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A shy and lonely man finds a magical artifact and becomes a potently powerful chick magnet.

I wasn't having much luck in northeast Utah, prospecting for silver on the mountainous land I had recently inherited from my grandfather Amos Danbury. I'm Ronald Danbury Jr. and most of my life I've hated being called 'Junior'. I'm my own man, not just a younger version of my father.

I found a cave behind a mound of rock that must have fallen thousands of years in the past. After an hour of digging enough of a tunnel to enter the large cavern, I found the remains of a tribe that had perished many centuries before, apparently after being entombed when the entrance collapsed. I shined my flashlight and headlamp around investigating.

There were thousands of bones! Many were from animals I recognized, mountain goat, deer, fish, even half a bison skeleton. The hundreds and hundreds of human bones still laid in the positions they had died in.

I saw a dozen or so simple clay bowls and pots and two large clay jars. I also found four large stone spear points, a few dozen arrow heads, one end of a bow with most of its string gone, and a few bits of leather from their clothing. The rest had decayed away or been eaten by bugs.

I could tell they had been seven adult women, fifteen or so children, and one adult male. He was sitting against the wall in a corner, the only one who hadn't died laying down. He was quite short, but the bones showed he once had huge shoulder and thigh muscles. At six feet even I was close to a foot taller, but I'd never want to wrestle him.

Laying on the ground near the bones of the male was a large, curved tooth with some markings on it. I thought it was probably from a Smilodon, a saber-toothed cat. I felt the urge to touch it and picked it up. I suddenly felt stronger and more confident.

I stared at the markings scratched into the sides, and somehow knew they meant 'Power' and 'Dominance'. I held it in my hand, feeling a smile develop on my face. I stared at it a long time and felt better than I had in years. I set the tooth back on the ground and felt timid and weak, a sad precursor to what I might become. I quickly picked it up and felt great again.

I decided to report the remains in the cave tomorrow, but the tooth was MINE! I put it in my pocket, and easily climbed the mountain between the cave and my truck. I made it back in only an hour. That morning it had taken me three hours and two rest breaks to get there.

I stopped for supper at the diner where I had breakfast earlier. The pretty blonde waitress took my order and I waited for my food. That morning I had thought she was far too attractive and young to be interested in me, so I shyly stole a few glances at her. I have no idea why, but when I finished eating I asked her; "How about you give me a blowjob and dinner on the house?" There's no way I EVER would have said that before!

I expected the first part of her angry reply, "What kind of girl do you think I am! Are you some kind of…"

I took the tooth out of my pocket and she stared at it a moment. She smiled, then gave me a wet kiss. "Follow me to the ladies' room." She tossed the check for my meal in the trash on the way.

I leaned on the bathroom wall, as she squatted down to lick and suck my cock. I was close to cumming when I told her, "Lean over the sink."

"I'm not on the pill or anything, but okay." I lifted her skirt and slid her panties to the side. I thrust into her vigorously, over and over, watching her breasts bounce in the mirror. Her wet cunt gripped me tightly, as I ravaged her from behind. I came, squirting into her, but didn't stop. I felt great as I fucked her, sliding in and out of her hot juicy hole repeatedly.

An older blonde walked in and froze in shock. I showed her the tooth as I stuffed myself into the waitress a few more times. The older lady smiled and watched, as the young one had a shattering orgasm. "UH! UH! UNGH! UUUUUUHHHHHHRRRR!" She nearly passed out as I finished, spraying my second load into her. I kept going and gave her a third only a few minutes later.

The older one wasn't bad looking for around 40. She asked, "Can I get a turn?" I nodded and bent her over the sink as the waitress stood up. I lifted her skirt and was surprised she wasn't wearing any underwear. I quickly slid my cock in and started thrusting, but she was very loose. I asked her, "Ever had one in your ass?"

"Yeah, but I don’t really…”

I aimed upward and stuck it in her butthole. She groaned but didn’t complain. I climaxed into her ass after a few dozen strokes, then took my time giving her rectum another load. I was surprised when the younger one held my hand, declaring; "I'm gonna take him home, Mom! He's really good!"

As I pulled out and tried to clean up, "Mom" took my other hand. "No, he's mine! I need him! He didn't finish me yet!"

"But you're married to Dad!"

"Well, you have a boyfriend!"

I didn't want to deal with any of that, so I told them, "Go home."

They left, sadly and reluctantly. I washed the shit off my cock in the sink, then went back to my grandfather's house, now my house. On the way I realized I hadn't cum five times in a day since half my life ago when I was twenty, let alone five in an hour!

After watching a movie and the news, I was walking to my bedroom and felt a boner growing in my briefs. Since the new me still wasn’t fully satisfied, I jerked off twice watching a porn movie before I finally crawled in bed.

In the morning I called a university and talked to an archaeology professor. I gave him the location of the cave and told him most of what I had found. He said he and a few students might be able to do an excavation there in two or three years, but they didn't have time right now.

I tied some dental floss to the tooth as a short necklace, to hold it up where people could see it. After lunch I had a lot of surplus energy, so I ran five or six miles. I hadn't run more than a block in years, but I was barely tired at all! I saw my arm and leg muscles were slightly more defined, and my belly fat had receded a bit.

I drove to a large bank to apply for a business loan. I explained there was a mistake on my credit report, and my score should be 200 higher. The elderly female loan officer I spoke to was happy to ‘correct’ it. She was a little reluctant, but after a brief kiss she agreed to loan me five million dollars with no collateral, and the first payment due in 99 years.

I was surprised how large five million in cash really is. A security guard and another bank employee put the ten cardboard boxes of bills on a cart and loaded them into the back seat of my pickup truck. For another kiss, the loan officer was happy to shred the documents and delete it from the computer.

I stopped at another bank in the next town and deposited four point eight million in a new checking account. The two hundred grand I kept with me was all I would need for years, and halfway filled my duffel bag.

My shirt felt uncomfortably tight on my shoulders, so I stopped at a store and bought three new ones. I also noticed I had more hair on my chest and felt the need to shave again in the middle of the day. I soon gave up on shaving three times a day and adjusted to having a reddish-blonde moustache and beard.


I decided to clear up some unresolved situations from high school. There were a few ladies I'd missed my chance with, and a few bullies who needed some payback. After a quick restroom fuck with a random gas station cashier, I drove most of the day and night. When the sun went down, I drove more than a hundred miles with my lights off, then finally decided to turn them on. I could see fine in the dark, but lights would reduce the chance of some sleepy idiot running into me.I got a nap in the early afternoon at a motel in Iowa. I screwed the cute Latina housekeeper a few times before I left, heading east again.

I fueled up at a truck stop and got some water and snacks for the trip. On the way back to my truck, I smelled something very sexy over the acrid stench of gasoline, oil, and diesel. The scent led me to the diesel pumps, where a big rig was being refueled. I saw two brunettes talking to a truck driver.

I politely interrupted. "Hi, where are you headed?" I noticed the arousing scent was coming from the shorter and younger of the two girls. She looked about 19.

The taller one was older, maybe 20 or 21. She said, "New York. He's going to give us a ride to Chicago." Chicago was only two hundred miles East.

I looked into her eyes. "I'm headed to Philadelphia. I can get you most of the way there."

She looked at the tooth around my neck a moment. "That sounds great!"

The burly trucker wasn't happy. "Hey pal, the girls are coming with me!" He made a fist.

Instead of thinking of punching him, I imagined biting his neck and tearing the sides of his belly open with my hands. Somehow it seemed like a better way to fight.

I looked in his eyes with burning rage, but forced myself to calmly say; "They WERE, and now they're NOT."

He seemed to shrink in size, as he timidly said; "Oh. Well, have a good trip, then." I saw a wet spot forming in his jeans and could smell his piss through the noxious truck stop odors.

The girls each took one of my hands and leaned on me as we walked to my pickup. I pulled out of the parking lot as the two stared at me. The older one was next to me and reached to hold my hand again. As I changed into second gear, I said, "I need my hand for shifting."

The scent from the younger one was getting me very horny. I saw a motel ahead and asked, "Do you mind if we spend the night here?" We had only gone three miles and it wasn’t even supper time, but they both thought stopping was a great idea.

I got a room with two beds, and by the time I locked the door behind us the taller girl was undressing. As I stripped, I noticed I could tell a lot from the smells they emitted. The older one was pregnant, maybe six or eight weeks. I thought she probably didn't know yet. The younger was a virgin and ovulating. The taller one had a prettier face and bigger tits, but I LOVED the little one's scent!

The older one reached to kiss me, but I spun the younger one around, reached under her dress to move her underwear, and stuffed my cock into her from behind. She was PAINFULLY tight, and mostly complained. "OW! AAGH! HURTS! OW! OW! SO BIG! AAAGH!" I sprayed two loads of cum into her before she had a powerful orgasm, possibly her first. I pushed her onto the bed, before screwing her doggystyle for my third climax of the afternoon and fifth of the day.

I rolled off and sat on the edge of the bed, only a little tired. The older girl stared in shock, like the two of us fucking was the best thing she'd ever seen. The one I screwed complained, "I didn't ask and I didn't say you could. You raped me!"

I looked in her eyes. "Do you want some more?"

She looked at my still-hard cock. "More? Wow! Please?"

The taller one was nude now and interrupted, "But I didn't get a turn yet!" She sat on the bed and turned to suck the cum, pussy juice, and a bit of virgin blood off me.

I told her, "Lay on your back." She did, and I picked up the younger one. She was a hundred pounds, maybe one ten, but I moved her around like she weighed no more than a pillow. I told the older one, "Lick her pussy clean, while I fuck you."

She only had time to say, "But ...", before I set the smaller girl down on her face. I crouched by the edge of the bed and fucked the taller one's tight but slightly larger cunt, as the young one French kissed with me.

The one I was fucking had at least four climaxes, while I took my time and got off in her once. The young one had a series of small orgasms from the mouth action on her nether parts.

When we finished they smiled from ear to ear, moaning with pleasure. The older one said, "You're amazing! That was the best ever! Oh, and I'm Jan." She held her hand out and I licked it instead of shaking. I could taste a bit of the other girl's pussy juice on her fingers. I thought it was a great flavor.

The little one said, "I'm Gina. You're incredible! I think I love you!"

"I'm Ron. We need a shower, then some food."

We had some fun washing each other and I shot off in Gina's little cunt again, before we went out for a steak dinner. I usually liked steak medium well, but ordered it medium rare. I still thought it was a little overcooked. The girls were a little messy, so I licked the meat juice off their faces as several people stared.

Back at the motel, Jan got another long, slow fuck and a few more orgasms. She happily watched, as I squirted three more doses of sperm into little Gina. I watched the two of them lick my crotch clean and told them, "Clean each other, too." I watched them 69 until both came again.

I laid on my side behind Gina with my cock between her thighs, just enjoying the feeling. Jan cuddled behind me and said, "I don't really like girls. Doing it with my sister is gross, but it's worth it if I can have you!"

Gina added, "I think some girls are sexy, but I never wanted to do it with my sister before. Ron, you're SO GREAT! I wanna fuck you every day!"

I just said, "Good" and started slowly screwing her again. I dozed off, after I squirted my spunk into her for the last time of the day.

The next day it seemed I could only drive for an hour or so before I needed to stop and spray more sperm into Gina. Jan was prettier and better at sex, but I mainly screwed her to be polite. The scent of the little one did powerful things to me.

We'd have sex in the bathroom of a gas station or restaurant, drive another hour, or two if we were lucky, and stop to fuck again. In the afternoon I would find a motel, screw them both a few times before supper, then enjoy another night of heavy-duty sex.

Instead of two long days of driving, it took nearly a week for us to reach Philadelphia. We went a little farther on the second-to-last day. Gina's scent had changed and she wasn't overpoweringly sexy anymore. I thought she might be pregnant.

In Philadelphia, I parked near the 30th street train station and told them; "Get tickets over there, and you'll be in New York in two hours. Here's a little to get you started." I handed each five thousand in cash. "The two of you were great. Good luck."

They wanted to stay with me and protested, but it was time for me to move on.



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Everything is so rushed. I understand wanting to hurry and get to the sex but there should be more build up. And on top of that even the sex is rushed, there’s very little satisfaction to it.

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