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Jake finds a book part 9

St Luke's Presbyterian medical center Denver Colorado:

Nurse Chapel made her way through the coma Ward section, next to the terminally ill wing of the hospital.

She was feeling absolutely wonderful. She had spent the night with a beautiful Latina woman in a small motel, on her way back from her vacation.

It was her first lesbian experience and it was a grand experience. Later that day the two of them had shared a teenage boy they had met at the pool.

Chapel's back and knees no longer hurt, the same with her feet.

She arrived at the room of James turro. Mr. Turro had been in a coma for the past 3 months. The dark skinned Latino man had the amusing ability to get an erection, even though he was completely comatose.

James had an enormous cock, several of the nurses had already availed themselves of his turgid member. One girl even had a pregnancy scare.

Nurse Chapel checked the hall and, finding it empty, let herself into the dark room.

Quietly she locked the door, to help maintain some privacy.

The curvy nurse wore nothing underneath her tight uniform. Quickly she unzipped the dress and let it drop to the floor.

Moving to the bed, she pulled the blankets off the unconscious man's body. Then rolled up his hospital gown.

Gently she stroked him to a rigid erection feeling her own nipples harden.

Lowering her head the blonde nurse ran her tongue up and down his cock. Chapel spent a few minutes bobbing her head up and down drooling on his massive member and feeling herself get dripping wet.

She no longer cared about getting pregnant or not. Swiftly she climbed up onto the table and slowly lowered herself down on his massive cock.

Nurse Chapel loved how this man stretched her like no one before.

Moving up and down she began to sweat and tremble, all the while watching his heart monitor.

As her orgasm started to swell and her thighs started burning, she felt a change in her unwitting lover.

A subtle flex of his hips, a slight increase in his respiration.

Excited, she began to desperately flex her own hips back and forth, making the bed shake and rattle.

Her own breath was ragged now, sweat pouring from her skin. The comatose man was definitely pushing his hips up now! His hands flexed open and closed.

Sweat broke out on his forehead as his eyelids fluttered open and closed.

By now Chapel was pulling up to the point that his huge cock was almost popping out, so she could slam back down with all her weight. The slapping sound filled the room like a porno theater.

She could feel his cock swell and came at the same time that his hot sperm filled her steamy cunt.

The man's eyes opened wide in shock and confusion, he tried to move his arms. Frustratingly, he was as weak as a baby from laying still for so long.

Nurse Chapel collapsed forward and lay on his heaving chest. Her massive titts squashed between them.

The man began to gag, fighting his respirator tube. Quickly and professionally she climbed down off him to help.

With gobs of cum rolling down her legs she got the mask off him and pulled the tubes out.

In a soft ragged voice her said “ What's going on here?”

Leaning over she kisses him on the mouth, a calm warmth spread over his body.

With a smile she told him “ I fucked you out of a comma, you should be up and around in an hour or two. And I bet you can leave the hospital today. That is if all the other nurses don't keep you for a while, because of that massive dick of yours.”

After cleaning her sopping cunt in the bathroom as best she could, the nurse left with a promise to send the duty nurse down to check on him.

One floor down, Nurse Chapel stepped off the elevator and headed to room 408.

In room 408 Lance Stafford dozed in a chair next to his mother. Charlotte Stafford a plain looking woman in her late 30’s sizes with IV tubes in both arms.

Mrs. Stafford was a widow who was suffering from acute kidney failure. Her son had not left her side, Chapel knew he was such a good boy.

His mom needed an organ donor, and he was not a match.

“The wait list is always long.” She thought to herself as she quietly entered the room.

Chapel looked at the 18 year old boy as he dozed fitfully. Messy hair, glasses, bad acne, and scrawny. The poor kid was practically homely, her heart went out for him.

Quiet as a cat the big chested nurse stole over and kissed the boy on the mouth.

He woke with a start, as he looked at the smiling nurse he felt a warmth spread from his lips. The room was not as cold as it was moments ago.

Confused, he whispered “ What was that for?”

“ You just looked like you could use some affection.” The woman in white said as she ran her hand up his arm.

Lance felt the hair on his arm stand up and, to his embarrassment, so did his cock.

Nurse Chapel's smile grew bigger when she saw the young boy blush.

She combed his hair with her fingers while saying “I know you are worried about your mom, I have a feeling things may be turning around for a lot of people soon.”

Lance saw her face get blurry and became even more ashamed thinking he was crying again. Annoyed at himself he took off his glasses to rub his eyes.

He found them dry, confused even more he looked at the petty nurse. He could see her face, even better than he could with his glasses on.

While he had been distracted, Chapel had moved her hand to his chest and tweaked his nipple.

It felt like a bolt of electricity went from her pinch to his dick! A drop of precum made a damp spot in his boxers.

She took his glasses from his nerveless fingers with her left hand. With her right she unzipped the front of her uniform dress to the waist.

As she put his glasses on the bedside table she took his right hand in hers.

“There, I bet you're feeling better already right?” she slid his trembling hand under her top. His cool flesh made her nipple harden in an instant.

No doubt this was the first time he had touched since he nursed as a baby. This was proved by how clumsily he mauled her DD.

While he was distracted by his raging teenage hormones, she slid her own hand into his lap and squeezed his cock through his pants.

Nurse Chapel stood up and pulled her top down off her shoulders. With her breasts swinging free she sat on the teenage boy's lap facing him.

With her hand behind his head she guided his open mouth to her nipple. “ Hmmm that's it baby,” she whispered. “ Suck on my nipple like you want milk.”

His hands came up to wrap around her back as he began to suck like he was starving.

She put her hand down between them and unzipped his fly. Pulling his now sticky cock out she started jacking him off.

All the stress of the past weeks fell away from the boy as he gave into the lust.

Chapel cooed to the boy “Yes, that's it, suck momma's titty for her baby. Let me rub away all your cares.”

She could feel some of the leftover cum dripping out of her gooey cunt. It dripped on the bunched up hem of her dress sticking the fabric to her.

With the over exuberance of the virgin he was, Lance came hard and hot and over her hand. She showed him no mercy though, rubbing his over sensitive prick with his own sticky sperm.

At last she took pity on the boy and just held him as he caught his breath.

He let go of the death grip his mouth had on her nipple and looked up at her with a lovesick look.

With a smile she slowly began rubbing his cock again, with the stamina of the young it was already getting hard again.

“Now don't go falling in love with me tiger, I am not a one man kind of girl.” She then gave his mother a significant look.

“I think , I know someone who is and, could use a whole lot of love and attention, don't you?”

She looked back at him seeing a denial die on his lips and turned to look at the woman on the bed.

Hadn't he always loved her? And in the dirty back of his mind wasn't he glad she had not found another husband?

Nurse Chapel got off his lap and quietly got dressed. While she washed her hands, Lance put his cock away and went to his mother's bed.

As Chapel slipped out the boy was bending over his mother's bed.

Just before the nurse closes the door she whispered “ She won't wake up for hours with the drugs she is on.”

Lance did not notice that she closed the door and hung a clothes hanger on the knob. This was a secret sign to the other nurses not to disturb the patient.

Lance brushed the hair away from his mother's pale face. She looked so angelic he leaned over and kissed her open mouth.

He licked and nibbled at her lips and ran his tongue over her teeth. Growing bolder he slid his hand under the blanket and over the thin gown.

In the fog of her drug filled mind his mother responded by pursuing her lips and her nipples hardened.

Lance continued to kiss his mother's mouth, his hand found its way under her gown. Her small perky breasts were so different from the well endowed nurse.

Moving his mouth down his mother's neck he laid soft kisses and licks on every inch. His right hand lightly pinching and rolling her turgid nipples one at a time.

Unnoticed by the horny boy the woman began to get her color back. It started at her lips and spread to her cheeks. And down her throat, her pale nipples blushing rose again like when she was in her 20s.

Lance now had his mother's rubbery nipple in his mouth once again. How he wished milk would flow from them into his mouth again.

His hand bravely slid towards her neatly trimmed pussy mound.

Heat radiated from the womb he had passed through over 18 years before.

His mother's head was nodding almost imperceptibly as he slipped his finger into her damp folds.

Guided only by stories he has read on the net he found the hard button of her clit. Lance began to write the ABCs in capital letters with his mother's natural lubricant.

Charlotte was dreaming that naughty dream she had sometimes about her little boy.

She knew it was shameful and would never admit how much it had turned her on to breastfeed. She let him nurse until he was 3 years old even when people had tried to shame her for it. Her husband had drank from her body for another 2 years.

She had wanted more children but never had gotten pregnant, Not from lack of trying mind you.

When her Bill passed on she had to almost tie herself to the bed to keep from seducing her son.

Lance looked so much like his dad, in her dreams they became one and the same.

Lance had two fingers pumping in and out of his mother's dripping pussy now. He was switching back and forth from one nipple to the other.

His mother's body tensed and she gasped, her cunt clenching hard at his fingers.

Lance looked at his mother. She was breathing faster and a light sheen of sweat covered her face.

“I think she just had an orgasm.” He thought to himself.

Redoubling his efforts, he began pulling his fingers out over her clit, and back over it on the way back into her.

He clamped his mouth on her nipple again and sucked hard. A spark of sweet liquid coated his tongue.

Lance backed up and smacked his lips, it was breast milk!

Like a starving man he dove back in, pumping his fingers like an out of control machine.

His mother began to tense up again, her breathing getting even faster. Again all her muscles clenched, and a little bit of sweetness squirted into his mouth.

His cock was so hard it was starting to hurt you unzipped his fly again. He then positioned his mother's hand where he could rub against her Palm.

As he began to suckle on her other breast, he felt her hand close around his cock. Unable to help himself he began stroking himself in and out of her grasp.

The spell was beginning to heal Charlotte's body. Lance had no idea that his face had already cleared up from its acne, even the scars were gone.

The damage to her kidneys washed away. In the accelerated healing her body was chewing through the drugs that were keeping her asleep.

The blockage they had clogged up both of her Fallopian tubes cleared away. An egg exited from each at the same time.

In her dream she felt her dear son's hands and mouth on her. As her mind began to clear the fog of the drugs away she understood that this was not a dream or at least a dream come true.

An orgasm crashed over her causing her to Arch her body a little off the bed. Charlotte begane to realize her son's cock was truly in her hand.

She squeezed it tight, she drew in her breath and said in a low voice. “Yes, that's it, just like that.”

Lance froze for a moment unsure how to proceed. His mother began to move her hand up and down on his penis.

She said “Don't stop now, I'm so close!” with a renewed frenzy he began rubbing at his mother's clit and switched back to her right breast.

In a moment he was rewarded with another small taste of milk.

The feeling of milk leaving her breast caused a tremendous orgasm to crash over Charlotte.

She writhed as if she was being electrified, when she came back down she said.

“Please, for the love of God! I need you in me! Get out of those clothes my beautiful boy, Mommy needs you inside her!”

she spread her legs pushing the covers down exposing herself completely to the boy's gaze.

without saying a word Lance pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it away. He then kicked his shoes off and dropped his pants and underwear.

His mother pulled on his arms together up on the bed begging for her son to mount her.

“Please.” she whispered “I need it so badly!”

She reached down and brought his penis up to the opening from which he had started life. She guided him in between her wetness and his precum he slid all the way into her steaming pussy.

The incestuous act complete, Charlotte hooked her ankles around her son's back. Desperately she started moving her pelvis up for the perfect alignment.

“Now take me son, it's been so long, I've wanted you for so long!”

Unable to resist, Lance slid slowly out and back in. Gentle at first, but faster as his mother demanded more. The slapping sound filled the tiny room while his mother clawed and scratched at his back.

They kissed like teenage lovers, as if they were going to swallow each other whole.

When milk dribbled from Charlotte's nipples, lance would dip his head down to lap it up off of her.

“Yes!” she said “Just like that, don't stop!” She whisper screamed. Her clit was being crushed between them.

The steady pounding from the teenage boy gave a roughness that she had been dreaming of for years.

While her husband was a good man, he'd always fucked her like she was going to break. Always too easy like a china doll.

Now she growled in her son's ear. “Fuck me like you hate me, if you really love me now! Smash me into a puddle in this bed, break mommy's pussy!”

He was slamming in and out of her, his fingers digging into her back and shoulders.

His mother flexed up to meet his every slam. She could feel the tip of his cock pounding against her cervical head.

“Yes! Give it to me! Fuck me like a dirty whore baby!” she gasped, she could tell the boy was close and her own orgasm was unstoppable.

“Now! She said “Now my little boy, come inside your mommy. Do it now!”

The pair came at the same time incestuous sperm flowing up into his mother's womb.

Within moments sperm dribbled down to both of the ripe and fertile eggs. Neither of them knew at that moment, they were both parents. Boy and girl twins.

Mother and son made love three more times at night she even let him fuck her in the ass.

As she came to the feeling of her son pumping hot cum into her colon she said. “ Oh my God I never let your dad do that baby.”

A day later she checked out of the hospital, completely recovered.

The doctors seemed more amused than baffled. More and more people were leaving the hospital in perfectly good shape.

Nurse chapel saw Lance as he was leaving the building she hadn't left in 2 days. The horny nurse had been fucking non-stop catching sleep when she could.

Healing patients with her pussy, as she saw a lance go by she said “Way to go stud, I knew you could do it.”

Lance blushed and said “Thank you so much.

“Don't thank me, just make sure you pass it on.”.....
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