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“Are you available this Thursday? I have two women in their early-forties who would like to meet you, Linda and Claudia. They live in the outer suburbs, though a very upmarket one.
"Their men are away attending a business conference. I think they may be in a secret lesbian relationship, you know how I like to screen our clients and find out as much as I can about them. They want a to have a MFF threesome, are you fine with that? I negotiated a fee fifty-percent above the normal for us,” my agent Ada told me.

“They asked all the usual questions. Is he really ten-inches and thick? Can he get it up twice in one session? Will he be comfortable fucking each of us in turn, while the other joins in? How about cunnilingus? Of course I told them, he is a real stud.

“You know from experience women that age have usually lost any inhibitions they may have had, and they can be wonderful lovers. Brilliant even, with a hidden agenda, self esteem, revenge, curiosity, ego, living out their sexual fantasies, or new levels of sexual excitement and satisfaction. Don’t forget to tell me how it pans out, you know I love hearing about our clients sexual fantasies and peccadilloes.”

I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock, ten-inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort.

That was before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me as she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people with lots of wide ranging sexual fetishes.”

At two-thirty on the Thursday I arrived in a lavish suite of one of the top hotels. Brief introductions as we looked each other over. They were a most attractive pair of cougar women, both size-12 plus, beautifully groomed, both dressed in heels, black stockings and yellow, designer, knee length coats. Linda a shoulder length brunette, Claudia with long, blond shoulder length hair. And both incredibly fuckable.

“Let’s cut to the chase Michael. You come highly recommended. We both want to fuck a younger man with a thick, ten-inch erection,” she continued as she kissed me with the tip of her tongue. “I want to fuck you first while Claudia watches. Then later Claudia wants to fuck you while I watch,” she told me as the sexual tension built.

“This is the first time we have shared another man, something we have long fantasized about,” Linda told me. “Neither of us was sure what we should wear for an occasion such as this, so we asked Ada. She told us less is more.

“We are both a little naive as to the required sexual etiquette for meetings such as this. This morning we both watched each other have our pubes waxed by the girl in the salon downstairs, then an all over spray tan. She asked if it was for a special occasion. She told us many of her clients were women our age preparing for clandestine affairs upstairs.

“We asked her what less is more meant in circumstance such as this. She suggested we be almost naked under a light-weight designer coat. So pleased she said almost naked, because we both purchased some new and very expensive lingerie, garter belts and stockings for you today.

“This is very exciting for both of us, cheating on our men. Little do they realise we have been lipstick lesbian lovers for a year. In the afterglow we often fantasize about sharing a younger, well hung man, a stud,” Linda told me.

“Very exciting,” Claudia told me as she kissed Linda with the tip of her tongue while I helped her remove her coat. A wonderful voluptuous body, highlighted by her garter belt and stockings, no knickers or bra. ‘Your body is incredibly fuckable in your new, very expensive lingerie, you chose well, I like it,” I told her truthfully.

Both women had sexy, voluptuous bodies, a real turn on for me. Wonderful legs with magnificent firm thighs, attractive freshly waxed pubes, full, just slightly saggy tits with large nipples and aureoles, and when they turned to show me their large, firm ass’s framed by their garter belts, I was hooked and very aroused.

Always a buzz for me flaunting my ten-inch erection for new sexual partners as both of them watched me undress for them. “I have an ass fetish, your voluptuous bodies in your expensive stockings and garter belts are an absolute turn on for me,” I told them after my shirt and trousers were on the floor.

“Fuck, he really is ten-inches, and thick, and almost no hair around his cock, Claudia told Linda as I teased my erection with a fingertip for them.

“One of my fantasies, a hung stud licking and kissing my big ass while my lesbian lover watches and tongue kisses me, wonderful foreplay,” Linda whispered as my ass fetish came into play. “As she licked and sucked my nipples at the same time. Look how big she has made them.

“Fuck me from behind, so Claudia can pleasure me while she watches,” Linda told me as we kissed with our tongue tips.

“We have both been looking forward to this moment for such a long time, so exciting about to watch a ten-inch stud fuck my lesbian lover while I wait my turn.” Claudia told me as she kissed me with the tip of her tongue.

She watched us settle on the bed, before I grasped Linda’s wonderful big ass. “So good, so fucking good,” she whispered as I slowly slid the full length my erection into her while Claudia was returning her tongue kisses. Just as I hoped Claudia was tongue kissing me while I was fucking her bi-sex lover, so erotic for all three of us.

“You know I love licking and sucking your tits and nipples Linda, your nipples have never been as big and hard as this before,” Claudia whispered as she feasted on her girlfriends tits.

“I love it, you have never licked and sucked my tits while you watched a ten-inch stud fucking me.”

“You know what I like Linda,” Claudia told her a little later as she lay face down on the bed, her magnificent ass framed by her garter belt. “Lick and kiss my big ass while I suck his erection.

“Ada told us you were fine with some cunnilingus, are you Roger?,” Claudia asked rather hesitantly.

“Of course, I love a challenge,” I replied before I sat on the floor with my back to the wall. “Is this what you want Claudia, a tongue fuck while Linda watches? Hands on the wall,” I told her as I motioned for her stand in front of me with her legs spread as I grasped her ass cheeks and slid my tongue along her cunt lips.

“Wow, so good,” I could hear Claudia whispering as she and Linda were tongue kissing. “And look at the size of his erection pointing at the ceiling.”

“My turn for a tongue fuck,” Linda told Claudia as they changed and kissed passionately. I couldn’t recall ever tongue fucking two women without a break, they were both soaking up my oral pleasure, as I enjoyed my hands on their big asses.

“Your cock is like an iron bar, I want it,” Linda told me as she knelt between my legs and commenced sucking it I while I was tongue fucking her married lesbian lover, both women cheating on their husbands.

In my experience nothing sexual quite matched tongue fucking a most attractive older woman, her wonderful ass cheeks in my hands while her secret lesbian lover was giving me a blow job.

“Claudia and Linda spoke highly of you Michael,” my agent Ada told me the next day. “They were most impressed, so was I with some of the things they told me. You can be very creative. I have an older lady who wants to share you with her toy boy on Sunday. Does that work for you?’
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