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After Leslie learned that her husband had arranged for the first gangbang, she agreed to do another one, so she could get her revenge
Part 2 The next week….

She had to admit to herself that much of the time during the gang bang, it was incredibly pleasurable. She was puzzled as to why. For some reason being overpowered, forcefully raped and sodomized by strangers had been transformed in her mind to a very erotic event. This overpowering transformation distorted her understanding of her own sexual desires. She never knew she could so intensely enjoy being coerced into sex acts. Before that night of debauchery, she never even admitted to enjoying anal sex, and yet, that night she had multiple orgasms from it. And then, when the men were fucking her in the ass, she thoroughly loved the nastiness of them immediately sticking their dick in her mouth to be cleaned. It was debasing, demeaning and very erotic. Since that night she had repeatedly dreamed of that scenario. It made her pussy wet as she relived it. But just because she enjoyed it had nothing to do with her desire to get revenge on her husband.

Leslie decided she would play along with Jerry, and agree to another gang bang, but she would turn the tables on him. Since she found out that she knew many of the men who would be coming back the next week, she had time to plot against her husband. When the day arrived, she had already put her plan into action.

The evening started out completely different from the first gangbang. She knew all about it, so she and Jerry were calmly waiting at the same warehouse as the men arrived. Since Leslie was not going to be kidnapped, like the first time, Jerry did not need to arrange for her to be stripped naked and tied to a couch. Instead, he bought an old mattress from a thrift store for them to use. It didn’t have to be nice, just cheap.

The event was to start at a specific time and begin with an auction to collect more cash out of these horny men. Jerry wanted to squeeze as much money out of these men as possible before they could fuck Leslie. Jerry auctioned off her clothes, one piece at a time. All the participants were told that if she was not naked, there would be no fucking. So, the bidding commenced. Her shirt was first, of course, then shoes, pants, bra and panties all were auctioned and then taken off her. In no time, Leslie was buck naked surrounded by more than a dozen worked up men. The man who bought the most clothing got to fuck her first. Once the action started, everyone crowded in.

Leslie was not tied down that night since she was a “willing” participant. She was naked, on her back, on the used mattress as the high bidder climbed on top of her. Since she had known for a week that this event was going to happen, her pussy had been on fire with desire the entire time. The thought that she was going to repeat that incredible night of sex, but do it willingly, was amazing to both her and to the crowd of men. But they didn’t care if she was going to enjoy it, they just wanted to fuck her again. For Leslie, agreeing to this second event was beyond what she could understand. The night she was abducted had been both the worst night and the best night of her life. She never knew she could get such intense physical pleasure from such a terrifying situation. Being completely dominated by these men, was a huge turn-on and she wanted to re-live it.

The first man got on his knees and pulled her legs up around his thighs. He rubbed his throbbing erection on her wet slit and lubed up with her leaking pussy juice. He quickly buried his dick balls deep into her. Since she had been anticipating this for a week, Leslie nearly orgasmed from the initial penetration. She grabbed his waist and encouraged him to pound her. Tonight, she was very vocal, telling the man to fuck the shit out of her, pound her like a whore. The guy quickly dumped his load into her willing cunt.

The next man crawled on top of her and was not as calm as the first guy. He immediately started fucking her hard, not waiting for her to be ready. He pulled out and tried to cum in her mouth but ended up exploding all over her face. It soon became a free-for-all fuck fest as her mouth, and holes all became objects to fuck. She was drenched in cum and this was just the first round. Jerry was just standing on the sidelines during all of this and was cheering on the crowd.

But now is when her revenge went into effect. She had an agreement with a few of the guys that when they took a break, that they would grab Jerry. They would strip him naked, then duct tape his arms to his sides and his legs together. She did not want him to be able to move so that she could execute her plan. She had her helpers lay him out, as described, on his back on the mattress. Leslie straddled Jerry with her ass and pussy right above his face. She called the boys over to start again. Her instructions were for them to fill her ass with cum. She was going to squeeze it out on Jerry’s face, and he would not be able to move to avoid it.

After this next session of the fuck-fest started, Jerry’s face was just inches from her cooch. He was up close to each hard dick pounded her asshole. He could smell the cum and butt juices which were dripping on his face. He acted like this was the worst thing in the world, but suddenly, when the first dick pulled out, Jerry opened his mouth as if to invite the dick to get sucked clean. And that is just what they did. Each man, as they shot a load of spunk into Leslie’s lovely asshole, they pulled out and shoved their dick right in Jerry’s open mouth. They could tell that Jerry, was enjoying the treatment, which was supposed to be punishment. When Leslie watched him suck a cock, she noticed that his tiny dick would get rock hard. She had not known until tonight that Jerry was into sucking a man’s dick. She was shocked and disturbed. This gang bang event had exposed both her and Jerry’s wicked dirty secrets. She was not sure she liked them.

The evening ended when every man had dumped cum inside her or on her. She was exhausted from the continuous orgasms that she had during the session. Her cunt and asshole were inflamed from the attention, and she ground her clit into Jerry’s face for one last orgasm before she crawled off him.

Jerry laid there, with his face covered in cum and Leslie’s butt juices. Photos and video were taken while he was captive under her, and those images were soon going to be posted on several websites, much to his dismay. He found that most of the attendees to this party decided he was a scumbag for arranging the first event, so he was left there, soaking in bodily juices, while everyone filed out of the warehouse.

But there were a few stragglers who decided to add to Jerry’s humiliation by pissing on him as he lay on the floor. Jerry was soon covered with piss in addition to the other coatings, and everyone who pissed on him laughed at his predicament. Leslie squatted above him and added her piss to the mix, and held his nose shut, forcing his mouth open while she did it. She looked at him with hatred, then got off him and got dressed. She cut his hands free, then tossed the knife a few feet away. She knew he could eventually get free, but she did not want to be around when he did. Leslie asked one of the guys to drive her to a hotel, where she stayed a few days until she got her affairs in order. Her divorce was already in process. She kept the money from the evening’s activity, regained her dignity, and ruined his in the process. It was a good night for revenge.

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