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Jack travels for work and ends up in a hotel filled with cosplay convention attendees and makes an unlikely connection.
The pounding wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t very loud, but it was consistent enough to worm its way through his brain and wake him up. It was someone at his hotel room door. He tried looking through the peephole, but something seemed to be blocking his view and all he could see was black. He opened the door with the latch on and attempted to understand what it was that he was seeing, but there was a swirl of black material and gibberish that seemed to be focussed on ‘lemmein’ ‘comeon’ and ‘I gotta go’ being the repeated phrases.

Giving up on the safety aspect of things, he pushed the door closed far enough to disengage the safety latch. The swirl of material wooshed through the door and before he really identified what or who it was the bundle had pushed into the bathroom and he very quickly heard the sounds of someone relieving themselves for what seemed an absurdly long time.

He left the door ajar so the light in the hallway provided some illumination, but moved back into the room and sat in the desk chair. The toilet flushed and he heard running water. A minute later the whirling bundle of material came around the corner, teetered there for a moment and with a single step flopped onto the bed motionless. Getting up he finally turned on a light and went and shut the door and wondered what the next step was. He investigated the body to ensure it was still breathing. A bit more looking determined that it was female and the swirl of black was some type of costume. The legs that had been revealed with the flop were covered in fairly fine fishnet stockings. There appeared to be some small wings and a tattered cloak that pretty much obscured any sense of figure. And she was snoring.

Now what? He supposed he could call the front desk and have them send security up. Considering she was passed out, they would probably have to get a stretcher to get her out of there. She had been kind enough to crash on the spare bed, rather than the one he had been sleeping in. After evaluating numerous scenarios, he decided that a trip to the front desk might be in order. Making sure he had his room key, he pulled some shorts over his boxers and slid into his sandals before heading downstairs.

He was in town for business for the week and had finished up on Friday. He hadn’t been too excited to learn that the local cosplay convention was going to be over the weekend. But given that he got the company rate on the room for the extra four nights and he was going to be sight seeing and checking out the surrounding area, he decided as long as the noise levels weren’t too bad he’d be okay. And from what he saw from the early arrivals, the scenery was certainly going to be interesting! The person on duty at the front desk eyed him carefully when he approached.

“Noise complaint?”

“Not really. I’m not sure how to classify this. Someone was pounding on my door, not violently, just consistently. When I opened the door, I couldn’t see what was going on through the peephole, or even through the chain. They swirled into the room around me, used the bathroom and then passed out on my spare bed. I’m not sure they could be woken up at this point, but I don’t want to be accused of kidnapping or imprisonment. I guess I don’t have a problem with her, and I’m assuming it’s a her based on the stockings, sleeping there as long as that’s all she does. And I don’t really see a need to get the police involved. But if anyone is looking for a woman wearing black wings and a cape, they’re asleep in my room.”

“Okay, I’ll make a note to save the video footage from the hallway there. At least we’ll know how she got there! Might be important later on!”

“Good idea! Hey, can I put in an order for breakfast?” After ordering up a couple of cups of coffee, lots of orange juice and a couple of breakfast sandwiches he returned to his room. The other bed was still occupied. He pulled the extra blanket out of the closet and laid it over the sleeping form before returning to his own bed. Surprisingly enough, he was able to fall asleep pretty quickly.

He woke about his normal time in the morning, groggily realized it was Saturday and he didn’t have to be anywhere, he rolled over to see if another sleep cycle could be added to his rest. Only to snap fully awake on seeing the occupied bed. Last night’s events quickly flooded into his memory and he checked the clock. Breakfast was going to arrive in about 45 minutes. He stuck his head out in the hallway to see if there were any search parties roaming the halls. There was no one in sight.

Deciding to just move forward with his day, he grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom. After a shower, he never shaved on weekends unless there was a reason, and getting dressed he dug through his dobb kit and found his Tylenol. He filled a glass with water and set them by the occupied bed. He had no idea how long she was going to be out.

The arrival of breakfast was the turning point. Evidently the smell of coffee penetrated the brain of the sleeper and there was a stir from the bed. He poured himself a cup and started sucking it down, the caffeine kicking his own awareness up a couple of notches.

A series of mumbles started from the bed, the only thing that was intelligible was “ . . .koofffeee” at the end.

He poured another cup, “Do you take it black, or do you want cream and sugar.”


After setting it on the nightstand, “You know, I really like to know who I’m sharing coffee with in the mornings.”

The head popped up off the bed and a muffled scream turned into a bit more understandable “Damn contacsh!”

He winced. He had seen the results of those that had slept with contacts in when they shouldn’t. He went to the bathroom and used some hot water to wet down a washcloth and brought it to her and placed it on her eyes.

“You know, it’s probably good that you can’t see right now. You have no idea where you are and I have no idea who you are. Let me help you sit up and get oriented. We’ll let the moisture soak into your eyes and hopefully loosen up the contacts. Okay give me your right hand. Here’s the coffee, here’s a glass of water and there is tylenol there if you want it. My name is John Barrister, people call me Jack.”

“Zo where am I?”

“You are in the hotel and I am guessing you and some of your friends have rooms here for the convention. You had too much last night and were pounding on my door demanding to be let in. When I opened my door, you staggered into the bathroom, used the toilet, came back out and passed out on the bed. Good morning!”

She rubbed her eyes with the washcloth and fumbled around and found the water. Dipping her fingers in she rubbed some of the water into her eyes and slowly managed to open them. The black mascara was running pretty much everywhere. She grimaced as she slowly worked her eyes open, revealing some pretty realistic looking fangs in her mouth. That explained some of the slurring. The eyes didn’t look too red, at least the whites didn’t. Evidently the contacts gave her red/orange cat eyes. After splashing a bit more water in her eyes, she drank down the water and reached for the coffee.

“Okay, Jack. I’m Dark Angel, I mean, my name is JJ, but I’m dressed as Dark Angel from anime.” The blanket had slipped off when she sat up. Her outfit appeared to be strips of black cloth with one end firmly fastened to a piece of foundation clothing and the other flapping loosely. It provided lots of tantalizing peeks at her body without actually revealing anything untoward. But it was obvious that she had some pretty good sized breasts snuggled in there, the cleavage being nicely highlighted by the flapping ends.

“Zo you just let me zleep here?” She could see that the other bed had been slept in.

“Well, I wasn’t sure what to do. I was pretty sure no one was going to be waking you up anytime soon. You were face down on the bed and breathing pretty well. I reported your presence to the front desk in case someone was looking for you, and to sort of cover my ass if there was anything reported. The alternative would have involved police and paramedics and probably a hospital visit.”

She sipped on her coffee allowing things to sink into her brain.

“I have orange juice and a breakfast sandwich if you would like something.”

“You’re being awfully nishe to someone that crashed your room in the middle of the night!”

“Well, you didn’t snore, so that was a plus!”

A smile played across her lips, the first emotion he had seen other than confusion. She reached up and grabbed the strips in her hair and surprised him by pulling off the black hair and revealing a stocking cap covering a head of very blonde hair. She tried to pull the cap off carefully, but the hairpins were frustrating her and she yanked on it and hairpins when flying. Shaking out her hair if fell in gentle curls down past her shoulders. The contrast against all the black was quite striking. And something about it struck a chord in him, not sure what, something familiar.

Bracing herself on the bedside table she stood up and teetered for a moment. She carefully worked her way to the bathroom. Understanding what she was wearing, he had a much better understanding of what a knockout she was. A couple minutes later she returned with one of the glasses in her hand, little blobs of red in the bottom. He looked up and found a pair of brownish green eyes looking at him.

“Thatzz zo much better!”

“You want to take the fangs out?”

“Oh, theze don’t come out, well, they do, but I only take them out when I can put my otherz in. I don’t like people to zee me without my teeth.”

“You do that on purpose?”

She shook her head and immediately regretted it as she grabbed the side of her face. “Car accident, losht the top teeth on the dashboard. Without a seatbelt I wouldn’t have made it. Being able to ush the fangz wash a bit of a bonush.”

He held out the other breakfast sandwich to her and she moved to the end of the bed, closer to where he was sitting. Even with the fangs it didn’t take her long to put the food down her throat. And she pretty much drained the orange juice.

“So, should we get you back to your room?”

JJ patted around her body, and pulled a phone out of someplace around her waist. It must have been turned off as she activated it and it began buzzing and chirping away. “Wow! Nishe to know my friendz achually were looking for me! The lazt text zayz the guy at the front dezk told uz that “You were okay, but wouldn’t tell uz what room you were in.” I guezz I better get going. They have reminded me what room I was zuppozed to go to lazt night. Whatz your room number?”

He told her. “Yeah, I flipped the numberz.

She sat looking at him as he sat at the desk. He was pretty handsome and had to be about her age. The half grin on his face had a sort of boyish charm. His hair was light brown and cut short. The lack of a shave had a bit of a shadow on his face giving him a bit of a dangerous look. The t-shirt he was wearing was fairly tight and the arms were in good shape. Didn’t appear to be a six-pack under the shirt, but no sign of a dad bod at this point. Sitting down she was guessing he was around six foot.

“Can I walk you to your room?”

“Yesh, pleaze!” Jack helped gather her costume parts and at one point he had a great view of her ass as she bent over to pick up some hairpins. Combined with the stockings and tight shorts, he found himself really admiring her figure.

“Shjack, you here all weekend?”

“Yeah, I took a couple vacation days and head home on Wednesday.”

“I’m leaving Monday morning. The resht are going home Zunday evening. I had to stay an extra night becaushe all the flightch were full, my only other choice wash to upgrade and that izn’t in the budget! Shtill had to pay for another night in the hotel.”

With one arm full of costume parts, she pulled his empty arm around her and leaned on him a bit for support. She was sharing a room with three others at the other end of the floor. As they passed the elevators, she spoke.

“I short of wish I hadn’t been drunk lasht night when I knocked on your door. You’re exshactly the kind of guy I hope to meet when I come to theshe thingsh.”

“Well, you have met me now!”

“True. Maybe I’ll buy you a drink tonight, if I can shtand to look at alcohol again!”

“Yeah, what’s your choice of poison?”

“Dependsh. Moshtly on whatsh available. But if I had a choice, I like shweet things. White Russhians are probably the besht.”

“I’ll file that away!”

She knocked on a door and it opened to what could only be described as a disaster area. There were clothes and costume parts everywhere, draped over the TV, and hanging on every hook and protrusion that could be seen. Three heads turned to look at them. JJ tossed her stuff on the bed and took the things he was carrying, piling them on top of a pile of other stuff. Turning back to him she gave him a wink, “Thanksh for a wonderful night!” and proceeded to give him a lip lock that sort of caught him off guard and took away his breathe. It was a pretty good kiss tinged with the taste of orange juice and coffee. “I’ll look for you tonight!”

Playing along he replied, “Well, you know what room I’m in!” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and left to a chorus of ‘ohhs’ from the other occupants. He smiled as he walked down the hallway, unaware of the three sets of eyes now checking him out from the open door.

Jack had visited a couple of places nearby the hotel and bought a few things he couldn’t get at home. He returned to the hotel mid-morning. As he threaded his way toward the elevator and around all the costumed people he heard a squeal and realized a woman in a cloud of white was bearing down on him. If he hadn’t seen her take off the wig in front of him earlier that morning he wouldn’t have recognized JJ, her current costume was completely opposite of what she had been wearing the night before, a feeling of deja vu hit him. This costume was all white and silver, chainmail covering much of her shoulders and top, but did nothing to hide her large breasts, probably C cup, maybe D. Her midriff was bare, and pretty shapely, no sign of a muffin top, a nice ring with gems dangling from the belly button. The tall white boots were a bit above her knees, not as tall as the stockings showing underneath with obvious garter straps snaking up under the skirt. She wasn’t wearing contacts, so her eyes constantly changed from brown to green and back with the light. A light wash of freckles ran across her nose and upper cheeks. The smile without the fangs was bright and she didn’t lisp. The white dress was not as revealing as the black outfit had been, but it was very tight and highlighted an excellent figure. “Hey, Jack, they have some extra passes from people that didn’t pick up! Want to join us this afternoon?”

“If that means I get to spend time in your company I wholeheartedly agree! Let me go dump this stuff and I’ll be back down, Miss JJ!” She smiled big and even went so far as to give him a quick kiss on his cheek.

They then spent the rest of the morning wandering around the various booths and checking out all the other costumes. He asked questions about her costume and learned about her friends. The seven of them, four girls and three boys, had been coming down to the convention for the last four years. Three of them had already graduated, but still joined the others for the trek south from Seattle to LA.

They were chatting and JJ was hanging on to him most of the time.

“So, why do you have such short hair, like a military haircut?”

“Probably because I’m in the military reserves. But I work as an inspector for government contracts! I went to college on a Navy scholarship, served four years on active duty and am now in the Reserves. I spend one weekend a month and about two weeks each summer on drill. It is a nice bit of extra money, I’m continuing to serve my country and am working toward a military retirement package.”

He learned that she was in year six of completing her bachelor’s degree after taking a gap year after high school. And she had lost a semester due to the car wreck that took out her teeth. And now that he could see her in the light, he could almost see some faint scars around her mouth and upper lip. She worked a number of part time jobs to pay for school and hadn’t taken out a single loan in the process. Her major was going to be pretty general, but it would be a degree! She hoped to leverage the degree with one of her employers to a full-time job after she graduated. The group she was with had met when students at University of Washington and this was the fourth year they had traveled to the convention.

They went to a fast food place nearby for lunch. Shortly before the group decided to head back into the convention venue, she looked at him.

“Would you do me a big favor?”

“JJ, at this point, I’d probably do anything you asked.” And he realized it was pretty true. She was very attractive and smiled a great deal. He was pretty much at her mercy.

“Good! Come on!” She leaned over to one of her friends and was quickly handed a key card. She took him by the hand and pulled him to the elevator. “As you said, I don’t snore! And I would really like to be able to get up to go to the bathroom in the night without tripping over a bunch of costume parts. So why don’t I just move in with you for the next two nights?”

He couldn’t come up with any real objection to it. Worst case is that she would be a real tease for the next two nights, but that was better than watching porn. Best case, as he might even get somewhere with her and everything pointed to her being very cute. “Okay, let’s do it!”

They went to her room and she filled his arms with costume items and packed her suitcase with anything that would fit. The two of them walked down the hall to his room, occasionally having to stop and collect something that was dropped or escaped from a pile. Once in the room JJ proceeded to fill up the bed she occupied the night before with the suitcase and all the bits and pieces they had brought.

“It would probably be easier if we hung stuff up and then you wouldn’t have to unload the bed when you come back this evening, especially if you have had a bit too much to drink.”

With that she laughed and gave him a push causing him to fall back on the other bed. “Silly boy! We aren’t sleeping in that bed! We may not sleep in this one!” As she emphasized the ‘we’ she flopped herself on top of him and kissed him, driving the point home very quickly. JJ slid down the bed and knelt between his legs. “My friends all think we have, so let’s not disappoint.” His shorts were a lot easier to slide off than her costume would be, and she proceeded to reveal his shaft, now standing tall. “Mmm, good size!” With that she spent a few minutes fully exploring the sensitive components.

“All right, without getting into any details, anything I need to know about your previous partners?” He was a bit surprised by the question but realized it was perfectly reasonable.

“No. My annual military physical a couple months ago, including all the blood work and no partners since then.”

“They always test for everything?”

“Yeah, they don’t think much of the morals of the soldiers and sailors, even the officers! Gotta make sure we’re ready to go into combat without any diseases.”

“My last partner was at this convention last year and I have also been checked since then. So it would look like we are good to go! And when we get to that point, I’m on the pill.” And with that she swallowed his shaft. There was no hesitation, no choking or gagging, she just opened her mouth and buried her nose in his pubic hair. Jack knew he wasn’t the biggest guy, but his glans hitting the back of her throat without an issue indicated some experience, or a complete lack of a gag reflex. It didn’t take long for the sensation of suction combined with her dancing tongue to bring him to the edge.

“I’m going to cum!” She sort of hummed an acknowledgement of his warning and the subtle vibrations took him over the edge. He saw stars as he gasped for breath, shuddering as his groin spasmed. .

JJ stood up, licking her lips with a big smile. “There, now I feel like I’ve made it to the convention!”

“Well, welcome to the convention! That was amazing! How about I do something for you now?”

She shook her head, “Not now. This costume is difficult to get in and out of, hell, I can barely use the bathroom when I’m in it, but, I am really looking forward to you helping me out of it later tonight! Let’s get back downstairs to the others and see what they’re up to! Glad I knocked on your door last night?”

“Oh, yeah!” He stood up and took her in his arms giving her a big kiss. The contrast between the chain mail and the soft skin was exciting.

After a minute she pushed him away laughing. “Now, we can’t get cum tracks all over the front of my costume! All my friends will know what we’ve been doing!”

“Right, like they haven’t already figured it out! And I’m not sure the chain mail will show any stains!”

The rest of the afternoon was spent hitting up a few exhibits, going to a nearby restaurant for dinner and then hitting up the costume contest in the main venue for the evening. After hitting the rather crowded bar up afterwards they headed to their rooms. Jack wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but at a minimum he was pretty sure he was going to see quite a bit of skin, and if the afternoon was any indication, it was going to be pretty memorable.

And then Jack discovered the pleasure of helping JJ get out of her costume. It became one of the things that he liked most about the whole cosplay hobby, helping her remove the pieces, some of them had been sewn together on to her. Late that evening they arrived in the room and the first thing she did was stand in front of the mirror and pull the various decorations from her hair. Then she had him help with her top. It included elements of armor around the shoulders, upper arms and upper torso. The shoulder and sleeve pieces came off with a few velcroed straps. The chain mail was much more complicated. It had been woven into place with wires that had to be removed. She dug through one of her bags and presented him with a pair of needle nose pliers that he used to work the wire out. Once it was out, she was able to slide the pieces down her arms. “Oh God that thing is heavy! So glad to get that off!”

Next he had to unlace the back of the shirt. “You know, I could cut this off in a matter of a few seconds!”

“Yeah, but then I have to get a whole new piece of leather rawhide to pull it back again next time.” So he pulled all the lacing out, one hole at a time. He presented her with the rawhide strap.

“Okay, now you’ll have to cut the threads at the back. I didn’t have time to put in the hook and eye fasteners, so Judy sewed me into it,” and pulled out a small pair of nail scissors.

“Ah, I don’t think I’m going to use that, I have something better.” She heard a small click and saw a fairly thin blade in his hand.

“Don’t cut the fabric!”

“No intention of cutting the fabric or you, only the thread. It will be pretty easy, and certainly faster!” and matching his actions to his word he quickly severed the thread. The stress her well endowed breasts were putting on the threads had stretched them out pretty well and he barely had to touch the blade to them before they fell apart. And with a shrug the whole top slid down her arms and joined the chainmail on the floor. And he found himself staring at her breasts in the mirror.

“I take it you like what you see?” He nodded, words just not coming through. JJ started massaging the sides of her breasts. “They definitely need some fluffing.”

“I think I can help with that!” and tossing his knife onto the table he reached around and his hands joined hers gently needing the fleshy mounds. He nuzzled into her neck, the aroma of tea tree and peppermint shampoo filling his nose. He could have happily continued for a long time, but she finally peeled his hands off her breasts.

“I’m still wearing clothes! I think you need to remedy that! ”

She sat down on the edge of the bed. Tall white boots came up just over her knees, with stockings ending at the middle of her thighs. He dropped to his knees in front of her and ran his hands slowly up her right leg to the top of her boots. It took a few moments for him to locate the top of the zipper, concealed behind a buckle. He took his time removing the boot and then massaging the leg it had contained before repeating the process on the other leg. The chainmail skirt was also wired on, so that took a few minutes to work off. The whole time she had her eyes closed and the occasional moan made its way out of her mouth. Once the last of the chainmail was off he was able to remove the short white skirt the chain mail had covered. Leaving her looking ravishing while standing there in a skimpy white thong, a garter belt and the stockings. He could see the wetness of the thong as her desire had become stronger. Even through the thong he could tell she was shaved totally bare down there. The other thing that was revealed was a small tattoo on her right hip. A small rose bud with a small stem and a couple of leaves.

Setting her back on the bed he dived between her legs. The stockinged limbs were quickly over his shoulders and he kissed up the inner thigh to the material pushing it aside with his nose and lips before licking her slit slowly from bottom to top, eliciting a moan from her. Continuing his long licks, her moans slowly increased until she grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face deeper into her crotch. He sped up his tongue and began wiggling it quickly back and forth, moving his face to hit her clitoris every few seconds. Only another couple of minutes and she finally went over the edge. He expected a rather vocal scream, but instead heard a high pitched moan as her body went limp.

At full attention now, he stood up and peeled off his own clothes, tossing them on the other bed. He then pushed himself into her, easily sliding into the well lubricated slit, and was rewarded by another gasp of pleasure from JJ. He quickly bottomed out, his balls firmly against her ass. He soaked for a moment, but knew that wouldn’t last long, even having been relieved of a load earlier in the day hadn’t reduced his desire for her. JJ was regaining some of her ability to move and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in as far as he could go. The sensation of her heels on his back combined with the squeeze on his shaft was amazing and he quickly started pumping. As hard as he tried to control himself, he was soon pistoning in and out of her as fast as he could. Her heels provided a safeguard that he would not pull all the way out. The sight of her breasts bouncing with every thrust, even as she supported them with her hands, was enough to quickly push him over the edge. He shuddered with desire and wished he could have continued forever. But his balls had other thoughts and proceeded to flood her with his semen leaking out around his shaft.

“Incredible. Absolutely, incredible. JJ, that was easily the best session of love making I can ever remember having!”

“Mmmm, definitely! You are very good with that tongue of yours!”

“I really found it sensuous helping you out of your costume. It was like a really well wrapped present, a sort of puzzle and certainly ramped up my anticipation to the highest levels. I swear, if you hadn’t given me that excellent blowjob earlier in the day, I would have cum when your blouse came off! You are so incredibly beautiful! My brain still can’t grasp the concept of you wanting to hang around me!”

“Believe me, physically you are everything I was looking for, and probably more! Good looking, in really good shape, you can move well. At first impression I wouldn’t have marked you as someone I’d connect with, but you obviously have a geek streak in you, along with some heavy nerd vibes, so you’re no dummy!” As she talked he had unfastened the garter belt and rolled the stockings down her legs, enjoying every inch of the process while she was running her fingers through his short hair. He helped her to her feet and they moved into the bathroom. He got to admire her very nice ass as she walked. It was nicely framed by a set of tan lines. One of the advantages to a hotel was they usually had the hot water system set up so that it was pretty much ready on demand. She removed her thong and tied her hair up. Then the two of them walked into the large shower. It was very erotic soaping and scrubbing each other up.

They fit together well, her head when she was barefoot fit nicely under his chin. As they rinsed off, she hit a point where she seemed to sag. He turned off the water and grabbed a towel.

“You okay?”

“I think so, just tired. Between drinking too much last night and getting my brains screwed out tonight, I’m pretty wiped out!”

“Well, let’s get you to bed!”

He helped her dry off and even helped brush her hair out. She dug through her clothes and found a night shirt that she pulled over her head. It barely covered her butt and gave her a real cute look. She was pretty much asleep as soon as she hit the pillow. He sat and just looked at her for a bit, enjoying the slow rise and fall of her chest.

He pulled his tablet out and did a few searches. It didn’t take long to find what he was looking for and he sort of grinned as he put it all together. He crawled into bed trying not to disturb her, but as he settled in she rolled over, threw her arm over him and made a bit of a ‘Mmmm’ before returning to sleep.

Jack woke up and found the bed beside him empty. He looked up and saw JJ sitting in the chair at the end of the bed brushing away on her golden mane as she stared at him. He stared back, amazed at how beautiful she looked. After a couple of minutes of just looking, she spoke.

“Why are you so nice to me?” The question sort of surprised him. “I mean you didn’t even know who I was, but you let me sleep in your spare bed, pass out would be more accurate and weren’t even upset. And you bought me breakfast and took care of me. You agreed to let me share your room and you honestly weren’t expecting anything in return. You even expected me to be sleeping in the other bed! So why are you being so nice?”

“I’m not sure. I guess one thing is that I tend to be a nice guy overall. I’ve been pretty fortunate in my life and don’t mind sharing. And let’s face it, while the first meeting was a bit rocky, pulling off the black wig triggered something, that blonde hair falling so perfectly around that adorable face! I literally thought this could be heaven or this could be hell. Worst case you would be a big tease and I’d be left high and dry, but either way would be more fun than spending the weekend alone. Best case would be that I might get lucky, but I had no intention of pushing myself on you, or assuming you were going to put out.”

“So how do you feel about it now?”

“I believe I’m a very lucky guy. So, how do you feel about things now?”

“I also believe that I have hit the jackpot! And I’ve got another 24 hours or so to enjoy it.”

“Only 24 hours?”

“I’ve got to go back to school and to work! So, how did you sleep?”

“Amazingly well, considering I don’t often share a bed. But I think all the pre-bedtime activities helped a lot! How about you?”

“I was very comfortable. And I felt very safe.”

The day was spent running around the convention hall. They even attended a couple of panels and got some shots with a few of the celebrities. A little after lunch JJ went and helped her friends pack up, their flight was around four, so they would have to leave for the airport soon. Once they were off in their ride share the two of them wandered the hall, most of the booths were in the process of being disassembled and packed up. And they managed to score a few items the vendors and advertisers didn’t want to haul back with them, a bunch of display copies of RPG game modules and even a couple of large size posters.

“Look, I know I’ll be back here in about four weeks. Worst case is we put together a box and I leave it for pickup next time I’m in town. Not a big deal.”

“Four weeks?”

“Yeah, I’m usually here every four to six weeks for a few days. There are a number of places in the area I have to visit.”

“Hmm, like some company?” He looked at her, she must really be smitten if she wanted to come down here and spend time with him.

“I think that would be amazing! I can even help you out with some airline miles, too!”

The outfit she had worn that day was not nearly as complex as Saturday’s had been and was a lot easier to remove when they got to the room. But that didn’t make their love session any less enjoyable. JJ took charge this time, pushing him down on the bed and pulling off his pants. And before he knew it, she had pushed her legs under his arms and sat on his face. Jack didn’t need any coaching, he dived in and went to town with his tongue. He liked being able to reach up and cup each of her ass cheeks, massaging them as they quivered from his work between them. It took a while, but she finally started to moan and finally went into overdrive, pumping her pelvis into his face hard for the last minute. Jack was really glad she was smooth down there, otherwise it could have left him with some major face rash. Her moan was long and drawn out as she shuddered and collapsed forward onto the bed. His face was soaked and his tongue was exhausted, but the flavor and satisfaction he felt having made her happy made him feel warm all over.

She stirred and rolled over and off the bed. JJ walked around and climbed back up straddling his hips. As hard as his shaft was, it wasn’t difficult for her to get it started into her tunnel and settling down on it. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations. He raised his hands and placed them on her breasts, giving some support. He knew if he opened his eyes and saw them bouncing it would quickly take him over the edge. She rocked up and down for several minutes. When she started getting tired she leaned forward and rested on his chest, her breasts pressed tightly against him and she moved her pelvis up and down slowly. If she truly hadn’t had a partner for over a year, she had learned a lot of skills before that!

“Look at me, Jack!” she whispered.

He opened his eyes and found himself staring into her eyes. The swirl of color was amazing, the mane of blonde hair formed a tent that contained only their two faces. And the rest of the world ceased to exist, it was just the two of them, bound together.

She smiled and that did it. Her lips were still covered in bright red lipstick, the white teeth behind them, the flashing eyes and he went over the edge. He never thought of himself as vocal, but that orgasm wrenched a moan out of him that surprised even him. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight as his body spasmed several times.

“Oh my God, JJ! That was even better than last night! I didn’t think that was possible!”

“It was pretty incredible! I really do like your tongue work! Hey, let’s get cleaned up and go somewhere for dinner.”

“I think that would be nice. I’ll try and look presentable. And how will milady be dressing? Black, white or more like today’s multicolored design?”

“I’m going to put on my best non-costume outfit. Well, at least most of it will be non-custom.”

After cleaning up, Jack put on one of his business casual work outfits, a nice dress shirt with gray pants. He even pulled his one sports coat out. JJ settled on a tight pair of yoga pants with a long shirt that went down to her thighs and a belt around her waist. They both went with sports shoes. Jack could have worn some leather work shoes, but felt better matching JJ.

She really liked sharing the room with him, even without the ‘benefits’ it was certainly nice not to have to compete with three other people for the bathroom. And stumble over a dozen different pairs of shoes and a plethora of costume parts. And when he said she could stay Sunday night, that really helped her budget. Still, JJ was not thrilled about leaving Jack. She had his cell phone number and email address, but wasn’t sure she wanted to take the last couple of days and turn it into a long term relationship. At the same time, she really didn’t want to lose the last few days.

What she had seen in the two days had been pretty amazing. None of her previous boyfriends came close to him in the sack. And his personality was certainly way above any of the other guys. Jack had demonstrated that he was caring and protective and truly wanted what was best for her. He was going to take her to the airport, so that was nice of him, and would save her some more dollars.

He had been in and out of the room while she was packing. He was organizing his own stuff, partially to make sure they didn’t get things mixed up. So he had put all of his things in the closet and helped her with packing up her costumes. They had to be folded pretty neatly to get everything to fit. Her phone buzzed, a notification from the airline.

“Anything important?”

“I guess not, they just said that when I got to the gate I should see the agent, I need to get a different boarding pass.”

“Ah, trying to seat a family together or something along those lines. Maybe you got an upgrade!”

She laughed, “No, I don’t fly enough for that to happen! How about you, do you get upgrades?”

“All the time! While most of the time I’m near home, they send me all over the place to check on subcontractors and how production lines are going.”

At one point she went to the bathroom and he called through the door that he was going to the front desk to have them bring the car around and would be back to help her in a few minutes. On returning Jack helped her with the bags and they left the room. It looked pretty bare without her costumes scattered all over the place, and just a few odd items sitting on the desk. His rental car was sitting at the front door and he loaded her suitcase into the back seat.

“Okay, you got your ticket and ID where you can find it?”

She had a small over the shoulder bag and showed him the papers in a zipped outer pocket, “All set.”

As they pulled out she looked at him while he focussed on the road. He was dropping her off several hours before her flight, reminding her that lots of business people would be flying out for their week at another location and the security lines were likely to be extra long. Jack was obviously a pretty seasoned traveler. And good looking and good in bed and a gentleman and just an all around nice guy. And despite being a couple years older than most of them, he had connected with her friends without any problem. She still couldn’t believe that she had come down to LA for this convention and the person she had connected with wasn’t even there for the same reason!

“I really don’t want to say good-bye.”

“I get it, JJ. I’m pretty smitten with you, too! You are certainly very attractive, you are fun to be with in any situation, particularly when we are alone. I think we should make every attempt to keep the connection going and see what we can do to make it work out. Who knows where you will end up when you graduate? We should be able to keep the relationship exciting and interesting!”

He pulled up in front of the terminal and helped her get her bags out of the car. The kiss they exchanged spoke volumes and it was all she could do not to just throw everything back into the car and just say, ‘Fuck it! I’m staying with this guy!”

She stood and watched him drive off wondering if she would ever see him again. They had talked a bit about meeting when he was here in a month or so, but no dates were known yet. JJ made her way through the doors, checked her big bag and then furbled her way through the security checkpoint. Finally arriving at her gate she went to the desk to get her new boarding pass. To her surprise it was an upgrade to business class!

The next hour or so were spent going through her pictures from the weekend. There were a couple of good ones of her and Jack, as well as some nice shots of her in costume. After arguing with herself over it she finally sent a text with one of the pictures off to him, “Miss you already! And I got bumped up to business!” A few minutes later she got a response, “The feeling is mutual! Sweet, a bigger seat! Be patient!”

JJ wasn’t exactly sure what being patient had to do with it, but was at least glad that he responded promptly. They finally started boarding, at least she got to get on early, that was nice! It was not a huge plane, but the business class was two seats to a side, certainly more width than the economy with five seats in a row. She occupied herself with a quick text to let him know she was on the plane and then started scrolling through more pictures. When the seat next to her got occupied, she glanced up and smiled and then froze.

“Hello, JJ. Going my way?”

“JJJack! What? Why?”

“It occurred to me that in all our conversations, we talked about what we each did for a living, where you were going to school, but where I lived never came up. I decided I’d rather be home in Seattle, the same city as you, instead of staying here for a couple of days without you. So I changed my ticket and upgraded yours. My luggage was in the trunk of the rental car. I dropped you off, turned in the rental car and now we can go home together!”

She held tightly to his arm for the almost three hour flight, happier than she could ever remember being.

“Okay, let's get our luggage! And I will be happy to drive you home. So, is 1525 Melvena Drive your parent’s address, your address, or both?” They were following the signs as they walked down the concourse.

She looked at him with wide eyes. “Um, both, but how did you know?”

“I’ve seen your ID several times this weekend, when we were carded at a couple of the bars and even when you showed me your ID was readily available on the way to the airport. And interestingly enough, when we were carded at a couple of the bars, no one in your group seemed to notice that my driver’s license looked just like everyone else's, because it was from the same state!”

“Wow! Okay, I get it, but that still sort of freaked me out!”

“Nothing anyone with some decent memory skills would have been able to do. I could probably give you the addresses of several of your friends as well! So, when you go to school, what route do you take?”

“I go down the 522 and then cut across 5. If I’m working at the coffee shop I take 75th.”

“Wait, which coffee shop?”

“The Grand Central Bakery at 35th Street.”

He stopped and looked at her. “Turn around.”

She turned her back to him. “Wow, I knew something about your hair that looked familiar! That sense of deja vu I had! Normally blue jeans with the green t-shirt and the green apron! I’ve gotten coffee there before and you often made it!”

“Seriously? You’ve seen me before this weekend?”

“Yeah, so just down the street and around the corner there’s an apartment complex. They look more like individual little homes, but they are apartments. I live in one of those. On most Saturdays, I’ll walk to the bakery and get a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich. I know I’ve seen you there, that hair and that ass are too memorable!”

“Wow. I go to an annual convention three states away and end up hooking up with a guy that lives two miles from my house and a short walk from one of the places I work. I thought it was strange that you weren’t there for the convention, but this is pretty bizarre! Two people that have actually seen each other before, travel hundreds of miles away, by accident one of them knocks on the other’s door and they connect.”

“Pretty amazing, but I’ll tell you what, I’m not complaining at all!” He pulled her to the side of the walkway and punctuated his statement with a kiss. Fortunately the moving sidewalk warned them that they were coming to the end so they could recover and step off.

“I think I’ll tell my folks that we met at work. They will find it much easier to understand!”

“I’ll try not to mess the story up, if I ever meet your folks.”

“You don’t think you will meet them?”

“I’m thinking it is much too early in our relationship to be introducing each other to our parents. We probably ought to wait until, say what, our fifth date?”

She laughed, probably one of the best laughs he had seen from her yet. Her eyes sparkled and her face shone with joy. “You’re probably right! Hmm, I think I’m going to have to find some excuses for some late night study sessions during the week!”

“Well, it depends on when you are working, you could always say you’re working a few extra hours!”

“Oh, you are good! I knew there was a reason I fell for you!” As soon as she said it, she clapped her hand over her mouth and went pale. She was looking straight ahead as she was moving down the concourse.

He stopped her and pulled her around to face him. He pushed his forehead down and placed it against hers. “Look, we met Friday night, whether you remember or not. We had breakfast Saturday morning, call that the first date. We had a casual group date mid-day Saturday with lunch that ended with sex, second date. We had another group date Saturday afternoon, third date. Then there was dinner on Saturday night with more group activities, followed by sex, fourth date and we spent the night together. Sunday morning sex followed by a breakfast date, fifth date. Then more group activities including lunch, sixth date. Sunday afternoon, the two of us in the convention hall followed by sex, seventh date. Dinner out together followed by heavy petting and spending the night together, eighth date! Monday morning up together for some quick sex, breakfast and travel to the airport, ninth date. Travel back to Seattle together with the trip from the airport to home, that makes date 10. I think that after our fourth date, it was pretty obvious to both of us that something special was going on. I’m fairly certain that you were doing some real soul searching after I dropped you off at the airport almost six hours ago.”

“Fairly certain? You don’t know how close I came just getting back into the car with you!”

“I believe it! But, just so you know I’m pretty sure I fell faster than you did! Because before our fifth date, I had already changed my plane reservation!”

By the time he finished, tears were streaming down her face. He was getting pretty choked up himself. JJ grabbed him in a bear hug and just held him. He returned the hug, just enjoying the contact.

A pair of security officers walked past, “Everything all right here?”

“Just fine, in fact probably better than they have ever been!”

They separated long enough to pop into the restrooms and get themselves put together. They finished the walk to the baggage claim holding hands. Their timing was pretty good, the conveyor just started to move as they arrived at the carousel. Once they retrieved the bags, they walked outside and Jack led the way to the Park’n Ride shuttle. Another 15 minutes and they were heading down the road toward JJ’s house in his truck.

“Um, just thinking, but your listing of our dates was pretty good.”

“Thank you?”

“Well, you did say that we ought to wait until at least our fifth date for you to meet my parents! And we’ve already been out on ten! Oh, it’s Monday, Dad won’t be home, but Mom will be!”

Jack busted out laughing, “Yeah, I did say that! So shall I walk you to the door?”

“I can say we met at the coffee shop, we’ve been out ten or twelve times and you offered to pick me up from the airport when I came back from the convention.”

“Okay, no problem. Any particular reason you’re pushing this?”

“Last year I was pretty happy when I got back from the convention, and then got pretty depressed over the next month or so. Seeing me happy and with you, a local guy, will give them some understanding that the same cycle isn’t going to happen again. In general they haven’t been too thrilled with my life choices. I think you could turn that around!”

“So how is the relationship with your parents?”

“Decent. They have no problems with me being me. Though there are parts of my life I keep hidden from them, the biggest thing is they’ve never seen my fangs. They wish I’d get a full time job and move out on my own, but they don’t constantly harp on me about it. I know they will be happy when I graduate. They have been really good with helping me once in a while, without me even asking, covering my school books and things like that. But they would like to see some evidence of me really growing up.”

“Got it! So, shall we make a scene of kissing before we get out of the car?”

JJ giggled, “Perfect! I know mom will be watching for me. Besides, I’m all for any reason to lock lips with you!”

“Want to see my place first?”

“Well, maybe we ought to go for date eleven and get some lunch first! And then maybe date eleven could end with a bit of sex, too!” Her joy and happiness was infectious, it was obvious that she was glad he was there.

“How about Stanley’s for something to eat?”

“Oh, I like Stanley’s! Sounds good!”

He found a parking space and they walked down the street. It was a sort of an older town area. He liked the old town vibe of the area and evidently JJ did as well. Of course it could simply be the fact that he had someone to share it with this time. They each got a bowl of soup and split a sandwich before heading over to his place.

It was not large, but it was one of the ten that had two bedrooms. It looked more like a cottage than anything else. One story, brick exterior, fairly old landscaping that was starting to get a bit horsey. There was a small patio off to the side with just a couple of chairs and a table and sun umbrella. The driveway for the cars wound around the little homes with a wide space beside each to park one vehicle.

The kitchen was small, but more than adequate for just him. The living room was fairly narrow, but it even included a small gas fireplace at one end. The two bedrooms were an okay size, the smaller one was fitted out as an office. The single bathroom sat between the two bedrooms and was accessed through the short hallway. JJ flitted through the place pretty quickly, there really wasn’t a lot to see. The furniture was certainly better than the college apartments she was used to.

“I’m glad I didn’t leave the place a total mess! I guess that comes from my military time, relatively ready to go into inspection mode on short notice.”

“I think it is adorable! I would even say cute! Of course, it could use a woman’s touch.”

“And are you willing to provide that touch?”

“Oh, I plan on doing a lot more than just touching!” And matching her actions to her words, she grabbed him and pulled him into the bedroom. His king sized bed was definitely a step up from the queen at the hotel. This session was much more sedate than any of their prior couplings. But the view of her laying in his bed, her tan skin and blonde hair contrasting beautifully with the dark blue of his blanket was enough to get his engine revved up to the max. For his part, he couldn’t believe that he was in his own place with a beautiful woman that seemed to like him a great deal, at least enough to screw his brains out once a day over the last 3 days with a couple of blow jobs thrown in.

“JJ, I know I’m currently buried in you as deep as my dick can get and it is an amazing feeling. And you look absolutely incredible! I want you to trust me when I say that our current position has nothing to do with my confirming our earlier conversation. I have fallen for you completely. I can’t even describe why, but I love you!”

They continued to make love, rolling around in different positions, no real urgency in them. They ended in a nice 69 with JJ on top and finished each other off. Even though it was only the 6th time they had made love, they were getting comfortable with each other and learning what each of them liked.

She cleaned herself up in the bathroom taking a quick shower. He could see from the bed and watched, enjoying the glimpses of her naked body and her movements. As she dried off he got up and headed in himself. JJ saw him coming and shut the door before he got there. “Hey, what gives?”

“Well, there are a lot of things we have to learn about each other, right?”

“Ah, I’m sure there are!”

“I’m going to let you see something that I haven’t even let my parents see. I hope it doesn’t gross you out.”

She opened the door and looked at him while standing there still naked and looking absolutely amazing. And then she smiled. Rather than the bright white row of teeth, what he saw were some rather healthy looking gums with little metal stubs showing through in a few places.

“Okay, I get it, you told me about them. If it wasn’t for these amazing breasts down here,” and he paused long enough to reverently kiss each of them, “I’d say that the missing teeth make you look like a very cute little girl, but you are anything but little! Are they a press fit or magnetic?”

“Press. They don’t gross you out?”

“Not at all, like I said, you told me about how you lost them. Do you often take them out? Like do you usually sleep without them?”

“I usually wear them all the time. They’re too big for me to accidentally swallow, so I just sleep in them. I typically take them out and give them a good cleaning before bed. And I use the fangs with cosplay costumes or during Halloween.”

“Would it be a good guess that with all the dental work they required you’ve gotten pretty good control of your gag reflex?”

JJ laughed, “Oh, you noticed?”

“Oh hell, yes! Without a doubt that first blow job was the best I’ve ever had, not saying anything negative about what we just did! I’m not sure I’d want to try that with the fangs in, though!”

“You might like it! And I’ve always wanted to try that without any teeth in, but have not been willing to risk it with any of the other guys to this point. But if I haven’t made it clear, I think you are pretty special too!”

Jack kissed her, “Yeah, the feeling is mutual, lady! Hey, we need to wrap up date, ah, number eleven, and get you home!”

“Yes, we should. I should call my mom and prepare her for your imminent arrival!” JJ got dressed as he cleaned up and he heard her call her mom.

“Hey, mom, I’ll be home in about half an hour!” “Yes, my plane landed several hours ago, Jack offered to give me a ride home and we stopped for lunch.” “You haven’t heard me mention Jack? Really? We’ve been on ten or twelve dates.” “Yes, I’ll introduce you to him!” “What dinner on Saturday? I don’t know, let me check.” She looked at him standing at the mirror stark naked and giggled. “So, Jack, dinner on Saturday?”

“Sorry, JJ, no can do. This is a drill weekend, I’ll be tied up Friday evening, all day Saturday and most of Sunday.” She gave him a dirty look, but ended it by blowing him a kiss.

“No, mom, he’ll be with the reserves this weekend.” “Tonight? You want to spring this on Dad tonight?”

She looked at Jack. He shrugged and whispered, “We’ve shared every meal for the last three days, why stop now? I have honorable intentions regarding you. Will that make date 12?”

“Okay, Mom, Jack says he’ll come.” “Yes, I think giving Dad a heads up would be a good thing! See you soon!”

“There you go, Jack, you’re in it now!”

Jack laughed, “Yeah, well whether I intended to or not, opening my hotel room door last Friday night has definitely changed my life. So far for the better! Right, since we are doing this, let’s do it right! Come on!” He walked into his office and fired up his home computer, pulling her into his lap in the process. “Would it be safe to assume you have an gm@il account?” She fed it off to him and he put it into his system.

“Okay, I have now shared my calendar with you. I keep it up to date and have things listed as far out as a year, it includes all the holidays I have off and I mark my time traveling as well. You’ll discover other things about me. Let me feed you some specifics that you will want to file away. So here here comes the firehose:

I have two younger sisters, Meriweather and Sharon. I grew up in Illinois, wrestled in high school, excellent grades. Dad taught at the local college, mom did a number of part time jobs. I was an Eagle Scout. I attended college at Texas A&M on a Navy ROTC scholarship and have a Mechanical Engineering Degree. Four years active duty with the Navy, mostly engineering billets and now in the Naval Reserve. Full Lieutenant, probably another two to three years before I make Lt Commander. You’ll find all my drill weekends and the window for my summer drill weeks in the calendar. Left active duty and now work for the DoD and do onsite inspections of manufacturing processes for government contracts.”

“Coming back at you: I have one brother, James, a year older. He lives in the area, married, two kids, so you will run into him soon. Dad is a CPA and works for the city, where he has been for over 30 years. Mom has always been a stay at home mom, but active in the school stuff when we were there and the church now, but not ridiculous. I played volleyball in high school, other than that, I was a geeky nerd into the anime and cosplay stuff. Went to Europe after high school and traveled around, hitting most of the tourist spots. Came home a year later and started college, working part time and going to school part time. The accident was the summer before my Junior year. I’ve waited tables at a number of bars and restaurants in the area, but managed to avoid the retail sector. Currently working at the bakery and the Rodeo Bar and Grill on Saturday afternoons and most of Sunday. I will add my class schedule to the calendar and try to keep my work schedule current!”

“Excellent! I will take you home and then go run a few errands, like getting my uniforms from the cleaners for this weekend. I will pick up some flowers for your mom. Do your parents like wine?”

“Oh you are good! I suppose I should be jealous, we’ve been on eleven dates and you never brought me flowers! They’re okay about wine, but my dad would prefer a good bourbon.”

“Hmm, what type of flowers do you and your mom like? And is there a preferred bourbon?”

They were getting back into his truck at this point. “I like pretty much anything. Mom goes for the nice variety bouquets and likes yellows and purples. Dad routinely drinks Jack Daniels, but will pull out the Knob Creek or Maker’s Mark for guests he likes.”

They pulled up in front of the house and did a nice kiss for the benefit of mom. “Oh, wait! Look, um, it hasn’t come up before, but while all my friends call me JJ, the family calls me,” and she started laughing. “They call me Jackie!”

He laughed, “JJ, so I’m guessing your first name is Jacqueline? And the second name?”


Jack got out and walked around and opened the door, then flipped the extension door open and pulled out her luggage. They walked up to the porch and her mother came out the door. JJ introduced him and mom invited him in, but he declined. “I’ll be back about 6, right? Gotta run a few errands. See you soon, Jackie!” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and took off.

Promptly at 6 Jack pulled up in front of the house. He walked up to the door with two bouquets of flowers and a paper bag under his arm. JJ’s dad met him at the door.

“So you’re Jack? I’m Frank. I understand you’ve been seeing my daughter!”

“Yes, sir!” The honorific was easy for him, almost 10 years of using it made it natural and smooth. “Ah, this is for you!” and handed him the bag. A cocked eyebrow and a peek at the contents got a glance of surprise, “Hey Jackie, I really like this one!” and Frank gave him a grin. He took him into the kitchen where Jack presented the flowers to the two women. JJ’s eyes did get big when she saw her bouquet complete with a couple of red roses in the center and rewarded him with a quick kiss. Her mother was a bit more reserved but smiled with a bit of a blush.

Dinner was very good, a nice meal of Polish food, which spoke of JJ’s ancestry. The conversation was pretty much as one would expect, questions about his family and his job and education. JJ answered many of the questions, including how they had met at the coffee shop.

“Is that how you remember it, Jack?”

“Well, you get up in the morning, you stumble through getting ready for work half awake, knowing that things aren’t going to clear up until you get that coffee. You walk like a zombie into the coffee shop and the face of a beautiful angel with a halo of gold around it hands you that cup of coffee. It is the thing dreams are made of!” JJ actually blushed when he said that. “It took a lot of mornings and a lot of cups of coffee to work up the courage. I’d go in there several times a week and finally one Saturday morning the rush was over and I asked her out.”

“Good thing you did! I was actually considering asking you! Oh, don’t get a big head, but I’d noticed you and you're constantly checking me out. Whenever you could you took the high top in the middle so you could watch me behind the counter. I was going to write my number on your coffee cup.” Jack managed to blush a bit, whether she knew it or not, he had preferred that seat to watch the cute butt behind the counter.

They chatted away after dinner, coffee and pie in the family room, Jeopardy came on and they enjoyed it together, he and JJ actually doing pretty well calling out the answers before the contestants. And Jack behaved himself, not getting too handsy with her.

She walked him to the truck. “I’ll be working at the bakery in the mornings. I have two classes Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and a lab on Wednesday afternoon. So when will I see you again?”

“I have the whole week off! I was going to stay in the hotel down there until Wednesday then come home and chill for a couple of days while cleaning up the apartment before heading off on drill. I can pretty much be anywhere you wish at any time you wish until about 1500 on Friday!”

Getting coffee in the mornings became much more of a must that a maybe. Tuesday morning he slept in until almost 8, a good two hours later than he usually did. A quick shower and he put on his best workout gear and headed to the coffee shop. He was rewarded by the view he had come to admire over the last few months. When he got to the counter to order, he looked at the clerk and smiled, “Okay this will sound a bit off, but please just call it out? I want a black coffee with a kiss.”

The girl was probably high school age and gave him a skeptical look, but he glanced and nodded over at the blonde head of hair busy making up orders with her back to the counter. He tapped his card to pay and headed to his usual table. “One black coffee with a kiss!” was called out. The rest of the patrons seemed to do a double take, like did they really just hear that? He saw the blonde head swing toward the clerk and sudden realization seemed to hit. She turned the other way and caught sight of him settling into his seat. Less than a minute later JJ walked out from behind the counter and joined him at the table, she sat his cup of coffee down and very deliberately grabbed his head and kissed him with a big smile.

“Hello, sailor! Come here often?”

“Fairly regularly, but I think it will be more often now!”

“I’d like that! Not sure I can always guarantee a kiss with your coffee, but I sure will try!”

“Sounds good to me! Blow me a kiss if nothing else!”

His standing in the coffee shop went to the top of the list. He could walk in and they knew what he wanted and took great delight in calling out the order. Sometimes he got a scone or breakfast sandwich to go with it, but the kiss was always the important part. Even the owner, who completely flipped out the first time he heard it, thought it was fun. The regulars had great fun watching the reaction of the visitors to hearing the order called out.

Now that they were no longer in the same hotel room and back in their normal habitats, as well as the normal work/school routine, the text string between Jack and JJ went crazy. The first week wasn’t bad, he had taken the whole week off so was free to pretty much do whatever he wished. JJ only had a few shifts at the coffee shop during the week. He had set expectations with her that the work day prevented him from responding immediately and there were times when he wouldn’t have his phone, such as when he was working out.

The first week she would get off work and head over to his place, sometimes in his truck, sometimes on her own. One evening she even surprised him by showing up after her classes. Those first few days they tried every surface in the little apartment. The couch, his recliner, the kitchen table, the shower, his desk, even the fireplace got their chance to be a focal point. For the most part, the bed was the logical and most comfortable place, though the couch and shower saw lots of use.

“Okay, look, I’m heading for drill weekend. Don’t panic if I don’t get back to you for several hours! That is going to apply to normal working hours as well as drill weekends. I often am not allowed to take a phone into a facility during an inspection due to classified material. And in others the machinery blocks most phone communications. Please realize that I have completely fallen for you and am not going to ghost you!”

“I get it. I promise not to be too needy. Hey, next Saturday there is a big local cosplay thing. It’s a sort of tryout weapons thing. People make safe weapon replicas and try them out against each other. Great fun to watch! And none of the crew from the convention know that you are here! They will be very surprised to see you with me! My friends are starting to check in on me. They know how depressed I got after the con last year and are probing to see if I’m crashing again! Little do they know! We have to surprise them!”

Jack picked her up and they grabbed a bite to eat before heading over to the sports hall for the event. The look of surprise on the convention group was pretty satisfying as realized he was actually there and that he and JJ were a bona fide couple. “Oh, yeah, I’ve even met her parents!” Two of the guys and one of the girls had weapons that they were going to try out. Jack attended the safety briefing and paid close attention to all the rules. And to their surprise, Jack actually signed up.

“But you don’t have a weapon!”


One of the first to go had a large sword that they were sweeping back and forth, the lightweight device moving surprisingly fast. The length was such that it would sweep by and before you could get close enough to get to the welder it was coming back again. Everyone that went against it was caught in the back sweep, not being fast enough to get within striking distance.

“Any other takers?”

“I’ll give it a go!”

Jack stepped up. He knew the individual sweeping the sword was getting tired, even in the lightweight version it was long and bulky. He waited for the second sweep to start and ran at the fighter. Just when it looked like the sword was going to take out his feet he dove forward over the blade at an angle. He did a full forward roll and came up pretty much on top of the sword bearer and simply wrapped his arms around his opponent.

Over the next couple of hours, he did pretty well, either totally avoiding the defensive ability of the opponent and coming in so close to them that they couldn’t react, or basically taking the weapon out of their hands. Once one of the big weapons was sent on a path, it was almost impossible to redirect the energy. One of his successful strategies was that while the majority of people were trying to stay away from their opponent, Jack would move into them, going inside their weapon so it couldn’t be used.

They had dinner with the original friend group, who were pretty excited to see him and really find out more about him now that they knew he wasn’t a one weekend stand.

The two of them settled into a routine for the semester. The standard was dinner with her family on Sunday evenings, which allowed him to come even on drill weekends. Her parents didn’t kick up a fuss when she didn’t come home many Friday or Saturday evenings. So the standard day started off with coffee and a kiss. Once or twice a week they would have dinner together.

“Okay, I’ll make a deal with you. You are so close to finishing your degree. You can do it next semester. You only need 12 hours, that’s 3 or 4 classes. I’m more than happy to help you study. When you graduate, we will get a place big enough for the two of us.”

Jack debated for a long time about the best way to do it. He’d had a long talk with Frank who was more than delighted to give him his blessing. And finally Jack made his decision. He knew JJ would get off work about 11 on Saturday morning and there wouldn’t be much of a crowd, mostly some of the regulars that settled into read the newspapers, do the crosswords and chat with real humans.

He put on his dress whites and headed over. As he expected, it was pretty quiet and only one person was in line in front of him. “The usual?” The girl at the register was eyeing his uniform and he handed her a slip of paper. She read the words and her eyes got big as she looked up at him. He just nodded and she rang up the order. After he tapped his payment card she took a deep breath and called out, “One black coffee with a kiss and a yes!”

JJ was halfway through pouring the coffee when she connected with what had been said. She whirled around and saw him standing at the pick-up counter. She walked over the few steps and looked at him, mouth agape. He pulled the small box out of his pocket and opened it up, the ring glinting in the light. She dove under the counter to get to him, he grabbed the ring box and her. The coffee was forgotten as she delivered the kiss and a dozen yeses. They were both shaking as he slid the ring onto her finger.
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