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A fun commission for your viewing pleasure. As always, slots are always open. Feel free to ask me to make ya one if ya wanna. I've got no limits whatsoever.
Happy birthday to me. And quite the birthday it’s been so far. My parents don’t care, my friends haven’t said anything about it, Mason couldn’t care less about me unless I’m on the clock, and Phoibe just won’t talk to me. Oh, yeah. This is a birthday for the ages. To think that other 25 year olds are probably planning to get absolutely wasted right about now. And here I am, sitting at home with a TV dinner, all by myself, waiting for it to pass by. Quarter of a century, ladies and gentlemen. This is what life leads to. Whoopty doo.

I flip through the channels, trying to find something to watch. I’m not just gonna be unloved and bored on top of it. But as I’m channel surfing, I get a knock on my door and a few rings on my doorbell, taking me off guard. Oh, I knew it. I knew they’d never just leave me alone on my birthday. Friends really are the best thing on Earth.

I step out of bed and step in front of the mirror, making sure I don’t look too gross. And...I’m manageable, I guess. I put on my sneakers and walk downstairs in pursuit of the door so this birthday can officially get started. I open the door to reveal...the mailman. Yup. That’s how it works. I should’ve known.

“Hey, there,” he greets, reading his notepad, “Nicholas Drow?”

“Yup,” I say with a sigh,

“Alright, Mr. Drow. I’ve got a package for ya.”


He hands me a pretty sizable box. Um...ok, nevermind the fact that I think I’m supposed to sign for this, but also, I don’t remember buying anything. As I gander at the box, I hear him say,

“Alrighty, have a great rest of your day. Oh, and don’t be so down. It is your birthday.”

This immediately catches my attention. I’ve never even seen this guy before. How could he possibly know that? I lift my head up to ask him, but once I do, he’s gone. Ok. Ominous. Well, I’ve still got this box. Nothing wrong with a free gift, I guess.

I shut the door and walk back upstairs, observing the box in my hands. Who could’ve sent me this? I thought everyone was either too busy or didn’t care. Could they just have felt guilty and just wanted to get me something to make up for not being here? I mean, I’ll take it. As long as I’m still remembered. Thanks, you guys.

I remove the lid of the box, revealing something I haven’t even heard of in years. I didn’t even know that they still made these. I mean, to be fair, what kid nowadays is gonna ask for a Jack-in-a-box. Oh, ha ha, guys. Yeah, I’m an oldie. Thanks for the reminder. The 25 in my age didn’t tell me that I’m old already. Glad to have you guys for reassurance. Why do I even have friends?

I take the box out, getting a better look at it. But as I do, I notice some obvious differences in other Jack-in-a-box toys and this one. First, it’s not Jack. It says Jane-in-a-box. And there’s a note on the side of it that reads,

“Congratulations! You’re in possession of your very own Jane-in-a-box: a compact friend for any occasion if you find yourself alone. Just give her a crank and if you so desire, she will return the favor. ;) Use responsibly.”

Alright, that’s a weird way to boost sales. I guess it’s solid for an adult themed toy. That last part kinda indicates that to be the case. And if it is what I think it is, I don’t think I’ve ever been so immensely insulted in my entire life. Not only are you just gonna make me think that you forgot about me and not only are you calling me old, but you’re just gonna make fun of me for being a virgin, too? These guys are the Grand Central Station of a good time, apparently. But you know what? What the hell? They already went through all this trouble. So fine, anonymous jokester. I’ll humor you. I sit on my bed before grabbing the crank and turning it.

“Round and round the cobbler's bench

The monkey chased the weasel,

The monkey thought 'twas all in fun”

I keep turning, trying to reach the climax of the song, but it’s not happening. Great. So not only am I being laughed at, but now I’m left dissatisfied. Cause why not give me a defective toy? This has Daniel’s dumbass name written all over it. I turn around to grab my phone and call him, but I can’t seem to find it. What the hell?

“Looking for this?” I hear a light British voice say as I see my phone dangling in my face.

Who. The fuck. Said that? I’m frozen in place. Who else is here? This is my house. I didn’t invite anyone over. I didn’t even hear anything before this. I eventually gather the balls to turn around to see a girl. She looks...strange. She’s wearing a very vibrant jester costume, complete with a red nose, a white shirt with rainbow stripes along with suspenders covering her b cup chest, pearly white gloves, colorful frilly thigh high stockings complemented with a black polka dot patterned skirt, a short french bob hairstyle with a half black and half red pattern, and two smiley faces painted on her cheeks.

I’m in pure shock. Who is this girl? Where did she come from? What’s with that costume? Why does she have my phone? What is going on?

“Hiya,” she says, sparatically waving at me, “I’m your Jane. Nice to meetcha.”


“My...Jane?” is all I can manage to utter out,

“Well, yeah. You read the box, didn’t you? See? Right here.”

She picks up the box and presents it to me, pointing at the note.

“‘Your very own Jane-in-a-box’,” she quotes, “Says so right there. I’m officially yours. Yours to do anything you desire. Any kind of fun that you wanna have, I’m right here to do it with ya. Forever.”

I’m so lost right now. What is going on right now? I’m not dreaming. Everything’s too consistent. I don’t drink or anything, so that’s out of the question. So what the hell?

“Well, don’t just stand there like a tuna,” she says, confusing me even more before she nudges me, “Let’s have some fun. What are ya in the mood for? Gaming while I blow you? Cockwarming while watching the game? You wanna play with my ass, while I bark for you? You wanna be my daddy? Whatever your heart desires, so shall it be.”

Ok, woah. That’s She’s not afraid to get to the point, is she?

“Ok, ok, hold on,” I say, “I don’t even know you. What are you doing in my house? How’d you even get in here? Nothing about this makes any sense.”

“Oooh, so you’re one of those,” she replies with a laugh, “You like to get dirty after introductions. I can respect that. Well, I’m a magical being that arrived from this box, here. See? That’s me.”

That picture was not there before. What the hell?

“Anyway,” she continues, “Whenever you turn this crank, I show up like this.”

She turns the crank, reaching the climax of the song, earning a little toy version of her to pop from the box.

“Aww, ain’t she a cutie?” she says, staring in adoration at the toy before tossing it aside, “And after I come, I’ll make sure you do, too. You can be as rough, soft, passionate, dirty, long, or short with me as you want. Then when you’re satisfied, just say the word and I’ll be back in the box, getting out of your way until you wanna be drained again. Or if you really want me to show how wife material I am, I can also make you dinner if you so choose. Results may vary. So that’s basically everything. Anything else you wanna know before we get started?”

Alright, so I’ve officially gone insane. There’s no way that any of this is reality. But fuck it. If I’m gonna forever be trapped in my own twisted mind, I guess I’ll just play along.

“Ok, Jane, the magical being,” I start, “With all this stuff that you say you can do, does that mean you’ve been in the business since the beginning of time?”

“Not really,” she answers, “I’ve just been in business for around 60 years.”

“60, huh?”

“Yup. Divine powers do wonders for the skin, huh?”

“Yeah. Right. So what exactly happens for you to be with different people? What, do they die first?”

“Well...sometimes. Either that or-...they-...”

Her demeanor takes a notable shift. She grabs her arm, turning away from me, looking...depressed. But right before I can ask her about it, she shifts back to her previous energy, saying,

“Yeah, that’s enough of that thought. Anything else you wanna know?”

Ok, so steer away from that topic, I guess.

“Umm-...Yeah. Yeah, just one more for now. Throughout everything you listed, I couldn’t help but notice that all of them were about pleasing me. If your thing is for both parties to have fun, shouldn’t you know things that please us both?”

“Oh, Janes don’t do that,” she replies with a nonchalant tone,

“ what?”

“The whole ‘everyone’s feeling good’ portion of it. I mean, it’s sex, you know, so it happens regardless to an extent, but our purpose is to please you and you alone. We don’t concern ourselves with whatever makes us feel good. It’s about what you want.”

“Hang on, how long has this whole operation existed?”

“About the renaissance era. That should explain my getup, yeah?”

“So this has been going on since the renaissance and not one of you were taught that sex is supposed to involve plesure from everyone involved?”

“Well, we were taught it. We just don’t follow it.”

“Why? That sounds terrible.”

“It’s to our understanding that the majority of mortals couldn’t care less about the female orgasm. So with it being as unpopular as it is, why include it?”

I can’t believe my ears. They really refuse to have fun for themselves because of a wrong opinion? What kind of system is that? That’s just not right.

“Ok,” I start, “You know what? I know what I wanna do.”

“Oh, yay!” she says, hopping and clapping her hands, “What is it? Your wish is my command.”

“Alright. Well, my wish is for the *********** to be flipped.”

Her demeanor changes from excitement to confusion as she tilts her head.

“What do you mean?” she asks,

“For years you’ve been taking the orders and got nothing from it,” I explain, “Well, that changes today. From here on out, as long as you’re my Jane, we’re gonna do what you wanna do.”

She gets a gleam in her eyes as I make my proposal, saying,

“Are-...are you serious? You’re not messing with me? You actually mean it?”

“Yup,” I answer, “You’re not gonna be doing the serving in this relationship. You’re gonna get served. So, Jane, what is it that you wanna do?”

Her breathing gets sharper and quicker. She looks so happy.

“Oh my gosh,” she says, clutching her chest as she sits on my bed, “No one’s ever asked me that before. I-I don’t even know how to answer it. So many possibilities. So many things.”

I sit down next to her, saying,

“Well, we’ve got the time. Just know that whatever you do choose, I’ll show the same courtesy that you’ve shown throughout the years.”

I bring my hand to her hair, pushing it behind her ear, earning a blushy smile from her. I smile back at her, staring into her gorgeous scarlet red eyes. She then leans forward, closing her eyes and puckering her lips. I follow suit, leaning down to her and planting a kiss on her soft cherry flavored lips. I then maneuver my hand from her head to her back, pulling her closer to me. She then shifts her body towards me, guiding me down to the bed as she straddles me.

A few minutes pass into the kiss before we break away from each other. She stares at me again, looking as though she wants to say something. So in order to help her out on her new position, I say,

“Have you decided what you want me to do to you?”

She shyly nods her head, gripping onto my shirt. That is just precious. To think that this is the same girl who asked if I wanted to play with her ass and be her daddy, while she barks not even 15 minutes ago.

“Well, what is it?” I ask, “Remember, nothing’s too much or too little to ask. Think of this as your vacation. It’s all about you. So come on. Let me have it.”

“Well,” she starts in a soft tone, “I’ve kinda always wanted to know what it would feel like for someone with my...boobs.”

And that right there is the beauty of this. I knew that she’d want something mutually thought of between us. I could barely keep my eyes off of them this entire time. And now I get to play with them to help her. Life is great.

“Well, as you would put it: your wish is my command,” I say, more than willing to accommodate her request.

She leans up, allowing me to sit up and bring my hands to her suspenders, guiding them down her shoulders before turning my attention to her shirt, pulling it above her head, freeing her perfect boobs. Wait, she doesn’t even wear a bra?

“Underwear is seen as an unnecessary obstacle,” she explains, “I know it’s probably not what someone would expect when they take off a woman’s shirt. Sorry about that.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for,” I assure, “Especially when it makes your dream come true even faster.”

I bring my hands to her chest, grabbing and squeezing her boobs. She closes her eyes in bliss, lightly gasping as I play with her breasts. They’re even softer than I imagined they’d be. They’re so amazing. And her faces and noises are just making this even better. Maybe I judged today sooner than I should have. Now, if she likes what I can do with my hands, let’s see how she likes what I can do with my mouth.

I lean in toward her chest, taking her right nipple in my mouth and lightly sucking on it as I continue kneading the other. She arches her back, moaning from the feeling of my lips wrapped around her areola. Fuck, her voice is so sexy when she’s being treated. Why would anyone neglect her needs when she sounds like this? Public opinion be damned. She deserves this. She needs this. And I’m proud to be the one to give it to her.

I suck harder on her nipple, taking the other in between my thumb and index finger and pinching tighter, earning more sounds of enjoyment from her in the process. I then reciprocate the actions, sucking her left nipple and pinching her right. She moans even more, bringing her hands to my legs to balance herself as she looks down at me with that gorgeous look of satisfaction.

“Wait, wait, stop, stop, stop,” she says, composing herself.

I do as instructed, taking her nipple out of my mouth and releasing the other. After a moment of collecting herself, she looks at me, saying,

“That was amazing. But there’s something else I’ve always wanted to do with these that no one would let me do. Sit right there.”

I obey her command, staying put as she climbs off of my lap and gets on her knees in front of me. Seeing where she’s going, I excitedly reach for the hem of my shorts, only to have her grab my wrists, shaking her head as she grins at me. She then places my hands on my side.

“Ah, ah, ah,” she says, waving her finger, “You’re gonna sit there while I do it. None of my other clients would do this with me because they thought that they were too small for them. Between you and me, though, sometimes these looked like twin Jupiters compared to what I was dealing with.”

I snicker at her comment before saying,

“Alright, if that’s what you want, go for it. I won’t move a muscle.”

“Eh, that’s not entirely true.”

She brings her hands to my shorts, pulling them down my waist and legs, exposing my growing member. She giggles in delight, taking it in her hand and lightly stroking it.

“This one seems to be moving quite a bit,” she says, giving it a light kiss, “This is always the best part of my job. Lets me know that you’re happy to see me. Now, let’s make you a bit happier.”

She brings her chest to my cock, placing it in between her boobs and sliding them up and down my length. I tilt my head back, groaning in absolute pleasure as I bring my hands behind me to balance myself. This is absolute heaven. I don’t know what those other guys she’s been with were thinking. Her chest feels fucking amazing. What brain dead lunatic would turn this down?

“I take it you like this,” she says in a sultry tone, “You like these soft boobs rubbing up and down your cock? Feels nice, huh? Well, you feel great pressed against me, too. You’re so warm and hard for me. I love the way you feel so much.”

She then leans down, sticking the tip of my dick in her mouth and lightly sucking on it as she continues stroking it with her boobs. Everything in me is being used to not bring my hands to her head and shove my entire length down her throat. This is her pleasure. This is all for her.

But she then proves that I don’t have to by bobbing her head up and down my shaft, matching the rhythm of her strokes. I groan louder as she strokes and strokes me, wearing that adorable smile on her face the entire time. God, I could look at that face forever.

After minutes of savoring the feeling of her chest, I start to feel my orgasm building. It’s getting closer and closer with each stroke, making me moan louder and louder. Jane takes notice of this and pops me out of her mouth after managing half of my length in her mouth. She then giggles before saying,

“You’re making such silly faces. Are you gonna cum for me? Are you gonna shoot your load all over these magnificent titties? You gonna decorate them with your tasty, white, sticky cum? Please do it. Please cum for me. I want it. I need it. Blow your load all over my perfect little titties. Please.”

After a few more minutes of her stroking and pleading, I grant her wish, groaning loudly as I shoot my load all over her chest, completely covering her boobs with it. She squeals in excitement as I cover her in my fluids, shifting her boobs so that she gets as much of it on them as possible. Once I calm down, she giggles, looking me in the eye as she sticks out her tongue and starts sensually licking my essence from her boobs. Fuck, that’s hot.

“Mmm,” she starts as she tastes my cum, “You taste so good. It’s rare that I get to taste my reward for pleasing my clients. It’s almost always inside of me. Which is always a shame. Such a waste of such sweet, savory, creamy goodness.”

“Well, with me, you can have as much as you want,” I say, glad that she’s enjoying herself,

“I’ll hold you to that. And speaking of it being inside of me, I thought of something else that I really wanna do.”

“Hit me.”

“Well, it isn’t really a popular desire, so you’re welcome to turn it down if you want.”

“No, no. This is all about you. Whatever you want, you get. Plus, who knows, I might be into it. I’m not the average guy. I like a little spice. Try me.”

“Ok, as long as you’re sure. So I’ve only ever done it once and I absolutely loved it. He was so rough with me and he just hit the right spots. But with the mentality of it being so taboo, I couldn’t really do it ever again and I just miss it so much. So-...would you my ass? Again, I’ll completely understand if you say n-”

She can’t even finish her sentence before I hastily pick her up from under her arms, earning sounds of approval, and place her onto the bed. This is such a dream come true. I know the feeling. It sucks that not everyone is open to anal. I’ve never even done it before until now.”

“Well, should I take this as a ‘yes’?” she questions with a giggle,

“I’ll answer that question with this,” I reply, giving her nose a kiss, earning another giggle as I maneuver down her body.

I move down to her pelvic region, trailing kisses from her stomach to her right thigh, earning light moans of anticipation from her. I then place my tongue on her inner thigh, trailing it up her skirt and to her anus, lightly licking it and earning more moans from her as I hook my arms under her legs. I circle my tongue around her asshole before sticking my tongue inside of her, making her moan even louder as she grips the sheets and arches her back. She sounds so cute. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she finally gets what she’s been waiting so long for.

Once I get her nice and lubed with my saliva, I finally slip my tongue out of her and climb onto the bed as she scoots back a bit to give me more room. I then position my cock to the entrance of her ass, gently pushing against it as she tightens her grip on the sheets and squeezes her eyes shut. After a few more moments of trying, I finally manage to slide it inside of her, making her moan in delight.

Wow, she is a lot tighter than I thought she’d be. I already expected her to be really tight, but this is nothing like I expected. I give us both a moment to adjust to each other as she grins at me.

“Feels like you’re fucking a virgin, doesn’t it?” she questions in a seductive tone, “You like how my ass feels wrapped around your big cock?”

“‘Like’ is an understatement,” I reply, “It feels fucking perfect. You can most definitely expect this to be a regular thing.”

“Well, prove it, big boy. Ravage me. Fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to sit for months.”

I chuckle at her neediness before sliding more of my shaft deeper inside of her, making her moan louder. After managing half of my length inside of her, I grab onto her right boob and slowly start thrusting my hips back and forth. She wraps her legs around my waist as I slide in and out of her. She then giggles before saying,

“That can’t be all you’ve got, now is it? Come on. Give it to me. I can take it. Trust me.”

Alright, then. I obey her command, gradually thrusting harder and faster than before. Her smile grows wider with each thrust as I grab onto her right boob, toying with it as I increase my thrusts. Her sweet sounds of bliss fill the room along with the sounds of my thrusts. And to top it all off, the more I thrust in and out of her little asshole, the more satisfied she looks with it. She looks like she’s in paradise. This is everything she’s ever wanted, isn’t it? And now she gets to enjoy every second of it.

“Yeah, that’s much better,” she moans, “Deeper. Harder. Faster. Fuck that little asshole. Shove that cock deep inside of me. Pound me. Pound me until I’m a blubbering mess. Make me into your little anal slut. Give it to me. More. Give me more. Please, Nicholas.”

I’m taken aback by her last statement. She knows my name? I guess it comes with being a magical being. And the way she said it was so fucking hot. I wanna hear it again. I lean closer to her face, whispering,

“Say my name again.”

She gives me a smug smirk, moaning,


I thrust as deep as I can inside of her.



I thrust as hard as I possibly can.



I thrust as fast as I possibly can, tightening my grip on her chest. Her moans are getting louder, her face is getting happier, her body is getting hotter. All because of me. It’s like the roles have been reversed. Here she is, the one who’s supposed to be focusing her energy on pleasing me and now the ***********’s been flipped. I’m her servant. Forever. Or at least until I expire. And what a way to go, spending the rest of my natural life enjoying this tight, little, perfect ass. Best. Birthday present. Ever.

I soon feel my orgasm building again. And judging from her increased moans, Jane’s not that far off. That sexy little face. Without thinking, I give into my urges and lean forward, planting my lips onto hers, which she happily accepts. After a few more thrusts, I groan into the kiss, spilling my essence deep inside of her rectum. She then moans into the kiss as her body lightly spasms and her legs tighten around my waist.

Once I’m completely squeezed dry, I stop my movements. We then slowly break away from the kiss, staring into each other’s eyes as we catch our breath. She’s so damn cute. Her flushed little face, her chest rising and falling, her contagious afterglow, she is just a sight for sore eyes. After composing herself enough, she says,

“ seemed to really enjoy that.”

“That’s one way to look at it,” I reply, “Another would be absolutely fucking loving it.”

“Mmm. Enthusiastic, aren’t we?”

“Well, can you blame me? Both of our wildest dreams just came true. What’s not to be enthusiastic about?”

“Can’t argue that.”

I give her another peck on the lips, causing her to giggle in response. But her smile slowly fades as she says,

“Well-...I guess my job’s done for the day. I should, uh-...probably prepare to be getting back in that box, huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s like I said, you summon me, I come, you cum, then you send me back until next time.”

“And that’s the rules, huh?”

“That’s the rules.”

“Hm. Alright. So let me ask you one more question.”

I stand up from the bed and locate the box, picking it up and examining it. Still observing it, I say,

“Do you hold any sentimental value to this box whatsoever?”

“Not really,” Jane says, “That thing’s not really anything special. It’s like an antique more than anything. Whenever it breaks, the client just snaps and we get a new one.”

“Huh. You don’t say.”

I then spike the box on the floor, smashing it into bits of tiny pieces. After a few moments, as if I was in an old school adventure game, the pieces fade in and out of reality before finally disappearing.

“Guess I’m not gonna be listening to Jazz anytime soon,” I say.

I turn around to see Jane absolutely stunned. Her face is a mix of confusion and joy.

“Y-yo-...but why?”

“Because I’m not your client. That’s too formal for me. I’m not one for formalities. Plus, your whole system can bite a fat one. As long as you’re with me, you don’t have to worry about shackles. You don’t have to worry about social norms and what’s acceptable and what isn’t. You’re a living being capable of fun and should be treated as such. And if no one’s gonna realize that, I’m glad to be the first to.”

She tears up before standing up from the bed and walking over to me, embracing me in a hug. I return one of my own, kissing the top of her head.

“You’re the sweetest being I’ve ever known,” she says, tightening the hug, “You’re so amazing.”

“Oh, I’m not so great...Ok, maybe I am.”

We share a laugh as she lightly taps my back. Honestly, what monster would just leave someone in that box? It doesn’t even look that comfortable. I mean, yeah, she can shrink because magic and stuff, but still. Just solitary confinement until your partner gets horny? Sounds like my parents’ marriage. And I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. So I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that this is the greatest pairing she’ll ever have.

I wake up, to the sun gleaming in my eyes from my blinds. Ugh. Stupid ball of gas that helps everything to exist. I feel around the bed for the only thing that can erase the disappointment of such a rude awakening, but nothing’s there. I crack my eyes open to see that half of my bed is completely empty. Hm. Alright, then. Not even a good morning? Rude.

I stealthily make my way downstairs and just as expected, there she is, standing in the pantry with nothing but my shirt covering her entire body, scanning the piles among piles of food. Perfect. I quietly creep up to her, hearing her humming to a tune.


bum bum-bum bum bum-bum ba-dum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum

ber ner-ner ner ner-ner ber-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner-ner


“Hell!” I yell as I smack her little rump.

She lets out an adorable gasp, both in shock of my presence and response to my smack as she brings her hands to her butt, tending to the blow. I chuckle at her reaction as she turns back at me, saying with a smirk,

“You’re such a meanie.”

“Well, I didn’t get a ‘Good morning’ from you, so now who’s the meanie?” I reply, earning a chuckle from her,

“Going to such lengths for two words. You’re such a baby.”

“Who are you calling a baby?”

“I’m pretty sure I just said it was you.”

“Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not the short stack with a slapped ass.”

“Yeah? Give me a moment.”

She jokingly tries kicking my knee, to which I grab her leg and lift it up to her head.

“Ooo,” she coos, “Well, I’ve heard of having a leg up on someone, but this is ridiculous.”

I give her a look of discontent and she returns a look of pride, which ultimately breaks me as I laugh at her.

“6 months of your stupid puns and you still manage to make me laugh at them,” I say, bringing her leg down, “How is that even possible?”

“Well,” she says, shrugging, “I’m still your royal fool. T’is my job.”

She gives me a twirl, turning back to the pantry. I chuckle at her action before closing the small distance between us, wrapping my arms around her chest and rocking back and forth. She clutches onto my arms, following my movements.

“Someone’s chipper this morning,” she says with a giggle,

“Well, I have my motivations,” I reply, kissing the top of her head,

“You’re such a softie.”

“Well, that may be some areas.”

I then lightly grind myself against her, earning light noises of approval from her. She turns her head to me, saying,

“I really am quite the motivator, aren’t I?”

“That should highlight how amazing you are,” I reply, bringing my hand to her covered rear and rubbing it.

She lightly moans from my touch, saying,

“You’re so cheesy. What? You gonna sweep me off my feet, serenade me, and carry me to a bed of roses now?”

I lean into her ear, whispering,

“I have my ways of doing those, you know? But not in the traditional sense. See, this is sweeping you off your feet.”

I maneuver my hand underneath the shirt, feeling her bare, soft, perfect, tight, little ass before guiding a finger to the entrance of her asshole. I circle it a bit before sliding inside of it, making her moan louder. I chuckle at her noise before continuing with,

“Your bed of roses awaits upstairs with a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold with your name on it. And here’s your serenade.”

I lean closer, shoving my finger as deep as I possibly can, saying,

“I’m gonna fuck your slutty little ass until you’re gasping for air.”

She shudders at my words as her knees start to give way.

“How’s that?” I taunt, “Is that ‘cheesy’ enough for you?”

Silence. I can practically hear her heartbeat pounding in her chest.

“P-please carry me up there,” she says in her soft voice, “Please take me now.”
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