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I'm on holidays at Timbertown on the beach as a teenager. Ive been chosen by two sisters as their safe boy to play with. Neither of them are as naive as they act on first meeting them.
Sissy and Michelle Part 2 - Education

We were 10m apart when Michelle found us. She was quite angry demanding to know where we’d been. I said I hadn’t really noticed Sissy was there at the pool and showed her how long I could stay under water for.

We had a nice time in the cool water. Occasionally Sissy would swim by and she’d always squeeze my butt or even my cock. Michelle got jealous, and told Sissy to stay away from me. Sissy left the pool and I watched her perfect curved butt walk all the way to her cabin.

Michelle said “Let’s go back to your cabin, we have unfinished business”. I nodded

We both got out of the pool, and walked back to my cabin. Once inside she was kissing me very hot n sexy. Her bikinis were wet but so was her pussy. I tried to get her to lay back on the couch. She wasn’t very happy about the legs open bit, so I sat down and pulled her onto my lap and kept rubbing her pussy lips. The bikini kept getting in the way and she wouldn’t let me remove them.

After a few frustrating tries she said “hey go slowly, this is my first time. Don’t scare me. I’m still a virgin and I don’t want to lose that today.”

I agreed to not try and fuck her, then she said “My best friend’s boyfriend would lick my best friend’s pussy. Could you try that please?”

I said “I’d never done that, but was happy to try.” I had seen Kath lick one of her friends pussy a few times so I knew that sort of thing did happen.

Michelle said “My girlfriend sucked her boyfriend’s cock at the same time he licked her. I want to try that at the same time please.”

I said “that is sounding really good. I’ve seen pictures of that in dirty magazines.”

Michelle stood up, looked at me and in a very sexy voice said “get undressed.”

She pulled down her bather bottoms and stepped out of her bikinis. She then dropped the top part and was naked. Her 80 pound, super slim washboard body looked stunning. She had no hair on her pussy, and I could see her puffy inner lips dripping juice. She had almost no breasts to speak of, but her nipples were rock hard, sticking out. I so wanted to lick them.

She pulled my bathers off, pushed me back flat on the couch and threw her leg over my face. I was looking at her pussy 3 inches from my face. Suddenly the whole world changed.

Michelle had taken my cock into her mouth. Not just the head, like Kath had done a few times. Michelle had half my cock in her mouth. She started sliding up n down on my cock. She was sucking my cock gently, and humming a little. I had never felt anything so wonderful. After a few minutes of heaven, her pussy oozed a big blob of clear thick liquid out, and it dropped on my lips. It tasted like heaven. I extended my tongue to her clit and licked my first ever pussy.

Michelle started humping her pussy and clit onto my face. I was soon enthusiastically licking her pussy and clit, at the same time thrusting my hips up into her mouth. I had never had someone suck me so deeply. Michelle was not stopping me thrusting into her mouth. My thick cock wasn’t going into her throat, but she was not gagging or complaining.

She was going crazy rubbing her wet pussy on my mouth. Suddenly her whole body was spasming, then her sweet virgin pussy was squirting in my face. I thought it was piss, but didn’t care and kept licking her. She was pulsing and shaking, but also pulling her mouth deeper on my cock. There was resistance on the head of my cock at the entrance to her throat. I pushed up and she pushed down, suddenly my cock popped in to her throat.

She pulled straight up in shock, and my cock head pulled out. I was devastated as it felt so good in her throat. She immediately pushed back down on my cock, and it slipped easily in to her throat. My hips were off the couch and she kept descending on my cock until her teeth touched my pubic bone at the base of my cock.

Cool as if she had done this many times, she just pulled up off my cock to the very top and I saw her pink tongue licking my cock slit between her bee sting tits with rock hard nipples.

Michelle descended fully down on my cock again. She started a rhythm of fully up, to fully down sucking strokes. Her sweet virgin pussy was dripping thick pussy juice into my mouth, then suddenly she started pulsing and then squirting clear ‘water like’ liquid again. Michelle forced her mouth down on my cock and her throat was pulsing too. That pushed me over the edge, and I exploded in her mouth and throat. I expected her to pull off my cock, but she just stayed throat impaled on my pulsing cock as I ejaculated 10 solid squirts of cum down her throat.

As I stopped cumming, she pulled up off my cock and held the shaft in her hand and lustily licked and sucked my cock head. She said “oh my god that was so good. Your cum tastes divine, not sour like Julies boyfriends. I want to do that again, as soon as you can. How quickly can you do that again?”

I said “I don’t know. That’s a first time for me.”

She said “it’s almost the first time for me.”

I asked “So you have sucked cock before.”

She nodded “Yes at the drive ins, Sissy was in the front with her boyfriend doing things and I was in the back with his older brother and he made me. I didn’t like him or doing it to him, but I really like you and doing it to you. He never got to cum at all and he didn’t make me cum”.

I said “So I kind of took your virginity there.”

She nodded and said “oh god yes, and I want it again.”

I said “Hang on you said something about Julie’s boyfriend and his cum as well.”

Michelle blushed and said “I don’t want you to think I’m a slut.”

I said “I wont think that, but I want to know. Please tell me mis not virgin.”

We both heard her name called outside and it was obviously her dad and he sounded angry. She went out the back door and I heard her say “what are you doing here.”

There was heated discussion, then the back door opened and Sissy came in red faced and angry. She said “Did you fuck her, did you take her virginity you fucking bastard. One sister not enough for you”.

I could hear shouting outside and Michelle screaming “no we didn’t, he did not, he did not. We have not been fucking and it’s my private business” the shouting disappeared into the distance.

Sissy slapped my face hard, then went out the back door. I went and got a cleaning cloth and cleaned the very wet couch. Then I got in the shower and cleaned up. My dad came home and said he’d been yelled at by the girls dad, and demanded to know why they we’re saying I’d taken her virginity. I told dad that it was a joke about a game we’d been playing and had nothing to do with sexual virginity.

Dad went and saw the other dad, and with Michelle saying they could take her to a doctor and prove she was still a virgin, they all settled down and started to say it was a misunderstanding.

The girls were nowhere to be seen for the rest of the afternoon. At dusk dad and I went to the park social club BBQ. The girls were there with their dad who glared at me and Michelle ignored me. Sissy was wearing a white bikini top and a super tight short black mini skirt. She smiled a huge smile at me and when she saw I smiled back, she half turned and flipped the back of her mini skirt up and shocked me. She had no panties on under the dress. I blushed and she got a huge grin on her face that I’d seen.

I stuffed myself at the BBQ. Sissy whispered in my ear while I lined up for the ice cream, “meet me at the swings when my dad leaves”. I said “What about Michelle” Sissy beamed “She’s grounded, so all you’ve got is Sissy you pervert. She’s too young for you.”

15 minutes later Michelle and her dad left the party. Over to my left, I saw Sissy walking towards the swings. She stopped and again flashed her bare bottom at me. I quickly moved to the other side of the building and met her at the swings.

I said “Does Michelle know that we had fun.”

She replied “Yes but she does not know that you took both my virginity’s, and you are never telling anyone or I’ll press charges for rape, cause you did not have permission.”

As I thought about that, she took my hand and pushed it up under her short dress, onto her bare wet pussy. Sissy started kissing me then rubbing my cock. I felt her trembling and then she squirted from my finger in her pussy.

The kissing continued and I added a second finger up inside her almost virgin tight cunt. Pushing hard on her g-spot had her squirting down my leg and hers. She had managed to get my shorts and jocks down to my knees and pulling my cock towards her she bent over a low fence and presented her perfect petite ass to me. Sissy said “front one please lover”, then lined my cock head up with her puffy pussy lips and I shoved in hard going balls deep first stroke.

My hands found her B cup tits and squeezed her nipples semi hard. I fucked her hard with a hard fast rhythm and she matched me slamming back onto my cock on my in-stroke.

She was panting but not going crazy like earlier. After a few minutes of hard fucking, she grabbed my hand and thumb and placed it on her anus. I thought that was a bit gross and took my hand away. She took my thumb again and put it back on her anus saying “rub it stupid.”

I rubbed my thumb around her 17 year old anus. It was firm to start, but rapidly softened and allowed my thumb entry.

I realized that was what I’d rubbed earlier that day. I started pushing my thumb into her softening ass hole. She literally took off sexually and was cumming 60 seconds after I inserted my thumb in her bum. The orgasm hit her like a battering ram, and her squirt was amazing. Her orgasms were shaking pulsing monsters. She had her hand over her mouth to stop any noise. After minutes of her cumming she pulled off my cock, pushed me to the ground on my back and mounted me, taking my 15yr old cock deep in her pussy. She started bouncing up and down at speed. Sissy said “put your thumb in me again, it makes it so much better and I cum so fast”

I couldn’t get my thumb in so I pushed a finger in her ass. She gasped and sped up fucking me. She clearly didn’t think it was enough so she grasped my cock with her hand and lifted up then plunged down. Her hole was suddenly so much tighter. She went crazy fucking me faster and harder, then 60 seconds after the change, she had 4 fingers up her pussy at the front and started spraying squirt everywhere.

I was literally soaked as she kept squirting for over 3 minutes. She was biting her other hand to stop herself screaming out her massive orgasm. What ever she was doing with her pussy felt fabulous, her tight tunnel was spasming on my cock. This was the tight place I’d fucked yesterday. I liked fucking her this way.

I hadn’t cum as there was so much going on.

I started fucking her hard and tried to stick a finger in her ass as that made her cum earlier. I searched but could not find her ass. I thought maybe her having 4 fingers in her cunt plus my thick cock had either pulled the skin so tight I couldn’t find her ass, or maybe it pulled her ass into her over tight pussy.

I said “I’m going to cum soon, I’ll pull out.”

She said “hey tiger, where you are fucking me, it’s totally fine for you to pump me full of baby juice”.

I increased speed and was thrusting full length into her, slamming her hard and pulling out, going again. She took her hand out of her mouth and squeezed and twisted my balls sending me over the wall into cum city. Sissy was screaming so loud that as I pulled out of her body, caravan doors started opening.

While still in orgasmic bliss, we both stood up and ran different ways back to our own cabins.

My dad gave me a funny look as I walked in. He looked at my sopping wet shirt and shorts. I quickly said “Water fight! I lost.”

I got in the shower, and saw that there was a little poo on my cock. I thought Sissy must have cum so hard she shat herself. I thought I must have rubbed my cock in the poo. It was gross and I washed thoroughly.
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