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Hi my name is Mark, this is the story how I turned a nice Christian wife into my little cum dump.
Helping a married couple conceive.

Hi my name is Mark and i want to tell the event that led to me fathering three children with a married woman.

It all started when I was hanging out at the local gym and was working out when I met this young married couple. Stan(24) and Cindy(20). They just came up to me and started to chit chat. Mostly just Cindy. They seemed very religious. Cindy seemed very innocent and sheltered. But had a banging body displayed in a tight shirt and yoga shorts that hugged her tiny frame. She was intent in her interest in conversation. After a bit the wife wanted to exchange phone numbers and told me they had to go but wanted to stay in touch. I thought it was a little weird but soon forgot about it. When I got home that night I got a text from Cindy saying they wanted to invite me over for dinner tomorrow night to discuss a business deal. I thought why not let’s see what these people want. I assumed it was something todo with their church.

I got to their house the next night and Cindy invited me in. I noticed she was very dressed up, hair and face done and a elegant evening dress. It surprised me because it was so different than her gym clothes and pony tail look at the gym. She looked stunning. We all sat down and held hands to pray before eating. After the meal Cindy finally started to tell me why they invited me over. She said they had been trying for a baby for the last 2 years and finally went to the clinic and it turns out Stan is shooting blanks. It would also be difficult for her to get pregnant but said it’s possible. Because they were so religious they didn’t believe in the medical procedure with implanting an embryo. We believe god wants it to happen the natural way. So we were wondering if you would agree to have intercourse with me until I get pregnant in exchange for $250 per ejaculation?

I was floored. I didn’t know what to say at first. I finally said why me? She said we thought you were very healthy looking and have traits we would want our children to have. She said very formal. I think talking about it in the abstract was helping them cope through making this choice. I said are you sure you guys want todo this? I mean I guess I can help you guys but how would it work?. Cindy said that the child would be legally her and her husbands and they would raise them like their own. you would have to umm work overtime she said with a hint of a smile on the fertile days of the cycle because that’s when I’m most likely to get pregnant and the doctor said the chances were low to start.

I took a deep breath and said ok when would we start? Cindy said well tonight is the first day my my fertility week so we were hoping tonight could be the first time. This whole time Stan was just sitting there looking like a defeated man. Here was his very cute sexy young wife going to another man for his sperm. Hell they were even paying me how could I say no. I was going to show this little Christian wife what a real man is like. I told them it’s a deal and Cindy stood up and with Stan just sitting at the table she took my hand and led me to their bedroom. She had a very timid and nervous energy and she closed the door behind me. She said I could have a seat on the bed and just had to rinse off real quick. She went in their master bath room and took a quick shower as I waited. I heard her get out and she came into the room in just a towel.

I walked towards her and she was like a deer in head lights. Her nervousness had her frozen until I was standing over her at least 8 inches taller than her. I put my finger under her chin and lifted her face a little and gave her a kiss. She hesitated at first but then began to kiss back leaning into me. I gave her towel a quick hard tug and it ripped off her body. She had a quick intake of breath and pulled back. I stood there and looked her body up and down. She was barley 110 pounds had very perky and full c cups with nice puffy nipples. Very slender frame with a athletic firm ass and a flawless pussy. Surprisingly she was completely waxed bald.I started to undo my clothes as I looked her over. I started with my shirt showing my ripped body. She seemed shy but her eyes were roaming all over me as she stood there exposed to me. I then started to take my pants and boxers off and slide them down together. Letting my massive ten inch dick flop out. Her jaw dropped and she stood there speechless. Didn’t expect that did you? She had a cute smile and said holy father that is the largest one I have ever seen. It’s twice the size of my husbands. He is the only man I have ever been with. I was always curious what other men’s were like as he always felt a little small. All the wile she was just staring wide eyed at my dick. We’ll you can touch it. Your going to have to learn how to please it if you want me to what did you say preform? She walking up to me and slowing wrapped her fingers around part of the top of it. Her hand looked tiny as it only occupied 1/3 of it. She gave it a couple short strokes her fingers just barely able to wrap around it. She was bitting her lip and staring down at it. Is that ok she asked in a sexy little voice as she picked up the pace.

I went to suck on one of her perfect perky tits and she moaned softly as I sucked. I grabbed her pussy with force and began assaulting her clit. She was already soaking wet and I pushed a finger in her tight little pussy. Her body quivered And she moaned loudly. After finger fucking her tight little pussy a little She pulled back and got on her knees.

She surprised me when she lean forward and started to suck my dick without hesitation. She went for it and was able to get a couple inches into her mouth. She went from sucking it to licking it around the head and back. I looked down at her and gave her a playful slap on the cheek. You like that big cock? She just nodded up at me as said yes daddy and she continued to suck it. I pushed my dick into her mouth as I kept eye contact with her. She started to blow me with her piercing blue eyes looking up at me. I grabbed her head and started to push her down on it a little more each time. I smiled at her and said your going to be a good little slut for me arnt you and she moaned yes on my dick as I throat fucked her. I pulled out and gave her a couple good face slaps with my dick as she caught her breath. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes and a big naughty smile. I’m a good slut daddy she said in that sexy little voice.

I picked her up and started kissing her and she wrapped her legs around me and pressed her naked body into me. I felt my cock bobbing between her ass cheeks. I lifted her small frame a little higher until my head slid to her wet pussy. She was sucking hard on my neck and pulled back slightly and whispered to me to fuck her with my big dick. I helped my head into her little pussy and started to lower her down on it. She started and moaning very loud. She started to yell out as load as she could fuck fuck fuck it so fucking big. Fuck me daddy fuck my tight little pussy. She was about 8 inches down and I felt my dick start to hit the back of her pussy every time I thrust that far she would yell out in pain/pleasure. I didn’t care and fucked her relentlessly. It went on for about 4 hours until I cummed deep in her cunt. She had cummed a half dozen times and was the loudest fuck I ever had. There was no way her husband didn’t hear that shit. She fucked like there was no tomorrow and she tried her best to be able to handle my dick but I could tell she was like an animal getting ravished. Very submissive too and would yell how she was my slut and how much she loved my big cock. When I left her husband was still sitting at the kitchen table with a box of tissues next to him. I wasn’t even halfway home when she texted me a pic of my cum running out her pussy with a caption that said thank you so much! Can you stop by tomorrow morning and fuck me again daddy?.

This went on and soon I was making nightly visits even when she wasn’t as fertile. She started to act submissive to me right when I walked in and would always call me daddy even in front of her husband. She seemed to like being flirty with me in front of him and I would run my hands all over her. The whole situation became a straight up cockold. Some nights I would sleep in the bed with her and her husband would sleep on the couch. I would fuck her all night and late into the morning on the weekends. Filling the house with her moans of pleasure. I told her I wanted her to start greeting me in her underwear and to eat like that at all meals. She eagerly started to walk around the house for me in her little undies and bra. She told me she had stopped sleeping with Stan because his dick didn’t satisfy her anymore. She told him it was because she didn’t want to wash my cum out. I started to finger her around the house in front of him. One time she took my dick out in the middle of the kitchen and started to suck me. I think she just wanted to show him how big my cock was. She stopped sucking for a second and kept stroking my big dick. She looked back at him and said this is what a cock looks like Stan. He stood there and watch with a little bonner in his pants as his wife lovingly and eagerly sucked my dick. I flipped her over the counter and started fucking her hard. He took his little dick out and started to masterbate. She looked over and laughed as she looked at that little bitch. She was moaning out Fuck me daddy and telling my how good my big dick felt inside her. She had a huge orgasm and her pussy squirted all over my cock right in front of him. That’s when I pulled out and lined my dick up with her asshole for the first time. She tried to protest No no not the ass iv never done that. I just held her down as I pressed into her ass. Real screams of pain and panic started coming out of her. Her husband just watched and jacked off as I forcefully took his wife’s virgin ass. She fought hard but I held her down tight. She was sobbing and begging me to stop. Please daddy it’s too big it hurts. Uhhhh fuck your going to kill me. Daddy stop. I just kept going hard bouncing her body against the counter with every thrust. She eventually started to moan and even started yelling fuck my ass daddy fuck my ass. It was so tight I couldn’t hold it any longer and filled her little ass hole with load after load of cum. I put my dick in my pants slapped her in the ass and told her I’d be back tomorrow and left with her defeated and prone on the counter and her husband wiping up his cum with tissues.

When I got there the next day she had a bottle of anal lube waiting. We started to fuck all around the house wherever we wanted too. I loved to be rough with her in front of her husband. I would face fuck her until she was gasping for air and would slap her around a little. I would say degrading things to her and she seemed to love it. She became my cum dump and I used that little whore any chance I got. Some nights I would use my key to go up to their bedroom and would wake her up to fuck her brains out right their in their bed in front of her husband. This went on for around 4 months when I started to notice a little baby bump on Cindy. I asked her if she was pregnant and she said she was. I asked how long she knew and she said about 4 weeks now but didn’t want to stop having sex with me so she only told her husband. As he has kept paying me the whole time to fuck his wife I was surprised. She told me she just couldn’t go back to his small dick after having mine and they wanted to continue our relationship for as long as I was willing to.

I fucked her pregnant body just as regularly. Until the baby was born. We took a little break but 6 weeks after the baby was born she was texting me to come over and fuck her. I took her on a week vacation to a swinger resort soon after and we left the baby with her husband. We had none stop sex and I forced her against her wishes to have a 4 some with another couple on the second night. The other guy and I ended up double penetrating her and fucked her like a little cock slut. I also enjoyed the way the wife was abusive to her and made her lick her pussy/ass over and over. we all treated her like a little sex slave and used her throughly that night. I made sure to take some pics of her sucking two dicks and getting fucked by a strange man and sent them to her husband. After that we were the talk of the resort and I forced her to fuck about 4 other men that trip. One guy in his early 60s even paid me $1000 to send her over to his room for the night. She did as I asked always being the good submissive slut. She told me he tied her up and him and two other men fucked her in all her holes all night long.

I never tired of screwing that little slut. It’s been 15 years since then and I still plow Cindy on a regular basis. They have three kids now two are definitely mine but we’re pretty sure she got pregnant the third time in a gang bang I organized at their house. I invited half their neighborhood men to come as well as a bunch of married men from her church. The paster even came. Her husband just sat there and watched as she was taken by over 20 men that night. She was right she ended up being a good little slut.
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