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Ron's magical smilodon tooth inspires several more sexy adventures.

I drove south on highway 95, through Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, and stopped in Nashville. Lots of people don’t know there’s a Nashville in North Carolina, not just the country music capitol in Tennessee. I had planned to stop in Smithfield or Selma but was too tired to make it that far.

I pulled into a truck stop and took the necklace from my pocket. I knew I’d feel the urgent need to hibernate again, but it would give me the energy to stay awake long enough to find a motel and get a room. After fueling up, I followed what was starting to be a tradition. I went in the truck stop convenience store and bought all the sausage sticks and beef jerky they had. I didn’t feel the powerful terror I’d had about winter earlier, just a mild fear.

Luckily there was a motel only a few blocks away. I walked in the motel office, dead tired and desperate for a room. The lady behind the counter stopped crying long enough to say, “I’m really sorry, but we have no vacancy. All rooms are booked for the night.”

I opened my jacket so she could see the necklace and smiled at her. “Are you sure? Could you check again?”

She looked at the computer screen, though she knew what it would show. “All the rooms are full. But … um … maybe you could stay with me?”

Once I had accommodation taken care of, I asked, “Why were you crying? What’s wrong?”

“My husband left me! He ran off with some little college slut!” Her tears started flowing again.

I asked, “How many people do you still need to check in?”

“Just one. Everybody else has their keys already.”

I walked behind the counter and put a hand on her hip. “How about you show me where I can get a nap, then you wake me up for some hot sex when the last one is taken care of?”

She grabbed my shoulders, stood on tiptoe, and thrust her tongue into my mouth. I held her face in my hands as I leaned down a little and kissed her back. I slowly moved my hands down and squeezed her breasts, continuing the long, wet kiss. She moved a hand to the front of my jeans.

The door opened and somebody cleared their throat. We kept kissing a good five seconds and she rubbed my stiffening rod through my jeans until I moved away. She was beet red and quite flustered. “Um, hi. Hello. Sorry.”

The man grumpily said, “We booked a room with a rollout bed for our son.”

“Oh. Mr. Thompson, sure. It’s $49 for the room, and 10 more for the extra bed. You’re in room 31. Here’s your key.”

Once the man, his wife, and their little boy walked out; she locked the office door. She tugged on my hand and briskly started walking through the office’s back door. “My bedroom is this way. Get your clothes off!”

Just from her scent, I could tell she had been sexually deprived a long time. As we stripped, her aroma told me her body was desperate to have an orgasm, and a baby. She was about to ovulate and hadn’t had any sex in months.

She was average-looking, but my nose inspired me to new sexual heights. She was still taking her bra off as I thrust into her from behind. Her pussy was tight for a married woman around 40, and the wet heat I felt on my cock did the last bit it took to max out my lust. I pushed her down onto the quilt and stuffed her pussy from behind over and over.

I fucked her non-stop until I had pumped at least four loads of sperm deep into her womb. I remembered getting to the bedroom and stripping at 11:40pm, but the clock showed 2:03 as I got off for the last time of the night. I’m not sure how many times she came, but more than I did. Before the fang, there’s no way I would have known her fertile condition, had the courage to approach her if I did, or been able to go more than twice.

After my final climax, I fell asleep almost immediately, listening to her praise me. “Oh my gawd! I can’t believe how great that was! I love you! In twenty years, my husband never gave me an orgasm, but you did so many…”

I woke up early in the morning with a mouth on my penis, but I had a more important matter to attend to. I jumped up shouting, “PEE! I gotta pee! Where’s the bathroom?” She pointed and I ran to the toilet.

She watched me piss and lustfully said, “We need a shower. Or do you want to get even dirtier first?”

I bent her over the bathroom sink and dirtied her hot cunt with two more loads before washing her in the shower. I hadn’t planned to, but fucked her a final time in bed before I dozed off again.

In the morning I felt warm sunlight through the window and woke feeling great. The dread of winter had gone. I smelled food and felt a little hungry. I dressed and followed the scent of pancakes. I saw my most recent lover and a young woman in the kitchen. There was a plate of pancakes and eggs waiting for me.

In addition to the food, I noticed Canadian maple syrup, faint cigarette smoke, the bodily aromas of the two women, and a faint trace of perfume that didn’t match either of theirs. I had a strong desire to screw the older one again, since she’d be releasing an egg today or tomorrow. The younger one smelled nice but had just finished her period. I knew she wouldn’t be fertile for at least a week or so. I also wondered how I could tell the syrup was from Canada, but I was certain it was.

“Marie, this is … uh …” The older lady blushed fiercely. “Um … what’s your name?”

“I’m Ron. What’s yours?”

“I’m Bernice.” She turned back toward her daughter. “Ron and I had a great time last night, so I’m not upset about your dad anymore.”

Marie choked down a mouthful of pancakes and angrily declared, “I’m still PISSED! I thought she was my friend! How could you be over him so soon? Dad only left two days ago!”

Bernice blushed even more as she suggested, “Maybe Ron could get your mind off it? He’s really great in bed. Even more than I can handle!”

“Eeew! Mom! He’s old, and he just fucked you!”

I took the fang necklace out of my shirt. I looked in her eyes and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Well, um … maybe.” The color of her cheeks matched her mother’s.

Bernice finished the last of her breakfast and said, “I need to start washing the laundry. She’s 18, so she’s legal. I’ll be busy until 2 or 3.”

I sat and said, “Great!” I looked in Marie’s eyes again and asked, “How about we go fuck in your room after we eat?”

She had a dreamy look in her eyes as she asked, “Really?”

As Bernice left, she said, “Marie’s a virgin, but I know her first time will be great with you. You’re AMAZING!”

Marie stared at me and talked about how much she wanted to have sex for the first time as I ate. I had a feeling it would be a great day.


Marie was lying face-down on her bed with me atop her. After the third time I came in her from behind, she asked, “So great! But can we try another position?”

“Sure! Ride me with your ass instead.” I laid on my back and she happily sat on me, impaling her tight butthole on my rod. She was facing me, so I looked in her eyes. “So tight! So hot! Now start bouncing up and down.”

“Ungh! My butt is so full! I feel like I need to poop!”

“It’s great for me, and it’ll be over soon. I’ll help you bounce.” I held her ass cheeks in my hands and lifted her up and down, stroking my shaft with her tight rump ring. I noticed I was doing all the work, lifting her 130-or-so pounds, but I didn’t mind. Before long, I shot a wad up her colon and stopped. “UH! So good, Marie!”

She exclaimed, “Noooo!”

I heard an odd squirting noise and smelled an awful stink, along with feeling a warmth on my belly. From the doorway her mother Bernice said, “The last time I cleaned up your shit you were three. Do it yourself!” She tossed Marie a rag.

Marie blushed furiously as she surrounded the glob of crap with the old rag, then picked it up and apologized. “Sorry! I told you I had to poop! So sorry!”

After a sexy three-person shower, where I gave each of their pussies another dose of spunk, I dozed off in Marie’s bed with her behind me.

When I woke they were staring out the window intently. I dressed and asked, “What’s going on?” I saw Bernice was crying and Marie looked very angry.

Marie explained, “Dad’s taking Sally somewhere, see?”

She pointed to a beautiful teen redhead getting into a car with a bald and much older man.

“That’s your Dad and his new girlfriend?” It angered me that he’d wrong Bernice even further by living with his new girl only a block away, where his wife could see.

“Yeah. I hope the bitch gives him a disease!”

“I hope not. She looks like she’d be fun in bed.”

At the same time, mother and daughter exclaimed, “WHAT?”

I looked in their eyes. “I’m more than enough for the two of you. The more the merrier.”

“Um… I guess.” “Ah… okay.”

“How about you two blow me until they get back?”

The pair merrily licked and sucked me until each got to taste a sperm sample. I relaxed and stared out the window patiently, as Bernice went back to work at the motel’s office and Marie started making dinner.


When I saw the couple return, I walked to the house and knocked on the door. When the man answered I saw the girl standing near him. A blast of cigarette smoke and body odor made me cough. I played with my fang necklace a moment and asked, “Are you Bernice’s husband?”

“Yeah, why?”

I looked in the girl’s eyes and said, “I’m here to take your girlfriend from you, the way she took you from your wife. You want to go with me. Right, Sally?”

She had a dreamy look on her face as she said, “Umm hmm! You’re SO hot!”

I saw him grab a golf club out of the corner of my eye. I ducked under his swing and batted him across the room with the back of my hand, as if he weighed no more than a mouse. He tripped over the coffee table and fell face-first into a recliner. As he got up, I glared into his eyes with hot fury. “Bad move. Very bad move. Don’t come looking for us, if you know what’s good for you.”

He screeched like a little girl, “Eeeeeh!” I could smell feces and urine adding to the room’s odors as he ran for the bathroom.

I smiled as I held her hand. “Let’s go have some fun with one of your old friends. I bet you like licking pussy too, right?”

“Well… I haven’t been with a girl before. I guess I could try it, if you want?”


Sally’s place had been smoke-filled and stinky. As we arrived at the motel, I noticed Sally still smelled like cigarettes. I asked, “You smoke?”

“Yeah. I started with regulars, but I like menthol now.” She took one from her purse and put it in her mouth.

As she reached for a lighter, I took it from her lips and tossed it on the ground. “You’re quitting smoking, starting right now.”

“Um… Quitting is really hard, but okay.” She kissed my cheek.

That night, I was fully exhausted. I’d screwed Bernice several times while we watched Sally and Marie 69, licking and sucking each other’s pussies. I gave each of them a wad up the ass, too, before Bernice taught the girls to deep throat.

As I started to doze off Sally kissed me. She smelled and tasted like strong cigarette smoke again. “I told you to quit smoking.”

“I… I’m really trying. I only had one since you told me. I’m sorry.” I realized the fang’s power was strong, but not unlimited.

“It’s all right. Just throw out your cigarettes and lighters and don’t smoke anymore.”

“Sure. Anything for you, Ron!”


In my dream I heard a slow, rhythmic beeping. A female voice said, “…and this is one of our more interesting cases. 26-day coma with no apparent cause. Pulse and respiration have been steady at 24 and 5, with temp of 93 since paramedics arrived on site nearly a month ago. The family said he had been lying in bed thirty hours, after having sex several times. His… male equipment is fine, and there are no signs sex or other physical activity had anything to do with his current condition. Surprisingly, his drug and tox screens were clear. It’s almost like he’s a bear in hibernation.”

Through the heavy and confusing darkness, I mumbled, “Tiger.”

A young male voice said, “Doctor Ames, I think he said something.”

“No, he’s in coma.”

The female opened my eyelids and shined a bright light, blinding me a moment.

“Tiger, not bear.”

She gasped and I heard the beeping speed up as I opened my eyes. The almost elderly female doctor was next to me, along with a small college-aged crowd. They all looked amazed, as I started pulling wires off my arms and chest.

She looked nervous as she said, “Ah… mister Danbury, you should lay still so I can check you.”

I felt like gagging and sneezing at the same time, as I pulled a long tube out of my nose.

“Please relax, let me check your heart.”

I noticed I was naked, but for a hospital gown and a sheet. “I’m fine. Where are my clothes?”

“They’re in the closet in the corner. Please lay down, sir.”

I saw snow falling out the window! It was WINTER! I NEEDED TO GET HOME AND HIBERNATE!

The crowd tried to keep me in bed, but I had to go! I shoved three of them aside and they fell in a heap. I quickly dressed as the doctor grabbed a phone off the wall and dialed. “Security! I need security in room 531, STAT!”

I looked outside as I finished sliding my boots on, and saw I was on the fifth floor. The window wouldn’t open, so I smashed it with a chair. As I jumped out the window, several people yelled, “NO!”

I spread my arms and legs wide as I fell, then landed cat-like with my hands and feet touching down at the same time. The wind was knocked out of me as my chest hit the knee-deep snow. I was thankful I only cut my left hand on a bit of glass from the window.

I ran a few miles until I found a wooded park, where I could hide out and rest a little while. I didn’t remember the town or the name of the motel I had been at, only that I had screwed three women there. I remembered their scents precisely, but not their names. I recalled I had been annoyed one of them smoked, but she liked anal sex enough to make up for it. I had no idea where my truck was.

My phone showed I was in a suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina. I checked my wallet and was more than happy to find my bank card. I walked to a dealer and bought a new truck. I hesitated as I remembered there was a duffel bag with over a hundred grand in cash under the front seat of my old one. I quickly realized getting home was more urgent than trying to recover money I didn’t really need.

On the way to the highway, I stopped at yet another convenience store and bought them out of beef jerky and sausage sticks. I knew I could never go without the fang again. I would need to hibernate at home, and Utah was a very long drive.

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