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It had been a while after a rough break-up and talking to my ex-girlfriend again unveiled some surprising events that occurred during my absence.
Scene guide –

Scene One – The Disclosure: My friend reveals to me a shocking detail

Scene Two – The Confrontation: I speak with Amishi about what happened

Scene Three – The Confession: Amishi narrates the incident

Scene Four – End of Chapter One


Scene One -- The Disclosure

"Hahaha...excuse me what?" I interrupted my own laugh. "Oh, you didn't know?" said Ramesh. "No, of course not!" I blurted alarmingly.

"You mean to say Amishi spent the night in Dhanwarlal's house?" I asked shocked.

"Yeah, I thought you knew...haven't I said this to you already?" Ramesh replied.

"You haven't man, this is serious, tell me everything" I requested.

"That night, as you already know, we were four guys and your ex-girlfriend hanging out at the brewery" Ramesh started. "We had a couple of drinks and we also visited a disco. It was pretty late when we decided to call it a night and quite drunk as well." he continued. "So, we booked a cab for five of us and headed to my home first"

"Five of you, in one cab?" I looked puzzled. "Yeah, Amishi sat in the front, we managed at the back" Ramesh explained. To give a background, Amishi, my ex-girlfriend's apartment was near to Ramesh's and that night his wife was away at her parents' place.

"So, when we reached my place, I got down along with Amishi and Dhanwarlal and his other two friends left off for their destination. I bid her goodbye but was shocked when she said that she wanted to spend the night at my house as her apartment gates would already be closed by now. That was no way possible as our society would definitely get the wrong idea, plus my wife wasn't home either. So, I quickly called up the guys, had them drive back and sent her off with them" Ramesh described.

To be honest I was very angry at the moment. Dhanwarlal was a friend of mine but a fuckboy by nature. He had already slept with countless girls and by nature he would never hesitate to hit on a girl just because she was a friend's girlfriend. I also knew he had his eyes on Amishi from the day I introduced them to each other. He wanted to get close to her on the pretext of friendship and get into her pants when he gets the opportunity. Sex was primary for him, friendship secondary. Dhanwarlal's other two friends, Kishan and Suraj were also naughty but they wouldn't cross the limits or safe to say, they weren't smart as Dhanwarlal to take the advantage.

But then again, I couldn't blame them wholly, Amishi was irresistable. Fair, flawless skin, round, tight boobs, good ass and a cute face.

"So, then what happened" I asked again.

"Then they went off man" Ramesh said "I don't know much after that."

"But how did they sleep that day" I asked puzzled. "There are only two beds"

"She slept in Kishan's room" Ramesh replied. "On the floor, while Kishan slept on his bed"

I was a bit relieved that she didn't pair up with Dhanwarlal at least, but I wasn't satisfied.


Scene Two -- The Confrontation

Amishi and I had broken up for a while now. Though we weren't together, I still had feelings for her and was hoping to get back together in the future. But this was a shocker. Dhanwarlal's house was only minutes away from mine, she could have at least texted me. It doesn't matter if we longer talked, I pondered.

I started getting restless after this incident was revealed to me and wanted to know everything. But we longer talked and didn't want to call her up just to start a fight and ruin my chances of getting back together with her.

But one day I got drunk and texted her to call me. To my surprise, she called back immediately and we started talking.

"Are you well" she asked. "Not bad, but I wanted to ask you something" I replied trembling.

"What is it?" she asked again. I paused for a while and finally questioned her "That night when you went out with my friends to the disco, I thought you went back to your room."

"Oh my God Shankar, you call me after so many days and you want to fight with me. I'm going to hang up if you..." she started complaining.

"Wait, I promise I won't fight. But I want to know what happened" I interrupted her. "I don't trust Dhanwarlal and he had his eyes on you for a long time. Please tell me everything"

"You'll get angry" she said softly. My heart sank.

"I won't, I have to know" I pleaded.

"Okay but don't blame me later" she said reluctantly and started the story.

Amishi began...

(The story continues from her point of view below).


Scene Three -- The Confession (in her own words)

Ramesh was kind enough to call back the guys and luckily, they came back for me. You know about our apartment right; they close the gates at midnight and it's very difficult to get in after that.

I greeted them with a smile and sat in the front seat. Dhanwarlal was making us laugh throughout the journey and we were having fun.

We reached their apartment soon and took the lift to their room. It was a bit awkward but we made small talks. Finally, we entered the room.

I was quite drunk and expecting to sleep right away but Dhanwarlal proposed that we continue the party. He said he has a good stock of beer bottles in the fridge. Kishan and Suraj cheered in joy and I couldn't deny so I agreed as well.

Dhanwarlal laid a mat on the hall floor and asked us all to sit down. He soon joined us with four beer bottles and smiled at me. I smiled back. Though already quite drunk and sleepy I was happy at the moment and wanted to enjoy more.

We were seated in a circle and thankfully I was wearing jeans that day so I didn't have to worry about covering my legs. But my top was a bit revealing, it was loose at the top and I knew the guys would take chances stealing glances inside.

So, our second party began. The guys were making me laugh like anything. They narrated so many incidents that I lost track of time and alcohol as well. I never knew when I gulped down two bottles of beer and was having my third bottle.

It was almost 3 AM now and I was sleepy as hell. The guys seemed bored as well now except Dhanwarlal. He was still initiating conversations. "Are you tired?" Dhanwarlal asked me suddenly. I smiled and said yes. "You guys continue I better sleep now" I said.

"Sure sure" Dhanwarlal said and explained our arrangements for the night. Dhanwarlal said he would sleep with Suraj and I could sleep in Kishan's room. "I'll take the floor" I said. We all agreed and slowly went in.

Kishan was very polite and gave me a mattress and pillow. He arranged his own bed, bid me goodnight and climbed into his bed. I arranged my own bed for the night and lied down. My head was groggy and I was feeling uncomfortable also. But I had to sleep in my clothes as I had already denied taking theirs.

Kishan switched off the lights and I prepared to sleep.

It was around 4:30 AM in the morning when I woke up. My head was dizzy as hell but I had to pee very badly. I sat up in the darkness and then stood up. Using my phone light, I made my way into the attached bathroom in Kishan's room and sat down to pee. Kishan was snoring loudly which meant he was sound asleep.

Finishing my nature's call, I flushed and went back into Kishan's room. At this point I made a terrible decision. I was thirsty and decided to drink some water from the fridge. So, I stepped outside into the hall where we had our party.

I made my way to the fridge, opened it up and picked up a bottle. I gulped down some cold water and as I was about to close the fridge, I was surprised to hear Dhanwarlal's voice in his room. It seemed he was talking on the phone and he suddenly stopped. I quickly closed the fridge and tried to make my way back into Kishan's room to avoid any interaction right now but suddenly his room door opened and he stepped out in front of me. "What's wrong" he asked me.

"Oh, I was just very thirsty, going back to sleep now" I replied and tried to go away. "Wait" he said and caught hold of my hand.

I feel embarrassed saying this but I didn't free my hand immediately. I stopped and asked him if he needed anything.

"You should see the view from our balcony" he said and guided me towards it. I went ahead and stepped into their balcony. He was behind me. It was true, the view was really nice and the wind was making it even better. I stood there with half opened eyes and suddenly Dhanwarlal hugged me from behind.

I was absolutely shocked and froze for a moment. Before I could react, he started kissing me from behind starting on my neck. I realized what was happening and tried to hold his hands which were on my waist to remove them. But he swiftly moved them up and grabbed my breasts. I couldn't scream because explaining the entire situation to you and his friends would be tough and I didn't want to create a scene in the middle of the night. So, I just twisted my body and tried to push him away.

By this time his right hand had already slipped inside my top and squeezing my breasts from the inside. His left hand was trying to enter my jeans. I tried to wriggle out but couldn't.

With one swift motion, Dhanwarlal turned me and planted a kiss on my lips. As I tried to push away his face, he unhooked my bra. I gasped and tried to hold it in place and Dhanwarlal got the opportunity to pull me inside and held me against the wall.

"Dhanwarlal stop what are you doing" I whispered. But he held my hands on the wall and started kissing on my neck again.

Suddenly he caught hold of my top and removed it completely form my body. I wasn't fast enough to react due to my drunk state and I stood there now only in my bra. He again locked his lips onto mine and removed my bra as well. Soon after he resumed mauling my breasts and all I could do was try to push him away. I knew where this was going but still didn't have the courage or energy to shout. He pinched my nipples very hardly and I winced in pain, trying to keep my voice down.

Now Dhanwarlal was getting more aggressive and pulled me down onto the mat where we had earlier sat down. I know how horny guys get when they are drunk. I lost my balance and fell onto the mat. Grabbing the opportunity, Dhanwarlal got on top of me and got between my legs. Perhaps this was the point of no return now.

Dhanwarlal started kissing me more passionately now releasing his alcoholic saliva inside my mouth. "Dhanwarlal stop" I could only mumble.

His right hand was already on its way to open my jeans and very soon my buttons were open, then my zip. Then he started pulling them down. I tried wriggling out of his vicious grip but it was impossible with the alcohol wearing down my mind. I realized now why he wanted me to drink more beer. The next moment I realized that my pants were gone and I was fully naked now except my panties. He was sucking my breasts now while squeezing them like a toy. He would occasionally suck and bite my nipples which would send shivers down my body.

The torture of my breasts continued along with the occasional lip locks and my body finally started responding now. I knew this was wrong, I knew I was being forced but I started to get wet.

Dhanwarlal was smart. His left hand went down and rubbed my panties over my vagina. I shivered and he smirked "You're enjoying this aren't you".

I was ashamed and yet couldn't scream. I was just looking for an opportunity to break free and end this ordeal.

Before I could even think of an escape route his hands were inside my panties and started rubbing my clit. "Ahh oh my God" I moaned involuntarily. His mouth continued assaulting my breasts and his right hand stopped my hands from making moves.

I'm sorry but I was completely wet by now. Many months had already passed since I slept with you and perhaps my body was craving this badly.

I got back to my senses once again as Dhanwarlal pushed a finger inside me. "Fuck" I groaned in both pleasure and pain. I was still trying to get free but it felt good as well. Dhanwarlal soon increased the speed and added one more finger to the assault. My body arched and he became even more violent.

Suddenly he caught hold of my panties and started pulling them down. I tried closing my legs but he was between them. My frail hands pushed his chest but it was fruitless. I don't even know how and when but suddenly I felt the air on my vagina. My panty was gone. I tried closing my legs but Dhanwarlal was already in between again.

Dhanwarlal spread my legs with his body and held my hands stretched above my head. I know what was coming next. I thought of screaming now as there was no way out. But he covered my mouth with his and inserted his tongue deep within.

I felt a nudge on my vagina. I didn't even know when Dhanwarlal got rid of his pants. Being drunk at the wrong time is a curse I thought. I felt a sudden push and Dhanwarlal was inside of me now. "Fuck" he groaned. "Wanted to do this since the day I met you."

I gasped in shock and realized what a grave mistake I had made. I should have listened to you a long time ago when you warned me about Dhanwarlal. But it was too late now.

Dhanwarlal went out and pushed back in. "Ahh" I let out a cry now. I couldn't whisper anymore. He went back inside again and started increasing the speed and force of his thrusts now. He let go of my hands now but I knew I couldn't push him away and it was too late. He grabbed my breasts again and mauled them violently, pinching and biting my nipples in between. I just grabbed his hair in anger and pulled them.

The assault on my vagina continued and he was starting to breathe heavily now. "Condom" I muttered faintly with the little energy that was remaining in me. He just carried on fucking me and I turned away trying not to look at his face. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of looking me in the eyes while he climaxed. To my surprise it was already almost morning by now and the hall was no longer dark. Suddenly Kishan's room door opened and Kishan stepped into the hall.

"What are you guys..." he stopped and stared at us in disbelief. To my shock he just smiled and winked at me. Before I could react, Kishan went back into his room thinking he might disturb our fun.

Dhanwarlal's strokes were very hard now and he hugged me, burying his face on my neck. I don't know what came over me but I hugged him as well and suddenly Dhanwarlal stopped. "Aah fuck" he groaned as warm spurts of semen shot inside me. I didn't even know how to react and in my confusion, I held him even tighter and locked my thighs on his.

Our eyes met momentarily and Dhanwarlal smiled "I know you liked this" and got up leaving me naked with his semen flooding out of my vagina. I quickly closed my legs and covered myself. I grabbed my clothes and hurried inside the bathroom.

With little bit of energy that I had left in me, I cleaned my vagina, dressed myself and angrily got out of the bathroom. "I'm going back to my place" I said. "You'll not find any cabs right now. You better take rest and leave in the afternoon" he said with indifference.

He was correct. I simply went back into Kishan's room and collapsed on my mattress. Kishan was also fast asleep and I dozed off instantly.

It was almost 3 PM when I woke up. Dhanwarlal, Suraj and Kishan were in the hall, talking out loud and laughing. I picked up my purse and stepped out. "Hey good afternoon" Dhanwarlal smiled at me, others did too. I just stared blankly at them. They were having lunch, behaving as if nothing had happened.

"I'm going back" I said and opened my phone to book a cab. "Alright, when are you coming again" Dhanwarlal smiled at me. I just ignored him and booked a cab. While waiting for the cab they were looking at Kishan's phone and smiling. Maybe he took a snap of us, who knows but it's just a theory.

Soon my cab came and I went back to my place. Before entering my room, I picked up an i-pill and that's the end of my story.


Scene Four -- Back to phone call

I stood in disbelief and couldn't think of what to say.

"You wanted to hear it right. Now please don't fight or I'm never going to share anything with you again".

"I'm going to call you later" I said and hung up. I knew there were more secrets but I had to wait for a while before I could call her up again.
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