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By chance, Freya is offered a job as a Magician's Assistant and things couldn't have worked out better for her.
The Magician

by Vanessa Evans

Part 1

Okay, let’s get the part that you’re all probably interested in out of the way first.

My name is Jodie, I’m nearly 19 years old, quite slim, skinny, with a 32A – 24 – 34 figure, I have long blonde hair and the boys tell me that I’m cute looking. I have a suntan and some white bits that I have been working on getting rid of by going right to the end of the beach where very few people go, and sunbathing topless and often bottomless as well.

I live in a small hotel that my parents run in a seaside town on the south coast of England. I have no siblings. I left school a couple of months ago and I am still looking for a job, but in the mean time I’m helping my parents run the hotel.

Clothes, well the fashion around here for girls my age is tank tops and quite short miniskirts. Thankfully, my parents are happy with me going along with the fashion although recently, as the weather got warmer, I have abandoned my bras and my mother occasionally tells me that I should really one, at least when I go out with my mates. So far I’ve ignored that request and gone out with my nipples making tents in my tops. What my mother doesn’t know is that I have abandoned my knickers most of the time as well.

I appear to be blessed with nipples that are slightly larger than most girls have, and they spent most of their time feeling quite hard. My areolae are smallish and a good few shades darker than the rest of my body.

The same can be said for my clitoris. It outgrew its hood a long time ago and is about a centimetre long, and it’s very sensitive. The other thing about my pussy is that there is very little fatty tissue around it.

Whether these things have anything to do with the fact that I shave all of my body below my neck every morning or not, I don’t know. Maybe it’s something to do with me feeling horny all the time and I play with my 3 little protrusions and make myself cum at least twice every day.

Working at the my parents hotel I’ve had a few accidents when my crotch has pressed against a table corner or a bed post, or something else that is the right height and my clit has sent a bolt of pleasure through my whole body.

So far, none of my mates have told me that I’ve forgotten to put a bra or any knickers on. Maybe the guys have noticed but just not said anything.

Whenever I go to the leisure centre or the beach with my friends they tell me that I have 3 little tents in my bikinis and I have noticed men staring at me a lot. Maybe that’s something to do with the fact that all my bikinis are made by an Australian company and I once managed to push all of one of them into an empty matchbox. I have to admit that I never fasten them tightly and I often have to check that part of them hasn’t come off without me noticing.

I have had a few embarrassing moments when one of the soft cups of my bikini tops has slid off one of my tits and it has been exposed for everyone to see. The strange thing is that whenever that happens my nipples and clit start tingling as soon as someone tells me about my exposure.

One time when we were in the waves machine at the leisure centre the tie at my right hip came undone and I never noticed. It was only when the waves stopped and we were wadding out of that pool that one of my girl mates told me. As I was refastening it I looked around and saw that I had a little audience and all my 3 protrusions started tingling really strong.

That tingling got even stronger when one of my guy mates told me that he liked my clit and slit, adding that he liked girls that have no flappy lips. Yes, I’ve been lucky to have what what my guy mates call a coin slot pussy, no inner labia although my clit does stick out from my slit all the time.

It’s usually one of my girl mates that tells me that I’ve had a wardrobe malfunction. I’m sure that the guys would never tell me and just enjoy what they can see. What is it with guys and girl’s bodies? I never get all excited when I see a girl naked, but I do get excited when guys see my naked body.

To be honest, I find having to wear a bikini top a bit stupid. It’s not like I have huge tits that need support, mine hardly move when I run around, and I see lots of men on the beach, and at the leisure centre, with bigger tits than mine.

I wouldn’t call myself a slut and I have never had a regular boyfriend, but I have had sex with five of my male mates in that last couple of months. This has always been in alleyways or shop doorways at night when a gang of us have been wandering the streets and the urge has suddenly got the better of me. Fortunately, I went to see a doctor a while back and I left the surgery with an implant in my arm and the hope that what the doctor told me was true, that my periods would stop. He was right.

Now, the real reason for this story.

The hotel has a number of regular guests, some of whom puts on shows at the little theatre that is on our town’s pier. One of these regulars is called Mike and each year he is one of our guests for a month or 6 weeks along with his young girl assistant Jenny.

This year, Mike arrived on his own and when I heard my father asking him where Jenny was Mike told him that she had quit and got a job in a club in London.

“So you’re looking for a new assistant then Mike?” my father asked.

“Yes I am, the show isn’t as good without an attractive young assistant. I get an agency girl but they are always much older and never as good as a girl that I have trained.”

“I can imagine,” my father replied, “half the guys probably only go to the evening shows for a bit of scantily-clad eye candy.”

“Yes, my evening shows are a lot more adult orientated than the afternoon matinees that are directed at the kids although I’m sure that the fathers would appreciate a bit of eye candy in a skimpy swimsuit that the mothers can’t complain about but that never happens. For the matinees my assistant wears a one piece that isn’t at all revealing.”

A couple of days later when I was serving Mike his breakfast I noticed that he was staring at me as I walked up to him and he was still staring at me when I looked back as I opened the door to leave the room. Outside the breakfast room I quickly checked that my skirt and top were in their correct place and that I wasn’t displaying anything that I shouldn’t. I wasn’t.

When I went back to clear the tables I saw that Mike was still there, the other guests having all left.

As I walked to his table I asked if I could get him some more coffee.

“No, no, come here Jodie.”

As I did so I looked down at my chest and saw the usual 2 little tents in my top and as I raised my eyes to look at Mike I saw that his eyes were also looking at those tents. All my 3 protrusions started to tingle.

“Jodie, how are you? You’ve grown a little since I was last here.”

“I’m good thanks Mike. I’m nearly 19 now, I have left school and I am looking for a job.”

“Hmm,” Mike replied and I saw his eyes go slowly from my face down to my feet then slowly back up to my face. The tingling got a little stronger.

“I’m sure that you’ve noticed that Jenny isn’t with me this year, she’s quit and now has a job in some gentlemen’s club in London. I was wondering what you thought of the idea of replacing Jenny as my assistant?”

“What!? Me? I know nothing about magic, nor hypnotism. I’m not sure that I believe that hypnotism is even possible, and I’ve never been on a stage. I don’t know that I could even get on a stage with lots of people looking at me.”

“Jodie, Jenny was just like you when she started, she nearly wet her knickers the first time that she walked onto the stage.”

“I’d probably do the same, no, I don’t think that I could do that, but thank you for the offer.”

“Jodie, please don’t say no just yet, how about you come along to the matinee this afternoon and watch the show then decide?”

“I’ve never been to any show at the Pier.”

“I’m sure that you are not alone in that Jodie, it’s a fact that people rarely go to nearby entertainment. They always put it off thinking that they’ll go tomorrow or the next day but never get around to it. No, please Jodie, come along this afternoon. I’ll leave your name at the ticket office and they’ll let you in for free.”

“I don’t know.”

“Jodie, what have you got planned for this afternoon?”


“Then what have you got to loose?”

“Nothing I guess.”

“So you’ll come?”

“Okay then.”

I collected all the tableware and as I walked out Mike followed me and as I tuned towards the kitchen Mike said,

“You won’t regret it Jodie.”

As I loaded the dishwasher I decided that I really didn’t have anything to loose. If his show was crap I could just get up and walk out.

Later, when mum was getting some lunch ready for the 3 of us, I told my parents what Mike had said.

“You will go won’t you Jodie,” my father said, “it could be the start of a career in show business for you.”

“I only ever went to the theatre on the Pier once, and that was before I met your father.” My mother said, “and that was a magician as well.”

“I went a few years ago.” My father added, “but your mother wouldn’t come with me.”

“That’s because it was a disgusting show, what was that man’s name?”

“Chubby Brown,” my father replied, “and he was hilarious, but never mind that, you should go along this afternoon Jodie and see, I’ve heard that Mike is good. It’s got to be better than hanging around the streets with your mates..”

I did go along and as I approached the little theatre I stopped to look at one of the posters advertising ‘Mike the Magician.’ I’d seen hundreds of poster advertising the different acts over the years but I’d never really taken any notice of them.

Mike the Magician

Matinees with good clean fun for the kids.

Evening shows for the over 18s only.

The poster showed a picture of Mike in a Tuxedo suit holding a rabbit up by its ears and an attractive girl, that looked like how I remembered Jenny, standing next to him with her hands out like she was saying,


I noted that Jenny was only wearing a bikini.

I smiled at the bottom line of text and the photo of Jenny in her bikini and I wondered what the ‘over 18s only’ part meant. I had a quick vision of Mike fucking Jenny on the stage in front of an audience, then quickly dismissed it as being too stupid.

I shrugged my shoulders thinking that the poster would be nothing like the real thing, and I walked to the ticket office.

I gave my name and a girl that I vaguely knew gave me a ticket and said,

“Enjoy the show Jodie.”

In I went and took my seat. I must say that I wasn’t impressed by the number of screaming kids there.

Mike came out onto the stage and started doing his magic tricks and I have to say that he had the kids full attention. He was good. I imagined him going to kids parties at McDonald’s and entertaining the kids.

After a while Mike said that he needed someone to help him with a few tricks and from behind the curtain came a young woman wearing a one piece swimsuit. She looked to be quite a few years older than Jenny or me.

“I guess that that’s what Mike wants me to do?” I thought, “why can’t he use that girl, whoever she is?”

As I thought that I recognised a twinge of jealousy in my thought.

The show went on with all sorts of things appearing from goodness knows where and Mike somehow making the girl disappear then reappear somewhere else. It was all good magic and I never once worked out how he did the tricks.

The audience, including myself, were memorised for over an hour, then Mike said that he was going to hypnotise either his assistant or one of the audience if anyone volunteered.

I shrunk down in my seat as Mike looked around the audience looking to see if anyone was volunteering and I was surprised to see one youngish woman stick her hand up.

“Thank you madam,” Mike said, “is there anyone with you who can look after your kids when I make you act like a baby?”

The woman laughed and said,

“Yeah right.” and the man the other side of a couple of kids stuck his hand up.

“Thank you sir,” Mike said, “I promise that the lovely lady will be returned to you 100% as good as the mother that I’m sure she is.”

Soon the woman was standing on the stage next to Mike and his assistant was walking off the stage.

“Thank you for volunteering madam, I’m Mike, what shall I call you?”


“Okay Carrie, take 3 deep breaths then relax and look into my eyes.”

Carrie did and I could see her visibly relaxing. Mike was talking to Carrie so softly that I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I did see him click his fingers a couple of times.

Within a couple of minutes I could see Carrie just standing there, staring at the floor in front of herself.

“Okay,” Mike said into his microphone, “Let’s see if the hypnotism worked. Carrie, lift your left leg and your right arm.”

Carrie did and people started laughing as Carrie fought to keep her balance. A minute or so later Mike said,

“Okay Carrie, stand normally then sing the last nursery rhyme that you sang to you youngest child.”

Everyone was either laughing or joining in, except for me who was wondering if it was all for real.

Nursery rhyme finished and Carrie still with a straight face, Mike said,

“Carrie, I’m so pleased to see that you are wearing trousers because the next thing that I want you to do is to lay on your back and throw a tantrum like your kids do when they are not happy.”

Everyone laughed as Carrie got on her back and kicked her legs all over the place, thumped the air above her and was screaming her head off.

Mike told Carrie to stop and get to her feet then he got her doing a few more stupid things that I’m sure would have embarrassed her but were all innocent, amusing fun for the audience.

After about 15 minutes Mike clicked his fingers twice, Carrie shook her head a little and asked,

“So when are you going to hypnotise me?”

Everyone laughed then Mike told her that he’d changed his mind and from somewhere came a box of chocolates that he gave to Carrie.

Mike wrapped-up the show and people started leaving but I hung back and when everyone else had left I went to the door that I thought Mike must have gone through. I said sorry, and backed out as I saw that Mike was getting changed and was only wearing his boxer shorts.

“Jodie,” Mike shouted, “don’t go, come in. Don’t get embarrassed by me getting changed, it’s quite common for me and my assistant to have to share a changing room so you’ll have to get used to seeing me get changed, and you doing the same. Do I take it that by being here you want the job?”

“Maybe, it looked easy and fun.”

“It is, but I have to warn you that what you have just seen was the matinee, the evening show is aimed at adults and there will be no one under 18 in the audience.”

“Is it a sex show then?” I asked.

“Grief no, the local council would shut us down within hours. No, it’s good clean fun. You won’t get embarrassed if you end up wearing just your bikini bottoms will you?”

During the couple of seconds before I answered, my brain went into overdrive. Okay, I’d accidentally flashed my little tits a few times and even my slit once, but that was accidental. To be topless in front of a stage audience was very different. Would I be ashamed of my tiny tits? Would Mike go one stage further and get me to take my bikini bottoms off? Would he fuck me on stage? Would he get a member of the audience to fuck me on the stage? Would he get me gang-banged on the stage?

I decided that I’d changed my mind and didn’t want the job but my nipples and clit were telling me otherwise and when my mouth opened I replied,

“That’s fine Mike, if we see each other naked then it’s just showbiz right?”

“Who said anything about you being naked Jodie? That could happen but it’s unlikely. Welcome aboard, I’m sure that you will have a lot of fun and I might even show you how I do some of the tricks. Now, when can you start, tomorrow?”

“Hang on a second, you’ll be hypnotising me right?”


“And people don’t remember what they’ve done when they are ‘under’ right?”

“That is usually the case Jodie.”

“So how do I know that you won’t take advantage of me when I’m ‘under’?”

“You don’t Jodie, but let me tell you straight, I would never get you to do anything that you wouldn’t do normally. If I were to rape you and you complained to the police my career would be ended. No, you will be safe with me.”

My brain went into overdrive again, and I had the same thoughts as before, and I felt my 3 protrusions tingling again.

“Okay Mike,” I finally replied, “I still want to work for you and I’ll have to trust that you won’t get me doing anything embarrassing. Now, when can I start?!

“Well Jodie, my first thought was this evening but on seconds thoughts it had better be tomorrows matinee, that way you can start with the easy session. I hope that you can put up with lots of screaming kids. It will also give me the chance to check-out your bikinis. I saw you sunbathing in one last summer and it wasn’t a bikini that I would recommend you wearing for a matinee.”

“What do you mean, I’ve worn all my bikinis on the beach and at the leisure centre and no one complained?”

“I’m sure that you look amazing in them Jodie but the matinees are a family show so you have to wear a really modest bikini or a one-piece suit. Let’s go back to the hotel and you can model what you’ve got for me.”


As we walked back home I wondered what Mike’s version of ‘modest’ was. I couldn’t see anything wrong with any of my bikinis. Okay, I’d had a few accidental wardrobe malfunctions but I blamed those on the water in the waves pool.

Mike also reminded me that he didn’t just do shows in our town and that he travelled all over the country, a month here, 6 weeks there. He also told me that he often went abroad during the winter months and he hoped that that wouldn’t bother me. Then he dropped a bombshell and he told me that sometimes he could only get one hotel room and that we’d have to share.

“Even the bed?” I asked.

“If there’s no suitable alternative, yes, but we can put pillows between us and sleep the opposite way round.”

I felt that tingling again as I visualized Mike fucking me. Then I said,

“Well I guess that you’ll have seen me either naked or almost naked hundreds of times by then so I’m sure that we can manage.”

“Yes, and we’ll save money as well so it will mean more money for you.”

That idea appealed to me and I asked him just how much I would get paid.

“Well technically you will be self employed but I’ll show you how to do all the stupid government paperwork, but I’ll give to 33% of what I get from the show organisers. That will vary from location to location but I just know that you will be happy with what you earn.”

I thought about the money for a few minutes and decided that it sounded fair but I replied asking if any clothes that I had to buy would be tax deductible.

“Know a bit about taxable income do you Jodie?”

“Only what I’ve heard my mum and dad talk about. Apparently the clothes that I wear when I’m helping at the hotel are tax deductible.”

“Yes they are, essential clothing.”

Shortly after that we arrived at the hotel and I rushed to tell my parents that I now had a job. They were very happy for me then I rushed upstairs to model my bikinis for Mike so that he could judge if they were suitable, or not.

I knocked on Mike’s door and when he opened it. I asked him how he wanted to do it, offering to go to my room and put one on then go to his room and let him look at me.

“Or you could just bring them all here and change into each one here, that way will be much quicker.” Mike suggested.

That made a lot of sense to me but I replied,

“Oh, that would mean that I’d have to get naked before putting each bikini on, and you’d be here in the same room.”

Then I realised that I would soon be getting naked, or nearly naked, in front of Mike just about every day and I continued,

“I guess that I’m going to have to get used to you seeing me naked Mike so I may as well start right now, hang on a second and I’ll go and get them.”

I turned and went and got all my bikinis and was soon back in Mikes room with the pile of my bikinis on his bed.

“Shall I start?” I asked as I felt that nice tingling start again.

“No time like the present.” Mike replied as he sat on the chair to watch me strip for him.

I thought about turning my back to him to change then had second thoughts, thinking,

“What they hell, I’m sure that he’s going to see all of me quite soon so just do it Jodie.”

I put my hands on the hem of my top and slowly pulled it up. As it rose above my little tits I felt my nipples throb a little and realised that stripping for Mike was actually turning me on.

“We’ll have to discuss what you’ll need to do about your hair sometime Jodie.” Mike said as my hands went to the fastener of my skirt.

“What’s wrong with my hair Mike?”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, it’s all part of your amazing loos Jodie, and people love seeing long, blonde hair just like yours Jodie, it’s just that it’s not good for the show if your hair is flying all over the place.”

My fingers were still hovering over the skirt fastener as I replied,

“Do you want me to get it cut real short, like a pixie cut. I’ve always fancied that but my mum persuaded me to keep it long. It nearly reaches my waist now.”

“That’s up to you Jodie, but it’s either cut short or in a pony tail, we can’t have a lot of you covered by hair.”

“I’ll get a pixie cut, I’m old enough to make up my own mind now.”

As I said that last bit I unfastened and unzipped my short skirt and let it fall to the floor leaving me standing totally naked in front of Mike.

“Wow Jodie,” Mike said making me blush a little.


It wasn’t the first time that I’d been totally naked in front of a man. A couple of weeks back when I went to the leisure centre with my mates we decided to use the family changing cubicles and I’d gone in one with a couple of my girl mates. They’d both gone there wearing their bikinis under their dresses and were ready in seconds but I’d stupidly worn shorts with a G-string under them and a tight fitting tank top that got caught in my hair when I was taking it off. I’d already taken my shorts and G-string off so I was just about naked with my top caught over my head.

As I struggled to free myself I felt my mates move me and they giggled as they did so. When I got my top free I saw that I was outside the cubicle and all my guy mates, and another couple of guys, were standing staring at the naked me. What’s more, as my top became free one of my girl mated grabbed it off me, ducked back into the cubicle and shut the door leaving me totally naked in front of 6 guys.

My hands jumped to cover my slit and my tits as I screamed for my mates to open the cubicle door. They made me wait for what seemed like hours before they opened the door and let me in.

I was still blushing a little and cursing my girl mates as we all walked to the pool with me now wearing my bikini.

“You look good totally naked.” Jason, one of my guy mates said.

“Thanks.” I replied, “but you’ve seen me naked before.”

“Yeah, but that was in a dark alleyway at night when we fucked a couple of weeks ago but I couldn’t see much because it was dark. You look so much better in the light.”

“Thanks,” I replied again, adding, “but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to fuck me again. That was a one-off when my lust got the better of me.”

Jason looked a little dejected, but I didn’t care.


“Wow Jodie.” Mike said again bringing me out of my little daydream. “I saw that you weren’t wearing any knickers when you ran upstairs when I checked-in but I guessed that you’d just forgotten to put some on.”

“How do you know that I wasn’t wearing any knickers, maybe I was wearing a G-string or a thong.”

“Oh you definitely weren’t wearing either of those, I got a glimpse of that very cute pussy.”

I blushed a little and struggled to not move my hands to cover my little tits and slit.

“Shall we get on with the little fashion show Jodie? I know that I’ve picked the right girl to be my assistant by the fact that you seem happy to stand there totally naked in front of me.”

“I wouldn’t say that I’m happy standing here like this Mike, it’s embarrassing, but it’s the job.”

As I did so I realised that I had lied, my nipples and clit were throbbing and my pussy was leaking something rotten.

“Don’t worry about being embarrassed Jodie, you’ll soon get used to it. You may even get to enjoy it like you are now.”

“What do you mean Mike?” I asked

“Well, with you not having been wearing any knickers you’ve been leaking a bit and your slit and the tops of your inner thighs look quite shiny.”

“Now you really are embarrassing me Mike.” I replied as I felt my face heat up and my 3 protrusions throb a little.

“Don’t be embarrassed Jodie, it’s perfectly natural.”

“That’s easy for you to say Mike.”

I suddenly got an attack of bravery and said,

“So Mike, will this body do for your your assistant?”

“It’s perfect Jodie. I like that your breasts are nice and small, that you shave everywhere below your neck, and that you have a very nice coin-slot pussy.”

My face got a little hotter and my 3 protrusions throbbed even more. My bravery quickly disappeared and I reached for the first bikini.

As I stepped into the bottoms I said,

“So my tits aren’t too small for your assistant Mike?”

“Hell no, men may go on about big tits but in reality, most men prefer nice small ones and yours fit that de***********ion perfectly.”

I smiled and pulled the bikini bottoms up. Then put the top on and stood facing Mike.

“Do a 360 please Jodie.”

I did, then as I was facing Mike again he said,

“Nice, you look good in it. Try the next one please.”

I only had 4 bikinis and 2 of them were from the previous year. After I’d modelled all 4 of them I took the last one off, stood totally naked right in front of Mike and said,

“So what do you think Mike, are any of them any good for the evening shows?”

“Well Jodie, you looked amazing in all of them, you have good taste. You look even better as you are right now but we can’t start the show with you like that even though I suspect that you would like to.”

Before I could deny it Mike continued,

“Tomorrow morning we’ll go into town and get you some new ones. I see that one of those that you showed me has a G-string back, do you like bikinis like that?”

“I do.”

“Good, at least we’ll be able to start the show with your butt on display.”

I felt my 3 protrusions throb again and I felt my hole leak a bit. At least putting the bikini bottoms on had dried me but I was starting to leak again.


I said, still standing right in front of Mike totally naked and not even trying to cover any part of me. In fact, at that moment I realised that I was stood with my feet about shoulder width apart. With Mike being sat on the chair in front of me he must have been able to see my clit and all of my slit. I wondered if my hole had opened up a bit and he could see that.

“Err Mike,” I continued as I looked at his eyes and saw that they were looking at my pussy. “Am I expected to pay for these new bikinis and a swimsuit for the matinees, because I don’t have much money.”

Mike laughed a bit then replied,

“No Jodie, I’ll treat you, after all, I’m getting a new, totally awesome, beautiful assistant who obviously likes showing off her naked body.”

“I, I, I don’t like showing my naked body to the whole world. If it wasn’t a proper show I wouldn’t even take my top off.”

As I was saying that it dawned on me that Mike was right, not only was I enjoying standing right in front of him totally naked, I was actually looking forward to him somehow getting me naked on that stage in front of a hundred or so strangers. The throbbing got stronger and I felt my pussy leak some more.

“Okay Jodie, if you say so. Now, I think a little celebration is called for, meet me outside the theatre at 10 p.m. and I’ll treat you to a nice meal.”

“Are you going to use that agency girl for tonight’s show?”


“I’ll do it.” I quickly replied.

“You don’t know what to expect Jodie, and those bikinis have quite a lot of fabric in them.”

“I know, don’t go away.”

I grabbed the bikinis and dashed out of the room, not even thinking about the fact that I was totally naked. In my room I dived into my underwear draw and pulled out a bra and G-string set that I’d bought a couple of months ago when the weather wasn’t as warm. Clutching them in one hand I ran back to Mike’s room. Only vaguely noticing a man in a business suit coming up the stairs and staring at me. I stood in front of Mike again and said,

“Will these do instead of a bikini?”

Mike looked at the little bits of lingerie in my hand, smiled then told me to put them on.

As I was doing so I realised that I was really enjoying myself.

Once clothed with all the strings tied, I again stood right in front of Mike with my feet well apart.

“Wow Jodie, you look amazing. I like see-through underwear, do you?”

“I got them a couple of months ago when the weather wasn’t as warm.”

“Well I doubt that those would keep you warm, there’s nothing to them.”

“Yes there is, my tits are covered and so is my pussy.”

“They may be covered but they don’t hide anything, I can see the front of your slit and your clit that is making a little tent and from what I saw when you put those knickers on, your butt is fully exposed. If you were laid on your back I’m sure that I’d be able to see all of your pussy, just like I can see all of your tits.”

“Isn’t this what you want your assistant to look like Mike? I can adjust the bottoms so that they don’t cover the front of my slit and even my clit if you want. I went to the beach on my own last week with just these on and I pulled the fabric right back so that my clit was on show. A lot of guys stared at me.”

“I bet that they did, you look amazing Jodie, that lingerie is perfect for the job, just remember to never tie any of the knots tightly, it needs to come off easily.”

I giggled a little as I said,

“I bet that that agency girl doesn’t wear anything like this.”

Mike nearly choked a cough then replied,

“Hell no, her bikinis are industrial strength. Are you really prepared to step onto a stage wearing just those Jodie?”

“I’m guessing that you’ll find some way of getting them off me at some point so yes, why not? So can I do tonight’s show with you?”

“Yes Jodie, you can. We’ll leave here in about an hour so that I can run through the show with you, is that okay?”

“Perfect.” I replied as the throbbing in my 3 protrusions got even stronger.

“I’d take that G-string off if I were you Jodie, if you don’t it will be dripping wet before we even get to the theatre.”

For some reason I didn’t blush nor feel embarrassed about that remark and I quickly pulled the knickers, and the bra off.

“Go Jodie, and do whatever it is that you girls do. I have some phone calls to make. See you downstairs in an hour.”

I almost skipped out of Mike’s room and down the corridor, smiling at the different man that was walking towards me.

Back in my room I jumped on my bed, spread my legs wide and my fingers got busy. As my climax was building I again had visions of me getting fucked on the stage in front of dozens of strangers. Those visions didn’t last long because my climax came quite quickly, so quick that my fingers kept going and brought me to another one.


Forty-five minutes later I was dressed in a different top and skirt, and downstairs telling my mum and dad that I was about to make my stage debut. I didn’t tell them that I’d be wearing just the minuscule lingerie that I had in my purse, nor that I expected to be naked soon after the show started, and hopefully getting fucked on the stage.

“We’ll have to come and see you perform sometime.” My dad said.

“You’ll have to go on your own, that disgusting man has put me off that place for life.” My mum added.

I had a sudden vision of my dad watching me get fucked on the stage and my body shivered at the thought. Thankfully, I didn’t have the chance to think about it any more as I heard Mike say,

“Are you ready Jodie?”

I turned as my mum said,

“Thank you for giving my daughter a job Mike.”

“My pleasure, Jodie is perfect for the role.”

“Have you got any makeup in that little bag?” Mike asked.

“No, I don’t usually wear any.”

“A bit of eye makeup and lipstick will help. Not for you Jodie, you look amazing as you are, it’s for the audience, it will help to make your face stand out.”

I instantly knew what he meant and I turned and ran upstairs. I was back down within a minute and we left the building.

As we walked out the anticipation of what I guessed was going to happen was really getting to me.

“I’m a bit nervous Mike.” I said, then added, “and excited.”

“Pussy throbbing and leaking is it Jodie?”


“Bring yourself off just before we go on stage, that will relax you a bit and make it easier for you.”

“You want me to bring myself off in front of you?”

“Yes, I know that you want to, and it will help you.”

As we walked I remembered that I’d never masturbated in front of anyone before, but Mike was right, I did want to do it in front of him.

“I saw that you were knickerless when you went upstairs Jodie.”

“Yes, I didn’t want to get the G-string wet before the show starts.”

“Good girl. We’ll soon make you a star performer.”

I felt good, nervous and excited as we kept walking.

When we got to the theatre we went in a back door and it seemed strange seeing the place empty and very quiet. Mike led me to the dressing room and said,

“This is it, dressing rooms are usually quite, shall I say ‘friendly’. I could ask if there is another one that you could use Jodie.”

“No, no, this will do just fine. Do I get naked now or wait until later?”

“That’s up to you but I suggest that you do so that you get used to being here with next to nothing on.”

“Good idea.” I replied, not letting on that I did actually want to get naked. The thought of being naked in a place like that was really exciting.

Again, Mike watched as I took my top off then my skirt.” I was about to take my shoes off when Mike said,

“Leave the heels on Jodie, a girl wearing just heels looks sexier than a totally naked one, Something to do with the way heels make a girl walk.”

As I stood up straight I realised that he was right, I’d noticed it when one of my girl mates came out one night wearing a mini skirt and heels. She was walking differently and my guy mates obviously liked walking behind her.

“I’m going to need some more heels then Mike, these are the only pair that I have.”

“We’ll sort that out in the morning Jodie, come on and I’ll run through how the show will go.

If I thought that standing in an empty theatre with no clothes on was strange, then standing on the stage in an empty theatre without any clothes on felt even stranger.

The stage already had Mike’s big box of props on it, along with a small table, a chair and some other things that I didn’t know what they were.

Mike started by saying that we’d walk into the stage holding hands and with our spare hand we’d wave at the audience as they hopefully clapped. Then he told me that he’d introduce himself then me and at that point I was to do a curtsey.

As he said that I took note of the fact that we were at the front of the stage and the front row of seats was less that 2 metres in front of us.

“They’ll see my pussy when I curtsey.” I thought then remembered that I’d have the bra and G-string on.

Mike then ran through the show with me not exactly absorbing what he was saying, although I did catch that he would magically remove my bra then the G-string at some point. My 3 protrusions started tingling as I thought about me suddenly becoming totally naked in front of the audience.

I’m sure that I missed most of what was going to happen but I was hopeful that I could just wing it.

Back in dressing room Mike told me to tie my hair up into a ponytail, put my eye makeup and my lipstick on. After I’d done that I picked up the bra and G-string but Mike stopped me. In his hand he had a lot of coloured bits on fabric.

“What are those?” I asked.

“Bunting Jodie. What I was thinking was something that I did with Jenny most nights, either her or me, pushed it all this up her vagina then part way through the show after I’d magically got her naked I’d do a bit more magic and make the line of similar bunting on the wall disappear. Then I’d call her over and get her to stand with her feet well apart and I’d delve into her pussy, find the end of the bunting and slowly pull it out of her. It never hurt her and the bunting is only 10 metres long

I looked at the bunting in Mikes hand and saw that it didn’t take up much space.

“Jenny, or you, pushed all that lot up her pussy?”

“Yes, it goes in quite easy, especially when the vagina is well lubricated like your is. Does yours ever get dry Jodie? It’s always been wet when I’ve seen it?”

“Not very often these days, I guess that it’s a phase that I’m going through. Okay, if Jenny did it then I’m sure that I can, will you help me, I’m guessing that there’s a right and a wrong way to do it.”

“There is Jodie, sit on the edge of the counter, spread your legs and I’ll show you.”

I did, and as I watched the bunting disappear I realised that he was feeding it in from one end. That made sense to me and as the last of it it was disappearing I asked,

“Did you tell me about the bunting whilst we were on the stage Mike, I can’t remember you telling me.”

“No Jodie, there’s a few surprises for you later but I needed to get this one resolved before we go out there.”

So what else did you put up Jenny’s pussy Mike?”

Mike opened a box and I saw one of those vibrating eggs and a few coins.

“Does that vibrator work?”

“It does, and I charged the battery yesterday. Jenny knew just when to push it up her hole and after I’d hypnotised her I’d get her to pretend to be a chicken and lay the egg. She’d always ask me where the egg had gone after I brought her out of her hypnotic trance.”

“Was she really hypnotised?”

“Yes she was.”

“And you want to hypnotise me and make me lay an egg?”

“Only if you are happy for me to do that?”

“Why not, if Jenny could do it then I guess that I can, and I know that you won’t hurt me.”

“No I won’t, and I won’t make you do anything that I don’t think that you really want to do.”

What I didn’t tell Mike was that that sounded amazing, especially in front of an audience, but then I had a horrible thought, would I remember any of it?”

As I was putting the G-string and bra on I had a quick thought about how my life had changed in the last day. I’d gone from an almost innocent, unemployed 18 year old girl to being an exhibitionist who was about to display herself to around 100 strangers. Okay, I’d had a few accidental exposures and they had turned me on, but this was going way beyond anything that I ever dreamt of, and I was loving it.

“And what other things did Jenny have in her pussy that you’d magically put there from somewhere else?” I asked as I adjusted the G-string so that my lips were covered.

“Nothing, to start the show with, but that often changed as I adapted the show to the audience.”

“So anything could happen to me?”

“Well yes, but as I’ve said, I promise that you won’t get hurt and that you’ll enjoy yourself.”

“How will I know if I’m enjoying myself if you hypnotise me?”

“In your hypnotic state you will be acting normally and your brain will only let you do what you want to do. All your senses will be functioning as normal, it’s just that when I bring you out of your hypnotic state you will remember nothing of what you did when you were under. You won’t be hypnotised all the time Jodie, just trust me, by the time the curtain goes down I can guarantee that you will be one happy girl but you won’t know why. Do you trust me Jodie?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Good, now pull that G-string down, jump up on the counter and bring yourself off. We’ve just got time before the curtain goes up.”

“Are you going to watch me Mike?”


“Are you going to video me doing it?” I said as I saw him get his phone out of his pocket.

“Wow, it was 2 months before Jenny wanted me to video her doing it.”

I smiled as the G-string hit the floor and I jumped up onto the counter and spread my legs. I watched Mike point his phone at my pussy as my fingers got to work. My pussy wasn’t as wet as it normally is but I put that down to what was inside it. I quickly realised that it wasn’t going to take long and within a couple of minutes I was shaking and shouting,


The video was still recording as I came down from my high and Mike asked,

“Feeling more relaxed now Jodie, ready to go out there and look professional?”

“Yes Mike, I am, but I may have to do that every night before the show starts.”

“That’s fine with me, anything that helps you. Now get those knickers on and follow me out there.”

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