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I was asked to be a sponsor of Jessi's Cheerleading squad. They have a weekend training session that I was invited to. It was at a beautiful remote lake house. Cheerleaders, hot tubs? Sounds like fun
Chapter 5 – cheerleader class

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Amanda had been in the house about two weeks when she called me. She said her daughter’s cheerleading squad was looking for businesses to sponsor them to help pay for cheer coaching. She wanted to know if I was interested in being a co-sponsor. Oh, geez. I was losing money on this house as it is, due to my horny nature, and Amanda’s beauty. I had no interest in sponsoring a cheer squad. But, as usual, I said I would consider it with more information.

The company Amanda worked for was already a sponsor, and I could partner up with them to help out a bid more. Amanda was an accountant at this firm and was close friends with the owner. (I wondered how close?) The owner was hosting a little weekend workshop for the cheer squad, and the cheerleading coach. It was just for the girls, the coach, and co-sponsors, (being me). Amanda said she’d be going to help out. And it would be fun. I should come.

I really did not want to. I did not have any interest in being around squealing, giggling girls, as they repeatedly drilled and practiced the same routines for an entire weekend. But, for Amanda, and for Jessi, I said I would plan to be there. “Great! you are a sweetheart!” We need your big SUV to take the girls and food to the Lakehouse that weekend”, Amanda gushed. Oh, great. Not only was I gonna contribute money to the event, but I was also now a chauffeur, and babysitter. This is how my penis gets me in trouble.

The next weekend was the cheerleading workshop. There were six cheerleaders on the squad but only four could get away for this weekend. Jessi was one of the four, of course. I had two ice chests of soft drinks for the girls and beer and wine for me and any other adult. We met at the rent house and all the girls loaded their overnight stuff into my SUV, and we headed out. Amanda was in the right passenger seat and Jessi was in the next row back with the three girls. Those girls were almost as lovely as Jessi. If this weekend was going to be judged based solely on female attractiveness, I would have to give it a 10.

It was a two-hour drive to the Lake house. Amanda knew where to go, and said she’d been there a few times for ‘work parties’. I wondered who was at those parties. I was beginning to wonder if Amanda’s hubby left her because of her fucking around on him. There was no point in me speculating. I was the one benefiting if that was his reason. Otherwise, he would have to be brain-dead to leave her for another woman.

We pulled into a hilly area full of trees, and the lake was in the distance. This ‘lake house’ was not directly on a lake, but it was on the horizon. There were houses dotting the area, but most of the land was brushy and with trees. Each property was visually isolated from the other one. It was very private. There was a car in the driveway of the house we were looking for. I pulled in next to it and we began unloading. Amanda went inside to tell our host we were here.

A few moments later Amanda and another lovely woman strolled out, arms around each other’s waists, and greeted me. Amanda said, “Jill, I want you to meet my new hero, Frank. He is the guy who let us move into his rent house”. I held out my hand to shake Jill’s, but she ignored it and gave me a kiss instead. Wow, what is it with all the women that Amanda knows, and kissing? I loved it but was just surprised. I am not that friendly, normally, so having these women kissing me was something I must just learn to tolerate. Life can be so unkind.

We got everything unpacked and Jill showed me around. She said she owned the accounting firm that Amanda worked for. She and Amanda had gone to college together and had even been roommates for a while. She looked at Amanda when she said that and winked at her. I presumed there were some good, nasty roommate stories, which I looked forward to hearing.

The cheer coach was due any time now, so the girls moved furniture from the center of the room to make room for practice. Amanda, Jill, and I settled in the kitchen and nibbled on snacks and had some wine. “This house is really lovely, Jill. How long have you owned it?” “I bought it back in the 2009 real estate bust. It was a foreclosure, and I got it at a great price”, she said. “That’s when I started my real estate investing too”, I told her. “There were a lot of really good deals back then. I did not consider buying a lake house like this, though. This is awesome”.

Jill thanked me and told me to come outside. She showed me the deck and the view. There was a hot tub bubbling and gurgling on the edge of the deck, and it looked inviting. “This is the best part of the house”, she said, pointing to the view and the hot tub. “We sit out here for hours, soaking and sipping, and watching the sun set”. “This is incredible, Jill! I am so impressed! I am soooo jealous!”

“Well, now that we are friends, you are welcome to come back out here. Amanda and I have some very great memories of this place. Now, you can be with us”. Jill had a sexy smile on her face as she said that, as if she were reminiscing about those memories right then. Amanda snuggled up against my arm and gave me a peck on the cheek, and added “wait until the weather changes, the leaves turn color, and we are in that hot tub looking out to the lake. It is breathtaking”. Oh, my gawd. The benefits of knowing Amanda just keep coming. I don’t know what I did to deserve her.

The cheer coach was here and putting the girls through the training class. Most of the training was how to keep from getting injured. We let them do their thing, as Jill, Amanda, and I enjoyed more wine on the deck. The afternoon was dreamy, and the conversations were low key. Jill was about the same age as Amanda, and very cute, but nothing in the beauty dept. like Amanda. But who could be? Jill told me about her business and the stress of running it. The lake house was her escape and allowed her to relax. She loved it when Amanda and Jessi came with her out here. Jill was not married and did not have kids of her own, so she considered Jessi to be her ‘adopted’ kid.

The afternoon slipped away. I noticed that the sounds changed that were coming from inside. I had lost track of time and had forgotten all about the girls. Suddenly, the girls boiled out of the house after having changed into bathing suits. The trainer had left, and the girls were headed to the hot tub. Oh, my gawd, the four girls were wearing the tiniest bikinis I have ever seen. Their bodies were slim and tight, and their suits barely covered anything. I tried not to stare, but I think my jaw stayed open the entire time it took them to come outside and climb into the hot tub. I embarrassed myself by drooling. Not really, but, Jeez. What a sight. And to think, I had complained about coming out here this weekend.

Amanda looked at my face and smiled. She knew what I was thinking. I glanced over at her and sheepishly tipped my wine glass and said, “Here’s to cheer training”. She, Jill and I tipped our glasses together, and we drank up. I was getting a buzz and was afraid I would say something inappropriate around the girls, so I kept on my guard. I did not want to be an old lech. But as I glanced back over to the hot tub, I saw one of the girls flip her suit top out of the tub. I looked closer and apparently none of the girls still had their tops on. What? Is this normal? Oh, my gawd. I was getting aroused and could do nothing about it.

It was a large hot tub, big enough for eight people. Jill hopped up and said we should join the girls. I told her I did not know to bring a suit. She looked at me and smiled, then innocently said, “The girls won’t mind if you are not wearing a suit. I doubt any of them have one on by now, anyway”. With that, she stood up, stripped down to nothing, and grabbed a towel from the table in front of us. She strolled over to the hot tub and asked the girls if “we old folks could join them”.

Jill’s trim figure was impressive, and she seemed to have a level of confidence that most women would not have, especially if being compared to high school cheerleaders. The girls all said, in unison, “yes, come on in!” Jill climbed in. She was not shaved, and instead had a very slim ‘landing strip’ that adorned her cooch. She looked back at Amanda and me and said “the water is perfect. You should join us!”.

I looked at Amanda with a concerned expression. I mouthed “hard on” to her and waived off getting in the water. She stood, and followed Jill’s lead and took off her clothes. She stared at me as she did it, knowing she would make my ‘situation’ even worse. When she kicked off her panties, she held her hand out to me. “Come on, you know you want to. Don’t worry about that”, pointing at my crotch. “I promise we will keep things under control”.

I slowly stood up and followed her instructions and got naked too. I leaned over to pick up a towel. I tried to hide myself, but Amanda held my towel hand and kept me from using it as a shield, as we walked together to the hot tub. She knew exactly what she was doing. My erection was bobbing around with every step I took. I heard Jessi make a “whoo-hooo” sound as I got closer. I stepped over the edge of the tub and quickly sat down between Jill and Amanda. I felt a huge relief after getting into the water and hiding my throbbing boner. Geez, what a perv, I was.

Jessi stood and waded over to me. She was obviously naked, since the water level only came up to her crotch. I could see her lovely, shaved cunt being splashed by the frothy bubbles. Her breasts were dripping with tub water and her hard nipples had tiny droplets of water dangling from the tips. She bent over to me and gave me a long, hard kiss. Then said, “thank you, Frank, for coming this weekend”. Then she winked at me and floated back to where she had been sitting. She did not help my erection problem, in fact she made it worse, as I am sure was her intention.

I tried to be cool, but I never in my life could imagine that I would be in a hot tub with six incredibly beautiful, and naked, females. What were the chances of this? I needed to go out and buy a lottery ticket. My luck could not get any better.

I was trying to concentrate on lottery numbers to take my mind off my throbbing prick when I detected a hand searching for it under the bubbles. I looked at Amanda with a fearful face, hoping to wave her off from any hot tub shenanigans. She had a puzzled look on her face, then held up both hands. She was innocent. I turned to Jill. She was smiling at me, and I could see her arm moving in the water as she slowly squeezed my cock. Oh gawd. My dick was being played with by someone I just met a few hours ago. I did not know what to do. I wanted to reciprocate but couldn’t with the girls still in the tub with us. Jill was torturing me. And she knew it.

One of the girls said she was hungry. Someone else said “Pizza!”. So, in no time the girls all got out of the tub and dried off next to it. All of them were naked, and most had shaved cunts. They were so uninhibited it was shocking to me. Either they were used to being naked together, or they were that brazen. I did not care, and I did not avoid watching them either. I intently stared at the four girls, as they dried off and scampered into the house.

Jill continued caressing my erection the entire time the girls were exiting the tub. She was smiling as she looked at Amanda’s face. They both knew I was out of my element and did not know how to deal with two lovely naked ladies sitting next to me. But now that the girls were out of the area, my hands did some exploring of their own. My fingers traveled up the inner thigh of each lady. I found two lovely cunts and began delicately stroking them.

Both ladies spread their legs and put their heads back as they enjoyed my touch. I eased a finger into each cunt, then pulled it out and caressed their clits. This was another first for me, as I simultaneously fingered two pussies at the same time. I am glad I am somewhat ambidextrous. Jill still had a grip on my penis and as I manipulated her clit. Her grip on me would change to be more of a milking sensation than just squeezing.

I was fighting an orgasm. I did not want to cum yet. I hoped that I could get the ladies to climax before I did. My wish occurred and Jill climaxed first. She threw her head back and grunted loudly. Her entire body began to shake and shiver. She released my prick and grabbed my fingers and held them against her crotch as she nudged out a little more stimulation from my touch. It was very erotic, especially since I could not see her cunt thru the hot tub bubbles. It was like I was playing with a disembodied pussy.

Amanda climaxed very shortly after Jill did. Her orgasm was quite a bit milder, but I knew she had a good one. She began nuzzling my neck after she came and slid her other thigh over mine. Her cunt was rubbing against my leg, and she gave me a little hunch as she kissed me, softly.

“Wow”, I said. “That was really awesome. You two girls are amazing. You really get me going”. Both ladies returned the compliment. Jill told me I had magic fingers. She asked me if I wanted some relief now or wait until later. I confessed I wanted to wait since I was turning into a prune from the water. She said “OK, Amanda and I will return the favor after the girls go to bed”. Amanda climbed out first, then me, then Jill. I still had my erection, and Jill kissed it, in passing, as she swung her leg over to climb out of the hot tub. She sent shivers down my legs.

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