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More sexual tension, plus some family sex.

When we got home in the afternoon, Priscilla rapidly strode to the pool and sat on a lounger. After a smoke-free day at college, she pulled out a cigarette and puffed as quickly as she could, not bothering with her usual holder. She smiled in relief as I watched through the living room window. Watching her mouth as she sucked inspired a growth in my boxers.

She stripped to her bra and panties and started putting tanning lotion on herself. I was surprised when she waved to me and motioned for me to join her. She handed me the bottle and said, “I can’t reach my back.” She rolled over as I stared in shock. She had asked me to touch her!

I poured some of the cold lotion in my hand and started smearing it on her shoulders and upper back. She had her eyes closed, so I didn’t feel bad about staring at her sexy ass cheeks as I smeared the sunscreen on her back with my oily fingers and palm. I was astounded when she sat up and removed her bra, saying, “Don’t want any tan lines.” She pulled her panties off and let me stare at her a good five seconds, before she laid on her belly again. “Don’t forget to oil up my legs and butt.” I was highly aroused at her beauty, and quite surprised she was nude in the back yard!

I resumed with her feet and worked my way up, anticipating how great her ass would feel in my hands. When I finally touched her tight and curvy butt cheeks, she said, “I’ll let you lick my pussy, if you want?”

“GAH! I… uh… but people could see!”

She rolled onto her back and spread her knees, exposing her dark pubic hair and wet pink pussy! “Taste it now, or lose it forever.”

I practically dived into her appealing pelvis headfirst, thrusting my tongue in as far as possible. Her flavor was even better than I expected. I didn’t know what I was doing, but licked and sucked every bit of her I could reach with my lips and tongue.

“Yeah. I like that. Keep going.”

My cock was hard as a baseball bat and tented out the crotch of my jeans. I licked and sucked between deep tongue thrusts into her tight slit. As I started rubbing her clit with a finger, she came. “Ummmmm! YUH! YEAH!” Her wonderfully tasty pussy squirted at least a cup of hot fluid into my face.

I stood and started taking off my pants, but she said, “I’m done. You can go now.”

“But! But…”

“I owe you a blowjob on Sunday. Keep it in your pants until then.”

“But I’m SO HORNY!”

She had a devilish look in her eyes as she said, “Then go screw baby Leslie and play with her flat little tits.”


Leslie walked near us and said, “I’ve had sex before! I’m a WOMAN! And that’s mean, getting him all hot and not taking care of him! I’ll help you, big brother.” She started to unzip me.

“No, Leslie. Mom and Dad might see us.”

“Your dad saw you licking her. He said it was really hot. I don’t think he’ll care if…”

Priscilla interrupted, “If Karl’s a baby fucker?”

Leslie stared at her big sister with hatred I her eyes and held up her middle finger. “Shut up!”

Leslie ran inside and I followed her. She slammed her bedroom door as I saw her start to cry. I felt bad for her, but walked in my room and played a video game.

In the dining room after supper, their mother Claudette told us, “Leslie, Priscilla, tonight I need some private time with Karl in his room. Unless he wants me to suck his dick in front of the family? Karl?”

“I… I um….”

“Maybe you could help me out, girls. Would you like to see what Priscilla’s mouth feels like, Karl?”


“Eeew, he’s a nerd!”

Claudette looked at Leslie, “Or maybe you’d like to taste his cock?”

“I did, Mom, and it’s great!”

“I… I…”

Claudette looked at Dad and smiled, then said, “I guess dessert is dick. Strip and sit on the table, Karl.”

I saw Dad staring with lust on his face as my soon-to-be stepmother and stepsister licked and sucked me in front of the family. I began to understand the situation better when I noticed Priscilla staring at Dad, instead of the oral tag team two steps away. I pumped my cum into Claudette’s mouth saying, “SOOO good! Thank you!”

Claudette looked at Dad and teased, “I bet you’ve got a world-class boner, too! Let’s go to bed.”

Priscilla offered, “I’ll suck him, Mom. He can fuck me too.”

Her mother touched her nose with a fingertip and told her, “He’s MY fiancée. Mine. You can have fun with Karl.”

The three of us walked to our bedrooms, showered alone, then went to sleep. Priscilla badly wanted my father, I’d give nearly anything for sex with her, and Leslie wanted to screw me, too. For the second night in a row, none of us got what we truly desired.


When we got home from high school graduation on Friday, I ran to a bathroom and emptied my aching bladder. I walked out and was extremely surprised when I looked out the living room window. Priscilla was laying on her back, nude on a lounger by the pool. He little sister Leslie had her face between Priscilla’s legs!

I walked out to the pool deck and got a better look from only a few feet away. Priscilla was smoking with her eyes closed as Leslie licked her labia and rubbed her clit with a finger! I was hard as a hammer by the time I saw the younger girl’s tongue enter her big sister.

Priscilla opened her eyes and asked, “What are you staring at? You weren’t here, so I let her instead. What’s wrong with it?”

“Um… ah… nothing! That’s SO HOT!”

“You can have a turn when she finishes me.”


Leslie moved her mouth closer to her sister’s body and I couldn’t see most of the tongue action, which I knew was inside her. The previous day it took me fifteen minutes to make Priscilla cum, but Leslie managed it in about five. She sat up as Priscilla climaxed, then took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from her older sister’s purse.

While she clumsily took off the plastic wrap and tried to open the pack, I asked, “You smoke now, Leslie?”

She smiled shyly. “You stare at her a lot when she smokes. You must think it’s sexy, right?”


“She’s giving me cigarettes for licking her. Watch me smoke and tell me if I’m sexy too.” She put a long white cigarette between her lips and lit it. She took a very deep drag, then hacked and wheezed. It sounded like she was trying to cough out an angry puppy. She blushed and held her head low in embarrassment.

I chuckled and sarcastically commented, “Yup, very hot. Hahaha!”

I felt bad when she started to cry and ran in the house, but Priscilla said, “Okay, your turn.” I saw her arousing pink vagina as she spread her legs.

I quickly made a difficult decision. “Back in a minute. I’m gonna check on Leslie.”

I walked in and knocked on her bedroom door. “Are you okay?”

“Go away!”

“I’m sorry I laughed at you. It was funny, I wasn’t trying to be mean.”

“Shut up and go away!”

When I returned to the pool, Priscilla was laying on her back naked and masturbating! I stared at her and started rubbing myself through my shorts.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when her mother Claudette put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. She loudly asked, “What are you two doing, playing with yourselves outside!” Priscilla grabbed her dress and quickly started putting it on. Claudette harshly instructed, “Follow me! Now!”

She led us to the bedroom she shared with my father and told us, “Sit still on the bed. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Leslie followed her as she returned to the room. Claudette wasn’t my stepmother yet, but my… step-fiancée? She said, “His father and I have seen you three by the pool. Priscilla has been prancing around naked, and you two have been giving her oral sex outside. Or am I wrong?” We meekly shook our heads.

“Leslie has asked Karl for sex many times, and he always turns her down. Priscilla calling her a baby and making fun of you two is probably a big part of that. I know he’s asked you for sex, Priscilla, and you’ve always rejected him?” We nodded.

“I know what Leslie and Karl want. I’m not going to let anybody else sleep with Reggie, at least not until after we’re married and make some sort of deal. What else do you want, Priscilla?”

“Reggie is SO HOT, with his muscles and nice big dick! I want him SO BAD! But… I guess these two licking me feels pretty good too.”

“I have an idea. Leslie, will you lick Priscilla’s pussy at least twice a week; if she’ll stop picking on you and encourages Karl to sleep with you at least twice a week?” She eagerly nodded.

“Karl, if Priscilla will screw you twice a week, will you lick them both and have sex with Leslie at least twice a week?”

I nodded so hard and fast I gave myself a headache. “YES! PLEASE?”

“Leslie, do you agree?”

She smiled, “Please, Mom!”


She nodded.

“Good. I want to make sure. Tonight, Karl and Leslie will get Priscilla off with their mouths in front of his father and I.” Leslie and I gasped as her sister smiled. “And then Karl will fuck both of you in front of us. That’s your punishment for what you did in the back yard.”

“GAH!” “Eeek!” “But Mom!”

“If you won’t, I don’t ever want to see any of you naked or doing anything sexual with each other. Never again!”

We looked at each other awkwardly while she paused.

“So, will you do it?”

“Yes.” “Okay.” “Sure.”

She paused again, then looked at Leslie. “And YOU need to be punished for smoking without a smoke and poke deal.” She poked her daughter’s navel and giggled wickedly. “Other than your period, you wear skirts with no panties for a month, and you let anybody poke a finger in your pussy or butt any time they want. Understand?”

Leslie meekly blushed and nodded. “Yes, Mom.”

“Good. To say she’s sorry, Priscilla is going to finger you and let Karl fuck her doggystyle until dinner. Get those clothes off, while I start a video call with Reggie so he can watch.”

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