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Dan makes a startling discovery about his mother
This story begins in 1968


“What are you doing this evening Dan?” Peter asked as they were leaving school.

“I have to finish my project,” Dan replied.

“But you’ve been working on that for the last two weeks, surely it’s finished now.”

“I want it to be right,” Dan replied, “it’s the last piece l have to hand in for my finals and we only have two days before school ends.”

“But you’ve already got your place at technical college.” Peter said.

“Yes but l just want to do it right, anyway l’m not even sure l want to go to tech, l have to go, see you tomorrow.”

Dan took off at a sprint, Peter didn’t understand why his best mate was in such a hurry, but he always seemed to be in a hurry lately.

Dan ran all the way home, he slowed down for the last hundred yards, he didn’t want to be out of breath when he got there. He finally arrived, his mother was in the kitchen washing dishes.

“Hi son.” She called over her shoulder.

“I can’t wait Mum,” he replied, standing behind her, he put one hand on the top of her back and pushed her forward, leaning her over the sink. He quickly picked up her skirt and threw it up over her back as his other hand released his belt and undid his trousers. He pushed them down with his underpants and his cock sprang free. He was pleased that she wasn’t wearing panties and as he jabbed his cock at her she parted her legs.

“Slow down son,” she said, feeling him poking her with his cock.

“I can’t Mum,” he replied, “all l can think about all day is fucking you, it’s driving me crazy.”

His cock finally found it’s target and with one thrust he was deep inside her. He immediately began humping her, driving himself in as deep as he could.

“Oh yes baby, fuck Mummy,” she sighed.

He reached round her, pulling at the front of her dress.

“Careful,” she said, “you’ll tear it.”

“I want them out,” he said, “l want your tits out.” His hands pulling frantically at her dress.

“Let me,” she said, unbuttoning the top of her dress, she had already removed her bra before he arrived, knowing how much he loved to maul her breasts when he fucked her. Her dress parted and her breast fell out.

Dan grabbed her tits roughly, using them to pull her back onto his cock, he was humping her hard, he knew he couldn’t last long.

“I’m going to cum Mum,” he cried, “l can’t hold it, l have to cum.”

“That’s okay baby,” she said, “give Mummy your beautiful hot cum, fill me up baby.”

“Oh go…..go………fuc……..oh…….oh…….fuck you……..fuck your cunt….oooooh,”. He finally sank on top of her, his cock pulsating wildly as he pumped his seed into her.

“Oh that feels good baby,” she sighed, “l’ve been thinking about it all day too, did you jerk off thinking about me.”

“I had to Mum,” he said, his breath hot on her neck, “l didn’t want to, l wanted to save it for you but l had to.”

“That’s okay baby,” she said, “l had to do myself too, l just can’t stop thinking about you fucking me, that gorgeous cock of yours, he’s still pulsing in me now.”

“I wanted to take my time this time,” he said, “l didn’t mean it to be like this but it always ends up like this, l just have to have you, l don’t mean to be rough.”

“It’s okay baby, honestly,” she said, “l saw you running down the street and my pussy was throbbing waiting for you, l love it when you take me like that, l can pretend you’re forcing me, that my son is raping me.”

Dan looked up through the window.

“Look,” he said, “Dad’s coming down the street.”

“Quickly Dan, let me get up and sort myself,” she said, “you go and shower.”

“But l like it here Mum,” he said, gripping her breasts harder, grinding his pelvis against her. “He’s only a couple of minutes away Mum, and l’m up your cunt, filling you with my spunk.”

“Stop it Dan,” she giggled, “let me get up.”

“Only if l can fuck you again later,” he said, squeezing her nipples and feeling her cunt respond.

“When your father goes to the pub, you can fuck me then,” she said, “now go and shower before he catches us and ruins everything.”

Twenty minutes later Dan was showered and lying on his bed naked. There was a knock on his door.

“Meal’s ready in five minutes Dan,” his mother said.

“Come in Mum,” he called back.

She opened the door, seeing him lying there stroking his erection. She had a quick look behind her as if expecting his father to be there. “Put that away and get dressed Dan,” she whispered.

“Come and kiss it,” he replied.

“Stop it Dan, we’ll get caught,”

“Kiss it,” he repeated, he could see her eyes were fixed on his cock, he knew she would give in.

She had another quick look behind then stepped into the bedroom and up to the bed. She leaned over him, sliding her lips over the head of his cock, flicking her tongue around the head and into the eye, she released him, kissing the tip.

“There,” she said, “now get dressed and come down before your father catches us.”

“I’m going to fuck your brains out later,” he said.

“Promises, promises,” she grinned, winking before leaving the room.

The meal went without incident although a couple of times she had to avert her gaze from Dan for fear of bursting out laughing. Dan went up to his room saying he wanted to listen to music, he laid on his bed playing with himself waiting for his father to leave. He thought about the events of the last two weeks it had been the craziest time of his life.

He put it all down to Mary Harris, she had been his girlfriend for two years, he liked her a lot, she was pretty and intelligent two things that rarely combined in his experience, the problem was she steadfastly refused to let him put his cock inside her, he had thought he was getting somewhere when he took his cock out that evening in the cinema when she had finally allowed him to get his hand inside her panties, it was the first time she had allowed him to do any more than play with her tits. He had taken her hand and placed it on his erection, initially he had been pleased to hear her sharp intake of breath when she felt the size of him and he was encouraged when she began stroking him.

It was later that the problem started, he had her in the car park, they were kissing, her sweater was pushed up together with her bra and he was sucking on her nipples. He managed to get her laid across the front of one of the cars, his hand up her skirt, trying to pull down her panties. That was when she had stopped him.

“I’m not doing that,” she’d said.

“What do you mean,” he’d replied, “you can’t stop now.”

“Yes l can,” she replied, “l can stop any time l want, you’re too big Dan, you’ll hurt me.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said, “you’ll soon get used to it once l’m up you, you can’t expect me to stop now, look at me.”

She stared down at his cock curving up out of the front of his trousers.

“No,” she said, “it’s too big, l can’t.”

“That’s stupid Mary,” he tried to argue, “you have to take it sometime, okay it might hurt a bit the first time but you will get used to it, you have to do it.”

As he spoke he was trying to push her back over the car and get between her legs but she kept wriggling free.

“Stop it Dan,” she began to cry, “l thought you loved me.”

“That’s why l want to fuck you,” he replied, “believe me, once you’ve got me inside you you’ll like it, you are on the pill aren’t you?”

“Of course l am,” she replied.

“Well there you are then,” he said, “you must have known this was going to happen sometime, all my mates are fucking their girls, you’ve already made me wait too long, you have to let me do it.”

“I don’t have to let you do anything,” she said, “it’s my body and if l don’t want that thing inside me tearing me open l don’t have to take it, now let me get up.”

“No Mary, you don’t get to lead me on like this then turn me down,” he said, using his strength to force her back onto the car, his fingers caught hold of the waistband of her panties and with one tug the material gave way, he tossed them away.

“Stop it Dan please,” she begged, “don’t rape me.”

“It’s not rape,” he countered, “you encouraged me, you let me feel your tits, you even held my cock in the cinema, you can’t stop me now you have to let me do it, you can’t be my girlfriend if you don’t, l’ll go and fuck someone else.”

“If you try l will scream Dan,” she sobbed, “l can’t let you do it, l’m frightened, you’re too big, l saw Peter’s when he was screwing Glenda, you’re much bigger than him.”

“Well perhaps l should go and fuck Glenda then,” he said, “she makes it obvious she won’t say no, she even offered for me and Peter to do her together, l’ve had plenty of offers Mary, l stuck with you because l like you but we can’t go on like this, if you don’t let me fuck you now l’m ditching you and l’ll tell everyone you’re a frigid cow.”

“Go and do it with Glenda then,” she said, “but you’re not doing it with me, l really thought you loved me Dan but you just want to treat me like a whore, l’m not doing it.”

“Well fuck off then,” he said, pushing her away in frustration, “go and find some poor wanker with a tiny cock who’ll never be able to fuck you properly, that’s what you deserve you miserable cunt.”

He left her sobbing in the car park. Just as he was turning the corner he saw a figure in the shadows, the figure stepped into the light.

“So the Virgin Mary has finally made a fool of you,” Heather Rowlands said, stepping in front of him. “If you were that desperate for a fuck Dan you only had to ask.”

“Fuck off Heather,” he said, “everyone knows you’re an easy fuck, most of the school have fucked you.”

“That never stopped you before,” she grinned, “you might have the biggest cock in the school but you know l can take you.”

Dan was still fuming at Mary, a temper made worse by the frustration of not being able to work off his erection.

“Come on then,” he said, “if you’re offering, where do you want it.”

“Here will do,” she said, lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties, she leaned over the back of a bench. “Doggy style, you know how much you like it that way, see how deep you can get your cock up me, l won’t scream, unless you make me cum that is.”

Dan had to fuck someone, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t fucked her before, it was a shame she was such a slut really because she wasn’t bad looking, plus she had great tits, it was just that she never said no to anyone, all of his mates had fucked her and from all accounts a couple of the teachers had as well.

He took his cock out and got behind her, easily slipping into her wet cunt.

“Oh that feels good,” she said, “go on Dan, give it a good one.”

All of his frustrations came to a head as he began pummelling her cunt, driving into her with savage thrusts, hearing her groan as his body slammed against hers. It only took a few seconds before he let out a deep groan, sank on top of her and unloaded his spunk into her.

“Oh yes!” She sighed, the muscles in her cunt gripping him in time with his pulsations, milking him of every drop of his seed.

Dan lay on top of her, his body heaving. He was aware of a body approaching.

“God you really are disgusting,” Mary said, “you’re like two animals in a field, l don’t know what l ever saw in you.”

“Fuck off Mary,” Heather said, “you had your chance and blew it, Dan needs a proper woman to keep him satisfied not a prissy little virgin like you.”

Mary burst into tears and ran off. Dan finally pulled out and Heather stood up, smoothing down her skirt.

“So, does that make me your girlfriend then?” She smirked.

“Fuck off Heather,” he laughed, “you know as well as l do that you’ll open your legs for any fella that asks.”

“I never said l’d be faithful,” she giggled, “there’s a whole world full of cocks out there, l mean to try most of them, but believe me Dan, you and me will end up together, we’re too much alike.”

Dan left her in the car park but her words followed him as he made his way home. He couldn’t deny he liked Heather, she was definitely pretty and one of the smartest girls in the school but there was no doubt she was a complete slut.

When he arrived home it was obvious his parents were in the middle of an argument, his mother had announced that she was planning to visit her sister who lived in the north of the country, she usually visited three or four times a year and each time it caused an argument. The problem was that Dan’s father had a huge dislike for his brother-in-law, mainly because Uncle Jack was very successful financially, something which he took great pleasure in flaunting. Dan decided to stay out of the way and went to his bedroom, he passed his sister’s room, Laura was two years older and was hoping to get herself a job in one of the banks in town.

There was no animosity between brother and sister but they more or less lived completely separate lives.

“I hear Mum and Dad are at it again,” Laura said when she saw her brother passing her door.

“Yeah,” he said, “same old argument every time she visits Uncle Jack and Aunt Fiona.”

“I hope she goes,” Laura said, “it always does her good, she’s so much happier when she comes back.”

“Yeah well l doubt if living with Dad is much fun,” he said.

He carried on to his room, put on his headphones and settled down to listening to music. He reached down to the draw beside his bed and fished out the latest magazine he’d purchased from the old man who ran a bookstall at the Saturday market. The magazines were smuggled in from Europe and were far stronger than anything available on the legitimate market. Lately they had begun to be even stronger with a mixture of photographs, drawings and stories, all of which centred on women with large tits being subjected to various punishments or abnormal sexual acts. The drawings usually showed them being tortured or raped by men or monsters with massive cocks. Lately the photographs seemed to concentrated on showing women indulging in sexual acts with animals mainly dogs but sometimes donkeys and even horses.

Dan knew he had become addicted to the magazines and that they were having an influence on his own sexual preferences. This had been what had resulted in what happened between him and Mary earlier. He was no longer prepared to tolerate her putting things off, if she wanted to be his girlfriend she would have to let him fuck her and fuck her which ever way he wanted. His thoughts turned to Heather, he wondered how she would react if he suggested she had sex with a dog, the thought was making him hard, he undid his trousers and took out his cock, stroking himself slowly as he closed his eyes and imagined Heather on hands and knees with a dog mounted on her back, his massive cock thrusting into her cunt.

He didn’t know how long he lay there, dreaming of girls being fucked by a variety of animals. He must have sensed a presence, he opened his eyes, looking up straight at his mother’s face.

“Oh shit!” He cried, desperately trying to cover his throbbing erection. The magazine slid off onto the floor, he tried to catch it but failed. He looked again at his mother but before he could say anything she had turned and all he saw was her back as she rushed out of the room.

Dan stayed in his room the rest of the evening, he couldn’t face her, he had no idea what he could say. Another problem for him was that he still had his erection, still had those visions swirling around in his brain. He had to do something to release the tension. It only took a few seconds pumping his hand on his cock before he let out a deep groan and unloaded into a wad of tissues.

In the morning he went downstairs, uncertain as to how he was going to handle the situation. Luckily his father had already left for work but Laura was still seated at the table finishing her breakfast. He hurried through his breakfast, making a lame excuse that he had arranged to meet Peter before school. A couple of times he saw his mother looking at him but she said nothing out of the ordinary.

By the time school was over he had managed to convince himself that he had got away with it, that his mother had decided to put the incident out of her mind. This was supported when he got home and she was behaving as if everything was normal. His father and Laura arrived home and they all sat down for the evening meal. He stole a few glances at his mother but she showed no sign that anything was out of place. Laura said that she was going to be spending the evening at her friend’s house. His father said he was going for a shower before going to the pub.

Dan helped his mother to clear away after the meal. He was about to go upstairs when she grabbed his arm.

“We need to talk,” she said, keeping her voice low, “wait till they have both gone out.”

Dan went back to his room trying to think of what he could say to her. He heard Laura leave first, followed ten minutes later by his father. He waited a few minutes then nervously made his way downstairs. The living room door was open and he saw his mother sitting on the sofa.

“Come on in Dan,” she said, “come and sit here.” She patted the seat next to her on the sofa.

Dan sat down, looking at her nervously. “I….” He started to say.

“Where did you get that magazine,” she stopped him.

“Why?” He replied, “if l tell you are you going to report him?”

“No, l’m not going to report him, l promise,” she said.

“I got it from that old man that runs the book stall on the market,” he told her, “he gets them from Holland, he says they are openly for sale over there.”

“Can l see it?” She said.

Dan looked at her, “But Mum,” he said.

“I just want to look at it,” she said.

Dan was confused, he had no idea why his mother should want to see what was in that magazine, he could only presume that one way or another it meant trouble for him.

“Are you going to tell Dad?” He said.

“No l’m not going to tell him,” she laughed, “l just want to see it.”

Dan was confused, he had never thought of his mother and sex as a combination, he knew she wasn’t bad looking and on the few occasions he had seen her dressed up to go out to something special she had looked attractive, but usually she was just plain Mum, always wearing those shapeless dresses that made her look plain and ordinary. Now, as he climbed the stairs to fetch the magazine he felt his cock pressing against his trousers.

He returned, sitting quickly back down hoping that his erection was not too obvious. He handed her the magazine. She looked at the cover picture, it was a close up of a woman probably in her thirties holding what was obviously a horse’s cock against her cheek.

Dan heard his mother gasp when she saw the photo, he saw her hand trembling as she opened the mag. The first page showed a collection of photos of some girls but mostly older women, each of them in some sort of position with dogs, either being mounted by them or sucking their cocks.

“Is it all like this?” She asked, her voice trembling with emotion.

“There are drawings and stories,” he said, “not all about animals, but some of the drawings show women having sex with monsters.”

“And this turns you on does it?” She said, turning the page. The next page showed a drawing of a woman lying outstretched on the ground, a huge lizard like creature standing over her holding a massive cock, he was shooting his cum over her.

Dan saw his mother shaking.

“Show me,” she said.

He looked at her.

“Your cock, show me,” she repeated.

“But Mum,” he replied.

“Do it, show me.”

He stood up, standing in front of her. He undid his trousers and pushed them down around his ankles with his underpants then stood before her, his cock standing rigid.

“Oh god!” She sighed, “it’s just like his….oh my god.”

“Whose Mum?” He said, “you mean like Dad’s.”

“You’re joking,” she laughed, “can l hold it?”

“But Mum, we shouldn’t be doing this,” he said.

“Just let me hold it Dan, just for a few seconds.”

He stepped closer. She reached out with both hands, gripping his shaft, he could feel her hands trembling. He sighed as her hands grasped him.

“Oh my god he’s beautiful,” she said, “when l saw him last night l was sure my eyes were deceiving me but now, now he feels so big, so powerful.”

“Mum please,” he said, “this is wrong.”

“Do you want to see me?” She said.

Before he could answer she took one hand from his cock and began undoing the buttons down the front of her dress. When she had undone them all she parted her dress revealing her naked body.

“Oh god Mum,” he said, his eyes devouring her body. He had never thought about her breasts but now saw that they were big, still holding their shape, each one tipped with a dark area and a large nipple. His eyes travelled down over her tummy to the tiny trimmed strip of pubic hair just above the cleft of her cunt. As he looked she parted her legs wide showing him her cunt the folds of her labia like flower petals.

“I can’t wait baby, fuck me.” She said.

“But Mum,” he tried to protest.

“Please baby, please fuck me,” she said, “l have to have you inside me, fuck me baby, fuck me now.”

Dan didn’t know how he was supposed to resist, he didn’t want to resist.

She saw the lust in his eyes.

“Yes baby, do it,” she said, taking both hands and pulling her cunt lips apart, “up my cunt baby, stick that gorgeous cock up my cunt and fuck me, fuck me hard, cum inside me baby, please baby, do it.”

“Oh god,” was all he could say as he put his hands on the back of the sofa and lowered himself.

She held his cock, guiding it between her cunt lips until the head entered her. She looked up at him.

“Now baby, ram it up me.”

He collapsed on top of her, driving his cock deep into her cunt. She cried out, shaking from top to toe as she came, juices flooding her cunt and spirting out over him.

It was like having his cock in an oven, he lost control completely, driving hard into her with each thrust, her legs wrapped around him and she met each thrust with her own. Her head went back, her eyes wide as she came again.

“Oh sweet Jesus yes!” She cried.

“I can’t,” he shouted, “l can……”

“Cum baby,” she pleaded, “fill me with spunk, cum baby.”

He groaned as his cock finally exploded inside her, pumping wildly as he fired his spunk deep into her belly.

“Oh yes baby,” she smiled up at him, her body relaxing as she felt the heat of his seed spreading inside her. “Oh god that feels so good, l knew it would when l saw him last night, l knew then l had to have him, l wanted to jump on you last night but Laura was only in the next room, oh baby, l haven’t been able to think of anything else all day, l tried not to frig myself but couldn’t help it, l just kept imagining how it would feel inside me, oh thank you baby.”

Dan collapsed on top of her, his cock still pulsating. He felt her cunt gripping him, milking the last dregs from his balls. Eventually he summoned the strength to pull out, stand up and shuffle around before flopping back down on the sofa.

“Pass me some tissues baby,” she said, “l know l said fill me up but you really did.”

He reached her the box of tissues, she took a wad and packed it between her thighs. He stared at her as she wiped her cunt as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

“I don’t understand Mum,” he said, “we shouldn’t be doing this, we’ll get into trouble.”

“Only if we tell someone what we’re doing,” she smiled at him, “you’re not going to tell are you?”

“But we mustn’t do it Mum, it’s wrong.”

“Well if you didn’t enjoy it you don’t have to do it again,” she replied.

“I didn’t say l didn’t enjoy it Mum.”

“So you do want to fuck me again?” She laughed.

“Mum this is crazy,” he said, “l’ve never thought about you like that.”

“Don’t tell me you never thought about me when you were wanking,” she said, “l thought all boys had fantasies about their mothers.”

“But Mum, the way you are talking, l’ve never heard you swear, not even half swearing.”

“Don’t you like to hear me saying those words?” She said, “talking about my cunt and how l want you to fuck me and give me your spunk, don’t you like to hear me saying things like that.”

“Do you talk like that with Dad?”

“Oh good heavens no,” she laughed, “he would have a heart attack if he heard me talking like that.”

“But l don’t understand Mum.”

“I know it’s come as a bit of a shock sweetheart,” she said. “Let’s both get dressed in case one or other of them comes back then l’ll try to explain everything.”

Dan replaced his pants and trousers, while his mother began buttoning her dress.

“Can you leave your tits out,” he said.

“Only if you leave your cock out,” she giggled.

Dan unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock, his mother arranged her dress so that her tits were on show. She bent down and retrieved the magazine from the floor.

“Put that in the bottom drawer of the sideboard,” she said, giving it to him, “l want to have a proper look at it when you’re all out tomorrow.”

“Will you be masturbating?” He asked.

“That’s my secret,” she smiled as he hid the mag and returned to his seat.

“What is this all about Mum?” He said.

“I need to start from the beginning,” she said, lying with her head in his lap, his cock resting against her face. Dan put his arm over her and held her breast, stroking her nipple. “Mmmmm, that’s nice,” she sighed.

“It started when Fiona and l were living at home,” she began, “as you know your Grandma and Grandad were farm workers and we lived in a cottage attached to the farm, there were six cottages in a row, Grandad’s brother Brian lived next door with his wife Janet. Grandma worked in the milking parlour, it was very hard physical work and she was not a healthy woman. I was almost old enough to leave school, Fiona is two years younger.”

“Grandma became very ill and for a while it looked like we could lose her. She recovered but not enough to fully go back to work. Then one day she took me aside and told me that there were certain duties she wasn’t well enough to perform and that l would need to take over. I didn’t know what she meant but said l was happy to help. She said that it was usual, on a Saturday night Grandad expected to get his marriage rights.”

“I still wasn’t sure what she meant so she told me that l would have to let him put his thing inside me, that is how she described it.”

“So you had to let Grandad fuck you?” Dan asked.

“Basically yes,” she replied. “I didn’t know anything about sex apart from that it was a way yo make babies, l asked if l would have to have a baby but she told me that Grandad would pull out before it got to that stage.”

“We’re you a virgin?”

“Yes, Grandma warned me that the first time would be painful but l would soon get used to it, she said it was important that l did it as Grandad needed to get rid of his spare energy at the end of the week.”

“So what, did you go to bed with him?”

“No, Grandma told me it would be easier if l led over the table with my skirt up and knickers down, Grandad would put his thing inside me and work it in and out for a bit then pull out and finish. It sounded quite simple and l wanted to help so that Saturday evening, after Fiona had gone to bed, l did what I was told, what l didn’t know at that time was that Grandad was very big, that’s obviously where you get this from,” she kissed his cock.

“So l take it it hurt that first time.”

“Yes, it made me cry but Grandma told me l had to be brave. After a few moments the pain did get less, Grandad worked back and fore a few times then pulled out. I went to stand up but Grandma told me to stay still. I could see Grandad had hold of himself and he was working his hand up and down, then l saw his white stuff shooting out and landing on my bare bottom. When he had finished, Grandma helped clean me up and l went to bed.”

“So that was every week, Grandad fucked you every week, what about Aunt Fiona, didn’t she know?”

“Not for a few weeks,” she replied, “but it didn’t take long for her to suspect something, we slept in the same room and she wanted to know why l was always late coming to bed on a Saturday. Then one time she sneaked downstairs and saw what was happening, she demanded l tell her what it was all about and she said she wanted to do it as well, l told her how much it hurt but she wouldn’t be dissuaded. She made me tell Grandma that she wanted Grandad to do it to her, Grandma said that there was a way for both of us to help out, she explained that my Uncle Brian and Aunt Janet couldn’t have children and that Janet was very tired. She suggested that on a Saturday night, Uncle Brian would come round and he and Grandad would do us together.”

“Wow, l bet that was fun,” Dan said.

“I didn’t see it as fun to start with but Fiona did, she was keen right from the start, it was her that suggested it would be more fun if we were both naked, then Uncle Brian got hold of a book that showed different positions and once again it was Fiona that wanted to try them all. Soon we were doing it a couple of nights a week.”

“So when did you really start to enjoy it?” He asked.

“That was when we started playing games,” she replied, “that was mainly down to Brian, l don’t know where he got his ideas from but he wanted to start teaching us how to suck their cocks. As usual Fiona was all for it and suggested that if we both started sucking at the same time there should be a prize for the first one to make their cock cum.”

“It sounds like you were turning into a perverted family Mum,” he said, “is that why you wanted me to fuck you?”

“Don’t rush me baby,” she said, kissing his cock again, holding it against her cheek and feeling it pulsating. “Having said that,” she added, “he feels like he’s ready for another.”

“Can we?“

“You have to be quick and promise to pull out if we hear anyone coming.”

“Come on then,” he said, standing up, “bend over the back of the sofa.”

“Yes Sir,” she giggled, “l like doggy style, it’s my favourite.”

“Does Dad fuck you like that?” He asked as she got onto her knees and into position.

“It’s months since your father fucked me,” she said, “even then he just lies on me and often he cums before he’s even in, mind you he’s that small l can hardly feel him when he does get in.”

“I love doing it this way,” he said, “l fucked Heather Rowlands this way on a bench in the car park, she likes it deep and hard.”

“Mmmmmm, yes please,” she said, parting her legs and raising her bottom.

Dan lifted her skirt up over her back, the wad of tissues was still wedged in her cunt, removed it and tossed it aside.

“I can see my spunk in your cunt,” he said.

“Hurry up baby,” she said, “l don’t want to have to stop half way, shove it up me and fuck me.”

This was totally mental, Dan couldn’t believe he was doing this but he wasn’t going to hold back. He placed the head of his cock between her cunt lips, gripped her waist and rammed himself in deep until his pelvis crashed into her.

“Oh yes!” She cried, “that’s how l like it, now fuck me hard, don’t hold back, force your cock into my womb.”

He fucked her with long hard thrusts, reaching under her and grabbing her swinging breasts, squeezing them and twisting them, he wanted to hurt her, he could feel her cunt responding.

“Oh baby it’s beautiful,” she cried, “fuck Mummy, fuck Mummy like a whore, harder baby, drive that cock deep into my cunt, l want your spunk baby, don’t stop.”

She was driving him crazy, a red mist descended over him. He felt her shudder and flood her cunt with her juices but still he fucked her, changing positions to drive into her from a different angle.

With one last lunge he sank deep inside her and came, his body heaving as he emptied his balls into her.

“Oh baby,” she sighed, “oh my beautiful boy, oh baby.”

He rolled off her onto the floor. She followed him, crawling over him, taking his cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked the mixture of his cum and her own cunt juices, sucking his balls then kissing his cock.

“Oh thank you baby,” she said finally, “that was the best fuck ever, thank you.” She settled, resting her head on his thighs, teasing his cock with her lips.

“I’m still confused Mum,” he said.

“I know baby,” she kissed his cock, “things have happened quickly, l need to explain fully but there’s no time now, one or other of them will be home soon. Tomorrow baby, if they are both out, l promise l will tell you everything.”

“Can we do it again tomorrow?”

“That is what you have to understand baby,” she replied, getting up on her knees and straddling his chest. “From now on l am yours whenever you want me, you never have to ask, you just take me.”

“You mean like rape you?” He said.

“If that’s what you want baby yes,” she said, “all l ask is that when you fuck me you do it hard like you did tonight, l like it rough baby, as rough as you like, do you think you can do that.”

“But you’re my mother,” he said.

“No baby,” she replied, “from now on l’m your whore only you don’t have to pay me, you can be as rough as you like, obviously you can’t leave any marks that will be on show, l might pretend to fight you so that you have to be rougher, l bet you read lots of stuff like that judging by that magazine, l bet the idea of raping a woman turns you on.” She reached behind her and held his cock, feeling it hardening in her grip. “You’re getting hard now just thinking about it aren’t you.”

“But what if l hurt you?” He said, “l’m much stronger than you.”

“It’s what l need baby,” she said, “l need you to dominate me, to make me do things you have only imagined, if it makes you more excited l can cry for you but don’t stop.”

“Is that what happened with Grandad and Uncle Brian?”

Just then they both heard the garden gate closing.

“Quickly,” she said, rolling off him, “go…go quickly….l’ll sort out in here, just go.”

Dan rushed out of the room, holding his trousers up. He managed to make it up the stairs just as the front door was opening. He dived into his bedroom and closed the door, throwing himself onto his bed, hoping his mother hadn’t been discovered.

A few seconds later there was a knock on his door. He made sure he was fully covered then shouted for whoever it was to come in. The door opened and Laura stood there.

“Guess who l saw this evening?” She said.

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“Heather Rowlands,” she said, “she told me that she’s your girlfriend now, is that right?”

“We’re friends,” he said.

“You must be joking Dan,” she said, “that girl is a common slut, everyone knows she’s easy, you can’t seriously be telling her she’s your girlfriend.”

“I haven’t told her that,” he said.

“Well she thinks she is,” Laura said, “l know you boys need to practice on someone before you get a decent girl, but not Heather Rowlands Dan, l bet most of your mates have had her, l saw her in the car park at the back of the rugby club on Saturday, she had two men with her, she was on her knees in front of them it was obvious what she was doing.”

“What she does is her business,” he said, “anyway, why were you there, who were you with.”

Laura suddenly froze, her face blushing bright red.

“We’re you getting fucked?” He said.

“Quiet,” she said, stepping into the room and closing the door, “Dad’s downstairs talking to Mum.”

“Who was fucking you on Saturday then?” He persisted, enjoying her discomfort.

“I wasn’t doing that,” she denied, “it wasn’t like that.”

“Come on Laura,” he said, “girls only go out there to either get fucked or to suck someone off, so which were you doing?”

“It wasn’t like that,” she said, “Paul Sanger wanted to talk to me about a job.”

“Oh yes,” Dan chuckled, “this is your job interview Miss Evans, get on your knees and put this in your mouth.”

“Don’t be disgusting,” she said.

“But that’s what you were doing wasn’t it,” he said, “and with a man old enough to be your father, then you go criticising Heather, you’re no better than her.”

“It’s a good job,” she said, “he wants me to be his secretary.”

“Yeah, so he can fuck you in the office whenever he wants, has he fucked you yet?”

“I wish l’d never started this conversation,” she said, “l only came to warn you about Heather.”

“I know what Heather is like,” he said, “but unlike you she doesn’t pretend to be anything different, yes l am fucking her if you must know, l like her, she’s clever and fun to be with, l don’t care if she fucks someone else, l don’t own her, perhaps you’re jealous of her.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she said.

“Well everyone’s going to know you got that job at Sanger’s because you opened your legs for the boss, you better hope his wife doesn’t find out, she looks a nasty piece of work, l doubt if he’s getting much with her so he fancies your young pussy instead.”

“You’re disgusting,” she said, “you’re not going to say anything to Mum or Dad are you?”

“That depends,” he said.

“Depends on what?”

He quickly undid his trousers and pulled out his cock.

“It depends on whether you suck my cock or not.”

Laura stared at him in horror but her eyes were fixed on his erection. Suddenly she turned and ran out of his bedroom, slamming the door of her own room.

Dan sank back on his bed, going over everything that had happened, he still couldn’t get his head around the situation with his mother, he couldn’t believe how she could suddenly change from ordinary boring housewife into some sex crazed fantasy woman. Despite everything he found himself stroking his cock as he remembered how it had felt fucking her, he knew he wanted her again but was uncertain as to whether she would have come to her senses by the morning.

Then there was Laura, suddenly he had power over her, what did he intend to do with that power? He smiled to himself thinking that he had suddenly found himself in sexual paradise and he intended to enjoy it.

When he went down for breakfast in the morning his father was at the table having breakfast, his mother was washing dishes.

“I don’t know what’s up with your sister,” she said, “she took one slice of toast and she was out of here like a scalded cat.”

Dan tried to attract her attention but it was as if she was deliberately trying to avoid looking at him. He didn’t know if that meant she was ashamed of what had happened, which only made him more confused. He took his time over his breakfast, hoping his father would go to work and he would have the chance to either speak with her or fuck her, to be honest he preferred to fuck her, he’d had a restless night and woken to find a wet patch on his sheet. It had been a long time since he’d had a wet dream and he’d still woken with a full erection. He’d contemplated wanking it off but hoped that once his father went to work he would have time to fuck his mother before he had to go to school.

He watched his mother moving around the kitchen, trying to work out her mood. Then she went opposite him, behind his father. She looked straight at him, smiling. She cupped her hands under her breasts and bounced them, then stood back, lifted the front of her skirt and showed him her naked cunt. Dan had to look away quickly in case his father should see his expression change.

“I’m taking the later bus to work this morning,” his father said, “l have a dental appointment in town so l’ll walk with you to school.”

Dan quickly glanced at his mother, he saw the reaction on her face. She moved away, indicating with her eyes for him to follow her into the hall.

“I’ll just go and get my stuff,” Dan said, hoping his erection had gone down enough so that it wasn’t noticeable. He went up to his room and found his mother waiting there. She stepped close to him, taking his hands and putting them on her breasts.

“Do as he says,” she said, “don’t do or say anything to make him suspicious.”

“But l wanted to fuck you,” he said.

“And l wanted you to,” she replied, “but we have to just take the opportunities when we can, l want you baby, l’ll be ready when you get home but we have to be careful.”

As she was speaking he was undoing her dress and taking out her tits, she made no effort to stop him.

“I had a wet dream,” he said, “my sheet is wet.”

“That’s alright baby,” she replied, “l’ll sort that out, now go down and do as your father says.” She kissed him full on his lips.

Dan seldom had any conversation with his father so the walk to school was somewhat strained.

“Your mother tells me you’re going with her when she visits her sister,” he said.

Dan didn’t want to register any surprise. “Yes she thought it would be a bit of a break before l start at Tech.”

“Is that what you want to be, a mechanic?” He said.

“I suppose so,” Dan replied, “l don’t really know what l want but it was an easy choice.”

“Laura tells me she’s been offered a job at Sanger’s,” his father said, “his business seems to be expanding fast, why don’t you see if there’s anything there for you.”

Dan had to think quickly then came up with an idea. “I might ask Laura if she can put in a word for me.” He said.

They reached the school, Dan saw Peter waiting for him, he said goodbye to his father.

“I had to see you,” Peter said when they met up. “The word is out that Heather Rowlands is your girl, is that right.”

“I wouldn’t say she’s my girl,” Dan replied, “l just fucked her that’s all.”

“Well she’s telling everyone she’s your girlfriend,” he said, “where does that leave us, she’s the one girl we could count on for a fuck.”

“There’s no change as far as l’m concerned,” Dan said, “if you want to fuck her go ahead, l don’t deny l like her but l know what she’s like, she can fuck anyone she wants as far as l’m concerned.”

“Oh, cheers mate,” Peter said, “what about you and Mary?”

“Oh l’ve ditched her,” Dan said, “we had a big row, she won’t let me fuck her, says l’m too big, stupid bitch, you can have her if you want.”

“I might try it,” he said, “she’s pretty but her tits are nowhere near as good as Heather’s.”

“Have you fucked Heather lately?” Dan asked.

“Not for over a week,” Peter replied, “l saw her coming out of the stock room with Mr. Hawkins the history teacher so l suppose she’s getting it from him.”

“Yeah, l heard she was shagging a couple of teachers,” Dan said, “talk of the devil,” he added as he saw Heather walking towards him.

“Hi Dan!” She said as she approached, linking her arm with his to give the sign to everyone that she was his girl. Peter took the hint and moved away.

“I hear you’re telling everyone you’re my girl,” he said.

“Do you mind?” She replied.

“I’m not bothered,” he said, “but just because l fucked you doesn’t make you my girl.”

“I know,” she said, “but you do like me, you said so.”

“Yes l do like you,” he said, “but you can’t be my girl when you’re letting anyone else who wants to fuck you, Peter says he saw you with Mr. Hawkins, is he fucking you?”

“That was just a blow job,” she replied, “l needed him to give me an upgrade on my homework, he swapped me ten marks if l sucked him off. I can stop if you want me to only do it with you.”

“And what are all the other boys going to do,” he said, “they all rely on you for a fuck, they know you don’t make any demands you just let them do it.”

“But you’ve got the best cock in the school Dan,” she said, “if you want me to be only for you l will.”

“I don’t care who you fuck Heather,” he said, “l do like you, you’re clever and fun to be with but l don’t want you flying off the handle if l fuck one of the other girls.”

“Okay,” she said, “but you know you can have me whenever you want, everyone says l have the best tits in the school, l just want us to be friends.”

“Laura said she saw you round the back of the rugby club with two guys,” he said.

“Yeah, l needed some money, they both gave me a fiver if l sucked them off,” she said, “l saw Laura with Paul Sanger, he’s a bit old for her isn’t he.”

“Yeah he was offering her a job,” he said.

“From what l saw he was offering her six inches of pink meat and she was trying to eat it,” she giggled.

“Has he had you?”

“Hardly,” she said, “he came before he was in, l promised him a second go but l think he was too embarrassed, he hasn’t spoken to me since.”

Dan laughed. “Is there any man in this town that hasn’t fucked you?”

“I’m working on it,” she giggled, “do you want me tonight, l was going to have a night in and wash my hair but l can put it off if you want me.”

“No, l’m busy tonight,” he said.

“Mmmm. Lucky girl,” she laughed, “who is she?”

“I didn’t say there was anyone,” he said.

Just then the bell rang, Heather made a big show of putting her arms around his neck and kissing him. He didn’t make any attempt to stop her.

“Thanks for not stopping me,” she smiled, “you’re a great kisser as well as a great fuck.”

She gave him another kiss on his cheek and they parted.

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