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On a breeze filled evening, just like any other, there's a terror-filled stir in the chilly nighttime air..
Shimmering skin flickered restlessly in the moonlight.

“Wait- No...”

The shifting stirred the blonde counterpart.


“Wait, don't-... FUCK!”

The ebon haired man in a cold sweat, frantic and now panting, sat up.

“Uhmf Ash? The hell?? You good..?” Blaze grunted sleepily, as he sat up beside him, wiping the boogies from his eyes.

“I'm fine.”

“You sure? You been tossing and turning for a while now...”

“I said I'm fine.”

Asher tore himself from the slightly entangled sheets, and stormed from the smaller, shared bedroom.

Blaze sighed, reconsidering the value of engaging with his more-than-BESTIE when he's like this.

He knew where Asher would likely be in their shared home, that he would probably be entirely pissed off, and that he'd ALSO be likely fighting back tears.

But he also also knew that though he would never admit it...

Asher was in need of serious help.

As much as, if not more than, ever.



These dreams had truly become a nightmare.




Off in the short-distance Asher punched the wall beside him, before sobbing into his now sore hand.

“Why... why is it like this...??”



Who the fuck would have dreams like THIS!?



Images of his mother, father, brothers and friends flash in his minds eye.

All of them surrounding him with smiling faces.

All of them... there.

In the center, behind them all, are those unknowable persons.

Until, one bye one,

..except for THOSE mysterious (not-so)silently waiting middle few,

… alongside the smiling blonde standing beside them,



they were gone.



“Dammit...” Asher looked at his half-packed bag, sitting idly in the corner by the door, while clearing the remaining moisture from his cheeks.

The pack really didn't hold much, mostly clothes and undergarments.

His attention turned towards the slightly agape window.

The somber call of the lonesome land beyond, once again, promised to relieve him of his suffering; along with the venomous whisper of various other, more than gruesome methods.

The soft echoes were cut short.

“Good morning Ash...”

The words didn't outwardly bother him.


“Oh so you're giving me the silent treatment, huh?”


Blaze pulled two small boxes from behind his back.

“I wanted to surprise you with these for lunch tomorrow...

but I think they might be better...

right now!”

He placed one very carefully beside the depressed roommate, and sat the other on his own lap before popping open the lid.

“So enjoy dammit!”

It was just a cheese and (semi-burnt) bacon sandwich, with tomato sauce, and a side of crisp greens and blues.

Asher looked away from the “meal.”

“So...” Blaze said in between mouthfuls. “Had that dream where everyone you know and love disintegrates when you try going near 'em again?”

“Blaze, please, shut the fuck up.”

“That's fair.”

They sat in relative silence, as Blaze dipped and crunched beside Asher's ear.

“Why.” Asher suddenly piped up.

“Huh?” Blaze muttered as various crumbs went soaring from his agape maw.

Why were either of them still here?

“Never mind...”

Asher finally picked up the bowl, holding it carefully upon his lap.

He'd grown accustom to meals like this, living with Blaze full-time...

Still.. the idea of someone cooking for the adult male he had become, even after all this time, seemed strange.

“You know I could've left this town a LONG time ago...” Asher says before closing his eyes and offering a small thank-you prayer.

“Mhm!” Blaze verifies the sentiment then takes a bite, pulling on the no-longer-stringy delicacy with wholehearted understanding.

Asher dips his utensil in the greens, picking them up and putting them between his lips before quietly crunching them up.

“You don't ever wonder why I stay?”

“Not reall-! OW!” Blaze poured the remaining salad on the ground as his hands rushed to his freshly beaten skull.

“IDIOT.” Asher rose, leaving the unfinished plate beside the blonde, before quickly snatching the limp bag.

“What I SAY!??!?” Blaze howled to the heavens.

Their eyes locked before Asher opened his almost trembling lips to speak.

“...The hope...”

Blaze buttoned his lip.

“that one day my curse stops fucking with me and takes YOUR sorry ass out my life for GOOD,”

Blaze remained silent.

“Was the only thing holding me here.”

Blaze sat in that same silence, digesting the acrid words.

“Now?” Asher shifts through the things in the bag briefly with a frown,

“I just don't give a shit either way.”

before taking off towards their shared sleeping abode.

Blaze looked down at Asher's more-than-half-filled plate as the bedroom door shut loudly behind him, the sound of the drawers and dressers shifting opened and closed were the only sounds in the darkness filled home.






Asher quickly removed what little he had sole titleship over, leaving very few pieces behind.

A shift in energy alerted him to a nearby fool.

“I said I'm done..”

“I'm not.”

The blonde haired adult stands resolute in the doorway.

“Good thing, I don't give a shit about what you are... ” Asher grumbled, before shoving his pack over his shoulder,

“or should I said AREN'T.”

He came face to face with the only bond that remained.



Asher turned, heading towards the bedrooms only window.

“I don't need to wonder why you stay.”

Blaze's eyes met Asher's momentarily paused profile, as the ebony haired full-time counterpart stood quietly before the moon filled mirror, listening.

“I already know, it's because of me.”

They stare silently at one another before Blaze's eyes fall to the ground momentarily.

“I know you're experimenting to see if... or when, I'll disappear.”

“So then why? If you know what happens to the people around me....”

“To prove to you, once and for all...”

Asher turned fully, his expression bleak.

“To prove what..?”

“To prove to you... that you're wrong.”

Asher faced the window once more, unlocking it's hatch, and lifting it.

“Goodbye Blaze.”

“You're NOT cursed stupid!”


In an instant the pale-skinned boy's nose was nearly connected with the blondes.

“You DON'T know me, and pretending like you do PISSES ME OFF!”

“So what you gonna do about it?”

Asher moved somehow closer.



“I'll kill you myself and prove I'm RIGHT.”



Blaze remained, unmoving.


After several painstakingly long seconds Asher turned.

“It doesn't matter. I won't give you any more chances to prove anything else.”

He turned and walked calmly back towards the window.

“Goodbye Blaze.”

Only to be quickly scooped up in a hug.


“Still proving you wrong~”


Suddenly the warmth of the hell-bent blondes mouth penetrated the cool exterior of the no-longer-escaping bestfriend's nape.

“Ah- You aren't proving shi- ahhhh...” Asher gasped, feeling Blaze's fang softly scraping the side of his jaw, followed by a small curious tongue; as the grasp around his waist tightened.

“I'm still here Ash...”

The raven haired man shut his eyes.

“Even if you close your eyes...”

Blaze was suddenly before him, their bodies firmly set against one another.

“I'm. Still. Here.”

Asher shut his eyes, until he heard the window shut, and felt himself rise from the ground.


Blaze placed him gently on the bed.

“And neither of us are going anywhere, anytime soon. Ok?”

Asher could no longer hide the emotional storm welling up within himself.

“Blaze you idiot!!” He pulled the blondes lips, as well as Blaze himself, as close as physically possible.

“Whoa--.. Nnnf...”

Asher had never responded to an advance so quickly, as the entire length of him was present and in attendance between the two quickly heating bodies.

“Was it something I said...?” Blaze breathily broke the kiss.

“Shut up...” Asher, just as breathlessly, responded; as he quickly resumed the aforementioned kiss. Asher set about the task of shifting a floral tee-shirt up the body of his lover, revealing a treasure trove of sensitives bits underneath.

“Heh! You sure are eager, huh sas-ssss-”

Blaze's chuckling quickly silenced as Asher's hands adeptly combed the length of abdomen, all the way back down his abdomen towards his lower exterminties.

“Ss-... shit Asher...”

In response Blaze sunk his hand beneath the ebon adults garments as well, tweaking a nipple softly, before biting down on Asher's reddened bottom lip.

Asher's hands instinctively traveled to the rim of his partners stretchy orange and grey sweatpants, hugging Blaze's waist, his fingers delving just deep enough to touch gold.

Blaze hissed instantly upon intimate contact.

Taking hold of the end Asher's robe-like garment, he removes the prized loot from Asher's grasp, before lifting the garment clear over his dark-haired companion, revealing the porcelain body, clad in just a small pair of snuggly fitting black briefs, a MF LARGE dark bulge complimenting the view.

Asher watched him attentively.

“Now what?”

Blaze grinned.

“Now this~”

Asher CONTINUED to watch as Blaze freed the now slightly throbbing member from it's dark confines, before lowering his head, and engulfing his dick within the light void abode of his steaming mouth.

“What's-.. ANY of this got to do with any-!”

Suddenly Asher embraced his rambunctious lover's golden locks, as the sharp toothed man teased and nibbled softly at the tip, before slipping the skin back fully; revealing the sweet sensitive flesh beneath, and engorging himself on the first few inches once more.


Asher attempted to brace himself, but his vulnerability lie bare regardless.

“You're inside me Ash...” he smiles at his side-eyeing partner,






With ample assistance, Asher's member slipped down Blaze's throat, causing them both to choke a tad.

Blaze returned, his smile even deeper-set.

“I mean, at THIS point? That's gotta be closer than close...”


Blaze's mouth filled with saliva, which he then aptly applied to the quivering dick in his hand. Asher's body burned feverishly from head to toe.



“Still here.”



“Shut up!”



Blaze happily obliged as Asher ripped himself from the blonde's mouth, partially to stop himself from climax, mostly to keep himself from falling fully for the “still here,” nonsense.

So what if the idiot was still present after taking his dick down his throat?

Did that really mean he'd be here for much longer..?






He couldn't be sure.

Asher sat up, his nihilistic thoughts coming and going as he remained breathless, twitchy; his heart throbbing. Blaze offered his signature shit-grin as Asher averted his eyes, knowing better than to meet that of his cheesing, determined and equally throbbing partner.



Asher, finally, peers from a level almost unattainable for the slightly younger dwelling mate.

“What... do you want to do...?”

Blaze grins once more, casually dodging the tense gaze.

“Whatever you wa-aH!”

Before Blaze could react, Asher had his arms around the back of the Non-President, pulling him down on to the bed, near, and partially in.

“I want...” Asher's dark eyes shifted from the window, to the semi-anxious, endless blue pools peering down at him.


Blaze readied himself at the entrance of his comrade, grinning.

“Well then...”

His lips met Asher's ear.

“Take it.”

“Blaze SHUT U-AH!”



They were one once more.



“I think I'm even closer than before...”

'Still here!' The raven haired man's own mind replayed the thought with every thrust, in the voice of his pounding partner at that.


With each careful, ever deepening swing, Blaze's soft golden hairs and firmly pressed body caress the underside of Asher's already susceptible shaft, bringing him dangerously over the edge again and again. Their hearts heavily pounding against the other's with a hidden cry for everything they themselves lacked.

Blaze seemed to be in a similar predicament, the hesitantal softness of his strokes betraying his otherwise confident act.

Asher pulled him closer still.

“Asher... I...”

The blonde drew near his companions gasping throat.

“I'm finna bust...”


Asher bit his lobe softly, each thrust had the confused and desperate male pleading, nearly in tears once more.

“Promise... You wont leave me... unless... I betray you...”

Blaze hesitated.

“or unless I betray THEM..”

Blaze smiled.

“I promise-”

Asher caught his words with his hungry mouth, the explosion of sensations from both orifices drove them both quickly to the spot; where they both crash landed and lay in a tired heap atop one another.

Panting for a moment Blaze looked Asher deep in his dark weeping eyes.

“I wouldn't dream of it.”

“Idiot.” Asher kissed Blaze's fluffy locks.

“What? What I say?” Blaze caught firmly a softly panting, slightly more docile Asher, before the pair found themselves, arm in arm, being greeted by the sun kissed morning sky.

Asher caught Blaze quietly staring at him right as sleep began to wrap its fingers around them both.

“I love you?”

“Shut up.”


Their lips met once more, before their eyes fell softly shut.



The deceptive images appear behind his lids once more.



Though he knew that majority would fade, he gratefully and with INFINITE appreciation, moves past the shifting, splintering figures of those he loved before..

Finally reaching,

and embracing,

those few that patiently remain.



to move forward.



The End...

For now.


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