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Here's a commissioned piece that I conjured up. Hope you enjoy. And like always, my slots are still open. And I'm still as limitless as the sea. I take on any subject no matter the kink. Bring it. You won't.
“Mathilde!” Dany bellows from his bed. Mathilde sighs before putting down her book and making her way to his room.

“Whaaat?” she answers,

“I’m thirsty. Could you make me some juice?” She groans and goes downstairs and pours him a cup.

While it annoys her that he’s being such a baby, she can’t help but to feel that she deserves it. She was the one driving the car and wasn’t paying attention to the road because she was too enthralled in her phone call. She didn’t see the douchebag hauling towards them, completely wrecking them on the passenger side. She had light cuts and scratches, but Dany suffered the most. His limbs were badly injured and he suffered major blood loss, threatening his life. Luckily he was able to recover, but he won’t be able to use his limbs for at least two months. So he’s been living with her ever since. And it’s been the longest week of Mathilde’s life.

He wasn’t one who properly takes care of himself. He doesn’t shower regularly, so he carries around an aura of excruciatingly severe body odor, he isn’t an active being, so he has a few pounds on him, which would make you wonder the difference between pre accident and post accident, and he’s a bit of a spoiled bastard. He’s twenty-three years old and refuses to get a place of his own and relies on their parents for everything ranging from finance to living conditions. And she was supposed to be the youngest. But she accomplished more at eighteen than he ever even considered.

She puts the juice back and goes back upstairs to give it to him. He takes it and smiles, saying,

“Thanks, sis. Oh, and I almost forgot. It’s 2:30.”

‘Fuuuuck!’ Mathilde thought to herself.

Seeing as Dany is unable to use his arms and legs, that means she’s going to have to bathe him. Which she partly didn’t mind because that means he won’t be smelling like a bag of rotting squirrel ass, but it almost doesn’t make it worth it because he always manages to smell worse and worse every time. It also doesn’t help that taking him to the bathroom is a bitch and a half in itself. She developed a method that’s consistent, but it isn’t really that nice.

She takes a pile of towels and sets them beside his bed. She then pulls the cover he’s laying on towards the covers, being careful not to turn him, and plops him on the pile, cushioning the fall. She pulls the blankets towards the bathroom, periodically stopping to catch her breath and crack her back.

When they make it to the bathroom, Mathilde starts the water, waiting for it to warm up. Once it does, she plugs the tub and begins undressing Dany. Afterwards, she stops the water and adds the soap, lathering it with the rag. She then places it on his chest, circling it, spacing out with each circle, trying to get this over and done with. She gets most of him cleaned except for his pelvic region. She takes a deep breath and starts at his abdomen, getting into his crevices. She then moves to his inner thighs, questioning her life choices as she realizes what’s next to come.

After trying her best to mentally prepare herself, she starts lathering his dick, covering it, along with his balls, in suds. Dany loves this part. Ever since the accident, he couldn’t really relieve himself as he wanted. Or, more appropriately, needed. Dany also suffers from hyperspermia, so he has to relieve himself daily. Something he’d be pretty efficient at, but due to recent events, he couldn’t really fulfill the deed.

Mathilde didn’t know this. No one bothered to tell her. She also didn’t know that her movements on his sensitive areas were pleasuring him. He leans back and starts breathing heavily, letting her work him. Still oblivious to his pleasures, she continues washing. She starts washing harder, noticing that the smell isn’t completely gone.

The only other problem for her was the fact that he was getting more and more erect. But she quickly brushed it aside as it being a random boner that guys get sometimes. Because there’s no way that he could actually be turned on by this, right?

After a few more rubs, Dany lets out a groan and cums all over Mathilde’s face, chest, and hair. She sits there, speechless as she’s been covered in her brother’s essence. She’s in pure shock of what just happened. Not only because it happened, but because it was so thick. She’s had sex before. Cum wasn’t supposed to be like this.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” She exclaims,

“What?” He responds, “It’s not my fault. I can’t control certain actions of my body.”

“You’re gross! And why’s it like this?!”

“It’s a medical condition, insensitive. That’s how it’s been for the longest.”

“What are you talking about? What medical condition could cause...this?”

“Hyperspermia. Basically, it makes me produce more sperm than average and I need to relieve myself constantly to keep it at bay. How could you not know this? See? You never listen.”

“Ignoring the fact that no one’s told me anything about this, how have you been taking care of it without the use of your arms?”

“I couldn’t. It was very uncomfortable. You have no idea how good that felt.”

“Still your sister, you know.”

“Oh, grow up. It was just a handjob. Don’t make it weird.

“...I’m just going to ignore that completely.”

“Well, I’m not. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable. I don’t wanna go through that again.”

“What are you getting at?”

“Look, just hear me out. I know you’re not gonna like this, but maybe you could possibly add something like this to our regimine?”

Mathilde can’t believe what she’s hearing. Her brother wants her to constantly pump out his cum. She’s never been so disgusted in her life. She blushes and exclaims,

“Fuck no! That’s sick! Why would you even ask that?!”

“Because you’re supposed to take care of me. And it’s not that much. Just jack me off maybe every other day. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal.”

“Are you listening to yourself?! You’re asking your sister to beat you off!”

“To relieve discomfort. It’s not even for sexual desire. And do you really think I’d ask you if I had another option?”

Mathilde was about to respond, but she soon realizes that he’s right. He wouldn’t have even considered this if he could do this himself. And he would be able to do this himself if she paid attention that day. This thought causes all of the guilt to return.

‘It’s essentially my fault that he can’t do this himself, so it’s the least I could do,’ Mathilde thinks to herself, ‘Plus, it’s not like I need to blow him or anything. Just a quick dick beating session and then I’m done. But it’s so grooooooss. Ugh! Whatever. I’ve been through worse.’

She sighs and mumbles,


“Oh, what was that?” Dany responds in a condescending tone,

“I said I’ll do it!” Mathilde snaps back,

“See? Isn’t everything better when you look at it my way?”

“Just shut up and get on the towel.”

Dany maneuvers himself on the towel and Mathilde drags him back to his room. She dresses him and puts some hooks in the corners of the towel. She then attaches a rope to them, then throws the other end to the other side of his bed. She goes to it and pulls it until he’s adjacent to the mattress. She ties the rope to the bed frame and walks back to Dany’s side and pushes him onto the mattress. She sits on the edge of the bed and takes a second to catch her breath. After moments of regaining her composure, she stands up and steps out of the room. Dany just lays there, grinning from ear to ear.

‘Finally!’ he thinks to himself, ‘If I knew all I had to do to get her to jerk me off was to lose my limbs, I would’ve ran in front of a bus years ago. Now I just need patience and soon enough she’ll be begging for me to slide it in her.’

A few hours pass and it’s time for dinner. Mathilde feeds Dany his sandwich as they both watch a show on tv. When the sandwich is gone, she starts to eat her own food that she made. When she finishes and washes the dishes, she makes her way to her bed, only for Dany to summon her. She goes to his room and pokes her head in the door.

“What?” she hisses,

“Do you think you could take care of my problem before bed?”

She groans and walks over to the bed, saying,

“Fine, but let’s make this quick.”

He settles in the bed, awaiting for her next move. She reaches over to the nightstand and grabs some lube, squeezing some on her hand. She then pulls down the hem of his pants, where his dick springs out of them. She slightly throws up in her mouth before turning away and hesitantly wrapping her hand around her brother’s appendage.

Dany groans in approval as she begins moving her hand up and down his shaft. Mathilde speeds up her movement as fast as she could to quicken the process, begging for it to end already. She gets her wish as Dany groans and explodes all over her hand and arm. Still turning away from him, Mathilde recoils at what she caused. She just intentionally beat her brother off.

‘Eeeewwww.’ she thinks to herself, sickened at the action as his sperm erupts onto her entire arm.

“Thanks, sis,” Dany says, bringing his hands to the back of his head,

“Please don’t say that after this,” Mathilde responds, grabbing some tissues and cleaning off her arm and hand. Dany chuckles and says,

“How much would I have to pay you to lick it off from now on?”

“Ok, I’m done. You got what you needed. I’m going to bed.”

That was their routine for a month. He’d be jerked off after eating and make a tasteless joke to really send the point home. Her reaction was always hysterical. She’d blush to the point of looking like a ketchup bottle. Unbeknownst to him and even her, these jokes would stick around in Mathilde’s head and bring thoughts that were highly unwelcome at first. But after a certain period of time, she began to even have fantasies about these thoughts. They’d last for a second until she’d immediately bring a stop to it.

Over time, she’d stop turning away from him during the deed, but she still didn’t like it. One day, he just finished cumming on her arm and hand and again made the joke of offering money for licking some off. When he chuckles to himself, she looks at her cum covered limb and brings it to her mouth. Dany notices this and his jaw drops as she takes a small lick from her forearm.

“That’ll be seventy-five bucks,” Mathilde says with a smug grin.

Dany is taken aback. He expected his plan to work, but didn’t expect it to work this quickly. He feel like a genius. He snaps out of his daze and nudges to the nightstand where his wallet lies, conceding to her demand. She reaches over and takes three twenties, a five, and two tens before walking out.

A week later, she just finished bathing him and began her process to get him back in his bed. But she exerted too much of her strength into it that her arms were sore.

“Well, looks like we won’t be able to relieve you for a bit,” Mathilde says with blatant relief in her tone,

“But what about my discomfort?” Dany complains,

“Well, sucks to be you. My arms hurt and there isn’t any other way.”

“I mean, there is one other way.”

Mathilde glares at him, saying,

“I told you. I’m not gonna fucking do that.”

“So you’re saying that you’d rather be covered in huge amounts of it rather than the minimal amount?”

Dany grins as Mathilde gives him a death stare. She knows what he’s doing, but she had no other choice but to comply. He’s right. She’s going to have to do it later and it would be even more than it would be if she took care of it now.

“I hate you,” Mathilde responds,

“I love you, too,” Dany retorts, “Now go on.”

Mathilde sighs and takes out his hardening shaft, being sure to move slowly as to not aggravate her sore arms. She hesitates before taking a whiff of his scent. It wasn’t that bad, but it still didn’t smell like anything she’d want to put in her mouth. After psyching herself up, she reluctantly opens her mouth and places it on Dany’s penis, swirling her tongue around his dick while bobbing her head up and down on it. She speeds up her movement and eventually gets a mouthful of her brother’s cum, taking her by surprise. Some of it shoots down her throat while the rest fills her mouth. Dany is in pure bliss. His plan is working more and more every day and he loves it.

Mathilde swallows the sperm so as to not get any on her bed. Once she’s done, she quickly pops his cock out of her mouth, staring daggers at her brother from the surprisingly quick cumshot.

“Next time maybe warn me before you cum,” Mathilde says in an irritated tone

“But where’s the fun in that?” Dany responds,

Mathilde scoffs and storms out, leaving Dany to lay there and smile to himself. Fast forward a few weeks and Dany starts getting some movement back in his limbs. He still can’t walk or anything, but he can at least slightly move his arms and legs.

Both him and Mathilde finish breakfast and prepare for what comes after. By this point, Mathilde has gotten used to the session. She’s become less disgusted and is secretly slightly excited when the time comes.

Then it’s as usual. Dany lays down and Mathilde pulls out his cock. But this time, she puts it in her mouth again. She was always using her hand when her arms weren’t out of commission. But this time was different. And Dany notices this.

“So are you coming around to savoring my sausage?” he questions.

Mathilde bites him with half of her force and Dany cries out in pain. She then takes him out of her mouth and says with a smirk,

“No, but I am enjoying the fact that now I have a way to shut you the fuck up.”

She then takes him back into her mouth and continues sucking on him. She bobs her head faster and lowers deeper onto him, nearly taking all six inches. She strokes him as she sucks on him and he starts groaning. After a few minutes, he releases into her throat and she swallows all of it.

“God, it just gets better and better every time,” Dany states, basking in his euphoria,

“Shut up,” Mathilde demands, “I’ll be in my room. See you at dinner.”

She walks out of the room and goes into hers where she silently pleasures herself. It’s getting harder and harder to control herself now. She knows it’s wrong to do this while thinking about her brother but she can’t help it. And she’s starting not to care.

The two months passed along with two weeks and Dany’s made a full recovery. He can walk and do mostly everything for himself. He’s still reluctant to do certain things, though. But for the most part, he’s somewhat independent.

One night after relieving himself, he drifts off to sleep. Mathilde then creeps into his room, being careful as to not to wake him. She observes his half-erect dick and is all but salivating at the sight of it. She couldn’t take it anymore. She wants it so bad. She needs it.

She makes her move. She begins stroking him slowly, trying to get him fully aroused. Her hand slightly moving up and down his shaft earns a light groan to escape his throat. She takes this as a sign of encouragement and slowly quickens her movement. Once he’s rock hard, she slowly removes her hand and replaces it with her mouth, circling the tip with her tongue before descending his shaft. She bobs her head up and down on him as he groans more and more.

She then gets a risky idea. She stops her movements and waits for a few minutes to see if he’s still out cold, which he is. She climbs on top of him and grinds herself on his penis. She then aligns it at her entrance and lowers onto it. She lets out a quiet moan before covering her mouth with both hands, worried that she might’ve been too loud. After confirming that she’s in the clear, she starts moving up and down on him, making sure to not make too much noise or movement.

Eventually, she finds herself wanting more. This isn’t nearly enough speed for her. She wants him deeper. Harder. Faster. So she decides to move faster. Not enough. She moves even faster. Still not enough. It gets to the point where she’s full on riding him. It’s finally satisfying for her. She feels so good. She’s starting not to care about being careful anymore. Her movements are getting rougher, her moans are starting to get less stifled and louder.

Dany begins to stir. He feels himself and the bed violently moving. Odd. Then he feels something tight, warm, and wet on his dick.

‘YES!’ he thinks to himself, piecing together what’s going on, ‘I knew it would pay off! I think I should get a nobel prize for this. Or at least a picture in the Hall of Fame. Well, time to claim my reward.’

He quickly turns them and starts thrusting into her, completely catching Mathilde off guard.

“Was someone in need of a midnight snack?” he teases,

“Maybe,” she responds coyly,

“Well, you could’ve knocked. You’re so rude. Someone needs to teach you some manners.”

“Mmm, yeah. I’ve been a bad girl. Punish me, big brother. Teach your little sister a lesson.”

He then starts thrusting into her harder, earning louder moans from Mathilde. He grabs a hold of one of her b-cup breasts.

“Yeah, just like that! Fuck me, big brother! Fuck me! Show me how much you love me! Fuck me harder!”

He then grabs onto her hips and thrusts harder and faster into her. She moans even more, feeling her orgasm approaching.

“Ah! Fill me up! Fill your baby sister up with your cum! Do it! Let me feel the warmth!”

After a few more thrusts, her wish is granted as Dany lets out a groan and empties his seed deep inside of her, marveling at the noticeable bulge in her stomach due to the amount pouring inside. This sends her over the edge and she coats his dick with her cum, arching her back and letting out a scream of pleasure. After they calm down, they collapse on the bed next to each other, catching their breaths as Dany’s cum streams from Mathilde’s pussy.

“So,” Dany starts, “I take it you enjoyed that?”

“Shut up,” she responds, “It’s just me making you pay me back for all the shit I did for you.”

“Well, damn. If that was the case, I can thank you whenever you want me to.”

She chuckles and punches his arm.

“You’d better, bitch boy.”

“You know it, you cum-filled slut.”

She giggles and nuzzles into him and drifts off to sleep. Dany wraps his arm around her and basks in the fact that he now has his sister at the palm of his hand.
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