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“My turn to be pleasured while you watch next time baby. Perhaps a man and a woman, or a girl and woman at the same time for me? Make it happen for me and for us, soon,” I told my man Roger in the bath.
“I will baby, I will, your pleasure is my pleasure,” he whispered as I teased his new erection.

A little over a week previously I had told him, “You know I love to watch another man giving you a blow job. And you blowing a much younger hung boy, a really well hung boy while I masturbate.”

Earlier that day it was a huge turn on for me watching my man giving a twenty-year younger boy a blow job and receiving one in return - see my story. OUR BOY FROM THE GYM.

Three weeks later, just as I had asked, Roger told me it was my turn to be pleasured while he watched. “You hinted perhaps a man and a woman, or a girl and woman at the same time. I am going to make it happen for you and for us, this Sunday afternoon, our favorite time for sex.”

We have enjoyed an incredible range of sexual combinations on Sunday afternoons. Roger commenced by bringing twenty-year old boys from the gym for my sexual pleasure. He liked to masturbate while he watched them give me cunnilingus with the promise I would give them a hand job or perhaps even a blow job after they had bought me to orgasm with their tongue.

In due course he commenced sourcing a boy who could give me cunnilingus as well as give him fellatio. So exciting tongue kissing each other while a boy was licking or sucking us. From there an almost natural progression to two boys, and other male-female combinations.

This Sunday I was still unsure whether Roger had organized a man and a woman, or a girl and woman for me, though the thought of a girl and woman had great appeal for me as I stood naked while he was trimming the pubic hair around my cunt lips to his satisfaction - and mine. A beautiful trimmed, perfect black triangle, with a gap at the sides, a wonderful contrast to my blond hairdo.

“What are your plans today Roger?,” I asked as we showered after I had trimmed his pubes, leaving him with a neat triangle above his large cock. “Is it all about my sexual pleasure while you watch and masturbate for me and my new lovers?,” I asked as I watched him slide on a sexy, black jock strap.

“Your exclusive sexual pleasure today. Do you want me to masturbate?,” he asked knowing I did, though still not sure who else would be watching, a man and a woman, or a girl and woman, as I oiled his back, torso and ass.

“What would you like me to wear for my new sexual partners,” I asked.

“Less is more, When our guests arrive I want you make an entrance and make it obvious why they are here and what you want from them. You know your best features are your legs, wonderful thighs, almost flat stomach and a magnificent, big ass. I can never keep my eyes off your naked body.

You look sensational Sarah,” he told me after he watched me dress for our guests, though I still didn’t know if they would be a man and a woman, or a girl and woman.

I heard the guests Roger had organised for me arrive, a girl and a woman, I was pleased to see as I glimpsed through a crack in the doorway, my already high libido rising an extra notch.

Roger was wearing his favourite, short black silk, dressing gown over his jock strap.

I was wearing a black silk choker around my neck, heels and a sexy black cup-less bra, nothing else under my short black silk, dressing gown. I had intended to wear this outfit today whether Roger had organised two men, a man and a woman or my preference, two women for me, my exhibitionist streak in overdrive, I do like to flaunt my body for both sexes as foreplay and gauge their reaction.

This is Lana and this Coralie for your sexual pleasure Sarah,” Roger told me as he removed my gown while he introduced two attractive women as they tongue kissed me in turn and I returned their kisses. Neither of them obviously bi-sexual or lesbian, both attractive to both men and women, and at that moment incredibly sexually attractive to me.

“Oh wow,” both of the women gasped as they ogled my beautifully trimmed, perfect black triangle, with a gap at the sides, a wonderful contrast to my blond hairdo.

Lana was around my age, a size-12 feminine body, the only hint she was bisexual or lesbian was her closely cropped blond hair, though ultra feminine in all other respects I surmised as she tongue kissed me while Coralie removed her dress. Roger and I both admired her naked body in killer heels, a fetish for both of us. Good tits and big nipples, I am going to enjoy licking and sucking them while another woman and my man watch. A flat stomach, obviously never had children, wonderful legs and firm thighs, my man really does know what I like in women. Lastly, a bonus turn on for me, bald cunt lips with her pubes trimmed in a very sexy black mohawk style.

“I am going to enjoy you Sarah, and I hope you me,” she told me as she tongue kissed me, her hand on my ass, making it obvious she was here for my sexual pleasure.

Coralie was a twenty-something, slim blond, I was unsure of her relationship to Lana, though it soon became obvious as Lana removed her dress to show us her almost boyish, naked body. I like it, I want it, good slim legs, small firm ass, tucked in waist and small tits with already erect nipples.

That was the opportune time for Roger to take over the story, I wanted to give my full attention to the sexual pleasure I was anticipating - and wanted - from two women I had never met previously.

Sarah, is of French descent, in her mid-forties, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from me, bi-sexual, though she didn’t need a great deal of prompting.

A few years ago I never imagined, or dreamed, I would be in a serious sexual relationship with a bisexual woman, something I am very comfortable with, without any jealousy or ill feeling from either of us. And I do enjoy watching her having sex with another woman while I masturbate, a voyeurs delight.

Sarah was on her back, a naked sex object for two women, her knees pointing to the ceiling as Lana wrapped her arms around her thighs. I could hear Lana whisper, “You are a challenge for both of us Sarah.”

Coralie had been licking and sucking Sarah’s erect nipples before they kissed with the tips of their tongues.

Just as I hoped, Lana and Coralie had both worshiped her magnificent big ass in turn while the other tongue kissed her. While Coralie was worshiping her ass I watched Sarah licking and sucking Lana’s good tits and big nipples.

“Tell me what you are going to do to me?,” Sarah whispered, something she likes to ask, part of her turn on, when about to receive sexual pleasure, from a male or a female.

“Tell us what you would like from us Sarah? Would you like me to tease and lick your cunt lips, exquisite bi-sexual pleasure, while Coralie licks and sucks your nipples?

“Your man told us sex with you is always an event. He told us he wants us to give you a sexual event, a double lesbian event. Your man promised us you thrive on being licked and teased. He also warned us you had an incredibly high sex drive and that you were multi-orgasmic. How exciting. That will be a real challenge for both of us.”

“And so much more exciting with your man watching while he masturbates his big cock. We have had women while their man watched and masturbated, though they were never in your man’s league, he must be nine-inches and so thick,” Lana told her after she and Coralie watched me remove my jock strap to show them my almost fully erect cock as I smeared oil over it. I am going to enjoy this, I gloated to myself.

I have watched a number of women tongue fucking my lady Sarah, to paraphrase Lana, she is in a league of her own as Sarah soaked up the pleasure of her tongue, lips and fingers on her wet cunt lips. I could hear her whispering, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt,” always a sure sign she is enjoying the sexual pleasure being provided - and is close to orgasm.

So close, I know her well enough to understand she is fighting to hold back her orgasm and maximise her sexual pleasure. Simultaneously Coralie was alternating tongue kissing her and licking and sucking her erect nipples.

“Am I good Sarah, am I?,” Lana asked confidently, knowing she was an incredibly gifted lesbian lover, as she edged and teased her cunt lips with the tip of her tongue. Then a noisy orgasm, then three more in quick succession. “You really are multi-orgasmic, and so wet Sarah,” Lana whispered after Sarah manipulated her head for maximum pleasure.

All the while I had been teasing and masturbating my oily, rock hard erection with my fingers. Wonderful eye candy watching two women giving my lady exquisite sexual pleasure, I had to fight to hold back my orgasm as I watched Lana bring my lady Sarah to orgasm.

“I can make it better,” Lana whispered as she lifted her ass above the bed while Coralie placed two pillows under her ass.

Coralie and I watched Lana continue licking her as she curled a finger into her and found her g-spot. “Queen her for me Coralie,” Lana told her before she sat on Sarah’s face. Sarah’s tongue was licking Coralie in sync with Lana’s tongue.

“I can make it better Sarah,” Lana whispered as she slid a second slim finger into her.

“How much better Lana, how much …..,” Sarah asked, her body trembling and shaking, with a carnal smile before she groaned, orgasmed and squirted simultaneously.

I was struggling to hold back my orgasm as I watched Lana bring my lady Sarah to orgasm then squirt for her.

“The vein in your man’s erection is ready to burst Sarah,” Lana told her as I enjoyed the three women watching me edging it with a fingertip. I was looking directly at Sarah, hoping she would provide some sort of tacit approval for Lana or Coralie to bring me to orgasm, a hand job or even better a blow job.

“Lick and kiss his nipples Coralie,” Lana told her after Sarah had whispered, “Yes, do it, for all of us.”

“Do you want me to swallow,” Lana asked as Sarah watched on.

“How did you manage to organise those two women for me? Or was it us?,” Sarah asked later that night as we had a bath together, both of us still sexually aroused.

“A gentleman never tells,” I told her.
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