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This was too fun to write. Hopefully, the feeling's mutual when reading. If so and you want a commission of your own, don't hesitate to ask. I've always got room and I've got no limits at all. Try me.
The final bell rings and everyone eagerly steps out to start their long anticipated weekend. No one even looks in my direction. Not a problem, though. They just wanna go home and take a break on their phones and game systems and crypto currencies or whatever kids these days get into. Either that or they just wanna take a good ol’ fashioned nap. Who am I to get mad at that? Still, it wouldn't hurt if one person stopped to say something, but you can’t have everything, I guess.

As I finish up my business and prepare to pack everything up, I hear a knock on my door. Must be Claire to tell me how much I suck again. Alright, let’s have it.

“Come on in,” I announce, not even bothering to look at the door,

“Hey, what’s up, Sazh,” I hear a completely different voice say, taking me off guard.

I peek over at the door and to my surprise, it’s Snow.

“Hey there,” I greet back, “What’s goin’ on?”

“Nothin’ much. Just checking in on the school fossil. You still kicking, old timer?”

“Ha ha. Funny. Haven’t heard that one before.”

“Yeah, I bet you haven’t. No, I just came by to see if you heard about the new recruit coming in next week.”

Really? This late into the year? There’s just 3 months left before school ends.

“New recruit?” I question, “A bit late in the game, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, I know,” he concurs, “But one look at her will immediately make you yearn for summer to pass by.”

“That much of a looker, huh?”

“That doesn’t do her justice, man. She’s hot. Smoldering. One look at her will kill you.”

“Alright, alright, get a hold of yourself before you make a mess on my floor. Janitors have it bad enough already. So when exactly is this inferno lady showing up?”

“First thing Monday. And I have never wanted a Monday to appear more. If that doesn’t tell you how sexy this woman is, I don’t know what will.”

“Well, your spoilers for your wet dreams for later aren’t exactly doing that job. Not at all. I’m surprised you don’t have a picture of the poor girl already.”

“Give me a day.”

“You sure your hands will be free at that time?”

“Laugh all you want, you old fart. All I know is that the second she steps in this building, it’s only a matter of time before she’s all over me.”

“Uh huh. Like how Claire was ‘all over you’ when you shot your shot with her. How’s your elbow, by the way?”

He narrows his eyes at me before shifting his hand to his shoulder.

“You’re supposed to be a nice guy,” he says, causing me to snicker,

“This is true,” I respond, “And as a man who’s assuming that role, I’m just telling you to be careful unless you want a potential repeat.”

“That was a fluke. Complete misjudgement. A slight mishandling of the situation. No different than the constant risk one takes when stepping out of their home. You either reap the benefits or crash and burn-”

“And burn you did with that one.”

He glares at me, earning another chuckle, before continuing with,

“...Buuut it’s all just a matter of learning from history or else you’re doomed to repeat it. So I just need to reevaluate my previous encounter, tinker it a bit, present it to her, and you’ll be calling her my Mrs. You’ll see.”

“Oh, I’ll be seeing something, alright,” I reply, packing my things, “Until then, just take care of yourself.”

“Yeah, ok, man. Wish me luck.”

“Yeah. Right. Good luck.”

He then steps out of the room, leaving me shaking my head. He doesn’t need luck. That boy needs a prayer. Poor girl, though. Her first impression of the faculty is gonna be a guy who doesn’t have the slightest clue of what it means to give up. And while that’s admirable for some people, something tells me she’s not really gonna be in that camp.

After collecting my things, I head out the room and head down the halls. As I’m traversing down the hall, I pass by a room where I hear Snow reciting his plans to Cid. Poor, poor woman. Thank goodness his health insurance is as good as it is. I’m then greeted with Claire stepping out of her room, looking as irritable as ever. In an attempt to change that the slightest bit, I decide to at least greet her. It can go a long way in some cases.

“Hey, there, Cl-”

“Bite me,” she interrupts.

And this case isn’t one of them, it would seem.

“Well, aren’t you even more chipper than usual?”

“Well, when I’ve got one idiot babbling on and on about harassing his future coworker, 80 idiots either staring at me and ignoring every damn word I’m speaking or staring at their phones, fucking up my overall performance, and another idiot standing in front of me, excuse me for not being so uppity.”

“Hey, watch your mouth. We don’t need that kind of language in this building.”

“Eat a dick, you wrinkled old bitch.”

“Oh, don’t be like that. Is that really the kind of energy you want our newest educator to be exposed to?”

“She can be exposed to the goddamn lunch recipes for all I care. I just wanna go home and enjoy my only means of solitude before reliving the constant 5 days of unrelenting monotony. So if you wouldn’t mind-”

I chuckle before finally showing her mercy and stepping out of her way and letting her pass. As she does, though, she bumps into my shoulder, giving me a snarky grin before storming off. Gotta love how there’s never a dull moment around here. Definitely a welcoming environment if I’ve ever seen one.

After driving home, I check on Dahj, who’s absolutely knocked out in his room, and start the egregious process of grading papers. And that’s always a treat. Leave it to high schoolers to have you rethink your choice on pursuing creative writing. To this day, these kids just find new ways to resent their previous teachers. How is it that we’re still having the “they’re”, “their”, and “there” problem? Why is writing a cohesive sentence the hardest thing in the world? Why is staying on topic the bane of everyone’s existence?

At least they’re not always so horrendous. Some of these stories are very insightful. Some are very immersive. Some, while lacking in variety when it comes to words, have very imaginative feels to them. These are the stories that make me feel young again. I remember when I could afford to be this active, this gluttonous, this liberated. Now look at me: 62 years young and I’m crackling if I even think of picking something up wrong.

Where did the years go? It seems like just yesterday I was play fighting with my boys, drinking tubs worth of drinks, playing all types of sports, taking in and conquering nature, I just really knew how to make life give me what it had to offer. I was invincible. And now I get exhausted from thinking about it. What I’d give to go back to yesteryear. Return to the man I used to be.

Too bad time doesn’t work like that, though. I’m confined to the prison that is withering. At least I can still live vicariously through these stories, though. I mean, look at this one. This guy’s fighting a gator to save his friend. Not the most realistic or optimal scenario to be in, but I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be an exciting experience. Just forcing those vice-like jaws open before they have the opportunity to slice off your arm and using that arm to choke the hell out of that gator.

Not to mention the ultimate prize for such a heroic feat being presented in front of an unexpecting girl. Again, the chances of any of this actually happening are asinine. It’s borderline impossible. But it’s still fun to think about. My very empathetic friend seeing me covered in my wounds, desperate to help me in any way she can as a way to express her gratitude. Cleaning my wounds, telling me how she was so scared and how glad she is that I’m here, washing my sweaty clothes, bathing me-...

Ok, that’s enough grading for one day. I’ve got the whole weekend for it. Damn, these kids really know how to write an engaging story. But I should probably get Dinner started for Dahj. It’s getting pretty late. I mean, it’s on- 10:30?!?!?!

What the fuck?! I’ve only gone through five stories! Jesus, I’m really losing track of my time. I gotta learn to take a few steps back from work. It’s not healthy. And poor Dahj. I mean, sure, he’s old enough to feed himself and there’s plenty in the kitchen for him to eat, but we really should spend more time with each other. A boy needs quality time with his old man. Plus, a parent’s involvement is essential to a kid. And with his mother gone, it’s my job to step it up.

But not at this hour. Both because, while I’m a language arts teacher instead of a math teacher, I know that teenage boy + internet connection + night time = not the most optimal time to bond, and I’m getting a bit hungry, myself. I’ll just heat something up and go to bed. I’ve gotta brainstorm some things I could do with Dahj to better our relationship, so my head’s gotta be crystal clear and fully operational. And being hungry and tired isn’t doing anyone any favors.

The sun eventually rises as the gorgeous lightly cloudy Saturday morning greets us all. I take care of my hygienics before looking at my phone. 10:26. Definitely later than usual, but not bad at all. And from the sounds of it, Dahj is up, too. Perfect. I head out of my room and over to his, knocking on his door.

“Just a sec,” I hear him say through the door.

Alright, no rush. I wait patiently as a few moments pass.

“Ok, come in,” he finally invites.

I accept his invitation, opening the door. But before I can even think of a way to propose the idea of hanging out with him, I see that he’s already dressed for an outing. And it’s not just any old outfit that he just threw on. It’s his favorite outfit to wear. He’s got his favorite black jeans, black, white, and red sneakers, and deep blue excalibur shirt. But not only that, I’m also getting a hint

“Oh,” I start, struggling to find my words, “ You got somewhere you gotta go?”

“Oh, yeah,” he replies, “I’m going out with a friend. I wanted to tell you, but I figured you were too busy with grading. Hope it’s alright.”

Well, damn.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all, son,” I say, “Go have fun. Where are y’all going? I’ll drop you off.”

“That’s ok. His dad’s driving us. We’re just going to the arcade and getting some food after. I’ll be home around 8.”

“Hm. Well, enjoy yourself. Don’t get into any fights or anything.”

“You’re really not gonna let that go, are you? We were just playing around, dad.”

“Sure, whatever you say. But seriously, be safe.”

“I will.”

I then shut the door, letting him finish getting ready. Well, shit. What now? That was my only plan for the day. I mean, I could finish grading, I guess...Buuut I don’t want to. Well, I’m an able bodied adult. Surely, I can think of something to do with my seasoned age.

I head back to my room, sitting on the foot of my bed before taking out my phone and searching up things to do. Dancing? No, the only place close is closed on Saturdays. Karaoke? Sounds fun on paper, but I’m not much of a singer. Ok, that’s just insulting. I’m not gonna lower myself to playing bingo of all things...hmm...Ah, there we go. Drinking’s always an option. And there’s a place not too far. Good. My night’s just been saved. Just gotta remember to pace myself.

Hours pass and I make it to the bar, parking in the front and taking a good look at the place. First impressions: it’s ok. Kinda dull. Just a medium sized “Lenny’s” sign and a building containing the goods. Yeah, it’s simple, but it’s still direct. You know exactly what to expect here. There’s no pussyfooting.

I can see myself periodically going here from time to time. I mean, it’s got nothing on the bars that I used to go to, but it’d be very unfair to judge it on that front. The blunt nature kinda gives a demand of respect that strangely resonates with me. Nothing big. Nothing fancy. Just get your alcohol and move the fuck along. Which is what a bar’s identity is at the end of the day.

After getting my eyeful of the joint, I step inside its doors, dying to see the inside, too. And the inside gives a similar vibe. It's a little more lively with a bit of color here and there with blue LED lights on the banister and colorful designs on the tables. Other than that, still nothing to write home about. Standard dart board, pool tables, tv’s in the corners set to sports, guy sitting in the back, fighting with himself to try and hit on the bartender, it checks every box for a typical notable bar.

I take a whiff of the alcohol polluted air that I haven’t experienced in quite a long time. A wave of nostalgia hits my brain after, taking me back to my hayday. Damn, I missed this. Had this been just ten years ago; just ten, I’d be taking this place over.

I’d probably start by picking these chumps clean at the pool tables. They wouldn’t like that one bit, I’d imagine. Wouldn’t matter, though. They’re clearly a bunch of pussies that’d start raising their voice from being sore losers, but the slightest bit of pushback would definitely have put a stop to that in an instant.

Then I probably would’ve went to the counter and scored with that lovely bartender just to fuck with the guy. Poor girl would’ve been so heartbroken. She’s clearly new. Looks like she’s got quite a bit going on. Probably a childhood pet or friend that died recently, parental troubles maybe, or just the stresses of life closing in on her. Regardless, don’t envy her.

Hard to say what I would’ve done next, though. After a bit of chaos is when I’d get absolutely wasted and that right there’s a different beast entirely. Ah, to be young, dumb, and full of poison that’ll have you waking up in just 4 hours missing the tip of your right shoe, clothes inside out, the mark of a branding iron on the inside of your left ass cheek, and the slight inconvenience of the discovery of some girl named Riley had carved her name in your forearm with a knife and pen. Good times, good times.

But that’s enough reminiscing. I’m retired from that crazy life. I’m older. Still working on that whole “wiser” portion. And it starts with creating more tranquil memories. So I guess I should consider this my little sanctuary.

I head to the counter and take a seat on the stool with the bartender hoisting her towel over her shoulder and lacing her hands down on the counter. At least she finds some solace in this job. To be fair, that is strangely satisfying. Borderline therapeutic.

“What can I get for ya, old timer?” she questions,

“Just a standard beer,” I answer, prioritizing my well being, “Your choice in brand’s fine. I’ve got no preference.”

“Alright, coming right up.”

“Thanks, hun.”

She reaches below the counter and slides me a bottle in the blink of an eye. Stellar service. I don’t even bother to look at the brand as I twist off the top and take a sip. Yup. Gotta stop leaving the suggestions to newbies. Don’t wanna be rude, though. So I guess I can endure it for the time being.

I turn around in an admittedly gratuitous amount of excitement to look at the blatant envy on the face of the guy from earlier. But to my displeasure, he’s not in his spot anymore. Must’ve gone to the bathroom to give himself a pep talk or something. But as I take another sip of the mediocre sorry excuse of a drink in my hand, I hear a loud smack echo throughout the bar.

Curious, I scan the environment for the source of the noise, seeing my target holding onto his face as his eyes wince in pain. Before him is a cute tanned beauty with her arm extended, indicating that she just gave him the hardest slap she could muster.

“What part of ‘Keep moving’ did you not understand?!” she snaps.

Oh, that’s not good. Before anyone can do anything, though, he does something that I’m sure most of these people would never have thought he’d do: he starts crying. Hard. He then starts babbling something that no one can understand before stumbling out of the bar. Hm. Not what I’m used to, but ok.

The girl then sits down at her table, taking a breath before taking a sip of her drink. She doesn’t look like she’s having a good time. Someone should really take the time to cheer her up. She’s definitely in the mood for it. No problems could arise at all. So I stand up from the stool with my bottle of disappointment before heading over to her. She takes notice of me and she’s already visibly irritable.

“Look, if you’re gonna grab my ass, too, can we just skip that part and get to the part where I slap you?” she growls, gripping onto her glass, “I’ve got better things to do than get hit on by mindless drunks.”

“Mind if I ask what those could be?” I question in an attempt to calm her nerves,

“Literally anything else if you’re that curious.”

“Hm. That does seem like it would be more preferable than the former option.”

“Yeah, it does, doesn’t it? So would you mind letting me get to it since you’re so understanding of my choices? I’d really appreciate it. Thaaaanks.”

Huh. She reminds me a lot of Claire. That just makes this even more interesting.

“Well, from the looks of it, one of those things entails you just sitting here alone. Wouldn’t it be a bit more...entertaining to have someone join you?”

“No, it wouldn’t. Fuck off.”

Alright. This isn’t going anywhere. I can take a hint. Guess I’ll just take my pride, pack my bags, and cut my losses.

“Alright, if that’s what you want,” I reply before gesturing my bottle at her, “See ya.”

I then turn around and before I can even take 3 steps, she makes it a point to say,

“You have shitty taste in beer, by the way.”

Works every time. Thanks, bartender lady. I snicker before facing her again, saying,

“Actually, this was specially hand-picked by that sweet bartender over there,” I respond, earning a chuckle from her,

“You’re either the dumbest old man ever or you’re the biggest rookie of all time to ask a rookie for a recommendation.”

“Eh, I’ll have to go with neither. Though, if I had to choose, I’d be happier with being the dumb old man. I just felt like taking a gamble. Can’t really be that rowdy with the alcohol like I used to be. I can still have a little fun, though.”

“Yeah, how’s that bottle of ‘little fun’ tasting, then?”

“Like all bottles of fun do: like piss, regret, and broken dreams.”

We share a chuckle as I sit down across from her.

“Sazh,” I say, extending my hand, introducing myself,

“I go by Fang,” she replies, accepting my handshake, “So if I understand you correctly, you were a bit of a party animal, yeah?”

“You could say that. I’m telling you now, I’m paying for it to this day. So before you indulge in those same mistakes, just know...people really don’t like it when you throw up in their flowers. So try your best to avoid that if you can.”

“Aww, but that was on my bucket list. What else am I gonna puke on?”

“Got any enemies?”

“A couple.”

“Well, there you go.”

She chuckles at my comment, taking another sip before saying,

“Quite the suggestion. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Good to know. So what about you? Is this even your forte?”

“To be honest, not really. I drink, but I’m not someone who does it to party and get reckless. I just needed to clear my head and calm my nerves. As you can see from a few minutes ago, it was the best decision of my life.”

“You don’t say. What’s on your mind so much?”

“Oh, just a job that I never thought I’d ever have. Always hated the thought of having it. But that motherfucker Murphy and his dumbass laws put me on the route where that’d be inevitable.”

“Damn, that’s always the worst. Definitely a great reason to visit a bar and drink away your sorrows if I’ve ever heard one.”

“Yeah. It’s the only place I could think of to really get outta my own head, y’know? Everywhere else know...unavailable...But enough about me. Let’s dip into the mind that thought that the best way to take care of himself and recover from previous damages to his body was to revisit the place responsible for some of those damages.”

“Heh, yeah, when you put it like that it’s not exactly the most optimal line of thinking, huh? But it’s basically the only place that I could go that’s both open and all age accessible.”

“And a simple walk in the park wouldn’t have sufficed?”

“Ah, ok. Let me rephrase. It’s the only place that I could go that’s open, all age accessible, and won’t put me in the grave due to extreme boredom.”

“Isn’t that what comes with the whole ‘getting old’ schtick? Aren’t you supposed to be boring?”

“That’s where I’m the exception. I might not be able to do a lot of things anymore without severe repercussions, but that won’t stop me from having all the fun I can.”

“Hm. So nothing’s gonna stop you from having fun, huh, grandpa.”

“What can I say? The ‘Never say die’ attitude never dies. And if you wanna test that theory, I’m more than willing to accommodate that to keep your mind off of those pesky, pesky stresses of yours~.”

This grabs her attention. She smirks, twirling her drink before saying,

“That does sound like a tempting offer. But I don’t wanna suggest anything that’ll have you kicking the bucket. You got something in mind that’ll push the opportunity to the extent, Superman~?”

“Oh, I’ve got just the thing,” I reply, “There’s a place nearby I can take us to that’ll ensure we make the most of the opportunity. You know...if you think you can handle it.”

“Heh, I can handle anything you can dish out, old man. Lead the way~.”

Good to know, little lady. Let’s hope you can maintain that same mindset the whole way. I pay our tab before leading her to my car and driving us to a nearby motel. Lotta gorgeous memories here. And there’s always room for one more.

I book us the room and we step inside with me closing the door and her taking her place on the bed, lying back and balancing herself on her arms, looking at me with her inviting hazel brown eyes.

“Well~,” she starts in a sultry tone, “Let’s get to testing~.”

I don’t need any more invitations. I join her on the bed, caressing her fair smooth face before leaning forward and planting a deep kiss on her lips as I guide her body down on the bed. She reciprocates the act, cupping my face in her hands with mine traversing to her torso. She lightly moans into the kiss as my hands explore her midriff, feeling her nice, warm, flat stomach.

She’s so perfect. Her body feels amazing. Her noises of approval are reawakening something in me. Why did I stop doing this? I used to live for this. Every single touch on her flawless skin is reminding me what I loved so much about going out. It’s almost muscle memory as I push up her crop top, revealing her DD cup tits before grabbing and squeezing them. What a way to reintroduce myself to this part of my lifestyle.

Not only is it serving as a wake-up call for me to get back on the horse, but it’s just the perfect start for it. She has, without question, the best pair of tits I’ve ever seen. I can’t keep my hands off of them. They’re so firm and soft. And her increased moans are just making me lose more control of myself.

I can’t take it anymore. I need to taste them. After a few more moments of embracing her in the kiss, I maneuver my way down to her neck and to her exposed chest. A sharp gasp escapes her lips as I wrap my mouth around her right nipple as I continue playing with her left breast. Her voice is like music to my ears. I suck harder and squeeze harder, aiming to garner more encouraging sounds from Fang.

And my efforts are rewarded. She writhes in pure bliss as she blesses me with more of her hypnotizing hymn-like moans, arching her back for more attention. Her reactions coupled with her sweet taste are turning me on beyond belief. I might just burst through my pants. And there’s no doubt in my mind that her desire for me is flaring, too.

But before I can even make the proposition, I feel her clasp onto my wrists before rolling over, switching our positions to where she’s pinning me on the bed. She takes a second to compose herself before chuckling at the confused look on my face. She then gives me a peck on the lips before saying,

“I’m not just gonna let you have all the fun. You’ve had your time on top. So now it’s my turn~.”

She gives me a kiss on my neck before dragging her tongue on it, earning a light groan from me. She then grabs the bottom of my shirt and pulls it above my head, tossing it to the side before doing the same to hers. She then coos in delight as she takes in the sight of my body, trailing her hand along my torso before putting her index finger in her mouth and sensually sucking on it.

“You taste so yummy~,” she purrs as she snakes her way from my neck to my chest, trailing kisses all the way to my abdomen.

Her voice sends chills down my spine. She’s doing things to me that I haven’t experienced for so long. I forgot what these feelings felt like. What luck that I got a girl as hot as her to make me feel them again.

After unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans, she pulls them down my legs along with my briefs, exposing my eager hardened cock. She gives me a coy smirk as she wraps her soft hand around my member and starts sensually sliding it up and down my length, earning more groans of bliss from me.

“Mmm~ how long’s it been since you’ve seen some action, old man?” she taunts, continuing her slow and steady strokes as she inches her mouth closer and closer to my cock, “You must be pretty pent up for me, huh? That’s not fair, is it? These poor balls of yours just begging for release. Well, how about I help you with that?”

She then gives me light kisses along the length of my shaft, trailing her way to the tip, where she wraps her lips around it and circles her tongue around it. Fuck, she’s good. But she’ll have to do better than that to break her way into the top 20 list of girls I’ve been with.

And she seems to aim to do just that as she slowly bobs her head up and down my member, taking more of my dick in her mouth with each descent. She then looks me in the eyes as she manages half of it inside of her mouth. Fuck, she’s so goddamn sexy like this.

I make an attempt to bring my hand to her head, but she immediately grabs onto my wrist, giving me a smirk as she pops me out of her mouth.

“Uh uh,” she taunts with a wave of her finger, “No contact just yet. I wanna watch how much you enjoy this without touching me. Give me that and you can touch me all you want wherever you want.”

She then punctuates with a giggle before taking me back in her mouth. What a fucking tease. I’m gonna have so much fun with you. She bobs her head up and down my shaft, dimming her eyes as she slurps and gags on it. I can’t lie, this is getting a bit difficult. I thought this would just be a little challenge that she’d pay for. But the more this goes on, the harder it is to contain myself. Look at her begging me to grip onto her dark brown hair and relentlessly fuck her little throat. This is proving to be quite the challenge. But this just makes it so that when I do get my opportunity, I’ll make every nanosecond count.

Minutes pass and her bittersweet actions are taking effect. She’s getting exactly what she wants. I can’t help but writhe and groan in pure ecstasy as she sucks my cock. But along with her sensual sucking, her smug attitude almost outshines it. Every now and again, she’ll take it out of her mouth and tease me with her breathing for a moment before going back to sucking on it. it’s taking every fiber of my being to not force her down to the base and let loose. I’ve gotta hold out. She’ll get exactly what she deserves.

Soon enough, though, I feel the all too familiar sensation slowly building. I’m gonna fucking cum in her mouth. Fuck, that’s gonna be such a sexy picture. I lean up, gripping the sheets as the control of my urge to force her down is slipping away more and more the closer I get. She catches onto my subliminal message of her upcoming treat and starts sucking harder and faster, eager to have me flood her mouth with my cum. And within minutes of enduring her glorious skilled mouth, she gets her prize as I let out a loud moan, shooting rope after rope of my cum in her mouth.

She moans in delight as she swallows it all, ensuring that she doesn’t waste a single drop as I collapse on the bed. Fuck, that was incredible. It’s been so long since a woman’s made me burst like that. And now’s the time I finally reap the rewards of my patience. But before I can even make a move, I hear what sounds like her taking off her shorts before feeling her straddle me.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re down for the count already, old man~,” she teases as she grinds her slit on my still erect cock, “I was just starting to enjoy myself. What, is it your nap time already?”

Yeah, I’m gonna enjoy this way more than I should. After taunting me with her hip movements, she finally gives us both what we desperately want and raises herself and positions the tip of my cock to her cunt before sliding it inside and moaning as she takes my length deep inside of her dripping wet cunt. Oh, God, she’s a lot tighter than I thought she’d be. And she seems to really want this. That just makes this ten times better.

I bring my hands to her hips, guiding her down my shaft all the way down to the base. She takes a second to adjust to my size before bringing her hands to my chest and slides up and down my cock, moaning in pure pleasure as I stretch out her little pussy. I tighten my grip on her hips, loving how tight she’s squeezing me. She snickers before saying,

“What’s wrong, gramps? You were all too eager to grab onto me. Are you really telling me that that’s all the strength you’ve got? What a shame.”

Oh, ok, then. So much for being a gentleman and waiting for you to be ready for it. I forget how impatient some ladies can be. But I’m never one to deprive a woman who wants to get to the good stuff as soon as possible. It’s more fun that way, anyways.

So I give her what she’s all but pleading for, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her down to me. She gasps in shock from my sudden movements as I give her a sinister grin of my own before thrusting my hips, pistoning my cock in and out of her impatient little body. She then moans like crazy as I savor her tightness, basking in the music that is her moans of pleasure from my actions.

Her face says it all. This is way more than she bargained for. I had my suspicions before, but after seeing it first hand, I now know for certain that she’s not as experienced as she lets on. She’s either just popped her cherry or it’s been a while since she’s had her couple of sessions. Either way, it’s just wonderful for me. I get to enjoy this sexy inexperienced body and put a poser in check. Life couldn’t be more perfect.

“H-how’s that-...little lady?” I taunt in between moans as I continue my relentless thrusts, “I-is that-...Fuck~...good enough for you? Heh, what happened to all that-...tough talk?...Yeah, move those hips~...Still think I’m just an old set of bones?”

She can’t even reply. I don’t even think she can form a coherent sentence if she really wanted to. That is a face of pure unadulterated lust and lust alone. Those moans are the peak of sensational pleasure coursing through every nerve in her system. Her grip on the sheets is that of someone who can only form the thoughts of ‘On everything that is holy, NEVER let this stop!’. She’s completely lost. And I love every moment of it.

But it’s not just about me. It’s about her, too. And with her inexperience, I want her to walk away from this, if at all, with the best she’ll ever have. So she’s gonna get the whole package. And I wanna see what all she’s got to offer.

So I switch our positions, lying her down onto the bed and briefly pulling out of her before turning her over onto her stomach and spreading her legs. I’m then greeted with even more passionate moans as I reinsert myself into her needy pussy, working my way back to my previous pace. I’m getting so much deeper. She’s so much tighter. I feel like I could burst again right now. How is it that anyone would commit the sin of keeping this cute little lady from her wants and desires? She’s so needy for it.

I bring my right hand to her hair, gripping onto it, while caressing her waist with my left. I then pull her up to me by her hair, making her whimper in even louder joy as I maintain my rhythm. I lean in to the side of her face, whispering,

“You’re such a naughty girl teasing your elders like that. Someone should teach you some manners.”

“Y-yeah, s-so na-ah~ah~ah~ah~agn~!”

“That’s right. You’re such a bad girl. And we can’t have that, can we? Bad girls need to be punished. So I’m gonna make sure you never make that mistake ever again. Understand?”

“Y-yes, sir~.”

“Good girl. Now start counting.”

Before she can ask me what I mean by that, I give her her answer by giving her a hard slap on her ass with my left hand, making her squeak in shock and delight as the sound of flesh impact echoes throughout the room. But she’s disobeying. That’s not good.

“What did I say?” I remind her, “Count your licks.”

So we start again. I give her another loud smack on her cute little butt, earning another approved squeak. This time, however, she obeys.








The longer this goes on, the better the joyous feel of the familiarity settling in feels. I feel so much younger again. Like I’m in my prime. Making the sexy young broad beneath my moan like a bitch in heat. There’s nothing like it. I feel so alive.

We get to the 23rd smack before I finally decide to let up. Don’t wanna overwhelm her this early on. There’s still so much more to experience. Speaking of, now’s the time to explore some more. I pull out again before turning her on her back, looking at her slutty face as I push back inside of her. I then pin down her wrists to the bed with my hands and lock her thighs in place with my legs before continuing my vigorous thrusts.

And now it’s my turn to watch her writhe and squirm in satisfaction. She’s so adorable like this. She’s rolling her hips to create more friction. She really is a mindless whore now. Excellent.

“Tell me how much of a whore you are,” I command,

“I-I’m such a filthy-...disgusting whore,” she obeys in between moans, “I’m-mgn~...your filthy disgusting-...wh-whore. Yes, right there. Right there. Right there! Please don’t stop! Fuck~!”

I have no plans on doing such a thing. All she’s doing with her begging and pleading is bringing me closer to the most intense orgasm I’ve had in a while. Plus, something tells me she’s not far from hers. And within a few moments of thrusting, she proves that theory to be correct, moaning wildly as she wears the ultimate expression of gratification as she reaches her orgasm. It’s always the most beautiful sight to behold, the female orgasm. As rare as it is.

After she comes down from her orgasm, I pull out of her, eager to have my turn for overwhelming release. She then takes the initiative and turns over before propping herself on her hands and knees, taunting me with a wiggle of her firm round butt. I love her already. I position myself at her entrance one more time, but before I can push inside of her, she stops me, saying,

“No, no. I want you to cum in my ass.”

That’s everything I’ve ever wanted to hear. It sucks how rare that statement is uttered. I grant both of our wishes, positioning my cock to her alternative entrance before pushing inside. As I brace myself for slight resistance, I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s a lot less tighter than I expected. This is just a dream come true.

The room is once again filled with the sounds of our unified moans of pleasure as I push myself into her ass. I then grab her hips and start pushing in and out of her, continuing our mutual moans from the actions. Reaching closer and closer to my orgasm, I speed up my pace, moaning louder and louder.

Soon enough, my muscles tense and my groaning echoes throughout the room as my thrusts get slower before I flood Fang’s anus with my essence. Best decision I’ve ever made in my life to come to this bar. Definitely gonna enjoy my time there as long as I possibly can.

Fang giggles as I pull out of her and rub her butt before lying down and saying,

“Not bad, old man. Good to know that chivalry's not completely dead. Way to show a young woman a good time.”

“Well, I can’t take all the credit,” I reply, leaning back on my hands, “It’s nice to know that the youth are willing to aid their elders in shaking off some rust and reminding them to have more fun every now and again.”

“Hmhm. Glad I could be such a great inspiration and dancing partner. So does that mean we can expect to have repeat meetings from now on?”

“Eh, nothing’s guaranteed. So I can’t say for sure. All we can do is wait for tomorrow to show what it has to offer.”

“As if I needed any more proof that you’re an old man.”

We share another laugh before cleaning up and getting dressed. I drop her off back at the bar to her car before we exchange goodbyes and I head back home. Best night in years. I just love when the night ends with me getting laid. Of course, that’s one of the pros of being such a dashing stud. The con, of course, being my seasoned age. I’m fucking beat. This sleep is gonna be quite the revitalization.

I make it back to my house, parking the car and stepping inside. As I place my keys back on the hook, I take notice of a sheet of paper on the kitchen counter.

“Don’t know when you’ll see this, but my friends and I made more plans and we’ll be out a little earlier than we were today. Maybe around 8ish. Didn’t want you to worry just in case you wake up later than that. Yes, we’ll keep you updated. No, we don’t have condoms because we’re not planning on doing that. See you when I get back.”

That boy. Just like his old man: always wanting to go out and have fun. Hopefully, he isn’t exactly like me. The world doesn’t deserve that. I really wish I could dedicate a day to both of us. We really need to bond more. But he’s still gotta be a kid. I don’t wanna step in his way from doing that. So I’ll have to make time in the week to plan something out for us. But that’s then. Now’s the time for looking at the bright side: I’m not gonna be alone tomorrow.

The next night sees a similar setting: an elderly 62 year old man sitting in a visually underwhelming bar with a vastly superior drink this time now that he’s got the common sense to go with his decision. Getting wiser already. I scan the bar again for the brunette beauty from last night as I take a few more sips of my drink. No dice. Must be running late.

However, just as I have that thought, I’m suddenly blinded by a pair of hands with the sound of familiar giggling following behind.

“Guess who,” my invader says in a bubbly tone,

“King Kong’s right nut sack,” I reply, earning another laugh before finally freeing me from her clutches, allowing me to turn around,

“You were close.”

“Yup. Off just by a hair. So what, you stalking me now?”

“Says the one who came all this way to see me again.”

“You wish. I just like the drinks here.”

“Oh, well forgive me for being so conceited as to steal your adoration from your...tequila sunrise? Wow.”

“Judge all you want. It’s fucking delicious. Sorry for disappointing you by not ordering the manly strep throat cocktail.”

“No, no. No disappointment found over here. You just don’t strike me as the guy to go for that. Just a bit of situational irony is all. In fact, I’m happy that you have that as a choice.”

“You’re ecstatic about the choice in alcoholic beverage of the guy that you’ve met less than 24 hours ago?”

“Yeah. Cause I can do things like this.”

She grabs the drink out of my hand and takes a few long sips, giving exaggerated delighted sounds as she intakes the liquid. She then places the cup down on the counter, looking me in my eyes with a snarky look accompanied with a satisfied,


I look at my beverage only to discover that only ⅓ of it is left behind. The nerve, tha gall, nay. The CHUTZPAH of this woman!

“Oops, was that only for you?” she taunts with a feigned apology, “Oh, and I practically drank it all. Oooo, that’s always the worst. I just couldn’t control myself. Oh well. Guess there’s nothing to do about it now.”

I take a breath before looking her in her bitchy eyes, saying in the calmest tone I can muster,

“Ah, it’s not an issue at all. It is a good drink choice. But nothing that...hmm…12? Yeah. $12 and an apology can’t fix, right?”

“Oh, of course, you old sack of wrinkles. I’ll get right on that. I’m always the first one to set things right with proper reparations.”

She takes a step forward, getting inches away from my face, practically oozing sarcasm as she folds her arms and punctuates her sentiment with,

“You know, only to those who can actually make me.”


“Yeah~! Yeah~! Yeah~! Oh, God, that’s so fucking good~!”

Funny. It’s like she becomes a completely different person when we come here. Calm, cool, and collected at the bar when she’s drinking my drink, yet a submissive little slut when her face is pushed against a motel wall, while I’m plunging my cock in and out of her ass. But I’m still missing my apology. So let’s fix that.

“Say it,” I demand, whispering in her ear,

“Hah~...Hah~...F-fuck you,” she replies between moans.

I’ll give her this, she’s a persistent little fucker. But I’ve got ways of breaking stubborn skanks like her. I guide us away from the wall before gripping onto the backs of her thighs, praying that I’ve not only still got the bone structure to pull off this maneuver, but the skill also. It’s been so long since I’ve done this. Body, don’t fail me now.

With a bunch of confidence in my old bones, I hoist Fang off her feet and hook my arms under her legs. She screams in both shock and pleasure as my cock pushes deeper into her little asshole. Well, that was way easier than I thought it’d be. A bit anticlimactic. But whatever. Now’s the time to get what I want.

The room is filled with pants, gasps, moans, and other incoherent sounds of praise from Fang coupled with the constant rhythm of our flesh clashing with each other as she’s guided up and down my dick. Such a good little slut. Now to pull the curtains.

“Yeah, you like that?” I moan as I slide her up and down my length,

“Yes~! Yes~! I love this so much!” she answers,

“You want me to keep going?”

“Yes! Please keep going! You’re pushing so deep!”

I then lean closer to her ear, whispering in the same tone as before,

“Then say it.”

Her voice never stops reacting to my actions, but her face is clearly conflicted. She’s fighting herself. She can’t have much left in her. She’s going to give in. And it’s gonna happen now. I put the final nail in the coffin by slowing down my movements the slightest bit. Not enough to lose momentum, but enough to threaten that I will if she doesn’t do what she’s told.

“O-ok! Ok, you win!” she breaks, “I’m sorry, ok?! I’m so sorry for drinking your fucking pussy drink! There! Now, don’t you fucking dare stop fucking my ass!”

There we go. I return to my previous pace, this time vigorously thrusting in and out of her as she rides me. She’s completely lost in pleasure now. Fuck, look at that pretty face. Listen to those moans. I love how easy it is to make even the toughest girl the world has to offer act like this. No matter how rough and rugged you are, you’ve still got your breaking points, baby girl. Speaking of breaking points, it sounds like she’s about to reach another one. And I’m right there with her.

Moments pass of her build up of moans before she squeezes her eyes shut, letting out one final moan as her body lightly convulses. As she’s savoring her afterglow, I reach my orgasm, once again filling her butt to the brim with my warm cum.

I lose my balance and fall back on the bed, wrapping my arms around her little tummy and lightly rubbing it. After catching her breath, she giggles before turning to me and saying,

“I thought you were supposed to be the mature one here.”

“You’re never too old to fight for an apology,” I respond, “Especially when it’s warranted.”

“Whatever, ya big baby. But don’t think that ‘fight’ is gonna work with your $12. You’re just gonna have to wait for that.”

“Eh, I was never one to be a loan shark, anyway.”

“Good to know. So you can expect to see it in about 6 months without a problem is what I’m hearing, right?”

“Oh, of course. As long as you’re alright with not ever being in that position ever again.”

“...That’s not fair.”

“Course it is. You’re the one who’s got the choice here. I’m the one who’s confined with the one you prefer.”

She playfully smacks my shoulder, saying,

“You’re such a dick.”

“And you’re such an asshole.”


“Yes, you are.”

We settle in our position, taking in our new place in the universe. No objections on my end, though. I love the aftercare. The world needs more of it. Especially with girls like her. She’s so...light.

The next day approaches and I’m setting up my things to get the day started. As I’m doing so, I hear a knock on my door. And if Friday’s any indication, I don’t need much more context clues to figure out who it is.

“What’s up, Snow?” I announce, prompting him to open the door,

“Why’s it gotta be me?” he questions, “What, you knock racist or something?”

“Lucky guess,” I reply in a sarcastic tone, not even giving him the satisfaction of entertaining his dumb joke,

“Well, get a ticket already. Anyways, you know the new hire’s here, right?”

“You mean the person who’s supposed to be starting their job today? An event that was expressed in e-mails, meetings, out of Jeff’s mouth, and won’t stay inside of yours for a fraction of a second? Nah, I think you’re mistaken.”

“Be a dick all you wanna, man. I’m just ensuring that you know for a fact what’s going on before you eat your words.”

“Preparing my silverware right now.”

“Alright, cool. If you need me, I’ll be over in room 343.”

“Yup. And like always, America’s gonna pay off every last debt before I need you.”

He flips me off before stepping out of my room in pursuit of his new restraining order holder. Once he’s out of sight, I get to thinking. Yeah, I could finish preparing for the day. Oooor I could witness Snow getting his shit rocked. Of course, it’s not even a question.

I head out of my room and look to my left, seeing Snow standing outside of the aforementioned room, checking his breath. He then notices me before giving a smug look and heading inside. I walk over to the adjacent wall and lean on it, listening in on the conversation.

“Hey, there,” Snow starts, “Snow Villiers.”

“Cool,” I hear a woman’s deadpan voice reply with sounds of papers shuffling and cabinets closing following behind,

“So is this your first teaching gig?”


“Yeah, it can be quite overwhelming, but these guys are just a bunch of morons. Just dig in your heels and you’ll be alright.”

“Good to know.”

Silence. Way to go, killer. I can practically hear her ovulating for you.

“Soooo,” he continues, “Got any pl-”

“Claire already told me about you, dude. I’m not interested.”

“Ok, first of all, she’s just mad that she tried something with me a while ago and I turned her down. You can’t take advice from someone that bitter. As you could tell, she’s got a sour attitude. Second of all, what better way to determine who’s the best for you than actually giving them a cha-AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!”

I hear the distinct sound of metal being thoroughly acquainted with human flesh with the sounds of bones threatening to snap following behind.

“Can you hear me now, big boy?” the woman says in a seductive tone.

Wait a minute...No...That’s not...It can’t be-...

“Am I getting through to that tic-tac you call a brain yet?”

“Yes! Yes! Loud and clear! Consider me gone! Please don’t break my arm!”

“I’ll think about it. You wanna guarantee that it doesn’t happen?”

“Yes, please!”

I hear the apparent hold being amplified with his squeals following behind before she says,

“Don’t let me even hear you walking in my hallway for the rest of the week. Get it?!”

“Got it!”

“Good boy.”

I hear Snow fall to the floor before mystery lady punctuates in a harsh tone,

“Now get out of my face.”

He wastes no time, scattering out of the room and blowing right past me. Poor guy. Maybe now he’ll finally get the message. But I’ll get to him in a second. There’s a more pressing matter now. I stand in the doorway and, sure enough, there stands the 5 '9'’, tanned skinned, ponytailed sexy woman that I had begging to be with me for two nights in a row turned away from me. Huh. Small world. I lean on the door, giving it a knock.

“I swear to Go-”

She freezes after turning around. I chuckle before saying,

“Nope. I’m not Snow. I’m much better. I mean, according to you.”
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