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Getting married set me free - our 1st Xmas and 2nd honeymoon
Getting Married Set Me Free – Our first Christmas and second honeymoon.

by Vanessa Evans


When I married Dylan I quickly discovered that there was much more fun to be had in life than my strict catholic upbringing by my mother and the nuns at the all girls catholic school that I went to had taught me. Dylan fully supports me in my completely different lifestyle. He earns plenty so that I don’t have to work but I fill my time with other, regular activities that I find very rewarding.

On Mondays I help out working at a friend’s (Bethany) shop where she makes and sells revealing clothing for ‘adventurous’ young women. Bethany also runs 2 websites, one for the clothing that she sells, and the other that is a soft porn site. I appear on both these websites and am making money out of the latter.

Tuesdays I visit my personal trainer, James, in a private room at the local leisure centre for a workout, James has a very, literally, ‘hands on’ approach to young women clients and I workout nude with James feeling how my muscles respond to the exercises. The other thing with James is that he’s helping me strengthen my pussy muscles. You see Dylan has bought me a butt plug with a handle which is about 10cm long and consist of 5 gold coloured balls, slightly smaller than table tennis balls, all stuck together. Dylan bought it for me to use as a butt plug but I’m trying to get it to stay in my pussy. Dylan tells me that I look great in short skirts with the gold handle sticking out of me. I walk to the leisure centre with it in my pussy and workout with it still in me. James slaps my butt whenever it slides out.

After my workouts I go for a swim, in a very brief and see-through bikini, then into the sauna where I have become friendly with an elderly man, Pete, who also goes there every Tuesday morning. Pete appears to enjoy me sitting where he can look at my naked body, especially after I’ve been in the plunge pool where the freezing water really enhances my 3 interesting nubs.

Wednesday evenings are self defence classes where Caleb asks students to wear the type of clothes that we would wear on a night out around town so that we get used to defending ourselves in the type of clothing that we would be wearing when we are most likely to be attacked. With me that’s very little and the rest of the students frequently see that I never wear bras or knickers.

Thursdays are naked yoga evenings with my friend Lucy where Amber puts us through all sorts of very revealing poses.

Fridays are naked jogging in the park that our house backs on to. The British weather has made me miss a few runs but when I do go I find it very exhilarating. The part of the park that I run in doesn’t have many visitors on a Friday morning but I have given a few dog walkers a pleasant surprise, especially as the cold weather makes my nipples and clit as large as they ever get, and they throb quite a lot as I jog along making me very horny.

Saturdays are spent entirely with my lover, my husband.

Sundays are Dylan’s Rugby game days and I usually go and watch the game. The weather is always cold and I wear just a warm coat and boots but I get warmed up in the showers after the games where a few of us wives and girlfriends reward the guys for the efforts.

Oh just in case you had been wondering, after I had the contraceptive implant just before I got married, I haven’t had a period. When it was due the first time there was just a small trickle and ever since, nothing. This has really pleased both me and Dylan.

Right, now to tell you about our first Christmas together.

Part 1

Christmas celebrations started early with the first event being the Rugby Club’s CMNF Christmas Dinner on the first Friday of December. After Oscar had come up with the idea of making the Christmas Dinner a CMNF event, word soon got around the team and enough of the female partners had agreed to attend naked that Oscar, the team captain, formally announced that this year’s Christmas Dinner would be CMNF.

Oscar and Tom had got on with organising everything and the names of all those who would be attending were collected and monies collected. In the showers after the match 2 weeks prior to the Dinner I’d asked Oscar how many males and how many females would be at the Dinner.

“Sorry to spoil your fun Esther,” Oscar replied, “but there will be 11 other naked girls there.”

Then he added,

“You won’t be the sole main attraction but you will be the most beautiful woman there. Oops, don’t tell Ellie that I said that.”

Yes, if you had forgotten, at least 3 of us wives or partners went to support ‘our’ team at each match and rewarded them in the showers afterwards for each point that they scored.

The big Friday night arrived and Dylan and I got a Uber to the Club house with me wearing just a pair of 4 inch heels and one of my warm winter coats. It was early and only Oscar and Ellie were there when we got there. Thankfully it was warm inside the building and my coat quickly joined Ellie’s hanging in the changing rooms.

The caterers were the next to arrive in a big van. The 3 guys were all smiles when they saw Ellie and I as they carried the first of the containers into the kitchen, one of the guys telling Oscar that he’d never been 100% sure that he believed Oscar when he said that it was a CMNF Dinner.

Two of the guys went back to the van to get more containers whilst the third guy started getting the kitchen organised and telling Ellie and me what we’d have to do when they left.

The guy’s jeans told me that he was enjoying the experience just as much as I was, my inner thighs were quite wet.

The Rugby Club’s kitchen isn’t very big and soon the 3 guys, Ellie, me, then Daisy and Lucy were all in there, the 3 guys struggling to concentrate on what they were telling us whilst we all moved around the kitchen, bumping into each other as the guys talked and us girls listened and looked. My bare, little tits brushed against all 3 guys at least once and all 3 of them had had had their hands around my bare waist as we squeezed passed each other before the guys finally left.

Satisfied that the food was keeping hot, we girls went out into the main room to see how things were going and to ask when they wanted the meal serving.

I was surprised to see that all the tables had been arranged in 2 rows and that there were lots of guys and lots of naked girls all standing around talking and drinking. I also saw some strange looking frames and bags at one end of the room.

Dylan and Oscar came over to Ellie and me and before Ellie or I could say anything, Oscar said,

“Just waiting for Ben and Carrie then we can get started.”

Dylan came and stood beside me, put his arm around me and asked me if I was okay.

“Sure, living the dream, you know that I like being naked around lots of people, even if all the other girls here are naked as well.”

“The guys will do more that look at you before the night’s over Esther.”

Before I could ask him what he meant by that, the outside door opened and in walked the naked Carrie followed by Ben who was holding Carrie’s coat.

There were quite a few jovial comments from the other players about Ben always being late, but one of the guys put a pint in Ben’s hand and what looked like a vodka in Carrie’s hand.

It was then that I saw Tim, the photographer, videographer who had videoed all my contributions to Bethany’s porn website, the one that is providing me with a nice little income. I smiled and guessed that Dylan had booked him to record the evening. I wondered if the video would find its way onto Bethany’s website although I was only expecting us girls to be naked for the evening. As far as I knew nothing else was planned.

Oscar must have also seen Tim entering the room because he loudly announced.

“Your attention please, for those of you who don’t know him, the guy who has just walked in carrying those boxes is Tim, he’s here to video the event and if any of you don’t want your faces to be on the video, let him know and he will either cut out that scene or blur your faces.

Now Ladies, to the kitchen you wenches, you have work to do. Gents, get more drinks, take a seat and leave a space next to you for your naked girl.”

Us 12 girls went into the kitchen where Ellie organised us. I was given the job of laying out the cutlery. As I did so, just about all the guys put their hands on me, some pushing a finger, or 2, inside me. It wasn’t painful because my pussy was wet. These days it’s normally wet all the time but I’d been quite horny ever since we arrived there. All of which meant that plates of starters were arriving before I’d finished laying the tables.

The girls bringing in the plates of food had the same problem (not) as me and I was just waiting for a plate full of food to end up on the floor but the girls were managing well.

When I’d finally finished with the cutlery I went into the kitchen to get more plates and noticed that the other girls were taking it in turns to deliver the plates of food. I guessed that they all wanted to get groped.

Plates of food all on the table us naked girls went to join our partners only to find 3 glasses of wine in front of my place. Dylan leant over to me and kissed me before asking if I was okay.

“Hell yeah.” I replied as I downed the first glass of wine in one go.

I looked around and saw 12 pairs of tits. I saw one girl who had water melon like tits and I felt sorry for her but she seemed to manage okay. The guy next to her certainly appeared to like them. All the other tits appeared to be smaller, going down to mine that appeared to be the smallest, but my erect nipples looked to be the biggest there.

Surprisingly, none of the conversations that I could hear were about us naked girls.

As we ate our starters, Dylan’s hand moved to my bare thigh and slid up to my pussy. I spread my knees and moved my butt to the front of the chair to give him better access.

The starters didn’t take long to finish and Ellie announced that us girls had work to do. I was a little disappointed in her timing because Dylan had got me to the edge but didn’t have the time to take me over it.

Ellie had us girls well organised so that we all spent time out with the guys so that they could show their appreciation for us being naked and I’m sure that I wasn’t the only girl who was close to cumming as the guys fondled our tits and pussies, even if it was only for a few seconds before we left them to go back to the kitchen.

Whilst we were eating the main course I saw that a few of the guys were eating with one hand and that their partners were struggling to eat and had glazed looks on their faces. I was just as bad (or good) and Dylan’s fingers kept taking me to the edge then he’d withdraw them for a few minutes. I also saw Tim walking around the table with his video camera pointing down on some of the girls.

That main course lasted much longer than any meal that I’ve ever had but there again I’d never been edged throughout a meal before.

Once the meal was over and us girls has stacked all the plates and cutlery in the large plastic boxes for the caterers we went and sat next to out partners, Dylan immediately fingering my pussy and getting me up there again. After a few minutes Oscar stood up and loudly announced,

“GUY’S, now that the tables have been cleared we could just continue the evening like we have in previous years, just drinking and talking and drinking, but I suspect that this year you all would prefer to take advantage of the fact that we have 12 beautiful and amazing partners here who I’m sure that you guys have been teasing and edging all evening. I’ve seen lots of sexy female expressions so I’m assuming that none of you have actually taken your girls over the edge and that they are all getting desperate for some relief. Well done guys.”

There was some cheers to that and I knew that Dylan had done a good job of getting me almost desperate for some relief, and by the looks on some of the girls faces, I wasn’t the only one.

I wondered if all the edging was a plan by the guys so that the room would be full of horny girls. I smiled as I thought that it wouldn’t have taken that much, certainly with me.

“A few weeks ago,” Oscar continued, “a few of us went to a couple of parties where we played some games that certainly wouldn’t be allowed at McDonald’s kids parties, and I thought that it would be a good idea to continue those games here tonight.”

I looked around and saw a few puzzled looks but I also saw, and heard, a lot of cheering, mainly from the guys and girls who had been at Lucy and Tom’s, and Dylan’s and my parties.

“Don’t worry you 2 single guys, there will be lots of physical contact but it’s not restricted to the people who came here as couples and I’m sure that you will have as much fun as your team mates who have tied themselves down with a girl. Talking of tied down, there may just be some of that going on as well tonight. Craig, would you like to setup your apparatus at the end of the room please, you and Cindy will probably have a few customers quite soon.”

I, along with a few others looked a little puzzled as Craig and Cindy got up from the table and went to the frames and bags at the end of the room, but my attention was brought back to Oscar as he continued,

“Ladies, and gentlemen, let me assure you that participating in any of the games tonight is not compulsory and no one will think any the less of you if you do not want to participate. Now, enough of me talking, the first game is called, ‘Who’s tits are these?” Ladies, please line up along the front of the bar, but please don’t block it off completely, some of us need to get some more drinks.”

All us 11 girls got up and went and stood in a line in front of the bar. I was one of the last to get there and I saw the only girl there who had some pubic hair, and that was in a narrow landing strip with a bit of a ‘V’ at the bottom making it look like it was an arrow pointing towards her slit. Also, none of the girls were making any attempt to hide their tits or pussies.

I smiled to myself as I thought that we looked like girls at a slave market waiting to be sold.

“Right guys, form a line and put on the blindfolds that you were asked to bring with you.”

That all done, Tom and Oscar went to the front of the line and stood behind the first 2 guys, Oscar saying,

“Girls, swap your place in the line just in case any of the guys could remember who is stood where.”

We did, then Oscar continued,

“Right guys, Tom and I are going to lead each of you up to each girl in turn and where when we tell you, you will gently caress the girls tits for a minute, then you have to guess who the tits belong to. Girls, please keep a note of the guys who guess correctly.”

Two by two, Oscar and Tom led the guys to the front of the girls. When all the guys were in place Oscar said,

“Guys, when I tell you, you have one minute to grope, sorry, caress the tits in front of you and guess who they belong to. Girls, please stuff something in your mouths if you feel like you are going to moan or cum, we want recognition to be by the feeling of your tits, not the sounds of your moaning.”

Then Oscar told the guys to stick their hands out. As hands made contact with bare tits, some having to be guided there by the girls, Oscar added,

“After the minute is up tell the girl who you think she is. Girls, keep a tally of the number or right guesses.”

The guy in front of me was one of the younger, newer, members of the team and he was at the dinner on his own. I had rewarded him in the showers a couple of times because he’d scored some trys, and he’d shot his load over me at the Bukkakes. His hands were a bit rough and he didn’t appear to be very experienced at teasing a girl’s nipples, but I did have to stifle a moan.

All too soon the minute was up and the guys backed off.

“So guys, who’s tits have you just been fondling? Oscar asked. “Girls, don’t tell the guy if he’s right or wrong.”

“You’re Dylan’s missus, Esther, aren’t you? You’ve got the smallest tits here.” The young guy said to me.

I wanted to tell him that he was right but I said nothing. I also realised that the guys who fondled my tits would all probably guess right for the same reason. I also thought that the guys who fondled the girl with the 2 water melons would also guess correctly as well.

After a minute or so, Oscar said,

“Girls keep a count of correct guesses, and also, move to in front of a different guy please.”

We did, squeezing passed each other, our tits rubbing against other tits as we moved around. When we were all in place Oscar told the guys to start fondling.

This guy wasn’t as observant as the first guy and he guessed that I was Amy. I smiled to myself and wondered how he could think that my ‘AA’ tits were Amy’s ‘D’ cup tits.

Us girls shuffled places again and somehow I ended up with Dylan in front of me.

“You’d better get this right mate.” I thought as Dylan’s hands encased my tiny tits.

“Oh yes Esther,” Dylan said, “I’d recognise these anywhere.”

I smiled but kept my mouth shut, even when he rolled his fingers round the ends of my nipples. That guy really knows how to raise my arousal level.

When Oscar called time Dylan said,

“Love you Esther.”

And so the game went on. I was sure that Oscar had us girls moving around rather than the guys, just to stop the fondling from taking any of us girl over the edge. If that was his plan then it was working.

When all the guys, except Oscar, had fondled all the girls, the game ended and the blindfolds came off. Oscar asked if any girl had had all the guys guess correctly and I wasn’t surprised that Melon girl, Jenny, announced that all the guys that had fondled her tits had got it right.

I was sure that I’d get the second highest score because my tits were the smallest there but I wasn’t bothered when Oscar didn’t even try to find out who had the next highest score. Instead he announced,

“Okay everyone, a 10 minute break for everyone to get another drink then we’ll start the next game. It looks like Craig and Cindy are all setup so anyone who wants to try the spanking machine should go over to them.”

By then, Dylan had made his way over to me and before he could say anything I said,

“Can I have a go on the spanking machine please Dylan?”

“You don’t have to ask me Esther, if you want a spanking session go for it, but you might like to delay that until after the next game.”

“What’s the next game Dylan?” I asked.

“Wait and see lover.”

Drinks appeared in our hands and we all stood around talking about the last game and wondering what the next one was.

“Okay everyone,” Oscar announced, the next game is called ‘Who’s pussy is this?’ It’s similar to the last game but girls, you’ll be sat on the tables with your legs spread wide and guys, you’ll be fondling the pussy in front of you. And guys, you’ll be using your fingers not your cocks, if you want to fuck take the girl, whoever she is, into the changing room, there’s a big box of condoms in there.

The other difference is that this time the guys will be moving around so please everyone, arrange the tables in a circle then guys, get in the middle and put your blindfolds on.”

There was an almost frantic couple of minutes as tables were moved and girls jumped on them. It was then that I noticed that Lucy and Tom were missing. My head turned towards the end of the room and I saw Lucy getting strapped onto the spanking machine. I also saw Tim standing next to her with his video camera ready to record Lucy’s ‘punishment’.

Oscar and Tom, who had come back to help Oscar, got all the blindfolded guys into place and the first round got started.

I saw that all the girls were leaning back on their elbows and had their legs spread wide. Some were like me and had pulled our legs back and were holding them near our heads so that the guys had unrestricted access to access to our pussies.

The guy in front of me had fingered me in the showers before, a couple of times, but I doubted that he’d recognise my pussy as his fingers explored me causing me to stifle a moan. I got even more frustrated as one of his fingers had just entered me when Oscar shouted that the time was up. The guy stepped back and said,

“That was your pussy wasn’t it Carol?”

I smiled and thought that some guys really aren’t very observant.

On the game went and again, Dylan recognised my pussy as soon as his hand had been on it for a couple of seconds.

“I’d recognise that clit anywhere.” Dylan said as, unlike all the other guys, he concentrated on my clit and just as Oscar called time I struggled to keep quiet as an orgasm hit me.

I wasn’t the only girl to cum, I’d heard a few stifled moans and seen a few girls bodies shaking and jerking but I was very happy when Dylan pushed me over the edge.

The game finally finished and I was surprised when it was established that my count of guys who had correctly recognised my pussy was quite high. I felt proud that most of the guys had studied my pussy enough to recognise it by touch and not sight.

Just as us girls were getting off the tables we were disturbed by Lucy shouting that she was cumming. All heads turned to watch the very restrained Lucy’s body trying to shake as she shouted,

“YES, YES, don’t switch that bloody thing off yet.”

There was another 10 minute break for drinks and talk about the last game. It would appear that just over half of us girls had now experienced a very public orgasm.

“Enjoy that did you Esther?” Dylan asked me as I sipped yet another glass of wine.

“Hell yes.” I replied. “Can I go and get spanked now?”

“Nope, there’s another game coming that I know you will enjoy, being so small and light you will have an advantage in the next game.”

I wondered what the game could be but I didn’t ask Dylan because I knew that he wouldn’t tell me.

It seemed much more than 10 minutes before Oscar called for order and I saw that Lucy was back but Daisy was missing and TC was stood beside Oscar.

“Okay guys and girls,” Oscar announced, “the last game is going to be a challenge for you. It’s a pussy eating competition but in a position that I doubt that any of you will have tried before. I’m going to give each girl a number and put pieces of paper with those numbers on them in a glass and then each of you guys will pull a number out of the glass and that is the number of the girl who’s pussy you will attempt to eat.

However, the girl won’t be on her back when you try to eat her, nor will she be squatting over your face, she will be on her back and you have to lift her up and pull her up, off the table, so that her back is against your front and her legs are over your shoulders.

Girls, it may help you if you try to keep your knees bent once they are over the guy’s shoulders, and guys, you need to hold the girl’s hands to make sure that she doesn’t fall and land on her head.

Once you’ve got the girl up there you can start to eat her out. The first girl to cum is the winner.”

Oscar came round all us girls and wrote a different number on each of our left tits then he turned to the guys and said,

“Okay guys, who’s first?”

Hands flew to the beer mug then guys started looking for the girl who he was going to taste. As soon as the numbers were matched up the girl got on her back on the nearest table and the guy moved in.

TC had my number and I was soon hanging upside down with my back to his front and my legs bent over his shoulders. I tried to look around to see which lucky girl got Dylan but there were too many hanging girls in the way.

I felt TC groping for my hands and we gripped each other’s wrists as I felt TC’s hot breath on my pussy. Then his tongue touched my slit and I moaned.

I don’t know if Dylan had been giving some tips for him to use on Daisy but he was nearly as good as Dylan. Just before I reached my first climax I saw Tim with his video camera pointing towards my body. My little tits had moved up, or should that be down, my chest and were almost invisible except for my big nipples showing everyone where my little tits were.

As I started to come down from my high I realised that TC was still nibbling my clit and I wondered if Dylan had told him that I really enjoyed that. Before I started to go up there again I looked around. It was a bit strange seeing girl’s heads low down like mine and guy’s heads up at normal height except that the guy’s necks were bent and they enjoyed a late additional course to their Christmas dinner.

I also saw Tim with his video camera quite close to a bald female pubis.

I saw, and heard, 2 girls cumming before I lost interest and concentrated on my approaching second orgasm which turned out to be a very intense one. I knew that my body was shaking and I just hoped that TC was gripping my wrists hard enough.

As the waves of pleasure washed over me and away I realised that TC was no longer licking or chewing and when my wits were back to normal I heard TC telling me that he was going to lower me to the floor.

As he did so I looked around and saw that 4 other girl’s heads and shoulders were on the floor with the guy bent over them still eating their pussies.

TC gave my pussy one last, lick along the full length of my slit causing my body to shiver, then he stood up allowing my legs to drop to the floor, then TC held out his hand to help me get up. As I was getting to my feet TC thanked me, telling me that he’d had a great meal and that my pussy was amazing.

I looked around and finally saw Dylan, his face buried in Cindy’s pussy. She looked, and sounded, like she was cumming but Dylan kept on doing whatever it was that he was doing to her pussy. I watched for ages guessing that Dylan was on one of his marathon pussy eating sessions. When he does that to me I get sooo sensitive and think that I’m going to die but he just keeps on going until the sensitivity passes and I start cumming again.

Finally, Dylan stopped pussy eating and when Cindy looked like she was back in the land of the living, he lowered her to the floor then helped her get to her feet. As she walked back toward Craig, passing me, she quietly said,

“You’re one hell of a lucky girl Esther.”

“I know.” I replied.

Dylan walked over to me and kissed me, me tasting Cindy’s pussy juices that were all over his face. When the kiss broke I said,

“The spanking machine isn’t being used, can we go over there and see how it works?”

“You want a go on it don’t you Esther?”

“Yes please.”

Craig and Cindy were hugging and kissing when we got there but Craig broke away and asked if I wanted a go on the machine. I didn’t answer him, instead I went and stood where Craig could strap my ankles to the sides of the machine.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes please’ Esther. You do realise that not all girls have orgasms when they get spanked don’t you Esther?” Craig said as he strapped my ankles to the frame.”

“She does,” Dylan replied for me, “but Esther is one of the luck ones, she always cums when I put her over my knee.”

“Good,” Craig replied, “Cindy is like that too, in fact it was her idea to save up and buy this machine. My hands don’t get as sore and tired as they used to.”

Craig told me to bend over and he started on putting my wrists in the velcro cuffs that left me spread eagle but bent to 90 degrees at my waist. I felt so helpless, exposed and horny.

“Paddle, cane, switch or strap Esther, which do you want, or should I ask Dylan?” Craig asked.

“Strap please Craig.” I replied.

“It’s her body, she chooses.” Dylan replied.

“Cindy likes me to dominate her and choose for her don’t you luv?” Craig replied.

“Yes Master.” Cindy replied.

I turned my head and saw the naked Cindy stood beside me and looking as though she was a naughty schoolgirl who had been caught doing something that she shouldn’t.

“Are you ready Esther?” Craig asked.

“Bring it on.” I replied and seconds later I felt the swat and went,

“Umph.” Then I thought that maybe Craig would appreciate it and I continued, “One, thank you Master.”

The strap hadn’t hurt that much and I wondered if I should have asked for the cane to be be used. Before I could think any more the machine delivered another swat in exactly the same place on my butt.

“Umph, two, thank you Master.” I said.

Dylan appeared next to the naked Cindy and I saw the smile on his face.

“Umph, three, thank you Master.” I said.

“You look so cute down there Esther,” Dylan said, “I don’t usually get to see your face when I spank you.”

“Umph, three, thank you Master.” I said.

“Guys, girls,” I heard Oscar say, “So far you guys have had the amazing pleasure of seeing all these beautiful girls naked,”

“Umph, four, thank you Master.” I said.

“and you girls have had the pleasure of cumming a few times, but that has left us guys with a bad case of blue balls,”

“Umph, five, thank you Master.” I said.

“now I think that that it’s time that you girls helped us guys with our problem, so no more games,”

“Umph, six, thank you Master.” I said.

“we all know that what happens at the Rugby Club stays at the Rugby Club so let’s just let ourselves go.”

“Umph, seven, thank you Master.” I said.

“There’s a big box of condoms in the changing room and I’m sure that none of you will complain if you see your partner”

“Umph, eight, thank you Master.” I said.

“fucking someone else. There will be no repercussions tomorrow from any of you will there?”

“Umph, nine, thank you Master.” I said.

I could hear very little of the chatter that I’d heard earlier but my brain was getting confused. I was almost certain that Oscar had just said that her expected an orgy to start, but at the same time my brain was starting to think that all the spanking was having the desired results. I wanted to turn my head and see what was going on in the rest of the room but I couldn’t move.

“Umph, ten, thank you Master.” I said.

For some weird reason my mind went back a few years when my dad and I had been watching a repeat of an old Benny Hill show on the TV where Benny had been chasing a scantily clad girl around a tree. My mother had come into the room, saw what was on the TV and turned it off telling my father that we shouldn’t be watching that disgusting filth. When I went to bed that night I started up my laptop and searched for those TV programs.

“Umph, eleven, thank you Master.” I said.

I looked to where Dylan had been but he had gone but Craig was there and he was kissing and groping Cindy’s pussy.

“Umph, twelve, thank you Master.” I said.

Dylan re-appeared and I could see that he had a handful of condoms.

“Was he really going to fuck lots of his mates girlfriends or wives.” I thought.

“Umph, thirteen, thank you Master.” I said.

That tingling suddenly got a lot stronger as I imagined watching my husband fuck lots of different girls.

“Umph, fourteen, thank you Master.” I said, then continued,

“Oh sugar, I’m gonna cum.”

“Umph, fifteen, thank you Master.” I said, then continued,

“I’M CUMMING!” I loudly said as I felt one of Dylan’s hands stroke my head.

As I started coming down from my high I heard Dylan say,

“Are you ready for this Esther?”

“Ready for what?” I thought as I realised that the machine wasn’t spanking me any more.

Then I felt it, a cock entering my vagina and 2 hands gripping my bare hips. I had a quick panic as I could see that Dylan was still in front of me.

“Who’s fucking me?” I asked.

“It doesn’t mater who it is Esther, just enjoy it.” Dylan replied.

The cock got into a good rhythm and I kept sort of grunting as my pubic bone kept banging on the frame each time whoever thrust forwards. Dylan was stroking my hair all the time that this guy was fucking me.

The guy came quite quickly and I could feel that he was wearing a condom. I was still quite aroused but I didn’t cum.

When I felt whoever withdraw I wondered if Dylan was going to fuck me but he didn’t move and another cock entered my pussy.

“Jeez,” I thought, “this is turning into a gang-bang.”

This second guy managed to make me cum and when I was still up there I felt him cum inside me but it felt different to when Dylan empties his ball into me. I guessed that it was because of the condom. Then he withdraw, only to be replaced by third cock. Then a fourth, then a fifth. By that time I was starting to wonder if all the team were going to fuck me whilst I was still tied to the frame and not able to see who was fucking me.

As the sixth guy was fucking me I orgasmed again and was pleased that my weight was being supported by the frame. As that orgasm faded into history I realised 2 things, firstly that a seventh cock hadn’t invaded me, and secondly, that Dylan was no longer in front of me. For a second I wondered if I was sad or happy that that it had all stopped.

Then another cock entered me, but this one felt a bit different, a bit familiar. The owner bent over me and reached for my tits and I recognised the voice as Dylan asked me if I was enjoying myself.

“Stupid question lover, of course I’m enjoying it but it would have been nicer if another hundred guys had fucked me.”

Then I heard Lucy say,

“It’s hard to believe that 6 months ago you were an innocent little catholic girl Esther.”

“Yeah,” I managed to reply, “and I’m doing my best to catch up on what I missed out on.”

“I don’t know how Dylan keeps up with you.” Lucy said.

“With a little help from his friends.” Dylan whispered as he thrust into me just before I orgasmed again and Dylan unloaded deep inside me.

I felt Dylan and Craig releasing me but I just stayed there for another couple of minutes as I tried to get some strength back into my legs, then I stood up straight and turned to Craig and said,

“Thank you Craig, you’ll have to tell Dylan where you got that frame and machine from.”

Then I kissed him on his cheek before turning to Dylan and saying,

“I thing that that’s one to tick on my bucket list, than you.”

“I thought that you wanted a hundred guy gang-bang.”

“Okay, you’re right, half a tick then.”

Both Dylan and I smiled then I looked around. The numbers of people there had greatly reduced but a couple of couples were still going at it. I smiled then asked Dylan for a drink but it was Tim who put one in my hand.

“There you go Esther, I thought that you might want one.”

“Thanks Tim.”

“I’ve got some amazing footage that I’m sure Bethany will want splitting into 4 or 5 videos to upload onto her website.”

“I think that the royalties or whatever you call them these days should go to the Rugby Club not me please Tim.”

“That’s very generous of you Esther,” Oscar said. “If you hadn’t got naked at your party none of this would have happened.”

“Happy to help, but I get a lot out of this place as well, the showers after the matches are amazing.”

“Our electricity bill has gone up but it’s worth every penny, I’ve never had a team that is so motivated.”

I smiled as Dylan arrived back at me holding my coat.

“Come on Esther, out Uber has arrived.”

Dylan’s first works Christmas do.

This was our second Christmas do and was a quite small one with only the team members that Dylan works with and their partners. Of course Tom and Lucy were there and it went without saying that Lucy and I dressed as if it were the middle of summer.

I wore just a dress that was very short and the front is scooped so low that my little tits have habit of escaping just about every time that I move.

The do was in a private room at a restaurant in central London and rather than going on the Underground we got an Uber. My nipples and clit got very hard as I ran to the Uber, then into the restaurant, and each time I had to pull the dress back to cover my nipples.

There were only a dozen people there, half a dozen of Dylan’s workmates (Tom being one of them,) and their partners. Lucy had been to that Christmas do the previous year and she told me that it wasn’t a formal do so no long dresses. Of course, Henry (their boss) was there with his wife Julia.

I chose another of Bethany’s creations, a short, see-through dress with a lycra tube underskirt that only went from my nipples down to the top of my pubis. As the night wore on the top of the underskirt slipped down revealing my little tits to everyone there. The hem of the underskirt rose up as well leaving a lot of my stomach visible through the dress.

Seeing my tits and pussy was nothing new to just about everyone there because I’d been spanked naked at Henry’s barbecue the previous August. This dinner wasn’t as revealing as the barbecue because the lighting in the restaurant was nowhere as good as the sunlight in Henry’s back garden.

At that barbecue Henry had gone on about making his next summer barbecue a CMNF event and he started going on about that idea again at the restaurant. I don’t know if the female partners were just being polite to Henry or not, but none of them gave the impression that it was a bad idea and that they wouldn’t go.

Time will tell but I for one will be there, and hopefully Henry will have organised some games like at the Rugby Club. I think that I’ll discuss it with Dylan and get him to encourage Henry.

Dylan’s second works Christmas do.

This was a much more formal event at a big hotel in the centre of London. Everyone who worked at the company was expected to be there along with their partners. Even the big bosses who Dylan hardly ever saw were there.

This event called for an evening gown and I was pleased that Dylan had bought me a couple and Bethany had given me a couple as well. I had to decide how much flesh I wanted to show, and with Dylan’s help I chose the dress that has the whole right side missing, apart from a narrow strip at the bottom of my ribs that stops the whole dress from falling off. That strap was held in place by a little strip of velcro and I giggled a little as I was putting the dress on when I got an image in my head of me being in the middle of the dance floor and the whole dress dropping to the floor leaving me naked, apart from my heels, with everyone staring at me.

I told Dylan what I was giggling about and he replied.

“I might just be able to arrange that for you my love.”

My pussy tingled at the thought and I felt my vagina leak a little more.

The other thing about that dress is that my right arm and shoulder are all bare as well and the cut of the dress leaves most of the outside of my right tit exposed and it doesn’t take much for my right nipple to be exposed as well.

The Uber dropped us off at the hotel entrance and I felt amazing walking in on Dylan’s arm. I felt like we were walking on the red carpet at a big celebrities awards night. With each step I could feel the front of the dress opening and floating behind me. I was sure that anyone on my right would be have been able to see my bare stomach right down to my tingling clit.

The dress settled down as we entered a huge room and we just stood there waiting to be shown to our table. Someone had gone to a lot or work with guest placements so that none of Henry’s team were sat at the same table. Dylan and I were sat at a table with 4 other couples, all around twice my age.

As we approached the table I saw one man raise his eyebrows as he stared at me. I wondered if my right nipple had escaped or I was walking fast enough for my bare pubis to be exposed, but I didn’t look down to see. Instead I just smiled at everyone as we all introduced ourselves.

Dylan was sat to my left and as the man on my right, Terry, was talking to me I saw that his eyes kept going down to my bare right leg and most of my stomach. I glanced down at my chest and pretended to discover that my right nipple had escaped. As I pulled the front of of my dress to my right to cover my nipple I said,

“Oops, sorry about that Terry, elegant dresses do have a habit of being difficult to keep in place don’t they? I do hope that you aren’t offended.”

“Don’t worry about it Esther, my wife used to occasionally have a similar problem. I guess that it’s a penalty of looking so beautiful.”

I looked passed Terry to his wife, June. She was talking to the man on her right and I thought,

“Jeez, I can’t imagine her in a revealing dress, way too big.”

The next hour or so went with general chit-chat, most of it about the company. The waiters who came round serving drinks and the food were all very polite and one guy actually blushed when I caught him looking at my exposed right nipple, you see it had a habit of escaping when I turned to talk to either Dylan or Terry.

Of course I pretended to not notice most of the time but whenever I caught someone staring at my chest I looked down then adjusted my dress knowing that my nipple would soon be exposed again. I usually just apologised for my wardrobe malfunction. A couple of the ladies expressed their sympathy for me. I guessed that my fake embarrassed look was working.

Towards the end of the meal I felt Dylan’s right hand slide under the napkin that had been spoiling Terry’s view since we started eating. Instinctively, I spread my knees a bit so that Dylan could access my pussy and his fingers slid up to my pussy and I felt his little finger touch my clit.

I closed my eyes and I guess that I had a strange look in my face because Terry said,

“Are you alright Esther, you look a little pained?”

I opened my eyes, turned my head to face Terry, smiled and replied,

“Yes, I’m fine thanks, I just had a moment.”

Dylan squeezed my left thigh and I felt my napkin slide off my lap to the floor. Terry was still facing me and he must have seen my napkin slide down, and then seen Dylan’s hand.

“Oh,” Terry said, “that sort of moment.”

My face got a little warm and I wondered if it had gone red as well. I also wondered if Terry had assumed that I’d just had an orgasm.

After that, whenever I looked towards Terry I saw that his eyes were going from my lap to my right tit. Because I was sat down he wouldn’t have been able to see my pussy, but that didn’t stop him looking and winking at Dylan as if he knew that Dylan had made me cum.

Anyway, the meal finished with more boring conversations and I was looking forward to some dancing. I was a little disappointed when a man got hold of a microphone and started addressing everyone. It turned out that he was Ronald Culkin, the founder and CEO of the company, and he proceeded to talk about the company, the performance over the last year and the predictions for the next year. All boring stuff for me and I was pleased when he finally stopped talking.

His final words were to wish us all a happy Christmas and that we should enjoy the rest of the evening.

Finally, the dancing started. I knew that I was going to have some wardrobe malfunction and so did Dylan. In fact he had promised to engineer some for me it they didn’t happen naturally. It turned out that I had quite a few, some without even realising.

The music was ***********ed to cater for all ages and started with a waltz and I was grateful that old time dancing was taught at our school. It was one of the lessons that I enjoyed and during the lessons I used to dream that I was dancing with some of the old, handsome movie stars from the movies that my mother would let me watch.

What my mother didn’t know was that as I got older I used to lock myself in my room and play all sorts of modern YouTube dance videos and practice as I dreamt about all the male pop stars.

Anyway, getting back to the waltz, and the other old time dances, I was much better at them than Dylan was but he was happy to follow my lead and take instructions from me.

As I’m sure that you can imagine, dancing wearing dress like I was a guaranteed recipe for many wardrobe malfunctions and I’m sure that a lot of people around Dylan and I saw parts of me that they weren’t expecting to.

Of course, both Dylan and I ignored my exposure and just got on with the dancing.

When the music got a lot more modern I was shaking myself all over the place and at one point I realised that Lucy and Tom had found us and were dancing with us. After a while Lucy grabbed my hand and shouted that we were going to the rest room. I heard Tom say that Dylan and him would meet us at their table and off Lucy and I went.

“That’s an awesome dress that you’ve nearly got on there Esther.” Lucy said when we got to somewhere where that the music wasn’t as loud. “You do know that you right nipple is on display and that you were constantly flashing your pussy don’t you?”

“Is it too much for a place like this?” I asked.

“Have you had any complaints Esther?”


“Then it’s not too much.”

“Your dress looks great as well Lucy.”

“Thanks, I thought about wearing something as revealing as yours but I chickened out. I wish that I hadn’t now.”

We made girly talk as we had a pee and checked our faces, not that either of us had much makeup on, just lipstick and mascara. Dylan has made me promise to never plaster tons of makeup on my face telling me that my natural beauty is what he prefers, and all that I need to look amazing.

I’d pulled the top of my dress over my right nipple when Lucy reminded me that it was exposed, but the walk to Lucy and Tom’s table to meet Dylan and Tom caused it to escape again, and I ignored it. I did spot a couple of older men staring at me as we walked passed them, but all that did was to make my 3 nubs harder and my slit a bit wetter.

“Awesome dress.” Tom said as we reached them.

“Thanks Tom.” I replied, “I got it from my favourite dress shop.”

“Ah yes,” Tom replied as he turned to face his wife. “You’re going to have to take me there again Lucy.”

“You only want to perv at the girls getting changed out in the main part of the shop Tom.”

“I do,” Tom replied, “but it’s you that I want to fuck and live with Lucy.”

“Good answer mate, I’ll remember that one.” Dylan said as we all grinned.

“You want to fuck and live with Lucy do you Dylan?” I asked.

“Stop it Esther, you know what I meant; or are you trying to get me to put you over my knee and spank you?”

“Just joking lover.” I replied, “but you wouldn’t spank me here, would you?”

“I know that you’d like me to Esther, but it isn’t going to happen, sorry.”

“I know.” I replied.

We went back to the dance floor and to more wardrobe malfunctions that seemed to please some of the people dancing around us. In fact I noticed one couple who always seemed to be dancing at my 2 or 3 o’clock and the guy was always facing me. He must have seen my right nipple and my slit lots of times.

One time when Dylan and I went back to our table to finish our drinks and to retrieve my bag, we saw that the man who’d given the speech, Ronald Culkin, the company CEO was stood talking to a couple of people at our table. What’s more he’d seen us walking to the table and he was staring at me, or should I say what I was displaying as my dress had opened up and I was displaying my right leg right up to my belly button.

Ronald Culkin seemed to loose interest in the people that he was talking to and when Dylan and I arrived at the table he said to Dylan,

“Dylan Hargreaves isn’t it, and who might this delightful young lady be?”

As he was talking I could see that he was looking at my chest, not Dylan. My right nipple has escaped again, and as usual I was ignoring it.

Dylan introduced us, all whilst this Ronald Culkin was staring at my nipple. They talked ‘shop’ for a minute or so then he said that he’d have to go as he had lots more people to talk to. As he left he said,

“It was really nice to meet you Esther and I hope to see a lot more of you sometime.”

Once he was out of earshot Dylan said,

“The old pervert took a shine to you Esther.”

“You mean my tit and pussy, I hope that it’s helped your career.”

“I doubt that but at least he remembered my name, and I’m sure that he’ll remember you Esther. Maybe I should try to get you a job at the company.”

“No thanks, I’m happy with my life as it is.” I replied.

We finished our drinks then went to Lucy and Tom’s table to dump my bag before going back to find them on the dance floor.

When the evening started winding down Dylan was slow dancing with me with my arms around his neck.

“I can tell that you want what I want Dylan.” I quietly said into his ear.

“After watching you put yourself on show all evening what do you expect Esther?”

“I expect you to fuck my brains out just as soon as we get home.”

“Then you won’t be disappointed Esther, shall we leave now?”

“I thought that you’d never ask lover.”

We said our farewells to Lucy and Tom then left, taking one of the line of taxis waiting outside.

My dress never got further than just inside the front door that night.

Naked Yoga

On the first Thursday of December Amber had told all us students to invite our partners to the last session before Christmas. Imagine a dozen ladies, of various ages, all naked and doing very revealing poses with all their male partners watching them from only a metre or so away. Well that was what it was like and none of us naked ladies seemed at all concerned that their fellow student’s partners were watching them perform.

I rushed home with Dylan after that session had finished and I’m sure that you know why.
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