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Lisa gives in to her urges
As Lisa awoke she felt very different to other mornings. For the first time since her wedding day she wasn’t overwhelmed with guilt. Every other day since Mark took over her life she was worried, scared, humiliated and consumed with guilt for what she was doing behind her husbands back. But this morning as she lay in bed, guilt wasn’t the first thought, it wasn’t in her thoughts at all. All she could think about was satisfying her new addiction to black cock.

Lisa found herself thinking about how she was going to get some time alone with at least 1 big hard cock today. She knew going to the beach or the pool would get her what she wanted, but she couldn’t be sure her husband wouldn’t see. So she sat up in bed and looked through the hotel information pack. As she turned the pages she smiled as she found what she was looking for. The hotel gym offered personal training sessions. With the list of what’s included was the pictures of the trainers, all black, all muscular and all making Lisa’s pussy tingle.

When her husband woke up he was told that he could pick an activity that the hotel offered as Lisa would be at the gym for the morning as she was missing getting her gym fix. He happily agreed and found a morning fishing trip which he called and booked himself onto. Lisa waited until her husband wasn’t looking before pulling on her skin tight workout leggings without any underwear. Next was her tight vest top with no sports bra which she quickly covered with a jacket. Lisa wanted to let the trainer know exactly what kind of workout she wanted without saying a word. Her husband admired her Lycra covered ass before he left for fishing.

After saying their goodbyes Lisa’s Lycra clad ass was watched by guests and staff as she made her way to the gym. Once inside she unzipped her jacket as she noticed a few people on treadmills and a guy lifting weights, but other than that it was quiet and empty. Lisa was greeted at reception by a tall muscular black man. He smiled and asked if he could help her. To his credit he was being very professional and maintaining eye contact, despite the show Lisa’s outfit was putting on display. Lisa explained she had booked a 1 on 1 training session and was soon following the man she hoped would soon be fucking her.

He led her to the changing rooms where Lisa removed her jacket and let him get his first proper glance at her obviously unsupported tits. Still trying to be professional he only took quick looks at Lisa’s chest with her hardening nipples obvious to anyone. After a discussion about what Lisa wanted to get from the workout they went to the weights area. There he stood to the side and coached Lisa through lifting weights. As her arms came together her tits pressed together and he started to imagine those white tits in his hands or around his cock. Lisa noticed him adjusting his shorts and decided to push further. She asked him to stand behind her and guide her arms so she knew she was doing it right. This put his body against her back, his arms moving hers and his eyes glued to the mirror showing her tits. Lisa eased her ass back and felt something pressing against her ass and knew she had to have it.

Lisa put the weights down, bending in front of him, when she stood up she told him that this wasn’t the workout she had in mind. She made it very obvious by rubbing his shorts that she wanted some proper 1 on 1 training. After making sure her actions weren’t seen he told her to follow him. Lisa was led to a staff only door, inside was a small corridor with a few doors leading from it. There was a store room, employee shower, employee locker room and employee rest room. Lisa was taken to the rest room where there was a small table, some chairs and a sofa.

Once inside Lisa didn’t hold back. She had her hands on his tented shorts in seconds as she stood on her toes to reach up and kiss him. This white wife throwing herself at him wasn’t his first, but he always had to make sure they made the first move. Now he knew she was serious he could drop the professional gym trainer act and be the slut fucker he enjoyed being. His hands reaching for Lisa’s ass as her hands pulled down his shorts. He broke off the kiss, looked her in the eye and told her to suck his cock. Lisa trembled with excitement at being told what to do and was quickly kneeling and taking as much of this thick sweaty black cock in her mouth as she could.

As her tongue ran over his long hard shaft she tasted the sweat and precum and this drove her wild. With his cock now in her mouth he watched the married white slut bob her head up and down. He reached down and guided her head with his large hands. As his impatience grew he held her head and started fucking her face. Lisa was gagging and drooling all over herself. At one point he removed his cock from her mouth and allowed her to catch her breath, but as she was breathing heavily and wiping the strings of saliva from her chin, the trainer reached down and pulled her vest up over her tits and then her head. With her creamy white mounds free he began to caress them, play with her nipples and then used his grip on her nipples to pull her back to his cock. Again it wasn’t her sucking him but more him fucking her. The room was filled with the sounds of gagging, Lisa choking, the trainers moans and of skin slapping into skin.

When he pulled his cock away again Lisa was a mess. Her eyes were teary, her hair all over the place including stuck to the moisture on her face. Lisa had drooled so much that her tits were shiny and wet. The trainer reached to her tits and pulled her up to her feet. He turned her around and whilst gripping her tits hard he walked her to the table. There he bent her over pushing her wet chest into the plastic table top. His hands hooked into her leggings and yanked them down to her knees. He ran his fingers along her pussy and found it to be just as wet as her tits were. He lined up his hard cock and pushed forward driving his entire length inside Lisa. This was all it took to make Lisa scream and orgasm.

The trainer held his cock inside Lisa’s body until she finally stopped shaking. As her breathing got back to normal he reached for her left hand, played with her wedding ring and then asked her if her husband knows what a black cock whore she is. Lisa shook her head and felt a twinge of regret, that was until the trainer told her to beg for him to fuck her the way she wants to be fucked. Lisa’s regret vanished as she began begging for him to slam his hard black cock into her married white pussy. That was all it took, he grabbed her hips and started pounding hard into her. The table shook, it moved across the room, Lisa moaned, she orgasm’d over and over, but the fucking didn’t stop.

Lisa was riding through her 3rd orgasm as he grabbed her hair, pulled her up so she was standing with a black cock buried in her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her body, grabbed her tits hard, used them to pull her tight to him as he fucked her hard until he came deep inside her pussy. Lisa came again and was soon let go to collapse onto the table, an exhausted mess of sweat, saliva and cum. The trainer pulled his softening cock from her pussy and moved to her head. He offered his slimy shaft to her mouth for her to suck and lick clean. Once Lisa was finished she was told she better shower. So with her leggings round her knees, vest in hand, she stepped out of the room, crossed the hall and into the shower room.

As she stood under the hot water she was happy, satisfied but also feeling guilty. This was soon out of her mind though as she felt hands on her body, she was pushed forward, arms against the wall, legs spread, hard cock pushed inside her pussy. The hot water poured down on her face and body as the cock fucked her hard and fast. Lisa came just before the cock pulled out of her, spun her around, pushed her to her knees and came on her face. It was only after the jets of cum stopped hitting her that she looked up to see the trainer, but instead she saw a different black man. A different trainer had come into the employees area and was told about the slut in the shower, so he helped himself.

Once Lisa finished her shower the 2 trainers stood and handed her a tiny towel. They took pictures of her wet naked body and then of her drying herself. Each man held her vest and leggings. She was told to crawl to them and beg for her clothing. Of course the slut obeyed, first crawling to collect her vest. She took the vest and slowly covered her sore tits. Next she crawled to get her leggings. After begging for them she watched as the trainer took a knife and cut a hole in the crotch. He then handed them to Lisa who put them on whilst more pictures were being taken. With them on the hole that was cut was only visible if she moved her legs. When she did her pussy lips were exposed. The 2 men rubbed her Lycra covered ass and slipped fingers into her easily accessible pussy. Just as she was about to cum again they stopped. Lisa looked disappointed, but they laughed, then handed her a flyer for a club. They told her tonight there was a hypnotist who her and her husband would love. With that they laughed and told her to leave.

Lisa walked through the hotel without her jacket which she forgot. Everyone’s eyes were on the Lycra clad wife and her near naked appearance. They stared even more when they got glimpses of her naked pussy. By the time she got to her room Lisa wasn’t alone. 3 workers had followed her, recognising her as the white wife all the other workers were talking about. As she opened her room door she turned to see her followers, she smiled at them, checked her watch to make sure she had time then held the door open for them. The next 20 minutes she took a triple fucking from all 3. They pulled out her tits but rather than remove the leggings they just ripped the hole even bigger. When they left Lisa had cum dribbling from her ass and 2 loads coating her face and tits.

When her husband returned she was showered and enjoying the sun on the balcony in a tiny bikini from Marks ***********ion. This was bright pink with 2 small triangles to cover her nipples and another thin strip of material hiding her freshly fucked pussy. As he told her about his trip and that of all the men he was the only 1 to only catch 1 small fish she told him about the club she wanted to visit that night. Of course he agreed and Lisa then went for a lie down, mainly to recover from her morning of fucking and to prepare for her evening.

When they arrived at the club the lights were down low as there was a comedian on stage warming up the crowd. Through the light that was available Lisa spotted a table near the back but in the centre, she went to sit down as her husband went to get drinks. Whilst waiting Lisa adjusted the thin strap on her shoulder of her black dress as she looked around the room. There was the odd couple, some white, but most of the 30-40 people watching were black men. Lisa shuddered thinking what could happen if she was here alone.

After a few minutes her husband arrived with drinks and they laughed along with the comedians jokes. When the jokes ended the lights came up and everyone began chatting. Lisa talked to her husband but also scanned the room. She saw various black men sat at tables of 2, 3, 4 & 5. She was sipping her drink and half listening to her husband when she noticed the personal trainer sat with 2 other large muscular black men. He looked her way, looked straight at her, licked his lips then motioned to his friends to look at Lisa. She felt herself getting hot, blushing and worried her husband would notice, so she looked back to him and said she needed the toilet.

After touching up her makeup and checking to make sure her wet panties weren’t obvious through her dress, she left the toilets and walked straight into the trainer. He backed her into the wall shielding her from view with his big frame. As he ran his large hand up her leg until he was caressing her juicy pussy through her panties. He leaned down and whispered in her ear to make sure her husband takes part in the hypnotist show. Lisa moaned at his touch but moaned even more when he left her and walked away. After composing herself again she went back to the table. Not long after sitting down there was an announcement that they were looking for volunteers for the show. Lisa quickly encouraged her husband and told him how much she wanted to see him in the show.

After volunteering he was taken backstage to meet the hypnotist and prepare for the show. As soon as he was gone Lisa found the 2 trainers that had fucked her earlier at the gym and their friend joined her at the table. The trainers sat either side of her and without saying a word they quickly ran their hands up her legs caressing her thighs, pulling her legs open and rubbing her pussy. As the lights dipped for the show to start Lisa’s dress straps were pulled down and 2 black hands were pulling out her tits. They didn’t care where they were, or who saw, they just wanted to get their hands on her body. As her husband appeared on stage Lisa had fingers rubbing her clit, stroking her pussy and hands caressing her tits. She panicked that her husband would look out and see her but with the lights focused on stage he could barely see the people on the front row.

As the hypnotist talked to the audience Lisa was having her nipples pinched, her pussy fingered, her clit rubbed and her hands had been placed on the groins of the trainers trousers. Lisa loved stroking their cocks and feeling them getting harder.

The hypnotist had 3 people on stage, 1 woman and 2 men. He went along the line and hypnotised each of them, then had them doing different tasks. The first guy, a white man was told to act like different animals, making animal noises. When he was acting like a dog the hypnotist told him to fuck the chair like it was a bitch. The guy proceeded to mount the chair, pulling out his cock and slamming into the chair. His poor white cock kept bouncing off the metal chair until he came. After being told to stand as a human again he snapped him out of the trance, his first reaction was to hold his painful groin and then ran off to find ice, much to everyone’s amusement.

The next person was a white woman. She was an older woman, maybe in her fifties. Whilst under the hypnosis she was asked questions about her sexual experiences. She sleepily told the audience about her first time with a man, her school days with her lesbian experiences and everything since then. She was then asked about her fantasies, she told the audience that she wanted to put on a strapon cock and fuck her husband in the ass, to dominate him. She also confessed that this was their mutual fantasy. At this point her husband shouted from the crowd and ran onto the stage to take her away, all whilst the crowd were laughing.

After composing himself from the laughter the hypnotist turned to Lisa’s husband who looked nervous having seen what happened to the last 2 people. He looked out to try and get a reassuring smile from Lisa but the lights were so bright he couldn’t see her. If he could see her he would have seen a black man licking and sucking on her left tit whilst a large black hand caressed her right. Lisa’s eyes kept closing from the sensations on her breasts and also the third black guy who was under the table licking her pussy. When the hypnotist asked his name and her husbands voice boomed around the room Lisa opened her eyes, looked straight at the stage, but didn’t stop stroking the 2 cocks in her hands or push away the men pleasuring her. The trainer licking her tit stopped and went back to groping her as he too watched the stage.

The hypnotist noticed him looking into the crowd, he also knew exactly who he was looking for, his friends the trainers had told him about the married white slut that would be in the crowd tonight. It had become a regular thing for the hotel workers to recommend this show to their sexy white guests. Each and everytime at least 1 black cock would get taken care of as part of the show. With a smile on his face he put Lisa’s husband into a trance. With his work done he proceeded to talk to him asking who are you looking for in the crowd? The sleepy response confirmed he was looking for Lisa. The hypnotist asked for a spotlight to shine on Lisa. Just as the light came on, Lisa had put her tits away, there was still a mouth on her pussy and her hands were soon pulled back to the cocks she was stroking. Her husband was told to wave and say hi, which he did, along with all of the room who were now staring at the hot white wife. All of the crowd were hotel waiters, chefs, lifeguards, cleaners and groundskeepers from different hotels on the island.

The hypnotist asked if he liked looking at his wife? To which the husband responded with a yes of course. He was then told his wife was very beautiful, I bet you could watch her all day couldnt you? Again a sleepy yes was the response. Lisa didn’t know where this was going but continued to slowly stroke the cocks and enjoy the tongue fucking she was getting. The hypnotist then said to her husband “as you like to watch your wife, why don’t you stand on the chair behind you, stand there, stand still, don’t say a word and watch”.

With her husband following the command and standing on the chair in the middle of the stage the 2 trainers grabbed Lisa’s hands and guided her onto the stage. After the audience stopped whistling and making rude comments about her, Lisa looked to her husband who stared right back at her. He was staring at her as her dress was pulled off her body, her dripping wet panties torn off and thrown to the cheering crowd, her bra unclipped and also tossed to the sea of black hands. If anyone walked into the bar they would see a white man stood on a chair in the middle of the stage, staring down at a naked white woman stood between 3 black men all being watched by a crowd of black men. What can’t be seen, or heard, is the white mans screaming and shouting. In his head he’s filled with rage, anger & humiliation at what is happening to his wife. He wants so desperately to jump off the chair and throw himself in between these savages and his sweet, innocent & beautiful wife. But no matter what is going through his mind, his body won’t respond.

Unable to move or speak he watches as his wife dropped to her knees and began sucking the large black cock of the hypnotist. The 2 trainers already had their cocks out and pulled Lisa’s hands to stroke them. More of the black audience members had climbed onto the stage and surrounded Lisa, all pulling out their cocks and stroking to the sight of Lisa deep throating a black cock. The men surrounding Lisa reached out and grabbed at her body, pinching and pulling on her skin, mauling her tits and ass. It wasn’t long before she was moved onto her hands and knees, her ass high and free for the first black cock to fill it. Lisa pulled the cock from her mouth and spoke the words which destroyed her husband, “fuck me, all of you, use me, use my body, slam all of your huge black cocks into me and cover me in your cum”.

Stood up on his chair her husband stopped screaming, his heart broken, his wife had just begged a room full of black strangers to fuck her and cover her in cum. As the room full of men cheered Lisa took a last brief look at her husband before engulfing the hypnotists cock with her mouth. At the same time Lisa felt the now familiar feeling of her pussy being stretched open by a large cock. She groaned as both cocks sank deep into her holes. Lisa gagged as her throat was fucked and shuddered as large black balls slapped against her clit.

For what seemed like a lifetime Lisa’s husband stood and watched the graphic gangbang of his wife by this horny pack of black men. Standing still for so long caused his muscles to cramp and ache, but he couldn’t move to relieve the pain. He also couldn’t look away as cock after cock violated his wife’s body. Some would cum inside her, others pulling out and spraying her face, hair and body. Some guys would look at him and say “if you don’t want me to cum in your wife you better say something”. When they got no response they pounded her harder and faster until they exploded inside her. A few guys made Lisa beg for their cum, which of course she did. “Please shower me in your thick cum, I want to be covered in all of your cum.” This was all it took for the cock to add more thick white goo to her already sticky wet body.

After 1 guy pulled out of her mouth and shot a dozens strands of cum on her face, Lisa tried to talk but struggled. As the guy wiped his cock in her hair Lisa coughed and cleared her throat. She was still taking a hard fucking from a stranger in her cum filled pussy when she finally managed to speak and say she really needed to pee. The guy fucking her wasn’t going to let his chance go missing so he picked up the pace and with the encouragement of Lisa, “yes fuck me, oh fuck, give it to me, cum for me, cum on my tits”, another black cock was soon spurting over Lisa.

As the crowd reluctantly backed away Lisa reassured them she would be back for lots more fucking. As she tried to stand her tired legs buckled. The trainer caught her and carried her to the toilets. All the men began talking about this sexy white slut, how they wanted to cum in all 3 holes each, some even discussed different positions they would use her in, laughing about trying to double up on her pussy. The hypnotist then made them all aware that all of his entertainment gets filmed, so they can all buy a copy of the footage. Lisa’s husband was again outraged, not only were these beasts violating his wife but they were filming it all, how dare they.

His thoughts of how he could get the footage deleted were cut short as the main room filled with voices. The voices were Lisa and the trainer that carried her to the toilets. The trainer had taken the microphone from the hypnotist when Lisa started sucking his cock, now tucked in his back pocket it was picking up the sounds from the toilet. Lisa was heard thanking him for carrying her, then the sounds of her on the toilet. The trainer then told her “you looked so fucking good getting fucked and even better covered in cum”. Lisa then asked “why are you stroking that big black cock? Bring that big cock here”. After that everyone on the stage listened as Lisa gagged through being face fucked. As the fucking stopped Lisa breathed hard and begged “please cum on my face, oh yeah, that’s it give it to me”. After hearing the trainer groan through his orgasm Lisa said, “thank you, now carry me back out to the stage, there’s lots of cocks waiting for me”.

As Lisa was carried back towards the stage the men cheered, Lisa’s husband didn’t think he could be more heart broken, but every second this gangbang went on his heart crumbled more.

The men had arranged themselves on the stage with 1 guy lay on his back, his cock hard and pointing to the ceiling. Lisa was put on top of him with her back to the him, her sticky wet ass easily took his cock balls deep. Another stranger positioned himself between her legs and Lisa felt her pussy being stretched open. As she moaned through the pleasure and slight pain she had her head turned towards her husband, where there appeared a man with a large cock which he slipped into her mouth. With her eyes open when the guy moved she could see her husband stood on his chair, looking down at her getting the fucking she so desperately wanted.

For the next hour Lisa was triple fucked again and again. Every guy using her mouth would pull out and spray cum onto her face and chest. Anyone fucking her pussy would either fill her womb with their cream or pull out and shoot up over her stomach and hit her shaking tits. Lisa lost count of the number of orgasms she had, with each 1 she would moan or scream around the cock in her mouth. Her husband could do nothing but keep count, each time these black cocks pushed her over the edge it felt like they were taking away part of his manhood. As he watched he saw 2 of the guys that were talking earlier about double stuffing Lisa’s pussy we’re together and moving towards Lisa. When the 2 guys fucking her pussy and ass moved away they got into position and both slipped their cocks into each of her holes. Everything seemed normal, but they were both just using her cum slick holes to lube up their long hard cocks. As they looked at each other over Lisa’s shoulder they gave each other a wink, the guy fucking her pussy lifted her hips to meet his cock which pulled the other guy out of her ass. They both moved their hips and adjusted so as both of their slick black shafts were lined up with her pussy. As they eased forward her already wet hole stretched and gradually took both cock heads.

Lisa screamed around the cock in her mouth and everyone thought she was having another orgasm. The guy in her mouth enjoyed the feeling of her mouth vibrating around his cock. The other 2 in her pussy pushed on trying to stuff their cocks deep inside Lisa. By the time the cock in her mouth pulled out and came on her face Lisa had more than half of both cocks inside her. She told them to stop, to take them out, but the guys told her they were nearly all the way in and she should enjoy it. Others looked on and cheered their friends and encouraged them to both go balls deep. As Lisa again protested her mouth was stuffed with a black cock that stopped her complaining, her hands were also grabbed and put around 2 cocks to stop her fighting the double fucking.

Both men fucking her pushed and pulled until finally they both bottomed out in her pussy. As they told the room everyone cheered. Lisa’s mouth was freed and she was asked how it felt, she replied with “I’m stretched so much it hurts, but oh fuck it’s good”. With that they both started humping and driving into her. Lisa soon rolled through a huge orgasm which sent her body shaking. When she stopped her mouth was again occupied with cock.

The guys fucking her struggled to pick up any kind of strong rhythm but kept going. Once they were ready to cum they told the room and everyone wanted to watch how much cum flooded out of Lisa. A pint glass was held near her stretched hole as both cocks pulled out. The glass caught almost all of the thick white liquid oozing from her very stretched hole. Lisa wiped cum from her eyes so she could see the size of the 2 cocks that just fucked her and how much cum there was in the glass. After a moment of amazement she said “come on guys, fill the glass, fill the whole thing and I will drink it all”. From that point on any guy using her would pull out and cum in the glass. There were so many guys that they actually filled a glass and a half. All adding to her husbands heartbreak. Guys were using their cocks to scrape cum from Lisa’s face and body which they then dumped into the glass.

With most guys having cum several times Lisa wasnt being used as much. This was when the hypnotist stepped up and placed a second chair in front of her husbands. Lisa was lay on her front over the chair, her tits hanging over 1 edge and her ass high in the air on the other side. Lisa’s head was resting on the chair her husband was standing on. Her hands were moved to her husbands ankles to hold onto as the next fucking happened. The hypnotist lined his thick hard cock up with Lisa’s ass and pushed the head inside. Despite all the anal fucking she’d gone through this cock still stretched her slightly and she grabbed hold of her husbands ankles tightly. With just the head inside he asked her “where’s my cock slut?” Lisa groaned as she let everyone know “it’s in my ass”. He made her say this 3 more times each time getting louder. Then as he looked her husband straight in his teary eyes he said “do you want me to put all of this big fat cock in your married white ass?” Her husband knew what the answer was going to be before Lisa said anything. “Oh fuck yes, slam that big fat cock into my ass. Fill my ass with your cum”.

The hypnotist didn’t stop staring at Lisa’s husband as he began pumping and pounding into Lisa’s ass. Lisa moaned as the large cock glided in and out of her body. Her husband looked down at the obscene image of his wife’s white ass being violated by a man intent on making him suffer the worst humiliation. As she was being fucked other guys were reaching for her tits, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit. Lisa soon exploded in another orgasm which she announced loudly to everyone. Her husband felt how strong the orgasm was by how tightly Lisa grabbed his ankles. After a few more minutes the cock was pulled out, Lisa was flipped over so she was looking straight up at her husbands face. For the first time she got a good look at his heartbroken, tear stained face. Lisa’s guilt hit her hard. She felt like the worst person imaginable. As she was trying to comprehend the emotions she was going through and that of her husband, the hypnotist raised Lisa’s legs to his shoulders and slid his cock back into her ass. Lisa tried not to react but with the cock so large it was impossible. Everytime she closed her eyes to enjoy or block out what was happening she would open them to see her husband staring at her. At 1 point she saw a tear drop from his face and land on her cheek.

The hypnotist soon announced he was cumming and grabbed the glass to add his load. When he moved away Lisa just lay there looking up at her husband. Both of them sharing their emotions through looking into each others eyes.

The hypnotist pulled up his trousers and then spoke to Lisa, “we have had many many white women come to my shows, almost all of them end up getting fucked by black cocks. But none of them have ever taken on such a huge group of big black cocks like you. We are all very happy you came here tonight. There is just the matter of these 2 glasses of cum which we have collected for you”. Lisa looked at him and said she had already caused her husband enough pain, she didn’t want to drink the cum. The hypnotist laughed before saying, “you have nothing to worry about with him. He’s already under my control. Before you leave I will make it so as he forgets everything that’s happened. Only you and the guys that just enjoyed you will ever know about this. So, what do you say? Going to gulp down all of our cum like you promised?”

As Lisa sat and thought about the offer to wipe her husbands mind of the last few hours her husband was again screaming inside his head. He didn’t want to forget, he wanted to leave Lisa after her extreme cheating. But whilst he was locked in his own head Lisa answered with “make sure he forgets and I will drink the glasses dry”. The hypnotist smiled, the room cheered, her husband screamed no as another tear fell down his cheek. Everyone watched as the hypnotist planted the command, “anytime you see your wife being physical or sexual with anyone you will be unable to speak or move. You will stand and watch until she’s finished. Only once your wife kisses you on the lips will you move and speak. At the feel of her lips on yours you will also forget everything you just saw”.

Lisa felt better straight away, the room laughed and cheered. Lisa was handed her first glass and she raised it to her mouth and began drinking. The men chanted as they saw her swallowing mouthful after mouthful of their salty cum. Lisa stopped twice whilst emptying the first glass. As soon as it was empty she had the second pushed towards her. Again she tipped it into her mouth, this time needing 5 tries to empty the glass. Whilst gulping down this glass 2 guys approached her and jerked off onto her face. As she looked around there were phones taking pictures and videos of her cum drinking skills.

The hypnotist told Lisa there was a shower in his dressing room for her to freshen up. She half walked half got carried to the shower whilst the men all sat around discussing the slut wife and the fun they just had. At this point the hypnotist went into Lisa’s bag and found her 2 phones. He got into them and the first he found was normal, full of apps and boring texts. The second phone, the 1 from Mark, this had the hypnotist shocked. Each image and video she has sent to Mark was on there, all time and date stamped. As he looked through them he showed Lisa’s husband. Her husband quickly realised that Lisa had been humiliating him for the entire honeymoon and it was all to please his best man Mark.

After sending all the images & videos to his own phone he put it back. He then sent Lisa a message “I have a video of the whole night, let me know if you want a copy”. When Lisa returned she looked fresh, but naked. She asked for her clothes and was only handed her dress, the underwear had vanished. Lisa moved carefully and in some pain as she slipped it on. Once dressed the men lifted her husband from the chair and carried him to Lisa’s table. With everyone ready to act as if they had been watching a show this whole time Lisa leaned over to kiss her husband on the lips. As he saw her moving towards him, to give him a kiss that he would normally have cherished, he felt anger at what he had seen happen to those lips, felt determined that this kiss wouldn’t wipe away his memories. When Lisa’s lips touched his, his mind cleared, his body relaxed, he savoured the kiss and even returned it. Only when Lisa moved away did the pain in his legs and back return.

As the crowd all applauded the hypnotist leaving the stage, Lisa’s husband joined in and clapped. As the lights came on and people started talking he leaned to Lisa and asked “what happened? I don’t remember a thing”.


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Excellent series, already looking forward to part 7

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