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Replacement Massage

Part 1
The other night I was sitting in the kitchen of my close friend, Summer.

With a glass of wine in hand, I listened to her enthusiastically telling me about her new boyfriend and their upcoming trip to Thailand.

Summer is a charming and petite woman in her early thirties, with a fascination for star signs, healing crystals, and various other esoteric things. Things that I, as a more worldly and rational woman, find rather ridiculous. Despite our different interests, we have stayed good friends over a long period of time and sit down to catch up like this at least once every few weeks. She insists it's because we are both Scorpios but I account it more to her bubbly and cheerful personality. That and of course her skill with her hands.

Despite her tiny stature and small hands, Summer is excellent at giving massages. She is so good, in fact, that she opened her own massage studio last year, urged on by our friends. She originally started it as a side business, setting up a studio in a small apartment she inherited. Lately, however, she’s been saying it’s so lucrative that she might even go full time or even expand.

As Summer was cheerfully talking about her trip, she suddenly stopped and got this gleam in her eyes. It’s as if she had some question on the back of her mind that she suddenly figured something out.

“Hey, so I was thinking…” she said in an overly sweet tone of voice which meant she was about to ask a favour.

“Since you’re between jobs right now… and we’ll be in Thailand for two weeks...” she started.

“Yeees…?” I asked. I was already guessing where this was going.

“So maybe you could take care of some of my regular clients while I’m away? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having a young thing like yourself running the show for a few weeks.” she said cheerfully.

“Pff! No way!” I said back to her incredulously “I’m no massage therapist. I wouldn’t know what to do even if I wanted to.”

“Nah nah, don’t sell yourself short, darling.” she put her hand around me and continued to sweet talk me into it.

“I’ve been teaching you for a while now, haven’t I? I think you’re definitely good enough by now. ” she said encouragingly.

That part was true, our regular wine & catch up evenings would often end up with our hands on each other. Initially it would be just her giving me a massage, but it eventually turned into her teaching me and me returning the favor.

Sometimes, when we were both romantically untangled and in the right mood, these sessions would even lead to more intimate and erotic learnings of each other’s bodies. That is a story for another time, however.

After opening another bottle of wine and some more persuasion, I allowed her to at least explain the whole situation to me.

Although she had stopped taking bookings for the period of her trip, she still had five appointments scheduled well in advance. These times were all for regular customers who she really didn't want to cancel on. She opened her work calendar on her phone and showed it to me.

“So this guy,” she explained as she tapped at a name in her schedule. This person, Robert, had booked two appointments in the two weeks she was going to be away.

“He’s an absolute sweetheart. He’s this big teddy bear of a man, I think in his fifties? Always on time, very polite and gentlemanly and always has impeccable hygiene.” she continued.

“Okay, and what am I supposed to do with him?” I asked, unsure of my massage skills.

“Oh, just do whatever really. He always asks for a classical full body massage. Just between you and I though, I think he comes over to relax and be touched by a woman for an hour. He seems the touch-deprived kind...” Summer explained to me.

“So the next one is this lady, Jane. She’s this super bubbly woman in her forties. She asks for the same upper body massage each time and just wants to talk a lot. I think she needs the attention.” she said as she moved her finger over to the next name in the schedule. The woman only had a single appointment.

“From what I could tell, she’s some older guy’s trophy wife. Now that she's older, she’s going through all sorts of cosmetic procedures every week to still look pretty enough for him.” she continued.

“Anyways, she’s friendly and usually tips very generously with her husband's money” she said and shrugged. “It’ll be easy!”

“Alright, doesn’t sound too difficult indeed.” I nodded at her.

“And lastly, is Alex,” she said and paused for a moment. “I’m not sure if they’re a girl or a guy or something else entirely.”

I looked at the name in the schedule, there were two appointments during the period where Summer would have me take over.

“So when she…” she trailed off for a moment.

“I mean they,” she quickly corrected herself.

“When they first came in for a massage, I thought I was just talking to a girl in her early twenties. The voice, the long blonde hair and the petite feminine body, it all matched.” she continued.

“But when I started the massage, I saw the, uhm, equipment. And it was definitely masculine.” she said with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“Haha, really?” I asked her incredulously. I didn’t say it out loud, but this kinda piqued my interest. I had always wanted to see something like that myself, in person.

“Anyways, Alex is kinda quiet and reserved, but very polite and friendly. Like the other two customers, they want a classical massage and usually will give you a few directions.”

“Alright…” I said, wondering what this person looked like in person.

After she finished the de***********ion of the schedule and clients, the whole thing didn't feel that impossible any longer. It would only be five appointments over two weeks, after all.

I somewhat reluctantly decided to accept. I had to admit to myself that I was kind of curious about the whole experience by now and some extra money wouldn’t hurt either.

So cut to the future, five days later, I was standing in Summer’s small massage studio, waiting for the first client. I wasn’t exactly sure what I should wear for the massage, so I chose something comfortable and tight fitting - a tank top and yoga pants. During the massage the client would be either away from me or have a towel over their faces anyways, so it didn’t matter too much what I wore, I supposed.

The studio was situated in a very nice part of town, inside an old but well renovated and modernised wooden house. It had its own door on the side with an old school doorbell.

Inside the whole place had the feel and smell of an esoterics shop, complete with dark wood furniture, asian style room dividers and tiny wooden buddhas and elephant statues scattered around.

As I inspected her eclectic interior design choices, suddenly I heard the doorbell. Feeling a little bit nervous, I went to get the door. I would have preferred having Summer around to see me through at least the first client, but she was far away. Riding an elephant; I believe, as her earlier Instagram post suggested.

The man at the door, Robert, was exactly as Summer had described him. He was in his late forties or early fifties, very large in stature, and very well dressed.

He did quickly look me up and down, as all men do, when I opened the door, but seemed as polite as Summer had suggested. I invited him in and made some small talk as we walked in.

Despite his huge, somewhat corpulent build, he spoke in a soft friendly voice and smiled sincerely as he introduced himself.

“Oh yes, Summer told me all about her trip.” he said in a lighthearted manner after I had offered him a glass of water in the waiting room.

“She said I will be in your capable hands for these two weeks. She seems to think quite highly of you, you know.” he said.

“Uhm, yeah, I’ll try not to disappoint you, “ I said, still a tiny bit nervous, as I led him to the massage table in the adjoining room.

“So I’ll be back in like five minutes then, is that enough time for you to get ready?” I asked.

“Oh know the drill, I come here every week,” he beamed at me. “I’ll be ready in a moment.”

When I returned to the room a few minutes later, he was indeed ready. He laid on his front, his large body now nude, save for the trunks hiding his modesty.

I felt a little bit awkward, entering the room of a half naked stranger in order to touch his body to make him feel good. It sounded quite obscene in my head, when I put it that way.

I tried to get out of that mindset. A lot of people do it as a profession every day and I had experienced it as a client more than a few times myself.

So I started the massage softly, applying oil and following Summer’s instructions. I was a little bit hesitant at start, but grew more confident as time went on.

I now had a much better view of his body and was surprised to see that he had quite a bit of muscle on his body, despite the extra pounds around his waist. His arms were thick and his shoulders wide and surprisingly muscular. Summer had described him as a big bear of man and I did see the resemblance now, despite him not being as hairy as one.

At the start of the massage I gently asked him questions like if I was massaging the right place or if it was enough pressure. I stopped asking after a while, however, because whatever I did, he responded positively and just told me to continue as I was.

From gouging his reactions, however, I did find things he did enjoy more. He would let out sighs or soft moans of pleasure when I applied the right pressure or movement in the right area.

Hearing the sounds of his pleasure as I steadily worked my hands on his warm body made the situation feel sexual to me. Was it because all my previous massage experiences with a man had been sexual in nature? Or was it just because I was so pent-up recently?

As I massaged his enormous body, my hips or chest would occasionally touch his body. At times, to get a better reach, my chest would touch him. Having my breasts pressed up against him made me start reconsidering my choice of wardrobe. Maybe I should have worn a bra after all?

I was pretty convinced that actual massage therapists wouldn’t do that kind of thing.

Robert didn’t have any objections though. On the contrary, judging from his body language, the large man seemed to like it a great deal. It was obvious that he was trying to be subtle about it, but some sensations can be difficult to hide. The main thing that gave it away was his breathing and the way his hands would occasionally move and fist up on his sides.

Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the experience. My initial nervousness had vanished, replaced by a growing sense of sexuality. There was something new and exciting about being in control of this huge man’s body in this way. The way I excited him with just a mere brush of my chest against his. It started a tingling sensation in my nether regions.

I continued the massage in this fashion for a while until it was time to turn him over.

I leaned in and whispered gently in his ear: “Turn around, I will work on your front now”

I always liked when I was instructed in this manner and I think he did too.

After he turned, I placed a towel on his eyes and continued the massage.

I noticed, however, from the corner of my eyes the bulge in his underwear.

Did he have a boner?! Or was he just naturally well endowed?

“Whoa, I think this is going way too far. I should just calm down and focus on the massage,” I tried to tell myself

Deliberately not looking at his manhood, I now started to massage his upper body.

But my libido was uncontrollable and different naughty thoughts started to enter my mind. Was this guy expecting any “special” treatment from me? Did Summer provide this to her regulars?

I had teased her about this before, and she always insisted that her intimate touches are reserved for her lovers and some very special friends. Being in the latter category, I had experienced many of the wonderful things she could do with her hands and tongue.

Remembering those hot moments made me even more hornier. Perhaps she wasn’t being entirely truthful? I began to picture her with her clients.

My imagination conjured up a scene where an older female client would sit on the table, legs spread, while Summer knelt before her, face deep in her crotch, eagerly tonguing her pussy.

Another image floated in my head, one where Robert would have her bent over the massage table, taking her from behind. I imagined the wet sounds of bodies slapping together, mixed with her moaning.

“Oh god, what am I thinking,” I asked myself as I realised I was getting soaking wet .

I found myself having to lean over the large man again to reach his neck. Distracted by my overeager imagination, I accidentally leaned into close. As my hands moved upwards over his body towards his shoulders, so did my upper body. My breasts tightly pressed against him. I bit my lower lip in pleasure as my hard nipples, poking out from my top, slid across his chest.

This got a very noticeable and unmistakable response of sexual pleasure out of him. He let out a groan of pleasure and I noticed the outline of his thick erection throb against the underwear, as if trying to get free.

I finally allowed myself to have a better look at it. Luckily with the towel on his eyes, he wouldn’t be able to tell. It was thick and long and kept throbbing strongly through his already too tight underwear.

I smiled to myself, very much enjoying his reaction. Maybe a real massage therapist would ignore it or be horrified and send the client away. This was not the case for me. I had no professional credibility at line or anything like that. He was definitely liking it and I found the whole situation very titillating. The wetness in my panties was a clear indication.

I continued to tease him, wanting to see what other reactions I could coax out of him.

I focused on his upper body, making my touch more sensual. I would slide my thumbs over his nipples as I massaged his chest and often oh-so-accidentally rubbed my chest against him.

The sounds of pleasure coming from him and the sight of his cock jumping in his underwear made me so wet.

As my touches grew more brazen and sexual, I would lean in closer to his ears and breathe heavily. I would let out tiny grunts of exertion, as I intensely massaged him, almost sounding like moans of pleasure of my own.

The effect was visible. Not only was his cock now constantly throbbing and his moans more audible, but I also noticed his hands grasping the edge of the massage bed. He was trying his best to hide his excitement.

If I was being honest, I had to hide my own excitement. It was good that he had the towel on his eyes, so he couldn’t see my flushed face and my hard nipples poking through my top, which was now somewhat transparent due to the massage oil stains on it.

Growing incredibly horny and drawing confidence from his response to my touches, I decided to go even further.

I started to move the massage lower now. I slid my hands up down his sides to his thighs, skipping his underwear-covered pelvis and throbbing manhood.

“Someone’s gotten real excited.” I teasingly remarked as I moved past his cock at full mast and “accidentally” grazed it with my elbow.

“Uh, I’m really sorry…” he started to apologise.

“I was kind of daydreaming and uh,” he sounded mortified.

Whatever naughty things I imagined Summer doing with the clients, he was definitely not expecting it from me.

“It’s alright…” I smiled to myself and interrupted him. He was being quite the gentleman indeed.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll take it as a compliment,” I calmed him with a carefree tone.

That seemed to both calm him and loosen him up a bit. He wasn’t trying to hide his pleasure so much anymore. He would moan and gasp more audibly, but still keep his hands to himself.

I massaged his legs, going up and down the inner thighs, reaching as high as high as to the edge of his underwear but never touching anything further. His throbbing cock was so close to my face now and looking at it turned me on even further. I decided that at the very least I need to see it.

“Your underwear,” I said, my heart thumping at the idea, “I might stain them with the massage oil at this rate.”

“Would you like me to remove them, so I could massage… the area?” I asked, trying to sound sensual.

“Yes! … please!” he answered quickly without hesitation.

I bit my lower lip, not believing what I was doing, but it was too late to stop now.

His dick jumped out like a spring as pulled down his trunks. It was hard, thick and grew even further upon being released from its confines. My sight traced a pulsating vein on his shaft down to his balls, which were large and full.

Without thinking, I climbed on to the large massage table and straddled myself on his legs. I needed a better… handle… at the situation.

He seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the move, even startled a bit.

“Is this okay? Are you comfortable?” I asked him.

“I can massage you much better this way I think.” I explained myself.

“Y-yes, it’s incredible. Please continue,” he answered needily.

I proceeded to slide my hands up all the way to his shoulders and then back down on to his thighs, my breasts and hard nipples sliding over his body.

I continued to move up and down like this for a while, drawing out constant grunts and moans of pleasure from him. As I moved upwards, I would continue to breathe heavily, make little cute noises of exertion and even a few unintended moans of pleasure of my own.

He was enjoying this so much, I would see his hands start to move to touch me, but he always stopped himself before. Occasionally his cock throbbed upwards high enough to slide between my breasts as I moved. I wondered if he would be able to come from just this alone. the way his dick was throbbing non-stop definitely suggested it.

Next I moved to massage his hips and then the inner thigh and pelvis, just on either side of his large erect penis. I felt the warmth emanating from it and felt the strong urge, the irresistible need to touch it.

My touches grew ever closer to, slightly touching it as I moved my hands. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

I gently slid my hands over his balls and moved them to grip the base of his cock and asked: “Would you like this part massaged as well?”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but in that lust filled moment I couldn’t stop myself. I really wanted to touch him and make him come.

His cock lurched at my touch and he needily replied: “Please do!”

The tone was so desperate that I kind of felt a bit sorry for teasing him for the better part of an hour. All the while he remained a total gentleman, not even trying to touch me.

I applied more oil to my hands and then finally gently wrapped my hands around his large manhood. It was so thick that I was just barely able to close my fingers around it.

It was hot and pulsated in my hands, a sensation that left me in a sort of lust filled haze.

Gripping it in two hands started to gently slide up and down the whole length of it.

“Aah, that’s so good,” he moaned out loud. He was done holding back his words and moans.

I continued, speeding up the motion as I went. The massage room was now full of his moans and the oily wet sounds of my hands rubbing his cock.

Next I started to play with the tip, making a tight ring with my fingers and sliding it up and down it, all the while fondling his huge balls gently with my other. This sent him to the edge real quickly

“Oh fuck, that’s so good, I’m go-” he exclaimed between groans and moans.

I managed to stop in time to prevent him from coming. I wasn’t done with him yet.

Beads of precum oozed from the tip and I had to fight myself not to have a taste.

I gave him a few moments to recover before starting to slowly masturbate him again.

My right hand slid up and down his shaft, tightly gripping it and my left hand would massage his chest and inner thigh..

“Mmhh… aah… fuck…” he moaned out loud again as I picked up speed.

I leaned into him, his rock hard throbbing cock in my hand, and started to rub my upper body against his while steadily jerking him.

“Oh god… you are… so good” he continued to moan.

I attempted to move upwards and slide my breasts over his chest while still gripping his manhood. I stood on my knees to do so, but the massage oil on the table made me slip and land on him.

His arms moved quickly to brace me and I found myself in his embrace, my chest tightly pressed up against the right side of his torso and my face buried in his neck.

The towel fell from his eyes as he looked down at me to see what happened. I blushed at the state of myself and looked away. That was not what I planned.

“You okay?” he asked, his arms around my hips.

“Uh yeah… it was a bit slippery,” I said, my cheeks flushed, finally meeting his eyes.

He looked as horny as I was, yet still gentle and polite.

I had not released his cock, it was still throbbing in my hand, so I said nothing else and just leaned a bit to the side, continuing the cock “massage”. My face nuzzled against his neck

Soon enough I was back at a steady rhythm, his arms around me pulled me tighter against him as he moaned in pleasure.

I alternated between long and short strokes, occasionally playing with just the head.

As I stroked him, my position would shift a bit and so would his hands. He was now caressing my butt with one hand. His palm softly kneaded my ass through my yoga pants as I continued to jerk his massive member.

Steadily I increased the speed of my strokes and rubbed my body against his, his hands now firmly planted on my ass would move me up and down slowly.

His cock was growing by the second and I could tell by his moans that he was getting close.

“Come for me,” I said in a pleading voice and sped up my strokes even further.

“Mmhh, nnghh, yes…” he managed to moan in reply.

I buried my face in his neck as I stroked him as hard as I could. I kissed his neck and moaned.

With one hand on my butt and the other on the back of my neck, he pulled tightly close,

“Oh fuck… I’m.. coming! Nghh…” he shouted out.

Long jets of thick cum started to gush out from his cock, landing everywhere. I continued to stroke him, slower and slower as a seemingly never ending waterfall of hot thick semen landed on my cheeks, my chest and completely covered my hand.

His grip on me released as he lay there, spent, gasping for air. I used this blissful moment of afterglow, to quietly retreat from the room and close the door after me. As I wiped the thick seed off my face in the other bathroom, I was feeling incredibly horny, yet somehow accomplished and satisfied. My heart lurched as I realised something - I still have another appointment with him next week. What’s that going to be like?
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