."

"Did you hear what I said? Forget about everything else if you want. But here in the apartment. Not in the fucking office. It sounded pretty damned sexy," She laughed nervously. "Hell, I might even want to watch if you do it here, but please stop at work. You will get fired."

My mind reeled. She was right. I needed to control myself at work and let my inhibitions go completely in private. Then the comment of wanting to watch reached my mind. I looked into her blue eyes. She looked nervous and vulnerable her full bright red lips screamed to be kissed I glanced down at her dark bush teasing me through the light blue panties. Why did I want to peel them off and taste my best friend's pussy? She was right I was completely out of control.

"Lecia, look at me sweetie. You look sad. I'm sorry if I upset you, it's just, you've worked so hard and I don't want to see you mess up. Cynthia's gorgeous and sexy and the catch of a lifetime. I'm not judging or telling you to stop. I want you to live out all your fantasies, just please be safe. For her and you. Imagine what Cynthia Liebert caught fucking in the office would do to investor confidence."

She looked at me lovingly and I teared up. "What's wrong with me?"

She reached out and caressed my cheek. "Lecia, don't cry Honey, I'm sorry I upset you. I just care about you. I'm not judging..."

"I know Stacey." I leaned in and hugged her neck and began to cry uncontrollably.

She masterfully rolled her legs out to sit normally on the couch and hug me back. I cried for an uncomfortably long time, for her, I was sure.

"Oh God Sweetie, I am so sorry, I didn't mean..."

I hugged her tighter, chin on her shoulder. "It's not you it's me Stacey. It's not just today. I have been spiraling for weeks. She's awoken an obsession in me that I can't seem to stop and it's not just for her. I'm like an out of control hormone crazed teenaged boy. I look at women, like objects of lust and..."

I was at a loss for words. She leaned slowly back away looked at me and smiled a soft understanding smile. "Lecia Sweetie, take a breath. It's gonna be OK. You have had an amazing few months with so many great things happening. You've traveled the world and gotten your dream job, six months out of college. It's no wonder you are over stimulated.

Cynthia is beautiful, powerful, and a perfect body. She's turned the straightest arrow I have ever known, bi at least, if not full-blown lesbian. Of course, your libido is over the top. Suddenly there's a whole section at the buffet you've never tried before. You wonder why you're salivating, really? You just need to take a breath, calm down and dial it back one notch. Have you had an encounter with another woman?"

I could feel my lady parts drying out and crusting up. I had not showered since the incident and though I cleaned myself as best I could in the restroom, I needed to feel clean. "Let me take a quick shower and get comfortable and we can continue. Is that ok?"

"Yes, but we WILL continue." She insisted with a smile.

I returned wearing a black Cami and matching black panties.

"Wow Lecia, you might make me think of exploring other option dressed like that. But I shall not be distracted. Have you had an encounter with another woman?"

"No but I've thought about it too much." I said taking her hand and pulling it to my lap.

I told her about my day on the beach and nearly running down a child staring at the random black woman's ass. We drank a whole other bottle of wine and I even told her the details of our shopping day and how I was staring at her ass.

"Well Lecia, I am flattered but you don't have to be gay to appreciate Cynthia's got a freakin Wonder Woman body with Jessica Biel's ass. If you're looking at me, I am worried. I am short and squatty all ass and no body..."

"Stacey, don't ever say that. You are beautiful and your ass is every bit as hot as Cynthia's." I said truthfully.

"You could fit two of her asses in one of my cheeks Sweetie, don't you try so hard Lecia." She said laughingly.

It might have been the wine, or it might have been the built-up energy from my encounter with Cynthia but either way, I grabbed her hand and stood her up. I turned her toward the mirror and stood behind her. "Look at you, you're beautiful.

"Hold still." I reached around and gripped her night shirt and pulled it up, my fingers rubbed the soft skin of her thighs and on up her hourglass hips and torso. "Raise your arms Stacey, I want to show you something."

She complied and I pulled the tank off revealing her subtle pink size 33's. Her areolas were almost the same shade as her skin causing her dark pink nipples to stand out. Her amber hair hung to her shoulders in sharp contrast to her pale skin. It made her intensely blue eyes seem all the brighter. She looked terrified and hunched her shoulders and tried to cover herself with her arms.

I gripped her hands and pulled them up and out. Don't you dare cover up. You are stunningly beautiful Stacey. I looked at her pale pink round breast and so much wanted to touch and kiss them. Her body tapered in from her shapely shoulders to below her ribs and back out again to her curvaceous hips. She had a sexy little roll just below her belly button. I imagined kissing across it gently as I explored her body.

My wetness spread when I saw the outline of her dark bush peeking through her light blue hip-hugger panties. I wanted to peel them off her and run my hands over that soft bush.

"I wish I had your shape Stacey." I looked in her eyes and she smiled and looked away. Her hands were trembling, and I wondered if she was excited or terrified her lesbian friend was trying to seduce her. "We need to remove those panties to make my final point Stacey." She looked truly terrified. "I promise I am not going to throw you down and dyke you. I want you to truly look at yourself as I see you.

She giggled nervously. "I'm not afraid of that Lecia." She looked at the floor shyly.

"Then I can take them off?" She did not reply. "I'm so sorry Stac..."

"OK!" She barked awkwardly.

"Relax Stacey, trust me. Turn around." I moved the wine off the mirrored serving tray and handed it to her holding it up high so she could see her ass in the mirror. "Do you see that ass? Is that not the sexiest thing you've ever seen?"

Her hip huggers were "On and UP!" revealing her two round voluptuous cheeks peeking out below the lacey blue arch that curved down from her hips to a thigh gap that made me flow. I soiled my second pair of panties for the day.

"Tell me looking at your beautiful ass in those panties doesn't make you smile?"

She grinned continuing to look at her reflection. "That is kind a hot isn't it?"

"Steaming Stacey. Can I please take them off?" Her eyes darted from the mirror to meet my gaze. God her eyes! And those red full lips! Her cheeks almost matched her lipstick from blushing. "It's important."

Her face softened, and she took a deep breath. "OK."

"Keep looking in the mirror and tell me that is not a world class ass." I dropped to my knees and wiggled the panties down revealing her dark muff for the first time. When the panties clung to her wet labia and I breathed her scent, I knew how she really felt about this. I looked up to see her mesmerized by her own ass and it was clear I had made my point.

"Not bad if I do say so myself" she rotated her hips to get the full view bumping my cheek with her left thigh and then my other cheek with her right, as I pushed her panties to the ground. "Oh, sorry Lecia." She giggled.

I wiggled her panties against her ankles, and she stepped out of them. She widened her stance and I needed to distract her to give me a few more second. "Keep looking Stacey, the shape, the skin, No cellulite..." She grinned in the mirror as I breathed her in through the nose and purposely exhaled through the mouth flooding her wetness with my warm breath. She wiggled and gasped and I knew I had her.

I quickly raised my head up, moved to my left and rested my right cheek on the left side of her hip against the narrow part of her hourglass. I smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

"Look at your shape Stacey. Such a beautiful hourglass." I brought my right hand to her right hip and let my forearm touch her pelvis. "Look at that sexy little valley up the center of your back. I love the way your smooth little neck curves into your broad sexy shoulder. Your skin looks like creamy satin. The way your shoulders curve to those shapely arms. Damn even your shoulder blades are sexy the way they peek out."

She was absolutely silent looking at the image in the mirror. Our eyes met as my hand subtly caressed her hip. Her expression was deadly serious as I continued.

"And your ass is stunningly beautiful. The mole on your left cheek is like magic. Your cheeks so perfectly round. Even the crack looks like perfection. A perfect line separating those perfect circles. Oh My God, Stacey this may be the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Look at those two little dimples and how they form a triangle."

I reached around her hip with my left arm, face still firmly planted on her right hip. She had a dimple just above each cheek that connected by a slight creased line horizontally. The other legs of the triangle formed as her ass cheeks curved ever so gently toward her ass crack. I gently traced the triangle with my finger.

"See that Stacey, wow that's sexy." I looked up at her reflection and her eyes were closed.

"Yeah I see." She sighed.

When her eyes stayed closed, I traced the triangle again and then stood up. Then, I took the mirror from her and sat it down. Her expression was pure surrender. I had to reel her in completely, so I leaned in as if to kiss her and when her eyes closed, I turned her to face the mirror and pressed against her from behind resting my chin on her left shoulder.

Our eyes met in the mirror. "You were very wet Stacey. I think you like the way your ass looks. Now let's review the front, shall we?" I placed a hand on each hip. "Look at those blue eyes Stacey. They must be the bluest I have ever seen, and that cute little nose, so totally kissable. And don't get me started on those lips. Look at them, so full and bright red, screaming for attention.

She was breathing in broken little gasps and I just couldn't hold out any longer when my eyes saw her breasts. My hands moved slowly up her belly. She was trembling more each second. Her eyes were closed and her lips agape trying to breath normally.

"Those nipples are the softest pink I've ever seen." I exhaled on her neck as my fingers reached the mark.

She squeaked like a mouse when I touched them. I whispered, lips gently kissing her ear. "Oh, they are sensitive, aren't they?"

She only moaned and kept her eyes closed.

"You're trembling Stacey. How's your cute little belly button Stacey." My right hand moved to it slowly.

She had a mini convulsion and gasped a series of quick little breaths. I took a deep breath through my nose and exhaled on her neck as my fingers reached the top of her bush. "I can smell your wetness from hear Stacey. And now it's contagious." I swallowed hard trying not to cum in my panties.

My middle finger reached the top of her slit and continued down separating her steaming lips. Her legs wobble and I hugged her abdomen with my left arm to stabilize her.

"Oh, that's warm Stacey." I curved my finger and slid it in.

"H, ha, haa, haaa, Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!" she squealed.

"Are you Ok Stacey, should I stop?" I asked taunting her.

"Oh God, Lecia, please d, don't stop touching me." She moaned desperately.

"Your little bush is so soft Stacey. I bet that's gonna tickle my nose..."

She shook and whimpered and began humping my finger.

"Damn Stacey you're so wet and warm and soooooo tight." I worked my finger deeper and faster. "Look at you... You're so damned sexy. I can't wait to taste this." I slid a second finger in, and she lost control.

Her hips gyrated as she fucked my fingers. "Oh Lecia, ah, ah, aaaaahhhhh!" She screamed,

"Are you gonna cum for me already Stacey?" I whispered in her ear.

"Oh YES!" She grunted. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!"

"Oh Stacey, you are so beautifully hot. Open your eyes and see how sexy you look cumming for me. That's it Baby. Watch me make you cum Stacey."

My fingers sloshed as I plunged them in and out, rubbing her clit with my thumb.

"Baby, your clit is so stiff, I love that dark little bush and those soft pink nipples. I wanna make love to you Stacey..."

"I'm gonna cum Lecia!" She yelled.

She breathed in tiny little gasps and wiggled her whole body as her orgasm built. I kissed her neck and whispered with my lips touching her ear.

"I want to kiss you all over and taste you cumming in my mouth."

"Fuck me Lecia! I, I'm cum, cu, cumming!"

"Oh yes, Stacey cum for me Honey, oh you're making me so wet." I whispered.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhh!" She shook convulsively in my arms.

"That's it Stacey, let go Baby, I love when you show me how much you like it..."

"Oh G, God Lecia, it feels so good!" She squealed.

Feeling her shuttering climax nearly made me cum right along with her. I continued to work her steaming pussy until she pushed my hand away. Then I turned her toward me and sucked her cum off my finger inches from her face.

I kissed her long and hard as we swirled our tongues together.

"Can we please go to my bedroom? I need to make love to you Stacey." I took her hand a pulled her, not waiting for an answer. She followed my lead, still panting.

I had fantasies about Stacey for weeks, since our overnighter before her interview, when we actually slept together (literally sleeping in the same bed.) She felt so good in my arms. Her skin against mine that night was like warm silk. I was nervous, anxious, feeling guilty, horny and excited as we reached the bedside. We were crossing a boundary that would change our friendship forever, if not ruin it.

I thought to myself, "Dumb Shit you just finger fucked her in the living room. The boundary has been crossed! How are you going to deal with Cynthia? This could ruin that before it really begins in earnest..."

I stopped next to the bed. My best friend stood naked before me, looking up at me with those blue eyes, filled with fear and uncertainty, waiting for my lead. With Cynthia, I was the pet, flailing about, like a lust filled puppy, interested only in making her happy. With Stacey it was the opposite. I felt powerful and in control, enjoying the fact she was... Open to suggestion.

Her blue eyes and red full lips... I leaned in and her lips parted, welcoming my kiss. They felt impossibly soft and warm. My heart raced with excitement. I felt powerless, to stop yet powerfully in control of my best friend. Watching her cum so easily and willingly, had every cell in my body excited.

My left hand caressed her shoulders as my right explored her lower back, caressing her dimples with my extended right hand. I pushed harder against her lips tilting her head back. She was nearly five inches shorter than me, so I had to extend to feel that beautifully shaped ass.

It was full and round and so soft, I could have touched it for days. My wetness grew and I did not want to stop. I wanted her and I needed to explore every inch of her, consequences be damned. I released my left hand and pulled the covers back without breaking the kiss. She smelled and tasted like heaven. Her breath a hint of mint and wine and her perfume spicy and distinct.

I broke the kiss and looked into her blue eyes and gently kissed her button nose. "I need you in my bed Stacey, please." I said softly gently leading her there. I pulled the covers back to give her plenty of room. She wiggled toward the center of the mattress as I tossed the pillows on the floor. "We won't need those."

Her eyes looked longingly and nervously at me. "Lecia... are you sure..."

"Stacey, I promise, no matter what I will still be your best friend first." I said as I climbed onto the bed, pressed my left knee between hers and pushed her legs apart allowing me room to settle in. With both legs extended between hers I climbed onto her in the push-up position. I looked at her beautiful round face and dropped to my elbows with them outside of her arms. I put my hands on her cheeks cradling her face gently as her hands caressed my back through the silk cami.

"I've fantasized about this since the last time we were in this bead together Stacey." I teased her with a kiss and tongue flick before pulling back and looking at her. "You are so Beautiful, Stacey."

"I've dreamt of this since sophomore year!" she blurted out awkwardly.

I looked down at her with a shocked look as my heart skipped a beat. A wave of guilt washed over me. Had I lead her on! How could I not know this? Was she in love with me? Have I been abusing her mindlessly? So many emotions shot through me at once. What if I wind up with Cynthia?

"I'm so sorry, I didn't..."

She raised her head and kissed me as her right hand slid into my panties and caressed my ass. I got the message and kissed her back letting her warm tongue probe my mouth. Her left hand gripped my other cheek as I ground my pelvis against hers. I could feel her warm wet pussy through my panties and moaned with pleasure.

We kissed and I lowered my upper body onto hers pressing our breasts together. The warmth of our bodies pressed together sent a wave of heat from head to toe. My hips gyrated pressing my ass against her hands and then rubbing our steaming pussies together.

I gasped and lowered my face to her neck kissing her passionately. She leaned her head back and offered her neck to me. I could feel her pulse through my lips as I kissed her and teased her neck with my tongue.

"Oh, Lecia, you feel so good. Your lips are so warm. Uuuhhhhh." she sighed, and her warm breath washed over my neck and cheek.

I planted soft kisses up and down her neck and onto her shoulders, my hands caressing the curve of her shoulders with soft kisses trailing behind. Her sighs and moans sent chills through my engorged steaming cunt. I wanted her to touch me there and feel how wet she made me, but I needed to please her and show her how much I wanted her.

"Stacey." I panted as her hand gripped my ass and pressed my pelvis against hers. "Oh fuck." I grunted as she ground herself against me. "O, o, o, oh!" I squealed in broken gasps ready to cum in my panties again. "Please!" I whined pulling my pussy away. "I need to taste you Stacey and feel you cum in my mouth!"

I hoped those words didn't ruin the moment, but it was true. I needed to burry my face into her hot wetness and hear her beg me for more. The taste of her cum from my fingers lingered in my mouth driving me forward in a breathless frenzy.

She gripped my cami and pulled it up with a sense of urgency and I complied by sitting up and extending my arms over my head. Instantly I was clothing free from the waist up and dropped back to my elbows feeling our naked breasts pressed together. I tried to maintain control breathing through my nose.

Fighting the urge to dive into her soaked pussy. I arched my back and raised my abdomen and chest into the air, again kissing her slowly and deeply while I drug my pointy tits across her soft pink nipples. My stiff half inch nipples teased her tiny little nipples making them stiffen quickly.

I kissed her neck and shoulders moving toward her breast. My lips touched her smooth pink areola as my tongue teased her delicate little nipples. I found it sexy that here areolas were so soft and subtle pink they barely stood out from her satiny soft breasts. Her chest rose from the pleasure of my tongue, encouraging me to linger and pay them more attention.

Her gossamer skin tickled my breast as they traced their way down her soft belly. I rubbed my cheek across it taking in her warm smoothness. "I love touching you Stacey. You are like satin against my skin." I turned my head and caressed her with my other cheek as I breathed in her scent. "I can smell your sweet pussy..."

I kissed lower on her belly, kissing along her curve of soft insulation as my hands caressed her smoothly shaved thighs. I shoved the covers further down and sat on my heals as I zeroed in on her dark bush. Looking up at her I rolled my head slowly from side to side letting my nose teas her. The feel of her muff tickling my nose was even better than I had imagined.

"It does tickle my nose Stacey, I knew it." I breathed her in closing my eyes to heighten my sense of smell. "Oh God, I want to taste you Stacey." I said slowly before exhaling and letting her steaming cunt feel my warm breath.

She whimpered with delight as my hands slid behind her knees and pushed them up and out. My panties were soaked, her scent and silky-smooth skin drove home my desire for all things feminine. I watched her drenched labia peel slowly apart as I spread her satin thighs.

She looked down at me desperately as I extended my tongue. Her eyes widened and she nodded quickly as I leaned in. I took a slow firm lick up the length of the slit. Her bush tickled my cheeks as I pressed my tongue between her lips tasting her sweet stickiness completely.

She let out a high-pitched moan. "Leeecia, that's so... Aahh!"

Her body tensed, and her thighs squeezed in, her satin warmth engulfing my face. After several deliberate licks and her increased excitement. I pulled off and teased the crease between her thighs and mons with my tongue. She wiggled and squirmed trying to bring her pussy back into contact with my tongue.

"You seem a little antsy sweetie, what is it you want?" I asked seductively.

"Please Lecia!" She gasped thrusting her hips toward my face.

"Tell me what you want Stacey, and I will do it, I promise." I looked up at her smiling a devious smile.

"Put that tongue back in my cunt Lecia, Please. Make me cum in your mouth please!"

I couldn't hold out any longer. I plunged my tongue between her labia lapping up her tangy sweet nectar, licking up and down her slit. I felt her stiff little clit and sucked it in teasing it with my tongue.

"Oooooohhhhhhh yyyyyyyyeeeeeeesssss Lecia. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Yyyyyeeeeessss. I, I'm gonna f, fuckin cum." Aaaaahhh! Aaaaahhhhh! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Her back arched and hips gyrated, and I struggle to keep her clit in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around each leg holding on relentlessly sucking her clit. Her body shook as she whaled with pleasure. "Leeeecccccciiiiiaaaaa! Yyyyyeeeeesssssss Baby! Yyyyyyeeessss!"

Her warm juices flooded my cheeks mouth and tongue as I held on. Finally, she shoved my head away unable to stand any more. I took her cue and released her clit and lapped up her warm juice. After a moment I climbed back up her body and kissed her deeply. She moaned as her tongue lapped at mine taking in the taste of her sweet nectar.

Her hands slid back to my ass as she kissed my passionately. She broke the kiss trying to push my panties off. "Turnabout is fair play." She whispered.

"Oh no Stacey, not yet. There's another side of you to explore... Turn over." I said rolling off. She did as commanded and rolled onto her stomach. As she did, I slipped out of my wet panties, straddled her ass and lowered my body on her back side.

I pulled her hair aside and nuzzled my lips against her neck. "I want to touch all of you Stacey." My breasts pressed against her back as I gently kissed her neck.

I sat up riding her ass rubbing her shoulders. " I love the shape of your shoulders and neck." I leaned down kissing her shoulders as I rubbed.

I sat back up and continued her shoulder rub and pressed my wet pussy against her ass cheek. "Can you feel how wet you make me Stacey?" I ground myself against her ass. "I love the way your skin feels against mine." I wondered if I could make myself cum rubbing against her.

I slid over to her other cheek and began to kiss her spine. "Don't move sweetie." I slid off and quickly reached in my night stand and retrieved the silver bullet. Her head was turned the other way, so she did not see.

Then I positioned myself between her legs and pressed my breasts against her ass while I continued rubbing and kissing my way down her spine. She sighed, spread her legs and relaxed her shapely ass. It was wide and round and soft as silk. My hands slid off onto the bed holding me up over her.

"Can I please kiss your beautiful ass Stacey?"

She whimpered and whispered, "Yes, you may Lecia..."

I wasted no time kissing my way down and around her left cheek. "So soft and smooth." I continued back up, nose tickling her ass crack as I kissed my may along.

"Oh, Lecia." She sighed softly.

I moved to her right cheek kissing down her crack and back up and around. Then I turned my head to the right and drug my cheek against hers. "So soft Stacey." I turned the other cheek and repeated on her left, lowering myself between her legs.

I could see her bush peeking out below her ass with her slit lined up perfectly with the crack of her ass, giving the appearance of one continuous crack. I took the six-inch silver bullet in my mouth and sucked it quietly lubing it with my saliva. "Oh, my Stacey, I see that sweet pussy teasing me."

I extended my tongue and inserted my nose between her cheeks and teased her dark pink labia with my tongue. Stacey responded by sliding her left knee up the bed giving me better access to her slit and exposing her dark little sphincter.

I pressed my nose against her asshole and licked her spongy warm labia before moving up her buns and kissing them gently. Next, I turned on the vibrator and gently pressed it between her pussy lips continuing to kiss her ass. "Hooooo!" She panted as the vibrator slid halfway in.

Her hips began to rock slowly pushing the dildo in and out. I continued to cover her ass with kisses as the vibrator did its job. Then, I pulled it out and drug the tip slowly from her clit to her asshole. She practically jumped up to her knees, face down and ass up, nearly making me cum as she offered herself to me completely.

"Oh, you like that do you?" I asked teasingly.

"Yes, please." She panted.

I pressed the tip against her clit, and she began to rub herself against it harder and faster. Not ready to let her cum yet, I ever so slowly slid the tip up her slit, not letting her push it in. I just let the vibrator tickle her engorged lips, pulling it back if she tried to press it in. "Please Lecia..."

"I'll tell you when I'm ready Stacey. I wanna have a little fun first." I said letting her know who was in control.

As the vibrator tickled her asshole, she let out a quiet squeal. "Oh Stacey, is that a sensitive spot sweetie?"

She moaned in agreement.

"Do you want it in there Stacey?" I pressed it gently against her rosebud.

She did not respond, but also did not pull away, so I pulled it away holding it against her cheek. She whimpered as he dark little asshole puckered and released. I suddenly felt the urge to kiss it and recalled the same urge when I first saw Cynthia's. I leaned in when suddenly fear took over and I was afraid she would think I went too far. I exhaled and she raised her ass toward my warm breath.

I took cue, leaned in and kissed her sphincter. She pressed herself against me, so I opened and teased her with my tongue while I pressed the vibrator into her pussy.

Her body trembled as I pushed the vibrator and my tongue further in. "Oh, fuck Lecia, that's, that's..." She gasped.

She buried her face into the mattress and rocked back and forth. Her pussy flooded my fingers with her wetness and my tongue flooded her asshole with saliva. I could not believe what I was doing but feeling her reaction made me crazy. I pressed my pointed tongue into her tight hole and fucked her pussy with the vibrator as she screamed into the mattress with pleasure.

I could taste her cum as she fucked the dildo wildly gyrating her hips spreading her cum on the dildo, my chin, lips and fingers. My own pussy was a warm wet engorged mess in need of relief.

Stacey rocked forward and back surrendering to an earth-shaking orgasm before collapsing spread eagle on the bed. She turned her head to the side panting. "Oh my God, Alecia." She took several breaths. "That was... Amazing... Fuuuuck!" She gasped.

I collapsed with my face resting on her ass like a pillow, breathing in her womanly scent.

"Come up here please." she said catching her breath.

I raised up and she turned over pulling me up next to her. We laid on our sides facing each other, heads propped up on our elbows. She smiled, flashing those blue eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Then she slid her tongue in my mouth and pushed me to my back. Next, she climbed on and straddled me kissing her way quickly to my breasts.

A jolt of pleasure shot from my right nipple to my clit and she kissed and sucked my pointy areola and nipple into those soft lips. I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to her magical lips. I spread my legs, rested my right hand on her head and raised my left arm over my head letting her have her way.

She continued to kiss my breast as her right hand slid closer to my enflamed pussy. I swallowed hard and raised my pelvis to meet her approaching fingers. Her middle finger slid over my screaming clit into my wet little crack. Her mouth worked my left nipple as her finger entered me.

"Oh my, Lecia, what a wet and horny little slut you are." She went back to me tit.

I gasped for air and groaned my compliance as her finger slid in and out. "Oh God Stacey."

I ground myself against her finger needing to cum at the hand of my best friend. She slid in a second and began finger fucking me in earnest.

"Yeeesss. Oh God Yes!" I grunted through clenched teeth. "I'm gonna cum Stacey." I writhed and thrust my hips to meet her fingers. Her tongue pressed firmly on my nipple wiggling side to side sending tingles through my body and pushing me over the end.

"I'm cumming St, Stacey. F, feels so, goo, good! Aaaahhhh!"

My back arched lifting my ass off the bed and my mouth was open with no sound escaping. I could hear the sound of her fingers sloshing in my pussy as the orgasm gripped me. I collapsed back to the bed and sucked in a much-needed breath as my orgasm peaked.

While I caught my breath, she slid down my abdomen kissing my belly button and tonging my belly. Then she positioned herself between my legs began to lap at my pussy with her l tongue. Her warm tongue separated my labia dipping in licking up my slit past my clit.

She looked at me as her head picked up and her tongue retracted. Her lips closed and wiggled as if she were tasting a good steak. "Yummy." She plunged back in and wiggled her tongue inside me.

I raised my knees to allow her to penetrate me deeper. Her lips and tongue were in constant motion. "Oh my God Stacey, you're amazing." I leaned back and closed my eyes loving the sensation of her warm tongue probing and licking as her nose tickled my clit.

She got into a rhythm of probe and wiggle mixed with a lick up my slit and a suck of my clit. I hummed and moaned when she hit the spot. "I love this Stacey. Oh God you make me feel good." I put a hand on her head touched her amber hair and let her know I approved.

I began to breath deeper feeling a climax building. As she sensed it, she would take a few slow licks to slow things down a bit. Each time she backed off I would whine a little louder begging her to finish me off.

"What's the matter Lecia? Do you want me to stop?" she taunted.

"Please don't stop Stacey, it feels so g, good!" She slid two fingers in and focused her tongue on my clit. "Oh shit, oh yeah!" I squealed. "That's it Stacey! Oh God right there! OH f, fuuuck!"

"You like that Lecia?" She pounded her fingers at full speed.

"Fuck yes! Oh Stacey! Fuck me Baby! Ahhh Fuuuucck Mmmmeeee!" I screamed, almost hoping the neighbors could hear.

"Listen to you screaming like a slut!" She wiggled her tongue at amazing speed on my clit.

"Make me c, cum Lecia! Oh fuck, I'm cum, ming hard! D, don't stop! Oh! God!"

I again lifted my ass off the bed cumming with her tongue overwhelming my clit. My body spasmed as I yelled her name. "Oh God Stacie! Ssssstaaaaiiiiicccccieeeee! Ssssssstaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiccccccieeeeeeeee!"

I collapsed down shoving her face in my cunt as the powerful orgasm peaked and began to subside. She moaned, removed her fingers and licked my pussy clean while caressing my stomach with her hand.

I continued rubbing her hair as she swabbed up my cum with her magical tongue. After a moment she climbed back up and kissed me. I loved tasting my cum on her.

I pulled the covers up over us and we kissed, our bodies pressed together, skin to skin for several minutes before I snuggled next to her as she laid on her back. Her arm was under my neck as I nuzzled in her neck, gently kissing her.

"I love this Stacey. You feel like heaven." I whispered sleepily.

"Uh huh." She sighed in agreement.

I lay there listening to her breath and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke at 8:38 AM! I was late for work. The fog of Cynthia, Stacey and multiple bottles of wine, made me forget my alarm. I was naked and sticky and there was no sign of Stacey.

"Stacey!" I yelled with no response. I put on a robe and went to the living room. "Stacey?" No reply again. I looked in her room and her bed was untouched.

Then I saw a note on the dining table.


I wanted to thank you for a wonderful night. Six months ago, it would have made me the happiest woman on earth. But I woke up thinking about you and Cynthia. I really think it best to back up and give you the space and time to explore that relationship without my interference.

I value our friendship above all else and would not want to jeopardize that for anything. If I somehow got in the way of your professional or personal relationship with Cynthia, I would never forgive myself. Not to mention, I owe Cynthia a tremendous debt for helping me land the Yankee job. So, I think it best if we chalk up last night to too much wine and keep our relationship as it has been. Best Friends Forever and roommates!

I want to make it clear. I am not upset, or angry. I just want to make sure we will always be friends. I'm leaving tonight on a business trip and with your travels, we will have time to take a step back and evaluate.

Love You,


My mind raced but as I thought about it, she was probably right. We both have had massive change in our lives and now would not be a good time to completely upend our friendship. But I did have to smile as I replayed last night in my mind. Damn she felt good!

I sent her a text.

Me: Got your note. Last night was amazing, but you are probably right. Are we OK?

Stacey: It was amazing. So is our friendship. We are definitely OK. :)

Me: Thanks for being my friend! Gotta go, late for work!

Stacey: Naughty girl!

I breathed a sigh of relief, optimistic that Stacey and I were ok. I showered and rushed to work.

The next four weeks was a torturous whirlwind of work and pent up lustful energy. The first night in the apartment was torture. I returned home at 9:00 PM to the aftermath of the previous night. My bed a was in shambles, Stacey's scent still on my sheets. I found myself nose to the bed breathing her in.

"Stop it!" I yelled to myself. I scooped of the sheets and put them in the wash machine. I cleaned up the wine bottles and glasses. My reflection in the mirror brought back the image of her naked before me, watching herself cum from my touch.

I walked away trying to stop the flow of images in my head. The sight of Cynthia in those jeans, my first conscious thought of wanting her. The magic diamond between her ass and thighs when she sun bathed on her patio. The triangle above Stacey's glorious ass, connecting the dots between her dimples and ass crack. All those images of the women on the beach in Italy.

I finished cleaning up and opened my lap top reviewing the demo of the LVMH web site. This would become my refuge in the coming weeks. Burying myself in work was the only way to stop the barrage of lust filled images.

That first evening I was wrapping up a little after midnight when the personal cell phone chimed with a text from Cynthia. It was a picture of her in a red lace bra and panty laying on the bed in a seductive pose.

Cynthia: Woke up thinking of you.

She looked amazing. Her breasts pushing out the top of the bra and her flat belly and cute little belly button begging for my tongue. Her hair looked flawless. "Just woke up?" I said to myself. "Right."

Me: How about we forget your restrictions on me and have a phone call?

Cynthia: No chance sweetie. You owe me four first.

Me: Four weeks is torture! Going to bed!

Cynthia: No touchy

Me: Good Night :(

I found myself staring at the picture far too long. Eventually I managed to get to sleep.

From then on, I threw myself into work sixteen hours per day. I convinced Maurice and Russell to stay with me during the Australia and New Zealand swing, even though there was no language barrier. They helped keep me occupied and out of trouble. I made sure they joined me on the beach to provide a distraction for my wondering eyes during the weekend R&R.

All things considered I felt much better about my level of control by the end of the four weeks. Stacey and I kept in touch mainly by text and talked once per week. We really never talked about that night, which, I think, made us both happy. I did my best to keep communication and conversation with Cynthia, purely professional. I tried to keep them during business hours on her end so she would be less likely to get off track.

As the timing approached and we began to plan the logistics of getting together, Cynthia began to turn up the heat. I would finish up my Australian trip on a Thursday evening and fly Friday morning. That would give us the weekend in West Palm, then I would spend three days in Miami and have a one-day cruise before returning Thursday evening. I would meet her again Friday morning in West Palm Beach for a three-day weekend.

The morning of my departure I received a text.

Cynthia: Remember, you owe me four.

Me: Don't worry. I plan on paying you back in full, mind blowing, earth shaking magnitude Ms. Cynthia.

Cynthia: Payment in full up front.

Me: I will pay from the front, side, back or upside down. However, you prefer.

Cynthia: I'll be thinking about that all day. Hurry!

The jet had to refuel in LA before continuing to Miami. I left Sydney Friday morning at 10:00 AM. They are 14 hours ahead and I arrived 23 hours later at 9:00PM in West Palm. I tried to sleep on the flights, but anticipation was high. I managed to get a couple hours on each flight, but Jet lag was hitting me when I reached Miami. I texted her upon arrival.

Me: On the ground.

Cynthia: Out front.

When I stepped out I could barely breath when I saw here standing with her back to me wearing those fucking blue jeans. Exactly as I remembered, painted on, carrying half way up her ass crack. Here round firm buns were possibly the sexist sight I have ever seen. Her wide leather belt strained downward in the center from the pull of her belt loop. Her ass cheeks formed a perfect smile as they met the back of her legs.

I got close without her noticing and sat my bags down. Then I snuck up behind her and whispered in her ear as my hand reach the inverted V between her ass cheeks. I slid my hand down and between her legs, palms up. "You rotten little tease. I told you what those jeans do to me and you wore them anyway. I cannot be responsible for my actions."

I pushed her hair aside and kissed her neck from behind rubbing her ass and pussy through those jeans. She tilted her head and exposed her neck freely. I didn't care who saw and when I breathed her perfume my pussy was engulfed with warm wetness immediately. "Soiled my panties in thirty seconds." I thought to myself as I kissed and fondled her freely.

"Missed me a little?" she joked. She had a skin tight black short sleeved button-down shirt and was standing in front of a black and white Suzuki crotch rocket. Her hands were on it as if it were hers. But she could not have come pick me up on this. What about my bags? It looked brand new and had an R with GSX under it. It was a crotch rocket for sure. One of the racing bikes where the driver practically lays on their stomach while driving.

I wanted to slip my left hand in her blouse and...

She spun around and hugged me and slid her hands to my ass. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and kissed her passionately. After as long moment of, what's the right word? Enthusiastic kissing, she seemed to recall we were in public and pulled away. She held both of my hands between us, took a step back and looked me up and down.

"Damn Leasie, you look... Stunning." She smiled and her pale blue eyes smiled too. The black blouse formed to her breasts perfectly, and her nipples press against the tight fabric begging for attention.

I was wearing a sleeveless V-neck handkerchief sun dress I picked up in Australia. I had not seen anything quite like it. It had a deep v neck with a six-inch-wide lace trim on each side of the v. The lace would be best described resembling and antique white table runner. The back was a low-cut v without the trim with a tie string across my upper back that held the dress onto my shoulders.

The dress was a black fabric with a red and white floral pattern. It got the handkerchief name from the cut of the hem. It resembled a folded bandana. There was a point at each knee and an inverted V in front that exposed just a bit of my inner thighs. It also V 'd up on the sides with a point hanging down on either side in back just outside my knees. The inverted V in back also provided a peek at my thighs.

I hated the color on the rack but when I put it on with my black hair and tanned skin, it just clicked. The parts of my body that peeked through made me feel sexy. The look in her eyes let me know she agreed. To top it off I was braless.

"Turn around and let me see the back." I turned and stopped. The dress puffed out and settled back against my legs. She traced the outline of the open back and then traced the line of the tie string and lingered at the bow." So, if I pulled this, I could slide the shoulder straps and this pretty dress would just drop to the ground?"

Another wave of excitement shot through me. What she didn't know was I purchased some thong panties to go with the dress. Normally I hated the but floss. But for Cynthia, normal thought went out the window.

She waved to a young man standing next to a car. As I turned to look, I could see the wide-eyed puppy dog look on his face. He apparently had much enjoyed the show we just put on for him. "Can you pleased get Ms. Carmichael's bags and take them to the house. She'll be riding with me."

She turned back to me. "Are you ready Leasie?" She tapped the seat the seemed hand out in space above the rear tire with nothing to hold me on in back.

The look of apprehension on my face was apparent. I rode on a motorcycle with my uncle when I was 14. We went around the block and nearly got hit by a car that was not paying attention. I never got back on and have never had the urge to do so. "No helmets?" I whimpered.

She gripped my shoulder. "Trust me sweetie, you're gonna love the wind in your hair." She pulled me toward the bike. "Have you ever ridden one of these before?"

"Ah, No!" I said terrified.

"It's ok Leasie, really. I will get on first. When I tell you ok, you will put your foot right there, and throw your leg over the back and put your sweet little ass right there." She tapped the tiny seat hanging out in the air. "You should put your hands around my waist and put your chin on my shoulder and then when I tell you. put your heels in the stirrups, and we are ready."

She climbed on grabbed the handle bar straightened it and put out her right hand. "Climb on sweetie."

Terrified, I took her hand and climbed on. As I did so, it occurred to me that a sun dress is not the ideal clothing for riding the back of a crotch rocket. I was extremely nervous my skirt would get caught in the rear wheel and pull me to my death. I tucked my skirt in between my thighs and the seat and put a bear hug on Cynthia.

She brought the bike upright and started it. "Feet in?"

I found the stirrups and pressed my feet in. We leaned uncomfortably far forward, and it felt like my knees were practically at my chin. When she hit the gas, I screamed and hugged her tighter. Thank God the airport speed limit was so slow. It did give me a moment to get the feel of it.

"How are you doing sweetie?" She asked confidently.

"OK so far," I did like the wind in my hair and getting to cling on to her like a back pack wasn't so bad. I did smell her perfume which always got me going.

"That's good, just relax and breath. You will really love it."

We turned on Southern Blvd and she sped up sending a vibration through my seat, directly to my lady parts. The forward Leaning position on the crotch rocket did have it's good point. "Holy Shit Cynthia I can feel that in my clit. I think Mr. Happy has met his match."

"There's my horny little slut." She smiled.

As we picked up speed, I could feel my skirt blowing up in the back. "Although this dress and a thong, might not have been the best clothing choice."

"A thong? How did I miss that?" She laughed.

Next, we turned onto I-95 and she unleashed. I have no idea how fast we were going but it felt like 200 miles per hour. In reality we were just keeping up with traffic. My skirt back crawled up my back completely exposing my thonged ass. Fortunately, we got off the freeway quickly and turned on Okeechobee Boulevard toward the Beach. But not before a few honks from random cars and a few comments and whoops from a jeep full of young men with the top down.

We arrived at the Beach and she held the bike until I dismounted and then she leaned it on the kick stand and got off. "Right this way Ms. Carmichael."

She walked toward the beach and my eyes were drawn immediately to her incredible ass. She seemed to walk with an exaggerated sway, but it may have just been the fit of those jeans that made it appear that way. They fit so tight but her firm ass was perfectly round and seemed to be trying to burst free. They road up and separated her cheeks with a curvaceous V that begged for my touch again. With each step the bottom of her cheek formed a perfect little smile as her ass clenched.

The thick leather belt had a series of little holes with metal rings crimped inside. Her center belt loop pulled the thick belt down as her buns stained the enforced leather.

"Damn Cynthia, those jeans should be illegal. I can't stop looking at that ass. I just want to drop to my knees and bite it!"

"Amen!" Said a young male voice off to my side. "Holy shit!"

Cynthia kept walking, unfazed. I kept focused on that ass, so tight, so small, yet bulbously substantial. Her black shirt fit her form like skin with not even the slightest roll anywhere around the tight leather belt. She had incredible genetics, but she was also a relentless physical fitness junkie. I was jealous, horny, totally in awe of her beauty and in complete disbelief that she wanted me.

She stopped at a blanket and picnic basket with a wine bottle and glasses on a tray. There was a young lady standing next to it. "Thank you, Katie, would you please come back in thirty minutes?"

She stopped at the foot of the blanket looked at me, smiled, and turned to look at the moonlight over the water. I wanted us to see this, but I must say, you are far more breath taking. My heart raced as she looked me in the eye and leaned in for a kiss. Her wavy blonde hair highlighted her face beautifully.

When our lips touched everything else faded into the background. I wrapped my arms around her, and we melted together. Her lips were warm and soft, and her tongue slipped into my mouth. We kissed passionately sending a pulse of warm wetness through my pussy. My hands slid down her sides and back past that straining belt to those amazing buns.

The obnoxious young men gave a couple more whoops and a round of applause. When I started to react, Cynthia hugged me tighter and thrust her tongue deeper into my mouth. I got the message and began to squeeze those buns again. Her right hand slid up my left thigh under the handkerchief dress around my bare ass. Her left hand quickly slid to my right cheek.

She moaned as she kissed me, and I probed her mouth with my tongue deeper and faster letting her know I approved. She removed her right hand as I slid mine into her back pocket. Oh God her ass was tight.

She slid her right hand down the front of my thigh and found the inverted V in the front of my skirt and brought her hand up my bare thigh to the front of my thong. As her hand hit home, I moaned and broke the kiss. "Please don't I can't take it. I'll cum in my panties right here." I said loud enough for a comment from the lingering young men.

"Yes, do it." He groaned.

Cynthia completely ignored them and looked me in the eye grinning. "As much as I want that. "You owe me four before you may cum again." She said as her middle finger pressed between my labia like a hotdog in a wet silk covered bun. "You have soiled your panties again Ms. Carmichael. I am going to have to confiscate them."

I whimpered and trembled nearly ready to cum, breathed a big sigh of relief when she pulled back her finger, still kneading my ass with he left hand. I would not have been able to hold out. She sucked the finger seductively and moaned. "Mmmmmm." She pulled it out and said. "You've soaked right through, you horny little slut... Delicious." She gave me another deep tongue swirling kiss.

Then she dropped to her knees and slid both hands under my dress and up my hips. Next, she gripped the string of my thong and pulled them slowly down. One of the young men chirped up. "Oh my God." In a squeaky voice like he was in pain.

Somehow, the fact that they were watched combined with Cynthia's complete focus on me, apparently not even cognoscente of their presence, made me all the more excited.

"These panties are mine now and you will remember you owe me four orgasms before you may cum for me again." The panties were at my knees and coming into view of the onlookers.

"I can help with that Miss." Said one of the voices.

"You did refrain from masturbating since our last session, correct?"

Thinking quickly, I replied. "I haven't cum in four weeks Ms. Cynthia. I wanted to make myself cum every day thinking of you."

I stood there looking down in her eyes as she continued in a serious tone. "If you fail to pay your debt first I will have to punish you, understood?" I nodded and stepped out of my pantie.

"Punish me please." Said one of the voices. Cynthia continued to ignore them and stood back up.

As she did, she brought her hand back to my oozing slit and drug her finger, splitting my labia again. I gasped and looked desperately in her eyes, trembling. "I don't care how wet and hot your little pussy feels, you don't cum until I tell you Ms. Carmichael."

She stopped with her finger tip on my clit and wiggled it slowly. At the same time, she brought the panties to her nose with her left hand and continued to torture me with her right. Her eyes closed as she took a slow steady sniff. "Oh Ms. Carmichael, Mmmmmmmm."

"Oh God." Whined one of the young men.

Cynthia leaned in and kissed me, giving my lips a quick brush of her tongue. "Ms. Carmichael, I had hoped for some romantic time in the moonlight this evening..." Her finger slid down my slit and into my screaming wet cunt. "But I feel there are more urgent matters that need attending..." I moaned and nodded. "This section of beach is usually quite private after dark, but not this evening unfortunately. Shall we go to my house and work on your payment plan?" I nodded. "Good then let's go someplace more discrete." She said loud enough for the audience to hear.

As she strutted away, it occurred to me, all the thought she put into our beach blanket moonlight picnic and we never even sat down. One look at her ass as she walked away, and I knew the beach, with an audience was not where I wanted to be. I looked at the horny young men and smiled. "She is all mine boys. You have a great evening. I know I will!"

It was a warm steamy night in south Florida and my body tingled all over in anticipation of it getting hotter and steamer. I watched her ass flexing in those jeans and followed drooling like a Pavlovian dog. She climbed on the bike and bobbed her head for me to come closer.

I walked closer, overwhelmed by how sexy she looked sitting on the bike with her blond hair hanging down her black blouse. Her breasts strained the buttons and her ass bulged against the black leather seat. When her hungry blue eyes met mine, I leaned it for a kiss. Her lips parted to meet mine, and I hesitated barely brushing lips before lashing at her with my tongue.

"Ms. Carmichael, would you please take the bitch seat so I can get you home and put that slutty little tongue to work." She thrust her tongue in my mouth and pulled back.

A wave of wetness flowed through my hungry pussy. I loved the thought of being her pet. No one else has ever had such an effect on me. I climbed on and hugged her waist tightly and settled onto the seat. My wet pussy pushed against the warm leather separating my labia as I leaned forward.

"Oh my God, Cynthia. I think I just soiled you seat. I want you so much," I whispered in her ear.

"You little tease, you're gonna pay you debt tonight." She started the bike and I squealed as the vibration hit my clit.

"Oh fuck, I feel that in my clit!"

"Don't even think about it slut you will pay your debt in full tonight. Understand?" She gave it some gas and we motored on.

Yes Ms. Cynthia, I'm 100% at your service." I said in her ear.

The thought of pealing those jeans off and tasting her wet pussy combined with the vibration through the seat started an overwhelming stimulation of my clit. "Oh God Cynthia that vibration on my clit." I yelled in a desperate high-pitched voice.

She gave it more gas. I squeezed her hard. Our bodies were pressed together, my inner thighs squeezed her hips and thighs against the bike. I began to tremble as I surrendered to the vibrating leather on my clit. "Fuck, I'm cumming Ms. Cynthia. I c, can't... Ffffuccckkkkk! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh M, Ms. Cynthia." I pressed myself against the seat feeling the power Cynthia was sending through the bike into my spasming body. I grunted as my orgasm peaked before she stopped at a traffic light.

She sat upright with her feet on the ground and looked over her shoulder, grinning. "You horny little slut, I can't believe you couldn't wait one more minute. We're thirty seconds from my gate and you cum all over my seat. You're gonna lick the seat clean and then I'll see if anymore punishment will be needed."

"I'm sorry Cynthia..."

"What did you call me?"

"Ms. Cynthia!" I corrected myself.

The light changed, and we rode about 300 yards to a gated entry and turned in. She entered the code and we drove into an arched driveway that went to the front of the house and then continued to the exit gate. It was a beautiful large estate with royal palms in front and great arched doorway.

She stopped and waited for me to climb off before shutting it down and kick standing it. Then she turned toward me and slid her hand to the back of my neck and pulled me to her. "You nearly made me cum in my pants you little..." She kissed me hard and passionately panting through her nose as she penetrated my mouth with her tongue.

After a moment she released me and ordered me to turn around. When I did, she pulled the dress tie string on the back of my dress and slid the straps off my shoulders as she began kissing my neck. The dress dropped straight to the ground and I was completely naked in her driveway except for my stacked heeled Louis Vuittons.

She wrapped her hands around me and gripped my breasts firmly. "These are mine." She kissed my neck and slid a hand down my belly and cupped my pussy. "This is mine until you pay your debt."

"Yes Ms. Cynthia!" I panted.

"Now clean off my seat you little slut!"

I did as commanded and her hands gripped both my ass cheeks. "These are mine too." I nodded as I licked my juices off the seat. She kneaded my ass rubbing a thumb against my sphincter rather roughly. "You will do whatever I tell you until your debt is paid. Understood?"

"Yes Ms. Cynthia." I replied and finished the seat.

"Kick off those shoes and I want you to remain naked and available at all times until you settle your debt to my complete satisfaction."

I did as commanded and left my dress and shoes lying in the driveway. I followed her into the house eyes fixed on those jeans and round beautiful buns. I did notice my bags sitting in the foyer as I followed her to the living room.

She backed up to the sofa and looked at me smiling as I approached her completely exposed. She shook her head slowly, eyeing me head to toe. "Scrumptious."

She held out her hands and I took them, allowing her to pull me close. She held my hands out to the side of our hips pulling me against her. My naked breast pushed against her blouse. Our fingers interlocked and she pulled my hands down and outward bringing me closer

She tilted her head, kissed me softly and released my hands. I brought my hand up her back and gripped her shoulders as her hand caressed my ass. I felt like I could kiss her forever but needed to get her out of those clothes. I broke the kiss and looked at her.

"Can I please get you out..."

"Oh, hi Mrs. Garcia. You may go. I have things well in hand. Thank you."

I looked over to see a young Hispanic woman smiling a wry smile. "Good night Ms. Liebert. Pleasure to meet you Ms. Carmichael." She walked into the kitchen and apparently out through the garage.

"May I please help you out of those clothes Ms. Cynthia?"

She gripped my head with both hands. "Yes, you may Ms. Carmichael." She kissed me as I unbuttoned her blouse. When I reached her last button, I gripped the halves of her shirt front and pulled the blouse tails out of her pants. She released my face and lowered her arms so I could slide it off her shoulders.

While we continued to kiss, I reached around and pushed the blouse down her back, and she pulled her hands through. I quickly moved to her rear braw clasp and pulled it off. She put her arms around me and pulled me close, pressing our breasts together.

I slid my hands to her thick belt and pried it free. I tugged it through her belt loops and pulled it off.

"I'll take that Ms. Carmichael." She pulled it from my hand. "I may need to remind you of your obligation."

I slid down to my knees with a pause to kiss her soft full breasts. I unbuttoned her jeans.

"You now owe me five orgasms before you may cum." She was quiet for a moment and continued. "But as part of your punishment I think we need to raise that to seven."

I wined as I worked her zipper down.

"Do you think that's too harsh Ms. Carmichael?

I nodded and pulled the flaps of her jean apart peeling them down. "Would you prefer the belt on that sweet little ass of yours?"

I did not respond, afraid of what she might do. I worked the jeans past her ass and down her legs, taking her panties with them. When I finally cleared her knees, I realized I forgot her boots. I pulled the tight pant legs up over the black thick soled ankle boots. She sat on the back of the couch and raised one foot at a time while I slid them off and removed her ankle socks. I kissed the top of each foot as she smiled down at me.

I worked the pants off and there she was naked before me. I stood on my knees face to face with her shave little slit. It was just a perfect little slit and from my vantage point I could see the curve of her buns through her thigh gap curving out and away from the bottom of her crack.

My hands gripped her hips and I looked at her beautiful body before me. Her belly was smooth with a hint of muscular abs peeking out. Her belly button was a cute round innie. Her hips curve out and she had almost no tan line. With her bush completely shaved her pussy looked tiny. Her inner labia were completely within her crack. The tip of her slit widened just slightly. The little gap seemed perfect for my tongue tip to wiggle in and find her stiff little clit.

"Ms. Cynthia, you are so beautiful, even your little pussy is perfect. I could get lost just looking at you." The little semi circles of her ass cheeks reminded me of that world class ass, and I knew where to start. "Ms. Cynthia can I please touch your ass and kiss that sweet little pussy."

She moaned softly and stood tall with her legs slightly spread. My hands drifted around her backside gripping her firm round buns. "Oh my, that ass..." My tongue extended down below her slit as my nose touched her pelvis. I contacted the bottom of her slit with my tongue tip and pulled it up her length. When I reached the little gap, my tongue tip pushed in. Her little button stiffened quickly as my tongue tease it.

"Mmmm, Ms. Carmichael, where have you been my pet? It has been far too long." She stoked my hair.

I pulled her buns hard toward me and extended my tongue, lapping at her bitter sweet wetness. Her scent made my heart race and pussy tingle. The feel of my tongue between her labia, was heaven on earth. I looked up at her. "I love tasting you Ms. Cynthia and your scent makes my body tingle everywhere." I stuck my tongue out as she watched me lean in slowly snaking my tongue between her soft warm lips.

She released my head and let her arms dangle, gently swaying back and forth. She whispered, eyes closed, with a look of ecstasy on her face. "I love a woman who pays her debts. Uuuummmmmm, I love what you do to me Leasie." She whimpered hips vibrating. I continued to lap at her slit, kiss and suck her clit and tongue her some more.

She rolled her hips in tiny little vibrating thrust. "Ohhhhh Leeeeaaaassssssiiiieeee!

I loved how her buns were a perfect handful with my fingers spread. I gripped them hard and shoved my face against her hot pussy and thrust my tongue at her steaming sweet cunt. I could feel her juices flooding my tongue and face and continued drink her in. My heart raced as her excitement grew.

Her body stiffened and as her juices flowed. "Leassie! Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh!" She squealed in rapid bursts like a choo-choo train.

She held me hard against her and I kept my head and tongue in constant motion in her silky warm cunt as her cum flooded my mouth. The feeling of her body convulsing completely at my mercy was a feeling of overwhelming power and excitement.

As orgasm number one passed, I licked her clean clinging with both hands to her incredible buns. Eventually she pulled me up, gripped my head with both hands and stunned me as she licked her cum off my chin and continued across my lips and part of my cheek. "Uhm, Yummy." She said kissing me deeply. "Let me show you the bedroom Ms. Carmichael."

"Let me get my bag..."

"You won't be needing clothes Ms. Carmichael." She stated matter of factly.

"I have other items we may need. Ms. Cynthia." I said seductively.

"Humph, OK then! Your first payment has been received. Only six more..." She walked toward the bedroom.

"Please Ms. Cynthia, it should be four more." I pulled a small leather bag from my suitcase and followed her to the bedroom.

"So, you would prefer the alternate punishment Ms. Carmichael?

"No please..."

"Ok then, you will need to make me cum six more times before you've earned the right to cum again. I'm sure that won't be more than three days." She yawned. It's been a long day already. Do you think we should call it a night and start again tomorrow?"

"No please. What's the other punishment exactly?" I asked desperately.

"Five lashed on that precious little ass and we'll remove one orgasm from your debt." Said Cynthia.

I thought for a moment looking at her standing naked before me. I wanted her so badly. I wanted to feel her, naked against me and kiss every inch of her. My pussy was wet and tingling and I knew I would do anything to please her... Anything to get some relief. Her touch was more powerful than any drug. I recalled how easily she made me cum in that conference room with just her fingers...

"Come here Ms. Carmichael, lay on the bed with your ass up and feet on the floor. I think a good spanking is in order. I'll be right back." She went to the living room.

I laid on the bed, ass up with elbows out and hands on my chin. My ass hung on the edge of the bed and toes on the floor. I could not believe I was submitting myself for a spanking and getting wetter by the second.

"Aren't you a good pet, ready and willing to be corrected..." She said happily. I could see her shadow pacing back and forth behind me. "I could look at your cute little ass all day Leasie." She put a foot between my ankles and bounced it side to side off my feet. "Spread those sexy little legs."

As I spread them wide, she stepped in between my legs and began caressing my ass. "Look at the pretty pink wet pussy all ready for me... You seem to have issues taking instruction outside the workplace Ms. Carmichael and I'm afraid this could get out of hand. We really need to nip this problem in the buns." Her bare hand slapped my right cheek sending a sting in my ass and tingle in my clit. "You were told not to cum weren't you Ms. Carmichael?" A second slap hit my left cheek.

I squawked, more from pleasure than pain. "Yet you came on my seat didn't you slut!" Her belt thumped on the bed next to me as she whipped it hard onto the. Mattress.

"Yes, I'm sorry Ms. Cynthia, you excite me so much..." Her hand caressed my ass again and slid between my legs touching my pussy. A finger slid in. "Your little slut cunt is soaked again Ms. Carmichael!" Her finger slipped out and the belt cracked my left cheek.

"Ah!" I squeaked. Whack! It hit my right cheek. "Ah!" I was enjoying it. Two fingers went in and slid slowly in and out. "Please Ms. Cynthia..."

"You horny little slut! Your little slut cunt is just gushing. I can't believe this!"

Her fingers slid in and out and I rocked my hips fucking her fingers powerless to stop myself. She made me lose control completely and I loved it. "Please Ms. Cynthia." I repeated and she pulled out again.

Whack! Whack! Whack! she brought the belt hard across my bare ass. I was shocked and unable to scream as the speed and force of the belt seemed to cause a slight delay in my senses. A sharp stinging pain erupted in my buns after a few seconds that intensified with each second that past. My eyes watered and my ass seemed to be steaming with heat.

"Now that I have your attention Ms. Carmichael, I need you to crawl up here so I can put you over my knee. "She sat next to me on the end of bed and tapped the top of her thighs with her palms.

As commanded, I crawled up and laid face down with my pelvis over her thighs. She had placed the belt on the bed beside her and my upper body actually covered it. I pulled it all the way under me as I laid down, hoping to keep it out of sight and out of mind.

The fire in my ass was still intensifying from the three powerful swats. I hoped the first two lashes counted toward the five because two more like the last three was a terrifying thought.

"Are you going to follow instructions from now on Ms. Carmichael?"

"Yes, mam I promise Ms. Cynthia." I whimpered submissively.

She began gently caressing my burning buns. "Such a pretty ass, it's a shame I had to turn it so red. But on the bright side You're now down to five. Twenty-five more lashes and I'll make you cum Leasie." She slid her fingers down my ass and pressed her middle finger between my labia. "Ummm, you are so warm and soft Ms. Carmichael..."

It felt so good, I moaned trying to imagine what twenty-five more lashes would feel like. "Oh, I just love touching your wet little slut cunt." She slid in two fingers and my ass raised up to meet her. "You like having me inside you, don't you?" I nodded and whimpered. "You want me to make you cum again don't you Slut!" She shoved them in deep.

"Yes, please Fuck me Ms. Cynthia!" I yelled fucking her fingers.

"Hand me the belt Ms. Carmichael." She said calmly.

I pulled it out from under me and handed it back to her.

"Do you still want to cum Ms. Carmichael?" She took the belt from me with her left-hand finger fucking me with her right.

"Yes, please Ms. Cynthia, you feel so good inside me!" I was flailing my hips fucking her fingers like a dog in heat.

"And you're willing to endure your punishment Ms. Carmichael?" She asked, slipped her fingers out and rubbed my ass with her sticky fingers.

"Yes please Ms. Cynthia." I wanted her back inside me.

"Ready?" she moved her hand from my ass, and I heard the belt shuffling in her hands. I closed my eyes and braced.

Then, she tossed the belt and it thumped on the floor as her hand caressed my ass again. "Such a pretty ass. I just can't do it. I think you've shown your obedience, but I want to set a few ground rules ok?" Her middle finger slid back inside me as she caressed my ass with her left hand.

"Yes." I gasped

"Good, I want you naked and available all weekend, agreed." The second finger went in.

"Oh, yes." I squealed and nodded.

"You are my pet and you will service me whenever I ask, however I want, agreed?" A third finger went in.

"Oh God Yes, Ms. Cynthia. Any, ah! Anything you want."

"Oh, my that's tight Ms. Carmichael..."

I gyrated my hips faster and faster. She gripped my ponytail with her left hand and pulled my head back. "You need to calm down, Ms. Carmichael. It's not time yet."

She pulled out of me and rubbed my ass again slowly caressing it all over. I raised my ass in the air, chasing her fingers.

"Such a hungry little slut cunt you have Ms. Carmichael. What is it you want?"

"I want to feel you inside of me Ms. Cynthia. I want to make love to you and taste that sweet pussy..." She gripped my left cheek and slid her finger back in between my wet labia. "Oh, Cynth, Ms. Cynthia!" She slapped my ass with her hand.

"That's better, I am Ms. Cynthia whenever we are together. Good girl." She patted my ass and caressed it again.

Her finger went back into my steaming slut cunt and I moaned with pleasure. Then she pulled out and drug her wet finger between my cheeks and tickled my asshole gently. I was startled by the sensation and pressed my ass in the air again. Suddenly she plunged her pointer finger in, and I yelled in pain.

"Ah!" I froze and she shoved it knuckle deep and began moving it slowly in and out.

No one had ever touched me there and it was a bizarre mix of pleasure and pain. I soon found myself pushing my ass to meet her finger. Next, she worked her middle and ring finger into my pussy.

"Oh my God, Ms. Cynthiaaaaaa!" I howled.

She kept the grip on my ponytail. "You like it in your asshole don't you Slut!"

"Oh God... I do!" I pulled my knees under me and raised my ass in the air.

Her fingers in both holes was like nothing I had ever felt. She seemed to fill be completely

"You're a nasty little slut Ms. Carmichael!" Her fingers were pounding me.

"Yes, please fuck me Ms. Cynthia... Oh God that feels so good!" I was rocking my body with my chin on the bed ass in the air bent over her lap.

She added her pinky finger into my pussy, and I could feel my orgasm building. "Are you my nasty little slut Leasie?"

"Oh God yes! I'm your nasty little slut!" I nearly howled as she held my head back pulling on my ponytail.

"Do you like that in your asshole Leasie?"

"Yes! I, I, love, it, in my, ass, hole!" I yelled in broken gasps. Her fingers pounded me at incredible speed. "Oh God, fuck mmmmmeeeeeeee Ms. Cyn, thi, a"

"This is my asshole isn't it Ms. Carmichael?"


"And my pussy?"

"Yes!" I screamed blissfully. "Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm, all, y, yours Ms. Cynthia!"

Her fingers continued their relentless motion as my mouth opened wide wailing with pleasure. "Cum for me, my nasty little slut!" She commanded.

My body convulsed in a wave of pleasure that only Cynthia Liebert could induce. The intensity of the tingling pleasure of my ass and pussy being stimulated simultaneously was paralyzing. My body tensed as pleasure pulsed from my ass and gushing cunt to my nipples and on to the hairs on the back of my neck.

"Oh, fuck you turn me on Leasie!" She panted.

Saliva ran down my chin from my gaping mouth as the overwhelming wave of pleasure pulsed through my pussy. I felt faint from the intensity. Her fingers were so warm and stiff, pounding me relentlessly. The stimulation was all consuming and my body was completely under her control. I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe, I felt frozen in complete ecstasy.

My lungs suddenly came to life and pulled in a deep refreshing breath followed by a high-pitched scream of pleasure. My orgasm began to subside, my hips quaked, and my legs weakened spreading out lowerning my ass. I collapsed onto her lap and my right leg slid off the end of the bed. I laid there panting, foot on the floor, legs spread as her fingers moved slowly in and out.

"Do you feel better my pet?" She released my pony tail and I nodded, eyes closed and right cheek resting on the bed. Her fingers continued to fill both holes. "Are you ready to return the favor, Ms. Carmichael?"

"Yes please." I sighed.

"That's good, because you have left me quite warm and wet Ms. Carmichael. I need you to lay on your back please." Her fingers pulled out.

I climbed up onto the bed and laid flat on my back arms at my side and legs together, wondering what she had in store for me. She straddled me resting her ass on my pelvis and looked longingly down at me.

"You have me quite hot and bothered Ms. Carmichael. It's time we do something about that."

I smiled and nodded with anticipation. She leaned down and kissed me softly breasts touching. She teased my parted lips with her tongue and then gently probed my mouth. I could feel her warm wetness pressed against my muff. After a moment she raised her upper body and rose up to her knees.

She walked her way up my torso and paused at my chest. Her knees had my arms pinned against my side preventing me from gripping her beautiful ass. She reached down and gripped my right breast and positioned my protruding areola and nipple against her hot wet cunt. She rubbed her slit against my nipple slowly gyrating with her eyes closed.

"Can you feel how hot and wet you make me Slut?" I nodded enthusiastically. "I need you to scratch this itch for me Ms. Carmichael."

"With pleasure Ms. Cynthia!" I said wiggling my body down the bed to taste her warm juices.

"Easy Ms. Carmichael. Not quite done here yet." She slid back down and repeated the process on my left breast. "Wow, your nipples are hard Ms. Carmichael." I could smell her musky wetness and so wanted my tongue in there. She seemed to get hotter and wetter with each stroke.

Her hips moved smoothly and sexily as I watched her wet lips engulf my Areola and nipples. I was proud of my missile tits and the penetration I could get with them. I could feel her stiff little clit rubbing against me.

Finally, she waddled forward bring her shaved engorged pussy toward my saliva drenched mouth. I lunged up and lapped at her lips making contact as she pulled back. The next lunge was higher, and she moved quickly to a squat position with her knee wide standing over me bent at the knees and her swollen pink labia spread apart. I could not crane my neck fare enough to reach her.

I quickly raised my back, propped my elbows behind me, and thrust my face toward the sticky pink prize. Her scent shot straight from my nose to my clit and I needed to taste her. My left hand gripped her ass, quickly as I pushed up on my right arm extending my lips and tongue into her tangy sweet wetness.

"Oh, shit Leasie!" she gasped and gripped the back of my head.

She shoved my face into her steaming cunt, and I collapsed down on my back. She dropped to her right knee in a semi squat, with her left foot flat on the bed, knee bent and pointed straight to the side. I dropped back bringing both arms between her legs and wrapping her thighs.

She clutched my ponytail rubbing her silky soft cunt against my face. I extended my tongue drinking in her tangy sweet juices. "LLLLLeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssiiiiiiieeee baaaaaaaby!" She Squealed. "OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuucccccckkkkk..."

Her hips gyrated faster and faster as she rubbed herself wildly against my face. Her hot juice covered from my chin to my nose as it flowed from her engorged lips. I thrust my tongue as far out as possible, stiffening it as she rode me like a bucking bull.

"Fuuuuuuccckk, I'm cuummmmingg on y, your slut, ty fuck, ing face!" Oh God! Leasie!" She dropped to both knees and squeezed my head between her thighs.

With both hands gripping my hair she rested more weight on my face rubbing me harder. "I love your fucking tongue! Leasie, m, make, me, cum! OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh."

She stiffened and stopped moving her hips in the peak of her pleasure. My tongue waggled and thrust in and out, I wiggled my head as fast as I could with her pressing on me, breathing through my nose when I could sneak a breath. A mixture of cum and saliva drenched my cheeks as I thrust my tongue inside her.

After a moment she relaxed and began to rub slowly against me. "That's it Ms. Carmichael, lick me clean you cum hungry little slut. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She sighed satisfied.

She released my head, leaned forward, gripped the headboard, and lowered herself slowly to my face. She rocked herself forward and back as her sweetness flooded my taste buds.

I felt her stiff little clit and pressed my flattened tongue against it. Then I wiggled my head side to side. "Huh!" She squeaked encouraging me to continue. "Damn, oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she exhaled long and slow.

She gripped the head board moving her hips gently as my waggling tongue tickled her cum button. She trembled and sighed in quick little gasps as she hummed. "Lee, Leasie, oh, sweet, ty. Your fuck, ing tongue!"

I wiggled it wildly on her clit and then sucked her button into my mouth teasing it with my tongue. "Oh yes right there. Suck my fucking clit! Right there! Right th, there Leasie!"

She began tiny bounces stretching her clit as I sucked it hard. "Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Feeeels, sooo, goooood!" She trembled uncontrollably. "Suck my fucking clit! Suck my fucking clit! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkkk..."

Her body spasmed and she came in a rush of thick creamy warmth that flooded my chin and rolled down my neck. I thrust out my tongue releasing her clit and lapping up her cum. As her thick cream continued to pump from her tight little cunt, I gobbled it up with a feeling of victory, knowing I made her ejaculated again. I wigged my nose against her clit as I drank her creamy cum.

"Oh God, you're amazing." She moaned rubbing her silky wet labia against my lips and tongue. I licked her clean loving the sound of her panting groans as I held my death grip on her thighs.

Next, she pealed my hands off and slid her hips down my body and laid her naked body on mine. She kissed me long and deep as my hands gripped that ass again, so round and firm and silky smooth, I never tired of touching it. Then she moved down my neck licking her milky cream off my neck and chin. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back letting her work her magic.

She raised up and looked me in the eye. "Ms. Carmichael..." I lost myself in her blue eyes. "We are definitely even. You are paid in full; my itch has been scratched..."

Her mouth moved toward mine and I closed my eyes as our lips met and her tongue slid into me. As we kissed, she reached up and pulled the covers down. We had to separate and roll off the bed to slide under the covers down. We climbed under the cover together facing one another. Her hand caressed my cheek as she looked at me.

"So beautiful Ms. Carmichael..." She smiled contently and gently kissed me.

"Yes, you are Ms. Cynthia. I'm so glad I met you." I Smiled and touched her cheek.

Her eyes were intoxicating as I ran my fingers from her temple and slid her hair back revealing her ear neck and shoulder. Our legs were intertwined, and bodies pressed together. She was warm and soft and heavenly. The curve of her shoulder and soft skin of her neck had me mesmerized. I could feel her pulse as I traced my fingers down toward her shoulder.

Just as I thought I needed to kiss her there, the jet lag hit me hard. My hand stopped and my eyes blinked slowly. I saw her smile as I drifted off.

To Be continue...
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