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Getting married set me free - our 1st Xmas and 2nd honeymoon
Getting Married Set Me Free – Our Second Honeymoon

by Vanessa Evans

Part 3

I woke first and slowly eased my husband onto his back then I slowly mounted him reverse cowboy style, me being grateful for whatever it is that causes morning hard-ons. Dylan woke to me grinding my butt on him to make his cock move around inside me.

I’d just cum when something caught my eye and I looked towards the still wide open doors and saw a Bellhop, or whatever they are called in Mexico, just standing there watching us. Not wanting to spoil his fun I lay back so that my back was on Dylan’s chest, my head being between Dylan’s and the Bellhop so that Dylan couldn’t see the Bellhop. Dylan automatically put his left hand on my left tit and his right hand on my clit.

As Dylan teased my nipple and my clit to another orgasm I stared at the Bellhop as he stared at me. Him staring made me cum quicker and I did some Kegels as my orgasm faded. Them making Dylan cum deep inside me.

When I started to get my breath back I sat up and said,

“Oh hi, can I help you?”

The Bellhop looked a bit flustered and it took him a few seconds to reply,

“Oh, err, yes, the concierge told me to bring this to you.”

By then Dylan had turned his head and seen the Bellhop. Dylan replied,

“Put it on the table please. Esther, would you give the man a tip, my wallet is in my chinos.”

I got off Dylan and walked to where Dylan’s chinos had ended up the previous night, squat down facing the Bellhop, and rummaged through the pockets until I found his wallet. Then I stood and walked to the Bellhop and gave him a 200 Pesos note. I’m sure that he was blushing a little as I thanked him before he turned and walked away.

“Is this what I think it is?” I asked Dylan as I walked to the package and opened it.

“Probably.” Dylan replied.

“Are you going to take one now?”

“No, I’m going to have a lazy day and conserve my energy for tonight, then with a bit of luck we won’t get much sleep tonight.”

“That sounds like a good plan, come and have a shower then we can get some breakfast, if we aren’t too late.”

We did, and we weren’t, then we headed for the beach to do a lot of nothing.

We had a similar, very lazy day to the previous one, with the same amount of fucking in the sea. That is until we returned to our bungalow when the sun started to go down.

The first thing on the agenda was a shower, then a cold beer from the fridge. We sat on the veranda, both of us totally naked, and sipped our beers. A handful of people coming back from the beach passed us, some of them saying hello, but no one seemed to care that we were naked.

Of course we were sat down, and Dylan’s cock was flaccid, so we weren’t exactly exhibiting ourselves, then Dylan had an idea. The railings round the edge of the veranda weren’t like those at the edge of the balconies on the hotel rooms that were metal bars and bricks, round the bungalow verandas the railings were just a very thick rope. Those ropes were supported by wooden posts around a metre tall but between the posts the ropes sagged and Dylan suggested that I straddle the longest length of rope that sagged to about my pussy height.

I got up and did as Dylan suggested and immediately felt the rope against my pussy.

“This feels nice,” I said.

“Now shuffle your feet forwards.”

“Ooow, this is good.” I said as I kept shuffling and the knobbly rope dragged over my clit.

“Keep going Esther.”

I did, right until I was on the tips of my toes as the rope rose to the next post, the pressure in my clit and the rest of my pussy being so great that it was starting to hurt. I backed-up, back to the middle of the length of rope then shuffled forwards again until I was on my tiptoes again.

“You know,” I said, “if someone could invent a machine where a big circle of this rope was going round and round and rubbing a girl’s pussy, these knobbly bits would quickly make her cum.”

“Yes, I can see that, but I’m not an inventor, maybe I’ll have a word with Craig, remember him at the Rugby Club dinner with his spanking machine Esther, maybe he could invent one.”

“How could I forget Craig and his spanking machine, you’ll have to get one of those for me, then you can strap me onto it whenever I’m being naughty and switch it on.”

“You’re never naughty Esther.”

“I’d start being naughty whenever I want you to spank me Dylan, Hey, when are you going to take one of those blue pills?”

“Right now Esther, if you go and get them for me. You do know that they don’t work instantly, I don’t swallow it and my cock instantly starts to rise.”

As I was getting off the rope I replied,

“I know, maybe we could get someone to invent a pill that does give you an instant hard-on.”

“One to give you an instant hard-on and a different one to make you suddenly wilt, a bit like a light switch, on and you’re hard and off and you’re soft.”

We both had a little laugh at the thought of someone inventing something like that, then Dylan put one of the blue pills in his mouth and took another swig of his beer.

“How long will it take?” I asked.

“Come here and sit on my lap Esther. I don’t need a pill to get me hard, just looking at you and touching you does that. I’m just hoping that that pill will keep me hard for a few hours.”

I went and sat on Dylan’s lap with my back to his front and his flaccid cock resting along my pussy. As Dylan’s hands caressed my tits and the rest of my torso I leant my head back and felt his cock start to get hard.

The light sensor on the lights of the balcony and the along the path came on, lighting what was becoming a dark veranda and path, and Dylan and me. If anyone were to walk along the path they’d see us all lit up.

I wiggled my butt until Dylan’s cock entered me then I relaxed. After a minute or so I said,

“So will this viagra stop you from cumming or just stop you from going soft after you have cum?”

“I have no idea.” Dylan replied, “I’ve read all the hype about it keeping you hard but nothing about cumming, I guess that we’ll have to wait and see.”

The quick answer is that it did stop Dylan cumming. Still out on the veranda we fucked for going on for and hour. We performed in various positions with me cumming 3 times before we stopped and went and had another shower. Our stomachs had told us that we were hungry.

Dylan still had a hard-on, that his jeans didn’t do a good job of hiding, as we walked to the hotel restaurant and I promised to stay in front of him to try to hide the bulge a bit.

As we tucked into the meal Dylan told me that his cock had started to go soft and I replied saying that I was a little disappointed that his hard-on had only lasted for just under a couple of hours.

“Maybe it’s because I’m eating and I can’t see your naked body Esther.”

I pulled my top down exposing my tits to him for a couple of seconds then asked.

“Did that start it rising again?”

“It certainly slowed down it going soft for a little while.”

“If I thought that I could get away with it I’d strip naked and sit on the table in front of you with my legs spread wide.”

“Wow, I’d really like that, and the image of you doing that started it rising again, but it didn’t last. We need to finish up here then get back to the bungalow.”

We hurried the rest of the meal then headed back to the bungalow where we made love for hours. I don’t know how many hours, but what I do know is that Dylan made me cum 4 times and I’m 100 percent sure that we fucked for much longer than ever before, before we finally fell asleep.


I woke to the feeling of Dylan’s cock entering me and when I opened my eyes I could see people walking along the path to the beach.

We continued where we’d left off a few hours earlier and Dylan made me cum 2 more times before he finally shot his load deep inside me.

His cock finally went soft and we went to the shower, the cool water really refreshed me. I felt Dylan’s cock getting hard again as it rested on my butt, his hands soaping my front.

“Is this the start of round 3 Dylan?” I asked.

“Maybe, I can’t control it.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining, if I had my way you’d be hard all the time. That way we could fuck whenever I thought about sex.”

“Think about sex and me fucking you a lot do you Esther?”

“I have done since we got married, especially when I’m naked, but even when I’ve got clothes on I keep thinking about your cock and you using it to make love to me.”

“Good,” Dylan said, “I like the idea of my wife wanting me to fuck her all the time.”

I bent forwards and Dylan’s cock entered me again.

One orgasm later I stood up and washed my pussy again. Dylan hadn’t cum and I said,

“I’m having second thoughts about this viagra thing, you’ve made me cum lots of times but you’ve only cum once, it’s not very fair on you Dylan.”

“Esther, sweet Esther, stop thinking about me cumming, I’m not complaining. Just feeling my cock inside you and seeing you cumming is all that I could ever want. You are amazing Esther, but I worry about you, your pussy, isn’t it getting sore is it?”

“No, fuck me non-stop all day then ask me again. What I’ll probably say is that the only complaint that I have is the lack of sleep. I love you Dylan Hargreaves.”

“And I love you too Esther Hargreaves. Now, I need some breakfast then I think that we should have another lazy day on the beach although I suspect that my front won’t get much sun today.”

I giggled a little as we put some clothes on then headed to the main building to get some breakfast. Unfortunately, we had spent too much time fucking and we were too late for breakfast so we headed back out to the little cafe / bar by the pool and ordered something there.

Then it was back to the bungalow to prepare for more sunbathing on the beach. Fortunately Dylan’s cock wasn’t presenting him with an embarrassing problem, that is until we got onto the beach and I asked him to put some sunblock on me. As usual, he put a lot more on my tits and pussy than the rest of me and that got his blood pumping to his cock again.

It looked like Dylan was right when he said that his front wouldn’t get much sun that day.

The viagra seemed to wear off during the afternoon and Dylan’s cock pointed to the sand as we walked up and down the water’s edge and went for a swim. That swim was the first that we’d had without him fucking me.

Later in the afternoon we moved to the swimming pool and sat at the bar, both of us naked, and had another drink.

“Oh what a life.” I said to Dylan.

We left the pool when the sun started to go down and Dylan’s cock rose again when we shared the shower.

“Are you going to take another of those blue pills?” I asked as I bounced up and down after jumping up on him and impaling myself.

“I thought that we’d give it a miss this evening, maybe go and see what the casino is like.”

“I’ve never been to a casino before.” I said.

“Neither have I, but I’ve played some of the games that they play there.”

Dylan continued lifting and lowering my butt right through my first orgasm and as I reached my second peak he shot his load deep inside me.

“Viagra worn off then.” I said when I was able.

“I guess so, but there’s plenty of time and plenty more where that one came from. Maybe later, let’s see how things go.”

When it came time for me to put some clothes on I decided on another of Bethany’s creations. It’s a red micro dress that actually looks as though it’s designed for a size 14 or 16 girl. What I love about it is the top part. It’s sleeveless with spaghetti straps and the back is cut quite low. The front part that covers my tits is like a bikini top, 2 triangles, but the base of the triangles are far apart. Because the whole dress is very loose fitting the whole dress moves around and my tits are frequently uncovered.

When I bend over even a little bit Dylan tells me that he can see down the front, right down to the floor, and half of my bare butt from behind.

I was happy, and Dylan was happy, so we headed off to the restaurant where we had another great meal. I could easily get used to eating there every day for the rest of my life.

From there we went to the little casino. I say little but it had games that I discovered were called Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Baccarat. It also had a few Slot Machines. Dylan bought some ‘Chips’ (silly name) and we went to each of the tables and watched. Dylan managed to explain the basics of each game and watching taught me a lot.

Then Dylan gave me some Chips and let me play. Unsurprisingly, I quickly lost. That is until we went to the Craps table. Everyone around was watching me as I threw the dice. At the time I was only thinking about the game but looking back I’m sure that most of the people there were watching my little tits as my dress failed miserably to cover them. Dylan later told me that the guys behind me were also getting a great view.

After my second throw I was about to quit because I had lost both times, but Dylan urged me to have another throw and my luck changed. Four times I won, each time I was so happy that I jumped up and down. Dylan later told me that both my tits had escaped and were bouncing up and down, as much as tiny tits can bounce, for everyone to see.

Needless to say my luck changed and I started loosing. My jumping for joy stopped but my bending over to throw the dice kept going until I’d lost all the Chips that I’d won, and those that Dylan had given me. People around me were urging me to get some more Chips and keep playing but the sensible part of me knew that the odds of me winning a lot of money were virtually zero so I turned to Dylan and we walked away from that table.

As we walked, Dylan asked,

“Do you know that your tits are out?”

I looked down and saw both my hard nipples.

“No, how long have they been out?” I replied as I adjusted my dress.

“Since you first threw those dice.”

“Wow, I didn’t realise, no wonder those people were looking at me most of the time.”

“Yes, and the guys behind you were enjoying the view each time that you bent over. You really didn’t know what you were showing Esther?”

“No I didn’t, I wasn’t even thinking about my dress.”

“I guess that that was a genuine wardrobe malfunction then.”

I giggled a little then replied,

“Yeah, I guess that it was, but I prefer the deliberate wardrobe malfunctions, they make my nipples and clit tingle and I like that.”

The only game that we hadn’t looked at was the slot machines. Once when I was a little kid and my parents had taken me to the seaside, I managed to sneak into an amusement arcade and seen the slot machines there and I’d fed them what little pocket money that I had. These were more modern versions of the cylinders revolving round whatever but the fascination was still there and Dylan let me use up the rest of the Chips on playing on those machines. I never expected to win and I wasn’t disappointed but the fascination was still there.

My mother had found me watching the people playing on those slot machines and given me a right mouthful about the sins of gambling. It was a good job that she hadn’t seen me playing on those machines. All Dylan said was,

“I’m going to fuck your brains out when we get back to the bungalow.”

Returning to reality, we rushed back to the bungalow and Dylan took another of those blue pills before we cleaned our teeth.

It was a long time before we got any sleep.


The next day was much the same as the previous one, except that we didn’t go to the casino. Instead we had an early night and Dylan took another blue pill and we again didn’t get much sleep.


We kept up our fucking our sleeping partner to wake them up and I was riding Dylan the following morning as we watched people heading to the beach along the path only a few metres from us.

We decided to have room service deliver us some breakfast and I had to leave Dylan in the shower to go and tell the waiters where to leave the trays. Yes, waiters, one boy and one girl, both staring at the naked me as I rummaged through Dylan’s shorts pockets to get them a tip. They both smiled at me as I stood in front of them to hand them the money.

We actually took the breakfast out onto the veranda to eat and waved to and said hello to a few people who walked passed. My tiny tits were visible but that was all.

Breakfast over we sat there deciding what to do that day. After a few suggestions from both of us Dylan said,

“What about you going to the spa and having a massage Esther?”

“Well okay, but I like your massages, they go to places that I doubt that a professional masseuse would, and they’ll probably be booked up anyway.”

“You’ll never know if you don’t go and have one, phone reception and see when they can fit you in.”

So I did, and was surprised that they could fit me in in an hour. When I told Dylan he was pleased and re-assured me that he was sure that I’d enjoy it.

Fifty minutes later I was wearing just a dress and walking to the spa. I was met by a young woman who gave me a list of services that they offered. There was all sorts on there from mud facial to pedicures. The only item on the list that I was interested in was a Full Massage. When I said that I just wanted the Full Massage the woman replied,

“And would you like that to be a Full Massage with a Happy Ending?”

I had no idea what a Happy Ending was but the word ‘happy’ sounded, well happy, so I replied.

“Yes please.”

I was then led to a little room that had a window looking out over the swimming pool.

“Would you care to take off all your clothes and lay face down on the table and the Masseur will be with you shortly.”

I did just that and lay with my head on the side so that I was looking out over the swimming pool. It seemed an eternity before I heard the door open and a man say,

“Sorry to keep you waiting madam, a Full Massage with a Happy Ending isn’t it?”

“Yes please.” I said as I realised that it was a man that was going to give me the massage and not a woman and I felt a little tingle in my pussy.

“It will be my pleasure madam.”

I felt a little towel being placed over my bare butt and almost laughed as I thought how pointless that was.

Then the massage started, complete with warm oils, at it felt amazing. I thought,

“Sorry Dylan, your massages are amazing but this goes to a whole new level.”

The guy worked on everything from my fingers right down to my toes. When he got to my butt he even asked if I’d mind if he removed the towel. When he was massaging my butt and upper thighs his fingers brushed along my slit which caused me to moan a little and I spread my legs a little, subconsciously giving him better access to my pussy but other than his, probably, accidental touching of my slit he ignored my pussy.

Then he asked me to turn over and as I did I so hoped that he would massage my tits and pussy. I got a little disappointed when he placed the little towel over my hips and slit.

This time he started massaging my feet and again I subconsciously spread my legs. When he was stood at my feet I knew that her could see my slightly spread pussy and I felt it get a little wetter and tingle a little more.

Again, when he was massaging my thighs he accidentally, I think, touched my pussy lips. I was disappointed when he moved to my head and started on my fingers.

Slowly, he worked up my arms and massaged my shoulders from the front.

Then it happened, his hands moved to the sides of my little tits, then all around them. He was taking so long that I started to think that he wasn’t going to move to the main part of my tits and my nipples. I resigned myself to no actual tit caressing as his hands slid down my ribs and he spent ages massaging my abdomen, only slightly knocking the towel a little lower on my torso.

Just as I thought that the massage was over, the man said,

“It was a massage with a happy ending wasn’t it madam?”

“Yes.” The maybe happy replied.

I was happy because it had been an amazing massage, but unhappy because he hadn’t properly touched my tits nor my pussy, unlike Dylan who makes me cum every time.

I’d opened my eyes and was about to sit up when I saw the man put some more of that oil on the palms of his hands. A little puzzled, I just lay there wondering what the man was doing.

Then it happened, the man’s hands moved to my tits and he massaged them, caressed them, needed them and pressed them into little cones. My nipples had already been hard but they started to throb a little as the man started working on them and areolae.

Wow, I put him in the same league as Dylan, although this man didn’t make me cum just by manipulating my nipples unlike Dylan who had made me cum a few times by doing just that.

I was moaning and breathing heavily when his hands moved down my torso. They didn’t stop going down until they found my pussy. They teased all around it for ages, driving me crazy, My arousal rose to the point that I knew that I was going to cum soon but before I did the man’s fingers found my clit and I went off like a rocket.

The thing was, the fingers didn’t stop massaging my clit and the orgasms kept cumming and cumming.

It seemed like hours before the fingers stopped and I have no idea how many orgasms I had. In reality it was probably only minutes but I was left totally drained.

Without saying anything, well anything that I heard, the man left the room leaving me on the table with my legs still spread wide. No one came into the room and a few minutes later I got to my feet, picked up my dress and walked out, still totally naked.

As I walked through the hotel I noticed a few people staring at me but no one stopped me or said anything about me being naked inside the building.

When I got back to our bungalow Dylan saw me approaching and came over to me.

“Are you okay Esther, has something happened to you?”

“You could say that, can you get me a drink please, a strong one,”

Seconds later I was laying on one of the loungers with a glass of tequila in my hand.

“Dylan, please don’t get upset, and I love every thing that you do to me, but that man was out of this world.”

“It’s okay Esther, I fully understand, that man is a professional and I’m only an amateur, He’s bound to be really good at giving girls orgasms with his fingers. Hey, I’m sure that he really enjoyed playing with your pussy, that was probably the best pussy that he’s made cum for days. Think of his bad days when he has to make a fat and ugly woman cum.”

“Yuk, Dylan, please promise me that you’ll never let me get fat or stop looking after my body. Beat the crap out of me if I do.”

“Esther, dear Esther, I can never imagine you being fat or ugly. You mother isn’t fat so there’s every chance that you will never get fat. Besides, you’ve got a personal trainer to make sure that you stay slim and healthy,”

“Yeah, James, when it comes to using his hands he comes a poor third to you lover, can we spend a lazy day on the beach again please?”

“Of course we can.”

“If I’m recovered by this evening can you take another of those blue pills please Dylan?”

“Sure, I guess that we’ll be staying here this evening then.”

“Unless we go to the beach when it gets dark and make love under the stars.”

“I like the way you think Esther.”

And that’s what we did, a lazy day on the beach, roam service for an evening meal then a walk on the beach with me still as naked as the day I was born. It was so romantic reverse cowboy riding Dylan’s cock out on the beach and looking up at the stars in the cloudless sky.

The Viagra was ensuring that I could ride Dylan’s hard cock for what seemed like hours and I didn’t get off him when another couple came for a moonlight stroll along the beach. They passed right by Dylan’s feet and said ‘good evening’ to us. When I first saw them I stopped bouncing up and down on Dylan but there was no way that they didn’t know what we were doing.

A little later we took a break whilst we walked back to our bungalow where we continued until we finally fell asleep, me laying back on Dylan’s chest. We’d left the big doors open and the lights on so anyone walking by would have been able to see what we were doing.


Dylan’s cock was still inside me when I woke up and I didn’t know if it had been hard all night or he had a morning woody that had found it’s way inside me, but I didn’t care which it was. Dylan woke up as I lifted myself up to properly ride him until we’d both cum.

We made it to breakfast just before they stopped serving. I wore a cut-off net tank top and a tiny wrap skirt that doesn’t quite make it all the way around me and opens up when I walk or sit down. The tank top is just long enough to cover my nipples leaving the lower part of my tiny tits uncovered. My nipples sometimes managing to poke their way through one of the holes in the net.

As we sat eating we discussed our plans for the day and we decided to have a day wandering around Cancun.

“I think that I’ll wear what I’ve got on for the trip.” I said,

“That’s good with me Esther, I’m sure that I don’t have to remind you to act like you are dressed like a nun.”

“I know, act like I’m fully covered. I’m getting quite good at that but I still like seeing the men’s faces when they realise that they can see a nipple or my slit.”

“And if I think that you haven’t noticed someone staring at you I’ll let you know Esther.”

“My hero, is little Dylan going to stick out like that all day? If it is maybe we should postpone our day out until tomorrow.”

“I don’t know Esther, you know that I have no control over it and it was your idea for me to take a blue pill last night.”

“Yes it was, and it was well worth whatever it cost you.”

“The cost is irrelevant Esther, it’s your happiness that is the most important thing. I’ll put some tight boxers on to try to keep it under control.”

“Okay, and I’ll promise to not keep grabbing it or bending over and kissing it.”

“If it gets out of control we could always look for the historical sights in the town, that should kill off any arousal that either of us has.”

“I really hope that it doesn’t come to that, I hate history as much as you do.”

“Hey Esther, if we find an area where there are lots of men you can walk ahead of me and see if you get more attention than if we were holding hands.”

“That’s a nice idea, you know that I love most of the things that people say. But they might be in Spanish and I won’t understand them.”

“I’m pretty sure that you’ll get the general idea of what they are saying. Are you about ready to go and clean your teeth?”

Twenty minutes later we were in the hotel lobby waiting for a taxi that the concierge had arranged for us. It didn’t take long because there seemed to be a lot of people arriving by taxi.

“Probably for that big conference that we saw advertised.” I said.

“Yes, it could be mildly interesting but I’d much rather be with you Esther. Besides, it’s for 3 days and there’s no way that I’m being parted from you for 3 days.”

The taxi arrived and we were soon on our way to the city. The driver asked whereabouts we wanted to be and we realised that we hadn’t a clue. When Dylan told the driver that we didn’t know, he suggested that we go on one of those hop-on, hop-off bus tours so that we could see a few places then decide which ones we wanted to explore a little more.

Dylan looked at me and I looked at him, and at exactly the same time we nodded our heads then Dylan told the drive to take us to where we could catch a hop-on hop-off bus.

We didn’t have to wait long and when we’d got our tickets we went to board the bus. There were other people waiting, at least half of them men and I realised that I had an opportunity. Dylan stepped behind me to let me get on first but told him that I wanted him to get on first. He looked at me, then the man behind me. Dylan gave me a knowing smile and moved in front of me.

Dylan knew to lead me to the stairs to go to the top deck and up we went. I glanced over my shoulder and down and saw that the man behind me was following me up and that he was looking up my very short skirt. I smiled to myself and followed Dylan to half way down the bus.

Nothing was said and Dylan let me sit next to the side of the bus, When he sat next to me his hand went straight to the top of my bare thigh where his little finger pressed on my clit. I spread my knees to give him better access and we both started looking around, both inside and outside the bus.

I saw 2 separate men looking down at my bare legs and just knew that they’d seen where Dylan’s hand was.

The bus finally set off and a woman started her tour guide’s talk. Dylan also started wiggling his little finger, rubbing my clit as he did so.

“You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that.” I quietly said.

“I hope so.” Dylan replied.

When Dylan had first suggested a second honeymoon, we’d both agreed that the majority of it was to be spent on the beach or on the bed, and not doing the tourist thing. Dylan saying that he wanted to feed my still developing, insatiable need to expose myself and get fucked as many times as was possible. That hotel in Cancun where the weather was great at that time of the year was chosen because it was an adults only one with a private beach, so being on a tourist bus wasn’t what was planned.

However, we did find the tour somewhat interesting and we did see a few places that we said that we’d visit the next time that we came to Cancun. We got off the bus a few times to look at some things and each time Dylan timed our getting back on the bus so that a man followed me up the stairs to the top deck.

Each time that I sat on the bus Dylan’s hand immediately went to my slit and his fingers actually made me cum 2 times whilst we were on the buses.

One time that we did get off the bus to go into a department store. We’d seen pictures of diving tours and decided on 2 things, firstly that we were going to learn to scuba dive when we got back to England, and secondly, that we’d do some snorkelling whilst we were there. I got this image in my head of us fucking underwater with us just breathing through the snorkels, so we went into the store to buy masks, snorkels and flippers.

I was a little disappointed that my very short skirt and short, net tank top didn’t attract much attention. When I mentioned it to Dylan he suggested that the local had got used to girls wearing very little during the American Spring Breaks. He told me that Cancun attracted thousands of students wanting to party for a couple of weeks and from what he’d seen of on the videos the girls wore as little, or less than I was wearing right then.

“Can we come back at Spring Break please Dylan?” I asked.

“Of course we can, but there are other places in America that have ‘events’, shall we call them, that I’m sure that you will enjoy. Key West Fantasy Fest, at least one in San Francisco and some in the Las Vegas area. I’ve also heard of nudist clubs in the Vegas area that have competitions where naked girls flaunt their bodies in front of hundreds of people, spreading their legs so wide that everyone can see inside their vaginas. I’ve never really looked into them, the events or the pussies, but we can when we get home and plan something.”

“Hmm, they sound fun, can we go to all of those please Dylan?”

By then I’d pulled my skirt up a bit and twisted it round a bit so that the gap was now in the middle at the front and I could see my bald pubis when I looked down. I also checked my top and made sure that both my nipples were sticking through holes in the net. Dylan told me that he could now see the lower part of my butt from behind.

“Let’s go.” I said.

“Woah there young lady, if you really want to get people staring and shouting things at you then you need to walk ahead of me, like I wasn’t with you, just following you and pretending to perv on your bare butt.”

“Love you Dylan.” I said and handed him my bags so that my hands were free.

Off I went, pretending that I owned the place but looking at all the guys through my sunglasses to see if they stared at me. I even changed my route to take me nearer to groups of guys who were just standing around. And yes, I did get a few comments and a couple wolf-whistles.

I got so confident that I started stopping and looking in shop windows and bending over a little knowing that the people behind me would see my wet pussy. I was feeling great, and very horny.

I even walked passed a policeman who was talking to a stopped motorist. I think that he saw me as I walked towards him but I wasn’t sure and he never said anything.

When I turned down a side street Dylan caught up to me and made a grab for the velcro fastening of the skirt. It came undone and I walked out of the skirt leaving it in Dylan’s hand. I walked for another 50 or so metres, bottomless, with a few people walking towards me. Amazingly. It was only one young man who said something in Spanish but I ignored him and kept walking. Nearly all the other people just ignored me.

Dylan caught up to me again and gave me the skirt which I put on, again leaving my pubis uncovered. Then I turned to face Dylan and gave him a big hug and kiss.

“Thank you so much Dylan, that was awesome, we’ve got to do that again sometime, sometime soon.”

“We will Esther, but we need to get back to the hotel, I need to do something to you that if we did it here there’s a good chance that we’d end up in jail.”

I giggled a little and tingled some more as Dylan took my hand and we walked to where we could get a taxi back to the hotel.

As we entered the hotel we saw lots of people with suitcases and we guessed that the were arriving for the upcoming conference.

Dylan popped one of those pills and we spent the rest of the evening and most of the night fucking, only stopping for food from room service, Dylan hiding his hard-on in the bathroom whilst the naked me took delivery of the food. I noted that we always seem to get the food delivered by different waiters, not that I was complaining.


I watched some people walking to the beach as I rode Dylan as soon as I woke up the following morning. Then it was shower time.

Unfortunately we arrived too late for breakfast but we did notice that the restaurant was quite full.

“That damned conference I presume.” Dylan said as we headed to the bar outside to get some food there.

As we sat at a table I took my dress off and sat there naked. I wasn’t displaying anything other than my tiny tits but I didn’t want to encourage any tan lines. Whilst we were eating we saw quite a few women of all ages coming out of the hotel and going to either the swimming pool or the beach and Dylan thought that they must be the partners of men who were attending the conference.

We made it to the beach, for another lazy day, with Dylan managing to hide his hard-on under his shorts but as we lay on the sun loungers I giggled a little, telling him that whilst we were in the department store in Cancun we should have bought him a too small pair of speedos that would have held his cock tight against his stomach.

“It’s alright for you Esther, girls have all their sex organs on the inside so you don’t have the problems that us guys have.”

“Would you like me to give you a blowjob to see if that makes it go down?” I asked.

“Yes I would, I really would, but there’s too many people around. One of those old biddies is bound to complain.”

“I have an idea,” I replied, “pass me my snorkel and mask and lets get in the sea.”

Dylan guessed what I was thinking and we made it to the sea with him holding my flippers in front of his cock. Once in the water I put on my new equipment and got Dylan to wade out until the water was up to his ribs. I swam round to the front of him and with just the end of my snorkel out of the water I took his cock into my mouth and sucked for as long as I could before having to blow out the snorkel then get some more air.

It was tiring work but well worth it and Dylan shot his load into my mouth, Unfortunately, most of his cum got blown up the snorkel as I cleared it to be able to breath again.

When I surfaced I said,

“I need to develop a technique for doing that, there must be an easier way.”

“You were just amazing Esther. I really do love you, and it worked, I’m getting soft.”

Back at the loungers we dried off and then coated each other in sunblock. I don’t think that anyone nearby realised that Dylan made me cum when he coated my pussy with sunblock.

We spent the rest of the day sunbathing on the beach which seemed to get more popular as the day went on. No one seemed to care that I was sunbathing totally naked with my legs spread wide.

When the sun started to go down we went back to the bungalow and made love in the shower before going for an early dinner. We were both hungry and we wanted to get to the restaurant before it got too busy which it did. We guessed that all the people were connected to the conference.

I’d worn a slightly see-through, very short, flared dress that didn’t attract any attention whilst we were sat at our table but I got a few looks as we walked out. We went to the bar by the pool because there was some evening entertainment that we wanted to see.

Technically, I could have taken my dress off and sat there naked, I’d done it before, but for some reason I didn’t take it off and we just sat there talking and looking at all other people that were there.

It turned out that the entertainment was traditional Mexican dancing, the women with their very colourful, long dresses. People say that when you live all the time in a hot climate your body stops feeling the heat but I was sure that If I were dressed like those women, and dancing, the sweat would be pouring off me, but those dancing women didn’t look like they were even sweating.

After a while the dancers invited people from the audience to join them and Dylan ‘volunteered’ me. I wasn’t unhappy about being ‘forced’ to get up and join in. It was actually fun and I knew that whenever I was spinning around the skirt part of my dress was floating up and letting the audience see that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. It was the same when I copied the girls when they held the hem of one of he layers of their skirts and twirled them around, only when I did it all I was doing was showing everyone what was under my skirt.

Of course, I pretended to not know but the audience wouldn’t have been able to see my bare butt and the front of my slit, and the lighting out there wasn’t very good anyway, but I knew that I was on display and it made me tingle. It also made me very hot and by the time my ‘performance’ ended I was covered in sweat and on an impulse I walked right passed Dylan and jumped into the swimming pool.

I swam to the side and climbed out but the water had made my already very thin dress cling to every little contour of my body, and it made the fabric even more see-through. I may as well have been naked as I walked back to Dylan, sat down and finished my drink.

The dancers did one more dance then their performance ended. Dylan and I left to go back to our bungalow with my dress still dripping as we walked through the audience.

It was a shower then bed with Dylan not taking a blue pill because I was a bit tired. That fact didn’t stop us making love for going on for an hour before we went to sleep.

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