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Oral arguments. Oral agreements.
Our mother and father didn't leave their room the next day. We didn't knock, and Nell and I made sure the other didn't eavesdrop. At one point, Mom told us to set a gallon jug of filtered water just inside the door. No peeking.

"What the fuck happened yesterday, between you and Mom - before I got home?" Nell acted the opposite of submissive that day. She demanded.

"What the fuck happened between you and me, yesterday morning?" I redirected. I seriously wanted to know. If I hadn't, she would have dogged me for the rest of the day to answer her question. "Don't tell me that your moping all day wasn't because you sucked down a wad of my juice without a 'Hello Bro.' or 'Howdy do.'"

That pushed a button I hadn't expected. My big sister shrieked. "I DON'T KNOW!" Before explaining, she hustled me out into the backyard. Our parent's room was on the front side of the house. "Craig, I'm not blaming you. I fucked up. I had to deal with it."

My normal sized balls were big enough to man up. "You're wrong, Nelda." It was an opener that I kept in reserve for times when I was absolutely certain. "It takes two for a dick to get sucked. I wasn't a passive observer. I have feelings too. You fucked up with me, and I won't allow you to let me off scott-free. What was going through your filthy mind, yesterday morning?"

Nell took me seriously, but she needed to think. "I'm sorry. I wish I could explain it as easily as I can explain spreadsheet macros. -- I never felt that way before."

"What way?"

She frowned with supreme intensity. "Hunger."

I had pushed enough. I gave her time - even took a step back."

"I know lust, intimately and unabashedly. This was different, powerful, like an ocean of desire drowning me. I thought I knew what my fetish for big dicks was capable of. I was fucking ignorant! Craig, your cock is big, but compared to dicks in the pornoverse, it's just an appetizer. The reality of it, however, scrambled my reason."

Her eyes glazed over yet somehow stared deeper into me. "I wanted to be your fuck slave, yesterday morning. I wanted to quit school and take your prick in all of my holes for the rest of my life."

"I thought you were making yourself bored of it?" I shouldn't have asked. I was pretty sure of the truth.

"Hah! That's how stupid I was. Craig, I had my best finger drilling ever after watching you masturbating for an hour. My need to get pile-driven by that thing is getting worse.

"Then we stop. I'll stop goading you." I was genuinely concerned for my big sister and awfully guilty for parading my cock bulge.

"You'd have to enter a monastery and I a nunnery." Nell put a soft hand on my left shoulder. "We have to face this. While we're living together, I'm going to do whatever you want, to get some from your dick." She backpedaled. "Not all the time. Hopefully not often. I'm good today, and probably for until Dad returns to work next week. I make no promises afterwards."

I thank the gods my dick didn't get hard right then. I imagined jerking off in my room, later that day, until my dick fell off.

"Now tell me, what the fuck is going on between you and Mom?"

"I'm going to fuck him." Mother had been standing at the back door, drawn out of her room by our earlier outburst, wearing her house robe.

Nell's shields flared. "You can't do that to Dad!" She stepped around me. "Fuck anyone else - not Craig. I won't care. And if you think I'm jealous you're not half the women I respect."

"Where is Dad?" I attempted to reduce the tension.

"He sleeping - tuckered out. I've never had so many orgasms," Mom was serious, "Except for yesterday afternoon."

Nell balled up her fists and hammered one against my shoulder. "You fucking asshole!" The next one punched my ribs. "FUCK!"

"STOP IT, Nell!" Mom started towards us. "You're embarrassing yourself."

I staggered away from my sister and my incoming mom. "I deserve that." I didn't mean I wanted more blows.

Nell's fists fell to her sides and shook. Her anger redirected again. "What you told Father, you were talking about Craig!" She accused Mom.

"There was a reason I confessed with you two present." Mom caught up to Nell and grabbed her left elbow. "What's happening between the three of us, had to come to the surface!"

Mom gutted her daughter then. "Don't tell me the reason you were down all yesterday had nothing to do with our nasty situation."

"You didn't eavesdrop long enough, apparently." Nell spat.

"Let me talk." I asserted. "This isn't all my fault, but I was actively playing you two. Now I wish I hadn't. We wouldn't be nearly as fucked as we seem to be. Hit me. Ground me. Cast me to the wolves. I was more than stupid to jerk your fetish chains."

They laughed. It wasn't a TV laugh that suddenly turns a conflict into an agreement. No. My mother and sister burst into hilarity because of how ridiculous I had made myself.

Nell humbled me. "Ooo, me get so horny when you have big bulge in pants!"

Mother mocked me. "Do you need another tube of antibiotic ointment? Don't you know how useless that is against a fungal infection?"

Nell considered our mother. "I didn't catch that trick." She shook her head, disappointed even further by me.

I was use to their snark, but pride folded inside of me like a crushed soda can. My ability to snark back fled as double crosshairs settled on my groin.

"Hmph." Mom considered her words. "Craig, the reason Nell and I pretended was, we couldn't admit to how much we wanted to access your dick!"

"Damn, Mom, spot on!" Nell openly admired her for half a second. "That doesn't give you the right to fuck around on Dad with your gods damned son!"

"Gods, I hope you never push a baby out of your cunt."

The two only managed to agree to catch their breaths.

I wish I could have left them arguing - like I had a few days prior. Mom was right. We had to hash this mess out. "Someone, tell me what to do." I threw up my hands. "I don't want to cause Dad grief, but Nell, he did say Mom had freedom to do what she wants."

"You don't get it, Bro. The thought of you and Mom behind his back never crossed his mind. He should have been fully informed." Nell acted like she was ready to tell, except she didn't want to be the messenger. She couldn't handle Dad either breaking down or turning into concrete.

"I'll judge what to tell your father." Mom cut in. "I'm the one who understands how to negotiate with him. I've been doing it for nearly twenty five years. However, I'm not going to discuss the details with you inexperienced, brilliant brats. You're so smart, you'll come up with a dozen plausible reasons to inform your father - all dangerously wrong!" She heaved in a full breath. "Nell, I can't stop you from telling him I'm having sex on the side with our son, but I warn against it. You father enjoys the mystery -- is all I'll say for now."

"It's just not fair." Nell had ran out of clever reasons.

"No." I thought of something not too stupid to say. "Human sexuality isn't about fairness." I reiterated. "It's the fetish's fault."

Mom hissed through her nose. "I'm going to shower." She headed inside.

"Don't you dare parade that dick anymore." Nell hissed through her teeth. She refused to let me be the last one standing.

I trailed her exit with, "I'll look up monasteries with vacancies."


The other shoe landed on the second night of Dad's virtual weekend. He said, "Mother, I ordered pizza. Would you be kind enough to pick it up?" It was not a normal request. Usually Nell or I drove to fetch meals. Mom didn't hesitate. She was out the door, keys in hand, within seconds.

"Good ruse, Dad." Nell's sarcasm was in excellent form. "She'll never guess what you want to talk to us about."

"Nope. Never." He swiveled in his lounge to confront his adult children. "But I'm not doing the talking here. Nell, you're holding back a lot of rage. Let it out."

Nell's greatest weakness was Dad's no bullshit conversations. It took her a second to find words. "It's fine if you and Mom play around. I'm not a kid who needs a mated pair for parents. Craig's ears won't melt, either. But society at large has its stupid hooks in me. I don't like it, even if I know it's consensual. Worse, I think it's extra stress you don't need in your life. We brats, your job, and the more import job of being married to that woman-" She sighed angrily. "Is more than a fair share of hair loss. THAT's how I feel."

Dad was balding in the time dishonored way. The four lane highway paved over his skull swerved at me. "I think you, Craig, are less angry but more nervous. What can I tell you, to ease your concerns?"

Twin laser beams burned into the side of my neck. I tried my best to ignore Nell's enmity. "I don't know, Dad. I understand the scenario but haven't a clue about procedure. What should I do? How should I act?"

MAYBE NOT FUCK AROUND WITH HIS WIFE! Nell didn't need telepathy to trigger that thought. I was fully, independently guilt enabled.

"Imagine your mother and I are smoking-related cancer victims in a burn ward, jaws removed, skin replaced with plastic, and we're twitching from degeneration of the nervous system." After winding up, he pitched his answer. "We just want your love."

My head turned a desolate face to my wonderful, angelic sister. Laser beams scattered from tears welling in her eyes.

Dad's cell phone gargled. He scanned the message. "She's got the pizzas. Let's set the table." He bounded up from the lounger, a hungry look in his eyes. "Good talk."

Two days later, Mom stepped into my room. I was studying advanced algebra and getting nowhere. "Craig?" She got my attention which abruptly zeroed in on the plastic jar with a blue label, in her hand.

"Um." I squirmed. "Maybe another day?" My dick didn't even twitch.

She shrugged. "Suit yourself."

The next morning, Nell knocked and slipped into my room. She must have listened to be sure I was changing. "I just want to see it for a second." Her hands dithered at her sides. Lucky for her, I hadn't pissed yet. She caught sight my full boner.

After a second, I covered it with my hands. "There. In exchange, you better let me use the bathroom first this morning."

"Fine." My sister eased out. "I needed to test if my brain was going to slave-out for your cock today. I'll be fine. You're fine. It's all fine." She fled to her room.

That afternoon, I spent my first hour, after school, staring at a stupid show on a streaming service. My relaxed body jerked into full petrification at the sound of Mom's truck entering the garage. I managed to reach the door by the time she opened it. She faltered at my proximity, taking a step back. "Craig?" Her eyebrows knitted together.

"Sorry, Mom. I-I've been waiting all day."

"We'll you'll have to wait a little longer." She pursed her lips.

"I'll help you with your tool belt." I reached for her waist. She wasn't wearing it.

"I took it off in the truck. What the hells has gotten into you?"

"I'm a mess, Mom. I can't think or even jerk off."

"At least the first half of you is normal."

Ice not broken. "I love you, Mom -- a-and I love Dad."

"Oh." Her disappointment deepened. "That." She shook her head, brushed me aside, and strode to her room, leaving me extra foolish looking. I went back to the couch and stared at meaningless flashing pixels.

Mom entered the living room, drying her hair with a towel. She was naked from the crown, down. "Let me through." She stepped past me, between the couch and the coffee table. She plopped her moist butt on a cushion and leaned into my left side. "Hold me, Craig." She secured the towel around her head. Her right arm drifted over my shoulders. Her left hand grasped my jaw. She shook it gently. "I want your dick only when you and it are ready."

I hugged her naked chest. Her mammoth, soft boobs were extra warm from the shower. I had wished for a moment like this since the first time my voice cracked. She felt amazing, and I was entirely disgusted with myself and pulled away.

"Not too long ago, you were cornering me in the kitchen with a naked boner." She performed an act of licking her lips.

"Maybe I matured a bit since then."

"What? You're not going to be Mommy's little horny boy anymore?" She pressed her bare chest into my left arm.

"Stop it, Mom. That shit's beneath you."

"Yes. I suppose so." She pulled away and wrapped her arms around herself. "I'm also getting cold. Should have dried myself more." Mom gave a shiver. "I am not, however, beneath seducing you. I consider it one of my talents."

"Maybe Nell is right. Dad should be in the loop."

"No." She drew up one leg, leg to chin, foot to cushion. "Again, I need you two to trust me on this. Your father knows exactly how much he wants to know. I'm not holding back info. If he asks, I answer. We may both be fooling ourselves, but we'll both take responsibility if things go south."

"That I do trust." Mom and Dad had iron moralities. Soft enough to forge when hot. Strong enough to resist cold blows.

"Thank you." Mom's expression changed. I didn't recognize it. I was expecting her to get up and dress. She continued to hold herself. She seemed distracted.


"Can I see your dick?"

"Really? Now? I thought we were having a mature conversation."

"Yes, well, I'm changing the conversation. I had trouble sleeping last night - because you spurned me yesterday."

"I'm spurning you now. It's not even a little erect."

"Don't be like that. I'm just asking for a peek, Craig." Mom sounded different, not desperate, but maybe a little greedy.

I felt her desire, but I realized she was holding back her desire, trying to respect my decision. "Okay. You can look at it, but it'll probably bore you." I considered it's state might be a good thing and began unfastening my trousers. I didn't see her left hand sink down from her chest and enter the vee of her clamped thighs.

I had to lean forward to pull down my pants and underwear. When I sat back on the cushion and made room for her to see, I noticed her hand moving in her dark pubic thatch. An urge to shame her bubbled up, but it popped quickly. I figured, let her get bored staring at my sleeping dick. It was three shriveled inches lying like a soft soup can along where my thighs met.

She offered with eyebrows raised, "I'll make it hard if you want. You can take care of the rest in your room." Her right arm pivoted towards me, and the fingers gestured at my soft but thick, dark pink slug.

"I remember how sturdy it looked when you cornered me in the kitchen. You wanted me to worship it, didn't you?" Her voice deepened. "If you get over your worries about your father, you might find me a willing convert." She air-patted my junk from a foot away. Her pendulous breasts wagged hypnotically.

"Mom." A quick rebuke readied in my head. When my penis snaked half an inch longer,I totally forgot whatever clever thing I was about to say.

"I would bring it supple gifts and bow before it." She wagged a naughty finger at my shifting peter. "I could dress it in silk and let it sleep in my bosom."

"Sheesh, Mom." I stared at the growing length. I should have grabbed my pants up and dashed for my room. My heart beat faster.

"I could wash it in my warm mouth and receive its mana as a blessing."

My urge to bolt converted to arousal. Mom had discovered my fetish. I lusted to have that kind of power over women. Her sultry, indulgent words transfixed me. So much for maturity.

"And Dad's going to be okay with that?" I was trying to convince myself.

"Your father trusts- no, loves me enough to care only about things I involve him with. In a different way, he loves you just as much. You and I won't be keeping secrets from him. He simply doesn't want to know, but if he does ask, trust him enough to answer honestly." It was Mother's last word on the subject.

Loyalty to my father still clawed my guts, but its talons retracted as Mom gazed at the growing column of my sex, her hovering hand moving closer, longing to pet it but waiting for my approval. She murmured a prayer. "My will is thine before the power and glory of this holy presence."

My dick leaped into near hardness at her prayer. It launched up to six plus inches and bulged out fat as a tube of biscuit dough. "Mom, please..."

She immediately enacted what I couldn't yet say. She slid down from the couch and stood on her knees between the coffee table and my spread knees. Her hand embraced my erecting flesh and stroked it. "What is your will, Son?"

The way she spoke caused me to hear, "What is your will, Master?"

"Suck it, Mom. Suck my big, hard dick." I would deal with my love for Dad, another time.

"Mmmm." She moaned and opened her mouth. "It's so big..." She nommed the plumb sized head fully, stretching her jaws as wide as possible to accommodate it.

"Unnghh!" I groaned. "I can't believe this is happening."

Mom opened he throat, somehow able to breath while gulping two more inches into her noggin. Her hand swirled gently around the five or six inches remaining. The back of her tongue rasped against the underside of my prick head. It felt incredible! "MOoommm!"

She hummed then in a pitch as low as a man's while she socked another inch of my thick meat down her maw. Her throaty rumble vibrated along my shaft. The muscles at the base of my prick tensed, readying to blast cum backed-up as far as my balls. I grunted a lame attempt to warn her, "...gonna- urk!"

Abruptly, Mom's hum and tongue stilled. Her teeth sank into the middle of my dick, and she throated a laugh as if taunting me for being so easy!

I shook my head and realized that she was taking control of my orgasm, shutting it down with a sharp bite and mocking me to sap my arousal. My ejaculatory system ratcheted down quickly. "No wonder Dad loves you so much!" I exclaimed stupidly.

She rewarded my mention of him with a severe growl and bit down painfully!

"OWW!!" My sense of mastery over my mother was seriously compromised, but I only had myself to blame. There were rules that even I had to follow in this game of dominating her.

Mom's teeth relented after I shut my trap and kept it shut. I focused my attention on the feeling of soaking in my mother's talented mouth. I couldn't apologize, which would have further diminished my mighty role, but a minute of silence went a long way to reassure that I regretted my outburst. As her mouth relaxed and saliva coated the front half of my engulfed cock, I dared to resume our play. "Don't stop, Mom. Either get ready to be fucked, or get back to sucking me like a good slut." I pawed her left nipple, tweaking it gently.

She hummed briefly and began to suck and lick my prick in earnest. It felt like My dick was being firmly masticated like a cow's cud! I grunted afresh. "Hold up your tits, Mom. Don't stop sucking. Offer them to my hands."

Her head bobbed steadily. She had to pull the hand frigging her snatch away, to lift her J sized melons up to me. The sting of Mom's bites had made my dick not so hard, but those beautiful oversized headlights foretold an abundance of amends. The once defeated specter of my orgasm made a brave return, under her renewed oral efforts but even the possibility of Mom biting again, kept it from immediately erupting. I grabbed her hands as they held her greatest, visual assets. "Swat my balls with your nipples." I commanded.

When Mom shuddered at my strange command, my sense of power over her, increased. Perhaps being told to do nasty things appealed to her. She shuffled closer on her knees, for her outstretched tits to reach my balls. In doing so, she had to accept another inch of my fat prick down her throat. Mom gurgled from discomfort for the first time. She was having to suffer a little now, for my enjoyment. What master didn't long for a slave who accepted great discomfort when serving them?

To the rhythm of Mom's tit tips slapping my testes back and forth, I commended her. "That's - a - good - Mom-my - slut." I cooed. The cum now backed up behind a clenched exit felt twice as fiercely as before. Yet, I wanted to dominate her further. I pushed my right foot between her thighs and slid my toes upward until I felt her light brown pubic thatch. She shuddered again as I wiggle my big toe into the curly nest and stroked her hidden labia. "Is your slut pussy feeling lonely, Mom?"

Mom's body convulsed, and she started grunting like a pig, suddenly choking on my dick! Yet, instead of pulling away, she let go of her tits and grabbed my ass, pulling my prick deeper into her gullet! My toe hadn't even touched her clit, but she thrashed from a powerful orgasm, her crammed vocal chords striving to wail from the incredible pleasure wracking her senses!

That was too much for a young man like me. My groin muscles spasmed when a massive wave of ecstasy battered my entire nervous system! Cum blasted out of my prick deep into Mom's greedy throat! "GODS MOM, I'm going to drown your fucking guts!" I imagined any deeper and my cock really would have been fucking her intestines! She clung to my hips like an addict shoving a horse hypodermic needle into a vein. "Ooohhhh!!! Fuuhhcking yeaaahhhh."

I swooned, the room's afternoon light blinking. I might have tipped over if Mom hadn't been cemented to my hips by hand and prick by mouth, still trying to take me deeper into her convulsing body. She gagged and gurgled!

I fell against the back of the couch, counting each jolt in my loins. Seven bolts of cum, landing salty proteins in her stomach, were followed by a thick stream of boiling spunk - filling her to the brim. Each time she gagged, semen foam sprayed out between her stretched lips and my twitching cock.

It seemed like she was resigned to drown in her son's sperm.

When Mom did reach her starved lungs' limit, she pulled away, eyes closed. My dick piled out of her mouth like a spurned lamprey, semi-soft. She fell on her right hip and grabbed the couch cushion to my left, for support. Mom could only hack and gasp. Cum spattered from her lips and dripped down her chin. She wiped her mouth with her left arm and panted. I couldn't see her eyes from my angle. Her tits heaved, and my limited attention was content to watch those hanging beauties.

"M-mom," My chest was also chugging, heart racing from the mighty climax which had sundered my lust and replaced it with clouds of pleasure. I floated, hardly able to talk through my overwhelmed emotions. "I've - never felt-"

"How many?" Mom turned her head farther away from me. "H-how much didn't I - get?" She gasped. "Inches."

She wanted to know how badly she had failed to deep throat my huge erection. I blanked trying to remember, but the number three occurred to me. She had taken more than five fat inches into her relatively small cavity and gullet. I didn't want to neg her accomplishment. "You were amazing, Mom!"

"Damn you." Mom surprised me with an angry tone. She wrenched herself upwards, pushing at the cushion for balance and to stand quicker. Standing, she grabbed the towel and fled fuming to the hall.

"You okay?" I called after, unable to rouse any muscles larger than my lips and throat. Her door opened and slammed shut. Was she angry at me or at herself, for not swallowing all of my huge prick? I was once again bewildered by the behavior of a woman in my family.

I couldn't help but remember how Nell, who was a bit bigger and taller than Mom, had only crammed four inches into her mouth.


By the time Nell arrived home from college, Mother and I were fixing dinner. We spoke only of things necessary to make the meal, until Nell wandered into the kitchen.

"How much of the tuition I'm paying, did you waste today?" Mom smirked.

"After the drugs and sushi party I hosted this afternoon, I doubt there's anything left in the account, and I need to buy a new outfit. This one has a thread loose." Nell jived back. "What did you two do?" She tested a hunch nagging at her, given the room's atmosphere. Mom worked to clear it while I hemmed and hawed a little too long.

Springing to atone for my potentially revealing lapse, I said. "I've decided to be come a rapist. Domination just ain't cutting it for me anymore." I frowned at my sister. "Don't worry, I'll tie you down in your sleep, so I don't have to beat you into submission."

"Yeah, well you better drug me beforehand or bring a really big club, so you don't miss when I pepper spray your face." She growled.

"That's going too far, Children." Mom spoke evenly.

"Sorry." I backed off.

Nell sat quietly then, perhaps contemplating Mom and I.

Mom launched into normal conversation for our family, asking Nell about her period and stating how she thought Nell would make a great, single Mom, if she didn't graduate in the top ten percentile of her class. "Gods, at least I hope you never marry."

"Don't be rude at the table, Mom. I'll lose whatever respect I still have for you." She glanced at me.

Was that a dig about Mom and I? Was she probing for social clues? Was I just paranoid? Ding! Ding! Ding! Nell had buried the possibility of marriage when she had been openly dating two guys during high school. I didn't dare ask about her body count (including women), lest my dick permanently retract into my groin by an inch.

"Li'l Bro, are you going to eat those, or does Big Sis have to spoon feed them to you?" She pointed at the untouched kidney beans on my plate.

I'll feed you... My thoughts returned to her oral capacity for cock but remained silent.

"Bro, I baked these. I'm waiting for you to compliment them." Nell dared me. "They taste like pussy."

Mom chuckled, but she might have been forcing herself. "Pussy with too much garlic."

I shrugged. "I can munch a rug as well as anyone." I scooped a spoonful into my mouth and chewed.

Yugg, way too much garlic! "Which of your girlfriends is this afraid of vampires?"

Nell broke into a full laugh. Or was she forcing herself?

I needed to escape the bizarre subtext of whatever we were discussing. "Say, Mom. Have you and Dad ever done a three way with a woman?" It was a question just spicy enough to undermine Nell's possible suspicions, yet not too spicy for Mom to simply shoot down.

Both paused but not to rearm their verbal weaponry. Nell's curiosity had captured the cat. Mom looked to be considering a reasonable answer.

I managed a single wink that Nell couldn't possibly see.

Mom shook her head, once again ashamed to be my mother. I survived the hit. I was sure her answer would throw Nell off the figurative scent of my cum on Mom face.

"Hnng." Mom knitted her eyebrows, continuing to act unhappy about my question. "All I'll say is that it ended well, but we never tried it again."

"Whoa." Nell bounced once on her chair, absorbing the new, potentially weaponizable information about our mother.

Before either of us could ask the obvious next question, Mom slammed the topic's brakes. "I won't say anything about us being with another man."

She left Nell mired in the thrilling mud of nasty possibilities.

Late that night, Dad was home and buried the subject forever. We were watching a light sit-com about a pretty, sassy woman looking for love in the big city. Dad needed laughs more than his wayward family.

At a pregnant pause before an obvious joke, Nell couldn't hold back any longer. "Dad, have you and Mom ever had a three way with a dude?"

Dad calmly pressed pause on the remote. He said without fanfare, "All I'll say is that it didn't go well, and I felt sorry for the guy. It wasn't his fault." Dad squinted at Nell, "It wasn't your mother's fault either."

Mom coughed uncomfortably.
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