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Here's a dubcon story I'm proud of. I've got more on my subscribestar under the name eccho if you want more of my shtuff. It's calling for you.
Raymond and Violet are bored. This technology retreat is really taking its toll. They’ve already played the hell out of every card game they know, they can’t look up new ones, and they can’t seem to come up with something both are interested in.

“Fabulous idea with the techno retreat, Ray,” Violet says sarcastically as she lays on the floor, “Just outstanding use of your brain power.”

“Look,” Raymond says gently nudging her with his foot, “We need to prove a point. We’re able bodied adults who can go a week without technology. So just quit your bickering. It’s only been a day.”

“Why can’t you be like everyone else and not give a damn about what people say?”

“Why can’t you be like other twenty year olds and not bitch about not having a screen in your hands.”

“Ok, boomer.”

“Ironically, at this point, that phrase is for boomers.”

“Yippee. Tell me more about things I don’t care about after you figure out something for us to do. I can’t believe you talked me into this morality bs.”

“I didn’t talk you into anything. I said, ‘I’m taking a break from techno stuff and going to my grandma’s old place for the week. Wanna come? If not, it’s cool.’ And you said, ‘Sure. Beats doing nothing around here.’ Ring a bell?”

“I thought you were talking about music, dick.”

“Well, that’s your fault, dumbass. Now you’re stuck. So might as well make the most of it. So what do you wanna do?”

“For the billionth time, I don’t know. Quit making lame suggestions. Maybe then we’ll finally do something.”

They take a moment to brainstorm. Violet gets more frustrated as time goes on. Raymond, on the other hand, is taking time to flesh out his ideas. After twenty minutes of deafening silence, Violet gets an idea.

“You know what? How about we just play ‘Dare’?

“What about truth?” Raymond questions,

“Truth’s for pussies. You in or out?”

“You know what? Sure. Beats doing nothing around here.”

“Go fuck yourself.”

“Is that my dare? Do I do it right now?”

Raymond starts unbuttoning his pants until Violet taps his leg as they share a chuckle.

“No and no, you perv,” Violet responds, “We can’t do a dare in here. There’s nothing fun to make you do here.”

Raymond scoffs before saying,

“Yeah, alright. Let’s go.”

They gather their belongings before heading out. They walk down the street before reaching a plaza.

“Ok,” Violet starts, “I dare you…to act like an obnoxious vegan in that convenience store in there.”

“I refuse,” Raymond responds,

“Nope. It’s the first round. You either do it or get jumped by everyone when we get back.”

“I thought that only applies to everyone playing the game in the moment.”

“Nope. Now choose.”

“Ugh, fine.”

Raymond reluctantly walks towards the store until Violet shoves him to it. When he enters inside of it, he takes a breath, preparing for the upcoming embarrassment. He looks around, trying to see what he can do. He then sees someone eating a hotdog. He walks over to them before saying,

“I can’t believe you.”

“Excuse me?” the person responds,

“You’re just the absolutely terrible! That was once a living, breathing being. And you’re just gonna partake in the act of killing it? Disgusting. Shameful! You are the most unkind!”

Raymond’s disappointed in himself. Not only is he doing something like this, but he sucks at doing it. The man swallows his mouthful before saying,

“Ok. You done?”

He needs to get Violet back for this. But how? He takes a moment to form something. Then it hits him.

“Alright,” he whispers, “Look behind me, but be discrete about it.”

The man complies.

“There should be a girl right in front of the store,” Raymond continues, “What’s she doing?”

“Uh, kinda laughing her ass off.”

“Ok, I’m gonna level with ya, this was a dare. I’m not actually a vegan.”

“Woah, really? No way. And you did such a convincing job. I mean, ‘You’re just the absolutely terrible’ is just peak performance.”

“Alright, do you wanna give me shit for it or do you wanna make 200 bucks?”

The man is astonished.

“Seriously?” he questions,

“Completely,” Raymond responds,

“Ok, I’m listening.”

Some time passes and Violet looks on as Raymond goes back and forth with the poor stranger. And she’s loving every second of it.

“Damn, I wish I could use my phone to record this,” she says between breaths.

She then sees the man push Raymond before Raymond knocks the hotdog out of his hand. The man gives Raymond another shove before Raymond storms out of the store. He grabs Violet’s arm and storms out in a false fit of rage.

“There, I did it, asshole,” Raymond says with a smirk, stopping as they gain quite the distance from the store,

“And I’m thoroughly entertained,” Violet replies, “Good job.”

“Now I believe it’s my turn.”

“Go ahead, bitch. Whatcha got?”

He points at the guy who’s walking the opposite way from them before saying,

“I dare you to seduce that guy.”

Violet’s stunned. She didn’t expect him to suggest something this drastic. But not one to turn down a challenge, she scoffs and says,

“That’s it? Wow, you suck at this game, dude.”

She makes her way over to the guy who’s about to step into his car.

“Hey,” she starts in a sympathetic tone,

“Listen, I don’t care about the damn hotdog, alright?” the guy snaps back,

“No, it’s nothing like that. I just saw what went down and wanted to see how you’re doing.”

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry. I’m not usually like this. Uh, thanks. I’m doing alright.”

“Just aright?”

She puts her hands behind her back and sways from side to side before saying,

“Cause I can make your day a bit better than that.”

The guy puts his hands in his pockets before walking up to Violet,

“Oh, really?” he says, “And how do you plan to do that?”

“Oh, a girl has her ways.”

She inches closer to him, dimming her eyes in the process. The man does the same. They inch closer and closer to each other. But before they make contact with each other, the man pulls a bag out of his pocket and drapes it over Violet’s head. Before she can realize what’s happening, she’s brought to the back of the car. Her hands are then restricted to her back with handcuffs, preventing her from escaping. She hears the door close and soon hears the driver door open and shut before the car starts and drives off.

Violet’s scared for her life. She feels so helpless as multiple thoughts cloud her head,

‘What’s happening? Why’s this happening? What’s gonna happen to me? Someone help me. Tell me someone saw what happened.’

It isn’t long before she feels the car come to a stop. She hears the guy open and shut the door before getting her out of the car and practically dragging her somewhere.

“Please, just let me go,” she begs through the bag, “I won’t tell anyone about this. I swear.”

“Tell me,” she hears the man say as he opens a door, “Has that offer ever worked? Seriously, what do you think I’m gonna do after hearing that from someone who will say and do anything to be let go? Yeah. I’m just gonna suddenly realize that you don’t want this and just let you go on your merry way. No. That’s not how this works.”

“Ok, ok. Would you please tell me what you’re gonna do? At least give me that.”

He pushes her onto what feels like a mattress, causing her to suddenly regret asking her question.

“See,” he starts, “That’s a question I can answer. You see, that friend of yours didn’t exactly like that dare that you put him through. So he brought it upon himself to ensure that you learn an important lesson about it. And let me tell ya, this is an expensive lesson.”

‘Raymond, you son of a bitch!’ Violet thinks to herself, ‘You better hope and pray he kills me. Because if I make it out of this, you’ll beg me to kill you.’

The man then rips the bag off of her head, revealing a pissed off handcuffed woman.

“Cranky, aren’t we?” the man questions,

“Fuck you,” Violet responds, standing up and turning around, “Get me out of these before I use your neck to do it myself.”

The man places his palm on the back of her head and forces her back onto the mattress. She tries to fight back, kicking wildly in hopes to land on any part of him until he plants her legs in place with his own.

She tries wiggling out of his grasp, but he leans down onto her, locking her in place. He then reaches below her, grabbing onto her breasts, groping and fondling them.

“Get the fuck off me, you creep!” she exclaims as she struggles harder to get free.

The man doesn’t respond. He directs his attention to her neck, leaning in to kiss and suck on it, earning a gasp from Violet.

“Stop!” she orders to deaf ears, once again.

Soon enough, her energy begins to dwindle and she’s fighting less and less. All the while, the man has his way with her neck and breasts. The man then reaches under her shirt, pulling at her bra until it snaps in half. He then retrieves it from her shirt and returns to her now uncovered breasts. She lets out another gasp at his touch and he gets a grin on his face.

“Enjoying yourself, princess?” he questions in a mocking tone,

“Fuck off,” Violet retorts coldly, “I’m pissed because that’s 40 bucks that just went down the drain.”

“Aww. Well, let’s make this worthwhile so that’s not the case, then.”

The man removes his legs from hers to turn her around then places them back before removing her shirt and leaning down to suck on her left breast and fondle her right, pinching her nipple. She tilts her head back, trying hard to hold back her moans. The man sees this and says,

“That’s not the face of someone who’s pissed off. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you like this.”

“Then get off me and let me show you how much I like it,” Violet responds with malice in her voice,

“That’s not necessary. There’s other ways to tell.”

He takes his free hand and brings it to the lower half of her body. He lands on her thigh and snakes a finger up her skirt to her center. He then pushes her panties aside and rubs his finger on her slit, coating it with her juices. He retrieves his finger back and presents it to her.

“So what do you call this?” he questions, “Or am I to assume you had a bit of an accident?”

“You’re sick,” Violet responds in disgust, “And that doesn’t prove anything.”

“It actually proves a lot. Now let me give you what you want.”

He slithers down her body, planting kisses on her stomach, abdomen, and knee. He then plant his tongue on her knee and slides it along her thigh. Violet then takes the opportunity to lock her legs around his head and squeeze them as tight as she possibly can. The man grabs onto her knees to try to pry her legs open, but Violet’s not letting it happen. She’s intent on keeping him there until he suffocates.

“Well would you look at that,” she taunts, “Seems someone’s plans fell a bit short. But you get to live the ultimate dream for guys: live by a pussy, die by a pussy.”

But after taunting him, she feels something sliding along her center. She soon realizes that it’s his tongue. Repulsed by this, she immediately releases him, but he grabs onto her hips, keeping her in place and hooking his fingers in the hem of her panties and skirt. She kicks him off of her, causing him to rip them off. She stands up and tries to run, but the man pins her face first into the wall with one hand.

“You’re such a fighter,” he says in between breaths, “I like that.”

He uses his free hand to slide his pants and underwear down, freeing his erect penis. He leans in closer to Violet, sliding his member along her slit.

“Get the fuck off me!” she yells out,

“Make me,” the man responds.

She tries pushing back, but he’s not moving an inch. He then guides his cock to her pussy, pressing it to her entrance before thrusting it inside. He groans out in pleasure before lifting her right leg and slowly pumping in and out of her. Violet tries head-butting him, but he dodges it and wraps his arm around her neck as he continues his thrusts.

‘What the fuck am I gonna do?’ she questions herself, “How do I get out of this? I can’t move. He’s so much stronger than me. Way stronger. He keeps taking control. Why is it this easy for him? He’s just toying with me like it’s nothing. He’s so dominant. So rough. So…big. I swear, if it weren’t for these handcuffs, I would’ve cut off his entire dick. This stupid, tiny, unsatisfactory, hard, throbbing cock of his would be no more.’

But as she’s too focused on her thoughts, the man thrusts harder, earning an unintentional moan from her. She catches it and prevents another one, but it’s too late. He heard it.

“You like that, huh?” he taunts.

She doesn’t respond.

“Oh come on,” he continues, “Make this at least a bit more interesting for me. Let me hear one of those cute little moans again.”

He thrusts harder and faster making it even harder for Violet to hold in her moans. He then releases his hold on her neck and brings his hand to her breast, fondling it as he continues his quickening pace. He then pinches her nipple and that proves to be what breaks her as she lets out another moan.

“Good girl,” he says, “See, was that so hard?”

Violet wants to kill this guy along with Raymond. It’s just killing her that she can’t see any way out of this. She’s completely helpless. There’s no way to break free from his grasp. And he’s just taking full advantage of it.

But now she’s feeling even worse because he’s twitching inside of her. She’s trying even harder to think of something. Anything. But nothing’s coming up.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum,” he grunts out, “I’m gonna blow my load all in your insides.”

“No!” Violet pleads, “Please! Stop! Cum anywhere else! Just not inside! I’m begging you!”

But once again, she’s speaking into deaf ears as he lets out a groan and pumps his cum inside of her. He thrusts a bit longer, ensuring he’s spilled every drop inside of her. Afterwards, he takes a moment to catch his breath before slowly pulling out of her. Violet then slumps onto the ground as she fears for her life.

‘I’m gonna be pregnant from this,’ she thinks to herself, ‘This is gonna result in a baby. This isn’t happening. This can’t be happening. You motherfucker. I’m going to kill you.”

As her thoughts run wild at what just happened, she’s suddenly snapped out of them as the handcuffs on her wrists are being tampered with. She turns to see the man releasing her. Once they’re fully unlocked, he tries to say something, but is interrupted with Violet’s hands wrapping his neck in a death lock. He tries to remove them, but with every attempt, the grip gets tighter. All she sees is red. Nothing will satisfy her until she sees the life drained from this man’s eyes.

But that’s short lived as she’s suddenly pulled off of him. She turns to see who the culprit is and it’s none other than Raymond. She then directs her anger towards him, and it’s multiplied tenfold. She pushes him to the ground and grabs both of his legs and raises her foot. But before she can bring it down, she’s once again pulled away. The guy brings her to a pole and reapplies the handcuffs. She tries breaking out of them, to no avail. She tugs away at the pole before saying in a deadpan voice,

“You both have exactly four seconds to tell me why I shouldn’t rip your throats out.”

“Well, for one,” Raymond starts, “That’s illegal.”

Violet tugs harder at her restraints.

“For another,” he continues, “Jeff here is infertile.”

Violet calms down a bit.

“What?” she questions,

“Just shootin’ blanks,” Jeff responds,

“And third,” Raymond says, “Maybe next time I say ‘If you make me do anything this stupid again, there will be hell to pay’, you’ll take it a bit more seriously.”

“You never said that,” Violet objects.

Raymond folds his arms before saying,


“Oh my g- That was like four years ago!”

“And people still make sure to annually remind me of that time I stuck my dick in a pie.”

“Wait, you did what?” Jeff asks,

“So yeah,” Raymond continues, “Maybe you should listen when a warning’s given.”

“Even so,” Violet says, “This seems a bit much for telling people you fucked a pie and making you an insane vegan.”

“Not really. Standard humiliation beats public humiliation any day. Also, It’s a pie for a pie.”

Raymond chuckles to himself as the other two groan.

“Just take me home,” Violet says.

Jeff unlocks the cuffs again and Violet walks over to Raymond and slaps him.

“You owe me a new bra, dick,” she says before grabbing her clothes and walking to the door. Raymond chuckles before following behind.

“Oh, and Jeff,” she says, turning to him, “Give me a call, alright?”

Jeff gives her a grin before saying,

“Sure thing.”
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