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Newly macho babe magnet Ron discovers his magical sabertooth fang has some downsides.

Redheaded Lisa and her blonde younger sister Pam finally got good at doing blowjobs on our third day at the hotel. They were okay at riding me, but if they just laid still and let me screw them, their warm, wet, and tight pussies were WONDERFUL! Pam already had a baby in her, but the aroma of her ovulating sister was powerfully erotic.

Each morning for the last week I’d had both ride me before breakfast, then screwed one in the missionary position and the other doggystyle after we ate. Lisa’s pheromones drew me to her strongly, and I fucked her more often until her sister complained. I agreed to do Pam as often as her sister if she’d take me in her ass too. She happily agreed, and I started fucking her butt at least twice a day.

Too soon, Lisa’s scent changed, telling me all the fucking had worked. She was pregnant with my baby. My work was done and her scent wasn’t nearly as attractive anymore, so I took them home.


The next task I had in mind for settling old scores was getting some revenge on Al and Brian, who had been a year ahead of me at a rival school. They beat me up and took my wallet after a basketball game their team had lost, all those years ago. I walked to my truck, planning to drive there and stay in a hotel a day or two while I got some information about them. I remembered it was only eighteen miles and decided to run there instead.

On the way, I saw a shape moving out of the corner of my eye as I ran past a park. Something fluffy and gray ducked into a bush, and I had an urge to grab it. I turned around mid-stride, seeing the tasty morsel darting through the brush and tall grass.

I ran toward it a few steps and jumped over the head-high park fence with almost no effort. I strode over and between the bushes almost as easily. I chased it across the lawn and caught up rapidly. I nimbly darted from side to side as I followed it through a large clump of sapling trees. I lunged and grabbed my prize as it was about to run under an old park building. I happily stood up and held it above my mouth, anticipating how good it would feel in my stomach.

I came to my senses when I heard a little girl shriek. I saw a group of school children and their teacher staring at me. Finally, I realized it was a rat, and I was about to eat it live and whole! I dropped the terrified vermin and continued my long jog.


The hotel I had planned to stay at was full for the night. I cursed myself for not calling ahead or booking online. I searched on my phone and found a motel that had a room a few miles away and headed there instead. My legs were slightly sore after my long run, and I saw a massage parlor on the way there. As the guy at the front desk instructed, I went in a room and took off everything but my boxers, then laid on the table on my back.

A moment later a 30-something Asian lady walked in. I smiled as she put a little oil on my feet and started massaging me. My new self usually got straight to the point, so I asked, “When you finish the massage, can I get a happy ending?”

She sounded very offended. “We don’t do that! It’s not that kind of a place! I’m not that kind of girl!”

I moved my fang necklace from the table, up to the middle of my collarbone so that she could see it. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to pay you. It’s just for fun. If you lock the door and be quiet, nobody will know.”

She was very hesitant and put a finger in her mouth. After a few moments she replied, “Okay.”

After giving me a wonderful muscle-mashing, she locked the door. As she undressed I saw a little extra fat on her belly and ass, but her pussy was willing and in the room with me. I bent her over the massage table and screwed her from behind quite a while. She came twice by the time I did. She was climbing onto the table when there was a knock on the door. “Liu? Time is up.”

She looked quite sad as I started getting dressed. I pulled my shirt over my head and said, “Maybe we can do more next time.”

As I pulled up my jeans, she sadly asked, “Please?” I saw a tear at the corner of her eye as I strode out of the room.


As I walked toward the motel I felt uneasy. I had a foreboding sensation that something terrible was coming, and I should get ready for it. I stopped at a convenience store and bought six bags of beef jerky and all the sausage sticks they had.

I got the key for my room and went there. I slid my trove of meats under the bed to hide them, then walked across the street to a restaurant for a rare steak. I felt famished and ended up eating three large steaks.

I went back to my room and checked on my hidden food stash. I pulled the bags of sausage and jerky out and laid on the bed, holding them. I had no idea why but felt a strong urge to eat as much as I could as quickly as I could. Even after my bellyful of steaks, I stuffed myself further with several sausage sticks and two bags of jerky, before falling asleep clutching my precious food.

In the morning I woke and checked the TV news to see what terrible thing had occurred. There was a minor accident blocking traffic on the main highway through town, but nothing more ominous. There was a politician involved in a sex scandal, but that happened so often it was almost routine. I looked out the window and noticed it was cloudy, but nothing seemed to be wrong. I still had a terrible sensation of dread.

I walked across the street for breakfast and had a ham and cheese omelet, then half a dozen pancakes, sausage, and an order of waffles with bacon. My belly felt ready to burst, but I ordered two breakfast steaks and struggled to eat them anyway. I had no idea why I was so absurdly hungry.

I took a nap and went back for lunch. I ate an order of meatloaf, a steak sandwich, and an order of beef Stroganoff, then had two cheeseburgers for desert. I was having trouble walking back to the motel with my distended abdomen and wondered if I should see a doctor.

As I was opening the door to my motel room, I discovered the source of my dread. It was chilly out, and small flakes of white descended from the sky. WINTER WAS STARTING! Animals starved to death or died of the cold in winter! I was HORRIFIED! WINTER WAS HERE!

I crawled under the blanket on the bed but felt uncomfortable being in such an open space. I grabbed my precious meat supply and all the blankets off the bed, then crawled in the closet. I wrapped myself in the blankets and curled into the fetal position, hoping the awful terror of winter would be gone soon.

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