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I’m still new to writing so forgive any grammatical errors.

Names have been changed to protect privacy
My name is Alex and I’m from a small town in west Texas at the time I was 23 years old, 5’8 Mexican with a lean muscular build and a beard. I was freshly divorced living back home at my parents place. It was a Wednesday like any other. I had just gotten off of work and on the way home my friend Lydia called me asking if I wanted to grab dinner. I said sure it sounds like fun .I had met Lydia in trade school years ago. She was a 26 year old white lesbian punk rock chick full of tattoos with a petite and lean build, about 5’6 with perky supple b cup breasts, and a nice round juicy ass. She couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds.The trade we were learning was mainly dominated by men but not only did she hold her own, she excelled. All the dudes in class would talk about how we wanted to fuck her and what we would’ve done to her given the chance myself included, however never in my wildest fantasies did I ever think i would end up ravishing her sexy little body.

I went home and stripped off my clothes and jumped into the shower and freshened up. Then I took off to the restaurant we agreed to meet up at .it was a Mexican restaurant with great margaritas and soon enough we were having a great time catching up I was drinking a bit more than she was but we had a great time .by the time dinner was over I remember saying I hate that dinner is over I don’t feel like I’m done catching up. Her eyes lit up and she said me too . We took my Jeep grand Cherokee and decided to go catch a movie

I had her drive since I was a little tipsy, we ended up driving to the neighboring town about 30 minutes away. I was slightly emboldened with liquid courage, and I said “ you know it’s a damn shame you’re a lesbian” she just smiled at me and said “ the only reason I didn’t eat you alive is cause you were married and I’m not a home wrecker”. My jaw dropped, I was shocked to say the least. She looked over at my face and started giggling. “You’re fucking with me right ?” She looked at me and said “what do you think?” I took a chance and leaned over and started kissing her neck. She moaned softly and kept driving I took my time kissing, licking, and sucking on her neck we pulled into the parking lot and started making out like high school kids. I lifted up her shirt and popped her tits out surprised to see that they were pierced. I hungrily started sucking on them while squeezing them. I gently started to bite on her nipples and her moans grew louder, I kept it up for awhile then we decided that we had better head inside before we missed the we got out of the Jeep I pressed her up against it and gave her a deep kiss and squeezed her juicy ass. I winked at her then we headed inside to grab tickets.

It was a late showing, and on a Wednesday night my Jeep was one of the only cars in the parking lot. I grabbed us tickets and a couple beers and we grabbed some decent seats in what we thought was an empty movie theater. We drank our beers during the previews and beginning to the movie. 20 minutes in and I started kissing her neck again, taking my time enjoying the taste of her. I slowly ran my tongue up and down her slender neck gently sucking on her and my lips couldn’t get enough. finally she couldn’t take it anymore and ripped she ripped her focus off of the movie grabbed my head and passionately kissed me . Our tongues explored each other’s mouths while we kissed. After several minutes of swapping spit I ran my hands up her shirt,then in one fell swoop I took off her shirt exposing her beautiful breasts again. I eagerly began sucking on her boobs hungrily slobbering all over them.i enjoyed seeing her beautiful tattooed body in the light of the movies and felt her piercings clacking against my teeth as I gently bit her nipples.

I took my time squeezing and fondling her perky b cup titties as I sucked and nibbled on her nipples. By this point I felt my cock swelling up in my jeans until it felt like it had its own heartbeat! I undid the button and unzipped her camouflage pants and slid my fingers slowly downward underneath her Lacey black panties until I reached her completely shaved pussy. I started rubbing her clit while sucking her tit and she moaned softly, thankfully the movie was pretty loud.I began to finger her slowly at first while curling my finger and stimulating her pussy then when she started gushing I started to ramp up the pace sticking two fingers in going faster and faster. She was rocking her hips enjoying every minute of it. I kept this up until felt another deluge of pussy juice, then I took off my hat, my hoodie and my shirt. I got down on my knees pulled her pants down around her ankles and went to work.

I dove between her legs lapping up all her sticky juices like a dog in heat,she started to moan a little louder than before however the movie was still loud enough to cover us. I started sucking on her clit while fingering her pussy, then I ran my tongue all over her pussy sucking out every drop, than I started flicking her bean with my tongue like a boxer with a speed bag. After a few minutes of me sucking, slobbering, and fingering her tight cunt (gotta love lesbian pussy) she grabbed a fistful of my hair started grinding my face into her pussy until she lost control and simultaneously squirted all over my face and beard and let out a loud moan, too loud in fact. Then she looked me in the eyes and said “let’s get outta here I want your cock in me.”

As we started getting dressed the lights came up. I quickly tossed her my hoodie and pulled my shirt back on. In my haste I ended up leaving my hat. Rip. We had just gotten decent when the cinergy manager and two employees came in to the theatre and said “You have to leave my movie theater NOW! “ as the lights came I saw three people turned towards us sitting in the bottom row. Instead of feel embarrassed I confidently walked down the aisle with Lydia in tow as we reached the angry judgemental manager I smiled and Lydia said “jealous?” I laughed as they followed us out telling us in no uncertain terms we were never to return . We got outside and we’re relieved that there were no police waiting to then started laughing and went back to the Jeep. I pinned her up against it and started kissing her again she smiled and said “my pussy juice taste good.” I lifted up my hoodie she was wearing and kissed her tits while she grabbed my hard Dick through my pants all in full view of the team that walked us out. I smiled and waved laughing at their shocked expressions then we hit the road.

We decided to go ahead and make the drive back town and I lit us a couple cigarettes, as I passed it to her she smiled took a drag and said “where do you want to fuck?” There in lied the problem, we had both had to move back home for various reasons and neither of us felt like wasting money on an overpriced hotel room. I said let’s park behind the record store on the edge of town she smiled and said “sounds like a plan “. We pulled up and parked behind the old record store and she jumped in my lap and started kissing me as we ripped each other’s clothes off I laid the seats all the way back and folded the backseat down giving us plenty of room to play. Before I knew it we were both butt naked and I felt her hand squeezing my rigid girthy 7 inch cock. Her eyes lit up and she said “damn i can’t believe you were hiding this!” I laughed as I watched this beautiful punk rock pixie start sucking on my veiny thick shaft. Smiling to myself I recalled just a few hours ago during dinner she had said something along the lines of “I don’t think I’ll ever suck a dick again “(she wasn’t a lesbian till after high school)

I remember thinking that for her saying she wasn’t going to suck Dick anymore she was PROFOUNDLY good at it. She started by slobbering all over my cock, running her tongue all around the tip of my penis while sucking and squeezing me. She started stroking my cock and sucking my balls I moaned loudly Then she started deep throating getting damn near all of my dick in her throat until she started to gag on it. Using the excess spit she got into a wonderful rhythm of sucking and stroking maintaining eye contact the entire time after a few minutes of this I shot 4 ropes of cum in her mouth and she swallowed it like a champ. She just looked at me winked and said “thanks for desert.” I laughed and started working my way down her neck again I loved licking and her tits and I started to finger her pussy again. I slowly started kissing my way down her stomach as I made my way down to my next meal . I ravenously assaulted her pussy with my mouth slurping and sucking every drop she wrapped her slender legs around my head and grabbed a fistful of my hair, she moaned loudly as she shoved her pussy in my face grinding her clit on my mouth. It didn’t take long until she exploded gushing all her sweet cum in my mouth which I greedily drank. I in turn thanked her for my dessert.I ate her pussy so good she forgot about my Dick. So I reminded her

By this point my dick was locked and loaded, so I tossed my little fuck doll in the back of the Jeep and slammed my throbbing veiny cock in her incredibly tight cunt. She screamed out in pleasure as I ravaged her tight little body as I was fucking her doggy style. Her vagina clamped down on me as I kept cramming my cock into that perfect little fuck hole. She yelled out “pound that pussy with that thick cock!”I slapped her ass several times as she screamed “fuck me just like that daddy!” I enjoyed fucking her doggystyle for a few more minutes the I flipped her around I sucked on her tits while pounding her pussy. She said “choke me like a little slut” so I obliged.I wrapped my hand around her neck and made sure not to squeeze to hard . I just took my time enjoying every aspect of it. After a couple minutes i pulled out and put a condom on flipping her back over in doggy I slammed my cock in as hard and fast as I could. She screamed “IM CUMMING” and i finished a couple minutes later.

We collapsed in a heap and I tossed my condom in a Walmart bag that I used for trash. I lit us a couple of cigarettes and handed one to her . “Such a gentleman “ she teased , i laughed took a drag on my smoke thinking there’s nothing better than an after sex cigarette. Looking at her beautiful pierced and tattooed naked body i couldn’t believe the twists and turns the night had taken to lead us here. I said “I’ve got a blunt if you’re interested” her eyes lit up and she said “hell yeah I’m interested!” So we started smoking in the back of the Jeep as we took turns smoking we also took turns running our hands over our naked bodies. By the time we finished smoking that blunt we were both horny as fuck and baked . We made out for a while taking care to suck those perfect tits. then I flipped her around and started to 69 i lapped up her pussy as she gobbled my cock. We did this for awhile and I felt her gush on my face and in my mouth and I was loving every minute of it. I had her hop off and said “let’s put on our shoes I’ve got an idea.” We both happened to be wearing converse high tops I opened the rear hatch of my grand Cherokee and we both went outside completely naked except for a pair of shoes

The record store was big enough that it completely hid my Jeep from view and there were no cameras anywhere. while traffic was minimal we could still hear cars go by every now and then.I sat on the bumper while she squatted down and slobbered on my rock hard prick for a minute then I bent her over and vigorously shoved my cock in her tight wet slit. She covered her mouth to muffle her scream of pleasure and I grabbed her curvy hips clapped her cheeks over and over it was so hot hearing the cars drive by while I was destroying her pussy. When I started to get close I put on another condom I had ready and eagerly continued after a couple minutes I heard Lydia moan even louder through her muffled hands and felt her cum dripping and I finished about 30 seconds later.

I climbed back inside my Jeep tossed the condom in my trash and grabbed a couple more smokes. I climbed back out and we both sat on my rear bumper butt naked smoking cigarettes we smiled at each other and I said “well I think that’s one for the books.” She laughed and replied “understatement of the year!” We finished our cigarettes and she kissed me while I sat on the bumper I put my arms around her squeezing her bare ass and kissing her neck and breasts after several minutes of us just enjoying making out naked in public we decided to go ahead and get dressed and call it a night. As I was dropping her off at her car she told me “you make one hell of a fuck buddy! I’ll be needing that cock again soon.”

Margaritas and fucking behind the record store became a weekly occurrence (sometimes more) for over a year until we both met other people we were serious about. But goddamn that was a hell of a year of public fucking.


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i like it, real or not. well done

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