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This is the second part to my first The Intruder story, which is under my first account ThickCanofMeat. I am working on getting back into it, but for the time being, here is number two, I suggest reading number one also! Enjoy!
It had been months since my late night intruder came in thru an open window and had his way with me. I can't lie and say I haven't got wet thinking about him. His massive frame, pushing me into the bathroom wall. His huge hands ravaging my tight body. Pure strength and power emanating from him. We had fucked for hours, yet I craved more. So much more. I had never in my life, felt the need to be filled again like I did after him. When I joined my new lover in the shower, I didn't care about a single thing. Not a one. Daniel could have walked right in on us, and I wouldn't have stopped. The thought of my intruder taking me in front of my husband, making him watch us, helpless and having no control or the strength to stop him. Daniel wouldn't stand a chance against him, the size of his cock alone would have him petrified. Hell, it had me scared at first. But now, I need it again. Not a day has passed that I don't dream about that massive beastly man that took me in the night.

Daniel has not changed at all, staying the same person he became. He “works” alot, long days and extra days. I found a job working as Librarian for a college a few miles down the road. Some nights, I would keep it open a bit longer for a quiet place to study. I learned that some college students still wanted to get good grades. LOL. While doing this part time, I was still searching for that perfect professor job. Once I get that and start saving, I am gone! No more marriage with this unloving pathetic man. Maybe I can find my lover out there somewhere? The one I really have the desire for! I know marrying him would not work, coming around in the middle of the night to fuck me, then disappear again. Every man's dream, right? HAHA. There was just something about him that intrigued me, turned me on, made me never stop wanting him. It was indeed an addiction. An addiction that I desperately needed to fill again!

It was almost midnight on Thursday, I had just closed the library after letting some students get some studying done. I pulled out of the parking garage and was heading home. It was a few minutes drive, but a very nice one. The windows down, music going, breeze in my hair. Since I had not eaten after having a late lunch, I made a detour to grab some food. The detour has me take a backroad home, with very few street lights or houses. As I am snacking on my fries, I see a massive shadow dart across the road about 100 yards in front of me. I hit the brakes and slowed down, no longer chewing my food. I coast up to the spot where I saw the dark mass. I looked into the woodline trying to see what it was I had just witnessed. It was massive, I noticed a road sign to my left that the object ran in front of. The sign was about 8 feet tall, swallowing hard, I realized what I saw ran across the road and blocked the sign completely! I was terrified and frozen. Then out of my peripheral I catch a shadow move. “OH MY GOD!!” I was scared and alone, so of course I floored it out of there! I wasn't waiting around for whatever it was to decide it wanted to investigate. I drove pretty fast out of there, put the windows up and didn't look back. Not ever in my life have I seen something in the night like that. I wasn't looking to see it ever again!

As I pull into the driveway, Daniels car is there, and the lights are off in the house. At least I don't have to deal with him at the moment. It has just been too much to handle lately, and it's just as easy not trying to pretend anymore. Getting out of the car, I can't help but to feel like I am being watched. Not by an animal, but not completely human either, I start to get a feeling like I am the prey in my own driveway. I can't stop looking over my shoulder as I grab my stuff from my front seat, like it's closing in. I move quickly towards the front door, rummaging through my purse trying to find my keys, getting more and more scared by the second. “Where are they?! Why does it have to be a key fob?! OMG YES!” I grab the keys and stumble to find the house key, “FUCKK” I dropped them!! Then my bag fell too. Why does this happen at the worst time? The feeling of being watched is growing more and more by the minute, and I can't even focus enough to get the door open! I keep turning to watch my back, the street is quiet and motionless, so creepy in the moment. Finally I get the door open and dart inside. I slam the door behind me and lock it, resting my head against the door being so relieved. I head to the kitchen and flip the light on, put my bags up on the counter, and pull out a stool. My heart still racing a little bit, I start to wonder if whatever I saw out there, followed me home. I panic and get really worried that I am not alone. Something is outside, and I let it follow me. I can feel it, its presence around me. I check all the locks on the windows and doors, and sit on the couch. Being so worked up I can't relax, my heart is pounding, I’m so nervous in my own home. But not with Daniel this time, by whatever entity is outside, the one that wants INSIDE.

I lay on the couch in the dark, watching the windows in the living room. Staring out the big bay window across the street into the small patch of woods, I see trees, fog, and shadows. Nothing moves, nothing shifts, nothing happens. I watch for what seemed like hours, when I awake around 3 a.m. the house is still quiet. I peer out the window to the wood line. I don't feel as if I was being watched anymore. I can tell a weight has been lifted from me, I sigh some relief, and head upstairs. I hopped into the shower, washing up quickly. I was running through my thoughts. Then it dawned on me, while I felt something the woodline had certain shadows…thinking to myself…”were those shadows different when I woke up? Did something move from within the woodline?” I kept showering with the thoughts going around in my head. Since Daniel and I are not on terms, I have been staying in the guest room. The guest room faces the back side of the property, when I walk in, I instinctively go to look out the window. “Nothing out there Tiff, relax” I try to calm myself down, I get dressed and get in a tiny pair of booty shorts and a tank top. Now since I have been a little bluh with everything, I gained a few pounds. I got thicker and have a bigger ass and tits. Weigh about 130 pounds, still sexy for a 5’2’’ redhead. My tits grew to a 34DD, ass got better looking in yoga and jeans. Even in a sundress! My shorts wore a bit tight on me now, and it def let out some cheek. But they looked good I thought. Daniels' loss I say! After brushing my teeth and drying my hair mostly. I crawled into bed finally. I was dead tired and was glad I didn't need to wake up super early. I turned my light off, rolled over and closed my eyes. Was out before I knew it.

9 a.m. came pretty fast. I woke up pretty refreshed and ready for the day. I had some cleaning to do around the house, Daniel had left already, so no need to interact with that one. The day was gonna be okay! There was a good bit to do, some laundry, dishes that someone couldnt do, vacuum. I was listening to music and doing my thing. I filled the trash can with some leftovers and some other stuff and pulled the bag. I ran the bag out to the bin, and tossed it in. The street was quiet, really quiet, there were no birds chirping, no cicadas buzzing, not a sound to be heard. Then the feeling came over me again, like I wasn't alone out there. I looked around for signs of something, but whatever it was, it didn't want to be seen. I stayed still afraid to move, I got the courage to turn and walk back inside. As I got to the door I darted inside and closed it fast. As I did, I heard what could only be described as a loud unearthly howl. I froze, unable to move. I stood there motionless. It seemed like forever until I got the ability to peak out the glass. But when I got the courage to look, I was in shock at what I saw. Across the street in the fog and shadowed woodline, was a massive figure. I appeared to be around 7 to 8 feet tall, with huge shoulders, massive wide arms, and these bright yellow eyes. I stopped at his eyes, I couldn't look away, no matter how hard I tried!

“Oh my god” I mumbled as I started to get light headed.

I put my hand up on the door frame, the room spinning quickly. I tried to focus my eyes on the creature, it turned its head slightly to one side, its eyes appearing to focus in on me. My heart sank hard. It was looking right into me! Into my soul it felt like. Then the euphoria hit me, my entire body tingled. Waves of immense pleasure flowed over me. My breathing got heavy, my heart started to race, my nipples became hard like diamonds. And my pussy started to ache tremendously, she was throbbing and pulsating uncontrollably. At this point I am panting and leaning into the glass, I grab my tits and start squeezing them and pushing them together, like I am showing my new mysterious friend what he is doing to me. I lift my shirt and pull my tits out of my bra. Start to squeeze them harder, running my fingers over my nipples and pinching them. I slide a hand down my stomach slowly, pushing it inside my shorts and into my soaked panties. My right hand runs the length of my swollen and aching lips, dripping with my juices, running off my fingers and down my thighs. I pinch my nipple as I push my fingers inside her. The wave of pleasure pulsates, I feel weak and helpless. I look at my wooded voyeur, his eyes full of lust and power. I drop my shorts without a thought, and get to my knees, I feel this huge pressure inside my body, I shove my fingers back inside my throbbing pussy. I don't break eye contact as I lean back onto my left hand, and with my right slide two fingers deeper and deeper. I slam them in and out, splashing my sweet juices all over the floor and my thighs. I bite my lip and start to convulse, my whole body is now full of invigorating desire. I feel a familiarness inside my body I haven't felt in months. I lean back and get onto my feet, lifting my ass off the floor. Giving a perfect view of my pretty pink flower to my beastly friend. Harder and more firm I play, rubbing and smacking her lips.


My pussy convulses and quivers rapidly, causing my eyes to roll back into my head. I am getting weak and sore, but my hand keeps going, like it has a mind of its own. I squirm and buck, falling back onto the floor, closing my legs as another earth shattering orgasm flows through me. Yet, my fingers keep penetrating me with a lustful fury. I continue to cum, squirting my juices across the floor and onto the window. Like, it's another stranger's hand controlling me, my own body refuses to stop its assault. I cum harder and my whole body goes tense, I squeeze my legs onto my hand, but still it does not stop. I feel myself getting dizzy and light headed, my entire body is in overdrive.


I become incoherent and out of body at the moment, I have cum so hard and so much, I can't breathe or talk. My body has no ability to stop the vicious assault on itself. Then all of a sudden my whole body erupts in a burning tingle from another planet, my whole body on fire and aching. I squirt once again down my legs and up my stomach, it felt like orgasms were emanating from every part of my body. And I could no longer maintain consciousness, and I blacked out right there by my front door.

I have no clue how long I was out for, but when I came to, I was soaked. Looking around the foyer, I saw my walls, window, door, and floor were covered in pussy juice. I was shocked at just how much I came! My pussy and tits still exposed and tender, I try to stand up. My legs appear to be made of jello, I cannot for the life of me gain any balance. The room still spinning slightly, I slide across the wet floor to the steps, and attempt to climb up them and the railing. LOL Hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time. I leaned on the railing on the bottom step and breathed slowly and got my legs back under me. I grabbed my panties and shorts, got dressed and wet for a towel or four. I was cleaning up and then it dawned on me that I am pretty positive, that was not me that was controlling this body. I peek out the window and across the street, I see nothing but trees, not even any fog. I was dumbfounded, did this really happen? I was confused, but very aroused at the thought of it all. I had no clue what happened, or what the hell I would have said if Daniel walked in on me!

I had cleaned and done stuff around the house all day, well after my unrequested fun I mean. LOL. I was making dinner, when Daniel called me.

“Hey, I am leaving now, and gonna stop at Daryl's house for a few beers.”

“Daniel, you asked for me to make you meatloaf, and now you won't even be here when it's done cooking? Ok, it's fine, it's fine, do what… whatever…you..”

“HELLOOOO, are you there, you gonna finish your sentence..orrrr?!” He yelled rudely.

“Yes, I am sorry. I’m here, just thought I saw something. I will see you later.” I said softly.

“Yea, sure Tiff.” And the line goes dead.

My eyes were glued to the woods, “I swear, you’re going nuts girl.” Movement within the tree line had me looking like a hawk for prey. But I didn't see anything moving after the initial second. So I just thought I was being paranoid. Later that evening after the laundry is folded and dinner put away, I decided on a nice hot bath with some wine to wind down. I light a few candles and added some bubbles to the tub, and got undressed. It was such a beautiful night out, I opened the bedroom window for fresh air. I could hear the crickets chirping with the frogs croaking from the pond over the hill. It was so relaxing and very much needed. I slid into the hot water, laid back and submerged up to my shoulders. Glass of wine in hand, I put my feet up on the side of the tub, close my eyes listening to the nature outside. Around ten minutes later, I notice the chirping and croaking had ceased. It's quiet…too quiet. I felt an eerie and creepy sense of worry. I put my glass down, and sit up slowly to look at the window. I can't see anything outside, it's just dark and silent. Leaning on the side of the tub, I look towards the handles where my loofah hangs, just motionless and listening. I am waiting for what seems like forever, but just five minutes later, I hear a branch snap. My heart sinks, I freeze and my breathing goes heavy. I wait for something to happen, but nothing moves and not another sound is made. I start to feel light headed, the room starts to spin again and I can sense something flow over me. Not fear, no it isn't making me afraid at all. My nipples became hard and could feel cool air, my mouth got wet, my body tingled, and my pussy started to throb. Without thinking I pinch and tweak my nipple, squeezing it in between my fingers, pulling on it hard. I bite my bottom lip and moan softly. I feel it again, it's watching me right now. But I’m not scared, just aroused, highly aroused!

I instinctively stand up and step out of the tub, and sit on the side opening my legs towards the window. I can sense I am being watched closely, there is a presence outside the window. I slowly play with my tits, then run one hand down my stomach and across my now dripping wet cunt. Swollen and throbbing with lust, aching to be filled, emanating a sweet tingle from her lips. I spread her open, running my fingers over her delicate folds, spreading my juices all over her. Squeezing her between my fingers and gently pulling on them. I push two fingers inside until my palm is pressed against my pelvis, I slowly withdraw them, glistening and dripping with my sweet nectar. I start to push them back in again, in and out, in and out, faster and faster I go. Picking up my pace with each plunge into her. The sounds of juice splattering everywhere as I bottom out each time.

“MMM fuck yesss, oooo mmm OMG!!” Harder and harder I bury them.

I look up at the window, and my yellow eyed voyeur has returned, afixed in the tree outside, watching me motionless and silent. I can feel his eyes wandering all over me, violating my privacy and innocence. I lick my lips seductively, “MMMMM hehe.” I withdraw my fingers, and slap my pussy hard, “FUCK YES BABY!” Thrusting back inside and vigorously ramming them into my hot wet pussy. She aches and throbs with each growing second. The immense pressure building within my loins, closer and closer I come. I look into the piercing yellow eyes, and the pressure erupts. I withdraw my fingers and start viscously rubbing my clit, squirting across the bathroom floor like a tide way of lust. Cumming over and over right back to back. “OHHH GOODDDD, FUCKKK OOO YES YES YESSSS!!” It was a huge orgasm, a triple hit. I never break eye contact as I withdraw my fingers and bring them to my mouth slowly, taking them all the way along my tongue, running them over it. Slurping up that delicious nectar. I then scope up more of my juices and start rubbing them up my stomach and across my fat tits. I bring a tit up to my mouth and suck the juices off. “MMM so yummy, hehe!” My mysterious friend then slowly turns, as to vanish into the darkness.

“WAIT!! Don't go yet.” I see its eyes come back to me, “you don't have to go yet baby.” I lower myself of the side of the tub and onto the floor, I roll over onto my knees and lower my body until my tits touch the floor. “Don't you want a better look? Maybe a taste perhaps?” I slap my throbbing pussy a few times, spreading my swollen pink lips. “I'm so eager and horny, I need you right now! Please? Will you taste me?”

I wait patiently, as I hear the massive beast crawl slowly through the window. The sound of its enormous hands slapping the floor got my heart racing, and my pussy drooling. My hands up by my head, I lay my cheek to the soaked floor. It gets right up to my rear end, sniffing the aroma of pure lust from my body. I can feel its heavy warm breath on my pussy and ass, it sends shivers up my spine, the suspense is driving me absolutely wild with urge. My pussy oozes nectar, dripping onto the floor. Then slowly and firmly, its tongue pushes against my clit, “OOHHHH FUUUCK” I quiver all over as it runs up my soaking wet length. Continuing to my tight sweet ass hole, it drags its tongue all round my star, then quickly thrusts the entire thing inside. I gasp for air as he bottoms out, I shudder feeling lips against me. His tongue is massive, so wide and long, I bite my lip and push back into him, hoping to go deeper. I wiggle my hips up and down, grinding my ass into his face. “Mmm YESSS!!” He reaches under the inside of my thighs, and grabs them tight, pulling my asshole right into his mouth. I can hear the slurping, as I wiggle from excitement and bite my lip. I reach up and play with my nipples as I am being sent into overdrive. I throw my right hand on the side of the tub, and reach back and start fingering my now gushing snatch. Waves of familiarness run over me, and I cum hard, squirting juice right onto the floor. I cum long and hard while he eats my tight little ass, bucking and quivering, he doesn't let up. Back to back I orgasm, the next one more than the first. “Please eat my pussy? PLEASEEE baby!!” With that he withdraws his tongue, and runs it down til it enters my inflamed cunt. Deep as deep can be, he pushes all the way, slithering his tongue around my insides. Then he releases my thighs, and his ginormous palms grab my fat ass, spreading my cheeks as far as they will go. Then with one push he slams a finger inside my soaked ass hole. “OOOMMMMGGGG FUCK BABYYY!!” As his finger feels me up, his tongue runs across my g-spot, making my entire body quiver and pulse. He pushes against it, encircling my spot with his tongue, heavy then soft, then heavy again. Flicking it firmly but ever so perfectly. By this time I am almost sitting on his face. Grinding into him with all my life. And my body locks, my eyes roll into my head, toes curl, and I lose all control. A tidal wave of cum flows out of me like niagra falls. I twitch and buck and pant, convulsing on the floor, and he doesn't stop. My whole body goes into shock and I let out the loudest scream this town has ever heard. “AAAAURGHHHHHHUUHHHHEEEEEE!!!!”

I black out from pure lust, being drained that much that hard knocked me out. I sat up onto my feet, my pussy and ass still soaked and dripping. I can feel my big man right behind me breathing, just standing there. I spin around to face him, I look him up foot to head, OMG is he massive. Everything is massive and solid. He is just as I remember, that huge cock, three soda cans long, and omg that thick shaft. I looked him in the eyes as I spit on the head.

“You gonna be a good daddy and rip my throat open or what?” I say seductively while licking my lips and pinching my nipples. He grabs my head and lines up to my mouth, as I open as wide as I possibly can. With one hard thrust he crams this massive fuck stick into my mouth and thru my throat, it gets stuck and bottoms out about 6 inches from the base. My lover gets mad, I watch him grit his yellow teeth and snarl. I brace for more, breathing thru my nose the best I can. I starts to push more, wiggling my head back and forth. His huge hands then come across my cheek viciously, my cheek stings and he pulls back for another swat. I gag and choke, spit blasting from my nose. He reaches his hand for my stuffed throat, wrapping his hand around my chin, putting his hand lower on my head, he tilts back and forcibly pushes his body weight into me. One more inch eases inside. He is angry and throbbing, he grabs my hair and without withdrawing from my throat, drags me to the wall, I slide so easily I am no use against his power. With my head against the wall and peering into his eyes, a smile comes across his face. He withdraws 4 inches from my fuck hole of a throat, and slams back into it. Pinning me against the wall, “ARRRGHHHHHH” is the only noise I can muster. He is still not pleased with 3 inches left. He SLAMS again, even harder this time. Pushing past my limit and down my esophagus, and nose crammed into his pelvis. I FUCKING DID IT!! I came once again from the assault. My lover knows I love being his lil useless fuck slut. Just a piece of whore trash to destroy. He starts drilling my throat over and over, withdrawing completely and barreling balls deep into my slutty used throat. Gagging and slobbering all over his meat, spit dripping onto my tits and floor. I stick my tongue out as it glides across it, his balls landing on it when he reaches the hilt. Drilling and pounding my hot lil mouth likes its his play thing, using it like a beat up cunt. Dripping and spitting all over the shaft and huge balls. He pulls out and stands back to admire his slutty lil toy,

“FUCK MY ASS YOU BASTARD!!” I screamed with a sorely used throat.

He grabs my throat and lifts me up throwing me onto the sink, pushing my legs up. Pinning my feet behind my head. His cock glistening in spit, throbbing and bouncing, so tasty and sexy. “Don't keep me waiting daddy, PLEASE!” And with that he steps forward, lining up to my ass, and pushing the tip in slowly. “Mmmmm yes please, go deeper, please baby.” My lover smiles smiles slightly and rams with all his might. His balls slap the counter with a loud thud, its a deathly slap that made my body quiver. He starts his rampage and assault on my tight lil ass.

“Thats it you big fucker, pound that asssss, YESSSS FUCKKKK BABYYY. Fuck it silly baby, tear into her like a good boy. YESS THATS it, harder daddy, HARDER!! I wanna cum and squirt all over you stud. That huge cock ripping into my tight lil married whore ass!! Fuck it open for me! OHH SHIIITT YEAAASSSSHHHIIIIIIIIIII…” I squirted stream after stream all over my lover and the bathroom, walls, floor, and even the ceiling. With being so full, none could get out without blasting thru. It felt amazing, and I couldn't stop. Massive hands reach up and grab my huge tits, squeezing them tightly, then slapping them hard. WHACK…”OOO babyyy slap mommy's titties!” He then puts one on my throat, slowly closing his grip while picking his pace up. Using my throat as a handle to pull me in and slam balls deep into my stretched ass. I slide two fingers into my dripping snatch, my juices coating his cock and allowing full lubed access to my tight ass. The resistance is fading, and I am accustomed to his swollen and veiny girth. I blasted my soaked and aching pussy vigorously matching every deep stroke my beastly lover punished me lovingly with.

Then I felt my lover's meat start to twitch and pulse. “OHHH daddy give me your cum please, down my throat. I wanna taste my lover!!” He withdraws as he starts to blow his candy load, dumping two pumps inside, one onto my stomach and then stream after stream start to blast my tits and face. Sooo much cum, you hear it hit the mirror and walls. THIPP THIPP THIPP, loud thuds as the heavy load just sprays everywhere, I open my mouth and start to catch every drop I can. His grunts and groans make me squirt again. His cum tasted amazing, I was craving so much more. He stands back to admire his work, then turns and jumps out the window, I could hear him running into the woods. I was gonna keep my lover around for sure. I don't care if I had to sneak into the woods to get my fill. I needed him, I CRAVED him, I will have him! For now, I find myself cleaning his cum up, slurping it off the sink and mirror. God, what has gotten into me?
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