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This story has several things in it, Incest, Beastiality, Tutor, Neighbours, and spanking.
The Professor.

I wake up with the alarm blaring. I roll over grappling to find the off switch. I will be free of college and homeward-bound in just a couple of days. I jump out of bed and straight to the shower, I have to hurry as I don’t want to be late for the professor as he can be quite cantankerous, and it’s best not to test the waters, especially with the professor, he is a very stern tutor.

I just about made it. I entered as quietly as I could and slipped into a seat in the hope he didn’t hear me, as he was a stickler for everyone to be sat ready for when he came in. I smiled at the girl next to me as she mouthed good luck crossing her fingers, and we both grinned.

The lesson went well, and I was busy taking notes nearly the whole lesson, nothing at all was said about me being a few minutes late, when the professor said, “Your exam is tomorrow afternoon and anyone late will not be allowed in,” and he looked directly at me, making me flush and fidget, his deep ocean blue eyes penetrated mine, making my belly tremble and wet my panties.

The bell went and everyone was in a hurry to get out, including me. I was bent over collecting all my stuff, saying to Jill whom I had been sitting next to, “Phew, I didn’t think I would get away with that,” when a booming voice rose above the noise, “Lily Ansel, come down to the front.” My face fell and my heart fell to my feet, Jill looked at me with pity in her eyes, “Good luck,” she whispered “I have also been punished by him for being late,” rubbing her butt for emphasis as she told me.

“What did he do,” I asked her; my eyes following where her hand rubbed her bottom.

“He spanked me, he put me over his knee and spanked me, thank goodness, I was only five minutes late, I made sure I wasn’t late again. It took me ages before I could sit down again. Anyway, good luck I will be thinking about you, and then she was off without a backward glance.

I made my way to where he was sitting and stood before him silently. Looking at him

close up, he looked to be in his mid-thirties, with jet black hair which he always kept neat, he had a slim build, yet looked well-defined. He stood, I would say about six foot three, he had large hands and was left-handed. When he looked up at me his deep blue eyes penetrated mine, making me blush and shuffle my feet. “You were over ten minutes late to my class Lily, twelve to be exact, why!”

“I, I forgot one of my books and had to go back for it, sorry sir.” My eyes lowered to the floor: my hands entwined behind my back, making my nipples poke out of my top.

He looked me up and down, my clothes were always loose so they would hide my tiny figure. “Go and wait outside my office Lily, I shall be there shortly, now go,” he lowered his eyes and carried on with what he had been doing.

I slowly made my way to his office, when John stopped me, saying he was late once, and he had told him to bend over and he gave him the cane, fuck did it hurt.

“Gee thanks, John Just what I needed to hear.”

“No problem Lily, you’ll get over it, all you have to think about is going home, won’t be long now, then we’re free,” punching the air with his fist. He rubbed my shoulder, telling me “Good luck.”

I was sitting outside his office, when I heard him coming down the corridor, hearing him talking to someone, “When will they learn not to be fucking late,” I heard the professor say.

“Well you know the youngsters of today Adam; they think it’s ok to do as they please and think they can get away with it and not get punished. The trouble with you Adam is you’re far too soft with them. If anyone is late to my studies, I check the time and then double their punishment, they’re never late again.”

“Thanks, you’ve given me something to think about.” I heard him coming nearer and nearer, and then he turned the corner, not stopping even though he saw me sitting there, trembling. He closed the door behind him, I heard him talk to his secretary and asked her to bring me in, and when she was finished she could go.

His secretary came out, asked my name and how late I was then showed me in. I told

her my name but shaved a few minutes off the time I was late. She wrote everything down, then gave it to him. When she gave it to him, he raised his eyebrows, “Did she tell you about five minutes?”

“Yes, she did. I’m all done, may I go now sir?” They were speaking as though I wasn’t there, which was very embarrassing. I could feel my cheeks burning red.

“Ok, Sally, yes you may; it looks like I am going to have to deal with a liar as well,” he shook his head saying without lifting his head, “See you tomorrow Sally, lock the door when you go, will you please?”

She went out, tidied her desk, and then left locking the door behind her. When I heard her locking the door, my heart rate escalated.

After a few minutes, the professor said, “Come this way, Lily,” I leant over to pick my things up. “You can leave your things there; the door is locked so no one can enter without my permission.” I entered his study, knowing I was going to be spanked, but not how. “Now tell me again why you were late and how late you were?”

“I forgot a book sir and had to go back for it, I’m so sorry.”

“And how late were you?” His eyes watching me now he placed his chin onto the knuckles of his clasped hands.

“Between five and seven minutes, I think,” when I said this, he looked at me noticing how I was flushing.

“Don’t fucking lie to me Lily, you have just more than doubled your punishment,” he said, banging his open hand on the desk, making me jump. “It looks like you’re going to be one of the last pupils I have to punish, as I shan’t be here next term. Now stand in front of me and drop your panties, I am going to spank your bare ass for being late, normally it is one spank for every minute, but with you, I am going to double it, then more, because you have lied to me as well. Now drop your panties and give them to me; hesitate and I will treble it.”

I slowly stood, dropping my panties, knowing he was watching every move I made, and then gave them to him. He could feel the dampness in the crotch of my panties.

Tapping the edge of his desk, “Bend over the desk Lily and don’t move, lateness and liars have to be severely punished.”

I leant over his desk feeling him place a knee between my legs opening them wider. He lifted my skirt. I heard him reach for something out of one of his drawers and then brought it down sharply on my butt.

“Fucking ouch that hurts,” I squealed.

“That’s one Lily, and you were twelve minutes late, so normally that’s twelve hard swats, but because you lied to me I am more than doubling it, and you will count everyone, if you don’t or miss a number I will start again. Do you understand?” he said as his fingers caressed the crack of my asshole.

I nodded my head, whispering, “Yes sir,” for every swat he gave me I counted, and my clit and nipples were rubbing on his desk making me moan. My skirt kept falling, so he ripped it off. I couldn’t help but start pulling on my nipples through my top and we were only halfway through. He saw this and walked around his desk, pulling my top off, and throwing it on the floor where my skirt had landed. He saw how hard my nipples were, “Ah, I think we have a pain slut here! Don’t fucking dare leak your twat juices on my desk or I shall make you clean it up with your tongue, now keep counting.”

He spread my legs wider, putting a spreader bar on me so I wouldn't be able to close my legs, this allowed him to see my virgin cunt. By the time he had reached fifteen, tears were falling. Now and then he would stop and rub my butt and down my crack, slapping my cunt hard as he did. When he reached twenty-four he stopped for a minute, telling me, “That would normally be it, but because of your lies I am upping it to thirty-six;” I had to endure another twelve, and he flipped me over yelling me to hold the spreader bar up by my chest, I had no option but to obey; my back was flat on his desk, and my knees up by the sides of my head. I couldn’t believe how open I was to him, he smiled at me, pulling my nipples so he could see them. How they betrayed me as they were sticking out prominently as my clit had lengthened out of its hood. He told me not to move, and he could hear me crying but didn’t seem to be too bothered. Then realised he had filmed everything and was wanking, his cock was fucking huge, and I saw him spurt rope after rope of spunk all over me.

He disappeared for a minute or two and when he came back he knelt between my legs, telling me he was putting some ointment on, and began to soothe it into my butt, pushing his fingers in; pumping in and out, but the way he massaged the cream on felt very soothing and it more than turned me on; but the next question that came out of his mouth surprised me, “How many boys have fucked you Lily, or are you still a virgin, and don’t lie to me.’

“Three sir, but I’m still a virgin.”

“You’ve fucked three boys, and you say you are still a virgin?”

“Yes sir, I am, my cunt is still intact.” He looked at me as if I was telling more lies. I attempted to sit up, but he held my back on his desk stopping me. “Twelve more Lily, so keep counting,” he said as he watched me squirming trying to ease the pain. But what I didn’t realise was, doing this was opening my butt cheeks for him to see my open star. He spanked my cunt and clit hard twelve more times. After a couple of minutes, he took the spreader bar off me telling me to stand and face him. I stood facing him with my tear-stained face, shuffling from one foot to the other.

“Are you going to be late again Lily my pain slut,” he asked me, telling me to stand naked in front of him.

“No sir, I think I have learned my lesson.”

‘Very well, you can go now.’

I put on my skirt and top, and couldn’t get out of there fast enough, but when I reached the outer door, I remembered his secretary had locked it and had to turn back. I timidly knocked on his door. “Yes,” came a firm voice.

“Sir, the door is locked, I can’t get out and I need to pee,” holding my finger on my dripping cunt. He stood and unlocked the door for me, then stood with his fingers around the door knob watching me. “Sir, you still have my panties,” I whispered.

“I do, don’t I Lily. I will return them at the end of school time, so be a good girl as I shall be keeping my eye on you,” he said.

I lowered my head and without saying another word I went to the toilet. I decided to squat on the seat of the toilet with my feet hopefully easing the throbbing I could feel on my bottom and cunt, while I was peeing I lifted my top to see my nipples were still hard, which made me think of the boys who had fucked my ass, they also suckled and played hard with my breasts and nipples.

I remembered Tom who was fucking me hard saying, “Fuck Lily you have one tight ass” and as he thrust deep into me he pulled hard on my nipples making me moan and my pussy juice. He told me to get ready as he was going to shoot his spunk deep inside me, then watched me as I diddled my clit for him. “Fucking hell Lily, I can see you pulsating, you’re making me hard again, pull your knees up to your chest, I want your tight ass again as I watch you cum for me,” he pounded me hard again, “Fucking cum for me now,” he shouted, and I did.

When I had finished peeing I pulled and pinched my clit hard wanking myself till I squirted. I gently cleaned myself up, then went to meet my friends. They all asked how I was feeling. I told them my bottom and pussy were burning from the spanking he gave me. The girls giggled, some saying, “He sure does hurt, doesn’t he?” Then we all started giggling. I then told them that this was his last semester as he was leaving tomorrow.

By the end of school, I could sit with a little more ease and as I made my way out of school, the professor was talking to a colleague, when he saw me he stopped me handing my panties to me, and said, “I hope you’ve learned your lesson, Lily? And I saw you making yourself cum.” I looked at him nodding my head, the look of shock on my face. Grasping my panties and pushing them into my pocket, I walked away quickly. His colleague smiled at him asking what I had done to get punished, he told him and said that he had taken his advice; they both smiled as they watched me walk away. “Lily is a fucking pain slut. I watch her wanking her clit till she squirted in the bathroom. The way she was moaning, had me cumming.” They watched her quickly scurrying away, both with their own thoughts.

That evening Tom came around and started to caress my bottom, asking me if I wanted him. I looked at him, slowly lifting my top to show him my nipples. “Fuck Lily they’re very prominent,” he said bending his head as he started to suckle on them. I unzipped him getting his hardening cock out and began to wank him. I pulled him off my wet nipples taking his cock to the back of my mouth. “Ahhhh Lily, you fucking naughty girl, you want me to feed you or fuck your ass?”

“Oh fuck Tom both, make me feel it so I can remember it during the holidays.”

He fucked me long and hard, suckling on my nipples as well as pinching, squeezing, and pulling them. “Fuck Tom I’m going to cum,” I panted as I diddled my clit.

“Yeah, cum for me you fucking cunt-bitch,” Feeling him thrusting so hard I felt his cum spattering deep into the walls of my anus. When he pulled out, he held some of my hair, saying, “Suck my cock and sac clean you cunt.” I sucked his cock, sac, and ass clean.

I made a drink for us both when we calmed some, we were both still naked. “What do you intend on doing during the holidays,” Tom asked me watching me diddling my clit as juices ran freely from my pussy to my asshole.

“Not too sure yet, but I am going to miss getting fucked in the arse by you.”

“Why won’t you let me fuck your fanny? Just looking at it makes me want to bury my cock deep inside it.”

“I want to stay a virgin for as long as possible and want to save my cherry for my one true love.” I was playing with my nipples as well, as I was telling him this.

“Ok, I understand but let me eat you out and tongue you to an orgasm, I promise not to go any further, but I will sure make you cum.” I looked at him, spreading my thighs for him. “Open your lips for me and show me.” I opened my legs and petal lips wide for him, doing this made my clit pop. “Fuck Lily,” I lowered my head between her thighs tonguing her from her arse to her clit and rolling my tongue around her inner labia, then went to her clit sucking hard, as I pushed my fingers deep in her butt.

“Fuck Tom, you’re making me cum again,” I screamed.

“That’s right baby, let Tom drink your juices,” My fingers worked in and out of her butt, my tongue circling her virgin hole, I pinched and pulled her clit hard, and she came like a screaming banshee.

The old pervert from next door had been watching, and he was wanking at the same time and Rex his dog was licking his ass. We saw him bend down as he tapped his leg saying fucking mount me, Rex, fuck my ass hole, just like young Tom over there is shagging Lily’s ass. Ahh, yeah, that’s right boy, harder, pound me like the bitch you’ve made me” and he shot his spunk all over the grass.

The last day of school came, and I made sure I wasn’t late, I was twenty minutes early. I sat purposely at the front, my legs parted, so the professor could see I wasn’t wearing a bra or any panties and had a butt plug in my arse. I pulled my top to the side, squeezing my nipples. I knew I was tormenting him but didn’t care, seeing as he was leaving, so I wouldn’t have to see him again. No one else had arrived yet, so I pulled on my nipples and diddled my clit, showing him I was no shrinking violet. I looked at his face, but there was no expression at all, he just sat watching me, when all of a sudden students started to arrive. I closed my legs putting my wet fingers in my mouth sucking them clean and smiling at him, my clit standing proud. I saw a flash of something in his eyes, but it quickly vanished.

The exams went ok, and I didn’t struggle too much with them, then all of a sudden the

bell rang. We all hollered “Free as last.” We made our way to the main doors. I didn’t have time to waste as I wanted to be home as soon as possible.

I piled my car full of my stuff when the professor passed, stopping directly behind me, “Be careful what you do Lily or you just might get a surprise you weren't expecting,” then he was gone, walking off down the street. I shrugged my shoulders thinking no more of it.

I arrived home just after seven pm, and my Mama and Daddy were waiting by the door for me, I ran to them giving them both a big tight hug. My mama cuddled me gently brushing my back, “So glad you're home sweetheart,” she kissed me then passed me to my Daddy and went inside. My Daddy squeezed me hard, pulling me into his body as he gripped my ass, pulling me onto his hard cock. “It’s good to see you, baby, we have lots to tell you,” and he kissed me too, but on my lips. We went in and Mama had already set the table, we had a late dinner, and I was soon yawning. They both looked at me telling me to go to bed and rest well. I lay naked on top of my bed and was soon fast asleep, showing everything I had. My parents popped their heads in as they headed to bed, both giggled and then went to their room.

A while later I was awakened needing to pee, and I could hear Daddy saying to Mama, I am going to fuck you till you scream my bitch, now on your hands and knees while I put your tail in, then I heard Mama yipping like a bitch on heat. I went for a pee, and as I was going back to my room I saw their door was open a crack, so I stopped and peeked in, seeing Mama’s legs spread wide and she was on her hands and knees. I saw the butt plug and tail daddy had inserted into her ass. He pushed on her back, so her head was lying flat on the bed, her ass high in the air. “Oh fuck master” she whimpered “Fuck your bitch hard, make me feel it. Fill my holes full.” He fucked her to the hilt and his balls were slapping against her clit. “I’m cumming master,” he could feel her pulling him further in, “No don’t you fucking cum, not until I allow you to my bitch.” She held on as best she could until she felt him spurting his seed deep into her. When he finished cumming he pulled out and turned her onto her back and held her pussy lips wide. “Show me,” he said as he pulled her butt plug out, seeing her gaping asshole and his cum along with her juices as they flowed out of her cunt into her ass, then pushed his cock into her arse. “Fuck bitch, you do excite me. Hope you’re getting all this on film Bill,” he barely managed to say, as he pounded away. “Now fucking cum for your master, we want to see you pulsate.” She came hard, whimpering “Master yes, your fucking slut bitch is cumming.”

I felt so excited just by watching them, thinking Bill, Bill who, surely not the old man from next door. I crept back to my bedroom and got myself off, then fell into a restful, peaceful sleep; dreaming of the professor, assing me hard.

When I got up the next morning, I was surprised to see them acting perfectly normal, as though nothing had happened last night, although Mama kept smiling at Daddy as she stood next to him, and I noticed his fingers creep up her skirt, causing Mama to huff out a breath.

“We have to go visit your auntie, she’s had a fall, do you want to come with us” Mama asked. “No Mama, if you don’t mind I’ll stay here, you won’t be too long will you?”

“No sweetheart we shouldn’t be, but I shall phone you when we get there, ok.” I nodded my head, as my mouth was full of food. “By the way,” Daddy said, “We’ve had someone new move in at the back of us, it’s a teacher, so we shouldn’t have much trouble from him, so if you see a stranger in the back garden, don’t fret. I’m sure they will introduce themselves at some point.”

“Ok, Daddy,” was all I said and carried on with my breakfast. Half an hour later they had brought their cases down, and both kissed me as Daddy pinched my already hard nipples, then told me to take care and to listen out for their phone call, and not to worry about the new neighbour. I told them I wouldn’t and waved them goodbye.

I cleaned up, hoovering and dusting, then went upstairs for a leisurely shower. On my way down, I heard the house phone ringing. I dashed down to it, and it was Daddy, “Hi babe, are you ok?” I told him I was then asked how Auntie was, he told me she had badly bruised her hip bone and would need their help for a while. But if I needed any help at all, Bill from next door would help me. I told him ok and not to worry, I would be ok, then we said our goodbyes and I replaced the phone on its cradle.

I went into the kitchen to make myself a cool drink, looking out the window down the garden to see if I could see anyone, but no; I decided to get a lounger and seeing as I was by myself, I could be naked and not worry.

I made a chicken salad for my lunch with a nice cold shandy. I took it outside and ate with relish, when I had finished I laid back, spreading my legs, not caring as there was only the old man next door, I decided to go to my room to find my goodies. I found my vibrating butt plug and took it out with some lube. I laid back and brought my knees to my chest. Opening my butt hole, I smeared lube on my butt plug then on my fingers and pushed my fingers into my ass lubing my hole. I grasped the butt plug and gently pushed it in till it could go no further. I let my legs flop wide, turning the vibration on. I lay back enjoying the sensations I was getting; it was making me want to hump. I pulled, pinched, and twisted my nipples, till I had a little orgasm when I saw a shadow in the far window. I sat up quickly trying to take a closer look, but then thought it was my imagination, so I lay back and fell to sleep.

I was awakened by people talking, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you, my name is Adam, I used to be a professor at the college this young lady used to go to. And you are?”

My name is Mr Hemp, but most people call me Bill, and I am always in the garden at some point, if there’s anything you need, you only have to ask.” Adam could see he had his cock in his hand, “Sorry, don’t mind me, but she always stirs the blood if you know what I mean,” Bill grinned.

“I know exactly what you mean, I had cause to spank her the other day for being late to class and lying to me.”

“Yes, she can be a vixen, I’ve even seen her getting her ass fucked by some of the boys here in the back garden, and her parents often fuck out here, they are a very sexual family, You should have seen some of the things I have, it gets me so hard every time.”

I woke suddenly sitting up quickly, seeing old Bill staring at my naked body, and how my butt plug was twinkling at him. “You seen enough old Bill,” I said humping my ass up and down; when I heard a stern voice, “Lily Ansel, how dare you speak to an elder like that, I have a good mind to come over there and spank your fucking ass and twat again, but harder this time.”

I jumped up recognising the voice, and when I looked in their direction, I was shocked to see the professor. “Oh, err, what are you doing here sir, I thought you said you were leaving?” Staring at his large hands dangling over the fence.

“Yes, Lily, I have finished working at the college, and have just moved in here, although, I knew you would be one of my new neighbours, now apologise to Bill, or I shall open this gate and spank you.” He looked at me with desire in his eyes and I thought to myself, I’m going to have to apologise, no fucking way. So I just lay back, “Fuck off,” ignoring them both, playing with my clit, as two men were watching me, pumping the butt plug in and out of my ass and the vibration had me squirming, fuck I was about to cum. Thinking neither one couldn’t do anything as I was in my own home. But how wrong could I have been, the professor opened the gate and came striding towards me and old Bill came through the gate holding some rope.

“Cheeky fucking bitch isn’t she,” Bill said, as he looked at Adam.

“Yes, she certainly is,” the professor’s cock was lengthening at what he was seeing, and I could see it out of the bottom of his shorts, his large purple knob end was making my mouth water. “She needs to learn; it seems the spanking she got the other day wasn’t enough.”

He came towards me grasping hold of my arm, and when he pulled me up, I went to slap him with my other hand. He brought his arm up stopping the blow. He flipped me over before I knew what was happening; the next thing I knew Bill had fastened both wrists to the lounger, so I had very little movement.

“What do you think you are doing you pair of fucking perverts,” I tried to get more out, but Bill’s cock was by my mouth, and he pushed in, in one go.

“Ah, wanted to do this to you for so long now, now I’m going to feed you and show you I’m not such a worthless old man like you think I am. You should ask your mama she can tell you, you’re a slut bitch just like she is,” he then began pumping my mouth pushing into my throat, Lily’s eyes widened and she began to gag with his size, not believing what she was hearing.

“That’s right Lily, I caught her one day as naked as you are now, I asked them if they needed any help, and your Daddy told me that he did, as he wanted both her holes filled, as he was leading her around the back garden on a collar and leash, she was yipping like a fucking bitch in heat. He wanted a big cock in her cunt while he took her ass cherry, but I was to make sure I punished her tits too. I saw him lube her ass and his cock, then pushed in.

“Fuck my bitch, you’ve got a tight ass, let your fucking master in,” slapping her hard. She sat on top of me and every time your daddy pulled out she dropped hard on my cock. I pulled her forward so I could suck her nipples, the more I suckled the harder she wanted fucking. And fuck her did we. We often have a threesome and boy does she enjoy it every fucking time.”

The professor was pushing and pulling on my butt plug, making me whimper, he lifted my ass in the air and seeing the butt plug, he could see inside my cunt. He stopped the vibration and pulled the plug out, “Fuck what an ass, you’re going to let me fuck you aren’t you Lily, I wanted to fuck you the other day, but I controlled myself.”

He stood near Bill as he was mouth fucking me. Bill did no more than start to suck the professor’s cock to lube it for him. He pulled out and went round to my ass again pulling my cheeks wide, then pushing into the hilt. This made me arch my back as I felt the professor pinching my clit hard. “I can feel your ass tightening Lily, you want to cum for me don’t you,” she nodded her head aggressively.

They both fucked her hard for a good thirty minutes when Bill finally said, I can’t hold on any longer son, I need to feed the bitch full of my spunk and piss.”

Lily had cum several times and was relishing the way they were both fucking her, when she whispered, “Take my cherry sir, my virginity is yours.”

The professor no more than pulled out of her and opened her pussy lips, “You sure you want me to take your cherry, Lily?”

“Yes sir I do, I have been a bad, bad bitch, ‘cause I love to be naked all the time and to fuck and suck cock, use me.”

He did no more than push in, in one go, making her squeal as she felt him ripping her hyman. Bill immediately pushed his cock back into her mouth to quieten her squeals and she began sucking hard again. The more he fucked her, the more she felt, the feeling went from pain to pleasure, as she felt Bill twisting her nipples. Adam could feel her tightening around his cock, “Cum for me Lily; from now on I am your master, and you will obey and do everything I order you to, do you understand me?” Again she nodded her head, cumming like a faucet. One of them had undone the ropes so her arms were free, and she automatically punished her tits.

Bill turned round pushing his ass into her face, Adam wanted to see her lick Bill’s ass, “Lily hold his ass cheeks open then you can get deep, she held his cheeks wide pushing her face into his butt, pushing her tongue deep into him. She bobbed her head backwards and forwards, she didn’t care, she just wanted more of what they were giving her. Bill stood, turning around, his cock hard again.

He walked round to where Adam was and he lifted her leg thigh high, filling her arse full, Adam was now breathing heavily when he felt Bill’s cock filling her arse, “Ahhhh fuck me,” he said, “I’m going to have her fucking ass and twat every day.”

What none of them saw was one of the other neighbours had been filming everything as best he could, as he was getting wanked hard too; and he couldn’t wait for her parents to come home so he could show them.

Adam felt her tightening again, telling her not to cum, she was to hold it back until he permitted her to cum, just as Bill blasted another load into her ass coating the walls of her buttocks with thick creamy cum. He pulled out of her and sat down, he hadn’t had as much excitement in a while, but still wanted to see all her lady parts working, begging to be used.

Adam came hard and fast deep into her, forcing her cervix to open to him as he filled her full. When he pulled out of her, his cock had smears of her blood coating him, he

told her to lick him clean, and as she took him deep in her throat he pinched and pulled her clit, telling her to let go and cum for him.

Bill was holding her legs wide, and they could all see both her holes palpitating, her nipples rock hard and pointy. His fingers found the hood of her clit and pulled it back hard, saying again “Cum Lily, cum again for me NOW” as he gave her cunt a couple of slaps. She couldn’t help but let go cumming hard, squirting into Bill’s mouth. When she had finished cumming, he put his mouth to her clit and mound and sucked feverishly but stopped suddenly. Saying to Adam “I need to go rest a while, get me some energy,” Adam smiled at him telling him he would take her to his and bathe her, and get her ready.

I vaguely remember hearing him say this, wondering what he could mean by getting me ready; but I didn’t question it when he picked me up in his arms taking me to his home. I leaned against his chest, feeling his nipple against my mouth, so I suckled hard on it, enjoying how it hardened with the attention I was giving it, my other fingers found his other nipple, pinching and pulling on it as I suckled. As he was carrying me upstairs, he told me I could play later, setting me down while he filled the tub, then laid me down, washing me clean.

“You know Lily, I truly didn’t think you were a virgin, not at the age of twenty-two, you

surprised me, but now I have had you I am not letting you go, you’re mine, and you're so fucking gorgeous. I will make sure you get enough pleasure, for you are one horny fucking slut.”

I looked at him smiling, “Yes I love it when I am ass fucked I don’t know that much, but yeah I have a couple of butt plugs and vibrators, but nothing else, even though I knew there are lots of things to enhance your sexual pleasure. I so enjoyed what you and old Bill did to me so much so I want more. “Will you teach me” I want to feel your hands all over my body.”

“Lay back for me Lily and put your legs over the edge, then I can check you are ok” he waited until I did as he asked. He opened me wide, smiling, his fingers gently caressing my nether regions, he pushed his fingers in finding my ‘G’ spot and began rubbing it. I felt tremors deep inside that made me start to hump him, “Fuck you’re making me want to cum again. I had no sooner said this and I was squirting.

“How much do you know about sex? Do you want me to teach you? Do you want to be my true bitch?” I nodded my head, my fingers pulling on my nipples, “I love fucking sir, feeling all the sensations that ripple through my body.”

“Very good, now don’t move from that position,” he walked out of the bathroom going into another room, when he came back he was holding a gold chain with clips on each end with a collar and leash. “Stand up Lily, I want to try these on you.” As I stood for him he suckled really hard on my nipples attaching the clamps to them, so my nipples poked out. “Fuck they hurt,” I squealed.

“Only for a minute or two, then you will feel the difference, now spread your legs and pull the hood of your clit back,” again I obeyed him, and my clit popped out. He glanced at me as he attached another to my clit. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” I huffed. “Oh, you certainly will be little one, now step out of the bath, I am going to put this collar on you and some paw pads.” He pulled on the chains, sending pain and pleasure through me. “You are now my submissive, you will honour and obey me always no matter what.”

I stepped onto a towel allowing him to put a collar on me fastening it at the back so I couldn’t remove it and felt a tingling at my throat, I began to say something, but all that came out was yip, yip, yip, as he fitted the paw pads to my hands and knees. I could feel myself getting wet again, as he told me to get on all fours and crawl by him. I was desperate to tell him I was leaking, but again I could only yip, yip, yip, yip, yip. Does my bitch want a tail in her ass?”

I looked at him wondering where this was going, even though I was enjoying everything he was doing to me. And again I nodded my head, “Hold your cheeks wide

for me Lily” he then pushed a tail in my ass.

“When we go to the kitchen we are going to eat, then I am going to take you for a walk, you won’t be able to walk down the stairs, so you will have to come down another way, ok? But I shall be with you at all times.”

When we got to the kitchen, he placed a meal in front of me making me lick my lips, but when I looked for my cutlery, he tutted and said, “My bitch doesn’t use knives and forks she licks her food up from the plate.” I looked at him with a frown, as he placed his fingers on the chain at my clit and twisted it, as he pulled the chain between my

nipples, I let out a whimper, and he smiled saying, “Is this exciting my bitch.” Looking at him I nodded my head and the only way I could show him was to lift one of my legs, showing him how wet I was. “You’re learning,” he said as he began to eat his meal. I was so hungry I dived in, slurping, and sucking up all my food; when I had finished, I looked up at him and he burst out laughing, he stood going to the sink and came back with a cloth, “Let your master clean you up,” he wiped me of all the food that had splashed on my face telling me, “There, my girl is as pretty as a picture, come on,” he said and walked to the door pulling on my leash.

I followed him still yipping, he looked at me, pointing his finger to the floor. I quickly got on all fours, I couldn’t believe how aroused I was, and I was bursting to pee; he must have known, saying, “Does my bitch need to piss?” I nodded my head. He walked me up the garden to a patch and stopped, pointing his finger as if telling me to do my duty there. There was nothing I could do but follow his instructions, and when I peed it came out like a torrent, I sighed a sigh of relief and wanted to thank him, Yip, yip, yip” as I caressed the side of his leg with my cheek.

Bill was in his garden again when he saw us but went back indoors only to return some five minutes later, as did the other neighbours mostly elderly men, some saying that she needed to be taken in hand, as she was always laying naked in the garden masturbating or letting her boyfriend fuck her ass, then getting her boyfriend to plug her with the vibrating butt plug then sucking him off as she cleaned him, getting them all turned on. She was always tormenting them, laughing while she did, thinking none of the old timers would ever touch her, as they would have to deal with her Daddy, and they didn’t want it to affect their friendship with her parents.

“She has one good tight ass,” Bill told them. All they could hear was yip, yip, yip, yip, yip.

“Oh Lily, are you telling me you’re getting excited again,” Adam asked her. An excited yip, yip, yip and a nod of her head, as she lifted one of her legs to show him how much she was leaking. She was licking her lips, as she saw all the old men’s cocks twitching, she was on her knees, her paw-covered hands scraping his leg as she took his hard cock in her mouth and started sucking, “Fucking hell Lily,” he grabbed her hair pulling her off, telling her to lay on her back and show him how much she wanted him. She lay down bringing her knees to her chest letting her legs fall wide open, then put her hands together moving them backwards and forwards excitedly, just like a puppy

would. He pulled her nipple clamps which also pulled the clamp on her clit, he pulled so hard they all came off, making her nipples and clit burn and tingle as the blood returned to them. “Lily I am going to take your collar off, so you can tell us all how much you want us all to fuck you. Now gather round gentlemen, I am going to fist her till she cums for us, then she’s all yours.” They could all see her cunt pulsating and saw him lubing both hands along with her cunt and ass. He then pushed three fingers into her ass, pumping in and out several times, then four, then his fist, continuing to pump, he pushed two fingers into her cunt scissoring her so he could get more in, then his other fist disappeared up her twat, they could hear her moaning as she was being used: her hips humping backwards and forwards. “More master, harder, I fucking love cocks, punish my fucking clit. He lay down sitting her on top of him, burying his cock into the hilt, then pulled her forward opening her cheeks, for Bill to ass her. Bill didn’t need to be told twice as he was hard and ready to go again. Pushing two fingers of each hand in her ass opening her more than she had ever been opened before as he buried his large cock deep in her ass, between them they fucked her hard, making her cum several times again, especially when Adam pinched her clit hard, and pulling it further out. They both filled her with their spunk at the same time then pulled out.

“Nooooooo,” she screamed, “Fill me, fuck me.” He placed her collar around her neck again holding her leash, pointing his forefinger to the floor, she immediately got on all fours, “yip, yip, yip,” as he guided her around to all her neighbours, they all wanted to do something with her, punish her for all her tormenting. Some had her suck their cocks, others had her lick their asses, and one had a huge cock, “This gentleman wants to fuck your arse, but he has a fancy for you to yip, as he fucks you, and when he has finished, you will be able to take two cocks at the same time, as well as one in your twat and another in your mouth. Now lift your leg bitch and show him.

She lifted her legs opening herself to this huge cock and he pushed in, he didn’t last too long as she was so tight, she milked his cock of everything he had, while others fingerfucked her or pulled and twisted her nipples and clit. She was so excited, “Yip, yip, yips” came out and she squirted hard. When he pulled out she was lying on the large lounger he had placed in the middle of the garden, he fastened her knees by the side of her head wide apart, her whole body was burning with need. He took her collar off asking her, what would your parents do if they saw you like this?

“Master, I often see my Daddy dominating Mama, collaring her and making her yip. I even see him walking her naked body around the garden when they think they are

alone, and I have seen and heard him spanking her hard. I must get it from them,” trying to catch my breath as all the men had their hands all over her. “Please master I need to fucking cum again.”

“I will make you cum and this time I shall bury my fifteen-inch cock deep into your cervix and impregnate you, then you will be forever mine, and I shall teach you to be more subservient in my playroom.” He pushed his cock so deep into her that she felt him hitting her cervix, feeling him force it open so he could push in and as he did, he smiled at someone. “Now close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you to.”

He was fucking her again very hard, his ball sac slapping against her ass, when she felt someone fill her ass full, “Fuck yeah, fuck me, use me like the bitch I am,” she cried.

“I most certainly will baby, and you’re going to take all my spunk just like your Mama does when we all fuck her.”

Her eyes shot open, “Daddy she squealed. She looked round to see her Mama also naked crawling on all fours, getting fucked by the neighbours in every hole.

“No one but Adam will fuck your twat until you are impregnated, then we can all have you, as we do your Mama, and she loves every minute of it. She loves Bill to take her in her ass the same time as I do, she adores being double penetrated and filmed,” he said.

“Fuck Lily, you’re making me cum again,” pushing in hard he felt his cock penetrating her cervix and shot his load deep within her. He pulled out, fastening her cunt lips back with some pegs, she knew she would have to clean him again and she did, just as her Daddy shot his load up her ass.

Adam looked toward her Daddy, as he said, “Good job Adam, I didn’t think you would get her to open up, but just look at her now, a true bitch just like her Mama. They pulled out of her, watching the older neighbours have a chance to fuck them both.

“Yes, I don’t know what it is about Lily, but every time I look at her my cock gets hard, but I shall take her to my playroom and show her things that will open her eyes,

pleasure and punishment.” Lily’s Daddy smiled at him, “That would be wonderful Adam, truly wonderful.”

But that’s another story, maybe.
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