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She called me up out of the blue, and I can’t imagine how much courage that must have taken. She stuttered a bit at first and seemed to have some trouble breathing normally as she told me that her name was Laurie and that she’d gotten my number from my ex, Raine, with whom she had become friends at work.

Raine and I hadn’t broken up so much as we’d just drifted apart over time, and we were still on good terms, so this seemed legitimate, if unexpected. I said okay, nice to meet you and so forth. Then there was a long silence. I could hear her ragged breathing and was about to ask if there was anything I could do for her when she suddenly hung up.

O-kay, I thought, that was weird. I started to put my phone away but then it rang again. I answered, “Hello?”

More breathing. I said, “Laurie? Are you okay?”

She hung up again.

This time I just waited. It took a little longer but after a minute or so my phone rang again and I answered but didn’t say anything. After a moment she spoke, her voice quavering and barely above a whisper. “I’m…I’m sorry.” Another pause. “Um… Raine said that you…th-that you… God, this is so hard!”

I had no idea what was going on, but I said, “It’s okay, take your time.”

There was another long silence and I thought she was going to hang up again, but finally she spoke. “I’m sorry. God, you must think I’m some kind of weirdo.” I started to reassure her but she went on. “Okay, look, I…was wondering…if I, um…I could talk to you about something.” I said, sure, go ahead but almost before I could finish the sentence she burst out with a sharp “No!” Then she recovered herself and went on, “I mean, not on the phone. C-could we maybe…meet somewhere?” Her voice was practically a squeak by this point.

I was feeling extremely dubious about this entire situation but then I figured that Raine had given her my number for a reason so I replied as if I had this kind of conversation all the time. “Sure, okay. Um… How about the park? Would that work for you?”

I heard her draw another long breath, then she replied, her voice having dropped to a whisper once more, “Okay.”

We agreed to meet at the park entrance that evening. She said that Raine had shown her a picture of me so she would recognize me. I said okay and we both rang off.

Curiouser and curiouser. I thought about calling Raine to get some kind of handle on all this but decided to just see how it played out first. Besides, I thought that maybe I had an inkling of what was going on.

It was a late-summer evening and the sun was almost touching the horizon when I arrived at the park entrance, wondering if Laurie was going to show up or, if she did, whether she would have the nerve to speak to me. I had my doubts.

But then I noticed someone waving at me in an extremely tentative fashion, hand at her shoulder and barely moving, a terrified expression on her face as if she was going to turn and run at any moment - as I half expected her to do. But she stood there as if frozen to the spot, apparently forgetting that she was still waving at me. So I waved back and approached her slowly, as if she were a deer that I was trying not to frighten.

She was in her mid-twenties and was what used to be called plump: not overweight, really, but with a little extra padding around the stomach, hips and thighs. She had a pretty, pale face surrounded by a gorgeous tumble of wavy red-gold hair that fell to her shoulders. Quite attractive, apart from looking as though she were about to explode from tension. She was dressed in a ribbed yellow tank-top, jeans and sandals.

I said hello but she seemed unable to reply, staring into my eyes, her own eyes wide, her jaw working stiffly. I told her that it was okay and suggested that we just walk for a while. She managed to nod and fell in beside me as we walked into the park.

We walked in silence for a while, making our way through the huge city park. I could see her darting glances at me out of the corners of her eyes but I pretended not to notice. After a while I started asking her about working with Raine, how she liked the job, where she was from and so forth, and she managed to answer, stuttering and hesitating at first but then slowly relaxing ever so slightly.

The sun had set and the lampposts along the pathways had lit with a soft yellow glow by the time we had made our way to the fountain at the center of the park. Now talking somewhat more easily, we continued on for a while and took a side-path with fewer lights. When we encountered a bench under a large oak tree I suggested that we sit for a while.

There were still a few joggers, dog-walkers and couples passing through but the park was beginning to empty out. I turned to face Laurie on the bench but she stared straight ahead at nothing, her mouth slightly open, her breathing shallow. After a minute or so had passed I finally said, softly, “Was there something you wanted to talk about, Laurie?”

Though by now I was pretty sure I knew.

She turned to face me, moving stiffly as if having to force herself. She met my gaze, briefly, then looked down. The light from the nearest lamppost was dim but I could see that she was blushing.

“It’s…just that…sometimes Raine and I go out for drinks after work, you know?” I nodded encouragingly and she went on, “And one night we…we had an extra drink or two, and we were talking about relationships and old boyfriends and she told me that sometimes you…s-sometimes you would…” Her voice trailed off and suddenly she began to stand up, muttering, “I…I can’t…”

Ah. I had been right. I caught her by the shoulder and guided her back down to her seat. She gasped slightly and turned to look at me. I looked directly into her eyes and said, “Yes, I used to spank her sometimes.”

Actually, this wasn’t entirely true: it wasn’t sometimes; it was a lot. It was a regular and important part of our erotic life because we both thoroughly enjoyed it.

This time Laurie’s gasp was considerably louder; her eyes went wide and her mouth hung slightly open. Wanting to shock her just a little more, I went on, “I would put her over my lap and spank her ass.”

Not knowing how much Raine had told Laurie I avoided divulging any more of the considerable number of details. Besides, I thought that if I told Laurie about all the various ways, places and positions in which Raine had actually been spanked, paddled and whipped she might very well faint, so I simply asked, in a conversational tone, “Is that what you wanted to talk about, Laurie?”

Deer in the headlights. She stared at me, unable to speak. Finally she managed a very slight nod.

I nodded back, saying, “That’s fine, we can talk about that. I assume this is something you’re interested in for yourself?”

A sharp intake of air through her mouth. Another slight nod.

“Okay, well first of all, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Lots of people enjoy spanking; there are whole websites and online forums devoted to it.”

This time her nod was a little more emphatic and she managed to whisper, “I know.”

“Oh. So this is something you’ve been interested in for a while, I guess.”

Another nod.

“But…you’ve never actually been spanked yourself?”

She shook her head. “N-no. None of my boyfriends…” She looked down. “I…I didn’t know how to ask.”

I spoke gently. “It’s always okay to ask for what you want, Laurie. You might not always get it, but if you don’t ask it’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t.” She looked up at me again and nodded as I went on, “And that’s why you called me, right?” Another nod. “And that’s why we’re here? Because you want me to spank you?”

She started to look down again but I reached over and lifted her chin so that she was looking directly into my eyes. Then I waited. Finally she breathed, “Yessss…”

I held her gaze for a long moment. Then I said, softly, “Then you need to ask, Laurie.”

She froze. I repeated, “It’s always okay to ask for what you want, Laurie.”


Still holding her by the chin I leaned forward until our noses were almost touching. “Tell me what you want.”

Suddenly she burst out, probably more loudly than she’d intended, “I want you to spank me!” Then she whispered, “Oh god,” a tear running down each cheek.

I released her chin and used my thumb to wipe away her tears, saying, “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

She managed a small smile and shook her head slightly.

“You’re being very brave, Laurie. That was the hardest part.” I waited a couple of beats, then added, “But you still haven’t actually asked me.”

Her smile faded but she couldn’t look away. Lips quivering, she managed to whisper, “Please s-spank me.”

“Good. Again.”

“W-will you p-please spank me?”

She suddenly collapsed on my shoulder, throwing her arms around me and crying softly. Occasionally I would hear a muffled, “Please…I’m sorry…please.”

I held her and stroked her hair while she cried herself out. Then I leaned down and whispered in her ear, “I assume you don’t mean right here.”

At this she actually giggled into my shoulder. Then she managed to sit up, smiling and shaking her head. “No.”

I smiled back at her. “I didn’t think so.” We just smiled at each other for a moment, then I went on, “I’m guessing you’ve been thinking about this for quite a while.” Her face, already pink, blushed more deeply as she nodded. I continued, “So you probably have an idea of how you would like this to happen. A fantasy that you come back to…” I leaned forward and finished softly, “...when you’re touching yourself?”

Strangely, she didn’t flinch at this, though her voice shook a little as she replied, “Y-yes.”

“Then now would be a good time for you to tell me about it.” Her eyes went wide and she started to shake her head, but I held up my hand and continued, “Remember what I said about asking for what you want? I can’t guess, Laurie.”

She continued to shake her head but less emphatically as I went on. “You need to do this, Laurie. I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be shocked by anything you tell me.” I leaned a little closer and added, “And I have a feeling that you’ll actually enjoy it.”

She was completely still. I turned my face away, saying, “Whisper it in my ear.”

Then I waited.

There was a long silence, punctuated only by her shallow breathing. Then, so softly that I could barely hear it:

“W-we…we’re in an apartment - yours, I guess. You’re sitting in a chair…in the middle of the living room and I’m… I’m s-standing in front of you…”

She went on, her voice becoming stronger and more confident as she continued. At one point I turned to look at her and saw that she had closed her eyes, lost in her fantasy. As she went into more detail her voice began to shake again, this time with excitement, and once or twice she interrupted herself with a hoarse, “Oh god,” but kept going.

When she reached the end of her narration she simply fell silent, her mouth still close to my ear, her breathing extremely audible. After a long moment she whispered, “Did… Do you…like that?”

I turned to face her and smiled. “You did very well, Laurie. And yes, I like it very much. As you can see.” I looked down at my lap and Laurie followed my gaze to where my erection was visibly straining against my zipper, visible even in the rapidly dimming light.

“Ohhhhhh…” she breathed.

“Give me your hand.”

She offered me her right hand and I placed it, gently but firmly, palm down against the front of my pants. She gasped, and for a moment tried to pull her hand away but then left it where it was, my hand covering hers.

“Do you feel how hard that is?” I asked her. Staring into my eyes, unable to speak, she nodded once more. I went on, “You did that, Laurie. Just by telling me your story, your fantasy.”

I began guiding her hand up and down my shaft as I concluded, “How does that make you feel?”

She looked down as if fascinated by what her hand was doing, then back up at me. Finally she managed to speak. “G-good, I guess.” I took my hand away and allowed her to find her own rhythm as she went on, “Excited?” I nodded encouragingly. “It…it just makes me feel so much better that you don’t think it’s weird or stupid or something.”

“Of course not,” I replied, smiling at her. “As I said, lots of people enjoy it. And you already knew from Raine that I’d be okay with it, right?” She nodded as she continued to stroke me. I went on, “Well, more than just okay, obviously. That feels really nice, by the way.” She managed a tremulous smile. “So yes…I would be happy to spank you, Laurie. Just the way you described it, if that’s what you want.”

She hesitated for a long moment, then, her lips barely moving, whispered, “Okay.” She paused again then continued, a little more boldly, “Yes, I… I want you to spank me. Please.”

I reached up and stroked her face for a moment, saying, “Good. One question: would you prefer me to be warm or cold?” Seeing her blank expression, I explained, “That is, would you like this to be kind of a friendly spanking or would you like me to be sort of cold and distant? Raine always liked to pretend that I was some kind of authority figure - you know, a boss or a teacher or something like that.”

Her eyes widened for a moment. Then she blushed and looked down, seemingly concentrating on stroking me. Then she said softly, not looking up at me, “I was afraid to tell you. In…in my fantasy you’re…you’re a teacher I had in high school that I liked. He catches me cheating and…and makes me stay after class and then… Well, you know.” She looked shyly up at me from under her eyelashes. “I didn’t want to tell you because… I mean, that’s weird, right?” She looked down again.

I reached over and lifted her chin so that she was looking directly at me again. “Not at all, Laurie. Raine loved to role-play like that and it’s probably one of the most popular spanking scenarios there is. And not just spanking, either,” I added with a smile.

Laurie took a shallow breath, nearly a gasp, as I released her chin and went on. “But here’s the thing: fantasizing about something and actually experiencing it are very different, as I’m sure you know.” She nodded, slowly, as I went on. “So, let’s see, today is Wednesday. What I want you to do is take a couple of days to check in with yourself. And if you’re sure this is what you want, I want you to call me on Friday night at, say, 7 PM.” She nodded again. “And when I answer, I want you to say, ‘Please spank me, Sir.’ Do you understand?”

She froze for a moment, her mouth hanging slightly open, then managed to nod again, a little jerkily.

I added, “And I think it would be a good idea if you didn’t touch yourself between now and then.”

She managed a slightly quavery, “Okay.”

I gently removed her hand from the front of my pants as I stood up, using it to tug her to her feet as well. Then I led her behind the bench and placed her hand on the top wooden slat, reaching around behind her to guide her other hand to the top of the bench as well so she was bent slightly forward.

Then, placing my left hand between her shoulder blades, I eased her further down and simultaneously used my free hand to give her two quick, hard slaps on the behind, one on each cheek.

She snapped upright and cried out with a loud “OW!” that echoed through the darkness of the now-deserted park and then, horrified, clapped a hand over her mouth.

A moment later she gave a startled “Oh!” behind her hand, then quickly reached down to grab the top of the bench again, groaning as she bent forward until her forehead was nearly touching the bench between her hands. Her hips jerked as she let out something between a moan and a sigh:


Then she was completely still. I waited, not wanting to interrupt the moment.

Then, still bent over the bench, she whispered, “Oh my god.”

After another long pause she slowly straightened up, turned and threw her arms around me again. I returned the embrace, giving her a kiss on top of her head as she murmured, “I almost never…I mean, I hardly ever…” and squeezed me harder.

After a while we disentangled ourselves. We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. Then I offered her my arm and walked her back to where she had parked her car, neither of us saying a word. There was another long look between us but not a word was spoken as she climbed into her car - lowering herself cautiously onto the seat - and drove away.


Laurie was nothing if not punctual: at exactly 7 PM on Friday night my phone rang. Knowing who it was, I simply opened the call without speaking and waited. After a moment I heard a tentative “Hel-”, which was quickly cut off as she remembered her instructions. When she spoke again her voice was very soft but there was no hesitation in it.

“Please spank me, Sir.”

In keeping with my assigned role I simply gave her directions to my apartment building and hung up.

She arrived about twenty minutes later, miraculously finding a parking space almost directly across from my building. I had been watching from my second-floor window and went down to open the front door for her. And before entering the building, even though I hadn’t instructed her to do so, she quickly glanced around before meeting my eyes and repeating, “Please spank me, Sir.”

Her eyes were bright, almost feverish, and her shoulders looked rigid with tension as I took her hand and wordlessly led her up the stairs to the second floor and into my apartment. In that short time her nervousness had apparently ratcheted up considerably, as she jumped slightly when she heard the door close behind us.

Seeing her condition, I dropped my role momentarily, taking her gently by the shoulders and saying, “Everything’s okay, Laurie. Nothing will happen without your permission, and if you decide that this isn’t what you want after all, we can stop whenever you say. Okay?”

Her eyes were still fearful, but she managed a stiff nod. I leaned in, looking directly into her eyes, and said, softly, “You are safe, Laurie, I promise.”

She stared searchingly into my eyes for a long moment, then took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I know,” she said.

I took her into my arms and held her for a while, feeling her breath slowly settling. As we separated, I offered her a glass of wine but she shook her head and asked for a little water instead. I led her into the living room and left her there for a moment as I fetched her a glass of water from the kitchen. When I returned I found her staring at the straight-backed wooden chair that I had placed in the exact middle of the room.

The weather had cooled somewhat over the last couple of days and she was wearing a light orange cotton sweater over black jeans. I handed her the glass of water and she took a few swallows before handing it back to me. Meeting my gaze, she simply said, “Okay.”

I nodded slowly before placing the glass on a nearby bookshelf. Then I took my reading glasses out of my shirt pocket and put them on, hoping that it made me look more teacher-like, before taking my seat on the wooden chair.

I pointed at a spot on the carpet directly in front of me and she came to stand there, looking down at me, her arms loosely at her sides, her face expressionless.

Slipping into my role, I looked up at her and said, “I believe you know why I asked you to stay after class, Laurie.”

Meeting my gaze, she replied softly, “Yes, Sir.”

I continued to look at her until she went on, “I was cheating on the test, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Are you, though?” I replied. “I think not. Sorry you got caught, certainly. I think you’ve earned a suspension. And then you and I need to have a meeting with your parents.”

Raine and I had played out this scenario many times but even though Laurie had never done this before she had fantasized about it often enough so that she was able to follow the ‘***********’ as she had described it to me.

“Oh no, please don’t, Sir,” she quavered, her genuine nervousness giving authenticity to her voice. “I’m really sorry, Sir. I won’t do it again, I promise!”

“So you say,” I replied, my expression cold. “But in the meantime, what am I to do with you? Cheating is a very serious business, Laurie.”

This was her cue, and with authentic hesitation she responded, looking down at the floor, “Couldn’t you…p-punish me instead, Sir?”

I leaned back in my chair. “What do you mean, Laurie?”

Still looking down, she said, her voice barely above a whisper, “You…you could…s-spank me, Sir.”

I pretended to give a derisive snort. “Spanking is for children, Laurie. For bad little boys and girls. Is that what you are?”

Without looking up, she began shaking her head but I interrupted, “Look at me, Laurie,” and when she raised her eyes, demanded, “Is it?”

She continued shaking her head for a moment and then stopped. Without looking away she whispered, “Yes. I’m a…a bad little girl.” Then, her voice pleading, added, “Please spank me, Sir.” She took a gasping breath. “Oh god. Please.”

I held her gaze for a long moment, making her squirm a little. Then I replied, “Very well. Pull down your pants, Laurie.”

And even though this was part of the scenario she had described to me, her gasp seemed genuine. “Oh! Oh no, Sir! Please don’t make me…”

I stopped her with a raised hand. “Pants down, Laurie.” And when she hesitated I added, more loudly, “Now!

Blushing furiously, she undid her belt, opened and then slowly unzipped her pants, looking at me beseechingly as if begging me to let her stop, her mouth hanging open and her lips quivering, but when I said nothing she continued on, tugging her pants down over her hips and lowering them until they were crumpled around her knees. Then she straightened up again and waited.

She had obviously given some thought to her lingerie, as her panties were a reddish color that complemented both her lovely hair and her sweater, and were feminine without being overly lacy or girly. She saw me looking at them and looked down at herself, murmuring “Oh god,” when she noticed the darker wet spot in the crotch. One hand twitched toward it as if to cover the spot but she forced it back to her side and looked up at me again.

I made her wait, deliberately looking her slowly up and down. Then I got up and retrieved a pad of paper and a pen that I had left on the bookshelf. Placing them on the seat of the chair, I stood behind it, pointed at a place on the floor in front of it and said, “Kneel.”

She slowly fell to her knees in front of the chair, looking up at me the entire time.

“Pick up the pen.” She did so, and I continued, “Write ten times: ‘I’m a bad little girl and I deserve to be punished.’”

“Yes, Sir.”

She bent over the chair and began to write. I walked slowly around her, observing, while she wrote, returning to my position behind the chair as she finished up. When done, she looked up at me.

“Put them on the floor over there,” I instructed her, indicating a spot to the left of the chair from where I stood. While she did so I pulled the chair back slightly, coming around to sit on it so that when she straightened up she was only an inch or two from my knees.

She was breathing more heavily now, knowing what was coming. Without being told, she scuffled, still on her knees, to my right side. Then she stood. After a moment she said, “I haven’t touched myself since you told me not to, Sir.” Then she slowly, carefully, draped herself over my lap, using the far edge of the chair seat for support as she lowered herself into position until her cute, slightly large behind was directly in front of me, the fabric of her panties stretched thin, her sweater riding up her back, her jeans fallen further down towards her ankles.

Again I made her wait, letting her fully experience the moment. Her face was nearly touching the pad of paper on the floor.

“Read it to me.”

She moaned softly. Then she began, her voice nearly a whisper: “I’m a bad little girl…”

I seized her by the hair and pulled her head up, making her gasp.

“Louder,” I told her, and then let her head fall again.

“I’m a bad little girl…” she began, only marginally louder, but when I seized her hair again she stopped abruptly and, as I released her, started over, this time at a normal volume.

“I’m a bad little girl and I deserve to be punished - OW!”

Her back arched and she hissed with pain as I landed the first hard swat on her behind. Without thinking, she reached back with one hand as if to cover the spot but I pushed it away, saying, “Keep reading.”

“Oooo. Oooo,” she breathed, then added, “Yes, Sir.” She hesitated for a moment, then continued, “I’m a bad little girl and I deserve to be punished - OW! OWW! Oh, shit!” she cried out as she received two more slaps, one on each cheek. I saw her hands curl into fists on the floor but I said nothing.

She gasped repeatedly as if trying to catch her breath, and when she finally spoke again her voice was ragged. ““I’m…oh god…I’m a b-bad little girl and I…” She hesitated, then made herself contine, rushing through the last part of the sentence, “...I-deserve-to-be-p-punished, Sir! - OW! Oh please… OW! OW! Jesus! Fuck!”

Three swats, one on each cheek and one in the middle. I could hear her whimper and begin to sob but she went right on, more loudly, “I’m a BAD little girl and I DESERVE to be punished! OW! Motherfu- OW! OW! OWWW! Ohhhh…my god. Please…”

“Please…what?” I asked softly, wondering if she wanted to stop.

For a moment it seemed as if that was what she wanted, as she continued to lie across my lap, sobbing. I grabbed a tissue from a nearby box and handed it down to her. She blew her nose a couple of times then tossed the tissue aside and lowered her head once more. “I’m…oh god…I’m a bad little girl and I deserve to be punished.”

She must have gritted her teeth immediately afterward because as I landed the next five swats on her behind she merely grunted between sobs: “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! UNH!”, squealing behind her teeth when the last one struck. “EEEEEeeeeee!”

She lowered her forehead to the pad of paper beneath her, and even from where I was sitting I could see that it was blotched with tear-stains, snot and sweat. She fumbled blindly for the tissue she’d tossed aside, found it and blew her nose once more. Then, still whimpering with pain, she raised herself slightly off the floor, taking a long indrawn breath as she felt me pulling up on the elastic of her panties so that the fabric became trapped between her ass-cheeks, leaving them completely exposed.

They were blotched and red all over, with visible handprints in a few places. I managed to worm my phone out of my pocket and took a quick picture, then held it down to where she could see it, tugging on her hair to indicate she should turn her head.

“Ohhhh…” she breathed. Then she started to hyperventilate. “Oh! Omigod, omigod! Oh! I’m gonna…”

This time I yanked on her hair, making her stop with a loud gasp. “No, you’re not,” I said firmly. “Not until I say so.”

I continued to hold her head up by her hair as she sobbed and fought down the orgasm that was threatening to overwhelm her. At last, with another long, sighing “Ohhhhhhh…”, she subsided. I gently lowered her head to the floor and released her. After a moment she whispered, “Thank you, Sir.”

“Only good little girls are allowed to come,” I told her. “Are you a good little girl?”

“N-no, Sir.”

“Then what are you?”

“I’m a bad little girl, Sir.”

She took another moment to recover, then continued, in a much stronger voice, “I’m a bad little girl and I deserve to be punished - OW!” My hand slapping her now-exposed behind made a much louder sound that echoed slightly in the room, and she cried out again and again as I gave her five more: “OW! Oh shit! OW! OW! Fuck, that really…OW! OWWWWW…! Jesus H. Fuck!”

I passed her another tissue as she continued to lie across my lap, sniffling and crying. She wiped her eyes with it before using it to blow her nose again, tossing the tissue aside afterward so that it lay next to the first one on the floor. Then, when her breathing had settled somewhat, she asked, in a small, quavering voice, “Could you please…show me again, Sir? I promise I won’t…you know…”

I still had my phone out so I took a fresh picture of her behind, this one showing the outlines of my hand much more clearly against the reddened flesh. I zoomed in slightly, then bent down to slip the phone directly under her face. And while she was staring at the screen I used the time to run the palm of my hand lightly over her behind as if smoothing it, eliciting several whispers of “Oooooo…” from below me. This was followed by a long moan as I dragged the fingernails of both hands down her cheeks and then finally by cries of “Uh!” and “Oh god!” as I pinched each cheek between my thumbs and forefingers, making her writhe in my lap.

Her voice suddenly became louder - almost desperate: “Ahh! Please! Ohhh…I’m a bad little girl and I deserve to be punished! Punish me, Sir! OW! OW! Oh shit! OW! Spank me, Sir! OW! OW! OW! OW! Shit!... Fuck!... Oh god, yes!”

There wasn’t even a moment’s hesitation after the seventh slap on her behind. “Keep going! Please, Sir! I’M A BAD LITTLE GIRL AND I DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED, SIR!”

She writhed and whimpered and cried and shrieked as eight more slaps landed hard on her behind.

Then nine more.

By this point she was sobbing and moaning and babbling incoherently. I bent down and retrieved my phone, wiping it off on her behind before opening the camera app again. She gasped as I pushed her right leg off my lap, causing her legs to spread as far as her pants, now down around her ankles, would allow. I took a picture of the now soaking-wet crotch of her panties, pulled tight between her pussy lips, with curly wisps of red-gold hair peeking out from under the elastic, and then placed the phone beneath her face once more.

There was a long, drawn-out groan: “OHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh…god!”

I said, “One word at a time, little girl.”

Unable to speak at the moment, she managed to nod. She took a few quick, sobbing breaths and then began.


Whack! I slapped one ass-cheek, and at the same time grabbed the elastic of her panties with my free hand and gave it a good tug, yanking the crotch between her pussy lips.

She barely muffled a scream, clapping both hands over her mouth. But then she lowered them to the floor again and continued.


Whack! Another slap and simultaneous yank.

“Ah! Oh god!” Her hips were twitching in my lap and she had to use the foot which was now on the floor to steady herself. “Uhhh! B-bad…”

Whack! I yanked up on her panties once more, this time slipping my fingers through the leg-holes on each side and jerking the crotch of her panties back and forth.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Fuck! Oh god, please hurry, Sir! LITTLE!”

Whack! And from that point on the pace and intensity grew quickly as we both gave ourselves over completely.













“PUNISHED! I deserve to be PUNISHED, SIR!”


“AH! GOD! Thank you, Sir! Please, please, may I come now, Sir? Oh god, please, Sir!”

She was literally thrusting her hips up and down in my lap, though I’m not sure she was conscious of it. Thoroughly aroused myself, I was tempted to slip my hand between her legs and give her the orgasm she so desperately craved.

But I held back. Instead, I pushed her remaining leg off my lap and she crumpled to the floor, curling into a ball and whimpering, “Please, please…I can’t…oh, god, please…”

I took her by the wrists and carefully pulled her into a kneeling position and from there slowly upward until she was just barely standing, still sobbing, her legs trembling. I took another tissue and gently patted her face dry, then held the tissue to her nose so that she could blow once more.

Dropping the tissue to the floor, I took her by both hands and waited until she looked up at me.

“Bad little girls get corner-time,” I said softly, using her hands to turn her and pull her towards an empty corner of the room. She came along, apparently dazed, taking the small, shuffling steps required by the pants around her ankles. I led her into the corner, then raised her hands and placed them behind her head. Stepping out from in front of her, I placed one hand between her shoulder blades and guided her further into the corner until her elbows were touching the two walls.

I used one foot to spread hers as far apart as her pants would allow. Then, as a final touch, I hooked my thumbs in the elastic of her panties and slowly lowered them until they were stretched tightly between her thighs.

“Ohhhh…” she breathed, as she felt them sliding downward, but she said nothing else.

I retrieved my phone and took a full-length picture of her in that position, and then a closer one, from the waist down. Then I slipped my hand under her arm and held the screen in front of her face, toggling between the two pictures.

She literally began to quiver where she stood, unable to speak, aside from repeating an incoherent sound: “Nn! Nn! Nn!” After several seconds she finally managed, “Please, Sir! Oh god, please may I come now, Sir! I can’t…oh god, please, please, please…” before trailing off into a long, low moan.

Without replying I retrieved my phone, turned and headed back towards my chair, expecting to let her enjoy begging for a little while longer. But Laurie had turned and followed me, despite the restraints of her jeans and panties, shuffling up behind me and seizing me by my shoulders. Turning me around so that we were face-to-face, she stared at me, her eyes crazed, and said, “I’m sorry for being such a bad little girl, Sir.”

Then she fell to her knees and began fumbling at my belt-buckle with shaking hands, somehow managing to open and unzip my pants and then yanking them down, along with my underwear.

She stared at my upright cock for several seconds. Then, looking up at me, she repeated, “I’m sorry for being such a bad little girl, Sir,” before seizing my cock with both hands and taking the head into her mouth.

She was so frantic in her movements that at first it wasn’t a very pleasurable experience at all for me; her hands were squeezing my shaft tightly and she was trying to say “I’m sorry for being such a bad little girl, Sir,” while simultaneously using her lips and tongue to kiss and lick the head of my cock. She stared up into my eyes as if hypnotized while she continued.

I had completely forgotten that I was still holding my phone in my hand until Laurie suddenly seized my wrist and pulled my hand over until the phone was directly over her face. “Please…” was all she said.

So I began recording a video, and as soon as Laurie saw the light come on she looked into the camera and repeated once more, “I’m sorry for being such a bad little girl, Sir,” before lowering her head and taking me into her mouth once more, moaning as she did so.

She released my wrist and lowered her hand until it was between her legs. She made a high-pitched squealing sound as she found her clitoris but continued to pleasure me with her mouth and other hand, looking into the camera the entire time, occasionally pulling back just long enough to gasp, “Bad little girl, Sir!” before continuing.

Given everything else that had happened that evening, this couldn’t go on for long, and it didn’t. By this time I had my free hand on the back of her head and I was thrusting into her mouth. Laurie was grunting and whimpering and gagging slightly, tears running down her cheeks, as she continued to stroke and finger herself.

When the climax came it was nearly simultaneous. As soon as Laurie heard my groan of pleasure and felt me spurting into her mouth she pulled back so that the rest of my semen would land on her face. And as the first drops fell on her she began to shake uncontrollably and her mouth fell open in a shuddering cry as she went into orgasm. She did her best to continue looking into the camera but lost all control and literally fell over onto her side, curling into a quivering, moaning ball.

I continued recording the video for a moment longer, slowly zooming in on her face before turning off the camera and slipping the phone back into my pocket. Then after straightening and zipping up my pants I bent down and stroked her hair gently for a while before taking her by the hands and helping her to her feet.

Her shoes had both fallen off and her pants and underwear had long since fallen around her ankles, so I helped her to step out of them, leaving her wearing only a pair of dark orange knee-socks from the waist down. I gave her a quick hug and led her into my bedroom, where I had her lie face-down on the bed. I stepped quickly into the bathroom, returning with a container of skin lotion and a washcloth soaked in cool water, with which I gently soothed her sore and reddened behind. She responded with an occasional muffled “Mmm…” and then fell silent.

When I was done I bent down and inquired softly if she was doing okay, but her slow, deep breathing told me that she had fallen asleep. I was quite tired from my efforts as well, so I lay down beside her and pulled the covers up over us.

When I awoke, at a little after two in the morning, she was gone. But she had left a note on her pillow:

This was wonderful. Thank you, Sir.

But I came without your permission.

I’m a bad little girl and I deserve to be punished.

Tonight? Please, Sir?

Kisses, –Laurie

P.S. Will you please send me the pictures and the video you took, Sir? And maybe we can look at them together tonight? I’d really like that, Sir.

It looked as though I had a busy weekend ahead.


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