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Does this thing have permanebt effects?
Brian sighed, then pulled his car up beside the prettiest girl on the street. She leaned her head in the open window and smiled at him. He was shopping for some company; not necessarily a hooker, but he wasn't that picky or judgmental, he just wanted some attractive for company.

“Hello, sir, are you looking for a date?” she asked. She looked rather young to be in this line of work, truthfully, and he felt a little guilty as he opened the door a little and nodded. She bit her lip and looked more than a little nervous as she got in, but it all disappeared quickly as she smiled at him. “It's three hundred for the first hour, and we can negotiate for more time if you want it.”

He handed her five one hundred dollar bills and asked her how much the whole week-end would cost. She glanced at the money before putting it in her purse, a dainty little sequined clutch that matched her blouse.

“The week-end, sir? You know it's Wednesday, right?” she asked nervously.

“Yes.” he said. “I think I might want you for a lot longer than just part of one week, though. I think I might just keep you around for the rest of your life.”

She blinked. This was all brand new to her; in fact, he was her very first customer. She had only lost her virginity last night.

“Sir?” she asked, more than a little confused. Marcus, her boyfriend (She wasn't really sure if that de***********ion of him was entirely accurate. He was the one who had taken her virginity and sent her out here) hadn't prepared her for anything like this.

“I'll be honest with you if you're honest with me. Deal?” he asked, holding out his hand for a shake. She took it and looked into his eyes, trying to detect a lie. She didn't see one, so she decided to trust him. Somewhat. “I like you. I don't think you've had much experience with any of this, and I'm going to give you a chance at a better life.”

“Sir?” she asked, then took a deep breath and took a chance. “You're right; I don't have much experience. In fact, you're my very first customer! I'm not even sure how much to charge besides the three hundred for the first hour, and you gave me five, so I know that gets extra time, but I'm not sure how much.”

The car turned onto a residential street, and shortly, he pulled into a garage.

She panicked a little. “Sir? I'm supposed to do it in the car; I was warned not to go into a house!”

“Really?” he asked, surprised. “Exactly who was it that warned you?”

“My friend Marcus.” she told him. “We made love last night, and he sent me out to make us some money. I'm supposed to meet him at Bill's Diner tomorrow morning to give him the money I made tonight. He told me if I didn't give him at least $600 he'd be REALLY mad, and he already hit me once, when I told him I didn't want to prostitute myself. He punched me in the stomach because he said he didn't want to mess up my face, but if I don't bring him enough money, he won't care if I have bruises or scars, because I won't be worth shit anyway.”

“Really.” Brian said dryly. He handed her another five hundred, and she put that in her purse, too, smiling and feeling very relieved. “Will you come into my house now? I'll drive you over to the diner in the morning.”

“Thank you!” she said, smiling brightly, happy that she was safe from getting beat up.

“Just wait there.” he said. “I'll get the door for you.” He opened his door, then walked around the front of the car and opened hers, taking her hand as he helped her out.

“Thank you, sir.” she said respectfully, smiling. “I feel like a lady and not just a whore.”

“Are you a whore?” he asked. “I don't think you are. I think you're just a pretty girl who fell in with the wrong guy.”

She followed him into his house and looked around at his kitchen. It had an island in the middle, complete with a wooden cutting board. Pots and pans were hung up on hooks and knives were on a magnetic strip on the wall beside the stove. It was decorated in a bright yellow theme, but he led her right through into his living room and sat her down in the middle of his couch.

“Should I take my clothes off?” she asked him, looking around at the room. Her eyes landed on a painting of a woman standing in a grassy meadow with her back turned. She was looking off into the distance at a group of horses who were running parallel to the artist.

“Do you want to take your clothes off?” he asked, sounding amused.

“Not really.” she said. “But if you're going to fuck me I don't want them to get messed up.”

“How about if you just take off your top? I'd really to see your nipples. If they are small areola with perky pink nipples; well, those are my favorite kind, and I'd gladly put my cock between them so you can suck on the tip of it. I can already tell that you're a small “B” cup, which is my favorite size, but if your nipples match... Well, you'll be a keeper for sure!” he said.

She blushed. “They are pink, and I hope my areola aren't too big for you.” she said, embarrassed. “I've never sucked one before, though. You're going to have to teach me how, okay?”

“Sucking on mine will be easy for you, my dear. You only have to go down as far as you are comfortable with. I REALLY don't want you to hurt yourself, okay?”

She smiled at him, more than a little grateful for his friendliness. Marcus had been more than a little rude. Insulting, technically, but she was indebted to him and owed a lot more than she was able to pay back. She had crashed her car into his by accident, and agreed to do whatever he wanted to keep the police from being involved.

She unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, then looked at the painting once more to avoid looking at him. She was embarrassed by her partial nudity, and could only hope that her nipples were up to his standards.

“Just so you know, they are perfect.” he said, and she smiled at him, glancing at his face to see if he was telling her the truth. He was; she could detect no lie in him at all. “What's your name?”

“You can call me Candy.” she told him, telling the name Marcus had told her to use.

“I don't want to call you Candy.” he said. “What did your mother call you when you were little?”

She blushed. “My mother died in childbirth so I was raised by my father. He called me Jenny.”

“Your name is Jennifer?” he asked. She nodded, looking at the floor. “Is that what you want me to call you, Jenny?”

She shook her head. “You can call me Candy.” she said softly. “It will help me remember what I'm supposed to do.”

“What are you supposed to do?” he asked gently.

“I'm supposed to let you f-fuck me.” she said, her voice choking with tears. “You gave me extra, so I'm supposed to let you fuck me in the ass, too.”

“Is that something YOU want?” he asked. She shook her head. “Tell me what YOU want, Jenny.”

She looked up at him. Biting her lip nervously, she shook her head again and looked at the floor once more. He put a finger under her chin and captured her gaze. “Tell me.”

She took a breath and saw the friendliness he was giving her, and decided to take a chance. “I want to be that woman in that painting, dreaming to be as free as those horses.”

He glanced at the painting and smiled sadly. “My wife painted that, many years ago, when we we both in college.”

“You're married?” she asked, surprised.

“I was.” he said. “She died a year ago yesterday, and that's why I was cruising the strip. I was looking for some companionship. I never expected to find a friend.”

“You want me to be your friend?” she asked, surprised. “Are you friends with all the women you fuck?'

“I am.” he told her. “But we haven't fucked yet.”

“Well, that's easy enough to sort out, then.” she smiled. “How do you want me? Missionary or doggy?

He raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Which do you prefer?”

“I don't know.” she replied. “I only did it the once, and he took me missionary. However you want to do it is fine with me, I guess.”

“Oh, well, if it is up to me, then the first thing I want is to fuck your tits and come in your mouth.” he said, sitting down beside her on the sofa.

“You want to... in my mouth? ... I... but I never... yes, sir.” she said, stammering with fear. The look on her face was abjectly pitiful as she knelt down on the floor in front of him. She looked up at him with unshed tears in her eyes.

“Jenny, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do, so if it's what YOU want, you can put your blouse back on and forget I asked you to do any of this. You can go, if that's what you want, too. I'll give you a ride to anywhere you want in this city. If you want to leave this city, I'll buy you a plane, train or bus ticket; whatever you want. You're free.”

She looked up at him with hope in her expression. “You really mean that? I can get dressed and go? You don't want to have sex with me?”

“You misunderstood me, Jenny.” he said, and her face fell. She looked ready to cry again. “I actually DO want to have sex with you, but I don't want to force you to do it. That money I gave you? It's a free gift. You don't owe me anything, and I certainly didn't BUY your pussy, or your mouth, or your ass, or anything like that. I'll take you wherever you want to go. That's a promise, my friend. You are free.”

“I wish.” she said bitterly. “You want to know how I got into this? I crashed my car into a BMW yesterday, and the guy that I hit f-fucked me to keep the cops out of it. Then he made me do it with one of his friends for three hundred, which he kept, and made me go out on the street with no underwear to make him more money. He told me if I don't give him at least $600 tomorrow morning, he'll beat my face in and ugly me up.”

“You've done it twice?” he asked. “I thought you said you only did it once?”

“Does a hand-job count as doing it?” she asked, looking confused.

He shook his head and smiled. “Nope. So you didn't fuck that other guy, then?”

She shook her head. “I just used my hand once or twice and he came all over my dress.” She smiled a little. “Marcus told him to leave, since he already came, and when the guy refused, Marcus pulled out a pistol and pointed it right in the guy's face and told him to get out.”

Brian closed his eyes. “Jenny, let me ask you a question, okay?” She bit her lip and nodded.

“Ask me anything you want.” she said.

“Do you love him?” Brian asked.

Jenny laughed. “Hell no!” she said emphatically. “I'm not even friends with him! If the truth be told, that asshole RAPED me!”

“So you wouldn't be mad if I killed him?” Brian asked her.

She looked at him and smiled again, looking more than a little crazy as she did it. She got a glint in her eye.

“How are you going to do it?” she asked. “Please, make him suffer first! No quick gunshot to the head, okay? I want him to die in pain, and I want it to last for DAYS!”

“Damn, you're mean!” he said, grinning. “Days, huh? I think that can be arranged.”

“Will I be allowed to help?” she asked. “I want to be there when it happens, okay? I want the very last thing he ever sees to be my smiling face as he dies, and I want him to know I was the one who did it to him!”

Brian just looked at her. “You want to know how I'm going to do it?”

“Tell me!” she said, smiling eagerly. “Poison? Knife? Gun? Anything like that?”

“Nothing so mundane.” he told her. “Years ago, I built a mind control device, and it turns out that conflicting orders are fatal. I only used it intentionally that way once, but turns out that most, if not all orders are conflicting to a person's natural instincts, so even the act of wearing it intentionally become fatal, eventually.”

“Can I see it?” she asked, and he looked at her surprised.

“I haven't shown it to ANYONE in years.” he said slowly. “It killed my wife and two other girls who wore it, and even though I wasn't married to them; I loved them very much. It's killed everyone who ever wore it!”

“Let me see it!” she repeated. “I want to hold the thing that's going to kill Marcus!”

Reluctantly, he went and got it. She took it from him excitedly, cooing over the fact that it was a Collar. She looked him straight in the eye, then put it around her own neck. And danced out of reach while she buckled it on.

“Please, take it off!” he begged her. “It's not even charged up and can't possibly do anything, but still, please take it off?”

“Tell me to do something!” she said. “I want to see what it feels like to obey you!”

“Take it off, right now!” he said, the tone of his voice making it an order. “Please, that thing killed my wife!”

She unbuckled it and handed it back to him. “It felt good to do what you said.” she told him. “I thought you said it wasn't charged up?”

“It's not.” he said, puzzled, then unsnapped the back of it and looked inside. “See? It doesn't even have any batteries in it anymore. I took them out a long time ago.”

“Tell me to something else!” she said, pleading. “I want to see if that good feeling happens again.”

He tossed the Collar onto an empty chair behind him. “Okay.” he said, smiling a little. “Here's a chance to earn some of that money I gave you. Sit on the couch and hold your breasts together so I can titty fuck you, and suck on the head of my cock every time it goes near your mouth.”

“Oh, you want me to... to suck it?” she asked, and a big smile spread over her face and lit a fire in her eyes. “Yes sir!” She pushed her breasts together and smiled up at him as he knelt astride her and pushed his cock into her cleavage. The head of it poked out a little and she licked the tip, getting a taste of his pre-come and savoring it as he drew it back and out of sight. “It tastes good.” she told him. “Sort of sweet with a musky undertone. It tastes exactly right!”

It appeared again, and she opened her mouth eagerly, taking the whole head of it into her mouth and sucking, trying to get more of it in.

“Do you want to try the whole thing?” he asked, lifting it clear of her breasts. She looked up at him and nodded, smiling with her eyes. He pushed his hips forward, and since her head rested against the back of the couch, she was unable to stop it from entering her throat a second later.

Her eyes got wide as it cut her air off and she was unable to breathe for a moment, but then he pulled it back and let her cough and gasp for air. When she was done choking, he put it against her lips once more. She turned her face aside, then looked up at him, almost crying.

“I'm sorry; I'm SO sorry! It was choking me! Can you do it somewhere else? I'll even let you put it in my ass, if you want, and I promise, I won't stop you even if it hurts!” she told him, sobbing. “You can do anything you want to me and I won't stop you, I promise!”

“I want to do it in your mouth, Jenny. Are you going to tell me no?” he asked, and now she really DID begin to cry. She opened her mouth and began sucking on the head of it again, but he stroked it shallowly, giving her less than half the length. “Is that better? I promise not to choke you with it ever again.”

She nodded, looking up at him gratefully, smiling with her eyes. She turned her face to the side briefly and said, “This is MUCH better! You can do it this way whenever you want.” She took him in her mouth again and began sucking, stroking her tongue around on the head of it whenever he pulled it back.

“Get ready, Jenny, I'm about to... I'm about to...” Her mouth filled with several spurts of hot, salty stickiness that tasted even more musky than his pre-come, but wasn't horrible, so she swallowed it, then let his softening member slip out of her mouth and looked up at him again.

He sat down beside her and put his arm around her shoulders and drew her in for a hug. “That felt amazing!” he said, kissing her on the forehead. “I'm sorry I choked you. That will never happen again, I promise.”

“Actually, if you want to do it again, I don't mind.” she said, smiling. “It felt good for you, didn't it? Fucking my throat?”

“Well, yes,” he admitted. “But I don't like the fact that it caused you distress. I want you to live!”

She giggled at that. “I didn't die, and the fact that you were in complete control of me... I've never been more turned on by anything in my whole life!”

“You want me to be in control of you? That excites you?” he asked, musing it over in his mind. “I know something that will DEFINITELY let you know who is in charge, then. Are you ready to do it in a brand new position, one we haven't even discussed?”

“Yes sir. I'll do anything you want!” she told him. He smiled at her.

“Get on your hands and knees, legs about shoulder width apart. This is known as 'doggy style.”

“Yes sir.” she said, getting into position, then felt him rubbing his cockhead up and down her slit. “Oh, that feels good! I'm going to like this.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, then moved it up a little and sank almost all of it into her asshole with one brutal shove, both his hands on her hips, pulling her back and making sure she couldn't get away.

“Ahh!” she shouted. “It hurts!”

“Pain is pleasure, Jenny.” he said. “You don't feel pain; you feel good!”

“Ohh, God!” she wept. “What are you doing to me? It doesn't hurt anymore; it changed to feeling good when you said that!”

“Then this will feel even better.” he told her. “You're going to suck my cock again, and knowing where it just was will make it so dirty that it will taste even better to you. Suck it now, Jenny!”

“Ohh, God, you've turned me into a dirty whore!” she said, sobbing, but she pulled herself off his cock, spun around, and took him into her mouth again. She could taste to sharpness of her own shit on it and that made it even better for her. She was suffused with happiness because she was fulfilling his commands.

“You will never wear that Collar again, Jenny.” he told her. “Obeying my commands will give you great pleasure, however.”

“As long as you command me to put it on that asshole, we'll be good!” she said, smiling.

“Oh, count on it, my dear!” he said. “You can even give him the conflicting commands, too.”

“How long does it take to kill?” she asked.

“Well, the one man I killed on purpose died with the hour I put it on him. My wife lasted years, as did the other girls who wore it. One of them even got pregnant with my daughter, but suicided after her miscarriage. The only other man who ever wore it lasted a little over a year, but he had a VERY good year, marrying a co-worker and living with her at one of my many properties I own.”

“Is she still alive? His wife-coworker?” Jenny asked.

He looked surprised at the question. “Yes, she is, as are both of her sons. I believe they're in high school now.”

“Is anyone else still alive that got exposed to it?” She looked at him. “I guess what I'm trying to ask, is it 100% fatal? Am I going to die because I put it on? I can tell it has changed me a little already. You made me suck your cock after it was in my ass, and there's just no way I would have done that without the Collar.”

“Well, there's two men who got exposed to it, but I never gave them conflicting commands who are still alive; they live in the same building as Ava, the mother of the two boys I told you about. All of them are healthy, with no residual affect, so there's hope for you, I guess. It certainly doesn't make one sterile! Ava had two boys, Amber was pregnant but miscarried, but through no fault of the Collar; just bad luck, I think, and Cindy was pregnant when she passed. There were some prostitutes in Ava's building, but I think they had been surgically sterilized before I ever met them. I know Lisa had been. That was one of the reasons I killed Dwayne. Nobody has the right to make that kind of choice for another person! Ever”

“I agree.” Jenny said. “I want to be a mother someday, too.”

He grinned at her with a wry smile. “Want some help with that?”

She looked back at him and matched his look. “If you tell me to deliver your baby, I won't refuse that command.”

“Will you refuse ANY of my commands?” he asked her.

She looked at him again. “I guess not.” she said. “I already sucked on you right after it had been in my ass, and can hardly think of anything worse than that, so I guess I'll do anything you want. Including carrying and having your baby.”

“Do you want to be naked for your impregnation?” he asked, smiling at her in a very friendly way. She looked back at him, discomforted.

“Yes.” she said, in an almost whisper. “I lost my virginity with almost all of my clothes on, and I want this to be entirely different from that!”

“So do I.” he agreed with her. “Strip all the way naked and I'll fuck a baby into you. Then you can put on one of my wife's dresses, and that way you'll never have to wear the clothes that the asshole has seen you in ever again, okay?”

“That's more than okay!” she said, smiling with a happy expression in her eyes. She stripped out of her jeans and panties and handed them to him, along with her blouse and grinned when he threw them into his fireplace and squirted them with lighter fluid.

“Oh, wait!” she said quickly, then took a wallet and several bills of money out of her jeans, along with a cigarette lighter, and lit her clothing on fire. “There, I'll never wear THAT again!”

“And after you put that Collar on him, you'll never have to see him again, either.” he said.

“You're to let ME put it on him, too?” she said, smiling gleefully. “I'm going to KILL that motherfucker!”

“Why do you want to kill him?” Brian asked her, curiously.

“He fuckin' RAPED me!” she said, sounding angry. “I wanted to stay a virgin until my wedding night, and he STOLE that from me, then turned me into a prostitute! I'm going to END him!!”

“Fair enough.” he replied mildly. “Okay, I'll help you with that. I'll even dispose of his body so it won't point the cops in your direction.”

“You can do that?” she asked. “How?”

“The river.” he replied. “He can be a “floater” if we want his body found, or I can take all the meat off his bones and feed it to some dogs, then grind his bones up into ash dust and feed it to the river. You have any preference?”

“No trace.” she replied. “He has to suffer before he dies, though. He robbed me!”

“You can make his death last as long as you want.” Brian told her. “We'll bring him here, okay?”

She smiled. “Just so you know? I'm not mad at you, okay? Turns out my very first customer will also be my last. Will you marry me? I know, it's supposed to be the man who asks, but I don't think we'll have a typical relationship, will we? Instead of a marriage ceremony, we'll have a shared murder as our ceremony.”

He looked at her and smiled. “Yes. I'm your husband as of now, and you are my wife, yes?”

“Good.” she smiled. “Let's consummate this union; I'm ready!”

“Great!” he said, smiling. “Get on your hands and knees, then lay your face down and lift your ass up as high as you can get it. I'm going to stimulate your G-spot with my cock as I enter you, and after I have fucked you to a few orgasms, get yourself ready for the REAL surprise!”

She did as he commanded, lifting her ass up while resting her face on his pillow, then felt him enter her with his big cock.

True to his word, he rubbed it around just inside her, and she saw and felt fireworks exploding in her mind as she experienced the very first orgasm of her life.

“OMG!” she said, and he shook his head slightly at her use of the initials. “Who would have think it, the second one to ever be inside me has inspired feeling like THAT!”

“Was that your very first orgasm?” he asked her. She nodded in response.

“I had no idea I could even feel like this!” she gasped, feeling him sinking it even deeper inside her. “Oh my God! You're WAY deeper than he ever went!”

“Really? That's less than half of it.” he said, chuckling. “Not very big, was he?”

“That's less than HALF?” she replied, amazed. “Are you going to put the whole thing inside me?”

“You bet I am!” he grinned. “If it won't all fit in your pussy, well, there's another opening I can use, and it's right close by!”

Sudden realization of what he meant dawned in her eyes, and she blushed.

“You're were virgin there, right?” he asked her gently. She nodded, blushing. “You had your real virginity stolen, didn't you.” He said it matter of factly, already knowing the answer. She nodded again. “Well, I want you to GIVE it to me, willingly. “Let me have you there, and there is something different about me from him. I won't take anything from you; I'll gladly let you GIVE it to me.”

“You're already different from him.” she said. “I like you. Hell, I think I LOVE you, and I could hardly stand to be in his presence after he took me!”

“See?” he asked, smiling. “I'm not taking anything from you that you're not willing to give freely. I want you to love me.”

“I think I DO love you.” she said shyly. “When you tell me to do something and I do it, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I've never felt anything even close to that nice before!”

“Want me to tell you to do something else?” he asked, smiling. She smiled back and nodded eagerly.

“Yes, please!” she begged. “Make it be something dirty! I want to feel good!”

“Okay.”he said smiling. “I order you to take off your panties, kneel down with your face flat on the bed and your ass as high in the air as you can get it so that I can easily push my cock into your asshole.”

“Uhh, I don't want it in my ass again!” she protested, but she got on her hands and knees as per his orders and smiled with the pleasure she felt from obeying his perverse orders.

“Face on the bed, slut!” he commanded. “Pain is pleasure, remember that, okay? Also, pleasure is pleasure, too!”

Another thought occurred to him. “Do you have any siblings? A sister. Perhaps? I'd like to fuck her like this, too.”

“My sister? You want to fuck Maria, too? She only 18 and still a virgin! I don't think she's even kissed a boy yet!” Jenny said, whispering. “Why would you want her? She's just a kid!”

“I want someone who has never been exposed to the Collar to run a few experiments on, and I'm betting your little sister is just as pretty as you are.” Brian replied.

“She prettier than me, if I'm to be completely honest, but why her? Isn't it bad enough that I won't be a virgin on my wedding bed, you want to take HERS, too?” Jenny said, still whispering.

“I won't TAKE it, Jenny, but if she GIVES it to me? Yeah, I'll fuck her for sure!” he said. “Also, I forbid you to cock-block me!”

“Yes sir.” she said, smiling a little. “I'll even HELP you fuck the little bitch!”

“You'd do that?” he asked, surprised. “But she's your little sister!”

“You know NOTHING of our relationship.” Jenny said, smiling. “Me and her have been quite competitive our whole lives, and you deserve a virgin on your wedding night. She can at least give you that! I'd love to see it, too!”

“Yeah, but your SISTER?” he said, sounding bewildered. “You want to see her get fucked?”

“Oh yes!” she said with a wide grin. “Take her cherry, fuck her in the ass and cover her whole face with your come, then send her home so that my father can see her like that! Little bitch deserves every bit of the shame she'll feel!”

“You WANT your very own little sister to be shamed?” he asked incredulously. “Why?”

“She's a bitch!” Jenny told him, scowling. “She's better than me at EVERYTHING! Sports, her grades in school, job offers, EVERYTHING!”

“Job offers, huh?” he asked. “How much will she get for the first year?”

“What?” she had a puzzled look on her face. “50 grand a year; something like that. I'm not really sure. She hasn't gotten the job yet! Four years of college to go, at least.”

“Did you go to college?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No, I got accepted to Harvard, but there was no way to pay for it, so I just applied to the diner two towns away so nobody will recognize me and I'm a waitress there.”

He smiled at her knowingly and winked. “That's not all you do for money though, is it? Waitressing?”

She blushed and hung her head. “No.” she admitted, looking down and whispering. “How did you know?”

“Look me in the eye and speak up when addressing me, you little slut!” he commanded strongly.

She looked up at him, a little fearfully,wanting to look away from his eyes, which stared right into her innermost mind and read her thoughts in an instant, or so she felt.

“How do you know about the glory hole at the diner, sir? How do you know that only one shift a week is spent waitressing and that's my lowest payday all week? How did you know all that just from looking me in the eyes?” She paused a short moment, then added, “Sir?”

“I'm going to make this easy for you, Jenny.” he told her, and a relieved smile touched the corners of her mouth. “It works for the military, mostly, and it will serve my purposes well. I hope.” he said softly, but she heard him and read his lips unconsiously. “You may address me as sir.”

“Sir?” she asked, confused, more than a little.

“You will call me sir, and obey all of my commands.” he told her. “Understand?”

She swallowed hard but nodded, looking him in the eye. “What is your command, sir?”

“Let's go see your sister.” he said, winking suggestively. “We're not bringing this, though.”


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