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I just watched while the Badboys gangraped my young sister

They roadblocked us in the alley. We were returning home on a cheerful winter evening. I've seen both around here before. Hoodlums of the neighborhood. I don't know the other two. They call themselves BadBoys. Four ugly bastards.

“Whatever is in pockets!” someone hissed.

I pulled my sister behind me and protected her with my left arm. I made my right hand a fist and raised.

“Take my shit!” I growled.

I'm bigger than them, I can beat them all. I chose the small one with my eye. Skinny and shaky.

“Calvin, let's go…” My sister hugged my left arm in fear.

“Calvin let's go, uuww…” someone mimicked my sister's voice.

“Your bitch is crying, Calvin…” said the other.

I got angry at the way he addressed my sister. Kate is no bitch. She encountered street thugs for the first time, it is normal to be afraid. But I am with her, I am her brother who protects her from everything.

“Go away, assholes!” I shouted, hoping someone heard my voice.

But the street was empty, it was dark, another reason to hate the early setting sun in winter.

“Looks like won't give!” said the big one.

I weighed him with my eyes. I'm bigger than him, I can knock him down easily.

“Come and get it!” I challenged.

I prepared my fist as he took a step towards me…

I turned on the shower water and adjusted its temperature. I glanced at my sister from the corner of my eye, she was at the bathroom door, crying in shame and sighing.

“Not your fault, Kate…” I held out my hand, she obeyed silently.

The clothes she was wearing were torn to shreds. The collar of her white blouse was ripped off, sleeve was torn, all the buttons were broken and completely covered in mud.

Knowing that hurt, I slowly took off her blouse. Her whole body was full of nail marks and bruises. They were very cruel to her.

“Ah…” she let out a little scream and immediately covered her mouth with her hand. Our parents were sleeping.

“Does it hurt here?” I showed her the bite mark on her shoulder. She nodded slowly.

I kissed the bite mark and smiled as if kissing it would heal it. She turned her wet eyes to me and looked down again in shame.

The color of her skirt couldn't be seen because of the mud. I pulled it out slowly. She had no panties. It would remain as a souvenir in the pocket of the bastard who took it.

She waited trembling. Her naked body, covered with teeth and nail marks, sperm residue, mud stains, and she smelled of urine.

I helped her get into the tub. When the warm water hit her body, her whole body trembled for a moment. As the dirty mud clinging to her silky hair turned into muddy water and flowed from her chest to her abdomen, I looked sadly at the bite marks around her nipples.

“Come too…” Kate called.

I had to wash and clean me too. While taking off my pants, I assessed the damage. The gray fabric had traces of mud at the knees, the rest was clean. I took off my shirt and my panties. Kate turned her face away to the tile wall to avoid looking at my dick.

I got into the bathtub, took the soap and sponge to clean my sister.

“I told so!” the big one shouted. Others approved of him. “I knew this blond mouse was a coward!”

My fist was waiting to hit. But I was just showing.

“Milkyboy!” said someone

My face turned red with anger! I wanted to kill him!

“Come on, hit me!” He put his chin in front of my fist and challenged me.

I couldn't do it... I was freezed up... In my dreams, I was always beating the bad guys and becoming a super hero, but when I encountered a real street gang, my whole body became stiff.

"Let's go, Calvin... I beg you, let's get out of here..." Kate pulled my left arm with all her strength and cried.

“Your bitch is crying Calvin… What’re you going to do?” His chin was still resting on the tip of my fist, and even though I was taller, bigger, and stronger than him, he wasn't afraid of me at all.

"What's your name?" I asked, thinking maybe we could find a compromise. Actually, I don't really know why I asked, maybe it was the first thing that came to my mind at that moment.

“If you want to give to the police…” he turned to face his friends and returned with an indifferent look “I'm Tank, the oldest in the gang… This is Meatball, because he's fat, but he has a weak conscience, be careful… This Blem, he was in the same school with your sister, before he got kicked out… and this bully is Clack, If he starts talking, you can't stop him..."

What was I waiting for to teach these four street rats who thought they were a gang a lesson! While I was breathing through my nose I looked at each of them one by one. I didn't even have to get tired to knock out these four boys..

“You know the BadBoys now, Calvin…” Tank said.

“I know them…” I murmured, while gently rubbing the foamy sponge over my sister's suffering body. "I’ll kill them..." I said through clenched teeth.

"Please, stay away from them, Calvin... They'll hurt you..." Kate took my shaking with anger hand.

“Will I forget they did to you?” I squeezed the sponge in my hand and the foam gushed out between my fingers.

“Can't we forget? Please…” Was Kate crying or shower water running down her pink cheeks?

While pouring shampoo into her hair and lathering it, sticky residue got on my hands. A little mud and sperm…

“I've seen enough of your fist, Timid boy... Now spill what's in your pockets …” Tank walked around me waving his arms like a rap singer. “And you bitch, I'm sure you have a tiny wallet…”

Nicknamed Blemy, he pointed at my sister with his chin and spat, "Her name is Kate..." he knew my sister, "but she doesn't know me, rich bitches turn their faces away when they see us..."

"I'm not rich!" Kate shouted. Actually, I would have preferred her to say not a bitch.

“About my sister…” I couldn't finish my words.

Tank grabbed Kate was hiding behind me by her hair and dragged her in front of his gang. While my sister looked at me with her eyes swollen like balloons with fear and said "help", I watched Tank pulling her blonde hair as if he wanted to pluck it.

Everything was happening so fast. Tank threw my sister like a pillow filled with cotton and rolled her at Blemy's feet. Kate fell into the muddy water. She didn't understand what was happening, she looked at the mud on her hands for a moment, a wave of horror spread across her face, but her awareness was faster than me. Her hand quickly into her coat pocket, pulled out a tiny pink wallet and give it to Tank.

Tank took it with a grin, looked inside, was not pleased and turned back to me.

“This is not enough, Peacock…”

When I saw my sister on her knees in the mud, a volcano erupted in my brain. I finally had the anger I needed. I walked towards them with my two fists raised and roaring.

The four bastards stood still, arms crossed over their chests, chins up in defiance, and wait my attack.

There was a Meatball closest to me, I didn't hit him, he looked harmless. I skipped Tank, I was going to leave him for last. Clack and Blemy stood side by side and I hesitated. As I stood in front of them and showed my fist, I wished they would get scared and run away.

“Coward…” Clack said and spat on my fist.

I... I thought… I don't actually want to fight... Yes, I could tear them to pieces if I wanted to... But... Fighting is the job of barbarians... I... I don't know... If I fight them...

“Calvin, please let's go now…” Kate cried out from the mud.

Blemy leaned towards Kate's face and asked, "You don't remember me, right, Kate?"

Kate looked at him as if she were looking at a disgusting insect.

“If I hadn't been kicked from school, would I have had a chance with you, what do you say?”

The boy was so ugly that it was impossible for a wonderful girl like Kate to look at him. But it was pointless to admit it now under these circumstances. She lowered her head and remained silent.

“Look at my face, whore!” Blemy grasped my sister's rosy cheeks tightly with his dirty hands and turned her face towards his own face. “Would you kiss me?” He brought his dirty face close to Kate's innocent face. She struggled and tried to get away from his hands, but Blemy's skinny fingers were stronger than her. With a sudden movement, he attached his lips to my sister's clean lips.

Leave her!... Don't!... Or!... These screams exploded only in my mind. A dirty street brat was sucking my little sister's delicate lips in front of my eyes and I stood watching.

Blemy sucked Kate's elegant lips for a long time with his angry lips, and when he pulled his mouth away from her, a bridge of white saliva formed between they mouths.

"Disgusting!" she shouted. Kate wiped her mouth with her coat sleeve and looked at Blemy angrily.

“YOU ARE disgusting, SLUT!” Blemy spat in my sister's face.

Kate looked at me in shock, spit was hanging from her cheek. She waited for me to do something and stop this nonsense.

I shouldn't have waited any longer. Even though I was against violence, it was time to show these bastards who I was.

“What you did cannot be approved…” I said. Why do I say such good boy words?

“So what are you going to do, DANDY?” said Tank... He came to me in two steps.

I thought about what to say to him, but I couldn't think of a meaningful words that would stop this disgrace. I just looked at his face.

“That's it…” Tank put his hand into my coat pocket and took my wallet.

“My driver's license…” I requested.

“I'm not looking for junk…” he said. He took the money out of my wallet and put it in his pocket. He pulled out my debit card and asked, “Password?”

“One two three four…” I muttered.

He took what he wanted and put the wallet back in my pocket.

Kate stared at the two of us in disbelief from the mud where she sat. I know Kate, I'm a spineless, please don't judge me, I'm so confused, I didn't know I was this weak willed...

“Don't cry, Kate…” I was applying the sponge to her back, soaping her beautiful, soft, sweet bottom and massaging it with my hand. The red slap marks were still there. While her ass was being spanked, the sounds echoing in the street rang in my ears.

“Don't cry too, Calvin…” she said in her thin, innocent, understanding voice….

“It's all my fault…” I moaned…

“That's not enough…” said Tank, belittling his booty, “I thought rich snobs had more money…”

“We are not considered rich…” I expressed my opinion.

Just because we have houses, cars, wealthy parents, the fact that we go to good schools and wear expensive brand clothes, the fact that I can get skin and nail care, Kate's classic music lessons, and the fact that I take a Latin dance course, does not mean that we are rich.

Of course, it would be ridiculous to compare what we have with street children. That's why I kept silent.

“What else do you have to give us, Calvin?” Tank stood on his tiptoes to look at my face. I'm taller than him.

I took out my cell phone from the inside pocket of my coat and gave it to him. I bought the new model as soon as it was released last month, it is the most expensive product on the market.

Tank finally laughed, showing all his missing teeth.

“That's good… Calvin, man, and you say you're not a snob…”

“Now, can we go?” This question came from Kate.

The tank turned to her, came to the mud, bent down and looked carefully at my sister's hateful face.

“What about you bitch… What else do you have to give?”

What else can my sister give, stupid!

Kate unbuttoned her coat, and as soon as she took it off she felt cold. She was wearing only a white silk blouse and black miniskirt. She wrapped her hands in her arms and trembled. It's seriously cold!

The tank threw the coat at Blemy. Blemy stroked the fur on collar before wearing it. He dressed quickly and hugged his new coat with admiration.

"So hot..." He took a deep breath and smelled, "It smells slutty inside... Great!"

Kate's bones shook with cold as the bastard put on my sister's coat and strode around her.

We looked at each other as the hot water poured over us. I touched Kate's tears.

"It's not your fault…"

“I know…” she groaned. “They are wild, scary, bad, dirty…” She began to sob.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled to me. She easily slid into the hot tub and hugged my body. She leaned her face on my chest and looked at me with her misty eyes.

“Don't blame yourself, Calvin. There was nothing you could do..." Her skin was red because of the hot water.

“I wish…” Before words full of anger came out of my mouth, she touched my lips with her delicate finger.

“Ssshh… They are a cruel gang, Calvin… You did the right thing by letting them do whatever they wanted to me… If you had resisted, maybe you would have caused disaster…”

“What a sexy slut!..” Meatball was drooling when he looked at my sister.

“You got what you got! You have to let us go now..." I said and frowned to let them know how serious I was.

As Kate shakily stood up, the four troublesome boys looked at her and grinned.

“If your slut sister gives us her panties…” As soon as Blemy said this, he plunged his hand between Kate's legs.

"Let me go! You dirty pig!" Kate screamed and tried to get away from him, but she was too late. Blemy's calloused hand had already gone under her skirt with a nimble movement. The four ugly men laughed loudly as Kate hit with her small fists to Blemy that was gripping and squeezing her crotch tightly.

“Your fists are like butterflies, baby…” Blemy grinned, enjoying my sister's resistance. He wrapped his other hand around her slim waist and pulled her to him. Their bodies and faces stuck together. Kate turned away in disgust. Blemy didn't care. He pressed his mouth to her delicate neck and started kissing. His hand under her skirt was clawing to Kate's panties.

"Don't! Sick animal!” Kate squealed.

When Blemy removed his mouth from Kate's neck, wet teeth marks appeared on her silky neck, quickly turning purple.

“We've just begun, sweet butterfly…” Blemy grinned arrogantly, showing off the dirty teeth of his slobbery mouth. His hand was drilling hard under my sister's skirt.

“I'll give it!... I'll give my panties, let me go!...” Kate writhed. She doubled over as if she had a pain in her stomach. Blemy wrapped his fingers in her blonde hair and pulled. My sister's legs were spread wide as her thin arms beat the space.

“No, bitch! I can get it myself!” He pulled his arm back with a harsh movement and showed off his ripped booty by shaking it between his fingers.

My sister's sexy white lace panties were waving like a flag in Blemy's hand.

“Wuoo! Uaaa! “Haaa!” Four of them howled like animals.

Blemy threw the torn underwear at Tank. The tank snatched it and sniffed. “Hmmmss… Sweet pussy smell…” Like hounds sniffing out prey, Meatball and Clack stuck their noses out and shared the fresh pussy smell my sister's panties.

"Wet!" Tank announced, crushing the panties between his fingers. “don't believe?..” he touched the panties up to my nose.

I quickly turned my face away. I wasn't going to smell my sister's pussy from a thug's hand.

“Smell it, Calvin!” he slapped the panties on my face.

Kate's moist panties touched my lips, and I involuntarily smelled them. It smelled like a warm, sweet, delightful summer evening. It smelled like watching the sun set during an expensive cruise and drinking a glass of aged Petrus wine. Kate's pussy smelled like tropical flowers blooming on the porch of our beach house view the ocean.

“ I said! Smell it!” Tank repeated, grinning. The panties passed between my lips and entered my mouth. I could taste it. It was delicious, like a warm vanilla strawberry cake. I couldn't believe what I felt.

“There's more here!” Blemy put his hand under my sister's miniskirt again. Ignoring Kate's screams of objection, he went back to exploring the gem between her legs.

As Kate struggled to get away from Blemy's strong arm hugging her waist, her legs opened wider. Her stiletto heels slipped on the muddy ground. Her black mini skirt rode up her waist. Lightning flashed through my brain when I saw Blemy's palm grab my sister's pussy and thrust his middle finger inside.

“Homamomamo!!!” when my mouth full of Kate's delicious panties, my reaction words were weird. I took it out of my mouth and shouted. "Leave her!" I screamed with all the power of my anger.

Blemy looked at me with a devilish grin and inserted his finger all the way inside my sister's pussy. I clenched my fists and stayed where I was.

As Kate stomped her feet and tried to escape, one of her shoes fell off. She was screaming for help, trying to stand on her other foot. Blemy inserted his finger into her pussy with rapid movements and started pumping.

“Who wants her first?” Blemy turned to his friends and asked. I guess, as the gang leader, it was Tank's priority to fuck my sis.

Tank smiled modestly him, "Priority is your, bro... you're schoolmate her..."

Blemy pulled Kate's silky blonde hair, and forced her to kneel on the floor. No matter how hard her resisted, it was impossible for her to resist a man's power. She fell into the mud on her hands and knees. Blemy quickly got behind her and hungrily looked at her perfect ass cheeks shining under her skirt pulled up to her waist.

“You'll be the most beautiful thing I'll ever fuck, whore!”

Kate turned her head back and looked at me with terrified eyes. Was I going to allow this!

“Come closer, dandy. Come and watch how we fuck your sis…” Tank put his hand on my shoulder. When we took two steps together and stood next to them, my heart was beating like crazy.

Blemy held Kate's blonde hair with one hand, and with the other hand, he untied her pants. His excitement was evident from his dick. His dick jutted out from between the dirty, curly, black hairs and swayed like a bow. I thought it would be bigger, but the size was enough for this skinny stray animal. He kept it by the shaft and rubbed it up and down between my sister's smooth ass. Kate was still staring at me in disbelief, but I wasn't looking at her face, I was focusing her perfectly pink pussy exposed under her ass.

He moved his cock around her pussy like a predator circling its prey. The innocent pussy was shaking in fear. Thin pussy lips, resembling pink rose petals, opened and closed as if were breathing. Blemy slapped her soft pussy with his cock like he was hitting a wall with a hammer. Her pussy trembled.

"Look at this react!” Blemy chuckled. He spanked her pussy again and again with his dick. My sister's pussy hole opened and closed every time. I could now see her juices of sex flowing out her.

“That's for, you don't remember me, bitch!” He pushed the head of his dick into her pussy hole and inserted it completely in one move. “You'll never forget me…”

“Aieee!” He started pumping with hard strokes as Kate's screams echoed in the dark alley.

My sister was being fucked right in front of my eyes, in the mud, in a completely public area, by a street gang member! And I was just watching!

This unbearable! I had to do something now. I'm her older brother and it's my duty to protect her!

We hugged each other and waited silently in the hot water that filled the bathtub completely. We have to forget the terrifying hours we lived through and calm our sadness in order to continue our lives. I kissed Kate's injured shoulders. I took her face in my hands and told her how much I cared about her. I looked into her sad eyes and told her that I loved her very much. No! What happened didn't matter. She was still my innocent, pure, untouched sis.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and got on my lap. It was impossible to hide my erection. My dick touched her leg. I hugged her waist and started caressing her ass. She wrapped her arms around my neck. Our lips were almost touching each other.

Blemy was fucking my sister like taming a wild horse. It was like a rodeo rider was riding her. While he was pulling back her blonde hair, which he held tightly with one hand, he was spanking the young girl's ass hard with the other hand and pumping it non-stop. While the sounds of the hard man's crotch hitting the tight young girl's ass mixed with the slapping sounds, it was as if the dark alley was applauding this humiliating performance. While my sister's shrill screams were lost in Blemy's shouts of victory, the rest of the gang took off their pants and started stroking their dicks.

A simple crime of robbery had begun to turn into gang rape. Tank moved towards Kate's face. With his dirty hand, he grabbed my sister's noble chin and lifted it up. She's lovely face contorted in horror. Tank's dirty dick, which hadn't been washed for weeks, hit her lips. Kate angrily refused! She closed her lips tightly and shook her head. Tank wasn't going to give up. He caught the cute girl's shaped hazelnut nose with two fingers and squeezed it. When Kate opened her mouth to scream out of pain, the stinking dick passed between her soft lips and filled her mouth.

She might bite it, I thought. But she didn't. Tears were flowing from her eyes and the dick in her mouth to do whatever he wanted.

"This!" Tank took my phone from his pocket and gave it to Clack. Clack came over to me, running his finger across the phone screen. I introduced my fingerprint and granted the necessary access.

He found what he was looking for among the applications with his dirty finger. He first pointed the camera at my face, recorded my angry face for a few seconds, then slowly turned and started shooting the video of the young blonde being brutally fucked from both holes.

This never!... NEVER!... Unacceptable!... What do these sons of bitches think they're doing! They can't video my sis defiling and post it on porn sites! And with my phone!... I won't let them do this!

"Enough!..." I shivered with the terror of my own voice as I shouted angrily.

They ignored me. While Blemy was fucking my sis from behind with an increasingly faster, Tank was inserting his dick deep into her throat. His balls were leaning against her chin, strings of tears were flowing from her cheeks to her neck, her eyes were open as if they were going to explode, and her saliva was gushing out from the edges of the dick filling her mouth.

Dirty cock!.. Bad, ugly, hairy, rude cock!.. I hated Tank's cock as it raped my angel sister's mouth. I wanted to grab that dick with my hand and tear it away from the body it was a member of, to bite its shaft covered in Kate's saliva, to chew and tear it to pieces between my teeth, and to throw it on the ground and crush it under my feet.

I walked towards him with fire in my eyes. I concentrated my mental energy into my fists and took a step.

“Wait your turn, buffoon…” He simply raised his palm and told me to stop.

I stopped... I was already late... Tank grabbed her blonde head and pulled it to his crotch, buried his dick completely in her mouth and started to cum whit grunting. While he was pouring his sperm into my sister's sweet mouth, he didn't leave her any space to breathe. As Kate tried desperately to get free, Tank's dirty cum sprayed out of her small nostrils. Kate's eyes was widened in horror.

Immediately afterwards, Blemy began to cum, screaming with an animalistic hum. He rammed his dick all the way in like a nail and started inseminating my sister with his disgusting sperms.

The two wild motherfuckers raised their hands and high-fived as they finished jobs. It was obvious from the happiness on their faces that they were experiencing indescribable pleasure.

They didn't put their pants on as they stood up, taking their dicks out of their violated holes. Ugly organs were still pulsing.

My sis lowered her head to the ground and gagged, spitting out a disgusting wad of cum onto the mud. But Tank's cum was sticky and dangled like a shiny string from her mouth to the ground. Her pink tongue ran over her dirty lips. The wad of cum jumped onto her tongue, she crushed it with her lips and spat it out.

She looked miserable. She stood trembling on her hands and knees in the muddy dirty water. Her mini skirt was gathered around her waist like a belt, her white blouse was torn during the struggle, exposing her firm breasts that did not need a bra. Her pussy lips, had turned from pink to red, were open to both sides, and the thug-cum leaking from her pussy hole was flowing down her legs.

“Go on, fragile boy…” I was about to relax that the nightmare was over, when Clack handed me my phone and turned the camera on Kate's battered body for me to resume recording.

WHAT!.. Who do they think I am!.. Am I going to make a fuck video while my sister is being brutally gang raped in front of my eyes? NEVER!.. In fact, when I have the phone in my hand, why don't I call the police? It is the job of the police to clean our city from these street gangs and make it safe. I can call easily. They’ll come here and under arrest these bastards and send them to jail, who make me uneasy and gang-rape my sis.

Clack, facing the camera, took two cheerful steps and spanked Kate's ass. He bent down to stand next to her ass and grinned as he gave a thumbs up and a pilot sign. I looked through the camera and placed her ugly face in the same frame as my sister's freshly fucked pussy. I had to take a step closer for a clearer view. I swore angrily under my breath.

He grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them to the sides. My sister's little asshole was exhibited between the tight globes of her perky ass. Her puckered, pink, virgin asshole was displayed on my screen in all its innocence. Clack collected a disgusting wad of saliva in his dirty mouth and spat it on her asshole. When the saliva fell right in the middle of her asshole, he tried to put his dirty fingers on it and put it inside.

“NOOO!..” My sister's response was a terrified scream.

“Hurt more if resist, BİTCH!...” Clack forced his finger, grinning. The bony, calloused, dirty finger dug into her sunless asshole. Kate tried to shake her ass and get away from him, but Clack hugged her waist tightly, making her unable to move.

“Come closer, rich pimp…” he told me to move the camera. I did and looked with disgust at the ugly penetration scene that took up the entire screen.

This is my sister's asshole and I couldn't accept his finger fucked her without consent.

"Please... No there... I beg you not to fuck my ass... it hurts so much... Brother, help me..." I came to my senses when I heard Kate's crying voice. I was going to stop this brutality.

While she wrapped her thin arms around my neck and sat on my lap, my fingers caressed her smooth hips and touched her painful asshole. I felt to my fingertip, like a small fish mouth opening and closing. She moaned softly as the first knuckle of my finger entered her battered asshole. My dick was hard as steel and was hitting her belly as it moved up and down in the water. I noticed that her nipples were hardening, pressing tightly against my chest. Our lips touched each other softly. The breath that came out of her mouth entered my mouth. Her face was red, her eyes were faint, and she was moaning slowly.

They hurt she a lot, I know. I wanted to comfort her, make her forget, even cheer her up. The other finger of my same hand moved around her pussy hole, I found her clitoris and caressed it. Her lips touched mine but we did not kiss. Our mouths touched and we shared the same breath.

Clack took his skinny finger out of Kate's asshole and changed positions. He held her slim waist tightly and pressed his dick-head into her asshole. While she was trying to crawl on her knees and get away, she saw Meatball's naked fat legs and erect hard cock, standing like a wall in front of her. She turned her face back and looked at me hopelessly. With all my attention, I was taking the camera closer and recording the hard cock that started to enter her asshole.

Meatball with his cock spanked Kate's the face to show what he wanted. My sis, being slapped by a dick, looked at him angrily and opened her mouth, showing her teeth. Meatball knew she wouldn't dare bite. So without hesitation he slid his fat dick on her tongue and put it in her mouth.

Clack pushed his legs with all his might to get further into her asshole, my sis squeezed his dickhead like a vice. Half of his dick broke through the tight hole and entered. I didn't think this could happen. I was surprised to see my little sister's ass fucked. I collected my saliva flowing from the corner of my mouth with my tongue and swallowed. My blood pressure rose, my brain felt hot, my heart was beating very fast, and the weirdest I noticed my dick was getting hard.

The four-man street gang was gang-raping my little sister in a dark alley, fucking her mouth, pussy and asshole, and this terrible event was making me extremely horny.

Clack was giving hard slaps while pumping Kate's ass. His hand was hard, just like his cock. With each smack, he left a red imprint of his bony fingers on the smooth, her tender butt flesh. These were not the pleasure spankings that lovers give while making love. It was more of angry spanks of class hatred against the rich bitches, and it was a very painful torture for my sis.

He was so full of rage that he started squirting his sperms into her asshole while only half of his dick inside. I could feel from the tension on his face that he was angry because he wanted to fuck more but he cummed quickly.

His hands grabbed her breasts with clumsy anger. He grabbed them like pincers and started squeezing, twisting and pulling as if he wanted to tear them off. Kate tried to scream in pain as her mouth was filled with Meatball's cock, but all she managed was a muffled grunt. Immediately afterwards, Meatball's awful liquid began to burn her throat and flow into her stomach.

I was pointing the camera down and looking at my sister's breasts, which were being pulled cruelly. I didn't see Tank find a piece of cardboard from the garbage container and bring it back. He left it in a dry place near the wall. He sat on it and stroked his dick and was glad that it got hard again in a short time.

“Her arms…” Tank gave a command I didn't understand and Meatball took his dick out of Kate's mouth, grabbed her armpits and lifted her up.

They carried him carelessly and put him on Tank's lap. She sat astride a horse and watched Tank's insatiable cock re-enter her aching pussy. All the buttons of her white blouse were off and she was showing off her small, firm, perky breasts. Tank inserted his entire dick, opened his mouth, and started biting and sucking my sister's tight breasts, which were shaped like juicy oranges. His huge slobbering mouth swallowed a breast completely. The slapping of his tongue could be heard from all over the street.

For some reason, I thought about our summer villa by the ocean last summer. The sun was shining and Kate and I were sunbathing on the beach. With a sudden decision, she took off her bikini top and threw it at me. I was so excited when I saw her perfect firm globes and erect nipples. We were not alone on the beach. I dreamed that at any moment the men around could come and watch her, touch her breasts, kiss her, or even do very dirty things. She could bend-over on the blue beach towel and they could fuck her, taking turns raping her, squirting their sperm all over her body. While I was thinking, my dick hardened at the speed of light and I had to run into the sea.

But it was weir that I was thinking about these things now, while watching my sister's sweet breasts being crushed between Tank's tobacco yellow teeth.

While Kate was struggling to save her breasts, Blemy came into view. With a bad, cruel look on his face, he approached, grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them to the sides. He inserted his dick into the asshole of my crying sis while she had Tank's dick in her pussy.

Kate's eyes bulged out of their sockets. She wanted to scream, but she couldn't breathe when the owners of the dicks that occupied her asshole and pussy at the same time squeezed her between them like a sandwich.

I couldn't believe it!... Unbelievable!... I had watched it on porn sites, but this was the first time a girl was having a double fuck in front of my eyes. She's my sister.

Kate struggled like a fish caught in a net with the anger of her two holes being fucked at the same time. Stuck between two ugly male bodies, the slender girl swung her body left and right. She punched Tank's shoulders with her little fists. Her blonde hair was disheveled and her face was in horror. They was no need for two men to pump her as she was like a dancer writhing and twisting in the middle of two hard cocks, she was doing it for them with her aggressive body movements. Blemy managed to insert his entire dick into her asshole and gave hard slaps to the young girl's round ass-cheeks.

Kate's head was swaying from side to side, tossing her hair. Her resistance decreased as two cocks were in and out her pussy and ass in a rhythmic tempo. Her screams decreased, her fists loosened, she held on to Tank's shoulders and began to orgasm with weak moans while being fucked.

“They're filthy pigs, aren't they, Calvin?” Kate whispered into my ear.

“That's right, sis… they are animals…” I carressed her slowly in the water.

“They used me like a fuck toy… They fucked my mouth, my pussy, my ass… I am covered in mud, my clothes are ruined, one of my shoes is missing and my sexy panties are in a dirty rapist's pocket…”

With the slippery movement of a fish, she wiggled on my lap and sat on my dick. While eating my hard organ with her pussy, she moaned with a sincere sigh. It was as if this was her salvation after everything she had been through.

“Are we still innocent?” she asked, pursing her lips with childish sadness.

Our lips touched each other. We started kissing with endless appetite, my dick was completely inside her pussy. She started massaging to my dick with her pussy muscles.

Blemy started to cum first. He raised his face to the dark sky and howled as he grabbed his dick and squirted his cum inside her squeezing asshole. He hit the hole, one after the other, with quick blows, which was slick with the hot current. His cock quickly withdrew as it became sensitive. I expertly turned the camera and focused it on her freed asshole and took a beautiful view of the waterfall of white semen leaking out of her asshole, which expanded to the diameter of a dick.

While I was looking at this, my dick in my tight pants was throbbing uncomfortably.

Kate's balance was thrown off by the lack of cock leaving her asshole. She hugged Tank's neck tightly with her thin arms to avoid falling. Tank grabbed her by hips and started bouncing her on his lap. Kate was floating from one orgasm to the next. Her eyes were misty, her hair was messy, drool was flowing from her mouth and she was moaning with pleasure with every dick thrust into her pussy.

Tank could not delay it any longer. He began to cum with a loud inside her pussy. Kate was responding to the cock moving inside her with the hot and sticky liquid filling her pussy. As he entered her, she was pushing herself against him.

When he finished ejaculating, she didn't stop hugging Tank. She was sitting on his lap shivering. The gang leader had to untie her arms from his neck to get away from her.

Kate couldn't stand on her feet when she hit the ground. She lost her balance on one high-heeled and fell back into the cold mud.

“Another round!” I was about to hang up the phone when Tank announced that our nightmare was not over. When I heard that, I understand need to one more shoot video.

This time, all four of them gathered around her. Kate glanced at them out of the corner of her eye through the mud where she lay, then turned to me. I saw a strange look in her eyes that I had never seen before. She stood up, supporting herself on her trembling arms. She stood on her knees and reached out her elegant hands and grabbed two dicks. She first wet her own lips with her tongue and started licking the dicks one by one. I thought she lost consciousness. She must have lost her mind due to the shock she experienced.

“Join us, clown…” Tank invited me with his hand. He must have gone crazy!.. I... I'm going to join in the gang-rape of my own sister... Huh! NEVER!

They grabbed her arms and lifted up and took her front of the wall. Kate leaned her hands against the wall, spread her legs and lifted her butt up.

They lined up behind her. Clack, came up from behind and stuck his dick in her pussy, slapping her ass while pumping. Meatball, grinned fucked her, biting her slender shoulders and make teeth marks. My sis was swept off her feet as Blemy held her waist and fucked her asshole with hard pumps. Tank stuck his dick in her asshole, stuck four fingers in her pussy, and grabbed her clit with his thumb and crushed it.

Kate squealed and orgasmed over and over again. When Tank pulled his dick out of her, streams of cum were flowing down her legs. She was too tired to stand. She lay down on the ground and curled up in the fetal position.

I thought it was all over. Blemy took his dick and started pissing on Kate. The others joined in, laughing. The four of them formed a circle around her and pissed on her. Kate was sobbing as the pungent smell hot pee burned my throat.

I was filled with anger and anguish. I could rebel. I could have used brute force to end this immoral tragedy. I wanted to fight them, break their legs, gouge out their eyes, tear off their dicks. With a sudden decision, I gathered all my courage and took a step towards the Tank.

She got up from my lap. She bent over in the bathtub and I stood on my knees. I pressed my dick against the entrance of her sweet, wet asshole. She pushed her ass back and took my entire dick inside her. I was standing still, she was pushing herself back and forth, serving me.

At this point, should I say something to her? Should I say that we didn't do anything bad, we did something natural, acceptable, normal, logical? Is it real?

Words are meaningless. I'm fucking my sister. I won't try to fit this into a valid moral code. I fuck her because I love her so much. That's the only reason. The only truth.

The four masters of cruelty left my sister like a rag when they were done. Tank put the phone in his pocket. They walked away laughing and joking with each other. I looked after them with hatred in the dark alley.

Kate was devastated. Her whole body was shaking from cold and orgasm. Her lips were bruised and drool was flowing out of her mouth. I waited for a while. She opened her eyes, looked around and tried to understand where she was. Her mind was having a hard time accepting it. I held under her arms and helped her up. I pulled her black miniskirt under her butt. It was impossible to straighten her blouse. I considered giving her my own coat to wear, but Kate's body was covered in mud, cum and piss. I didn't want my expensive brand coat to get dirty.

She tried to balance on her one shoe. She took my arm and limped along beside me. We were returning home…


2024-03-29 05:12:41
I like the style of writing the way this is. It is so good


2024-03-27 15:16:11
@Mark Cane Actually, I was thinking of a second part for the story. Troublesome guys in a public bar. Kate is a volunteer of gang-rape and Calvin is viewer. But I gave up writing that. I think empathized Kate and I didn't want her to be sad any more. But these days I'm writhing a very funny story. It's about a comic fan girl and her hero.
Thank you for your comments xoxo stay love

Mark CaneReport 

2024-03-27 10:03:47
I am a bit disappointed with this story. You have departed from your usual good-humoured style. All the way through I was hoping that the Badboys would get their just desserts but sadly life doesn’t deliver happy endings. Despite my misgivings, the story is well written.

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