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Dan learns of his mother’s history and they discuss the furure
Dan remembered how he had been that day, he’d been frustrated because he didn’t get to fuck his mother, then he had Heather coming on to him at school. He spent all day trying to think of anything other than sex in an attempt to keep his erection down. His only thought was to get home as quickly as possible after school and get his cock buried inside his mother’s cunt.

“What time will you be down the club?” Peter asked when they met up outside the school.

“Er…” Dan replied.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten, it’s the meeting to decide the captain for next season.”

“Oh shit yeah,” he said, “l had forgotten.”

“Well it’s a forgone conclusion anyway,” Peter said, “you’re bound to get it, it’s a big season next season, our last one before going into senior grade.”

“Yeah,” he replied, “trying to think on his feet, l’ll see you down there at seven, there’s something l have to do at home first.”

He wanted to run home but Peter stayed with him, he finally turned off for his street and Dan ran the rest of the way. When he got there his mother was in the kitchen, she went to say something but before she could he was on her, kissing her, his hands grabbing her breasts. She tried to struggle and push him off, mumbling something but with his mouth pressed against hers there was no chance.

Dan took it as a sign that she wanted him to fight her, to force her just like she’d said. He was trying to undo her dress but in the struggle it was impossible, he grabbed the material and tore it open, buttons flying off as he exposed her bra. He grabbed that and pulled it up, her breast falling free.

He pushed her back over the table, putting his hand between her legs. He was surprised to find she was wearing panties, he grabbed them and began pulling them down. His mouth left hers and he started sucking on her tits.

“Stop it Dan,” she said, still trying to push him away.

He fought her, he was much stronger, he finally got her panties off, he had to hold her down with one hand while he undid his trousers.

“You have to stop baby,” she said, “he’ll hear us.”

“What do you mean?” He said, “l thought you wanted it like this.”

“It’s your father baby,” she said, “he’s up in the bedroom, he had a reaction at the dentist, he’s been home all day.”

Dan released her. “Oh fuck Mum, l’m sorry,” he said, “l thought you wanted to pretend l was raping you.”

“Oh baby, l’m sorry,” she said, getting up and kissing him, “oh god you are strong, feel my cunt, feel how wet you’ve made me.”

He put his hand between her thighs, her cunt lips were dripping with juices.

“But l have to fuck you Mum,” he said, “l haven’t wanked all day, l won’t take long, just a quick one.”

“Let me go and check on him,” she said, holding her dress together. “Look at the state of this dress, l don’t think l can salvage it.”

“Sorry Mum,” he said, “but l thought it was what you wanted.”

“It was great son,” she said, “and if your father wasn’t upstairs l would have fought harder, made you get really rough with me, it is what l want, but if he catches us it will ruin everything, let me check on him, he may be sleeping, if he is you can fuck me but we have to keep the noise down.”

Dan waited in the kitchen while she went upstairs, holding her dress together. When she returned she was wearing a different dress but hadn’t bothered to do it up.

“He’s asleep,” she said, sitting on the table, “come on, but we have to be quiet,” she laid back and opened her legs, “don’t wait for me, just fuck me and cum, or would you rather wank over me.”

“I have to fuck you Mum,” he said, pushing his trousers and pants down, shuffling between her thighs.

She guided his cock into her, she was so wet that he slipped in easily. She wrapped her legs around him. He put his hands on her tits.

“Yes baby, hurt them,” she said, “pinch my nipples hard, twist them.”

He did as she said, twisting them so hard that he saw the pain on her face, he also felt the surge of juices in her cunt. He humped his cock into her, he was in as deep as he could get but kept banging at her.

‘0h baby!” She sighed as she started shaking, “oh god yes, oh my baby….harder….hurt me.”

He pulled hard on her nipples, twisting them, she shook violently and came again just as he came, flooding her cunt with his spunk. He relaxed, keeping his cock inside her as it pulsated, firing more spunk into her. She looked up at him and smiled. “Oh baby,” she said, “l haven’t cum like that for so long, it was beautiful baby, l’m sorry it wasn’t better for you, l really wanted you to be rough with me, l’ll make it up to you baby, l promise, we’ll find a way, we have to, l want you to come with me when l go to Fiona’s, you can do anything you want with me there, anything, l promise.”

“I still don’t know what’s going on Mum,” he said, keeping his cock inside her, her cunt squeezing him.

“I know baby,” She replied, “l’ll explain it all later, but your father won’t be going out this evening, we might be able to fuck again but we have to do it quietly.”

“I have to go out Mum,” he said, “there’s a meeting at the club, l’ll come back as soon as l can.”

“You have to try to behave as normal as possible,” she said, “if you spend too much time with me someone will get suspicious, l know you want to fuck me as much as you can and l want it too baby but we have to be careful, believe me, there will be times soon when you can do anything you want with me with no restrictions, would you like that, would you like having me as your sex slave, you can read those magazines and get some ideas of what you want to do to me. I have been looking at the one you gave me, some of those drawings are so obscene but they made me so hot baby, and the ones with animals, oh fuck baby, l can’t even talk about that.”

He felt another surge of heat in her cunt as she trembled.

“See,” she giggled, “even thinking about it makes me cum.”

“Would you do it Mum?” He said.

“Would you like to make me do it?” She replied. “Would you like to tie me down and let a dog rape me.”

“Oh fuck Mum,” he said, ramming his cock back into her.

“Mmmmm,” she smiled, “that’s my answer.”

They stayed locked together for at least five minutes, Dan jerking into her and her gripping him with her cunt until his cock finally began to soften.

“We have to move,” she said, “Laura will be home soon.”

He pulled out and dressed while she buttoned up her dress, putting her panties on with a wad of tissues packed into her cunt.

“Have you heard that Laura has got a job at Sanger’s,” she said, “it sounds like a good job too.”

“Yes and l heard how she passed the interview,” he laughed, “Heather saw her in the car park at the club sucking off Paul Sanger.”

“I’m not surprised,” she said, “Paul is a randy devil, he’s had his hand on my bum more than once when l’ve been in the club.”

“You don’t mind about Laura then?”

“As long as it’s her decision and she’s getting what she wants out of it,” she replied, “us women have to accept that it’s a man’s world and if we have to use sex to get what we want we might as well enjoy it. But don’t tell your father, he probably thinks she’s still a virgin.”

“You don’t mind then?”

“No l don’t baby,” she said, “you youngsters today have a lot more freedom than we ever did, the pill has made a huge difference, l wish l had been born to be a teenager now l would have been the same as that Heather Rowlands, l’ve heard people talking about her, good luck to her l say, l hope you enjoy fucking her. What do you think about Laura, does it excite you to know she’s doing it like that, have you ever thought about her like that?”

“Fucking her, you mean?”

“Yes, she’s a good looking girl, she has nice tits, you like big tits, well you like mine anyway,” she giggled, “would you fuck her if you had the chance?”

Dan told her of the last conversation he’d had with Laura.

“No wonder she scuttled out of here this morning,” she said, “are you going to make her suck you off?”

Dan didn’t reply.

“You should,” she said, “don’t have any regrets son, l have plenty.”

“Like marrying Dad?” He said.

“But if l hadn’t married him l wouldn’t have you would l so l have to take what l can get.” She looked down at the bulge in his trousers. “From the look of that you’ve got something else you’d like to give me,” she laughed.

“It’s talking to you like this Mum, it gets me wound up,” he said.

“Me too baby, l love talking dirty like this, it makes me feel sexy. I’m forty years of age and l have a son who wants to rape me, my cunt is throbbing now.”

“I want to know more Mum,” he said, “l know there’s more to learn about you with Grandad and Uncle Brian, l want to know it all.”

“Perhaps later,” she said, “when you come back from the club. I’ll try and persuade your father to take something to help him sleep, l might be able to give him an extra dose, then l can tell you everything, now go and get showered, l have to get the meal for you and Laura.”

When Dan went down for the evening meal only his mother was there.

“Laura was in and out,” she said, “she says she’s sleeping over at her friends house tonight, l’m sure she’s trying to avoid you.”

“What about Dad?” I asked.

“He’s awake,” she said, “he says he might come down, he says he feels better.”

“Fuck!” He said.

“I know baby,” she said, “l’m disappointed too.”

Dan was sitting at the table, his mother stood beside him. He slid his hand up her skirt, she parted her thighs to give him access to her panty less cunt. He slipped two fingers into her cunt.

“Mmmm, nice,” she said.

He took his fingers out of her cunt and moved them back to her anus.

“Oh you naughty boy,” she giggled, bending forward slightly. “There were a lot of drawings of women taking it up their bums.”

“Have you ever done it,” he said, pressing his fingers against her anus.

She groaned as his fingers entered her.

“Careful baby, your father is moving about,” she said.

“What if l wanted to fuck you there?” He said.

“You might have to force me,” she giggled.

“God Mum, l want you now, feel my cock.”

“I know baby, you know how much l want it,” she replied, reaching down and placing her hand on the bulge in his trousers. “Perhaps later baby,” she said, “but not up my bum, not when there’s someone else in the house, and don’t forget, while you’re out this evening if Heather wants you to fuck her you need to do it, she’s a smart girl, if she’s not getting it from you she might start wondering who you are fucking, l can’t afford to get caught baby.”

She pushed his hand away when they heard his father coming down the stairs.

Dan found it hard to concentrate at the meeting, even when people were congratulating him on being chosen as captain for the following season, he chose Peter as his vice captain which was no surprise as they were inseparable both on and off the pitch. He decided to stay at the bar for a while in case anyone wondered why he was rushing off. Paul Sanger came up to him to congratulate him, Paul had become an important sponsor for the club.

“I hear my sister is going to be working for you,” he said.

“Yes,” said Paul, “l’ve been looking for a new secretary and she seems a perfect choice.”

“Especially as she comes with fringe benefits,” Dan laughed.

Paul looked at him with an expression of alarm.

“Don’t worry,” Dan said, “she hasn’t said anything but she was seen in the car park the other night taking her, shall we call it, her practical qualification.”

Paul went bright red.

“I’m not going to say anything, if she’s happy for you to fuck her that’s her choice.”

Paul looked around, checking if anyone was within ear shot.

“I was wondering if you had any other jobs going though,” he said.

“Have you got a driving licence?” Paul replied.

“No, l can’t afford it and Dad says it’s not worth it.”

“That’s very short sighted,” he said, “l am in the process of setting up a van delivery service, l will be looking for drivers, if you are interested l would be prepared to pay for you to go on one of those intensive courses to get your licence.”

“That would be great,” Dan said, “and don’t worry Paul, l’m really not bothered if you’re fucking Laura, she makes her own decisions, the thing is, is she any good,” he laughed.

“She’s fucking amazing,” Paul laughed, “from what l’ve heard you’ve had a few girls in town yourself, haven’t you been tempted to try Laura.”

“But she’s my sister,” he replied.

“I didn’t think you youngsters bothered about things like that these days,” he said.

“We’ll see,” Dan laughed, “we might even go two’s up on her one day.”

Paul didn’t reply but Dan could see his eyes light up at the prospect.

“How’s your mother?” He asked.

“Why, are you hoping to fuck her as well?”

“That boat has sailed l’m afraid,” he replied, “l thought l was in with a chance there once but it didn’t come to anything.”

“Really,” Dan said, “you fancied my mother?”

“She was a classy woman in her day,” he said, “still is, although being with your father has dragged her down.”

“I take it you don’t like my father then.”

“Sorry Dan but no, l don’t like him at all, l don’t like the way he treats her, he spends most of his time and money in the Green Dragon looking at the barmaid’s tits.”

“No need to apologise Paul,” Dan said, “Dad and l don’t get on, never have, l don’t like the way he treats her either. Then again though, if you’re shagging Laura, what about your wife?”

“Don’t start me on that frigid cow,” he said, “it’s that long since she let me fuck her her cunt must have healed up. I only stay with her because it would cost me a fortune to divorce her.”

Dan said that he had to go but thanked him for the job offer, saying he would talk it over with his mother and get back to him. He also repeated that he genuinely wasn’t bothered that Paul was fucking Laura.

When Dan got back home, his father was just going upstairs.

“Your mother is watching tv,” he said, “l’m going back to bed.”

Dan walked into the living room, stood in front of his mother, unzipped his trousers and took his cock out.

“Dan!” She whispered, looking round to check his father had really gone.

“Kiss it,” he said, waving it in front of her face, “kiss it and get your tits out.”

“What do you think l am?” She smiled, leaning forward to kiss the tip of his cock then leaning back, undoing her dress and taking out her breasts.

“I think you’re my slut of a mother,” he laughed, “and l want to fuck you.”

“Come on then, but keep the noise down until he’s properly asleep.”

She opened the rest of her dress, she was naked underneath. She leaned right back and spread her legs wide.

He lifted her legs and put them up either side of her head like he had seen in the magazine.

“Mmmm, interesting,” she smiled, “l know it gives you a choice of holes but not in my bum tonight.”

“I think that’s my decision,” he grinned.

“Bastard,” she giggled.

He lowered himself and let his cock rest against her anus, he felt it react.

“I think your arsehole is asking for it,” he smiled.

“I’m not lubricated,” she said, “if you put that monster in there l will cry out, l won’t be able to stop it.”

“But you want it up there don’t you,” he said, increasing the pressure on her anus. “Did you read the bit in the magazine about sticking it in her bum then taking it out and putting it in her mouth even if it had shit on it.”

She shivered through her whole body.

“Do you think if l stuck my cock right up your arsehole, would it have shit on it when l pulled it out?”

“You’re a bastard Dan,” she said, “a perverted bastard, you’ve been reading too many of those magazines.”

“It is tempting to see if it would be though,” he laughed, “make you eat your own shit.”

“For Christ’s sake just fuck me Dan, l’m going to get cramp like this.”

“Oh fuck it,” he said, switching position and plunging into her cunt.

“Oh god you’re even bigger than your Grandad and l thought he was huge, you be careful when you shove that up my bum, if you split me you won’t be fucking me for a while.”

“You better make sure you’re well lubricated then,” he laughed, ramming himself in deeper.

“Bastard,” she said.

“Slut,” he replied.

He started fucking her with long smooth strokes, watching her controlling her breathing in time with him. She tried to meet each stroke, gripping him with her cunt muscles.

“I can’t last long,” he said, “l haven’t wanked all day.”

“You can do me harder later,” she said, “just cum when you’re ready for now.”

He sank slowly into her and unloaded his cum.

“God your spunk is so hot,” she said.

“I’d like to get you pregnant,” he said.”

“Sorry,” she replied, “you’re two years too late for that, l had my change early just like my mother. You can always try it with Laura though.”


“We’ll see,” she said, “have you finished because l’m getting cramp.”

He pulled his cock out and released her legs, cum was still dripping from his cock she she leaned forward and took him into her mouth, sucking and licking him clean.

“Go and get me a glass of wine there’s a good boy,” she said when she was satisfied she had cleaned his cock, “and one for yourself.”

When he returned she was still naked. He quickly undressed and sat beside her.

“Are you going to tell me the rest now, about the games you played with Grandad and Uncle Brian.” he said.

“I suppose games is the wrong word,” she said, “basically it was all about Uncle Brian liking to spank us. It was quite mild at first, putting us over his knee and smacking our bottoms.”

“Did you like it,”

“We both giggled a lot and when it got harder l had a nice warm feeling in my cunt, Fiona said she felt the same. Then we had a routine, Uncle Brian was coming round two or three times a week by then. Fiona and me would have to stand before them naked and make up some story about something naughty we had done. I wasn’t very good at making up stories but Fiona always thought of something, she would say that we had let boys at school put their hands inside our knickers, we got a good spanking for that. Another time she said that one of the teachers had got his cock out and we had both played with it, that time l was spanked so hard my bottom was red for days.”

“Did you cum?”

“Not the way l do now,” she replied, “but it made my cunt very hot and wet so if it was Grandad who fucked me his cock slipped in nice and easy.”

“So Grandad liked spanking you too,” he said, “what about Grandma, did she know?”

“Yes she would watch, then she started making up stories about us so that we had to be spanked harder.”

“And you enjoyed it?”

“We both thought it was fun, if it was an evening when Uncle Brian was coming round we would run home from school laughing about what story we could tell or what Grandma might say about us.”

“I take it the stories got stronger,”

“One day Grandma said she had seen us both in the stables playing with Henry’s cock.”

“Who was Henry?”

“There were four big shire horses on the farm, three of them were mares, Henry was a gelding, he didn’t have any balls but he still had his cock.”

“So Grandma had seen you playing with him?”

“No but she said she had, l was shocked when she said it but typical of Fiona she latched on straight away and started saying she had seen Henry’s cock hanging down and couldn’t resist holding it. Brian started asking what she’d done and she said that both of us had played with him, rubbing his cock against our tits and cunts. Then she said that l had kissed it and tried to get it in my mouth, l wanted to deny it but l had such a flood of heat inside me when she said it. Then Brian said he wanted to see us playing with Henry. It was dark outside and all the other houses were locked up, he made us walk down to the stables naked.”

“We’re you excited?”

“I was shaking, l tried to tell Fiona that we should tell the truth, that we hadn’t done it but she just said it was going to be fun and we should go through with it.”

“Is that why you were shocked when you saw that picture on the magazine?”

“Yes, it was just like what we did when we got to the stable, Grandad lit a lamp and Brian told us to get under Henry and stroke his cock. He still got bigger when he was stroked even though he couldn’t cum. Fiona held him and started rubbing his cock against my tits, then she put it against my lips, Grandma told me to suck him, Brian was stood behind her, he had his arms around her and had her tits out.”

“That’s so sexy Mum,” he said, “did you suck it?”

“Only the tip, his cock was huge, bigger than yours and a funny shape, it was black with white patches on it, it felt so powerful when l held it. Fiona tried sucking it too then Grandma said she wanted me to take him in my cunt.”

“Did you Mum, did you let him fuck you?”

“No, he was too big, Grandad told me to get on my hands and knees under Henry then Fiona got his cock and tried to get it into my cunt.”

“You didn’t struggle then, you must have wanted it.”

“That makes me sound awful doesn’t it,” she said.

“No Mum, it makes you even sexier, l’d love to see a woman take a horse’s cock up her cunt, you’ve seen that picture of that girl covered in cum, the magazine says that horses have loads of cum, that girl had some in her mouth, l wonder what it tastes like, have you ever done it with a horse that can cum?”

“That was the only time we played with Henry,” she said, “the next week he was taken away because he was too old to work, l’ve never done anything like that again but Fiona and l often talk about it.”

“So did you get him in your cunt?”

“Not properly,” she replied, “Fiona managed to get him inside my cunt lips but no more, l know it sounds bad but l wanted him. Grandma could see l wanted him and told Grandad l had to be punished hard, she gave him a riding whip and told him to whip my bottom.”


“Not at first but then Grandma took over and she did it hard, l had stripes on my bottom for a week.”


“And what?”

“Did you cum? Is that why you want me to hurt you, did she teach you to like being hurt?”

“I’m not a bad person Dan,” she said.

“I know you not Mum,” he said, “l’ve read that there are a lot of women who like being hurt, they like being whipped and caned, it doesn’t make you bad Mum, it makes you sexy.”

“But that’s because you like looking at things like that,” she said, “some of those pictures, the drawings, they show awful things being done, women having huge things pushed up their cunts, is that what you want to do, would you like to push big things up my cunt.”

Dan didn’t answer, he was afraid to admit some of the thoughts he had had lately when looking at those pictures.

“It’s okay baby,” she said, placing her hand on his cock, “l want you to be able to talk to me about things like this, If there are things you want to talk about just tell me baby, do you have any other magazines like that, we could look at them together, we could talk about the pictures.”

As she spoke her hand was squeezing his cock, he quickly came to full erection.

“You like fucking me hard don’t you?” She said.

“But you like it too,” he replied.

“Yes baby l do,” she said. She stood up and knelt straddling him on his lap, still holding his cock.

“But you don’t do any of this with Dad?”

“No baby,” she said, lifting herself up and sliding her cunt down onto his cock until she was sat on him with him deep inside her. “Oh that feels so good,” she said, “don’t try to fuck me, just let him sit there, can you feel my cunt squeezing you, l can feel him throbbing.”

“I don’t think l can stop myself Mum, l’m going to have to fuck you.”

“Try baby,” she said, “see how long you can last, let me just feel him up there.”

He put his hands on her tits, pinching her nipples, she let out a deep sigh and he felt her cunt hold him tighter.

“So if Dad doesn’t do it to you, who does?” He said.

“Your Uncle Jack,” she said, “that’s why l have to go up there, l get to the point where l can’t take living with your father any more, Fiona tells me to leave him but l won’t leave you and Laura and who would have me, l know l’m no raving beauty.”

“I don’t know Mum,” he said, “l was talking to Paul Sanger at the club, he fancies you.”

“You didn’t tell him about us did you?”

“No Mum of course not,” he said, “but l did talk to him about him fucking Laura, he thought l was going to grass him up but l told him l wasn’t bothered and if he wanted to fuck her he could carry on. But does Fiona know that Jack is fucking you?”

“Yes baby.”

“How did it start?”

“It was just before l met your father, l’d gone to work in the ammunitions factory. Fiona worked there for a while but then she met Jack and got pregnant. He was in the army but he had been injured in an accident, he agreed to marry her, he was from Cheshire so he took her up there and because he’d been injured they got a house. They had been there a couple of months when l went up to visit them, Fiona was six months gone and having a hard time with the pregnancy. We were sat talking one evening when she told me she was having trouble with Jack, she said he was very energetic in bed and in her condition she couldn’t let him do the things he liked to do.”

“I asked her if he was seeing anyone else, she said he’d promised he wouldn’t if she would talk to me and get me to let him do things to me.”

“Wow Mum! And l take it you agreed?”

“No, not straight away,” she laughed, “l might be a slut now baby but l wasn’t then. No l told her l couldn’t do it but we got talking about what we’d used to do with your Grandad and Brian, she asked me if l was getting any sex. I had to admit l wasn’t, that a couple of soldiers from the local camp had tried it on with me but l didn’t fancy them. She said it would be easier if l let Jack fuck me, he only wanted to have sex with me, there wouldn’t be any emotional involvement. I had to admit that when she was talking about it my cunt was getting wet, then she put her hand up my skirt and felt the wet patch on my knickers. We’d played with each other when we shared a room at home, we’d talk about what Grandad and Brian were doing to us and often we would end up with our fingers inside each other, that developed and we started licking each other’s cunts. She said she’d told Jack what we used to do together and he wanted to watch us, she said that she hadn’t had sex for weeks apart from sucking Jack off, she asked if we could do it together.”

“Oh l’d love to see two women doing it to each other,” he said.

“You will do baby when we go up there, you can see the three of us doing it together, Carol joins in too.”

“Cousin Carol you mean? What about her husband?”

“Oh he doesn’t know,” she replied, “he works on the oil rigs, he’s away for months at a time.”

“Is Jack fucking her, his daughter?”

“Yes he has been for years,” she said, “you can fuck her too when we go up, l’ve seen you looking at her tits.”

“They’re massive Mum, l always wondered it they were real.”

“Oh they are real baby and yes they are huge, Fiona’s tits are much bigger than mine, they always have been but after she had Carol they never went back to normal.”

“She always wears those dresses Mum, sometimes l think her tits are going to fall out.”

“Yes, Jack likes to see other men looking at her, he took her and Carol on holiday to Spain last year, they both went topless on the beach.”

“I’d love to see that,” he said, “and you think Carol will let me fuck her?”

“She can’t wait,” she said, “l spoke to her yesterday on the phone to tell them that l’d finally started fucking you, they’ve both been telling me for years to do it. When l told them about the size of your cock Carol was so excited, she can’t wait.”

“But if we go up there and l fuck Fiona and Carol, what about you, is Jack big?”

“Not as big as you but a lot bigger than your father, but don’t worry about me baby, when we go up you enjoy yourself there will be plenty for me.”

“What do you mean Mum?” He said, feeling his cock pulsating in her cunt.

“That’s my secret for now baby,” she said, squeezing his cock harder with her cunt.

“So that was how you started to let Jack to fuck you, did you let him watch you with Fiona?”

“Yes, and as time went by Carol started joining us.”

“How old was she when she joined you?”

“A lot younger than you are now,” she said, “she’s always been a slut, she was being fucked by two of her teachers in junior school.”

“I always thought she was sexy,” he said, “but l thought that was just because she had such big tits.”

All the time they were talking he could feel his cock pulsing, feel her cunt gripping him, he wanted to fuck her but she was firmly on top of him.

“I need to fuck you,” he said.

“Just wait baby, just relax,” she said, “wait and see what happens, l’ve done this before, suck my nipples, suck them hard, bite them.”

He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, biting down on it. Immediately he heard her groan and felt the flood of juices in her cunt.

“Again, harder,” she panted.

He did it again to the other one, biting hard.

“Oh god,” she said, shaking as her orgasm flowed through her, he felt the heat in her cunt turn into a furnace, he cried out as he unloaded his spunk in her.

“Mmmm, oh yes,” she grinned, “see, l told you to wait, it’s magic, spunk magic.” She leaned forward, kissing him full on his mouth, her tongue finding his as she kissed him hard.

“That was amazing Mum,” he said when she had climbed off him, kneeling between his knees sucking his cock clean.

“Let’s try something that’s real fun,” she said, standing up and taking his hand, “come with me.”

He followed her up the stairs, she put her finger to her mouth to tell him to be quiet. They reached her bedroom door, it was pushed to but not fully closed. She silently opened it, peering inside, turned back and took his hand, signalling for him to follow. They both crept into the room, his father was fast asleep. She motioned for Dan to stand by the bed, level with his father’s head. She dropped to her knees and began sucking his cock. In seconds he was hard again, he held her head and began fucking her mouth, she put her hands on his bottom, pulling him in deeper until he hit the back of her throat. His father groaned and Dan was sure he would wake up but she carried on, taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

Dan didn’t think he had any spunk left but the whole scene was such a turn on soon he felt his orgasm building. He had to stifle a cry as he pulled back and came, her mouth sucking and swallowing as she took what spunk he had for her. When he’d finished she turned to his father, opening her mouth to show it was full of spunk, then swallowed. She stood up and grabbed his arm, dragging him out out onto the landing where she collapsed in a fit of giggling.

“Jesus Mum,” he whispered, “what would you have done if he’d woken up.

She led him back down to the living room.

“I don’t care any more,” she said, “you know what a pig headed arrogant man he is, he’s never going to want to admit that his own son is cuckholding him. I honestly don’t care if he finds out you’re fucking me, if he kicks me out he’ll have to admit to what’s happening so he won’t do that, and when l tell him that Jack has been fucking me for years he will die of shame. It was fun though wasn’t it.”

“You’re amazing Mum,” he said.

They sat back down on the sofa.

“That magazine,” she said, “can you get any more?”

“Well it’s Saturday tomorrow,” he replied, “l can go and see him, he usually has a few to chose from, l don’t have much money though.”

“I’ll give you the money,” she said, “l take some out of your father’s wallet, l have been doing it for years, it’s how l pay for the trips to Cheshire.”

“Doesn’t he know?”

“He spends so much in the pub that l don’t think he knows how much he has, Jack gives me money when l get there and sometimes l put some back just to confuse your father. Can you get some really strong ones, ones showing real perverted stuff.”

“Are you sure Mum,” he said, “he sells books that are really perverted, l read one once it was crazy, there were girls getting split open, it was all about what the Romans did, l remember one illustration of teams of horses dragging women down a huge spike so that it went up their cunts and split them open.”

He saw his mother hugging herself and shaking. “Can you get me a book like that?” She said, “and a magazine with women getting tied up and tortured. Can you baby please.”

“I’ll try Mum,” he said, “they’re not very well written.”

“I don’t care,” she said, “l just want to look at them, l love it when Jack does stuff to me.”

“Is that why you want me to be rough with you?”

“I’ve been like it ever since Uncle Brian started spanking me,” she said, “l always wanted him to do it harder, those times that he whipped me and striped my bottom were the best, that’s why l want you to pretend to rape me, you have to be strong and rough baby, we’ll use a safe word, l use one with Jack, if l say ‘pussy’ you know to stop.”

“But pussy is a word for your cunt Mum.”

“But l never use it,” she replied, “l always use cunt, it sounds more dirty so l like that, pussy is a silly word, l bet you like it when l say cunt.”

“When you talk dirty like that it makes me hard,” he laughed.

“Cunt, cunt, cunt,” she giggled, holding his cock and squeezing him.

“I don’t think l have any spunk left Mum,” he said.

“I hate this,” she said, “l’m going to have to go and sleep next to him knowing you’re the other side of the wall, lying there wanking and thinking of me, you will be wanking won’t you?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes, l want you to wank and think about all the naughty things you want to do to me, this weekend is going to be horrible, l don’t know how much time we can steal to be together, it might just have to be quick fucks baby, do you mind?”

“I’ll fuck you any chance l get Mum,” he said.

“Don’t forget your other girls, that Heather and Laura if you get the chance, you can’t only be fucking me baby, someone will work out what is going on.”

“What about you Mum, haven’t you got anyone else that can fuck you?”

“I wish l did baby but who’s going to want to fuck me when there are juicy young girls like Laura available.”

“I do,” he said.

“Yes but that’s because you’re my sweet baby,” she smiled, kissing him.

She still had hold of his cock and had brought him back to full erection.

“It’s getting late,” she said, “do you think you can manage one more before bed time.”

“I might not have much spunk left,” he said.

“Just a good fucking will do, you don’t have to cum.”

“Doggy style then,” he said.

“Mmmmm, my favourite,” she giggled, releasing him and kneeling on the sofa, her legs parted, she used both hands to spread her bum cheeks and offer her cunt.

“I think from now on you should keep this lubricated,” he said, pressing his finger against her anus.

“Just wait a minute,” she said, running out of the room and upstairs to the bathroom. When she returned she was carrying a bottle of baby oil. “Here, use that,” she said, handing him the bottle and resuming her position on the sofa.

“Are you sure,” he said.

“Yes,” she replied, “l have to take you up there sometime, now is as good as ever, just take it slow at first but you can get in as deep as you like.”

He poured a little of the oil onto her anus, working it in with his fingers. She managed to pull her bum hole open and he poured some oil into her then slipped two fingers into her hole, sliding them in as far as the knuckle.

She groaned as he pushed his fingers deep into her.

“Is that alright?” He said.

“Mmmm, yes,” she replied, “now your cock, l want you now.”

He poured some more oil into the palm of his hand and massaged it into his cock. He got behind her, placing his cock against her anus. He was surprised how easily he slipped inside, he stopped with just a couple of inches inside her.

“No, do it baby….all the way….fuck Mummy’s arsehole.”

He gripped her hips and pushed forward, the oil doing it’s job as his cock slipped easily into her until he was pressing against her bottom. He paused, feeling her gripping him.

“Oh god he feels huge,” she said, “l’m ready baby, fuck me.”

He slowly pulled back, hearing her moan, then pushed back in again.

“Faster baby, harder,” she said.

“I don’t want to hurt you Mum,” he said.

“Just do it baby, don’t worry about me, just fuck me hard.”

He pulled back again and thrusted back in, harder this time, then back again, picking up the pace until soon he was losing control and pummelling her arse hole. Each thrust brought a moan from her but he reached a point where he didn’t care, he just had to fuck her. He was ramming his cock into her, his body crashing against her with each thrust. He grabbed her swinging breasts, pulling her back onto his cock. He felt her tremble, she let out a deep groan, he felt her arsehole pulsating and fucked her harder.

His orgasm came without warning. Sinking his cock into her as he pumped whatever spunk he had into her. She shook violently, her muscles gripping him tight as if trying to draw him in deeper. He collapsed on top of her, causing her to fall forward, lying on the sofa with his cock pulsating deep in her bowels.

She groaned again as he began to withdraw but as soon as he vacated he saw his spunk leaking from her gaping hole. She turned, grasping his cock, sliding her lips over him, licking and sucking him clean. She released him when she was satisfied, lying on her back, looking up at him.

“God that was amazing,” she said, “it felt like a tree trunk inside me, and when you came, the heat was unbelievable, was it good for you?”

“You know it was Mum,” he said, “l was just afraid l would hurt you but l couldn’t stop.”

“You didn’t hurt me baby,” she smiled, “my tits are a bit sore, you really crushed them.”

“Oh Mum,” he said.

“No baby, don’t worry about me,” she said, “l don’t want you to worry about me, just do what you want with me, l’ll make sure l’m ready for you there whenever you want me but don’t ever worry about hurting me, l want it baby.”

They laid still together for a while until she finally stirred.

“I have to get to bed,” she said, “l’m going to lie next to him all night with my bottom full of your cum.”

“I love you Mum,” he said.

They went together back to her bedroom door, she turned and kissed him, holding his cock.

“Thank you baby,” she said, “it was the best evening ever.” She kissed him again then stepped into her bedroom, turning and smiling as she closed the door.
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