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Heather meets Dan’s mother and Grandma gets a treat.
Dan and Heather walked through town, Heather giggled excitedly at the way people stared at them. Girls from school scowled at her when they saw how Dan put his arm around her. Boys from school just stared enviously realising that Heather was now out of bounds. Older men only had eyes for Heather, her heels maybe her stand up straight making the most of her figure, her excitement was shown by the way her nipples were fully engorged and obvious with only the thin material of her dress to cover them. Three times the breeze caused her skirt to lift, she made no effort to stop it knowing that her bare bottom was on show. She saw wives hitting their husbands for staring at Heather’s firm buttocks, probably dreaming of slipping their cocks between them.

There were whistles and jeers when they passed a building site, she smiled and waved at the men hanging off the scaffold to get a better look at her. One voice shouted out, “Show us your pussy baby,”. She giggled, released Dan’s arm, turned to the building site and lifted her skirt. There were howls of appreciation, applause, whistles and shouts, many of the men making wanking gesture’s.

“Now that’s got the whole town talking,” Dan said when she grabbed his arm again.

“Sorry,” she said, “l was excited and got carried away.”

“A good job we didn’t take the short cut through the site,” he said, “l would have had to watch you being gang raped.”

“Mmmmmmm.” She said, reaching up on tip toe to kiss him, “l bet you’d have liked that, judging by the way you’re turned on.” She put her hand on the prominent bulge in his jeans and gave it a squeeze.

“Careful.” He said.

“Oh dear, l don’t want you to cum in your pants,” she laughed, “your mother won’t be pleased if l drain your spunk before she has chance to get some.”

He used his key to let them in, once the door closed he heard his mother shout.

“Is that you Dan!” She said.

“Yes,” he replied.

“I’m in the bedroom,” she said.

Dan was going to shout that he had Heather with him but she stopped him, putting her finger to his lips.

Dan climbed the stairs, Heather following. His mother’s bedroom door was open, he walked in. She was sat up on the bed naked, her legs spread, she was holding a vibrator against her clitoris with one hand and the book from the market in the other.

“This book is so filthy baby,” she said, then she looked up and saw Heather stood in the doorway. “Oh!” She said, her face going bright red.

“Don’t worry,” Heather said, “Dan has told me everything, l think it’s wonderful that he’s fucking you. Is that one of those books from the market?”

“Er..yes,” Jean replied.

“They can be pretty full on, my Grandma buys them.”

Jean was a little shocked at the situation, being caught masturbating by her son’s girlfriend was not something she had expected, and then for the girlfriend to act as if masturbating while reading about severely perverted sex, well, she didn’t know what to do.

“I’m sorry,” Heather said, “l shouldn’t have surprised you like this, but Dan said he had to come and fuck you and l said l would like to watch.”

“Well it is a little bizarre to say the least,” Jean said.

Heather turned her back to Dan, “unzip me babe,” she said.

He unzipped her dress and she slipped out of it revealing herself naked.

“Do you mind if l join you?” She said , climbing onto the bed between Jeans outstretched legs. “You’ve got a beautiful pussy, may l.”

Jean slid down on the bed, Heather lowered her mouth over her cunt. Jean sighed deeply as Heather worked on her, Dan surmised that Heather must be biting on his mother’s clitoris when she cried out, holding Heather’s head as her thighs quivered.

Dan stripped of as he watched, his cock straining at full erection.

“Oh god she’s good baby,” his mother said to him.

“She does it with her Grandma,” he told her. “Heather wants me to fuck her Grandma.”

“Oh you must baby,” she said, “oh….ohh…ohhhhhh,” she came again.

Heather lifted her head, her face glistening with cunt juices. “Your turn,” she said, moving aside and lying with her legs spread.

Jean straddled her head facing her feet, then leaned forward to return what Heather had done for her. She was on her knees, her cunt above Heather’s face, her mouth pressed against Heather’s cunt. He could see Heather squirming, he could tell his mother was working hard on her. Heather reached up and inserted two fingers it his mother’s cunt, fucking her fast and hard. He heard his mother groan, juices dripped from her cunt onto Heather’s face, she opened her mouth to catch the drips.

Dan got behind his mother, placing his cock against her anus, he felt her push back and his cock slipped in easily. He sank into her, fucking her with long slow strokes. Heather fondled his balls with her free hand still finger fucking Jean’s cunt with the other.

He heard Heather moan and saw her tremble with orgasm. He began to fuck harder, quickening his thrusts. His mother pushed back to meet each one, groaning as he ploughed deep each time. He could feel his moment coming, sank deep into her and fired his cum into her, she groaned again. She moved forward and his cock slipped out of her arsehole, Heather grabbed him, pulled him down, taking his cock into her mouth, he hadn’t finished and pumped some more spunk into her mouth as her tongue caressed him and she sucked him clean.

When he finally rolled away, the three of them lay there slowly recovering.

“Wow!” Jean was the first to speak.

“What do l call you?” Heather asked, “l can hardly call you Mrs. Evans after what we just did.”

“No call me Jean sweetheart,” she replied, “that was some introduction,” she laughed.

“Well at least it saves all the nervous conversation getting to know each other,” Heather said.

Dan said he needed to piss so went to the bathroom. When he returned, Heather and his mother were sat side by side, looking at the book and magazine he’d bought, Jean had also brought out the other one with all the animal photos in.

Heather asked her if she’d ever done it with a dog.

“Not yet,” Jean replied, “my niece has tried it and said it is awesome, we have talked about the possibility of organising it when l go up next time but it’s difficult making plans, l have to use the phone box down the road and often there is someone waiting outside so l can’t say too much.”

“We’ve got a telephone,” Heather said, “you could come to us and use that.”

“What about your Grandma?

“Oh she won’t mind,” Heather replied, “she has a few of these magazines herself, she uses them when she masturbates.”

“She sounds like a remarkable woman,” Jean said, “how old is she?”

“Seventy three,” Heather replied, “l want Dan to fuck her, it’s so long since she was fucked properly, l fuck her with a dildo when we make love but it’s not the same and l’m sure she has never had a cock like Dan’s in her pussy.”

“Only, one thing sweetheart,” Jean said, “we don’t use that word in this house, we call a cunt a cunt.”

“Oh sorry,” Heather giggled, “l was just trying to be polite, l like to use cunt as well.”

“Are you going to fuck her Grandma Son?” She asked.

“Oh he will,” Heather laughed, “he’s already given her a good look at his cock and he was getting hard showing her, if she hadn’t been going shopping and he hadn’t told me he wanted to come here and fuck you l’m sure he would have fucked her this morning.”

“I think you should Dan,” his mother said, “it sounds like the lady has been kind to you, lt would be a nice thing for you to do for her.”

“With both of you ganging up on me l don’t have much choice,” he smiled, “but if l’m going to fuck her as well l’m soon going to run out of steam.”

“He’s right Jean,” Heather said, “we could do with another cock, one at least, we can’t expect him to keep three cunts satisfied and then there’s Laura as well.”

“He told you about Laura then,” Jean said.

“Yes he told me he raped her,” Heather chuckled, “l have to admit my initial thought was that she deserved it, she’s been a right cow to me in the past, l wish l’d been there to watch.”

“And me,” Jean said, “although she’s my daughter and l shouldn’t be turned on by watching her brother rape her.”

“Dan tells me she’s still upset.”

“Yes, we had a chat after she tried to tell me he’d raped her, she was upset with me because l didn’t believe her but l’ve calmed her down a bit, l explained that Dan probably got a bit rough when he saw her naked, he’s a young boy and hasn’t got his testosterone in control yet. She still wanted me to punish him so l promised her l would.”

“What are you going to do to punish him?” Heather said excitedly, getting up on her knees, “l think he should be punished too, raping his sister is naughty. What should we do to him Jean.”

“Hang on a minute,” Dan laughed, he was thrilled that his mother and Heather were getting along so well, he wasn’t sure about the way the conversation was going but couldn’t deny that it was exciting him.

“He’s got a nice bum hasn’t he?” Jean said.

“Very nice,” Heather replied, slowly sliding off the bed and walking over to Dan, she started caressing his body, her one hand tracing down his back to his bottom. “He’s so round and firm,” she said, pinching his buttocks, “just the sort of bottom that need a good spanking now and again.”

“Do you think he should get a good spanking for raping his sister?” Jean said, standing up and joining them, her hand joining Heathers, stroking his buttocks.

“And look at this,” Heather said, holding his cock, “l think that tells me that a good spanking is necessary, he’s gone hard thinking about raping his sister and that is very naughty.”

“ Very naughty indeed,” Jean said, her hand joining Heathers, gripping his cock. “Look, two hands and his head is still popping out.”

Dan felt good, the two sexiest women in his life behaving as it they were in a porn movie. He went to grab his mother’s breast but she knocked his hand away.

“Did you see that Heather,” she said, “did you see what he tried to do, the naughty little pervert.”

“Yes l did,” Heather replied, grabbing his balls and squeezing them gently, “as if raping his sister isn’t bad enough, now he wants to grope his mother’s tits.”

“I think a damned good spanking is called for,” Jean said, “come on you naughty boy.” She sat on the bed, using his cock to pull him towards her.

Dan was enjoying the game and happy to play along, expecting his mother to give him a pretend spanking. He laid over her knees while she fondled his bottom.

“What about these?” Heather said, seeing Jean’s slippers on the floor and picking them up.

“Ideal,” Jean said, taking one from Heather.

“Just a minute,” Dan said, sensing that things were getting more serious.

“Quiet!” Jean said, bringing her slipper down hard on his bottom.

“Okay, game over,” he said, trying to get up only for both women to push him back down and Heather to strike with her slipper.

“No-one said it was a game,” Jean said, striking him again, quickly followed by another from Heather. “You are a sex offender and you deserve to be punished, you raped your poor sister, you just tried to grope my tits.” She struck him again, his buttocks starting to turn red.

“And he fucked you in your bottom Jean,” Heather said, “then made me suck his cock when it had been up your bum.”

“Yes baby,” Jean said, striking him again, followed by a trike from Heather. “It must have tasted awful.”

“Oh no,” Heather said, “it tasted nice, you have a nice tasting bum hole, of course it was mixed with his cum so that made it even nicer.”

Dan didn’t think he could last much longer, listening to them talk, his bottom felt like it was on fire, his cock was pulsing it felt fit to burst.

“You are a naughty, naughty boy,” Jean said giving him three strikes , “l have a good mind not to let you fuck me for the rest of the day.”

“You shouldn’t punish yourself Jean,” Heather said, giving him three strikes on his other side. She could see his buttocks were bright red and swollen, “to be honest l feel quite horny myself, l think l’d like him to fuck me now.”

“You go on and have him baby,” Jean said, “l’ll go and make lunch, l have cold meat and salad.”

“That sounds perfect,” Heather said. They both gave him one more hard whack then told him to stand up.

Dan stood in front of his mother, his cock was that hard it was jerking as it pulsated.

“You look like you enjoyed that son,” she said.

He turned to Heather. “You bitch,” he said, picking her up and throwing her on the bed.

“Oh please,” she said, holding her legs wide open, giggling.

“You fucking bitch,” he got between her thighs, lifted her onto his cock and drove it in all the way.

“Oh yes babe!” She shouted, “harder, make me pay, punish me with that beautiful cock.”

He rammed into her with vicious thrusts, he felt her cunt heat with her juices as she came but kept going. Her fists were beating on the bed as he fucked her harder. His balls were aching, he needed to cum but he wasn’t ready, he wanted to fuck her longer, make her scream.

“Oh god yes!” She yelled, her whole body shook, juices sprayed out around his cock, he drove in deep, grinding his pelvis against hers, felt his cock force it’s way past her cervix and came, she flooded again, dragging him down on top of her, showering his face with kisses as she held him.

“Oh babe, l love you so much,” she said, wrapping her legs around his waist, gripping him tight.

“God you are amazing,” he said, “l love you Heather.”

“Mmmmm, oh baby,” she said, tears flooding down her cheeks. “No more think.”

“No more think,” he chuckled, “l know.”

She hugged him tight, they were totally joined.

They took a while to recover then both went to shower. Once dressed they went downstairs. Jean was in the kitchen, still naked.

“Oh!” Said Heather, “l feel overdressed.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart,” Jean replied, “l spend a lot of time naked when l’m home alone.” She walked over to Dan.

“How are you,” she said, placing her hand on his bottom.

“Sore, what do you expect,” he said kissing her.

“Let me see.”

He undid his belt and pulled down his jeans and pants.

“Ooooooo, that looks sore,” she said, running her hands over his bright red buttocks. “I’m sorry baby.”

She kissed him, as she did her hand wandered round to his front and held his cock.

“Mum,” he said stopping her.

“Oh sorry, l just can’t resist it,” she giggled, “sorry Heather.”

“No need to apologise,” Heather replied, “l think your relationship is beautiful, you never have to apologise to me for fucking him, after all you’re going to be my mother-in-law.”

Dan looked sharply at her.

“Oh don’t worry,” she laughed, “l don’t expect you to ask me to marry you yet, but you will, you just wait and see.”

“I think she’s staked her claim son,” Jean said.

Dan didn’t respond, he was pleased that Heather and his mother were getting on so well even though his sore bottom told him that they were a dangerous pair. When he looked at Heather he felt his cock respond, he had always known there was more to her than an available cunt.

“What are you two doing today?” Jean asked.

“I want to go down to Sanger’s and see if that job offer is still on,” Dan said, “do you want to come with me?” He asked Heather.

She said she would but she would have to go home after as she helped her Grandma with the house chores.

After their meal they made their way back down town. The men on the building site saw them coming and were all lined up in front of the building.

“If you want l can stop them from bothering you,” Dan said.

“They’re no bother,” she said, “let them have their fun, they can only look, they can’t touch,”

“I’ll floor the first one that touches you,” he said.

“Oooo, my protector,” she giggled, hugging his arm and kissing him full on his mouth, wrapping her one leg around him as she hugged him, making it obvious that she was Dan’s.”

The men started whistling and cat calling as they drew near. As they were passing the biggest of them he shouted to Heather, as she looked he took out his cock and waved it at her. In a flash Dan left her side, grabbed the man by his throat and pushed him up against the building.

“You’re lucky l don’t cut your cock off,” Dan said.

“I was only joking,” the man said.

“Yeah well the joke’s over,” Dan replied, as he did he brought his knee up hard into the man’s crotch, he grunted and crumbled in a heap when Dan released him, the rest of the men bursting out laughing. Dan returned to Heather who was looking at him admiringly and they walked on.

Dan knew where to go when they got to Sanger’s, there were a number of portakabins near the entrance to the yard, Dan knew which one he wanted. They entered the door into the reception area, there was a desk and a few chairs against the wall opposite. Dan was surprised to see Laura sitting behind the desk.

“He didn’t take much time putting you to work,” he said.

“What do you want?” She replied not trying to hide her feelings for him.

“I want a quick word with Paul,”

“Mr. Sanger is far too busy to speak to the likes of you,” she said.

“Why don’t you ask him,” Dan said, “if he finds out l was here and you turned me away he might not be very pleased.”

Dan saw the uncertainty on her face, she hesitated for a few moments then picked up the telephone and pressed a button.

“Oh, Mr. Sanger, my brother is her, he says you wanted to see him,”. She listened for a second then put the phone down. “You can go in,” she said brusquely, then looked at Heather, “you can wait over there,” indicating the chairs.

Dan walked past her to get to Paul’s office, he stopped at the door and turned to her. “Has he fucked you yet?” He said then opened the door leaving her red faced.

Heather sat on one of the chairs, as she sat she parted her legs slightly knowing that Laura would have a view up her skirt to her naked cunt, she sat, staring at Laura with a grin on her face.

Laura looked over at her and her eyes turned down from looking at Heather’s face, her eyes opened wide when she saw up her skirt.

“Do you have no shame?“ she said, “girls don’t sit like that, you should keep your knees together although l believe you find that difficult.”

“I don’t know about me,” Heather said, “it’s you who should be ashamed.”


“Why did you do it Laura?”

“Why did l do what?”

“Was it jealousy because you knew l had him, was that it, is that why you accused him of raping you.”

“He did rape me,” Laura said, trying to keep the volume of her voice down.

“He’s told me all about it Laura,” Heather said, “how you tried to seduce him by showing him your tits, however did you think that would work, l’ve got far better tits than you, why would he want yours.”

“I don’t need to talk to you,” Laura said, “you don’t know what happened, he raped me, he’s a sex beast and one day you will find out.”

“Oh l hope so,” Heather laughed, “l know he likes it rough but so do l, was that your problem, you begged him to fuck you hoping it would be all romantic and vanilla then when he started fucking you like the man he is you couldn’t take it. Didn’t stop you from having an orgasm though.”

“Shut up, l don’t want to talk about it,” Laura said.

“But l bet you can’t stop thinking about it,” Heather grinned, “he has got a beautiful cock hasn’t he, l can tell you he’s the best cock in this town, can you still feel what it was like when it went right up your cunt, l bet Paul Sanger doesn’t fill your cunt like Dan did, bet your cunt is creaming now thinking about it. Then, like the stupid cow you are you try and accuse him of raping you, no wonder his mother wouldn’t believe you.”

Laura was getting very hot and flustered , Heather could see it.

“You need to make it up to Dan,” she said, “tell him how sorry you are, then admit to your mother that it was you who seduced him, he told me he didn’t want to fuck you but you kept teasing him with your tits, and then you showed him your cunt, he’s a health young man Laura, you can’t expect anything else when you act like a whore. Okay, l concede that you didn’t realise how big he is and he was a bit rougher than you expected, but when you go flashing your cunt at a man like him you have to be prepared to take what he gives you. After all Laura, you can’t deny you enjoyed it, you came.”

Before Laura could answer, the door to the office opened and Dan walked out. He could see his sister looked uncomfortable, she was fidgeting on her seat and very red faced. He walked over to Heather, she stood and put her arms round his neck, kissing him, looking over his shoulder at Laura and smiling.

Dan tried to get Heather to tell what had happened between her and Laura but she refused to say. She asked what Paul had said and he told her that he had the job and that Paul was going to arrange his driving course so that he could get a licence. Heather kissed him saying it was great news.

When they reached her house she asked if she would see him again later.

“You can stay the night again if you like,” she said hopefully.

He teased her saying he would have to think about it but quickly let her off by saying that he would love to spend another night with her. He could tell how pleased she was by the passion with which she kissed him. She looked down as they parted.

“Ooops!” She giggled, looking at the tent in his jeans, “do you want to come in and get rid of that?”

“I’d love to but l’ll save it for later,” he replied.

“Just don’t go giving it to anyone else,” she said, kissing him again then running up the steps to her front door. Dan watched appreciatively as her skirt flipped revealing her bare bottom, he was sure she had done it on purpose, she turned in the open doorway, a cheeky grin on her face and blew him a kiss.

Dan walked through town hoping to bump into Peter, in the end he called at his house, Peter opened the door.

“There’s something l want to show you,” Dan said, “are you free.”

Peter said he was not doing anything so they left together. As they walked Dan asked him how it was going between him and Glenda.

“Awful,” Peter said, “she lets me get her tits out, l’ve even had my hand in her panties and two fingers up her cunt, l know she’s enjoying it, then l get my cock out and her attitude changes, she offered to wank me but refuses to suck me off and there’s no chance of a fuck. I’m wanking like crazy,” he said, “l was thinking of asking if l could fuck Heather.”

“I don’t have a problem with you fucking her mate,” Dan said, “you’re my best mate, it’s the least l can do, but at the moment she’s all excited at me making her my official girlfriend, l’ve told her she can fuck other boys but let me have a word with her first, she knows how close us two are, and she does like you so l’m sure we can sort it out.”

“Thanks mate, you’re a pal,” he said, “l saw you and Heather walking through town earlier, she is so hot man, l’m sure she wasn’t wearing panties.”

“No she wasn’t,” Dan said, “l spent the night at her place.”

“What, together?”

“Yes, in bed together,” Dan replied.

“Jeez mate, you fucking lucky bastard,” he said, “l’m going to wank this evening thinking about that.”

When they got to Dan’s house he told Peter to sit in the living room. He went through to the kitchen and told his mother his plan, she was enthusiastic and he led her into the living room, standing her in front of Peter. Peter looked mystified at what was going on.

“Just wondering Pete,” Dan said, “would you say my mother is attractive?”

Peter looked at Dan terrified, he didn’t understand what was going on.

“I mean it mate,” Dan repeated, “would you say she’s attractive.”

“Well yes she is,” he said nervously.

“Do you mean for her age or just attractive?” Dan pressed.

“No….no…. She’s attractive.”

“Take your dress off Mum,” Dan said.

Jean began unbuttoning her dress, smiling at Peter. Peter looked from her to Dan then back at her.

As soon as her dress was unbuttoned she tossed it to one side and stood in just her bra and panties.

“What do you think now Pete?” Dan asked.

“What’s going on Dan?” He said, “is this some sort of joke, are you winding me up.”

“Take your bra off Mum, show him your tits,” Dan said.

Jean undid her bra and removed it, her tits swinging free. Peter’s eyes nearly popped out of his head.

“What do you think of her tits Pete?” Dan said, “would you like to put your cock between them and fuck them till you cum over them and into her mouth.”

“Stop tormenting him Dan,” Jean laughed, taking off her panties. “Would you like to fuck me Peter.”

All he could do was nod.

“Come on then,” she reached for his hand and took him up to her bedroom.

Dan picked up his mother’s clothes and folded them neatly. He then decided to get himself something to eat. He could hear noises coming from upstairs, his mother had left her bedroom door open but he decided to let Peter have her to himself. He went back into the living room and watched a mundane quiz show on tv.

Over an hour later Jean brought Peter back into the living room, she was still naked but Peter had dressed.

“I think Peter enjoyed it,” she said, “l know l did, he came twice, one at the start when l sucked him cock, then a good one when he fucked me. He’s got a lovely cock, not as big as yours of course but still well above average.”

Peter was blushing red as she was speaking about him, he looked like he wanted to run out of the house. Don said he would walk with him as he was going to Heather’s for the night.

“Okay my darling,” Jean said, kissing him and rubbing her body against him, “but don’t forget Mummy’s cunt needs you too.”

“I know Mum,” he said, “l promise to fuck you tomorrow.”

“You’re a good boy,” she kissed him again.

She walked with them to the front door, paying no heed to the fact she was naked when she opened the door, she turned to Peter.

“Thank you for a lovely fuck,” she said, kissing him, “whenever you want me again you only have to ask.”

Peter resembled a goldfish, his mouth moving but no words coming out, Jean winked at Dan.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” Peter said as they walked down the street.

“Was it good?” Dan asked.

“Good doesn’t cover it mate,” he replied, “it was stupendous, she is amazing, and those tits Dan, l know Heather as good tits but your mother’s….oh fuck mate, when she let me put my cock between them and fuck them, l nearly came, l didn’t want to because l wanted to cum when l fucked her. Then she put my cock in her mouth and l couldn’t help it l just came.”

“Are you going to fuck her again?” Dan asked.

“Can l?”

“You heard her mate, you can fuck her anytime you want.”

“I can’t believe you’re fucking your mother, l’ve known her for years but never thought about that.”

“Neither did l mate,” Dan replied, “but she’s full of surprises, l’ll tell you about some of them later in the week, but l’m going to Cheshire soon with her to visit her sister and husband, we will be going to sex parties.”

“Fucking hell mate you’ve got it made,” he said, “you better make sure Heather doesn’t find out.”

“She knows already mate,” Dan said, “we had a threesome this morning.”

Peter stopped dead. “What you, Heather and your mother, oh fuck Dan, l would have loved to see that, did Heather and your mother do stuff together, like lesbian stuff.”

“Of course,” Dan replied, “mum was licking out Heather’s cunt while l was fucking Mum up her arse, Heather was finger fucking her and sucking my balls.”

“That sounds like something out of one of those magazines,” Peter said.

“Well you can be part of it now,” Dan said, “and there soon could be a bonus.”

“What do you mean?”

“How do you fancy fucking Laura?” Dan said.

“Don’t tell me you’re fucking her as well.” Peter replied.

Dan told him what had happened and how Laura had accused him of raping her to her mother.

“But from what you told me you did rape her,” Peter said, “why didn’t your mother believe her?”

Dan explained how it had been his mother that first suggested he should rape Laura and that when Laura was accusing him his mother had decided to believe him in order to make Laura feel weak.

“Wow, that’s fucking weird mate,” Peter said, “how do you know she’s going to let you fuck her again?”

“I was hoping she would come begging for it but Heather tells me she is still angry, l might have to rape her again or at least use some force, do you fancy giving me a hand, you could have her too.”

“And you think she won’t report us?” He asked.

“If she was going to she would have done it by now,” Dan said, “anyway Mum showed her that her story wouldn’t be believed, l reckon that once we start doing it to her again she will give in, l know she liked it the first time because she came.”

“But surely if she came it can’t be rape,” Peter said.

“That’s what l told her,” Dan replied, “and Mum said the same, the only thing Mum was annoyed about was because l didn’t wear a condom.”

Dan explained why Laura wasn’t on the pill and that if he fucked her he would have to use a condom,

“Unless of course you stick your cock up her arse,” he said, “l haven’t fucked her there, in fact l bet her arsehole is virgin.”

“This is all so full on mate,” Peter said.

“The thing is Pete, there’s my mother, Heather and Laura now, Heather wants me to fuck her Grandma, l’m going up to Cheshire with Mum where I’ll be fucking my Aunt and cousin, l need some help mate, you enjoyed fucking my mother didn’t you.”

“You know l did,” he replied, “it was awesome, l’d like to do it again, l’d like to try and do it better.”

“And she wants you mate, she’s having more fun than she’s had in her life, you’re doing her a favour as well as me. You like Laura don’t you?”

“I think she’s sexy,” he replied, “but she’s two years older, she’s never bothered with me, would l have to rape her?”

“Hopefully not,” Dan said, “but if she did try to stop you l could hold her down, she not a virgin Pete, she’s letting Paul Sanger fuck her, don’t let her kid you into thinking she’s innocent, l reckon after l’ve had her once more she’ll be eating out of my hand. So there you have it, you can fuck my mother, fuck Laura and you know you like fucking Heather, so what do you say?”

“And Heather is okay with it?”

“You know Heather mate, she enjoys being fucked, she wants to cut down on the number she’s fucking but she likes you, says you’re always gentle with her.”

“I can’t believe my luck,” he said, “you are a real mate Dan.”

“So you’re in then, you’ll do it?”

“Yes,” he replied, “l hope l don’t let you down.”

“Brilliant,” he slapped Peter on his back, “l’ll tell Heather tonight and Mum in the morning, give me a few days to work on Laura.”

“What’s this about you and Heather’s grandma, what’s going on there?” Peter asked.

Dan told him what had happened when he stayed over with Heather.

“So she came in and you and Heather were naked on the bed?”

“Yes,” Dan replied, “she was holding my cock and l was feeling her tits.”

“And she didn’t mind?”

“No, nor in the morning when Heather suggested we go down for breakfast naked.”

“Fuck me, that is so hot,” Peter said, “so you’re going to fuck this seventy three year old woman, what does she look like?”

“She looks like a seventy three year old woman,” Dan laughed, “she’s not Miss World, but Heather tells me she has a stock of those magazines from the market and a draw full of vibrators and dildos.”

“Fucking hell mate!” He said, “what’s it going to be like fucking her, what do you think her cunt is going to be like?”

“I don’t know,” Dan replied, “l wasn’t sure l was going to do it but talking about it now is making me hard.”

“Me too,” Peter said, “it’s fucking weird, just like me wanting to fuck my mother, l never thought about it until you told me you were fucking yours, now l know she’s going to be on her own when l get home, l’m tempted to do something like get my cock out just to see how she reacts.”

“Try wanking somewhere that you know she’ll see you, just don’t push it, if you know she’s watching just take it slow, she’s got nice tits, do you want to fuck her?”

“I don’t know, it’s risky,” Peter said, “what if she tells my father.”

“I bet she won’t tell him no matter what happens Pete,” Dan said, “she might not do anything straight away but l bet she’ll be thinking about it in bed tonight so if nothing happens today, let her catch you wanking again tomorrow, l don’t expect your father fucks her much so you might get some luck, it’s better than trying to get into Glenda’s panties.”

“I don’t think l’ll bother with Glenda any more,” he said, “your mother was fantastic, l can’t wait to fuck her again, then there’s Laura, if you can get me to fuck her, man that would be great. All of a sudden things are looking up mate, thank you.”

They parted outside Peter’s house, Dan walked on to Heather’s, he had to adjust his jeans to try and conceal his erection but it soon started to subside as he walked. As he walked through town, Mary appeared from the news agent that Heather worked in, she was so close to Dan that she couldn’t ignore him.

“Hi Mary, how are you?” He said.

“Oh..alright,” she replied, “l hear you made Heather your girlfriend, is that because she’ll do what I won’t?”

“Partly,” he said, “but l like her anyway, the sex is just an extra.”

Dan saw her blush red, he took some pleasure in the fact that she was uncomfortable.

“We could give it another try,” she said, “l’m not saying l’ll let you go all the way but l could do some stuff.”

“Sorry Mary, it’s not worth the hassle,” he said, “l’ll get all worked up and want to go further, you’ll stop me and we’ll end up having another argument, you have to learn Mary, it’s only sex, l know you’re a virgin but you have to lose it some time, the way you’re going you’re going to be the only virgin in town, even Sara Holdsworth is doing it and she’s as ugly as sin, everyone is going to be laughing at you Mary, it’s your choice.”

“So if l say yes can l be your girlfriend again?” She said, wiping away a tear.

“I don’t know Mary,” he said, “we can do it a couple of times to see how it goes but l’m happy with Heather now.”

“But you say you would cheat on her if l said yes.”

“It’s not cheating,” he said, “we have an agreement that we can each fuck others if we like as long as we tell each other about it.”

“So if you do it with me you’ll tell her?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“But that’s not fair,” she began to cry, “she’ll tell everyone and what will people think of me.”

“Look Mary, if you want to fuck l’ll fuck you, we can go down the park in that spot behind the bushes and do it now if you want, but Heather is my girlfriend now, l’m sorry, l did like going out with you but l just got fed up with the frustration.”

“Will you stick with Heather?” She asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied, “she’s fun to be with but l might get bored with her, l can’t see that happening at the moment because we’re doing exciting stuff.”

“What are you doing?” She asked, “is it some kind of kinky stuff?”

“I’m not telling you Mary, unless you want to join in,” he said, “if you do, come with me now down the park and l’ll fuck you, look,” he grabbed the bulge in his jeans, “l’m ready for you now, it won’t take long then l’ll know you’re serious.”

“That’s not how l wanted to do it the first time,” she said, still crying, “l sort of thought that it would be all romantic and beautiful, you make it sound cheap and dirty.”

“It’s fucking Mary,” he said, “that’s all it is, look you’re pretty, you’ve got nice tits, they’re not very big but still nice, l haven’t seen your cunt but I can’t imagine it’s much different to any other cunt, if you want me to fuck you make up your mind, l’m not wasting any more time.”

“I can’t,” she cried, “l can’t do it like that.”

“Suit yourself Mary,” he said, “l hope you find what you’re looking for but l can see you ending up against the wall behind a pub one evening with your panties round your ankles and some beer swilling bloke with half a cock humping you. Wake up Mary, there are still a couple of decent lads available that would be happy to have a pretty girl like you but you’re going to have to open your legs to get one.”

He walked away, leaving her dabbing at her eyes with tissues.

When he arrived at Heather’s she was thrilled to see him, kissing him and grinding her body against him in the living room. She was wearing a thin summer dress with straps on her shoulders. Dan pushed the straps aside and pulled down to front of her dress revealing her breasts. He bent to kiss them, sucking each hard nipple in turn, Heather holding his head to her breast.

“Let’s get undressed,” she said, tugging his top out of his jeans and over his head, then started undoing his jeans. “Grandma is ready upstairs,” she said, “she’s really excited, you are still going to do it aren’t you?”

“Are you sure?” He said as she pulled down his jeans and pants, his cock springing free.

“Positive,” she said, pushing him back to sit on the sofa so she could remove everything. “She didn’t take any convincing, she said that ever since she saw your cock she’s been thinking about it when she masturbates, l owe her so much babe, l know she’s old and her body is not what it used to be but once you start fucking her l know you’ll enjoy it, she says you can try it up her bum if you want, it’s a long time since she last did that and you are very big so if you do it please be gentle.”

She stood up a removed her dress, she was naked underneath, she held his hands and helped him up then grabbed his cock with both hands.

“After, we’ll order a takeaway from that new pizza place, then later, when you fuck me you can be really rough, you can spank me like we did to you.” She could feel his cock pulsing and smiled at him.

“I enjoyed what we did to you this morning,” she said, “when your bottom started to go red l nearly came without touching myself. Is it still sore?” She put her hands round him, holding his buttocks.

“A bit yes,” he replied.

“Does it bother you, what we did?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “l’ve read about men who want to be submissive and let women do stuff to them, sometimes it makes me hard when l read it but……”

“I know babe, it’s a big step for a macho man like you are, but you have to admit that you enjoyed fucking your mother after and making her pay, you were really hammering her bum hole.”

Dan was embarrassed to have to admit to himself that the whole scene was a massive turn on.

“If you don’t want to do it again l won’t do it,” she said, “you can do it to me though, my uncle used to spank me, l would deliberately do naughty things so that he would spank me hard, it used to make him hard when he did it and when he fucked me we both had good orgasms.”

“So he was fucking you at that age?”

“Yes but l wasn’t a virgin, Daddy took that.”

“But you said your parents died when you were…..”

“Yes babe,” she interrupted him, kissing him, “does that bother you, from the way your cock jerked it doesn’t feel like it bothers you. Shall we go up to Grandma before you cum in my hand.”

When they entered Vera’s bedroom Dan was taken aback, Vera was waiting for him naked apart from a latex bra with cut outs for her nipples. Her nipples were pierced and she had two weights hanging from them, Dan guessed that they must be heavy by the way her nipples were being stretched.

Her body was a bit loose and flabby but her cunt was smooth with both cunt lips pierced and two more weights hanging between her legs, stretching her cunt lips.

“I haven’t dressed like this for a man since my husband died,” she said, “l’ve only done it a few times when l masturbate and for Heather to play with me. I’m sorry about the bra but l am ashamed of my tits they sag so badly these days and when Heather said you had agreed to fuck me l didn’t want to put you off.”

“I’ve seen a lot of women in magazines with sagging tits,” Dan said, “l like sagging tits.”

“Really?” She said, unhooking the weights from her nipples, she reached behind her and undid the bra, removing it. Her tits fell free, hanging down to her navel, Dan thought they looked a bit like empty handbags but her nipples were huge, they looked like bottle corks. She reattached the weights then swung her tits, stretching her nipples even more.

“I told Heather you can fuck my bum if you like, l know my cunt will not be tight, but it’s a long time since l had a cock up my bum and yours is very big so if you do want to fuck me there can you please be gentle to start with.”

“Your cunt will be fine,” he said, “how do you want it?”

“I like it on my hands and knees,” she said, “you can fuck me deeper and harder that way and make my tits swing.”

Dan noticed a number of magazines spread out on the bed, some showing women being fucked by dogs, others showing women being tied up and tortured, some of them were crying.

“I love those magazines,” she said, “they remind me of the things my husband and Heather’s father used to do to me, we lived in the country, miles from the next house, we had to entertain ourselves, we had two big dogs they were wonderful, when Heather’s mother met Thor he was smitten by her, she was uncertain how he would react when he learned that she was having sex with her father, mother and the dogs but he soon discovered how much he enjoyed it. By that time he had already been fucking her for a few weeks before they came over to visit us but he was a lovely man, quite a few years older than Anna but it was plain she loved him, he had a nice cock too, not as big as yours though.”

All the time she was talking, Heather was stroking Dan’s cock.

“I think it’s time to stop talking Grandma,” she said.

“Oh sorry,” she laughed nervously, “l’m sure you want to finish with me and get back to fucking Heather.”

She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, her tits were hanging down enough to drag on the bed so the weights were having no effect. She parted her legs and the weights on her cunt lips made her cunt look huge.

Dan knelt behind her and Heather guided his cock into her cunt. He slipped in easily, he was surprised that she felt tighter than he expected, also, as he went deeper he felt her gripping his cock with her cunt muscles. He presumed that was due to plenty of practice with her dildos.

She groaned slightly when he was fully in her.

“Now fuck her babe,” Heather said.

He began moving with slow even strokes.

“No babe fuck her,” Heather said, “fuck her hard and deep like you do me.”

“Oh it feels so good,” Vera said, pushing back to meet each stroke, “but harder Dan, don’t be gentle with this old fuck bag, Thor used to call my cunt a cow cunt so be my bull Dan.”

He gripped her hips and drove his cock deep into her, heard her groan then did it again, and again.

“Oh yes…..yes…..yes,” she said with each thrust, his pelvis crashing into her each time.

“In her arse babe,” Heather said, “fuck her in her arse.”

“But she said….”

“Do it,” Heather ordered him, “fuck the old slut up her arse.”

He pulled out and immediately Heather moved his cock to press against Vera’s anus. He could see the old woman trembling but she said nothing to stop him.

“Do it babe,” Heather said, “fuck the old slag up her arsehole.”

Suddenly she pushed him from behind, his cock forced it’s way in, stretching her anus. Vera cried out then shook violently, collapsing onto the bed as she came her body and legs jerking.

Dan was above her, he forced his cock deeper, she had more than half of it buried in her bum hole. He could feel her anal muscles convulsing, drawing him deeper.

“She wants it babe,” Heather said, “give it to her.”

He jerked forward, sinking deeper, she screamed and came again, her legs kicking out.

Dan needed to cum but he was afraid to fuck her too hard, she looked so frail beneath him.

“Pull out babe,” Heather told him.

When he did she turned her Grandma over onto her back, Vera was trembling, hugging herself, she looked up at him with a weak smile, her lips twitching.

Heather knelt over her face, lowering her cunt onto her Grandma’s mouth.

“Now give me her legs.” She said.

Dan picked up the old woman’s legs and Heather took them, holding them up and wide apart.

“Now give her cunt what she needs babe, all the way to the finish, fill her old cunt with spunk.”

The weights were now pulling her cunt lips apart, Dan got above her and rammed his cock fully into her, all Vera could do was groan. He fucked her with powerful thrusts, her body went lifeless but he could see her mouth moving against Heather’s cunt.

“Yes babe,” Heather yelled, “do it, give it to her, ram it up her, oh…..oh……oh yes!”

He saw her cum, lifting herself up and her juices pouring into her Grandma’s mouth. He gave the old woman one more deep thrust and came just as there was a flood of her own juices. Heather grabbed the weights attached to the old woman’s tits and pulled them hard, stretching her nipples as her tits lifted.

Vera cried out and Dan felt more heat bathing his cock as he pumped his spunk into her.

There was no energy left in the old woman, she could only lie there trembling as he gave her the last of his spunk. When he finally pulled out, Heather climbed off her Grandma and came to him, taking his cock into her mouth, taking him deep then releasing him and licking his shaft down to his balls.

He sank back onto his haunches allowing her to finish cleaning his cock. He looked over at Vera, she was lying lifeless, her legs still spread wide, his cum leaking from her cunt.

Heather moved in front of him, turning her attention to her Grandma, lowering her mouth to the old woman’s cunt, probing with her tongue to lick out his spunk. Vera lifted her shaking hands and placed them on her Granddaughter’s head, the old woman moaned as Heather licked out her cunt.

When Heather was satisfied she sat up, her face smeared with the liquid from Vera’s cunt.

“Thank you babe,” she said.

They both looked down at Vera, lying there surrounded with pictures from the magazines. Heather carefully removed the weights from her tits and cunt, placing them beside her. She bent over her Grandma and kissed her. Dan saw the old woman move her lips to return the kiss. As Heather moved away, Vera turned her head to look at him.

“Thank you,” she whispered, then sank back onto the bed.

Dan and Heather climbed off the bed, Heather carefully pulling the quilt over her Grandma then turning to him.

“Look at her babe,” she said, “look how happy she is, l do love you Dan,” she kissed him. “I really, really do love you.”

He held her close. “I love you Heather, l really do.”

She rested her head against his chest and purred.
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