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By chance, Freya is offered a job as a Magician's Assistant and things couldn't have worked out better for her.
The Magician

by Vanessa Evans

Part 2

Mike actually held my hand as he led me out onto the stage and I gripped his hand hard as soon as I heard the audience talking. We were still behind the curtain but the noise of them talking was enough to both terrify me and excite me so much that my 3 protrusions started tingling again.

With us both stood in the front, middle of the stage and staring at the closed curtains, they both started opening and I gripped Mike’s hand even harder as he whispered,

“Smile Jodie.”

The audience started cheering and clapping and I wasn’t sure if it was for Mike, or for the nearly naked 18 year old girl beside him.

The applause died down and Mike started talking. After introducing himself he turned to me and introduced me. I remembered the curtsey and I felt the G-string slide into my slit as my right leg went more sideways than back.

When I stood up straight Mike started his show and I stepped to the side where Mike had told me to go. Mike was doing all the work and all I had to do was help him when he asked me so I had time to look at the audience, some of whom were only a couple of metres in front of me.

I glanced down and confirmed that my 3 protrusions were making little tents in my G-string and bra. The G-string had slid between my lips and the only part that it covered was my clit, and if I could see that then so could the audience. I had a quick attack of shame, embarrassment and exhilaration.

It was at that moment that I decided that whenever I was just standing on the stage I’d keep my feet about shoulder width apart so that the audience would be able to see my pussy. As I shuffled them apart I thought,

“You slut Jodie, you’re one hell of an exhibitionist.” But my 3 protrusions were throbbing and I was very happy.

Then I heard Mike asked me to take a bunch of artificial flowers from him and I realised that I hadn’t even seen where they came from. I went and got them, then put them behind his props box then went and stood with my legs spread again, but this time a little nearer the front of the stage.

“You slut Jodie,” I again thought as I smiled as I looked out at the audience hoping and not hoping that I saw someone that I knew.

And so it went on for what must have been a good 15 minutes with Mike doing all sorts of magic tricks. Most of which I’d seen on the television. I was starting to relax and get used to being nearly naked whilst being stared at by all those people. My 3 protrusions were still throbbing but not quite as much and I realised that the novelty was wearing off just a little.

“I hope that I never get to the stage where I can be out here like this and not feel horny.” I thought just before Mike called me over.

He stood between me and the audience then he started walking from side to side of the stage whilst talking about illusions. After he passed in front of me the third time, still walking at the same pace and talking to the audience, I heard a gasp from the audience and I realised that I’d felt something that tickled me a little.

I looked down I saw that my bra had gone. I was now topless in front of around 100 strangers.

Natural female instinct took over and my hands went to cover my little tits whilst a shocked expression came on my face.

The next time that Mike walked passed I felt another tickle and heard more cheering from the audience. I looked down and saw that my G-string had gone and, because my feet were still well apart, I could see most of my slightly open slit and my centimetre long clit sticking out of it.

“Oh my gawd, he’s done it,” I thought, “I haven’t a clue how but Mike has got me totally naked in front of all those people.”

The throbbing got much stronger as female instinct took over and my right hand moved down to cover my pussy.

Mike stopped walking, turned to look at me and said,

“Oh my Jodie, how did that happen?”

My hands left my body as I put my hands in front of me, palms up, as if to say,

“I haven’t a clue.”

“Okay Jodie,” Mike said, “let me do something that will make your embarrassment go away. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m now going to mix both magic and hypnotism.”

He came and stood in front of me, real close, and he started to tell me to relax and breath deeply.

“Here we go.” I thought, “please let me remember what Mike makes me do.”

I’ll admit that Mike’s soft, calm talking did make me relax and feel a bit sleepy but I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was totally naked on a stage in front of around 100 strangers. I actually realised that I was thinking more about my nudity than what Mike was saying.

Then Mike’s voice tone changed and I heard him say,

“When I click my fingers once and say the word ‘elephant’, your mind will go blank for a second and then you will do every thing that I, and only I, tell you. You will loose all of your inhibitions, all your embarrassment and you will want to live out all your fantasies.

When I click my fingers once and say the word ‘horny’, you will feel an overwhelming rush of hormones and you will have an orgasm and the orgasm will keep going until I click my fingers once and say ‘stop’.

When I click my fingers once and say the word ‘stronger’ your orgasm will get 10 times stronger.

When I click my fingers once and say the word ‘stop’ your will stop whatever you are doing and just freeze.

When I click my fingers twice and say the word ‘giraffe’, you will wake up and not remember anything that you have just done but you will feel very relaxed, content and happy.

These feeling and reactions will continue for the rest of your life, but remember, it is only my voice that can trigger these reaction”

Mike then clicked his fingers twice and said the word ‘giraffe’. I just stood there staring at his eyes and wondering if I was supposed to be hypnotised.

“Right everyone, let’s see if this worked.”

Mike clicked his fingers once and said ‘elephant’. I just stared straight ahead and thought,

“Was I supposed to be hypnotised? I don’t feel any different. Should I say something, tell Mike that it didn’t work? No, best if I just go along with it and do whatever Mike tells me. Wow, I guess that if Mike says the word ‘horny’ I’m going to have to cum, in front of all these people. The way that I’m feeling at the moment I certainly won’t need to fake it.”

“Jodie, lift both your arms and point to the sky.”

I did.

“Jodie, sing your favourite song.”

I did, thinking that I felt stupid, but I didn’t show that, I put a smile on my face.

“Jodie, flap your arms like a chicken does and make chicken sounds.”

I did, and felt really stupid. I also thought that maybe something was wrong, Mike hadn’t put the egg vibrator inside me. I could hear the audience laughing as I continued to act stupid until Mike finally told me to stop. Mike turned to the audience and said,

“Well, I’m sure that you all agree, Jodie is now under my control, there’s no was that any self respecting 18 year old girl would have just done what Jodie has just done.”

I was just stood there, feet well apart, facing the audience, looking at the floor just in front of me, and I was totally naked.

“Well everyone, it looks like my hypnotism worked, I guess that I should get Jodie to do something that all of you will like, has anyone got any suggestions?”

I managed to keep a straight face but inside I was as excited as I could be, and also fearful of what someone would suggest.

“Get her to play with her pussy.” A man shouted.

If I wasn’t pretending to be ‘under’ I would probably have told him to fuck off, but somehow I managed to keep a straight face but when Mike told me to go and get the chair and put it right at the front of the stage I just knew that I would be bringing myself off with a 100 or so people watching. My 3 protrusions really were throbbing.

“Sit on the front edge of the chair Jodie, lay back and spread your legs as wide as you can.”

As I did that I just knew that everyone was seeing every little bit of my wet pussy. I was a bit surprised that outside my pussy felt wet because of the bunting, but it definitely did. I wondered if my juices would be literally dripping off it when Mike eventually pulled it out of me.

The wet bit was confirmed when a man shouted out,

“Bloody hell, she’s dripping.”

“Now play with yourself until you cum Jodie.”

I started and heard Mike say,

“We’ll let this one be a genuine orgasm, but after that I’ll make her cum just by telling her to cum.”

“Oh my gawd, my first public orgasm, this is going to be awesome.” I thought.

And it was. Unfortunately it didn’t take me long to get there but I was so horny that as soon as it started to subside my fingers kept going and a couple of minutes later I was back up there. As that one started to subside I heard Mike click his fingers and say ‘stop’.

Reluctantly I stopped and my right hand fell to my side, but I left my legs wide open letting the audience see all of my pussy which I was sure was still having little convulsions.

“Okay Jodie,” Mike said, “now back to some magic, come and stand beside the table.”

I did, but was a little disappointed that I had to close my legs.

Mike then did that card trick where he gets someone to *********** a card from the deck then put it back in before he shuffles the deck and pulls out the card that whoever had pulled out earlier, but Mike did it a bit different. What he did was to fan out the deck of cards to show everyone that they were all different, then he gave me the deck and told me to go into the audience and from all over the room to get 5 different people to *********** a card and hold on to it.

“This could be interesting.” I though as Mike gave me the deck and I headed down into the audience. I wasn’t going to *********** 5 people next to each other, nor on the end of rows,. Instead I worked my way down 5 different rows to near the middle.

It wasn’t a luxury theatre and all the rows were right on top of each other so knees had to move as I shuffled along facing the people in the seat with my pussy and tits right in front of their faces. I took my time and I counted 6 times that a hand went around my bare body as I passed someone. The first person to touch me was a young woman who’s hand went round my thigh and her fingers just touched my pussy. When I looked back at her I saw that she was licking her fingers.

People around her must have realised what was going on and everyone after that who touched me somehow managed to find my pussy then lick their fingers.

When I got back to the stage I gave Mike the rest of the deck of cards and he fanned them out on the table, face down. He studied them then announced,

“If any of the 5 people with cards has the 3 of Clubs, please hold it up.”

Amazingly, a hand went up holding the 3 of Clubs.

Then, one by one Mike announce 4 more cards and low and behold, each one got held in the air.

After the applause died down Mike told me to go and collect the 5 cards which I did in the same way, but from the other end of the 5 rows. Unsurprisingly, many hands found my pussy as I shuffled passed them and by the time I got back on the stage I was almost ready to cum again.

Just as I was walking towards Mike I heard a loud bang coming from the back of the stage. I looked in that direction just like everyone else in the room, and I saw one of the lengths of bunting flutter down to the stage floor behind a half-height curtain.

“You just can’t get the quality stagehands these days.” Mike said, “I’d better go and pick that up before someone trips over it, you know what Health and Safety are like these days. Hang on a minute.”

Mike walked to the back of the stage and pretended to be looking for the bunting. After a minute or so he turned and walked back to the front of the stage and said,

“I can’t find it, oh wait, I have an idea where it could have gone. Jodie, come over here please.”

When I got there he told me to spread my feet wide and his right hand went to my pussy. I gasped as his fingers went inside me and came out with the end of the bunting that was inside me. Everyone cheered as Mike slowly pulled the bunting out.

Now if you remember, it was around 10 metres that Mike stuffed in my pussy and pulling 10 metres out, slowly, took ages. It didn’t help that I clenched my pussy muscles and Mike pretended that the bunting must have got caught on something.

Of course, I’d put a surprised look on my face and I looked down to watch it coming out of me.

All that friction inside my pussy had an effect that I hadn’t thought of and I found myself moaning and eventually cumming just before the last of the bunting came out of me.

“That was a pleasant surprise.” I thought.

All the bunting out and my orgasm nearly forgotten, Mike said,

“Jodie, why did you hide the bunting in your pussy?”

I just shrugged my shoulders.

“I think that you need to be punished so that you don’t do that again.”

I put a sad look on my face and thought,

“Is Mike really going to punish me right here on the stage in front of all these people?”

“Turn your back to the audience Jodie, spread your feet as wide as you can, bend over and grab hold of your ankles.”

“Bloody hell he is,” I thought. “I’ve never been spanked before, will it hurt? And Oh my gawd, everyone is going to see my very spread pussy.”

Mike left me like that, fully exposed to the audience as he asked for volunteers to come and spank me. Unsurprisingly, there was no shortage of those and Mike ***********ed 4 of them, all men, to come up onto the stage.

By then, my pussy was literally dripping and I could see a puddle starting to form on the floor.

“Gentlemen,” Mike said, “5 swats each but don’t do them so hard that you knock her off her feet.”

Seconds later I felt the first swat land on my butt. It stung like hell for a few seconds then wasn’t too bad.

“Bloody hell, I’ve got another 19 coming, I hope that I survive.” I thought just before the second swat landed.

That second swat was different to the first in that the hand stayed on my butt for a few seconds and rubbed my butt, the hand going almost to my pussy. By the time the fifth swat landed the finger did find my pussy and slid inside me for a couple of seconds.

The other 3 guys must have been watching because the swats became an excuse to finger me and by the time it was over I was very close to the edge.

“Stand up Jodie.” I did, still with my back to the audience and my feet not quite as wide apart.

“Now Jodie, you will do 10 jumping jacks facing the audience.”

I turned and started and instantly realised that something was different, I felt like I had eaten a big meal and that I wanted a pee. As I got to the fifth jumping jack I realised that something inside me was trying to get out, and it wasn’t pee.

By the eighth jumping jack I just had to stop. I did and put my hand on my pussy just in time to catch the egg vibrator. I genuinely looked shocked because I hadn’t a clue how Mike had managed to get that egg inside me.

“Oh good,” Mike said, “the chicken has finally laid an egg.”

The audience were all applauding and when it got quiet Mike said,

“Well ladies and gentlemen, and others, that is the end of the show, just one more thing to do,”

Mike clicked his fingers and said the word ‘giraffe’ and I shook my head, looked all around me then at my hand which still had the egg vibrator in it.

“That’s it, thank you everyone, I hope that you enjoyed the show, take care and goodnight.”

Mike took my empty hand and led me off the stage.

“What’s going on Mike, where did this come from?”

Mike didn’t answer me because he pulled me back onto the stage for an encore. Somehow I managed to do another curtsey then we left the stage.

Back in the dressing room Mike said,

“That’s it Jodie, you’ve done your first evening show, how was it for you?”

“It wasn’t a very long show Mike,” I replied, “I remember you somehow taking my lingerie off me then nothing until you closed it all down. Did you hypnotise me or are you leaving that until I’m familiar with the rest of the show? And why does my butt feel hot and how did this egg get in my hand?”

Mike smiled then turned me and lifted me up onto the counter. As my butt met the counter I said,

“Ouch, what happened to my butt?”

“So you don’t remember anything after I stripped you naked?”

“No.” I lied.

“Good, I haven’t lost my touch then.”

I heard Mike click his fingers once and say the word ‘elephant’ and I just stared straight ahead.

“Jeez,” I thought, “what’s he going to do to me now, there’s no audience here to see me.”

Then Mike clicked his fingers once and said the word ‘horny’,

I instantly remembered and I could feel an orgasm quickly building. Just before I went over the edge I thought,

“Is this his hypnotism working or is it everything that has happened just coming out of me?”

I didn’t manage to answer my own question as my body started shaking and I almost shouted,

“Fuck, I’m cuuummmmiiinnnnggg.”

Mike clicked his fingers once and said the word ‘stronger’.

My orgasm certainly got more intense and I felt Mike’s hands on my hips. That didn’t help, or did it, as my body started jerking about.

After goodness know how long, Mike clicked his fingers once and said the word ‘stop’ and the orgasm quickly died away.

Mike lifted my head, kissed my forehead and quietly said,

“Thank you Jodie.”

He then clicked his fingers twice and said the word ‘giraffe’, and I lifted my head.

“How did your hands get on my hips Mike?” I asked.

“I thought that you were about to slip off there Jodie, you are sitting in a puddle of your juices.

“I feel a bit tired Mike, is there anything else that I need to do before I go home to my bed?”

“No, but I was going to ask you to come for a meal with me before we go back to the hotel.”

“Can we make that fish and chips and eat them as we walk please?”

“What other way is there to eat fish and chips?”

I smiled then slid off the counter and said,

“Let’s go.”

“Err, don’t you want to put some clothes on before we leave here Jodie?”

“Not really, but I guess that I should, I’m really getting used to this being naked most of the time.”

As we walked to the chip shop Mike asked,

“So Jodie, are you still game for becoming my permanent assistant?”

“Yes I am, so what did you do to me whilst I was hypnotised Mike? Why does my butt hurt?”

“Hmm, a magician’s secrets are his secrets and he cannot divulge them to anyone who isn’t a member of the magic circle.”

“But Mike, I don’t know what you made me do and if I enjoyed it?”

“Jodie, I didn’t make you do anything that you didn’t want to do, and it was easy to tell that you were enjoying every second of it.”

“But Mike!”

“Maybe one day Jodie, eat up, you need to get some sleep and I want us to be at the shops early.”

“Yes Mike,” I thought, “and maybe one day I’ll tell you that you didn’t manage to hypnotise me.”

But as we walked and ate, I wondered if I had really been hypnotised. I’d cum when he told me to in the dressing room, and it had got more intense when he told me it would. Had I actually been ‘under’ or had it not worked and I was just going along with it but remembering what he was making me do. I honestly didn’t know but I really had enjoyed myself.

Back at the hotel Mike went to his room and I went looking for my mother and father. Dad had gone to bed but I found mum in the kitchen getting things ready to start the breakfasts in the morning.

“So Jodie, is it back to just me and your dad running this place?”

“Yes mum, but not for a few weeks until Mike and I move on to the next booking.”

“And where might that be?”

“I have no idea, I haven’t asked.”

“Well the important thing is that you have a job and that you are enjoying it.”

“I am mum, I really am.”

I went to my room and used the ensuite bathroom before getting in my bed. I was too excited to fall asleep straight away so I spread my legs wide and my fingers got busy. My pussy felt a little sore but I didn’t care, I swore that I’d find some more bunting made of a softer fabric, and that I’d find a way of getting the egg switched on when it was inside me.

I also tried t count the number of orgasms that I’d had that day but I lost count just before the very satisfying orgasm arrived, then fell asleep.


“Damned alarm.” I thought as it woke me up.

I quickly discovered that my fingers were still on my still wet pussy so I played with my clit for a couple of minutes before tossing the duvet off me.

Twenty minutes later I was dressed and down in the kitchen helping mum and dad. Whilst I was in the shower I closely inspected my pussy as I shaved it. I had wondered id it would look any different after all that had happened, but it didn’t.

“Are you still good for going shopping?” Mike asked as I walked into the dining room.

“Of course.” I replied as I put his breakfast in front of him..

“Not changed your mind then?”

“Stop asking that Mike, well not until 2124.”

We both laughed and I continued serving the guests.

Forty-five minutes later I was downstairs waiting for Mike. I’d changed into just a dress after finishing the breakfasts. It was an old, cotton summer dress that was arguably way too short on me. It only just covered my butt and pussy when I was stood up straight.

“Not remembered that you will be trying shoes on have you Jodie?” Mike asked as he came down the stairs.

“No, a girl never forgets when she’s going to get some new shoes and clothes.” I replied, not realising what he was getting at.

“Okay, as long as you are happy Jodie, you look great by the way.”

As we walked to the shopping area we talked about what Mike was going to buy me.

“I don’t like the idea of granny style one-piece swimsuits Mike.” I said,

“I know, but remember who the matinee audience is, we can’t even give the mothers a hint of your good bits.”

“I know,” I replied as I giggled a little.

“So what lingerie shops are there here Jodie?”

“Only a couple, to be honest we’d be better buying lingerie online, that’s what I did.”

“We’ll have a look and see what they’ve got, at least it will give you the opportunity to flash your goods to any males that are there.”

“And why would I want to do that Mike?”

“After seeing you perform last night I just know that you do.”

I just smiled and kept walking.

What I did notice as we walked was that the air temperature hadn’t got very warm yet and it was tickling my pussy, a nice tickle. I told Mike and all he said was,

“Enjoy it while you can.”

Because it was still early the shops weren’t very busy which meant that there were no staff around to tell me not to come out of the changing room whilst I was trying on clothes. In each of the lingerie shops I tried on 3 or 4 bras and G-strings sets, and in each one I went out to show Mike.

Only twice did a man do a double take when he saw me.

As it turned out we only found one set that we both agreed would be suitable, i.e. brief, see-through and with string ties.

From there we went to a big department store and found the one piece swimsuits. They had nothing that I would even consider wearing to the beach or leisure centre and as we were browsing I said to Mike,

“I’d rather be seen naked than in any of these.”

Then I realised what I’d said and we both laughed a little.

We did manage to find a couple of swimsuits that Mike though would be suitable. They were both made of thick fabric and when I modelled them for Mike he said that he couldn’t even see the little tents where my nipples and clit were.

Happy that the suits would be suitable of the matinees, Mike bought them, but as we walked out of the store I said,

“Don’t ever tell me to wear those anywhere other than on stage.”

“Don’t worry Jodie, I won’t. I hate them as much as you do but needs must.”

From there we went to a shoe shop. It was a new one that I hadn’t been to before and when we went in we saw that it was a self-service store. That wasn’t the only surprise, one of the sales assistants was a guy that I knew. He’s about a year older than me and he too had dropped out of school as soon as he reached 18.

“Hi Tom.” I said when I saw him.

“Oh hi Jodie, how are you keeping, is this your dad?”

“Hell no, this is Mike, Mike the Magician, from the theatre on the pier. I’ve got a job as his assistant.”

“Good for you Jodie, not a lot of good jobs around here are there?”

“I like my new job. Oh Tom, this is Mike, Mike, Tom. Tom and I went to school together.”

“Pleased to meet you Tom, you should come and see the show, the evening show that is, I can guarantee that you’ll love it.”

I felt my face get a bit warm as I realised that Mike was telling an old school friend to come and see me naked and doing goodness knows what. I saw Tom look me up and down and I wondered if he could see my pussy below my very short dress.

“I might just do that Mike. If there’s anything that I can help you with just give me a shout.”

“Will do Tom, thanks.” Mike replied and we headed off to look for some heels.

We found the appropriate aisle and a few shoes that I liked. Mike and I got out the boxes that were marked as the size that I needed and took them to the little seating island where people could try on their choices.

As soon as I sat down I felt the cold plastic on my bare butt and I thought that I’d have to be careful how I tried on each pair. When I took the first shoe out of the fist box and bent forward to put it on I saw that my bald pubis was on display.

“You should spread your knees a bit.” Mike said, “more stable.”

I wasn’t sure that that made any sense but I did it anyway and immediately realised that my slit and clit were now on display but I wasn’t really worried as only Mike was near me and he’d seen my pussy many times in the last 24 hours or so.

I got on with trying the shoes on and when I’d got each pair on I got up and did a little walk over to a mirror. I smiled when I saw myself in the mirror because my dress was so short. It had rucked-up a bit that I could see my slit and clit, but as no one else was around I didn’t bother pulling it down.

When I tried another pair I was having a bit of a problem with some fancy fastenings and as I struggled I heard Mike say,

“Tom, could you come and give Jodie a hand please?”

Before I realised it Tom was on his knees in front of me. As I sat up I saw Tom’s eyes move up from my feet to my uncovered pussy. My heart skipped a beat then I felt all my 3 protrusions start to tingle.

As my face heated up a bit I thought,

“Sod it, lots of people saw my pussy last night so one more makes no difference.”

Then I remembered that it was Tom, a guy that I’d know for years.

“Shit,” I thought, “Tom’s bound to tell lots of his friends and my friends that he’s seen my pussy. The whole town will know in no time.”

I felt the tingling get stronger and my pussy told my brain to get over it and enjoy the attention. I looked over to Mike and saw that he was smiling so I did everything that I could think of to keep Tom on his knees in front of me.

Finally, the shoes were on and I needed to walk in them. When I got to my feet, instead of pulling my dress down I pulled it up a bit knowing that Tom would see the bottom half of my butt when I walked to the mirror, and all of my pussy when I walked back to him.

When I got to the mirror I had a naughty thought and bent at my waist, pretending to adjust something on one shoe. I just knew that both Tom and Mike were getting a great view of my pussy between my butt cheeks.

I dragged it out as long as I dared then got up and walked back and round Tom, who was still on his knees, but staring at my bald pubis and pussy. I sat back where I had been, and spread my knees again.

“Yeah, not bad,” I said, “but a little tight and those fastening are too much hassle, let’s try another pair.”

By that time I was in full flashing mode and Tom seemed very happy to be my victim.

Tom helped me try on 3 more pairs and by the time that I had ***********ed a couple of pairs that I wanted I was sure that Tom had got an imprint of my wet pussy on his brain.

As we were waiting for Mike to pay I thought,

“You’re such a prick teasing slut Jodie.”

But I was a happy prick teasing slut.

As we walked out of the shop I said to Mike,

“Jeez Mike, why did I just do that, and to Mike, someone that I’ve known for years. I’m sure that by tonight all my friends and half the town will know that I’ve flashed my pussy to Tom.”

“You did it because you wanted to Jodie, you’ve realised that you are an exhibitionist and as such you will take every opportunity to let people see your body and you doing things to your body.”

“You mean I’m going to masturbate in front of people?”

“Probably, but it will make you very horny and you like being horny don’t you Jodie.”

“Yes I do, but it’s one thing flashing strangers but people I know? That will be mega embarrassing.”

“Goes with the territory Jodie.”

“Oh my gawd, what am I turning in to?”

“A girl who enjoys herself.” Mike replied, then said,

“We’ve got time to have a coffee before we head back if you like Jodie?

“I like.” I replied then added,

“We still need to go online and order some more lingerie.”

“I know, we still have time, we don’t need to do the walk through of the matinee do we?”


In the coffee shop I saw that one of the Baristas was also someone that I knew. The place was busy so we just said hello then Mike and I went and sat at a table. As we drank our coffee I kept looking over to the sales counter and saw that the guy kept looking over towards me. He wouldn’t have been able to see my pussy but my dress had ridden up and my legs were bare right up to the tops of my thighs.

I wondered if Tom had already been on the phone to him.

Back at the hotel we went up to my room and I fired-up my computer and went straight to the site that I’d got the lingerie set that I’d worn the night before. It didn’t take long for us to find similar sets, some even more see-through and some with even less fabric. Mike was keen to buy those for me and it wasn’t long before the order was on it’s way to Amazon.

Mike had paid for next day delivery so I knew that I’d be wearing a different set for the next 6 days. I just hoped that the ties were just as slippery as the ones that I had on the night before.


“On your way to work dear.” My mum said when she saw us heading for the door again.

“Yes mum.”

“Well have a good day, see you sometime later.”

“Bye mum.”

I left home with the granny swimsuit and the set of lingerie that we had bought that morning because I didn’t know if we’d get back to the hotel between performances.

Mike was a bit quiet as we walked and when I asked him what was up he said that he was thinking about what he could include in the evening performance.

“Do I need to know Mike?”

“No, you’ll be under so you won’t need to know. All you need to know is that you’ll enjoy yourself.”

“Okay.” I replied but wondered if his idea include me having an orgasm.

As we walked I reflected on just how I had changed in the last 24 hours. I stopped think about it when my 3 protrusions started tingling – again.

One at the theatre Mike left me in dressing room to put my makeup on whilst he went and arranged the props. I knew that nothing that he would do to me that show would involve nudity or sex but that didn’t stop my imagination from working overtime.

I was still very naked when Mike returned, me being reluctant to put the granny swimsuit on.

“Are you going to bring yourself off before the show starts?” Mike asked.

“Yes, my stomach is in knots, I need it. You wouldn’t like to help me would you Mike?”

“Anything for my amazing assistant, jump up on the counter.”

I did, and as I spread my legs I was expecting Mike to use his fingers to make me cum and I was a little surprised when he knelt down in front of me.

“Are you going to eat me?” I asked.

“Yes, is that okay?”

“Of course it is, No one has ever gone down on me before, oh wait, maybe you, or someone else did in last nights show.”

“I didn’t, honest.”

“And you didn’t get anyone else to?”


“Then this is the first time that a man has ever gone down on me.”

“Wow, with a body and brain like yours that really surprises me.”

“Hey, I wasn’t a sex maniac until you invited me to work for you.”

Mike didn’t reply to that as his tongue was sliding up and down my slit.

“Oh my gawd Mike, that’s amazing, can you keep doing that for the next 100 years please?”

Again no answer because Mike was chewing my clit.

Wow, I never realised what I was missing, but after the orgasm started to subside I swore that I was going to get Mike to do that to me before every show.

“Clean yourself up Jodie and put that, that granny swimsuit thing on, it’s time to get out there.”

I did, and it was a relatively calm Jodie that walked out onto the stage with Mike.

The show went much the same as the previous day and Mike again tried to hypnotise me, but instead of relaxing all I could think of was him eating my pussy. I was fully aware of the stupid things that he told me to do but I just went along with it, pretending that I was under.

By the time the show was over I was getting used to wearing the granny swimsuit, but I still didn’t like it and as soon as I got back in the dressing room it came off.

“You did well Jodie.”

“I wouldn’t know, I only remember the first part.” I lied.

“Well you did well in the second part as well. The kids were nearly wetting themselves laughing at you.”

“I’m glad that they enjoyed it. Hey, is that a vaulting horse on the stage? You’re not going to get me vaulting over it in this evening’s show are you?”

“No, it’s just there for somewhere to keep it.” Mike replied.

I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not but I didn’t press the matter. Instead I asked him what he normally did between performances.

“Sometimes there’s some props to setup, sometimes I go for a walk, sometimes I go to the beach or the arcades, sometimes I go back to the hotel and check that my van hasn’t been stolen, sometimes I get something to eat and sometimes I …. err never mind. What would you like to do Jodie?”

I thought of Jenny and wondered if he had been fucking her.

“I don’t mind, but if the sun is still shining a walk along the beach would be nice.” I replied.

And that’s what we did. It was a nice afternoon and we walked and talked. We even got an ice cream. The only thing that was a distraction from it being a great time was that I was constantly wondering what Mike was going to make me do during the upcoming show. I just knew that it would turn into some sort of sex show with me ‘star’, but exactly what I just didn’t know. What I did know was that the anticipation was keeping me horny all the time and the evidence of that was on the inside of my thighs.

I’d given up expecting Mike to tell me what was going to happen to me so I just lived with my imagination.

As we walked back to the pier Mike asked me if I knew that my dress was hiked up a bit and that half of my butt and my slit had been on display ever since we left the theatre.

“Grief no,” I replied as I pulled on the hem,

Then the mild panic disappeared and I said,

“I’m surprised that no one said anything or called the cops.”

“Most people walking around have a sort of tunnel vision, only concentrating on where they are going. It’s like that in my show, people see what I want them to see, not what I’m actually doing. Most of the rest of the people out and abuut just don’t want to get involved. But there’s always a couple of miserable, jealous prudes around who have to complain. We’ve been lucky today but I would have told you if I thought that trouble was brewing.”

“Thanks Mike.”

“Whilst you are my employee I will do my best to keep you safe.”

“My hero.”
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