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This is the tale of how I 15F virgin became a free use wife that discovered her submissive side.
Well, I went to the doctor to get seen about birth control and found out I was pregnant. I don’t know what I would tell my BF as he knows it isn’t his since we haven’t done that yet. My mom and dad assume it is Tommys and are disappointed but willing to work through it. I asked them not to say anything to him or his parents until I was ready. I went to tell James about the baby, and he said it probably wasn’t his and that I’m so easy it could be anyone’s. That hurt me as I have only had sex with 2 people, him and his friend. James told me to sleep with my BF soon and let him believe it is his because he wasn’t raising a kid.

On Friday Tommy and I had a date and I made sure to let him know that I was ready, and I had the pills, which of course I didn’t. I had to make my move if my cover story was going to work. We went out like normal but at the end of the night when I normally just jerk him off, this time I went down on him. Things went well, even though his penis was so small. I got him close and then straddled him and pulled my panties to the side and inserted him into me for the first time. It took like 3 strokes, and he came inside of me. Most of it leaked out since he wasn’t that far in there, but it would give me the cover that I needed.

A few weeks later I took a pregnancy test and had to act surprised at the positive result. Tommy was scared to death and confused, but I told him that the pills were not 100% effective when you first started taking them and he bought that. As for James, he was arrested a short time later for the r word on a young neighbor girl, so I didn’t have to worry about him anymore. I did go over to his house and told his mom that I left something there and retrieved the pictures he had of my from his room and destroyed them.

Tommy and I continued as a blissful expecting teen couple for the next few months, and we continued to have sex often he was very vanilla when it came to sex. Missionary or me riding him was about it.

We got married with my parents signing off on it. Tommy began to question the timing of the due date, but I kept telling him that it was not an exact science. He asked around and started to get more and more suspicious as I got to the 7th month. I was turning 17 and had to leave school and start home schooling since they didn’t want a pregnant girl in the classes.

He moved in with my parents to save money and he became more and more distant. One afternoon after a check-up for the baby he asked me if I had anything to confess and I broke down and told him everything. He was disgusted. He left and told me he was going to his parents to think and asked who else knew. I told him just James and he wouldn’t tell anyone for 10-15 years. He told me to keep it between us for now and I promised I would. A few days passed and Tommy reached out to me and wanted to meet. I met up with him and he told me he was willing to stay but had conditions. I told him anything, that I loved only him. He wanted a 1 side open relationship for him until the baby got here, he also wanted to have free use of me until the baby came. Meaning I could not turn him down for sex no matter what I felt. Also no one was to know the baby wasn’t his. I agreed to these terms, and he moved back home.

He started going out most nights and I heard rumors that he was sleeping with some mutual friends, and it hurt but I deserved it. He also told me that I needed to go to a friends house this Saturday and reminded me of the free use agreement. I was confused and a little scared at what he had planned. When he said it he was just so cold about it.

Once I got there, I noticed that there were 3 of his friends and him there but no one else. The friends GF’s did not come. He told me to strip and sit on the couch. I did as told even though my belly was the only thing really growing on me besides my boobs it still made it hard to sit there. He sat across from me in a chair and told his friends its time. I just looked around confused and they started to strip. I knew then what was coming, and I braced for it.

I had a couple cocks pushed in my face and one of the guys buried his face in my pussy. The entire time that these guys took turns face fucking me and eventually fucking my pussy, Tommy just stared at me with a look of hate. I lost count of how many loads I received on my face and tits all the while he just stared at me. When the guys were spent only then did, he gets up and tells me to get on my hands and knees. He scooped some lube and shoved his cock in my ass. I screamed as I have never had anything in my ass. He pounded hard as I cried and in 4 or 5 strokes came in my ass.

He told me to get up and get dressed and he would see me at home. He then left with his friends, and I was left crying and sore with cum leaking out of my ass as well as a little blood. He hated me so much I felt but I also felt I deserved it, and it was only for a couple months.

He took advantage of the free use and open relationship agreement for the next 2 months though he was the only one that fucked me after that and no one else. He did once, right before my due date, take me into the bathroom and pee on me and started talking like James used to me. I figured this was just the way it had to be and didn’t say a word.

A couple of weeks later I had a son and couldn’t help but notice he looked like James to a tee. I was hoping that I was the only one to notice but it became a hot topic of conversation that he didn’t look like Tommy too much yet. I could tell this hurt Tommy and he distanced himself whenever he could. I named the baby after Tommy as a junior hoping that would help him accept the baby. I didn’t hear much about him sleeping around and I couldn’t have sex for the next 6-8 weeks until I healed.

It didn’t take long for Tommy to let my parents know that he wasn’t the father as he was being questioned about not being around to help with the baby often. Once that was out, I was treated like a leper in my parents’ home. I was called every dirty name you could think of and had no freedom.

My dad was working at a local distributor, but his company was soon bought by a national company. This provided him with an opportunity to relocate 16 hours away and he jumped at the chance to escape the rumors and dirty looks that I brought upon them. He allowed me and Tommy to come too and we would live in their new basement. I was turning 18 and finishing up my GED as I was not allowed to go to school anymore and the agreement was that he would get me a job with the new company doing whatever a 18-year-old was allowed to do as long as we saved for our own place.

The next month we put our home up for sale and it sold quickly. We then moved to the new location far away from the rumors. I spent the first few weeks helping unpack the new home and my mom agreed to watch the baby if I went to work. Their stipulations were that I would be home within 90 minutes of the end of shift and that I would help with the food, etc.

Tommy got a job at a local garage and started work immediately and I went to my dad’s new company to interview for a job. As soon as I walked in, I noticed there was a guy that was a little older than me there but everyone else was considerably older. I interviewed with the Operations Manager, and he was in his mid-forties. I noticed that he really wasn’t asking professional questions but kept looking me up and down the entire time. I was dressed professionally in a skirt and button up top with a camisole under and heels.

I got the job as a filer for the AP and AR department and started work the next Monday. Everything was good and I got to know my coworkers. Even though I was much younger they treated me well. I found out the guy that I seen was 4 years older than me and just got married. The girl that I worked with the closest was very attractive but had words of warning about the OM that he was handsy and it best to keep my distance.

As I was getting the hang of things, I was filing on my own more and more in the file room that was secluded from the rest of the office. One day the OM came in and brushed against my ass as he walked by, but I gave it no thought. He would more and more find a reason to touch me, and it made me uncomfortable, but I couldn’t tell my dad as he was still under the impression that I’m the biggest slut for getting pregnant with another mans child.

A couple of weeks later the girl that trained me quit and I found out that the OM had come onto her and she wasn’t going to risk her marriage. I was promoted to AP and my seat was directly behind the younger guy Robert.

I started to talk more and more with Robert. He was funny and didn’t have any issue putting the OM in his place even though that was his boss. I felt safe with him, and we had a lot in common, recently married, his wife was pregnant, even though he said she tricked him into that by flushing her pills while they were having troubles.

I found myself telling him anything that crossed my mind, and he gave me good advice and was a rock when I needed one. Tommy and I were having more and more issues as the baby continued to look more and more like James. We started not having sex at all and he would not help with the baby.

I started to find myself flirting with Robert more and more and he flirted back. One day when I was filing, he came in to pull a file and I asked him if there was anything I could do for him, and he got this smirk and said anything?

I answered yes to anything, and we decided to meet in his car after work. We met up and talked about everything and if we should act on our flirting and decided to meet at a hotel close to there on Saturday. On Saturday I wore my sexiest lingerie and a skirt over and told my parents I was going to the mall to pick up a couple things. Once we got to the hotel, we kissed and stripped each other for the first time, he had an 8” and thick cock much like James, and I went down on him. He came in my mouth and then kneeled in between my legs and went down on me. He then came up and tried to push inside of me, but since it was so long since I had sex, I was too tight to make it feel good. He stopped and I cried telling him I was so sorry. He held me and said I was okay.

He held me for a bit until I had to dress and head home.
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