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Julie's clever mind comes up with a fun and exciting project that will spawn other adventures in tales that will follow.
Chapter 14

Birth of Babydomme, Taming Tess, Unlikely pair, No way out


We left the sponge tied to the pulley with her toes just about on the floor, blindfolded and gagged, she hung there, awaiting our pleasure. It was kind of exciting. We had kidnapped someone! And not just anyone, that fucking cunt who hurt Jodi!

I had done a lot of the heavy work and Mom was still trashed from her last treatment so Jodi made lunch. She chose a very strange meal. Tuna Fish sandwiches, mixed fruit cups and chocolate milk. It was a kids lunch, for sure. We enjoyed it anyway. I am sure Mom felt as I did that it must be sort of comforting to Jodi. She never got to eat food like this as a kid.

Then she showed us the real reason she had made such an odd assortment. One whole sandwich, a fruit cup, and a glass of chocolate milk were tipped into the blender and blended smooth. Oh, God! That had to be the most disgusting tasting thing! She poured it into a large plastic cup and held it up triumphantly.

“For the sponge,” she announced, “She cannot say we are starving her. It is the exact same food we just ate.”

I was totally grossed out, but Mom just smiled and nodded at Jodi.

“Penny, let me take it out to her,” she asked. Mom was acting weird! I don’t know why she was calling Jodi Penny, but she was acting more Mom than sub, “I have a few words to say to the sponge that may make things easier for you later.”

Jodi put the cup down and took Mom in her arms, fondling her breasts gently and kissing her.

“Thanks, Mom,” she said. Mom took the cup and headed out to the barn. I looked at Jodi, who shrugged.

“Barb and I had a talk once. She said I was like a shiny new penny found in the gutter. I think sometimes we are going to need an actual grownup in charge. I think Barb thinks so, too. It looks like Penny is her way of asking to be Mom again for a while,” she explained.

“Wow. Mom is like, super-smart,” I said, “Sometimes late at night I started to get a little worried, you know? But Mom can still be Mom when it’s important.”

“Yes…” Jodi replied quietly. She looked strange.

“What’s wrong? I thought you would be over the moon!” I asked.

“I’s just...well, I didn’t expect so much support from Barb...or you, really. I don’t know…”

God! She looked so lost! I ran around the table and hugged her.

“Jodi! Duh! We want that cruel bitch punished just as much as you! She hurt you, Jodi! We are glad to help you get your revenge!” I insisted.

“But...I hurt your Mom,” she objected.

“Yeah, but she kind of likes it. I mean she doesn’t like it, but she does! I mean she needs it and we gave it to her. And she is a grown woman. She had resources. She could have gone to the police, despite the scandal. Hell, we’re well off! She could have hired a hitman to take you out. You were just a little kid. It’s different.”

Jodi stared at me like I was insane and started laughing.

“A hit man?” she asked, “Can you see your Mom talking to a hit man?”

“You know what I mean! She had resources! She did not have to give in to the blackmail. She wanted to. We gave her a reason to do what she wanted,” I explained, but Jodi’s laughter was infectious. At least she was okay again.


I laughed to myself as I took the cup of disgusting goo to the barn. Jodi was one clever minx. I wondered if that bitch was even going to be able to drink it without throwing up! Part of me did not care. Mostly I wanted to see her suffer and sorry for what she did. I also wanted us to all come out the other end like Jodi had said. I wanted to be the carrot to Jodi’s stick. Make her think I felt sorry for her but in the end be the cruelest mind fuck of all. This was a long term plan and it needed more than just hate and anger. I knew it was going to get dark, very dark for sponge. She was going to need a straw to cling to. I wanted to make her beg me for things she may never get. To make her feel she needs me to survive this. To aid Jodi in completely breaking her will.

Walking up to her hanging in her darkness and silence I picked up the riding crop I knew both ends of so well.

“Sponge… I don’t know if you realize this, but you need me. You need me to keep Jodi from killing you, accidentally or otherwise. If you want to get out of this in a couple of years alive, intact and still sane, you will need me on your side. And I am going to need your help to do that.”

I grabbed her head harness and shook it.

“I hate you for what you did to her and would to all of us if you could! I know you will try your best to get out of this, but you never will without me!”

Then I swatted her belly hard with the crop. “You won't. We can't let you. We will go to the police. I do not know how far we would go to help the woman we love. The woman you took advantage of and abused when she was so young and needed someone to look out for her….”

I was getting emotional and hit her belly again.

“Damit you need to cooperate with me so we can all survive this! Jodi likes me and you have seen what she does to me. We are not alike at all and never will be but we do have being Jodi’s slaves in common. Julie tempers her impulses with me but you...Julie fucking hates you! I am all the sanity you have here. We will one day be pulling carts or in kennels together. I am the closest thing you have to a sister slave and I can and will hurt you as much as they will. You are on the bottom of the bottom here. I hate that I have to have you in my home. I hate that I will be paired up with you. Damn you for coming into my life. But if you co operate, if you let me help to smooth things over when necessary, I will advocate for you when I have to. But never get to thinking I like you, Bitch!”

Then I kept whipping and whipping that same spot in her belly until she was screaming and crying. Then as quietly as I came in, I went out and left her sobbing. But I hope she was thinking about what I said.


We left the sponge in the barn for a couple of hours. Barb had come back in the house and said it did not want to eat, but when I went out later to check on it...the drink was spilled over the floor, cup on its side and there was a new bruise right across Sponge’s belly. I teared up for a second. Sweet Barb! But we had to be careful. It wouldn’t do to cross lines that cannot be uncrossed.

I took Sponge down and tied one hand to the post, leaving the other free. I took out the package of peanut butter crackers I had in my pocket.

“Hungry?” I asked, holding them out. She flinched and tried to back away. “It’s an actual offer, but it has a time limit,” I clarified. She kept her eyes down as she took the crackers from me. I put a bottle of water down next to her. She looked broken, but I knew she was not, not yet. I waited while she ate and drank the water and then fastened a collar around her neck, tying a rope to it. I hobbled her ankles, leaving just enough room for her to take tiny baby steps.

We didn’t speak at all as I led her to the garage and spread her out on top of Bill’s workbench. I shackled her arms and legs down to the legs of the bench. The garage was heated, she didn’t need a cover.

“Tomorrow we will go to close up your apartment and make arrangements to store your stuff. You will be able to call your people and tell them when and where to meet you in the future. Twice a week, for a half an hour only and I will be with you the entire time. One word, one look, one move out of place and I will destroy you, understand?” She nodded.

“Very good. Keep this behavior up and you may earn a real bed in a month or two. I was under your thumb for two years. Now you will be under mine. Get some sleep, Bitch! You are going to need it.” I flipped the light off and locked the garage up tightly.


Sitting together on Jodi’s bed just hanging out before bedtime I was surfing all over trying to find some bras for mom. Maternity bras were okay but not for what I had in mind. Shelf bras were closer but still not quite right. I interrupted Jodi’s own web search abruptly.

“Hey, what do you think of this one?” I asked, showing her another shelf bra.

“Julie, I thought you were looking for bras with nipple holes but that is a nice bra and would leave her nipples easy to get to and still give her some support. You’re right, we don't want her to end up with saggy tits.” Jodi thought for a moment and added, “As crafty as Barb is, why don't you just have her make what you want. Nipple holes in a bra seems pretty easy for someone who can sew.”

Of course she was right. It had crossed my mind but silly me felt silly asking her to do it.

“Yeah, you're right. No reason I can’t have her make what I want. It’s only been a week since we told her everything and it’s taking me a little time to get used to her being our slave and being able to make her do whatever we want.”

Jodi smiled and said. “ I hear you, babe. It takes some getting used to but yeah, she will do it if you tell her to.”

Looking at regular bras an idea came to me. “I’m thinking of taking mom shopping for bras and more lingerie. Jodi, what do you think of me doing sort of like in that story I told you about where the shopping trip is also a sexually humiliating event for her?”

Jodi grinned and set her laptop aside to give me her full attention.

“Julie, you can do anything you want with Toy. You don't need to ask me. I know you are into the semi public exposure stuff and you are dying to exert your control over her. A sexy shopping trip sounds perfect for you two. What are you thinking? Covert bondage, remote vibe, slutty clothes?”

I laughed, “Yeah, all of that and more probably.”

Leaning back on the pillows under the dreamy flowing canopy my mind went to fantasy and I could just see mom red faced and horny in the mall as I bossed her around.

Jodi had gone back to her reading so I poked her in the side playfully.

“I’ll bet the sponge gets even bigger.”

“Yes, I think from what we are seeing so far that she will go from her current C/D cup to full D and probably start leaking. If we band or tape her nipples with the surgical tape to hold it in she could probably swell to DD or more but not leave her like that too long. What is going on behind that sly smile on your face my little sister Mistress? I know you have more in mind than just making it easier to milk our cow pets.”

Not wanting to spoil my surprise, I hedged, “Oh, just an idea for some will see.” I poked her side again and knocked her laptop off her lap.

“Let's play! The idea of bra shopping for milky sluts makes me horny“ I said and giggled when she poked me back.


It was fun riding in Julie’s new car with the wind in our hair and sun on our skin. I was half expecting her to make our shipping trip some kind of sexy adventure but other than telling me to wear something comfortable that shows my legs and a little cleavage, it was just a normal thing. She said it was okay to wear a bra since it would be a few hours and I would surely be leaking again by the time we got back.

She did give me a good milking in the barn right before we left the house. Jodi had been leading sponge from the house to the barn when we finished and it was almost surreal to meet on the path with her leading one slave and Julie leading me on our leashes, both of us naked in the morning sun.

We stopped. Jodi holding the rope that was tied around her slave's neck and me with the leather dog leash going to my nice leather collar.

“Good morning Mistress Jodi” Julie stepped up to her for a hug and kiss. “Good Morning Mistress Julie” she said, slipping her free arm around Julies's waist and kissing her in a soft but full on romantic kiss.

“ I see you have milked our productive little cow pet. Very nice. Is that Tess’ payment?” Jodi asked, nodding at the bag of milk in my hand. Tess jerked on her leash. “Did you think I would use your enslavement to get out of paying you? That agreement is still in effect. I am not you, after all!” Jodi said to her.

“Yeah, I drained her good for our shopping trip this morning. I’m taking her to the mall in Brentwood. It’s an hour drive across town. I don't want to run into people we know.” Julie smiled after saying.

“ Ahh , so it’s going to be a fun day for my girls. Good for you two. I’m going to be busy here with some lessons for this thing” Jodi replied as she jerked the rope on the sponge's neck to make her stumble and let out a little gasp. She was still blindfolded and gagged with drool on her chest and grubby looking all over.

Parting from Julie she turned to me and slipped the same hand around my waist as she had Julie’s. “ You, be a good girl for your Mistress Julie today” Then gave me the same warm, affectionate kiss she had given her.

The first sign it was going to be an unusual shopping trip was in the parking lot of the mall. Julie opened the trunk and pulled out a beach bag from home. It was one we had for a long time. A thick clear plastic bag the size and shape of a paper grocery bag with two handles. In it was the black leather collar and leash. Handing me the collar.

“ Toy, put this on. This is now a scene and we are no longer just mom and daughter. You are sub now and will act like one, is that clear? “

I swallowed hard. ”Yes Mistress Julie”

She took a few photos with her phone. “Toy, for today you will call me BabyDomme. That may become what you call me most of the time but today for sure. Is that clear”

“Yes BabyDomme, I understand”

Walking the hall in the upper level of the mall carrying the large purse Julie had given me at the car over one shoulder and the clear bag of things we had been gathering it was becoming clear what Julie was doing. So far, we had a big red candle, a wooden spoon, a package of colorful plastic clothespins, a package of white cotton clothesline and a tube of Icyhot lotion. All she carried was the leash draped over her arm and her phone which she took pictures with occasionally. So far, a few people had noticed the collar with odd looks but not the contents of the bag other than one gay looking guy who had been our cashier at Dillards. He clearly knew what was up and just smiled.

“Thanks for shopping Dillards and come back soon,” he said with a wink.

The next stop was a stationary store where Julie handed the woman working there a paper from her pocket and ordered a box of business cards that would be ready in one hour or less. The woman gave us a very curious look then shook her head as we walked away. Julie seemed to find it amusing.

“ Let’s get some food Toy. I want pasta, but first, let's find a restroom” Julie said with a grin.

We took one of the two Handicap stalls in the nearly empty restroom. Julie took the purse from me pulling out the medium size, so-called, extended wear butt plug with a small tapered Tee shaped base that would nestle in my ass crack and had me put some Icyhot lotion on it. When I started to balk and was looking at the package to see if it was okay to use that way she gave me the choice. “ Either coat it or you asshole with it or the plug goes in dry. Your choice, Toy but in 30 seconds that needs to be in your ass or you will be very sorry. Do it!”

When I had the lightly coated plug in the lotion was just going from cool to warm when she pulled the V neck of my top down under my boobs and said “ Okay, now pull your bra out away from your boobs with both hands.” As I held it out she squirted a dab of the lotion in each cup and on my nipples and spread it some with her fingers. After getting my top back in place she held out the tube and said in a hush “ Hold out your hand” and put a generous dab on my fingers. “ Now coat that pretty pussy with it Toy. Be sure to cover that clit good, too” Then she kissed me hard.

We both heard the door close after the only one there had washed her hands and left. “Okay Toy it’s bonus time. Get the spoon out of the bag and hand it to me.”

With my hands holding up my short summer dress, she whipped my ass good with the big wood spoon! All of the Icyhot was active by then and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out.

With a glint in her eyes she kissed me again, even more passionately. She was getting very turned on by all of this.

We went through the line at the fast food Italian place and Julie led us to a table right beside three attractive young women who looked to be on lunch break from one of the stores as they were all wearing name tags. I set my tray on the table and took the bag off of my arm and set in on the seat beside me.

“No Toy. The bag. Up on the table, there,” she said and pointed to the end of the table nearest the women.


Mom was feeling the icyhot for sure now. She could hardly sit still long enough to eat. The women at the next table had slowed their own eating and were sending Mom curious glances. Perfect. I stood up.

“I am going to get those business cards, Mom,” I said, loud enough for the ladies to hear me. Then I leaned closer, speaking just for her. “I am going to call you. Do everything I say!” I kissed her, flicking her nipples with one hand so the other table couldn’t see. They saw the kiss, though...not the sort of kiss a daughter should give her Mom...and they must have seen her nipples standing out against the thin fabric of the dress when I was done.

I risked a glance back. Mom was red faced and fidgeting. At least one of the women had stopped the pretense of not looking and just stared at her. I took out my phone and headed for the office supply store. I was going to miss seeing this first part, but we were going to need those cards.

Mom answered on the second ring. I wanted to make sure the women knew who was on the other end.

“Where is the office supply store?” I asked, “And be sure to call me Baby and scold me some for always getting lost.”

There was a pause, but she obeyed before I could get impatient. This was so much fun!

“Just take a left at the ear piercing stand, Baby,” she said, “I swear, you would get lost in a paper bag.”

“Very good. Now look at those women and smile, shrug a little as if to say kids, what can you do? Are they looking at you?”

“Yes,” I could hear the nervousness in her voice, it really turned me on. I paid the guy for the business cards and hurried back to the food court.

“Good, now drop the smile and argue with me quietly. Say ‘Baby, please, don’t make me do this again,’ and touch your breast lightly,” I ordered. I stepped around the pizza place and could see her and them. There I stopped, watching as Mom’s voice came through the phone, saying just what I had told her. Two of the women were whispering, heads together. They were amused. The third was fascinated. “Move the bag so it is in front of you, like you are hiding, but be sure the table next to you can see you pinch your nipples hard.”

“Baby, please!” Not acting now!

“Do it, Toy!” I heard her gasp clearly as she twisted her nipples. I watched the women react, the two talking were amused and scandalized at the same time. The third one was pressing her legs together tightly...interesting. I opened the business card box and took out three cards before telling Mom to hang up. I stepped out of hiding and walked over to her, crouching down next to her and sliding my hand up her thigh under the table. She was gorgeous in her humiliation, her face red, back stiff. She practically vibrated under my hand.

“Now go and give these to those women over there,” I ordered, handing her the cards, “Especially that lovely blond who finds you so fascinating and meet me in the lingerie shop.” I flicked her clit with my thumbnail and withdrew my hand as she gasped, struggling not to show anything more to her captive audience. I kissed her before tossing the women a wink and walked away toward the lingerie shop.

Sitting on a bench outside the lingerie shop I was delighted to see my sexy mom walking towards me knowing the butt plug was up her ass and she felt it with every step. She was trying to look so casual, it was adorable.

In the store looking at bras I told her what I had in mind. Matching bras of two different kinds. One set would be a well supported and comfortable fit. Nice full cups and lightly padded. The others I wanted were slightly lower cut and a little lacy and snug fitting. The sales woman who came over to us took a double take when she saw the collar was not just a choker but maintained her cool. “Can I help you ladies find anything special today?”

I glanced at her nametag, “ Yes, Gloria maybe you can. My mom is lactating again. I'm looking for alternatives to the usual nursing bras. Maybe you have some shelf bras that would do for special occasions?”

The pretty woman smiled slyly. “Yes, we have a nice ***********ion of shelf bras over here” as she stepped to a display of very nice sexy bras. She seemed to have picked up on the dynamic quickly and only talked to me as mom stood holding the bag. I saw the woman checking the contents and grinned at herself as I held up several nice choices of sexy bras.

“ Mommy darling, I think this one is adorable and would be perfect for when you are nursing. Do you think Mistress Jodi would like it, too?” I asked, giving her a stern look she knew how to answer.

“ Yes , miss, I think she would.”

“Then we will take these four and two shelf bras in red. Let's make sure these fit”

Turning to the sales woman I asked, “Would you please show us to the dressing area and if you would, see if you can find some nice panties in this same color red and bring them to us in the dressing room?”

I had mom totally naked save for her sexy tall heels in the dressing room when the sales lady came to the curtain and said, “Miss, I have some choices of panites for you.”

Pulling back the curtain a little I said, “Gloria please come in and give us your professional opinion of how these bras fit, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, Miss, that is why we are here.” She stepped inside and stopped, surprised. Mom was facing the mirror and so the butt plug in her ass was clearly visible to Gloria. I grinned at her and slapped Mom lightly on the ass.

“Turn around, Mom, and let the lady help,” I ordered.


My nerves were on high alert as I turned to face the shopgirl. Julie reached around me and placed the shelf bra against me, fastening it in the back.

“You see,” she said to the girl...Gloria? “I am not sure there will be enough support here…” Her thin, delicate hands stroked the side of my breast. I fought to remain silent and kept my legs tightly closed to stave off the moisture I could feel gathering between them.

“You may be right, Miss,” Gloria agreed, “But try this one. It is Simon Perele. Much better for the fuller figure.”

Julie put the new bra on me. “Yes, that is much better. See how much higher it comes up over here…” My devil child traced the line of the bra and my breath caught in my throat as I fought not to whimper. There was a significant pause and I looked up to see Gloria and Julie looking at each other.

“If I may...Miss?” Gloria asked with a decidedly wicked grin.

“By all means,” Julie agreed. Gloria put her hands on the bra just under my breasts.

“This one flares a bit here, giving support underneath…” She smoothed her hands upward most of the way to my nipples. I gasped, unable to contain it anymore. Julie and Gloria pretended not to notice, “It gives a better shape as the nipples are lifted up higher than they would be normally. It would make it easier to nurse, as well.” The vicious woman tapped my nipples lightly and I nearly fell down from the sensations.

“Hmm…” Julie pretended to think about that as my nipples began to leak very slowly. “God, Mom! We haven’t even been here that long!” She dabbed at the milk leaking from my breasts and removed the shelf bra. “We will take two of these and those others I picked out, two pair of panties for each.”

Gloria was happy for a sale but of course wanted more. She was clearly fascinated by this Mom/daughter couple. “Is there anything more you are looking for? We can custom order and have a large catalog ***********ion.”

Julie pulled out her phone and pulled up a net pic of a woman in a well fitting full bra with her nipples sticking a full two inches out holes the size of a half dollar and showed it to her. “ This is something I would love to find for easy milking and still be good support. We will be milking often and this seems perfect for both home and away”

Gloria grinned “ Let me check our suppliers. I do think one or two of them may offer this kind of thing. If not there is a possibility of customizing something off the rack. We have an excellent alterations department that most stores don't offer.”

“Well then…” Julie took the supporting bras she had chosen and put one on me, “Can this one be cut and sewn as we need?”

“Yes, Miss, it will just have to be marked,” Gloria agreed. Julie smiled and rummaged in her purse, pulling out two long needles left over from the drug treatments. I stiffened.

“Relax, Mom, it won’t be that bad,” she said, “It is only two and they are empty.”

“I hate needles, Julie,” I reminded her.

“I know,” She flicked and pinched them to make the tips show better then pushed one of the needles through the bra and right into my nipple! Then she tied a piece of dental floss to a pen, looping the other end around the needle. She used this to draw a perfect circle right where my areola would be behind the bra. She left the needle in and used the second one to do the same on the other side. I was struggling to stay quiet as she drew the second circle. She removed the pins and then the bra, handing it to Gloria before picking up the second one. I looked at Julie pleadingly. Gloria noticed and spoke up.

“Miss, we can take measurements from this one and do them both,” she offered.

“Oh no, it doesn’t matter that the bras come from the same company. There are always differences. Isn’t that right, Mom?” Julie objected.

“Yes, BabyDomme, you are correct,” I answered. She fit the bra to me and picked up the first needle. I whimpered and gasped as she repeated the process. Finally, it was over and Gloria left with the bras, intending to fill out the alteration slip.

“You did great, Mom,” Julie said, kissing me before letting me get dressed. We paid for the purchases and Julie made me give Gloria one of the cards she had made up.


Tess was chained to the table, as usual, when I entered the garage. She had curled up as much as she could with the chains restricting her. A week ago she had sublet her apartment. We gathered some clothes and things for her and she sent the rest into storage. She had arranged an emergency family leave from her job and told her girls that she could only meet them twice a week for the foreseeable future. Any emergency calls for her would go through me. I held her cell phone.

All of this earned her a pillow, a blanket and the right to wear nightclothes.

I slapped her and she shrieked, waking up and holding her cheek.

“Good morning, Bitch!” I greeted her, “Guess what? Julie and Barb are shopping. It’s just you and me! Isn’t that fun?!”

“What the fuck are you wearing?!” she asked. I slapped her again.

“Is there some reason you think you get to comment on my clothes?” I asked.

“No, Mistress Jodi!”

“Good.” I unlocked her and led her into the house, “Today, you get a shower.”

By the time Barb and Julie came home we were ready. I had been working with Tess all afternoon. She had a few fresh bruises, but progress had been made. I heard the car pull in and dragged Tess back into the barn, locking her to the nearest stable door before running to the front of the house.

I got there just as they opened the car doors.

“Guys! I have something to show you!” I grabbed Barb’s hand since she was the closest and pulled her toward the barn. Julie followed. I left them at the fence to the round pen.

“Wait right here,” I told them. I saw them look at each other, but I was too excited to talk anymore.

“Ready, Sponge?” I said, when I got back to the barn, “It’s showtime!”

She was wearing a yellow was the best thing I could find...and her hair was in a pony tail. I had a bit in her mouth, the reins draped behind, and knee high boots. I would work out a better rig later, but this would do for now.

I took the reins in hand and snapped them, tapping Tess on the ass with the crop at the same time. We walked out of the barn and into the round pen. SHe was behaving better than I expected at this early stage, but I had not done any serious pain work with her today. Today was about obedience. Once she figured that out things got much easier.

“Woah,” I said and she stopped. I tapped her leg and she bowed to Julie and Barb. God this was fucking fun!

I walked her around the ring and then tapped her with the crop. She broke into a trot and we did another circuit. I stopped, grinning like it was Christmas.

“What do you think?” I asked them. Julie was laughing. Barb smiled, but looked at me curiously.

“Jodi! It’s so cool!” Julie gushed.

“Are those my pants, Mistress?” Barb asked. I ran over and kissed her.

“Yes. I am sorry, but I wanted to give you the full effect and I didn’t have anything good...oh! They are your boots too.” I was wearing english riding pants and boots, but with a corset above. The corset was the only thing that was mine. “ I found some videos on pony training and so I started while you were gone. Hey! Did you guys have fun? Julie, come in here, give her a try!”

Julie and Barb exchanged a look.

“Why don’t we hook up Toy, too? Then we can both play,” she asked.

“No. We need to get special bit gags with rubber coating. I don’t want Toy to chip a tooth if anything happens,” I said.

“What about her?”

“Sponge? Who gives a fuck? Come on!”


We had a fun time watching Jodi put sponge through some paces as she swatted her with the long training switch. It was mid afternoon and hot and she was sweating. It was the first time we had seen her not being incredibly cruel to sponge. Maybe having complete control over her was as gratifying to her as beating her and that could be a good thing at times. Not that she wouldn’t torture her severely later but if i was going to be teamed up with sponge as ponies, it would be nice if the pony play as not all pain and sweating. Jodi had let Julie take over the reins and climbed up on the top of the fence and watched them move around the pen.

“ Mistress, seeing how this pleases you so much, I would like to make some pony play things for you and Julie. I would love to be your show pony in full harness and make you proud of us as a team”

Jodi said, “Come here my precious Toy,” and opened her legs so I could stand between them. She bent over and kissed me lovingly. Then spun me around so I was leaning back between her legs as we watched Julie work with Sponge, teaching her to back up without verbal cues.

“Toy, you please me more than I can ever say. Sure my wonderful pet, if you want to make some nice show pony things, then of course you can. You are the truly crafty one here anyway. Make anything you want and I will love it, I’m sure. “ She said as she caressed my neck and pulled back my hair playing with it.

As we watched Julie enjoying herself with a woman pony slave Jodi said softly so Julie would not hear.

“We all know sweet Julie is not like me. She loves the bondage and sexual parts of being a Mistress but she is not cruel. You know when I am cruel with you it’s not because I think you need it but comes from inside me. I have this sick need to make older women suffer. I will still work with you but…”

I put my hands on her legs and patted them.

“ I know, Mistress Jodi… I know … I feel your sympathy for me as you hurt me sometimes. It’s okay. I think I know what you want to say. Julie thinks I am hers anyway.

But I think you should let Julie take charge of Tess’ pony play and keep me as your pony. It was always our thing first, Mistress.” And I knew Julie would be less likely to hurt Tess badly. The control over me would satisfy Jodi, but her complete unconcern for Tess could make her careless.

Then with a little laugh I added. “To be honest I would rather be Julie’s torture slave. She loves me so much and wont hurt me like you would want to. You can take Tess for that and I will be your pony...and your wet nurse, Mistress. I think that would be the most satisfying way to proceed, but of course, it is up to you. Wait till she tells you about our day at the mall. That girl is bold and getting bolder all the time.”

Jodi frowned slightly, pulling me against her almost viciously. Her hands trembled. “You are mine, Barb! I will share you with Julie. I love her too. She can be your Mistress and I will vent the worst of my darkness on Sponge, but never forget who you belong to…”

Jodi pulled my chin around to look at her as she leaned over some. “That being said, did you have an interesting day at the mall?” She had visibly banished the darkness that had risen in her, forcing it down so she could smile at me encouragingly.

“Yes, Miss Jodi we did, I will let Julie tell you. But I will tell you this much. Julie has never been shy. She does school plays, loves an audience and has a wonderful imagination and loves showing off. I don't know what she has told you but here… don't tell her I gave you this please.”

I slipped one of the BabyDomme cards out of my pocket and slid into her hand. Jodi looked at it and started to laugh.

“Our little girl is quite the entrepreneur!” she said and I relaxed at the admiration in her voice. The danger seemed to have passed.


I was so excited over my new idea! I spent hours getting my presentation ready to show Jodi. We sat on the bed with my laptop as I showed her what I wanted to do for us. It could be a fun hobby that could probably make some money.

“Okay look at this, the first page starts with this hot background I made from a tripod selfie shot with mom in lingerie tied spread standing eagle to the foot of your bed gagged and blindfolded. This was before the rings. I want to make this an evolution and not start off too bold on my site”

She could see me standing in front of mom, hands on hips in my old “Hello Kitty”PJ’s . My hair up in pigtails with pink ribbons that matched my jammies and holding the black riding crop in one hand and a coil of rope in the other. Behind mom the bed was littered with sexy toys and bondage gear with my stuffed animals leaning up against pillows and the headboard and all around with button eyes and innocent faces.

“ Great pic here. You are getting really good with timed selfies. Barb looks hot here and so do you with that way cute ass of yours,” she said as she elbowed me.

I beamed. “Thanks, I thought you might like it. I want to get some of you looking more, innocent daughter like. This is your site too, in a way. You will see in a minute.”

The next picture I was using the stand Mirror from my room and the camera at just the right angle to show I was wearing a mask as I looked up at her face. The upwards angle of the mirror shot did show me from both front and back but only from mid thighs up, and not showing my bent knees that made me several inches shorter. Even I would swear from looking at it that I only came up to her up to the bottom of her boobs and looked like a 12 year old.

Across the top the a caption read

“ Helpless mommy slaves”

Across the bottom was the Logo

“ Baby Dommes”

“ Damn Girl I’m impressed” Jodi said with a laugh

“Oh there’s more check this out”

Page two is another picture of mom with the rope from my hands now binding her big tits. I had one tit whipped red from the crop. I put that other rope on for a nice tight crotch rope. I waited till her head tossed back in that look of agony to snap that one”

Jodi was taking it all in quietly now.

Over the picture “Slave moms as...”

All around the picture were words and phrases.

Pony slaves, begging puppy slaves, teacher slaves, milked hucow slaves, captured nanny slaves and much more.

Then under the pic in a box

See this slut and other mom’s getting progressively tied and see the building anguish and shame as they are subdued and used as sexual slaves to dominant daughters. . Made to give milk, lick little girl pussy and many more humiliating experiences this mom will be used over and over.

Her shame will be intense, her pains and torments severe at times.

Page three is a more close up third shot with whip marks placed in an erotic pattern all over her body. A glint of tears running down her cheeks. Streaks of milk running down over the curves of the bound tortured tits. My hand between her legs pushing a dildo up her wet pussy. Down the left side of page







Page four is mom hanging limp in her ropes, nipple cones filled with milk on her nipples, whipped severely and looking totally defeated.

“This site is unlike any other you will ever see. Not only are they real moms they are real slaves. This is an intimate look into the lives of real people doing this for real.

It is also a guide to how to turn your own “mom”, teacher, auntie, bestie’s mom and others into helpless sex slaves with stories, picutres and videos giving step by step guidence and instructions covering everything from setups to detailed bodage lessons.

We will have links to purchase everything you will need to make your own “mom” into your helpless sex slave from puppy collars, ropes, chains, custom leather harnesses, milking supplies, legal drugs and more to have them docile cows giving milk to slaves screaming in agony.

New content will be added daily with at least one extended video weekly. Premium members will see even more videos, photos and get to watch a live webcam feed of the most severe sessions. For an extra fee some custom scenes may be performed live on two way cams and live chats so you can interact with us as you give the instructions for how you want our mommy slaves to suffer or cum. We can even instruct you on how to make your own mom all yours with real time interactive guidance.

This site is strictly lesbian and we only offer live cam sessions and instruction for female/female but anyone is welcome to join and watch.

Also see my sister's DARK site “TORTURED MOMS!” See slave moms bound and beaten, raped and defiled. Tortured with needles and humiliated in shame!

Jodi was stunned but turned all smiles as we talked.

“I didn’t know you even took this many photos….So miss porn producer and slave mom guru what are you thinking about for my “Tortured mom’s” site?” she finally asked.

“Well here is what I’ve been thinking. We use your room and public places for BabyDommes and the barn for Tortured moms. For now we have just mom but what you said about us maybe needing a matched set of ponies for the cart when we were talking about Tess… well it got me thinking. Now that we have her...well maybe we could make the sites look like we are lezzy girlfriends who have both turned our moms into our slaves. We could make half from what we are doing for real and half as a fantasy of how it happened and who they are.”

Jodi had been scrolling back over the stuff on my laptop and listening intently.

She looked at me and asked in a more serious tone.

“ So in the fantasy part of it, Barb is your mom and Tess is mine?”

“That was my thinking at first but...hey! What if we were sisters?! Then Mom would be both of ours and Sponge would be “Aunt Tess”! We can do a series of narrative videos where you subdue Mom and then bring me in as your little sister. Then together we take down Auntie Tess! Aunt Tess was always mean to us so you punish her severely on your site while I discipline Mom on mine. Together we can do the ponies and milking. I bet we could even make some money out of this. I posted one video to the web and we got thousands of likes! Since then I have been setting up the website, but I have not published it to the web yet. I wanted to check with you first.”

Jodi looked thoughtful, “So your side would be sweetness and little girl games gone wrong and mine would be more dungeon torture. The pony play will be on both? I like it. All names must be changed and everyone in masks at all times. There should also be disclaimers about age and consent on the sites. We don’t need any trouble,” she said. I nodded, of course I would add all that!

Jodi was again looking at my laptop and thinking.

“ Wouldn’t it be hot to meet some girls online and help them make their moms into slaves? Now, let's talk about the sister site!”


Later that night I did a lot of thinking about what Barb and Julie were trying to tell me. In one way they were right. I had reached Barb’s physical limits. But she came alive beneath my hands when I tortured her mentally. I was unwilling to give her up completely. But it was a good idea for me to use my more...excessive...tortures on Tess alone. And it would be good for Tess to learn under the gentle domination Julie was better at. You could not just torture and torture with no coressponding softness...not if you wanted a properly obedient slave. Julie would give that to Tess when I positively could not. It was a much better arrangement.

Her website idea was a good one, as long as we could ensure everyone’s safety and anonymity. It was even very exciting. Except...things had gotten much bigger than I had originally intended. I do not know how it had gotten so out of control. The website, keeping Tess prisoner, the forced lactation...So much to manage, so much to keep an eye on. I did not want to stop, did not want to return to what I had been before and yet...I was becoming overwhelmed.

There was only one cure. I got out of bed silently and grabbed some rope and a couple of dildos. Julie’s door was open a crack and I peeked in. She was fast asleep, curled up on her side like a sleeping child. I smiled and closed her door more completely, but did not let it latch lest the noise wake her. I continued on to Barb’s room, which she now had all to herself since her husband was nearly permanently out of town. Their bed was as useful as mine, if not as elaborate. It had four posts, simply turned and a heavy headboard. Barb had clearly indulged herself in the choosing of furniture for my room, but here she had to bow to her husband's sense of simplicity somewhat.

Luck was with me. Barb was nearly in the center of the bed and on her back. Gently, I took the arm closest to me and quickly tied the rope to it, slowly bringing it up so I could tie it to the bedpost. Barb sighed in her sleep, but did not wake. I rounded the bed and did the same to the other arm before tying her ankles similarly. I was on the bed and licking her pussy before she woke.

“What?” her voice was groggy still, not quite awake. I could feel her legs move, testing the bonds that held her. I bit down on her clit...not too hard...before raising my head.

“Hush, Toy!” I hissed quietly, “Do not wake your daughter!” She settled down immediately and I continued licking her and sucking her clit. It didn’t take long before she was writhing in her restraints. I knew all of her hotspots by now. I took up the short but thick dildo and lubed it before positioning it at her ass.

“Is that the bigger one?! Please, Jodi! I am too tired for…” I kept pressure on the dildo but leaned up to slap her face twice.

“What did you call me?” She needed to be good right now, she really did…

“Mistress Jodi! Forgive me! I was asleep..”

“It is not good to get too complacent...too is slut? I am not going to gag you, but if you wake Julie I am going to put you on the punishment horse in the middle of the night in the dark, do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” she whispered and I calmed, returning to my task at her ass. I pushed and she tensed. I pushed again harder.

“You have let things get out of control around here haven’t you, whore?” I asked, feeling the large dildo inching into her a little at a time. “You have a madam and a drug pusher chained up in your garage. You let your daughter do disgusting things to you. Can you imagine what your husband would do if he came home right this second?” The dildo slid home and Barb whimpered quietly. She was close to tears, I could hear it in her voice. My entire body relaxed and I took a deep, slow breath. I leaned up again and latched on to her nipple, not sucking but biting, though not hard enough to leave marks...well, none that would last until morning. I did not want to have to explain this little session to Julie. I liked her as a partner rather than another sub, but I could not give her reason to challenge me if I wanted to keep it that way. I reached my hand between us and fingered Barb’s pussy.

“And you are wet, slut! You love this. You like it when little girls hurt you don’t you, Toy?” I asked between bites.

“Mistress, please, I don’t know what you want…”

I lay across her and kissed her then, long and slow and desperately. Then I sat up, straddling her waist and twisting her nipples hard until she hissed with the pain and looked at me with tear filled eyes. Those beautiful eyes, sparkling and glowing in the dim light, were a balm to my soul and I gentled, leaning forward and licking her nipples gently.

“I want you, Barb. I have always only wanted you!”


I understood now. Jodi’s unexpected attack in the middle of the night had been frightening. Her hands had fairly trembled with some very strong emotion I had no way to identify in the dark. Though she had not hurt me nearly as much as she had in the past, it was much more alarming. She was like a crazy person...or one possessed...and I did not know how far she would go.

But her last words released my tension and my body softened beneath her. She would never go too far with me. It might seem that way to me at the time, but it never was and the rewards she delivered to me for enduring were worth every minute of pain.

“I am yours Mistress,” I assured her, “No matter whatever else happens.”

“If...If I delete the video I made...the blackmail video...would you still say that?” she asked.

“Yes, Penny, I would,” I answered and I meant it. She looked at me for a moment before jumping up and running softly out the door.

She returned seconds later with her laptop. She logged on and opened her online cloud file. She clicked on a file within and the text message she sent from my phone popped up on the screen. She hovered the pointer over the tiny trash can at the top and looked at me.

“It is up to you, Mistress. Do or do not. It makes no difference to me,” I told her. Her finger twitched on the touchpad and the message was gone. She shut the laptop and tossed it to the nearby chair before climbing back onto the bed and straddling my face.

“Show me nothing has changed, Toy. Show me you are mine still,” she ordered, lowering herself to my waiting tongue. I gave her everything I was capable of, bound as I was. She surprised me once again, leaning forward over my body. I felt her tongue on me again! Never had she reciprocated like this! My whole body went up in flames as her practiced tongue brought me near to orgasm. I redoubled my own efforts, not wishing to finish before her and was rewarded with a slight pause in her licking as I made her shudder with pleasure. The night had been so very intense it did not take long at all before we both reached shattering orgasms so close to each other I truly did not know who went first. I thought it was over then, but I was wrong.

Jodi took her favorite double ended dildo and inserted it into herself, turning and spearing me with the other end until we lay, hip to hip, breast to breast. She kissed me and I could taste us both. She started to move, strong, deep strokes that slid past my quivering, oversensitized flesh and began the climb once again.

“Who do you belong to, slut?” she asked, driving hard.

“You, Mistress,” I answered. Her breathing was shallow again and her strokes were forceful, driven. She cupped my breasts, bringing her head down to suckle from their leaking nipples and continued to drive us both toward another orgasm.

“Are you mine?” she asked again.

“Yes, Mistress.”

She kept the pace steady until she had drained my breasts and then she began to move faster, harder.

“No matter what happens, you belong to me!” she whispered fiercely.

“Yes, Mistress. Please, Mistress!”

“Wait...wait...soon my pet…”

I struggled to contain my orgasm. Jodi picked up the pace even more, slamming hard into me and herself. I noticed that the dildo was not bottoming out, she had bent it in a different place, taking more inside herself so it did not hurt me this time.

“Oh! Mistress!” I tilted my hips up to her as much as I was able and she smiled, kissing me, consuming me before whispering against my lips.

“Now, Toy!” She pushed in hard one last time and her body began to shake. Wishing I had my arms free to hold her, I came too, harder and longer than the first time. Jodi fastened her lips over mine to muffle my cries of pleasure that I could not stop so we didn’t wake Julie.

She rested on top of me for just a moment before removing all of the dildos and untying my arms and legs. She gathered me into her arms and we rested together. Jodi was stroking my hair. I dozed on her breast until she spoke again.

“I am going to give you a choice, Toy, one of the few times I will do that. Julie had an idea for her website. For her, it is just part of the game, part of the show, but it means much more than that usually. You have heard, I am sure, about the practice of collaring, right? When a Mistress collars her slave she is taking complete ownership of them. It is always consensual. We cannot do that. The collars would be impractical all of the time in our situation. Julie wants to pierce your nipples, yours and Tess’. That part is not your choice. It will not hurt any more than one of those shots and they can be removed when Bill comes home, he will never notice, I promise. But I want to give you one more piercing. A triangle piercing. It will go into the hood above your clit and the ring will hang down, circling your clit. It will hurt going in, there is no way it can’t, but after that it will heighten sensation to your clit. You will be aroused with the slightest movement. I like being able to arouse you with a flick of my finger, pet, and it will increase your arousal through any pain, so it can help there, too. But that is not why I want it. I want you to wear my ring, Barb. We need not tell Julie, she never has to know. This new arrangement of Julie taking over most of your punishment so I can focus on Tess is a good idea for all of us, but I find I am feeling jealous. I do not wish to. I love Julie and I never want to fight with her. If you consent to wear my ring I can let her have you, but do not do it because of that. If you say no I will find another way to keep myself under control. Only say yes, Barb, if you wish to be mine, that is the only way it will work. Julie will go off to college at some point and probably find her true love, get married...I will never do that. I never want to be anywhere but here with you and I can. People keep live-in housekeepers through generations, it is not so odd. It is a marriage, Barb, as important if not as legal as the one you are in. It means that much to me, so do not say yes if you do not mean it that way, too. I will not punish you for an answer of no, Barb, but you will regret to the end of your days saying yes if you do not mean it, do you understand?”

Her hands trembled as she held me.

“I understand, Mistress,” I said.

“Then here is my question, Will you wear my ring, Barb?

“Yes, Mistress. I will proudly wear it for as long as you will have me. You never have to leave here. This will always be your home and I will always be yours. I love you, Mistress Jodi. Put your ring in me and do whatever you wish with me. I trust you and respect you. You have given me a life...given us both new lives, lives we would have never had without you. Joy we would never have known without you. You are the most special daughter and sister in the world and this will always be your home. I would like to tell Julie, though. She knows of our love for each other. She has to. She has seen it in our eyes. I think Julie is like me and sees no limits on how much we can love others. I know she loves us both. She will not be jealous. She will understand and even be happy for us. I know her heart. She will want us to always have our love, and love her together.”

Jodi looked at me with tears of joy in her eyes and hugged me tight for a moment.

“Toy, you never cease to amaze me.” She said with a smile.

I smiled back

“Mistress, I can say the same thing about you. Here we are on this incredible journey that you began and now we have a woman sleeping chained up in our garage, my tits need milking and my daughter wants to put rings in my nipples!” Jodi laughed softly and kissed me as I continued, “ You will ring my pussy and I will be your slave…. willingly and wholeheartedly. The websites, pony carts, cows, bondage and omg Mistress! … Sponge screaming in agony! I want to see that so badly! ... oh fuck me, Mistress! This is going to be two very interesting years. “

Even though I had just had the incredible orgasm the talk of what lay ahead and the libido enhancing drugs that Jodi was continuing to give me, my pussy had never been wetter in my entire life! And though my beautiful Mistress normally denied me even one orgasm, let alone three, this time she was willing and able to oblige.
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