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I’m still new to writing so forgive any grammatical errors. And names have been changed to protect privacy
My name Alex im from a small town in west texas I was A 22 year old mexican, 5'8 slim but muscular with a beard. Not only was i straight, but I was married to an incredibly sexy Latina. My best friend Jerrod was coming over to my house and he excitedly told me “ I’ve got one hell of a surprise for you! Get excited bitch “ I laughed and said “yeah yeah bring your ass over fucker” Jerrod was 23 Year old white guy, 5'7 stocky yet muscular , fit, and heavily tattooed.

We both happened to have the day off from work and my wife was out of town with family for the week so when he showed at my house at 10 am with his backpack i was stoked for a chill day of playing video games and watching movies with my best friend. Little did i know that day would change our outlook on our freindship.

He knocked on the door and I let him in and said “So whats this surprise?” He grinned, opened his back pack pulled out a fat sack of weed, two pre rolled blunts, a nice glass pipe, a few video games, A couple movies and last but not least a Sasha Grey porn. My eyes bulged out at the Treasure trove he just pulled out. “Holy shit you werent kidding!” He laughed and said “i told you! This weed is from my colorado trip i Just got back from. It’s grade A shit!” I smiled and we proceeded to spark up.

Now i should mention that at the time i wasnt a heavy smoker, so the premium quality of the herb had me completely baked. We played a resident evil game for about an hour, then jerrod lit up the second blunt. Not wanting to be outdone i foolishly tried to keep up with his pace. I proceeded to get higher than i had ever been before. Needless to say my hand eye coordination went out the window. I looked over at Jerrod and said im way too stoned for video games . He laughed Then picked up the porn. “How about we pop this in.” My eyes lit up and i said “that sounds good to me”

As the video started playing we were talking about how hot sasha grey looked. This particular scene was a gangbang. I said “Damn she sucks dick so good.” Jerrod agreed saying “i know I would kill to get a blowjob from her.” We watched hungrily for the next ten minutes as Sasha was surrounded by cocks getting double penetrated while stroking two cocks at the same time and sucking another dick rotating them out the entire time. As we were both wearing basketball shorts i noticed we were both pitching tents. I was higher than a kite and the weed was making me hornier than normal, so naturally i was a good deal bolder and sillier than normal. I reached over a squeezed his cock through his shorts. He jumped a bit looking surprised then excited. Seeing his reaction i kept squeezing and stroking his dick through his shorts. I kept this up for a few minutes until he said “let me make this easier for you “. He dropped his shorts popping out his shaved, veiny, bulbous 5 1/2 inch Dick.

I eagerly started stroking his rock hard dick at the same time he started squeezing my dick. I followed suit and dropped My shorts Exposing my shaved and veiny 7 inch thick girthy cock. I was so hard it felt like my Dick was pulsating. We spent a few minutes jacking eachother off then i got on my knees and started greedily sucking his cock I moaned while I took the fat tip of his Dick in my eagerly waiting throat. I Remember thinking the texture of his cock was different than what i was expecting and i was pleasantly surprised. I started off by slurping up the tip of his dick and running my tounge around it then slowly at first i took his dick inch by inch until i had swallowed the entire thing. I was surprised at how naturally it seemed to come to me. I kept sucking until Jerrod said my turn. I deep throated one more time and popped his dick out of my mouth.

By this point we had both taken off our shirts and were completely naked.

As Jerrod took my rock hard dick in his mouth. He started to give me an amazing blow job. I remember thinking how awesome it was watching Sasha grey sucking all those dicks while my own hog was getting gobbled. He eagerly started sucking the tip of my meaty cock and the way he had started to moan while he was sucking me off turned me on so fucking much

He attempted to deep throat me but ended up gagging a couple inches short so he started sucking and stroking at the same time. We both laid down on my thick shag rug and started sucking each others cocks at the same time the feeling of having my cock being swallowed while I deepthroated his veiny Dick turned me on so much. After a few minutes he had me sit back on the couch and went to town slurping my thick prick finding that sucking and stroking rhythm that absolutely drove me fucking wild then he sucked my balls and stroked me for a while and I was loving every minute of it he licked my shaft from the base to the tip and slurped on it he had me moaning so loud I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t hear. I loudly yelled “IM ABOUT TO FUCKING CUM”and he kept slurping and stroking until I blasted 4 ropes of cum in his mouth and down his throat.

We swapped places and i got on my knees, I started sucking his balls and stroking his rock hard dick. He moaned and told me “ take my cock in your mouth like a good slut!”I eagerly started licking his cock from the bottom of the shaft to tip then gobbling it whole it wasn’t long before he told me he was about to cum I followed suit and kept going then I felt his throbbing cock exploding in my mouth blasting 3 ropes of salty sweet semen in my mouth and I swallowed every drop

I smiled up at him licked my lips and sat down next to him. He loaded a bowl sparked up and passed it to me , we just smiled at each other. The best part was it wasn’t even noon yet and that was a 6 hour porn. We spent the rest of the day naked, smoking, sucking and cumming.


2024-02-13 18:20:40
i liked it, but it was such a short story

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