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I arrange for any peeping toms to spy on my wife while she is showering. What I got was a lot more than just a peeping tom.
It turned out when we arrived at our holiday destination, that our apartment was on the ground floor. We quickly checked it out, and the first thing that struck me was how good the bathroom would be for a Peeping Tom; the window of pebble type glass was right adjacent to the shower, and on opening it, I found that there was a bushy garden outside that adjoined to the car park. Anyone who took it into their mind could simply walk into the car park and then hide themselves amongst the bushes right outside of our window - that's if the window was open just a little, and I would definitely arrange for that to be the case.

At home, quite unbeknown to my wife, I had on many hot nights, arranged with one of my friends that he should sneak around the side of our house and watch through the window as I fucked Margie.

Of course I didn't know anyone here, but a stranger would be even more exciting.

I wasted no time, first thing next morning I went out for a walk while Margie was still in bed.

I quickly found what I was looking for, a nearby toilet block at the back of the beach.

Going in I found that the doors of the cubicles were covered in dirty messages and a few horny drawings. "Just the thing" I thought to myself.

I'd taken a fine point ink marker with me, and I soon had messages written in prominent positions on two of the doors:

Peeping Toms.

Hibiscus Apartments

Go in car park - behind bushes immediately on right side - can't be seen and safe.

Window will be open just a little enough to see.

About 6:00 pm

Be quiet. Guy knows but slut doesn't.

As an afterthought I added the date range that we'd be here.

Back at the apartments I first walked into the car park and slipped in amongst the bushes. Beneath the window there was some sort of ground cover growing with sort reddish leaves - "nice and sort, there shouldn't be any noise if a guy comes" I thought.

We were tired after all the traveling. We planned to go out for dinner and then have an early night. We showered then went out. Outside the window remained untrammeled.

Four days went by. I kept checking outside the bathroom window and was disappointed to find the ground plants still pristine.

We were having a great time, the only blemish was my failure to attract some pervert to lust over Margie's nakedness.

Each day I organized things so that we got home and showered at around the 6 to 7 o'clock mark, before then going out for dinner and the evenings activities.

Thursday I showered and then briefly glanced outside the window, the plants were thriving.

Margie showered after me and as usual spent ages fixing her hair and doing her make-up. Finally she was ready. I closed and locked the few open windows, something we'd been doing seeing as our apartment was on the ground floor. Going into the bathroom I lifted the window slightly, glanced out and was in the act of closing it before it hit me that the ground plants outside looked a little strange. I felt a surge of sexual excitement as I reopened the window and looked more carefully.

Yes! A patch looked a little squashed or something, and I could see that a few stalks had been broken and were laying askew.

After I'd showered everything had looked perfect, but now after Margie had showered ...... !

I felt excited and my heart was beating, someone had indeed been out there watching Margie and hopefully seeing her naked.

We went out and the whole night I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened.

Next day, everywhere that we went, I kept thinking that the unknown guy who had watched Margie showering, etc, could be watching us. I was so excited and so horny.

As the afternoon drew towards a close, I found myself eagerly hoping that the guy might again come for more.

Back at the apartment I showered first, then opened the window wide and carefully inspected the plants outside. The few leaves that had been broken the day previous, were now laying limp. There was no doubt whatsoever that someone had indeed watched Margie.

Closing the window so that it was just open a little way, I went to the bedroom while Margie showered.

I had thoughts of going out to the car park to see if I could see anyone, but the last thing that I wanted was to scare anyone off if they were there.

My cock was hard as a rock as I thought of what might be going on.

I was dearly wanting to check outside the window when Margie came out, but thought to give anyone that was there, time to get away.

We were almost ready to go. I closed the other windows and then looked carefully over the edge of the bathroom windowsill.

My heart was pounding with excitement. It was obvious that once more someone had been there watching Margie. The plants were quite squashed where someone had been standing.

After that, it seemed that whoever was watching Margie, must be coming daily as the plants beneath the window were becoming really trampled.

Whenever we were out I kept looking at any guys that eyed Margie up, wondering whether they might be the one who was spying on her.

It was four or five days later that we came out of the apartment to walk the short distance to the beach. At the end of the road we needed to cross over and so I glanced back just to check that no cars were coming, and it was then that I saw a seedy looking guy coming along a bit behind us. I didn't really think anything of it at the time, but then when we spread the towels out on the beach and settled ourselves down, I noticed that the same guy was leaning on the railing at the back of the beach and seemingly gazing out to sea.

Margie was soon settled down and reading her book, lying on one side and facing away from me. I again glanced toward the back of the beach to where that guy was still standing. Our eyes met and he didn't look away.

As I watched him, he fumbled in his pocket and took something small out, then began strolling down the sand towards us.

I must admit that I felt a chill of horror with a thought going through my mind that he was going to say something in front of Margie about what had been going on.

I was almost panicking as he came right past, but then he just kept going down towards the water's edge, and I sighed with relief.

What had happened though, just as he was going past me, was that he had dropped something beside me.

I glanced over at Margie who was still facing away and engrossed in her book.

Reaching for the dropped object I saw that it was a matchbox with a piece of paper held by and elastic band wrapped several times around.

I pulled the paper out and unfolded it.


One pill in drink

Half hour and they know nothing.

Fuck! I'm sure that I was physically trembling with excitement.

I slid the matchbox open a little way. Two white capsules on folded tissue.

My heart was pounding.

I'd expected nothing like this.

I clutched the box and note in my hand and stood up.

"I'll check the water" I said to Margie. "OK" she murmured.

I walked to the water's edge where the sand was firm and wet.

The guy had by then strolled a little way along then had turned and appeared to be looking back along the beach, but I knew that he would be looking at me.

The guy started slowly strolling back in my direction.

I picked up a piece of broken shell and scratched in the wet sand:

10 pm

then walked back up to where Margie was totally oblivious to the evil plot.

I saw the guy glance down at my message and run the side of his foot across it and so obliterating the time.

He didn't pause or look across, he just kept strolling along casually until I saw him way along turn up off the beach.

"What say we have an early night tonight" I casually suggested later in the afternoon, "I feel a bit weary today."

Margie concurred saying that she didn't mind if we did.

We went out for dinner about 7:00, drifted back home about 9:00, and drank down the couple of drinks that I'd poured.

I felt like a mass of nerves, hopeful that the drug that I'd mixed in Margie's drink would do her no harm, wondering whether the drug would indeed knock her out to the extent that she wouldn't know what was going on, and the nervousness associated with the absolutely despicable and perfidious thing that I was doing.

My cock was like rock without so much as touching it.

We sat talking and I noticed with both alarm and excitement, that Margie was becoming more and more quiet and drowsy.

I stopped talking and she was asleep in a moment.

Waiting a half hour I then gave her a light shake, "hey wake up sleepy" I said.

No response, not even a murmur.

I began to feel nervous and to worry. I listened to her breathing and was reassured that it was even and relaxed. I again tried to waken her - no response.

Feeling her breasts, spreading her legs, fingering her cunt, nothing bothered her.

I thought to get her onto the bed but, even though she's only 5' 2" and a slight build she was a dead weight and I was having trouble trying to get my arms under her to lift her off the chair.

It was true. After half an hour they know nothing.

It was 10 o'clock. I went to the front door and opened it. Looking around I saw nothing, but then the guy silently appeared from the shadows of some bushes.

I was trembling with excitement.

"Is she ready" was all he asked as he came to the door

"Absolutely out cold" I said, my voice sounding strange with the excitement that filled my brain and my body.

Closing the door after him we turned to where Margie lay slumped on the chair.

"Fucking beautiful" the guy said lustfully. I couldn't believe it when I first saw her showering, she's fucking lovely."

He asked if I'd ever done this sort of thing before. "Never" I replied with emphasis.

"Let's get the little cunt into the bedroom and start the fun" he said.

Together we carried her and lay her on the bed, then with difficulty got her dress off.

"Lift her forward a bit while I undo her bra" the guy told me. I raised her shoulders and after fumbling a bit he got her bra undone.

I stepped back and watched as he carefully lifted the bra from her tits and pulled it off over her arms and shoulders.

Margie lay there absolutely comatose, and naked but for her panties.

"Ah, fucking beautiful" the guy said with feeling as he lightly slid his hands over her breasts, cupping them and caressing them before he slid his hands down over her belly and slid her panties down over her thighs and legs and off.

"Fucking look at that" he said as he quickly stripped naked and began slowly stroking his hard protruding cock.

"How old is she?"



"He gently took her head in his hands and turned it slightly towards him, then leaning over, he started kissing her mouth.

It was so exciting to see the two of them together and both completely naked.

At first he gave her light kisses on her unresponsive lips, but then I saw his tongue come out and after licking her lips it slid between them and explored inside her mouth and gums.

He was really slobbering all over her face now, drooling over her like an animal.

After some minutes he stood back, the light glistened off his saliva which covered the lower half of her face.

He told me to get my hands behind her head and to tip it slightly forward. I did as he wanted and he then knelt astride her and began wiping the head of his cock, which was oozing precum, over her lips. Soon he was sliding his cock into her mouth, first off to one side so that her cheek bulged out, then the other, and then straight into her mouth right the way back to her gullet.

His cock was an average six or seven inches, but so thick and solid and it really spread her lips

"You dirty, fucking, whore, bitch" he snarled. "Fucking filthy, cum loving fucking slut. Fucking cunt! Fucking shit! Fucking filth! Fucking stinking fucking pig!" He was getting more and more excited at his abuse of her, and I wondered whether he might choke her with his raging cock.

I watched lustfully as he defiled and abused her. My darling wife who I loved. My wife who trusted me. My wife to whom I'd promised to love and honour. My wife who I had drugged and was letting this sexual deviate fuck and maul and debauch with. My cock was throbbing and my whole being was filled with lustful excitement at what I had brought my darling Margie to.

"Ohh fuck" the guy moaned after some minutes as he withdrew his cock from her mouth and sat back on his haunches. "I'll drown the fucking bitch with cum if i keep at that."

He now lustfully ran his hands up and down the insides of her thighs, then lifted her knees slightly and spread them apart so that her cunt was displayed to him.

I watched greedily as his fingers ran through her wet cunt.

"How many fingers can you get up the whore - three? - four?" he asked.

With lubricating her up well, and going slowly, I was able to get not only four fingers, but my knuckles as well into her cunt.

"Fuck" he exclaimed when I told him this, "she's only a little bitch too, you've done well."

He then got me to hold Margie's legs back over her head and spread them wide. I did this and he then got down and started licking and slurping through her gaping cunt. He then took the tube of hand cream which I'd taken off the bedside table, and smothering it over his whole hand as well as a liberal amount on and around Margie's cunt, he went to work quickly getting three and then four of his fingers right into her cunt. He worked them continually in and out and twisting them around inside her cunt so that she was stretching this way and that. Soon he was able to ease his four fingers in and his knuckles too, so that the rim of her cunt was stretched wonderfully tight.

He now slid his hand out so that Margie's cunt gaped wide open. "Fuck that's great isn't it, look at the fucking whores huge fucking cunt" he lustfully sneered.

We tried to get him ass fucking Margie, and until we finally built her up with cushions and I pulled her legs back over her head it was a bit of a failure. In that position, with me holding her so that her ass was at just the right angle for him to get right up her, and really slam fucked her asshole, grunting away and making her lurch each time his huge cock drove right the way home up into her intestines.

We'd been going for ages, experimenting with her in a variety of ways, when finally the guy told me that he was going to "fill the filthy whore up."

He started pounding her cunt relentlessly until he finally groaned with lust and held her firmly with his cock buried in her cunt and I knew that his cum was pumping out and filling her up.

"There you are, you can have your wife back now - that's if you think that she's still worth having" he said grinning.

"Is the cunt on the pill?" he asked, and when I confirmed that she was, he commented that it was a pity, otherwise she might have fallen pregnant to him.

It was gone midnight when he left, telling me that he'd let me know when to give her the second pill.

What a fabulous holiday it was turning out to be.
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