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Getting married set me free - our 1st Xmas and 2nd honeymoon
Getting Married Set Me Free – Our first Christmas

by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

Christmas Dinner with the In-laws

Christmas dinner is a big event in the Hargreaves family and most of Dylan’s relatively close relatives were there. I’d met most of them at our wedding reception but didn’t get that much of a chance to properly talk to them.

I suppose that you’d call it a sexist, traditional Christmas with the women in the kitchen cooking and the men sitting around in the lounge drinking and talking, but everyone looked happy. Mary Hargreaves took me around, making sure that I knew everyone who was there then she led me to the kitchen to help out there.

Two of the distant cousins that I hadn’t met before were Ethan and Jasmine. They’d got married a week before Dylan and I and they were still on their honeymoon when our wedding took place.

Dylan hadn’t given me and heads-up as to what to wear so I was wearing what is probably my most conservative, normal dress. It’s black with no sleeves and spaghetti straps. It’s also quite short, above mid thigh but not revealing any of my butt or pussy. That is unless I bend right over which I hadn’t envisaged needing to do.

When Mary gave me an apron to wear the hem of it was a good few centimetres below the hem of my dress but I put it on and mucked-in with all the other ladies there. All were very happy and chatty people and we were all getting on like the proverbial house on fire.

The joviality continued throughout the meal with us all sat around this huge table. I was sat next to Dylan and his right hand kept moving to my left thigh and sliding up to tease my clit for a few seconds before he took his hand away to continue eating.

Whilst some of us women were clearing the dishes Jasmine pulled me to one side and asked me if I was nervous or worried.

“Nervous or worried about what?” I replied.

“The tradition.”

“What tradition?”

Before Jasmine could tell me, Mary called us to carry the dishes for the Christmas pudding into the dining room and I thought no more about what Jasmine had said.

Later, after all the dishes and utensils were washed and back into the cupboards, all us ladies joined the men in the lounge where we were all given drinks. Then Mark Hargreaves, Dylan’s father, said,

“Okay, we’ve got to the traditional christening of the girls who have joined our family in the past year. This year we have been very lucky to have 2 amazingly beautiful young ladies join us, Jasmine and Esther.”

I was puzzled but I looked over to Jasmine and saw that her face was bright red and she was staring at the floor in front of her feet.

“What’s going on?” I thought, “What’s this tradition thing?”

“Okay Jasmine and Esther, would you like to come to the middle of the room please?” Mark said.

We did, with Jasmine still staring at the carpet.

“Okay ladies,” Mark continued, “I know that Dylan hasn’t told Esther anything about this tradition and that Ethan has only given Jasmine brief details. I also know that Jasmine is a little on the shy side whereas Esther no longer is. Folks, you should see the photographs of Esther on the walls of their house. I’m sure that they could sell them for a fortune if they wanted to.

So Jasmine. I’m going to give you the option to go first or second. As I’m sure that you have realised there are advantages and disadvantages in going first but I’ll give you the choice.”

Still not knowing what was going to happen, but believing that whatever it was it couldn’t be that bad, I said,

“Jasmine, you probably know more about what is going to happen than I do, but I’m happy to go first just so that you can see that our new family isn’t going to burn a brand on us or kill us. You’re not are you Mark?”

“Good grief no, we love out new daughters and could never be so cruel.” Mark replied. “Jasmine, are you happy for Esther to go first?”

Jasmine nodded her head as Ethan continued to hold her hand.

“Okay Esther,” Mark said, “first we need you to take all your clothes off.”

That didn’t bother me and I quickly turned my back to Dylan and said,

“Would you please darling?”

Dylan unzipped my dress, I shrugged it off my shoulders and it hit the floor leaving me naked apart from my shoes. I took those off as quite a few complimentary comments came from the rest of my new family.

“Even better than the photographs Esther.” Mark said as I looked round the room to see everyone staring at my naked body that I did nothing to try to hide.

“See Jasmine, that part was easy.” Mark said, but I saw Jasmine cringe a little and I wondered if anyone other than Ethan had seen her naked.

“Right Esther, the second part of the tradition is that you go to everyone here and ask them if they would like to spank you. If they say that they would you then lay over their lap and they will spank you 5 times. Don’t worry no one will permanently mark you. Okay, start whenever you are ready.”

I looked around and decided which way to go round the room. I quickly realised that because of the placement of all the chairs, at some point everyone would get a quite close look at my bare butt and pussy as the next person in the big circle put me over their lap.

The first person just happened to be Mary, Dylan’s mother, and as I lay over her lap she said,

“Welcome to the family dear.”

Then her hand came down on my bare butt. It wasn’t a hard swat and I didn’t even flinch, but I did instinctively say,

“One, thank you ma’am.”

“So polite as well.” I heard a woman say.

The rest of the swats landed with me counting them and as I got to my feet Mary said,

“If your butt is painful when it’s over let me know, I have some cream that will make it feel a lot better.”

“Thank you Mary.” I said as I went to the next person, one of Dylan’s uncles.

And so it went on. Mark was right, no one there was out to hurt me and I was starting to think that I probably wouldn’t have an orgasm.

Then I came to John, Dylan’s brother. He’d taken part in all the games that we’d played at the party that Dylan and I hosted and he wasn’t shy about having me over his lap. In fact, as I lay down I felt his hard cock pressing on my stomach.

When his first swat landed he kept his hand on my butt and I felt his fingers on my pussy, and before I could thank him he loudly announced.

“Me thinks that Esther is enjoying this, her pussy is dripping.”

“JOHN,” Mary loudly said, “this isn’t about sex it’s about tradition. Stop groping the poor girl.”

“One, thank you sir.” I said before John’s second swat quickly landed.

I was a little disappointed that his hand didn’t linger after each swat landed.

After 2 more people I came to Ethan and as I got over his lap I felt his hard cock pressing on my stomach.

“Don’t worry Esther,” Ethan said, “I won’t hurt you.”

And he didn’t, but by then I’d resigned myself to not having an orgasm, just getting quite horny.

“Just do what the others have done.” I said as I lay over Jasmine’s lap.” You won’t hurt me and it’s quite enjoyable actually.”

Jasmine did spank me 5 times but they were very timid swats.

Two more people and it was all over, and I was right, I didn’t cum but I was very horny. Dylan came to me, put his arm round me and asked me if I was okay.

“Sure, a walk in the park.” I replied just before Mark started talking to Jasmine.

“Okay Jasmine, your turn, you’ll soon be a fully fledged member of the Hargreaves family, stand up and take you clothes off.”

Jasmine looked to Ethan who nodded to her then she slowly stood up and moved to the middle of the room, just standing there. Ethan stood up, went to her and said,

“It’s okay luv, you can do it, there’s no need to be embarrassed, no one is going to ridicule you and your body is just as beautiful as Esther’s.”

“But you’re the only one that’s supposed to see me naked Ethan.”

“I know, and after today that will be the case if that’s what you really want, but this tradition is to give you confidence, to make you proud of your body and not be ashamed to let people see it.”

“I know but, …… “

“Do you want me to help you undress Jasmine?” Ethan asked.

Jasmine nodded and slowly, Ethan started undressing his relatively new wife.

Jasmine was wearing both a bra and knickers, albeit a G-string, and as Ethan stripped her everyone could see that her tits were only slightly bigger than mine, and that her pussy was totally bald. She also had tan lines where she’s been sunbathing whilst wearing what was evidentially a quite modest bikini.

“Be proud Jasmine,” Ethan said, “keep your hands by your side and stand up straight. Let everyone see that you are a beautiful young woman.”

Ethan took Jasmine’s shoes off, leaving her totally naked, then told her to slowly turn round. As she did so Ethan backed away and the comments started. Every one of them complimenting Jasmine and by the time they stopped Jasmine looked a little more comfortable.

“There,” Mark finally said, “that wasn’t too bad was it?”

Jasmine shook her head sideways and I noted that she was no longer looking at the carpet in front of her feet.

“Proud of you Jas.” I heard Ethan say before Mark spoke again.

“Okay Jasmine, you know what comes next and you can tell from Esther that it didn’t hurt her.”

Jasmine went to the first person, Mary, and as she lay over Mary’s lap Mary said,

“Relax Jasmine, you’ll probably enjoy it as much as Esther did.”

The swats started and true to form, Jasmine hardly moved as each one landed, although I noted that Jasmine didn’t count the swats.

Soon, Jasmine was going round the room and getting the 5 swats on her butt from everyone there. When she got to John, he couldn’t help himself and I heard a little gasp from Jasmine as one of John’s fingers entered her pussy. It didn’t stay there and when he pulled it out he held it up and said,

“I guess that Jasmine is enjoying this as much as Esther did.”

“JOHN,” This time Mark said, “Cut that out and behave like a proper adult.”

“Sorry dad.” John replied but I was sure that he realised that there were only 2 girls getting naked and that he’d managed to finger both of them.

Jasmine kept going round the room and getting spanked, and she actually smiled as she bent to lay over my lap.

Soon it was all over and Jasmine was standing between Mark and Ethan, her hands by her side.

“There, all done,” Mark said, “both of you are now fully fledged members of the Hargreaves family.”

“Didn’t you say there were 3 things that we had to do Mark?” I asked.

“Oh yes, the third thing is that you both have to stay naked until you leave to go home.”

Jasmine’s eyes went wide open then she bent her head to the side and lay it on Ethan’s shoulder.

Dylan and I went over to Ethan and Jasmine and I said,

“That was okay wasn’t it Jasmine?”

“Well I’m still alive.” Jasmine replied.

“This being naked is okay isn’t it?” I asked.

“Well it isn’t as bad as I expected and I am finding it a little exciting.”

“Maybe you should try it again when you get home Jasmine. I’m sure that you’ll get to enjoy it, and I’m also sure that Ethan will appreciate you running around with no clothes on.” I suggested.

I saw Ethan’s arm gently squeeze Jasmine’s body. She looked up at him and saw his smiling face then said,


I looked at Dylan who was also smiling, and I wondered if another exhibitionist had just surfaced.

Mark and Mary appeared holding trays of glasses of champagne and handed them out. Once everyone had one he proposed a toast

“To our 2 new family members, let them never be shy again.” Then he held his glass up and said,

“To Jasmine and Esther.”

Everyone there did the same and I felt quit humbled, and proud. I was so happy that Dylan had chosen me to spend the rest of his life with.

After that, the gathering just continued. Mary and another couple of the older women served mince pies, coffee, brandy and other drinks. I looked at Jasmine and I realised that Jasmine was looking a lot more comfortable about standing around talking totally naked.

Even when others came over, men and women, and talked to us Jasmine didn’t look embarrassed. I wondered if she was like me and couldn’t wait to get home and start fucking our man. I wanted to ask her if she was as wet and horny as I was but I feared that that might trigger some embarrassment.

Some 2 or so hours after Jasmine and I had been initiated into the family people started to leave, and we got dressed and also left. We exchanged numbers with Jasmine and Ethan, promising to keep in touch and get together again. I so wanted to check to see if Jasmine had reverted to being all shy and reserved.

Again, my clothes never made it any further than the inside of our front door before Dylan and I were fucking each other’s brains out.

Our Second Honeymoon

I was over the moon when Dylan suggested that we go away for a second honeymoon, and even higher when he suggested Cancun in Mexico. I’d heard a couple of stories about that place during the Spring Break and I knew from my geography lessons that the weather in that part of the world would be good at the end of the year.

Dylan did all the booking and he did show me the gallery that the hotel website had and I couldn’t wait to get there to spend a couple of weeks of sun, sea, sand, sex and good food.

We both wanted a quiet fortnight doing very little other than fucking, sunbathing. swimming and more fucking.

A couple of days into the new year and it was typical British winter’s day, cold, wet and miserable when the Uber picked us up to take us to Heathrow airport. Knowing that it would be hot when we got off the plane in Cancun I didn’t wear, or pack any warm clothes and I was pleased that Dylan booked an Uber rather than going to the airport on the Underground even if I would miss out on the possibility of being groped on the trains.

The Uber driver asked us if we were going somewhere hot when he saw that I was only wearing a very short dress, my nipples telling him that I was braless. When Dylan told him he said that he was jealous. Dylan also lied to him telling him that his brother was house-sitting whilst we were away.

I finally relaxed when we were sat on the plane. Dylan had booked a window seat and the middle of three next to it. I was pleased when no one came and sat in that aisle seat.

It was a long flight to Atlanta and once the meal was out of the way and everything settled down Dylan decided that he wanted us to join the mile high club.

“How are we going to do that?” I asked, “The toilets are too small and there are too many people on the plane for us to fuck here.”

“We can do it Esther, snuggle up to me and pretend that you are trying to sleep, then after some of the cabin crew have seen you unfasten your seatbelt, sit on my lap and rest your head on my shoulder and pretend to be asleep. Once the cabin crew have seen you I’ll ask for a blanket to keep you warm then who knows what we can get up to under that blanket.”

Thirty minutes later I was on Dylan’s lap with my head on his shoulder and pretending to be asleep under a blanket. Dylan kept an eye out and I carefully got his cock out and hitched up my dress.

When it no one was looking I lifted myself up then impaled myself on his cock before putting my head back on his shoulder and pretended to be asleep again.

It was wonderful just sitting there feeling his cock inside me and the gentle vibrations that the plane was making was very slowly making me very horny.

We just sat like that for a good 30 minutes before Dylan whispered that he was going to cum. Somehow, he kept a straight face, and kept quiet as he unloaded deep inside me, That feeling triggered me to cum as well and somehow, I too managed to stay still and quiet.

Then I dozed off.

I woke up to the sound of the captain telling us that we would soon be landing in Atlanta and that we had to return to our seats, put our seatbelts on and put the tables in the upright position.

I remembered what we had been doing when I fell asleep then did a mental check of my pussy. Dylan’s cock wasn’t inside me but I could feel it along my slit.

“Good afternoon gorgeous.” Dylan said, “have a good nap?”

“Yes thanks.”

“You need to get off me and into your seat, we’re nearly there.”

“Can you pass me some tissues from my bag please? I hope that I haven’t stained your jeans.”

“Who cares? We can now say that we’re now club members and that’s the important thing.”

We used the blanket to hide me cleaning Dylan and myself up the best that I could, then I sat in my seat ready to land.

We had a leisurely walk around Atlanta airport before heading to the gate for the final leg of our journey. Looking outside I was pleased that the weather looked much better than it had been in London.

No fucking on that 2 or so hour flight, just Dylan’s hand on my bare flesh, either my hand or between my legs toying with my clit, my bag and a magazine covering what he was doing to me.

I took a long, deep breath of the warm air just as soon as the plane door opened. It may have been early evening, and dark, but everything felt much more pleasant, more relaxed and definitely warmer than London had been.

There was a minibus waiting for us and we were soon making the short journey to the hotel.

And what a hotel it was, the photographs didn’t do it justice. It’s a big, multi-storey hotel with one side facing the sea and as we got out of the minibus I hoped that we’d get a room with a sea view and not a view of the road and countryside.

Then Dylan surprised me again. Between the hotel and the beach is a swimming pool and down each side of the pool is 4 bungalows. Dylan had only gone and booked a bungalow right on the edge of the beach for us. I could literally step off the veranda and onto the private beach.

My dress was coming off before Dylan had tipped the porter, me telling Dylan that I wanted to go for a swim.

“No, tomorrow Esther, tonight we have to eat and explore, Get in that shower and I’ll fuck you properly this time.”

I did, and he did. It was only as I walked back to the huge bed that I took-in the layout of the bungalow. One big room with the bathroom in one corner and huge glass doors out to the veranda where there was a table, chairs and a couple of loungers. We could lay on the bed inside and look out over the veranda to the beach and the sea. In the distance I could see the lights of the main town.

I opened the suitcase and got out a clean dress and as I was putting it on something caught my eye and I realised that the path from the hotel to the beach went right passed our veranda. Everyone going to the beach would be able to see into our bungalow and what Dylan and I were doing. When I told Dylan he just said,

“You could always close the curtains if you’re feeling shy.”

“Why on earth would I want to do that?”

Dylan smiled then told me that he was ready to eat and explore.

We only just made it to the restaurant before it closed and we had a great meal in an almost deserted restaurant. Then it was a stroll around the hotel to see what it had to offer.

We found a huge conference room that had dozens of seats set out ready for whatever. There was a board outside the conference room door listing upcoming events and Dylan laughed when he saw an entry for a few days time, ‘How Climate Change is affecting the Financial Markets’.

“That may just be slightly interesting,” Dylan said, “but I’m here for more important things.”

He squeezed my hand and we moved on.

Next we found a small casino that had quite a few people in there playing games that I’d never seen or heard of before. Dylan told me that we’d go there one evening when my pussy needed a rest.

“You mean when your cock is so sore that you can’t get a hard-on?”

“That will never happen when you are around my love.” Dylan replied.

This time Dylan’s hand left mine, went around my body and gently squeezed one of my tits through the thin fabric of the dress.

We decided to move on, and as we exited by a different door, we found an open area with a bar and a small stage.

“I guess that they put some entertainment on here.” I said.

“Yes,” Dylan replied, “I saw a schedule on a notice board. We can go back and have a look if you like.”

“No, we can look at it in the morning.”

The swimming pool was closed but we could see another bar to one side of it and it looked like you could swim right up to one of the serving areas. There was a jacuzzi and lots of sun loungers around the pool and more in an open area that had palm trees to give sunbathers some shade.

Going down the opposite side of the pool to where our bungalow was, we passed other bungalows and in one of them I could see a naked woman who looked like she was getting ready for bed and had forgotten to close the curtains. When I mentioned that last bit to Dylan he said,

“Or maybe she’s like you and likes being seen when she’s naked.”

“Yeah,” I replied and we kept walking.

We were soon on the beach and in the moonlight I could see palm trees, sun loungers, large parasols, a little jetty with a couple of boats tied-up there, lots of nice, fine sand and waves gently lapping the water’s edge.

“This holiday is going to be out of this world, paradise.” I said.

“It certainly is,” Dylan replied, “but right now we need to finish something that we started on that plane from London.”

Back in our bungalow we didn’t get around to closing the curtains but we did put all the lights on and we made long, passionate love, ending with me on my side looking out and seeing the lights of the local town in the distance. Dylan was spooning me with his cock still inside me as I drifted off to sleep.


I woke to the sight of dawn breaking and the feeling of Dylan’s cock slowly sliding in and out of me. One of his hands was over me and gently rubbing the tip of one of my nipples.

“Dylan,” I quietly said, “please don’t ever stop waking me like that.”

“Nor you riding my morning woody when you wake up first.”

“I promise.”

“Me too.”

A few minutes later, just as we were thinking about getting up, we saw a man and a woman walk passed the front of our bungalow. They were carrying a cooler and some bags and they looked like they were going to spend the day on the beach. The thing was, I couldn’t see any trace of clothing on the woman. I was sure that she was naked.

“That solves one potential problem.” I said, “That woman is naked, and if she can be naked here then so can I.”

“Yeah,” Dylan replied, “I did read a couple reviews that said that it was clothing optional in some of the areas.”

“Now you tell me.”

“Would you have kept covered if it wasn’t clothing optional Esther?”

“Probably not. I wonder which areas I can be naked in?”

“To start with, why don’t you wear one of those G-strings that has a photo of your pussy printed on the fabric, and one of those see-through cut-off tops. Then if you do go into an area that isn’t clothing optional you’ll confuse people and have a laugh.”

“Good idea, then I can take the G-string off and people won’t be able to tell the difference. I think that I’ll wear that tiny beach cover-up to start off with, just to get the feeling of the place, I don’t want us to get thrown out on our first day.”

“From what I’ve seen of student’s spring breaks down here I doubt that we’ll get thrown out, but I take your point. Shall we shower then put some clothes on and go and get some breakfast?”

And that’s what we did. The buffet breakfast was amazing. They had just about every fruit that I could think of, and a few that I’d never seen before nor even heard of.

After eating we decided to explore some more and we wandered around the rest of the hotel, and out the front as well. No one took any notice of what I was wearing but I did see one man staring at my G-string for a few seconds. I guessed that he was trying to decide if my pussy was covered or if I was wearing one of my strings only G-strings.

We stopped at the concierge and asked about transport to the town centre and any local events that were taking place over the next couple of weeks. After getting those details Dylan said,

“My wife likes to get an all-over tan, is there anywhere around here that allows nude sunbathing?”

“Yes sir, clothing is optional outside the main hotel building and down to the water’s edge on our private beach. We request that all guests wear some clothing inside the main building.”

The concierge was looking at me when he answered Dylan’s question and he must have seen my smile. What he didn’t see was the tingling sensation in my nipples and clit.

As we walked on I said,

“Well that solves one problem. I wonder if you can get food at the outside bar? If we can there’s no need for us to come inside and I can be naked 24×7.”

“There’s always room service as well Esther.”

“So there is. This holiday is going to me amazing.”

I was itching to get out of my clothes so I steered Dylan back to our bungalow where I got him to cover me in sunblock out on the veranda. As Dylan was doing that another couple walked by and the man said,

“You’ll need plenty of that here, the sun will be shining all day.”

What the couple couldn’t see was that one of Dylan’s hands was between my legs and he was fingering me. I orgasmed just as the couple wouldn’t be able to see us unless they turned their heads.

After putting some sunblock on Dylan we gathered what we’d need, locked the bungalow door and literally less than a minute later I was walking, naked on the beach.

We didn’t have to go far to find a large, straw parasol with 2 vacant wooden loungers under it. Within another minute we were laying on our backs, me with my legs spread wide, not wanting to have white inner thighs.

We’d only been sprawled-out there for about an hour when this youngish waiter came and stood at the foot of my lounger and when I opened my eyes and saw him he asked me if he could get us a drink. I looked him up and down whilst he was looking me up and down then Dylan said,

“Yes, 2 beers please.”

“Certainly sir.”

“Beach service as well.” I said once the waiter was out of earshot.

“I wonder just how far that service goes Esther?”

“You can take care of that side of servicing my love, it will only take us seconds to get back to our bungalow.”

“Or we could fuck in the sea or the swimming pool.”

“I thought that you’d never ask Dylan, but can we wait until we’ve got our drinks, I’m thirsty.”

“Of course we can but I never thought that I’d hear you wanting to delay getting fucked.”

“Neither did I, but we’ve got loads of time.”

“That we have.”

I was still on my back with my legs spread wide when the waiter came back with our drinks and I again saw him starting at my pussy and little tits, but this time my pussy was a bit wetter and I wondered if he had realised that.

As we sipped our drinks we could see that there were more people coming onto the beach and walking between us and the waters edge. I noticed that most of the older people didn’t even look our way and that most of the younger people did.

“I hope that I don’t stop looking at attractive, naked girls when I get as old as those guys.” Dylan said when 2 elderly men walked by without even turning their heads.

Drinks finished, we got to our feet and held hands as we walked into the sea. A minute later I was floating on my back with my legs wrapped around Dylan’s waist, and his cock slowly sliding in and out of my pussy

“Can we do this all day?” I asked.

“I’d love to say yes Esther, but your tight pussy makes me cum too quickly. Maybe we should get some viagra so that I can stay hard, without cumming, for hours on end.”

“Oow, I like that idea, do you think that the hotel concierge will know where we can get some.”

“Probably, do you want me to ask him?”

“If it will keep you hard for hours on end then yes please.”

“It might mean that I have to keep my shorts on, I can’t go laying out here or by the pool with a hard-on.”

“I hate our society at times,” I replied, “how can it be okay for women to be naked but not men? It’s so unfair on us girls. You get to see us naked but we can’t see you naked.”

“I agree, but that’s the way it is so we have to live with it. Do you still want me to find out where we can get some viagra?”

“Yes please, I really like the idea of your hard cock pounding in and out of me for hours at a time.”

Back on the loungers we relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun. It felt so nice on my spread pussy.

Around mid morning, I think, I was loosing track of time, another waiter came and asked us if he could get us another drink. This waiter did the same as the first one, and was stood at the foot of my lounger when he asked us. Dylan took his time deciding and I was sure that it was so that the young guy could look at my bare pussy for longer.

After the waiter returned with our drinks we sat sipping the cold drinks and looking around. More people had come to the beach and some were walking along the water’s edge. The beach wasn’t that long and I saw 2 men walking passed us a couple of times. Each time they looked my way and I smiled at them but got no response.

When our stomachs told us that it was time to eat we left out towels and walked the short distance to the pool area. Dylan had put his shorts on but I remained totally naked.

“We’ll lounge around the pool some days.” Dylan said, “and swim to the bar and get drinks there like those people are.”

“They’re sat on stools that are underwater aren’t they?” I asked.

“Yes, I can just make out where they are.”

“I like the idea of sitting at a bar with the barman looking down at my bare tits.”

“What about sitting at a table and eating some lunch without any clothes on Esther?”

“That’ll work for me.”

And that’s what we did. The waiter having a good look at me when we slowly ordered.

Meal over, we were just sat there when Dylan told me that he was going to see the concierge. I didn’t ask him why but I knew, and I felt my nipples and clit tingle.

Dylan seemed to be away for ages and I spent the time looking around and people watching. I observed that Dylan and I weren’t the only young couple there. although the majority of people there were a good 10 years older than Dylan and I and the split of clothed and unclothed was around 50 / 50. I also noted that all the young girls that I saw were as naked as I was, but their partners were all wearing shorts.

“Stupid society,” I thought, “I want to see more cocks.”

My visions of naked men all around me was interrupted by Dylan returning.

“Hey Esther, I’ve found a spa, you can go and have a relaxing massage.”

“You already give me relaxing massages Dylan.”

“But the girls or guys will be professionals. They’ll be so much better at it than I am. At least give it a try.”

“Okay, you know that I’ll do anything for you Dylan.”

“I know, hey, the in-house entertainment tonight is a magician, do you fancy going to it?”

“Only if you’ve fucked my brains out beforehand and promise to do the same as soon as we get back Dylan.”

“I think that I can manage that Esther, and by the way, the concierge is getting me a load of viagra. He said that they’re cheaper if I buy in bulk so I got him to get me 100.”

“A HUNDRED! Blood hell Dylan, are you going to fuck me to death? You do know that I haven’t got any life insurance don’t you?”

“Maybe I took some out on you without you knowing Esther.”

“You haven’t have you Dylan?”

“No, just joking. If you like I’ll only take one of the blue pills if you ask me to.”

“No, you know that I like surprises and to suddenly find you fucking me non-stop for an hour or so will be a nice surprise. When will the concierge deliver them?”

“Possibly later today.”

“Maybe we should forget the magician this evening.”

We went back to the beach and spent the afternoon relaxing and a bit of swimming and a bit more underwater fucking. By the time we returned to our bungalow we were both feeling so relaxed and happy that I asked Dylan if we could sell up in England and come and live in that hotel.

We spent 5 minutes planning the move then gave up and came back to reality.

After more lovemaking, showering, drinking on the veranda with me still naked, we discussed our evening and decided to eat in the restaurant then go and check-out the quality of the in-house entertainment.

I chose an ultra short, flared skirt, a slightly see-through cami top and 3 inch heels, Dylan, some chinos and a Hawaiian shirt.

The food in the restaurant was excellent and I only caught the waiter checking me out once. From there we went to the bar where we sat on high stools at the bar, my very short revealing my bare legs right up to my bald pubis. We had a couple of drinks, talking about nothing much, then went outside to one of the tables near the little stage.

There were quite a few people sat at the tables and it wasn’t long before the magician arrived and setup his equipment.

I had never seen a magician in real life, only on the television, and my mother always said that it was all fake, tricks of the television, so I didn’t really know what to expect, and I was quite impressed with his act, especially when he involved members of the audience. The fun really started when he said that he was a bit of a hypnotist as well and he asked for a volunteer from the audience.

My hand went up like a shot and before Dylan could say anything I was walking towards the stage. After introductions he asked me if it was okay for him to hypnotise me. I didn’t for one second believe that he could but I thought that it could be a bit of a laugh.

Then he said,

“Esther, I sense that you are a bit sceptical about hypnotism, am I right?”

“You are, I don’t believe that you can hypnotise me.”

“Tell you what Esther, let me try, then when I bring you out of it you can ask the audience what you have just done.”

“No point, I’ll still be stood here waiting for you to start.”

I heard a few mutterings from the audience and I couldn’t tell if they were on my side, or the so-called hypnotist.

“Okay Esther, I want you to close your eyes and relax, remember how peaceful it was when you were on that lounger on the beach this afternoon. Listen to those waves gently breaking on the shore.”

I took a deep breathe and let out a long sigh. His voice was soothing.

Then he started telling me to think of all the relaxing things that I’d done, and as he droned on I did feel very relaxed.

“You’re feeling sleepy Esther, don’t fight it, think about the relaxing and pleasurable things that you’ve done.”

I thought of me being on my back on our bed, with my legs up in the air and Dylan slowly sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. I could feel my nipples and clit getting harder and my pussy getting wetter. My mind was on our bed and not stood on that stage.

“Esther,” I finally heard the man say. “When I snap my fingers you will wake up and do exactly what I tell you to do.”

“This could get interesting,” I thought as I heard him snap his fingers.

“Esther, please tell everyone here where you are?”

“I’m in my bedroom.”

I heard a couple of short laughs from the audience.

“And what are you doing in your bedroom Esther?”

“Getting fucked by my husband.”

I heard a couple of laughs from the audience.

“Oh, I was thinking more of your state of mind.”

“Well I was thinking how good it felt and hoping that my husband was going to keep going until we’d both cum.”

More laughing from the audience.

“Well audience,” the magician said, “being hypnotised does suppress the inhibitions, it’s a good job that this is an adults only hotel. As Esther here appears to have lost her inhibitions maybe we could explore that avenue a little further,

Esther, now imagine that you have finished making love with your husband and that you have to get ready to go out somewhere, show everyone what you would do next.”

“This is fun, I bet that he doesn’t expect me to do this.” I thought as I started to take my top off.

That only took seconds and as the man asked me,

“What are you doing Esther?” my skirt hit the floor leaving me naked apart from my shoes.

“Getting ready to have a shower, I can’t go out with sweat and cum all over me.”

I mimed turning a shower on then rubbing soap all over my body whilst listening to the laughter from the audience. As I was doing that I heard the magician say,

“Well audience, I’m sure that you would all agree that Esther wouldn’t be doing doing this if she wasn’t hypnotised.”

I was facing the audience when I heard the magician click his fingers so I froze. The magician clicked his fingers again and I blinked and shook me head. Then I pretended to realise that I was naked, moved my hands to cover my tits and pussy and said,

“Hey, I thought that you were going to hypnotise me not use your magic to steal my clothes, can I have them back please?”

The magician pointed to my clothes and I put them on as the magician announced that the show was over and the audience started clapping. He turned to me and said what I thought was ‘thank you’, but I wasn’t sure, the clapping was too loud.

As the magician started to pack his equipment I went back to Dylan and sat on his lap with my arm around his neck. As I picked up my drink Dylan asked,

“Do you not remember taking tour clothes off Esther?”

“Of course I do, I remember every second of it, that hypnotism malarkey would never work with me. I was hoping that he’d take it further and ‘make’ me masturbate or get you up on the stage and get me to ride you.”

“Jeez Esther, what have we released? Before I married you I knew that there was an amazing young woman under those dowdy clothes but I never imagined that you would turn out the way you have.”

“Do you want me to go back to being that innocent, shy little catholic schoolgirl Dylan, cos I could pretend to be that girl if you really want me to.”

“Fuck no Esther, I love you just the way you are now.”

“Good, now can we go back to our bungalow and do what told everyone that I was thinking I was doing?”

As we were making the short walk Dylan said,

“Pity we haven’t got that viagra yet, I could have fucked you non-stop all night.”

“I hope that the concierge deliver them tomorrow.” I replied as we stepped onto our veranda and I lifted my top up and off, dropping it on one of the loungers before unfastening my skirt and letting it drop to the floor.

I was unfastening Dylan’s chinos as he opened the doors and I’d got him as naked as I was by the time we landed on the bed.

Dylan didn’t fuck me all night, but it was a long lovemaking session. He spent ages playing with my clit, rolling it between his thumb and index finger, gently squeezing the base of my clit, gently sliding his finger up my slit and over the end of my clit, and gently rubbing his spread fingers over the end of my clit. I was in heaven. Every so often, just as I was starting to think that I was going to cum, he would stop for a couple of minutes to let my arousal subside, then he’d start again.

After he’s done that to me half a dozen times he’d finally keep going and an orgasm would explode out of me. Then he’d start over.

After tormenting and torturing me for going on for an hour he finally slid his cock inside me and he orgasmed almost instantly before we relaxed and went to sleep with him spooning me, his cock inside me.

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