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Edward must adjust to his new self all while learning there is more to this deal than meets the eye.
I couldn't believe it, it worked. Just like Tzu promised. From the moment Edward came inside his sisters tight little pussy, he had ceased to exist. His limp body slumped on top of her, his cock still spurting cum into her womb. Winter touched Ed's face, his vacant expression staring into her bright blue eyes. She kissed him gently on the forehead, and then like a piece of trash. Shoved him off her bed onto the floor, where he landed with a thud. Winter began rubbing her nipples, playing with her pussy, so sensitive, like nothing she had ever experienced before.

"Having fun?"

Tzu stood beside Ed's almost lifeless body, his blue eyes now two pools of black ink, trained on her pussy. Winter could see the outline of his cock, and she was in that moment, both terrified of, and hungry for it.

"What about he... him?"

"As agreed." Tzu handed Winter a knife, ornate, beautiful, and stained with thousands of years of blood and death. "Pierce the heart, give me the soul, and the body is yours."

"Its not right now?"

"If you ... refuse, to finish him. Or thought you could outsmart me, the dealing demon, and planned to back out of the deal before you pay for the goods, well..."

"Two souls for the price of one."

Tzu chuckled, or what passed for a demon chuckling. Twirling the dagger in his hand as he came closer, and closer, and closer still. He pushed his body against mine and took a long deep breath of my decent.

"But I dont smell a cheat, or a coward." He brought the knife to my throat, tracing down with the point until he reached my breasts. The blade was cold on my nipple and it sent shivers all over my body as he ran it down my stomach, down. To my new full and still throbbing womanhood. "I smell desire." I stumbled back, falling onto my sisters bed. "If you ever want to feel the pleasure you have so long wished for, then I suggest you take this dagger, and drive it into your old heart before I swap you back and let her do it." And with that Tzu flung the dagger to the ground. Before I could say a word he had vanished through a cloud of smoking shadows. My eyes, they stared back at me, hate and fear and confusion. She was trapped in me, and about to die in me.

"I know this must be as strange and confusing for you as it is for me." I took the dagger, my new feminine hand shaking and my legs weak as I slowly approached my old flesh."But in the end, if you had the choice between your darkest wishes becoming true or continuing to live the shit hand you've been delt." I straddled her, the skin of my old self was cold with sweat. I looked into the eyes of my sister. Strange, they were still her eyes, the only evidence if you looked close enough to notice."I know you would do the same." I gave her the grin, her own shit eating grin, and I drove the dagger through her chest into her heart.

I felt a shiver run through me, down my spine and through my new womanhood. Not of fear or disgust at murdering my sister, who despite being a bitch now and again was really a good person. No, I could feel his approval. He gave me a taste of the pleasure he offered, and I liked it.

"Sleep now Winter, and when you wake. It will be as though he had simply faded away in sleep."

The funeral was nice, small and full of my... well the fuckers who pretended they were my friends, my ex, her new boyfriend. Jo, Missy and TJ. It was surreal to say goodbye to that body, like waking up and checking you were still the same in the mirror... just in case. After that everything seemed to just jump ahead, it had been two weeks, and we all had moved on already. Tzu's influence hanging heavy over our small town, an influence that only I knew was there. Like the smell of perfume the one you want but dosent see you is wearing. His whispers were few and far between after that night, but he was still there. Watching, wanting me. Mark was keeping his distance, probably a good thing, I didnt know what he and my sister were like around each other, well other than horny, honestly I didnt know how she was with anybody. It scared the shit out of me that someone would notice she was different if I started hanging around her friends, so for a while I played the grieving sister. Tzu said that however I was with them they would perceive as always being that way. Mark might notice a little bit of a change, being his little whitegirl virgin slut was now not so much a virgin, but I would deal with that when it came to it.

I put my time into adapting to my new self. I still had all my old knowledge and skills, but anything that was my sisters I needed to focus on. It was like trying to remember the lyrics to a song. I knew the tune, but I was trying to lip sync it in a foreign language.

The knocking shook me from my stupor, just when It was getting good too. Whoever it was would be getting a royal working over for interrupting my org..

"Winter, you in there?" Came the ever cheery if a little quieter than usual voice of Sammy. "I... I came to give you the textbooks for next week but... if you're busy." ~Shes still crying for him, never thought she cared so much about the looser~

"What did you say?!" How dare she insult me... him like that.

"I said I got your textbooks for you." Sammy called a little louder. Like I didnt just hear her piss on my still warm corpse of a brother.

"I'm not dressed, just. Leve them by the table."

"Aww come on, we've both seen each other nude before." She laughed as she walsed inside.

"Sammy wait I."

"Oh, oh god I'm sorry Winter I thought."

~I knew it, horny shut... fuck you're hot~

There again, the whisper. But... her mouth wasn't.

"Oh fuck!"

~Did she just cum?~ "Oh my god I'm so sorry." Sammy dumped the textbooks on my table and ran. I didn't cum... I... heard your thought... but, but thats impossible.

"Is it?" Chuckled Tzu, appearing from the corner of my vision. "You made a deal with a demon and now your fingering yourself in the body of your sister... whats possible stopped being a concern for you the second you summoned me my sweet."

"So I have super powers."

"I don't think you'll find these gifts in any comic book Winter. The power you gained from signing that contract is the power of the old magic, the kind you humans used to use, before your churches and your gods bled it out of you. One witch, one crusade, one 'natural disaster' at a time. It takes time and practice to master entering someones room from the shadows. Hearing the thoughts of that slut friend of yours is a natural ability of our kind."

I gave Tzu a puzzled look, but he simply smiled his sharp smile. "Its all in the contract my sweet, you should read it when you can pull your hand out of your cunt for five minutes." Before I could speak I had blinked, and Tzu was gone. My phone started to vibrate. Mark. Again.

His messages were getting more and more needy, even if I wasn't really mourning, didnt he know how to give people space.

M: I need to see you baby.

M: I miss you.

M: You still upset about Ed?

M: Can I come make you happy?

M: I'll mke you feel better.

I could read between the lines, and I almost felt sorry for him. The last time he saw Winter she was almost nude with her hand down his pants. Working her way to him spending the night. It had been weeks. Maybe it was time he saw Winter again. The new Winter.

W: Cum now. *Winky face*

Soon after I could hear it. The engine purred into the street, I could feel my heartbeat hammering in my ears. Time to test my superpower. I sliped upstairs and threw my dressing gown on the chair as I slid into bed.

W: Doors unlocked, your presents upstairs.

After a minute of waiting the stairs creaked, and Marks footsteps got closer, slow, heavy. I took a deep breath, the bedroom door slowly opened and there he was. Winters... Ex boyfriend.

"What the fuck. Connor?"

"I knew it, youre fucking that druggy arent you."

"What are you doing here Connor. How did you get in?"

"Cum now. Wink, doors open. Whores upstairs."

"Did you steal Marks phone?"

"I cant believe youre fucking him. After what he did." Connor grabbed my arm, pulling me off the bed to the floor. Then up by my hair, against the wall.

"My brother would still be here if he never sold him."

"I dont fucking care, about you or your dead kid brother Connor, who I let fuck me and who I dont is my choice."

"Oh, oh is it." His grip tightened, his free hand pulling at my pants. "Youre a whore Winter, I always knew it but I thought I'd atleast get to have a go first."

He tore off my lace underwear his hand cold as he squoze my tits.

"What are you doing." I tried to pull away but my body locked in place, I couldnt move. The sound of Connors belt falling on the floor sent a shiver down my spine. "Stop it."

~I wanted you first, but I'll still take you second.~

His cock was warm, hard, like a burning coal inside me. Winters second cock, her second rape. It was amazing, nothing like my pathetic excuse for a cock, sure I had some girth but compared to a real cock...

"You like this, dont you. It was one of your many fantasies as Edward. To be taken against your will by a real man. How does it feel when he force's himself inside you. Dont fight it Winter. Embrace what I have made you. Take him."

It was like a switch had been flipped, the searing pain was replaced by the most intense pleasure I had experienced, each thrust was a miniature orgasm that rolled into one continuous eruption, and as I reached the edge of the clif.

~What the fuck!?~ Connor threw me off his cock, his expression a mix of pleasure, confusion and anger.

I lay panting, anger replacing the lust. "Why did you stop!"

"What the fuck is wrong with you Winter?"


"What happened to you, to the sweet girl I was in love with?"

"Shes dead." I responded flatly, the truth of it lost on him. "And good riddance. The little bitch was always getting in my way, always mocking me, it was torture." Each word was a step, a step toward Connor, a step toward my freedom, my true freedom. "Then one day, I took the knife, cut out her heart, and ate it." I wrapped my arms around him, pulled him in close. "Now, are you gonna fuck me, or fuck off?"

"You're fucked in the head, know that?" Connor threw me back, and I landed hard on the floor. I laid there waiting for him to climb on top of me, spread my legs for him, ready for him to thrust his manhood down my throat, my pussy, any hole he wanted. Instead he pulled his pants back up.

I was ready to rip his cock off and use it as my own personal play thing and he took it away. I smiled, smiled as Winter always did when she won, even in defeat. My fingers started digging. "Fine, I'll do it myself."

The engine faded as my moans grew, again I was looking over the edge. When my fingers stopped, the pleasure again had been ripped from me, I couldn't feel anything.

"Ohh please! I need to cum, I need it so badly" It was pointless, I could have been riding a horse and wouldn't have felt it.

"Tut tut, greedy aren't we my dear." Tzu circled me, his black eyes locked onto my crotch. "You will cum, but not yet. Not alone, and not tonight. Understood?" He could controll my pleasure with a thought, fuck I really needed to read that contract.

"Yes Master." The words were instinctual, primal. It could have been any other word used to describe his power over me. But Master, it was... right.

He sat at my desk, patting his thigh. "Come my pet, rest your head. We have much to discuss."

"It had gotten worse, as the day went on. First I could only smell it walking to classes, but soon it was everywhere like it was following me, the smell made me lightheaded. The cum, orgasms, the constant stench of lust. It took every ounce of my being not to jump the first couple I ran into this morning, and throatfuck myself to death on profesor Lewis for a whole hour long lecture of ancient orgy rituals almost killed me. I sat next to Audrey Williard the rest of the day. A Christian girl saving herself for marriage, and thank christ for that. She was the only person in the whole god damn school that smelled like bleach to me. Still... I was close to her long enough that her thoughts became clearer and clearer, just like you said they would."

"And?" Tzu grinned, eager for me to continue my story.

I grinned back at him. "I brushed her leg with mine, and the god she was thinking about, looked a lot like me."

"Good girl, I am impressed with the progress you have made thus far."

His words slithered into my mind, 'Good girl' it made me blush and grow wet, the way he said it, or perhaps the simple fact he even did. "You will learn to block out the odor over time, and as you become more proficient with your new abilities, gain a nose for the finest wines."


Tzu chuckled. "As a wine gains character with age, so do human desires gain sweetness with depravity. So the more depraved a person's desire the more pleasure and power they will give you. When next you sit beside this Williard girl, imagine all you would do to her, imagine it in its most depraved detail, and when you cannot stand the heat any longer. Simply touch her, and watch."

"What will happen?"

"Shhh my pet, that would spoil the surprise."

I gazed up at him, his eyes, two all consuming voids, swallowing me whole. Tzu began to rub my hair, gentle and soothing like his presence. I had only known this... demon for a short while but he already had me wrapped around his clawed finger. My time with him was a blur, and already I was back in the cesspool of a University. The lust of the people around me would give me power, but it would also make me weak. Weak to both their desires and worse, my own.

"Winter... is everything, alright?"

"Mhmm, fine professor." My body was a quaking mess, last time I had escaped to deal with my needs. But today I had to behave myself. I could feel Tzu's dark gaze on me from the shadows, and I didn't want to disappointed him.

~Shes so fucking hot, god the things I would do to her.~

~The fuck is going on, that girls basically orgasming in class and the professor dosent even give a shit.~

~Shes even hotter than she was last year. Wonder if she's single yet?~

I was on the verge of loosing it, and then she walked in. My angel, my beautiful little virgin soon to be fuckslut.

Audrey was like a cool breeze on a warm day, refreshing, clean, and fleeting. Because the second she sat down I could feel Tzu next to me, imperceptible to the idiots around me. But he was there, watching me. And the calm that Audrey brought to the flaming ruins of my self control evaporated. So I began my task.

I imagined myself alone with her after volunteering to help the professor. A scorching hot day, so we were wearing as few layers as possible. And just as Audrey was about to leave for the day I blocked her path.

"Wha... winter whats wrong?" She stammered, she was confused and a little alarmed. Understandable.

"I need to... to say something Audrey, or rather to confess something. You see, I'm, I'm plagued. A monster lies sleeping inside of me."

"What are you talking about Winter, are you making fun of me?"

"Oh no, I would never." I replied softly, closing in on her, my prey. "I'm telling you the truth Audrey, I can't control it anymore, I've always been like this deep inside. I know it now."

She falls back, down to the floor as I pounce on her. My eyes crimson, my teeth sharpened into fangs. My whole body quickly morphing into my true form. I slowly trail up Audrey's leg with my heart shape pointed tail. She flinched, tries to push me away. But I'm stronger, stronger than any man or woman could be, I pin her down, whimpering as my tail head wriggles up her skirt and into her... oh my, a thong.

"Naughty girl, what would Jesus think." I whisper into her ear, pecking kisses down her neck. I pin her arms back hard with one hand, tearing off her shirt and bra with my other. My sharpened tips making easy work of the fragile mortal fabric, her tits pop out, big beautiful lightly veined tits, her nipples hard pink beacons. I can feel her wetness on my tail head as I flick her clit ever so lightly. She shudders, letting out a moan, her body betraying her mind.

"You can't fight it forever cutie, one way or another. You are going to beg for it. Its up to you whether or not its to make you moan, or to stop screaming. I kiss her, my tongue snaking inside her mouth, probing deep inside, tickling the barrier to her throat. No gag reflex, interesting... and a shame.

~God, please help me.~

"Winter!" She moaned, as her hand gripped mine.

Audrey had disrupted my little fantasy, not her fault really. But the punishment was severe none the less. As the silk threads of my dark, twisted imagination crawled through her mind and body. She locked eyes with me and I could hear her moans in my mind like music. She didn't know what was happening, she was scared and confused and probably for the first time in her life experiencing primal, physical pleasure. I smiled, as Audrey, the most innocent girl in this shit hole of a university, came from nothing but my imagination, and It was perfect.

~What, the fuck, is going on.~

"Professor Lewis, Audrey isnt feeling right. May I go with her to the Nurses office?"

"No I'm... fine." She eaked out, her fingers digging my arm like a vice.

With a hungry look in my eyes I smiled at Audrey.

"I'll... take care of her."
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