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This is a work of fiction loosely based on the novel "The Running Man" by Stephen King, and the 1987 movie of the same name. I do not claim rights to either, nor do I make any money from this fiction. Warning: wanton violence
“Mrs. Sato! We’re gonna kill everyone, but you get to feel good. Two dicks, and all the muscle you never had back home.”, Jake stepped away from Sam’s corpse, showing off his body alongside Tanner.

The teacher was too afraid to run, but it also took her time to start unbuttoning her dark red blouse. She was afraid of torture, and thus, consented to sex.

Tanner walked up to the teacher and kissed her deeply. “Don’t worry, I lick and kiss babes- it’s not all joint locks and backbreakers.” He said after breaking the kiss. Jake then fondled her exposed breasts from behind. “Although I want to make you so wet that you’ll ask us to do moves on you, teach.”

The woman moaned as the studs groped and kissed her, feeling very strange, as she did not expect pleasure to come. Yet, it happened, and she was able to give into their joined attention, at least somewhat.

Soon, the blonde male penetrated her ass from behind, eliciting a moan of surprise from her, which was quickly muffled by Tanner kissing her just as he inserted his boner into her pussy.

Sandwiched between two handsome, muscular men, Mrs. Sato felt even the discomfort from anal sex go away rather quickly, as the combination of foreplay and double penetration stimulated her nervous system, alongside the fact that Jake and Tanner weren’t doing things in the same way. Once Jake and Tanner had each taken a turn making out with her, the teacher had smiled, in between deep breaths.

Seeing this, Tanner asked her: “Want us to kill you now, when we cum…or do you want our hot muscular bodies practicing on you a bit, sex doll?” The subsequent kiss on the neck she received was bound to influence her decision. And, it did.

“It’s fair…you made me feel good…I will not resist your holds. But please…don’t make me suffer for hours.”, the teacher spoke, looking at both males with a pleading voice. Fortunately, both Tanner and Jake nodded.

“Oh yeah, teach…I’ve learned a lot about anatomy… Pull out bro- I wanna do a straight armbar on her.”, Jake asked Tanner, who obliged, and then, his partner pushed the biology teacher down on the floor, and quickly ensnared her right arm, pulling it straight, and then back towards himself, causing the woman to writhe in pain. One hard pull from Jake made her scream and cry, as he groaned.

CRACK-POP “Mmm…fuck, I think I broke your shoulder and destroyed the…rotator cuff, right?”

“Y-yes…oww…I I can’t move that arm…the tendons are all…torn…and the joint is damaged.”, she replied in tears, but Jake quickly kissed her, smirking as she calmed down, letting him tongue her.

Soon, however, Jake had pulled out of the teacher’s ass, and stood aside, watching how Tanner pounced on the woman, grabbing her left ankle, as his legs wrapped around the whole limb, securing the ankle lock. He couldn’t wait for long, and decided to break the teacher’s ankle in one go.

The scream of Mrs. Sato and the flopping of her legs after a wet crack told him he’d done the move perfectly.

“It’s…not just the ankle… I think you ruptured my Achilles’ tendon, Tanner...”, Mrs. Sato complained in tears, before being soothed with a kiss while Tanner had her in a loose STF.

“I know…time for you to die, sexy slut.”, the Annihilator spoke, to which Jake added: “She’s my crush…I’d like to cum while crushing her skull, bro. I wanna try snuff her in one sudden squeeze.”

Tanner grinned, and simply turned Mrs. Sato over instead of fully locking in the STF. Penetrating her in the missionary position, Tanner watched Jake trap the teacher’s head in a reverse headscissors.

Resigned to her fate, Mrs. Sato began to lick and suck on Jake’s ballsack, drawing immediate reaction from Jake in the form of loud groans of pleasure. As Tanner thrust into her pussy, she found herself very wet and even more willing to give the student who liked her a wonderful experience.

Tanner kneaded her breasts, even leaning in to suck on her nipples from time to time. This made the Asian woman’s walls tighten around his penis, as her moans made Jake’s balls vibrate.

“Fuck! I’m close, Tanner…I need to crush Mrs. Sato with my thighs…”, the excited blonde spoke, to which the Annihilator kissed him. “Do it, Jake. Show me the explosive power of your thighs. If you kill her quickly, I’m going to nut in her pussy.”, he added.

“Ok…here goes the kill! Fuck, teach…I’m gonna kill you. You’re so hot, sucking on my balls…One, two, three!”, Jake cried out, and then, his muscular legs went into action.

Applying maximum force, they acted like a hydraulic press, just like the crossing of his legs at the knee, behind her head. It was there, where his squeeze worked, in the end. The brainstem hemorrhaged, just as the first few vertebrae in the biology teacher’s neck fractured due to the sudden compression effect of Jake’s powerful thighs.

Tanner and Jake both groaned, as they heard a soft squish followed by a crack. The woman jolted, before going instantly limp. As Jake began to spunk onto her belly, his thighs applied more force, and soon, loud pops shot through the air, followed by a crushing sound.

“F-fuck yeah…you crushed her skull, dude! You’re awesome!” Tanner shouted, as his hips thrust violently into the corpse while he was cumming inside her.

Jake was grinning in sheer amazement, once he felt a wet, warm splash on his thighs, and looked back. Needing to celebrate this passed test, he took initiative and kissed Tanner, so happy that he was becoming more and more like him, in skill and strength.

After yet another long and passionate kiss, the two killer teens go around the school and barricade as many doors as possible with items such as busted desks, before going to the gym showers, where they wash each other. They enter one classroom, aiming to shock anyone they find inside into indecision by putting their naked bodies on display.

Indeed, the fewer than fifteen students who had not fled the initial killings, alongside the history teacher O’Reilly, looked frozen in a mixture of fear, amazement and disbelief. The old teacher was trembling, struggling to rise up quick due to his bad back. Jake pounced on an opportunity to break said back.

“Lemme do something about that spine, teach.”, Jake casually suggested, before grabbing the panicking man by the tie, and hoisting him up on his back.

Facing the class, he gripped the history teacher’s neck and back, while Tanner looked on, easily stopping an attempt of an escape past him with a trip-up and a camel clutch neck break, eliciting gasps amongst females, who witnessed his hard-on growing.

Wanting to get some attention too, Jake swiftly pulled on the teacher’s neck and legs, breaking him in half rapidly, which cut off the brief groans of agony from the man. However, the blonde stud let his body hang off of the left shoulder, and wrapped his left arm around the man’s neck, straining it by tensing his upper body. Very quickly, several soft pops were the reward Jake’s mind needed to signal the release of his seed all over the ones directly in front of him.

“Fuuuuck yeah! I killed him in seconds! Just like that- history! Haha!”, Jake laughed at his own forced joke, as a few embarrassed girls licked the cum off of their faces, although, not all were terrified of being killed by either Jake or Tanner.

Just as a blonde girl was starting to moan and buckle under Tanner’s touches and kisses, a South-East Asian girl blushes, pulling her blue shirt off within Jake’s line of sight. Licking his lips, he nodded, immediately moving over to her desk and chair. Without saying a word, he kissed her, immediately squeezing her bitt and breasts, just as she had pulled her tights down. A stunned nearby classmate who stared at this erotic masterpiece unfolding before his very eyes met his end as Jake grabbed him by the shirt, and picked him up in a casual guillotine choke in order to impress the girl he’d started to fondle.

Despite feeble attempts to pull away the tightly wrapped left arm away from his neck, the student failed, and with one sharp pull upwards, his neck snapped audibly, eliciting a moan from the overawed girl, who spread her legs after smiling at Jake, soon being rewarded with deep penetration, as he bounced her on his lap, showering her with deep kisses.

“Ready for the snap once I nut inside you, babe?”, Jake asked the dark-skinned girl and received a nod. Somehow, people were more accepting of death than expected. As Jake’s hands cupped her chin and top of the skull, he got back to kissing her.

As her last moments gradually approached, Tanner had broken the back of a well-connected, arrogant male who resisted an approach for the girl he thought of as his property, receiving a blowjob from said girl just as he dropped the broken body off of his right knee. Not wanting to stop her, he bent to grip the screaming elitist by the neck, and applied a dragon sleeper while petting the girl. A groan escaped his lips as the redhead rewarded him for liberating her from the attentions of the insufferable classmate by pulling up on his neck. It snapped audibly in front of her eyes, motivating her to massage her own breasts as a way to show enjoyment and appreciation.

Tanner was on the verge of cumming, so he had to pull out of her mouth before standing up. As he moved behind the mesmerized girl, he noticed a geek masturbating in a seat next to the wall.

“Hey, you there! Lick my balls as I make her squirt, and I’ll do a double snap in front of your class!”, Tanner invited the glasses-wearing male to his doom. Predictably, the student came over, shocked that the famous killer would let him worship that incredible body.

As soon as he was within range, Tanner grabbed his head, and pushed him down, head first between his legs. This further stimulated the Annihilator, who thrust hard into the redhead, slowly squeezing the life out of her with a sleeper hold, just as Jake was getting ready to twist the other girl’s head off.

When he felt his balls being worshipped, his legs trapped the head of the nerd in place by crossing behind the back of the neck. He could feel the excitement coursing through his body. Wordlessly, he coordinated with Jake, who seemed to look at him while making out with his victim.

Muffled moans of the two studs mixed with the popping of vertebrae. Their victims came, before relaxing forever, as the girls were injected with copious amounts of semen. The male was alive for a few seconds as he convulsed on the floor, before finally expiring.

“Dude licked me so good- I wish I could be breaking him bone by bone, for months…”, Tanner commented, panting in a mild post-ejaculation fatigue.

Jake was in agreement: “Yeah. Maybe some cuck loses his mind over us, and then gets totally broken for nine months, and then fucking dies as his ex-girlfriend gives birth to big, strong boys. Mmm, fuck…I want to dominate a couple, a family…”

“Oh, yeah…you’re getting me hard again, Jake. Let’s snuff the rest of the class. If anyone wants me to do specific moves on them, just ask. You’re all dying today, anyway.”, Tanner revealed what many in the classroom had already suspected or feared.

There was nothing like sheer panic once Jake and Tanner had made the announcement. The society had been hopeless for decades, with no sign of improvement in any way, whether it meant less oppression, better livelihood or just freedom. The apathy made life even less valuable than it had been. The rebellion of an Annihilator was a sign that the system was falling apart. Nobody at the top cared for all those others at the bottom, but the feeling was mutual.

Thus, nobody tried to flee, as a pretty blonde had her head smashed into the ground by Tanner’s axe kick, or when Jake guillotined a couple simultaneously with both arms. A display of unexpected equality from Jake was his agreement to let a disabled girl blow him in a 69, whom he finished off with a swift headscissors neck break once his tongue had made her orgasm. To him, getting off on sex and death was paramount, and he wasn’t a snob when it came to victims.

This cooperative nature induced more volunteering, which Tanner benefitted from, as he too, got to lick pussy while receiving a blowjob, but in a standing position. The girl was inexperienced, but died well pleasured and with minimal pain, as a kneeling tombstone piledriver broke her neck and cracked her skull, adding one more fatality to the count.

In the end, after many screams, gurgling and husky moans, the class was dead, save for a couple, whom Tanner had caught whispering to each other.

“What were you talking about?”, the Annihilator asked, cracking his neck and knuckles. He received an intriguing answer.

“We…would like to die…while kissing each other and making love.”

It didn’t take Tanner and Jake long to nod, both displaying the same sadistic grin.

“Deal, but our dicks go into your asses. And get ready for pain. Scream into each other’s mouths, because we’ll be fucking you while breaking your bodies.”, Tanner spoke, before he and Jake tore apart the couple’s clothes violently.

The dark-haired male and brunette began to kiss, but soon found themselves hoisted and impaled, causing pained moans as a result of both losing their anal virginity. Tanner had penetrated the female, leaving Jake to torment the other half of the couple.

The studs helped the male penetrate the female, but after that, Tanner applied a straight armbar, which made the female scream into her lover’s mouth, all the way until the limb was torn at the shoulder. Jake gripped the dangling left foot of the male, and, and put it into an improvised ankle lock. As paralyzed with pain the male was, Jake’s thrusts kept him fucking his girlfriend.

“Fuck…this ass is tight…I’m going to finish him with a full nelson…maybe he cums into her from having his neck broken.”, Jake theorized.

“Would be awesome to have four of us cum. Babe…let me make you cum before I pop your neck…”, Tanner spoke, massaging the female’s left breast, as both she and her partner seemed to get used to the pain and violence, relieved at some pleasure coming their way.

The two alphas knew how to do foreplay and fuck, and just as their victims moaned louder, picked up the pace of thrusting. Tanner was pulling on the girl’s neck with a dragon sleeper, while Jake was pushing down on the guy’s head, stressing the neck and forcing his victim to whine.

It seemed being close to death actually stimulated the girl a bit more, since she orgasmed first, her clamping on the dick inside triggering a response from her partner. And then the snaps came. The rhythm of death was perfect- a chord of notes given off by broken vertebra, while vicious growls added the expressive voice of youth power.

“Yeahhhh!¨Fuckin’ snappp for us!! Ungh…what a good nut this was…”, Jake let Tanner know how great he felt as they killed the couple in quick succession while unloading into them.

“So hot, dude… Let’s make out while practicing fun ways to break a spine in half. I’ll show you an awesome move just for skinny and smaller victims.”, the death entertainment show star wasted no time in picking up the girl’s body, while his partner set out to repeat the move that destroyed the history teacher.

As Jake set up the torture rack, his lips met Tanner’s, and watched as he too, set a corpse across his shoulders, but the head was not facing up. It started out as a fireman’s carry, but then, Tanner squeezed the body to fit tightly around his neck, causing the Annihilator to moan into Jake’s mouth, as he pulled on the legs and neck of the male corpse.

And then, the powerful arms compressed the petite body inwards. The cracks of the spinal column as well as the neck shocked Jake, who sort of expected something, but was still taken aback by the outcome. Giving into the kiss, he grunted, as his muscles snapped the male’s torso in half with one violent pull from both ends.

After a kiss that seemed to last forever, the two men pant, smiling.

“That was so hot! I’m gonna have to try that one soon.”, Jake showed his enthusiasm, before receiving a lick on his right nipple.

Tanner was obviously of the opinion that his muscular protégé would have no issues copying the move: “Yeah- let’s finish the rest of the school off, and then get to the really fun part: breaking those nice corporate suits in half.”
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