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Yo. Here's a futa makeup story. Hopefully, you enjoy. T'is quite sweet qith a bit of tang at the end. Alright. That's all.
Yeah. This is her house alright. There’s the dent in her mailbox from when I backed into it. Ok, this is my only chance to make things right. I can’t just leave things off like we did. It’s just not right.

I take a breath before grabbing the food and stepping out of my car. Ok. So far, so good. No different from every other time I’ve done this. I walk up to her door and ring her doorbell. No answer. It’s to be expected. She set her preference to “no contact delivery”.

After a few minutes of waiting, I ring her doorbell again. Not long after, I get a notification on my phone, reading,

“I have it set to no contact. Don’t you know how to honor that?”

I set the food down and reply with,

“I’m just trying to do my job.”

“Your job is done as soon as my food is on the doorstep. Now, leave.”

“I just wanna do my service as best as I can.”

“I know it’s you, Kari. I can see you from my window. Go away before I get you fired.”

Damn. I should’ve seen that coming.

“Look,” I type, “I just wanna talk. Leaving things the way they are now isn’t healthy.”

Nothing. She hasn’t even read it yet. Is she really just gonna ignore this? And as if right on cue, I hear her doorknob turn before she opens the door and leans on the doorframe.

“You’ve got 2 minutes,” she says, folding her arms, “If you’re still here after, I’m calling the cops and filing a restraining order.”

“Perfect,” I say, “That’s all I need. I just need you to know that I’m sorry. And I know that it’s not enough to say that, so I decided to show you instead.”

I scroll through pictures in my phone, getting a message from Doordash in the process before swiping it away. This is more important. After scrolling a bit, I finally find the picture and turn the screen to her.

“Here she is,” I say, excitedly, “Here is our future. I decided to go through with it. I did it for you. I did it for us.”

“Are you serious?” she asks, “You’re not joking. Please tell me you aren’t joking.”

“Not at all. I was thinking about what you said about how I never show any interest in moving forward in life. How I’m always showing how I’m just comfortable with being stagnant. So I decided to show you that I can move forward. I can grow up, Sydney. And this adorable little girl is living proof of that.”

“Oh my God. That’s everything I’ve ever wanted. When can we get her?”

“They said we could stop by on Friday. 2 on the dot. They seemed really enthused when I told them that she’d have two moms.”

She laughs, jumping into my arms, embracing me in a hug.

“Thank you,” she says, “She’s gonna be so happy here.”

“She really is,” I say, reciprocating the hug, “I told you I could make this work.”

“I should’ve believed you.”

“It’s my fault for giving you reasons not to.”

We then pull away, looking into each others’ eyes. God, I missed her. And now I have the chance to make her mine again.

“So,” I say, “If you’re not too mad at me anymore, you think maybe I could show you how much I’ve missed you? All of you?”

She chuckles before saying,

“Yeah. I think I can spare some time catching up with you.”

She grabs my shirt collar, pulling me inside before pulling me in for a deep kiss. I kiss her back, closing the door with my foot before bringing my hands to her waist. Her lips are so damn soft. I can’t believe I survived 4 months away from them. She wraps her arms around my neck, pushing me deeper into it. I remember exactly what this means.

I slide my hands lower down her waist, wrapping my arms around her perfect little ass before lifting her up. She wraps her legs around me as I hold her in place, never breaking the connection between our lips. I then carry her over to the couch, sitting down on it before she straddles me.

She giggles before breaking the kiss and leaning in my ear, whispering,

“I’ve missed this so fucking much. But you know what I missed most of all?”

Before I can even answer, she gives me a peck on the lips before moving her hips back and forth, rubbing her clothed center on my crotch. I let out a light gasp from her actions as she does the same.

“Yeah,” she says in a seductive tone, “I wanna taste it again. I wanna feel it inside me again. I want you to fill me up with it again.”

I love when she gets like this. It’s like she just becomes a whole new person when she’s horny. And I’m more than happy to fulfill her desires.

“Whatever you want, baby,” I reply, “This is all for you, after all.”

She giggles before leaning down to my neck, planting small kisses around my collar bone before latching onto it and sucking. I let out a moan as I tilt my head back, giving her better access to my neck. She then starts sucking harder, bringing her hands to my shirt and pulling it above my head, exposing the top half of my body.

“No bra?” she asks in a seductive tone before bringing a hand to my left tit, “You’re such a whore. I guess not everything about you changed.”

“Lucky you, huh?” I reply, “Nothing to get in the way.”

She chuckles before leaning in and taking my right nipple in her mouth as she starts pinching the left. I moan louder as I feel myself getting harder for her. She’s too damn good at this. I bring a hand to her face, caressing it before pushing her hair away and her head forward. She sucks harder on my nippe and squeezes harder on the other, sending me in a frenzie. I can’t take much more of this. I need her right now.

As if she heard my internal pleas, she unlatches her mouth from my nipple, giving me a grin as she trails kisses from my chest to my stomach, stopping at the waistband of my shorts. She gives the front of my shorts a long lick, sending volts of pleasure throughout my body as she licks along my covered shaft. She then brings her hands to the hem of my shorts, slowly pulling them down as she frees my member.

She takes my cock in her hand, gently stroking it as she leans in close to it. I lightly moan from her soft cold hands sliding along my hard shaft as she starts to gently blow on it, elevating the pleasure. Normally, I hate being teased like this. It’s such agony when I’m so horny, but don’t get what I need. But with her it’s different. She knows how to really make the wait worth it.

“Feels good, huh?” she whispers, breathing her warm breath on the tip of my cock with each word, “You like how my hand slides up and down this nice, long, tasty cock? You’ve missed this, too, haven’t you? My kisses? My hands?...My mouth?”

She slowly wraps her mouth around the head of my cock, gently sucking on it before pulling away, causing an audible pop to echo throughout the room.

“I know I have,” she continues, “I missed the feeling of you inside me. I missed the taste of you. And now I have it again. Now, give it to me. Use me like you’ve been waiting to use me for so long.”

She takes my cock in her mouth again, slowly taking more of me in her mouth this time. She then starts bobbing her head up and down my member once she makes it halfway. Fuck, her mouth feels even better than I remember. And she’s right. I’ve been waiting so long to have this again. We’ve spent too damn long away from each other. So I’m gonna make up for every second.

I bring a hand to the back of her head and guide her head up and down slightly faster, moaning as I bring another hand to my chest, squeezing my right boob as I bask in the sight of her sucking me off. She brings her other hand to the remaining portion of my cock, stroking it as she bobs her head even faster. I moan even louder in response to her actions. She’s gotten so much better. I can’t believe this is the same person.

I push her head down further with every descent, instinctively thrusting my hips to match her rhythm. The more she takes in her pretty little mouth, the more pleasure I get from the feeling, sight, and sounds of her approval. Eventually, her mouth takes over the entirety of my shaft and she brings her hands to my thighs. She then starts snaking them along my legs, hooking them under my thighs and pulling herself closer, making her take it deeper in her throat.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” I moan out, “Take it in your pretty little throat just like that. Yeah. You want me to fuck your little throat? Huh? You wanna feel my cock thrusting in and out of it?”

She nods her head in agreement, answering my question. So I waste no time. I bring both of my hands to her head and push her head up and down my length, savoring the feeling of poking the back of her throat. She starts gagging even more as she tightens her grip on my hips. I tilt my head back, moaning as I ravage her throat.

I’m in pure bliss. I should’ve thought about doing this a long time ago. Why’d I have to be so selfish? I can’t believe I was that terrible. But that was then. This is now. I have her back now. And, oh my God, does it feel good.

She reaches her arms further up my torso, grabbing both of my boobs as she swallows my cock. I moan even more as she starts massaging them, kneading and squeezing as I keep thrusting. This is even better than I ever could’ve imagined. I don’t know how much I can take from this.

My body decides to answer my question as I feel my limit approaching. I’m gonna fill her mouth to the brim with my cum. Fuck, the thought of all of my fluids coating her face is bringing me there even faster. I moan louder and louder as I thrust even faster. But before I can even get there, she immediately takes me out of her mouth, taking a breath as I catch mine.

Before I can even ask her why she stopped, she stands up and pulls down her yoga pants and panties before kicking them to the side.

“You didn’t actually expect to be the only one having fun, did you?” she asks in a sultry tone.

I shake my head as she giggles, grabbing my head and pushing my face to her pussy, moaning as I make contact with her. As soon as I do, I start licking her, making her moan more as she tightens her grip on my hair.

“That’s right, baby,” she moans, “You did this to me. You made me so fucking wet. And you’re gonna take responsibility for it. Yeah. That’s it. Taste it, baby. Taste how much I’ve wanted you. Oh, God, you’re still so good at this. Look up at me. Let me see those pretty little eyes. That’s right. Look at me. Good girl.”

I love when she takes control like this. It just turns me on even more.

“Slow, slow, slow,” she says, to which I obey, “Yeah. Nice and slow. Drag that little tongue all over it. Fuck. Lick it. Just like that. Get it nice and wet for me.”

I do as I’m told, slowly dragging my tongue along her slit, coating it in my saliva. She tastes so fucking good. I could stay like this forever. She pulls me closer to her, slowly grinding her pussy on my face as she waves her hips.

“Stop moving your tongue,” she commands, to which I comply.

She then starts grinding harder and faster against my mouth, moaning louder in the process. Her voice is just euphoric. It’s taking everything within me to keep my tongue still. I wanna make her moan even louder. But I gotta wait.

After moments of grinding on my face, she pulls me off of her, catching her breath. She then giggles before leaning down and planting a kiss on my lips, tasting herself. I return the kiss, moaning into it as she straddles me again. She starts slowly moving her hips, grinding her center against my shaft, coating it in the mixture of her wetness and my saliva. She breaks the kiss, saying in between moans,

“You’re so hard for me. I bet you’re so pent up. You want me to fix that for you? Hm? You want this tight little pussy sliding up and down your nice...hard...needy cock?”

All I can do is nod my head in agreement. I need this so fucking much. I need her right fucking now. I can’t even process words. She giggles again and without saying another word, she brings her hands to my shoulders and slowly lifts her hips, positioning herself above the tip of my cock before lowering herself onto it. Both of us moan in tandem as jolts of pleasure shoot throughout our bodies. We’re finally where we belong again. We fit so perfectly. It feels so goddamn good.

I grab her hips and slide her up and down my length as we both continue our moans. She then starts rolling her hips back and forth with each descent, making me reach deeper inside of her. We lock eye contact as she rides me, taking in the sight of each others’ faces and basking in the sounds of each others’ moans. Fuck, I love this so much. She’s so sexy. I can’t believe I chose to walk away from her. But I have the rest of our lives to make it up to her. And I look forward to doing just that.

I start moving her faster, making both of us moan louder. My hands then maneuver to her perfect, tight, little ass, rubbing and squeezing it. She gives me a smug grin before saying,

“Stick it in. I know you want to.”

I’m taken aback. Does she really mean it? She’s always made it abundantly clear that she had no interest in doing that.

“You serious?” I ask in excitement,

“Yeah,” she assures, “You’ve always told me how much you wanted to slide in there. So do it. Fuck my tight little ass with your perfect girlcock.”

I’m beside myself with joy. All my dreams are finally coming true. I lift her up, completely sliding out of her before pulling her forward and spreading her ass, revealing her virgin asshole. I then position the head of my cock to it, slowly lowering her down to it. After a few attempts, I finally manage to slide the tip of my cock inside. She tightly grips onto my shoulders as I manage a few inches inside, stopping to allow her to adjust.

After taking a minute to adjust, her death grip on my shoulders starts to ease up. So I take this as a sign that she’s ready. I slide her farther down, but she says,

“No, not yet. It still hurts a bit.”

“Oh, sorry,” I reply,

“It’s ok. Just need to wait a bit.”

That’s fair. I shouldn’t just rush into it like that. But just as I have that thought, she pins me down to the couch and lowers herself down my length, moaning in the process. This little lying bitch. She gives me a smirk as she slowly moves up and down my shaft, making both of us moan. God, this feels infinitely better than anything we’ve ever done before. She’s so fucking tight. I can barely keep myself from just grabbing her hips and slamming into her.

She leans down and takes my right nipple in her mouth, looking up at me as she speeds up her movements. Look at that pretty little face. She seems to really be enjoying herself as much as I am. I stroke her hair before tilting my head back, moaning as she rides me. She sucks harder on my nipple, moaning louder.

Fuck, I’m so close. Her ass, her moans, her pretty little face, her little mouth sucking my nipple, it’s all pushing me over the edge. And something tells me she’s not too far behind. Then, as if on cue, she takes my nipple out of her mouth and gives me a deep kiss. Just like she used to when she knew I was close.

After moments of embracing the kiss, I reach my limit, instinctively thrusting my cock in and out of her before shooting my cum deep inside of her ass. I then feel her body lightly shake as she reaches her orgasm.

As we ride out our orgasms, she breaks the kiss, allowing both of us to catch our breath. I actually have it. My second chance is in my grasp. And I’m not gonna fuck it up. I refuse. For her. For us. For our future baby girl. I can’t fuck this up. I won’t fuck this up.

“I love you,” I say, caressing her face, “I love you so much. More than life itself. Consider me changed. I won’t ever do anything to scare you ever again.”

“Well, if you wanna ensure that to be the case, could you start by making it easy for our daughter and tending to your belongings? It would be a bit awkward for you to drive a few miles to get your stuff whenever you need it.”

My excitement spikes. Is she serious?

“Y-you mean-” I start, to which she interrupts with,

“Yeah. We’re a family now, aren’t we?”

Holy shit. I’m-...I’m getting a chance at a family. I’m gonna be an actual mom side by side with my wife. I’m gonna be a wife. I could cry right now. But she’s right. I’ve gotta get things in order to welcome our baby girl.

We get dressed before I give her a peck on the lips and head to my car before heading to my apartment. This is happening. This is actually happening. I’m taking huge steps in life. I’m so happy. Please don’t let this be a dream. And if it is, just let me die in the coma.

I make it to my apartment, preparing to gather my things for the big move. Ah, shit, I gotta move. Dammit. Ok, remember who this is all for again. That little girl who’s gonna be yours. As a matter of fact, I need to see her again. Both for motivation and because I just can’t get enough of her adorable face.

I take out my phone and unlock it, immediately noticing an unread text notification. Oh, yeah, Doordash sent me something. What do they want? I open the message and my heart immediately sinks. I’ve been...reported? For violating the guidelines? That’s not right. Every delivery was professional and went off without any issues. All except...oh...oh no. Ok, ok, it’s fine. It was the heat of the moment and she didn’t know what she was doing. Maybe we can get in touch with Doordash and straighten things out. I scroll to her number and call her. But as soon as I do, I’m immediately sent to voicemail. What? I try again, only to get the same result. What’s going on? Not long after, I’m greeted with my answer in the form of a text. From her.

“If I’m to go off of your frantic calls, I’m gonna assume Doordash gave you the boot.

When someone says “I never wanna see you again”, it usually means they don’t ever wanna see you for the rest of their time on Earth.

Keep your abuse, your manipulation, and your disgusting lust away from me and my daughter.

Delete my number and stay the hell away from me or the police will be involved.”
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