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“Are you available this Tuesday? Marnie, one of your recent older, forty-something women wants a repeat visit. This time she has her twenty-two year old PA with her. She wants her to meet you especially,” my agent Ada informed me over the phone.
I am Michael, in my late twenties, 72 inches tall, 168 pounds, a toned, fit body and genetically lucky to possess a large, thick cock, ten-inches when erect. I live in Sydney, Australia and used to moonlight as a gigolo or male escort.

That was before Ada asked me to work for her ‘exclusive agency’. “We have a wide ranging client list, males and females, and lots of constant work,” she told me as she auditioned me. “And we provide for some very kinky people with lots of sexual fetishes.”

My agent Ada has developed a niche clientele of older women who enjoy watching their toyboy, lover or husband giving a blowjob to a younger well hung gigolo after they have watched her fucking him. It can be incredibly exciting for me if the woman is actively participating, a three-way, even more exciting if the woman has a sexy persona and a good body

To my great pleasure I have learnt physically attractive, forty-something women can be wonderful sex partners. They have long lost any inhibitions, are sexually experienced, are able articulate what they want and very often have ripe, lush bodies. Though I can’t recall the last time I had a younger woman.

“Hello Michael, remember me? This is my twenty-two year old PA, Chloe. The last time I was in town I used your services. When I returned home I told Chloe all about you and your ten-inch erection. And what a really good fuck you were,” Marnie smiled without any tinge of embarrassment or inhibition as we met in her suite of a top hotel.

Apart from their heels, the two women are obviously naked under their identical very short, black silk dressing gowns.

Just as I remember Marnie is a very attractive size-12 brunette with no inhibitions, a wonderful smile and a very fuckable body. And good legs and tits with a brilliant, firm ass.

Chloe has shoulder length brunette hair with a slim, curvy body. “Despite our age differences Chloe and I are lovers, you might notice we love to call each other ‘baby’. Though she is only eight-years younger than you.

“Chloe wants me to watch you fuck her before I have you. Perhaps we can make a threesome?,” Marnie asked as she led us to the lavish bedroom with lots of mirrors.

“This is a special occasion for us, so I booked the honeymoon suite,” she told me as she kissed me, then Chloe, as we all had our hands all over each other.

“Kiss and suck her tits Michael,” Marnie whispered as she opened, then removed Chloe’s gown.

“Marnie has told me all about you Michael and the wonderful things you did to her body. Can I have the same while she watches?,” Chloe smiled confidently. “I want to be the centre of attention.”

“You are already, baby,” Marnie replied.

“Keep on kissing and sucking her tits Michael, she really likes me doing that to her,” Marnie whispered as she undressed me before she removed her own gown. She really does have a fuckable body, good legs and tits with a brilliant, firm ass.

I already have a full on erection with Marnie holding it as the three of us sit on the couch.

An extra turn on the way both women have identically shaved or waxed their jet black pubic hair. Bald cunt lips with an exciting triangle of hair above.

Marnie and Chloe are obviously lovers and very comfortable with each other as they leaned over me from opposite sides and tongued kissed passionately.

“Oh wow, you are are huge, fucking huge, just like Marnie told me,” Chloe whispered as she watched Marnie slide two hands up and down my erection.

An extra turn on for me as I watched the two women kissing passionately.

Marnie is the first to suck my cock as they alternate kissing and sucking it.

“His cock is magnificent Chloe, I almost had forgotten just how big he is.”

Chloe’s naked, very slim body is incredibly exciting for me after a constant succession of older, voluptuous women.

Marnie was tongue kissing her much younger lover Chloe, as she whispered, obviously very aroused, “Tell both of us what you want him to do to you Chloe”.

“I want to have what you told me he did to you. I want him to lick and kiss my ass cheeks before he tongue fucks me while you watch.

“Before today I had never had a man kiss my ass, only you Marnie, and I love you watching,” she muttered standing legs spread, with her hands on the wall for support, my hands grasping her hips as I licked and kissed her ass cheeks.

“So good, I love watching,” Marnie whispered.

“Now I want him to lick me to orgasm, slowly, while I ogle his huge cock.”

I do like sex with an audience. And right at that moment I wanted to please two women, one much younger than me with the tip of my tongue, and the other, her older lover visually.

“That is so good, so fucking good,” Chloe moaned a few minutes later as she stood with her back to the wall with her legs wide apart. I was kneeling in front of her with my hands grasping her ass cheeks and sliding the tip of my tongue along her wet, almost bald cunt lips, while Marnie was passionately tongue kissing her at the same time.

“Your tongue is much stronger than my lady lover. And I love your fingers digging into my ass. Love it, just fucking love it, do it harder,” she whispered.

To tease her I stopped and kissed both women. Marnie returned my kisses passionately with a hand on my erection before I licked Chloe’s nipples then licked my way down to her cunt lips.

The only contact I had with Chloe was the tip of my tongue sliding along her very wet cunt lips. Then she was pushing her cunt lips into me with her hands on my head.

I could feel her body tensing as I teased her cunt lips with my tongue. Tease, tease and tease some more.

“That is so good, so fucking good,” she groaned as I grasped her ass cheeks and manipulated my tongue as she had a long, noisy orgasm.

“Was he good baby?,” Marnie asked. “You have made me jealous and horny, very horny.

“Now I want to fuck his ten-inch erection for as long as you did. And I want you to watch and talk to us while he is fucking me,” Chloe told her as she laid me on my back on the bed.

“I promised you a ten-inch fuck baby,” Marnie whispered as she stroked my erection before she watched Chloe mount me and slowly slide her cunt lips along all of my erection. “And that is a thick, ten-inch erection for you, right up to his balls.

“Is he a good fuck baby?,” Marnie asked her as they kept on tongue kissing. “Is he? Tell me?”

“So good, so big, huge, fucking huge, I love it. So pleased you kept your promise baby, a ten-inch fuck. I am going to orgasm, again, and again.”

“You have never watched me fuck another man, Chloe baby. I want you to watch and talk to me just like I did for you,” Marnie smiled as she licked my nipples. “I remember how you liked that Michael. And how you liked me chewing them, softly, like this.

“And I remember the pleasure you gave me when I sat on your face, your hands grasping my ass. Let’s do it again as foreplay,” she smiled as she sat on my face, facing her twenty-two year old dual PA and lover. “Kiss me Chloe baby while he is tongue fucking me as foreplay while I am sitting on his face.

“That is so good, so good. Do you like watching? Are you jealous? Yes? Don’t fret I will make it up to you baby. Soon, I promise. Very soon, after I have fucked him. So long since I have fucked another man, so long, I need a fuck so bad. A ten-inch fuck.

My exhibitionist streak was in overdrive, an extra turn on, fucking a horny, older woman while her twenty-two year old lover watched on, a tear in her eye, as her lover and boss was telling me exactly how she wanted me to fuck her.

“Don’t be jealous baby, I will make it up to you. Kiss me some more while he is fucking me. I needed this fuck so bad. So fucking bad,” Marnie was moaning as her breathing became laboured, her body trembling almost at the point of orgasm. “Harder, fuck me harder. Watch me cum Chloe. Are you watching? Yes, yes, yes.”

“Don’t be jealous Chloe baby, I told you I would make it up to you,” Marnie told her as we showered together. “Would you like me to make it up to you while Roger watches naked? Fuck you with my tongue, lick your clit, exactly as you like it while he watches, some eye candy for you? I have never tongue fucked you while another man watched. On your back, standing or sitting in a chair? Which way you would like Roger? Sitting in a chair? A good choice.”

“Relax and enjoy baby, I told you I would make it up to you, and I will right now. I also want to show Roger my cunnilingus skills,” Marnie told her, as they were tongue kissing as foreplay.

I had never watched a woman giving cunnilingus to a much younger girl, her lover and PA, in circumstances quite like this, to ease her jealousy, to make it up to her. Marnie took complete control, when she told Chloe to put one leg over her shoulder, kneeling between her legs, licking and kissing her thigh before her tongue found her clit. “Would you like Roger to stand behind you and tease your nipples with his fingertips while he watches me tongue fuck you? Yes?”

“You are so wet for me baby, am I making it up to you? Yes? Roger has a new erection from watching us. Would you like to stroke it while I am fucking you with my tongue? And make me jealous?”

“Marnie was well pleased with you,” my agent Ada told me when she phoned the next day. “She told me her and Chloe had some very exciting, new shared sexual experiences. The icing on the cake, the highlight of the day was when Chloe gave you a hand hand job while she was tongue fucking her, something neither of them had expected. And Chloe was the youngest girl you have had. I am envious.””

Mark CaneReport 

2024-03-20 23:23:36
I enjoyed this story. I have often wondered about women paying for sex. It is not something that is talked about much. I guess some busy career women do so because their busy jobs don’t give them the opportunities to get intimate with guys socially. Thanks for sharing this.

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