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It had been a while after a rough break-up and talking to my ex-girlfriend again unveiled some surprising events that occurred during my absence.
Scene guide –

Scene One – The Meet-up: I’m finally able to meet her in person

Scene Two – The Confession: Amishi narrates the continuation of her ordeal

Scene Three – End of Chapter Two


After Amishi confessed her tragic encounter with Dhanwarlal, I was left with a confused feeling for days. A part of me felt horrified with the events, while a part of me felt relieved that at least I knew the truth. I wanted to confront Dhanwarlal right away but first I had to know more, I had to know about why she left me and why she kept silent for so long.

Scene One -- The Meet-up

I woke up one fine Sunday to Amishi's call.

'Are you free today?' she asked. 'Yeah, you want to meet?' I replied with hope.

'I need to tell you something, meet me at our spot in an hour' saying this she hung up.

I hurried to the bathroom for a shower as I couldn't miss this opportunity. I still wanted her back.

While showering, the thoughts of her story popped up in my mind and I couldn't help but get a boner. Images of her snow-white boobs kept flashing and suddenly I imagined Dhanwarlal sucking them, biting her nipples. I slowly started stroking my dick and soon emptied a huge load on the floor. I was shocked at what I had just masturbated to. 'Ah at least I won't have a clouded mind' I thought.

I reached the meeting place before time and waited for Amishi. It was a small café and I sat down at one of the tables. I was looking at menu when Amishi came up and sat down in front of me.

'It's so good to see you, I've missed you so much' I blurted immediately. 'Not today please? I haven't come to discuss about us' she replied with a grin.

'Oh alright' I agreed. 'What did you have in mind?'

'I'm having a problem and don't know whether I should share it with you since we aren't together anymore' she said looking down. Amishi seemed a bit uncomfortable sitting and she shifted herself every now and then. I thought she was not annoyed being near me but the truth was far from my wildest imaginations (explained in the story).

'Come on Amishi, I still love you. I'll try my best to help you' I replied leaning towards her. I tried touching her hand but she moved it away. Then she began her story. 'I need full details; like last time' I didn't know why but I requested her. She looked at me surprisingly then she began.


Scene Two -- The Confession (in her own words)

After what happened at Dhanwarlal's place, I came back and went straightaway to the pharmacy to get an emergency contraceptive pill, I was so embarrassed and scared. I will describe everything in details so that you understand that it's not completely my fault here. Then I went to my room and cried for hours, I couldn't eat or sleep. I felt angry and wanted to go and make a complaint but things would get beyond complicated. I was about to take a bath when I got a call from unknown number.

I was shocked to find out it was Dhanwarlal. 'Are you okay' he asked. 'How dare you call me you bastard? Don't ever call me or I'll report you' I shouted but then he stopped me by saying 'Can you check your media-messaging app once?' and hung up.

I quickly opened my media-messaging app and saw a few messages from an unknown number. It was Dhanwarlal, he had sent me some pictures. I started downloading and when I opened one of them, I gaped in shock. It was me, on Kishan's mattress with my jeans and panties pulled down till my knees. My pussy was on full display to the camera. I opened another photo and there my top was rolled up to my neck and bra pushed above my boobs. I quickly went through all the photos and started panicking. I was clicked in many different perverted positions with my private parts in clear display. How did I sleep through all this I thought and cursed myself.

Without a second thought I called back Dhanwarlal and he picked up immediately.

'You're a sexy model Amishi' Dhanwarlal started laughing.

'Didn't you have enough fun with me you rascal that you had to take these photos as well?' I almost cried. 'Please delete them right away.'

'Oh, deleting them would be the last thing I would do. What are you doing now' he replied casually.

The fool in me just replied 'Please delete them, I'm just about to take a bath'

'Oh wow, I calling you on video' saying this he hung up and immediately I received a video invite. I had no choice but to pick it up.

To my shock Dhanwarlal had his pants down and stroking his dick. I couldn't help but glance at it for a while. 'You like it huh? Now carry on' he said.

'What do you mean?' I replied with fear.

'Go on, take a bath, I want to witness the sexy event' he said with assertion.

'No way, you pervert, I have suffered enough' I almost cried.

'Well, I can always share your photo shoot with my friends and your ex-bf' he replied.

Suddenly a thousand outcomes flooded my mind. Dhanwarlal had a massive network of friends and quite respected among all. Plus, there was you, how could I explain so much when the fault was clearly mine. You had always warned me against him and yet I fell into his trap.

'Come on now' he said, stroking his dick.

My silence and hesitance clearly showed that he had won. I slowly walked towards the bathroom carrying the phone in my hand. I kept the phone on the sink facing the shower and started undressing.

'Shit..' I could hear Dhanwarlal exclaim as I dropped my last bit of clothing and opened the shower.

I just wanted to make it as fast as possible so I started applying soap on my body hurriedly. I quickly glanced once towards the camera and saw him still stroking his dick. I couldn't even process what was happening and started washing off the soap now. It was as if my body was on auto mode. When everything was done, I switched off the shower and grabbed my towel. I checked the phone but thankfully by that time Dhanwarlal had disconnected. I heaved a sigh of relief and quickly got dressed after drying up myself.

I checked my phone to find a message from him 'great show, satisfied for now..'

What did he mean 'for now?' I started panicking again. Sadly, there was no one I could call. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of my blackmail saga.

I was very hungry by now and ordered some food and tried to forget my plight. 'Things could be worse than this' I tried to console myself. I gobbled up my food and tried to take a nap. I had already missed a day at the office and had to report tomorrow.

I was in deep sleep, dreaming something good when I woke up hearing my phone ring. It was a Dhanwarlal calling me again on video. I checked the time at it was 2 AM in the night. I shuddered back to reality. I ignored the call and held my phone to see if he would call again. I could make an excuse that I had already slept. But then he called again. My hands were trembling now, I had no idea how he would react to this defiance. The phone stopped ringing and a message popped in. It was from him -- 'calling one last time, ready to share your photos..'.

I quickly switched on the lights and sat upright on my bed against the bed-rest. I took a sip of water and waited for my next torture. The phone rang and I received it immediately.

'Were you ignoring me Amishi?' he began. 'I'm drunk right now and thought I could see some hot stuff before hitting the bed yeah?'

I simply nodded, my body shaking. 'That's a cool skirt you're wearing' he said pointing to my dress with his eyes. 'Mind if I see some more of your thighs?' I started lifting my skirt slowly and he smiled. 'Damn' he exclaimed now lowering his pants. 'This is much better than watching you bath.' I closed my legs together and stopped before my panties were on display.

'Now show me some titties' he said, stroking his dick again. I reluctantly unbuttoned my shirt and put it apart. I usually don't wear bra inside my house so my boobs were on full display now. 'Go on, press them' he demanded. I lifted my free hand and started pressing my boobs switching between both. 'I miss them already' Dhanwarlal grinned licking his lips.

'Press them harder babe' he continued directing me. I did as I was ordered; I was his bitch for now. 'Now pinch those tasty nipples of yours' he said, breathing heavily. I started pinching my nipples now. 'Is that even pinching? Harder babe' he demanded. I increased the pressure and my face contorted a bit. 'Yeah baby, you make me so hard' he continued stroking his cock.

My nipples were becoming erect now. 'Harder baby!' he ordered. I was enjoying my self-stimulation and pinched my right nipple with all my might. 'Aaah' a small moan slipped out of my mouth and I closed my eyes in pain, embarrassment and sadly a little bit excitement. 'Yes baby, enjoy' Dhanwarlal continued his background narration. I was getting a little wet by now but thankfully Dhanwarlal was only interested in my boobs. Hopefully he'll climax now and I can go back to sleep, I thought.

'Time to go downtown Amishi' Dhanwarlal suddenly spoke out. I stopped in disappointment as I knew where this was headed to. 'Keep your phone on the bed in front of you'. I did as ordered and tried to cover my boobs. 'Ah keep them free' he shouted. 'Now open your sexy legs'.

I bent my knees upwards and spread my legs making my skirt bunch up at my waist. My panty was on full display towards the camera and I looked away feeling ashamed. 'Is that a wet spot I see' Dhanwarlal smiled eyeing my panties. Indeed, I was wet, but I never thought he could make it out. 'You are enjoying this, aren't you?'

'I'm just following your orders Dhanwarlal' I replied a bit angrily. 'Oh, orders huh, slide your panties so that I can see your coochie' he said. I held my panty and opened it slightly towards the right. 'Ah so beautiful' he gazed at my pussy. 'Now finger it baby'

I was shocked to hear this; my blackmail had finally come to the point where I would masturbate in front of this pervert. 'Please no' I requested feebly.

'Now hurry up, I want to finish now' he replied stroking his cock furiously. I slowly moved my right hand towards my pussy and kept my middle finger at the entrance. 'Hurry up bitch' he demanded.

It was inevitable. I started pushing my finger into my pussy and my face contorted at the intrusion. Thankfully I was wet. 'Now start fingering' he demanded.

I began moving my finger in and out of my pussy looking away from the camera. I never masturbated before so this was a very weird experience for me. 'Look at me bitch' Dhanwarlal spoke out again. I turned my head towards the camera, into his eyes. He was stroking his cock wildly.

'Faster baby' he commanded. I increased the pace. I was getting turned on now. Months had passed since I had sex with you and strangely this felt good. I got wetter. 'Two fingers' he suddenly demanded. I simply followed what he said and now started using my ring finger as well. It was a bit painful but I had no choice.

The excitement slowly started creeping up on me and I started getting really turned on now. But I didn't reveal this to him; I tried keeping a straight face. 'Why isn't he done yet' I kept thinking.

'Ah baby, you're so sexy' he moaned. 'Three fingers now'. My eyes widened in shock and I looked at him, shaking my head, saying a silent no. But he was adamant. 'Hurry up bitch'.

I withdrew my fingers and now added my pointer finger as well. My pussy was too tight, it wouldn't go in. 'Come on bitch' he shouted. I spread my legs wider and pushed in with more force. A wave of pain and pleasure hit me wildly and I remembered when you first entered me. 'Aah' a loud moan escaped my mouth.

'Yes baby now hit it hard' Dhanwarlal encouraged me. I started fingering myself now, willingly. 'Don't look away baby' he demanded and I looked back at him. My left hand automatically went to my left nipple and pinched it. My mind was so confused at that time.

A part of me was ashamed of my depravity, yet a part of me was getting lost in pleasure. Realizing what I had done I lowered my left hand back on the bed. 'Do it again' he spoke out, he had caught me. Strangely, I was happy at that demand and started pinching my nipples wildly.

My right hand was busy fingering my pussy, all the while I maintained eye contact with that bastard. My pace kept increasing and now it was the point of no return, I wanted to finish. I remembered about us, when you used to rub my clitoris just before I had orgasm. My left hand automatically went towards my pussy and I started massaging my clit.

My pleasure suddenly doubled and I arched my back. Dhanwarlal must have been elated with this move of mine but he didn't say anything, I could only hear him moan now. We both were on the verge of climaxing. I started pumping my fingers more violently now and rubbed my clit vigorously.

Deep moans were escaping my lips. I looked at the screen and saw him pumping his cock wildly and staring at me. I closed my eyes and suddenly it hit me, my body convulsed and the waves of pleasure started crashing on me. I shivered in pleasure and let out a loud 'aaah' finally reaching orgasm.

On the other end Dhanwrlal was shooting loads of sperm into the air and enjoying his own, eyes closed. I finally slipped out my fingers, fully covered in thick white cum and sat upright, wrapping my shirt around my boobs and lowering my skirt down.

'Damn that was the best video sex ever' Dhanwarlal exclaimed wiping his cock with some tissue. 'Get some rest girl, we shall continue tomorrow' he said and went ahead to disconnect. 'But I have office tomorrow..' I started to explain but he had already hung up. I sat confused, wiping my hands on my skirt. I just had my first masturbation led orgasm with a guy who blackmailed me. But strangely I felt content and soon drifted off to sleep.

But what awaited me the next day was even worse.

Having missed my office the previous day, I hurried and reached office before time. After explaining stuff to my boss, I sat down in my cubicle and opened up my work computer. I started working on my pending work and before I could catch up there was a message from Dhanwarlal -- 'what you wearing for office?'

I ignored it for a while but then another message popped up 'I expect quicker replies Amishi'. I picked up the phone and typed in 'just normal business shirt and pants'. 'More details please' came back a quick reply. 'Red bra and black panty' I texted back knowing exactly what he meant. 'Prove it' he messaged back.

I put down the phone in disgust and was heavily annoyed at the disturbance he was causing. I kept working for a while but another message popped up. I opened my phone to find a video from Dhanwarlal. I played it and was shocked to see myself naked in the shower.

That bastard had recorded that as well. Before I could type anything, there came another video. This was me, fingering myself in front of him. I quickly locked my phone got up from my seat and went towards the washroom.

'Send me the reports asap Amishi' my senior yelled at me as I crossed him along the way. 'Yes, am on it' I replied and walked faster. Opening the washroom, I found one empty toilet and hurriedly went inside, locking it behind me. I unbuttoned my shirt and unbuckled my pants.

Then I sat down on the toilet with my pants down and shirt wide open. I picked up my phone, opened the camera and snapped one full body selfie. I flushed, dressed back up and almost sprinted to my seat. I sat down and quickly sent Dhanwarlal my selfie.

'Damn, you make me hard girl. I miss your body already..' he started typing. 'Please I've got to finish my work' I replied. 'Sure sure, but I want to watch you working dear, send me your Video ID' he texted immediately to my dismay. Now this bastard wanted access to my laptop camera.

I knew it was fruitless arguing with him so I just sent him my ID and waited for his video call. He called soon after and I received the call to find him smiling on the other side. He picked up his phone and started dialling someone, then my phone rang, it was him.

'Now connect your headphones and don't disconnect the call under any circumstances. I'll be watching you and we'll have some fun' he said. I connected my headphones and waited for further instructions. I minimized the Video window and resumed my work.

'Say what, open up a bit, your tasty assets need to be seen' he spoke up after a while. I did as he directed me and opened up two buttons on my shirt. My bra came into view faintly. 'Two more' he spoke again. I frowned and opened two more of my buttons. My bra was on full display now, I got tensed. 'That's better baby, carry on' Dhanwarlal finally said to my relief and I resumed my work for around half an hour.

I was so lost in my work that I completely forgot that I was still on call with him and under surveillance. I had just finished my report and sent them to the printer. I was getting up when Dhanwarlal suddenly spoke up 'hey where to now'. 'I have to collect the printout and hand over to my senior' I explained.

'No need to go, call him there' he demanded. 'But I need to go for submission' I pleaded but he replied slyly 'I need to see him looking at you babe'. I knew it was futile arguing so I decided to call my colleague and send the reports with him. I stood up and slowly called Nitin 'excuse me, can you please come for a moment?'

Nitin was a new recruit and my junior. He sat next to my cubicle. Nitin looked up puzzled and nodded to get up. I sat down immediately and tried to cover up. 'Come on baby, don't do that' Dhanwarlal spoke into my ear. I gave up trying to protect my modesty and simply accepted my humiliation.

Nitin walked in and immediately his gaze fell on my exposed chest. He looked surprised but then looked back at me and stammered 'Umm how can I help Amishi?' Dhanwarlal was laughing at the other end. 'I just sent a report for printout, please collect them and submit to my senior' I said with a smile. 'Do I have to say anything else to him..' Nitin tried to extend the conversation while stealing glances at my bra. 'No that's it, I'll send him email' I cut the conversation short and resumed my work. Nitin stared one final time at my chest and went away.

'What a show there Amishi' blurted out Dhanwarlal. 'That poor guy must be having a boner now' saying this he suddenly hung up and I took this opportunity to immediately cover up myself. I stood up and went to have some water in the cafeteria and bumped into Nitin. 'I did as you told Amishi', he said surveying my now buttoned up shirt. 'Call me if you need any more help' he ended with a faint smile. I simply smiled back and went ahead.

I came to my desk soon after and resumed working, I had completely forgotten about the video call. I was about to open my buttons again when Dhanwarlal called me up 'Now that's cheating Amishi'. 'I'm sorry, I had to go to the cafeteria' I tried to explain when he interrupted 'you deserve some punishment now. Lose your bra and keep those buttons open'. I was shocked to hear this. 'Please, that's too much, I might get fired for such act' I pleaded once again. 'No one's gonna fire a hottie dear, they'll enjoy' Dhanwarlal laughed. 'Now please be quick, your office isn't gonna last the whole day'.

I again stood up and went towards the washroom with my handbag. I went into an empty toilet once again and put my bra into it. Coming back to my seat I unbuttoned my shirt like before. 'Wow those tits' Dhanwarlal spoke into my headphones watching my fair boobs on display now. Four buttons undone was too much, one wrong move and my nipples would be exposed fully. I had to be careful now.

I resumed working and Dhanwarlal kept silent for a while. 'Say what babe, let's call this junior guy again' he suddenly broke the silence. I looked towards my laptop webcam with pleading eyes and requested 'Please, this would be way too inappropriate, exposing myself like this to my junior'. Dhanwarlal laughed and shrugged off my pleas 'We are way past appropriate things now dear, now come on, be quick'.

I looked at my chest and saw how cheap I looked. My domes were bulging, on display and buttons undone beyond decency. I took a deep breath and stood up calling Nitin once again. Nitin responded immediately and started coming. I sat down, calmed myself and prepared for another round of humiliation.

'Hi again Amishi' Nitin smiled staring boldly at my boobs, 'Looking amazing today'. This was the first time he ever complimented me and it took me by surprise. 'Ask him his number' Dhanwarlal suddenly spoke. 'Can I have your personal contact' I asked Nitin trying to put up a smile. 'Absolutely' Nitin replied and smiled even more now, all the while gazing at my assets on grand display.

'This perv is having the time of his life' Dhanwarlal commented with some scattered laughs 'Now take your phone and drop it on the ground'. I was shocked to hear this but knew exactly what he meant. I faked slipping my phone and dropped it. 'Bend slowly' Dhanwarlal instructed. 'Oops' I exclaimed and bent down slowly trying to pick up my phone. Nitin had a bird's eye view of my boobs now and I couldn't do anything to stop it. I kept bending lower.

'Damn your nipples!!', Dhanwarlal exclaimed as my shirt gave way to everything on display inside. I could clearly hear Nitin gasp in surprise and excitement. I grabbed my phone and sat back up forcing a smile. Nitin stood frozen with mouth wide open and suddenly started stammering his number. I typed it in and saved it.

'Amazing girl!! You gave him a great show, send him off now' Dhanwarlal instructed me. 'Thanks, Nitin, you can go now' I spoke out. 'It's really nice meeting you Amishi' Nitin smiled and walked out adjusting his pants.

I simply sat on my seat, defeated and humiliated beyond my imagination, my tits almost popping out of my unbuttoned shirt. 'Please Dhanwarlal, I've suffered enough now' I slowly spoke into my phone. 'Just show me your tits once and you're good to go baby' he spoke back.

I didn't even try to protest now and opened the remaining buttons of my shirt. Then I spread them towards the camera. 'Awesome, blow me a kiss' he said. I reluctantly pouted my lips. 'Where's the smile honey?' he demanded with a frown. I forced a smile and blew him a kiss once again. The chat disconnected and he hung up as well. For a moment I was frozen with disgust, holding my shirt open. I came to my senses suddenly and buttoned up. Thankfully he didn't call me back and I wrapped up my work and hurried back home.

The day was way too tiring for me both mentally and physically. I rested for a while and started preparing dinner. My phone buzzed and I picked it up thinking it was Dhanwarlal but to my surprise it was Nitin with a text 'I will never forget what I saw today, you are amazing Amishi'. I frowned with disgust. Not only was I becoming Dhanwarlal's personal slave but also a slut at office. I regretted my decision of ever going out with them.

Soon my phone rang and yes, it was Dhanwarlal on video call 'Time for play babe'. 'Can I at least finish my dinner?' I requested. 'Sure honey, but shave your pussy clean today. Message me when ready.' he chuckled and hung up. I finished my chores, had dinner and got into bed for my turmoil once again. Nitin also called me a few times but I ignored him.

The same thing happened once again; and the same thing the next day. I used to orgasm myself in front of my blackmailer during the night and expose myself to my junior during the day in the office. Nitin obviously tried to get close to me and asked me out a few times but I refused. He accepted my rejection and was happy with whatever he was getting, which was a big deal anyway. Dhanwarlal made me wear skirt a few times and I had to display my panties to Nitin as well but I don't want to elaborate all my stories now.

This repeated for about a month and it almost became like a routine for me now. But one day Dhanwarlal leveled up his game and that's where we are now. Yesterday morning I received a package outside my house. It only read 'to Amishi'. I opened it up to find a panty and a strange door knob type thing inside. I was highly puzzled

Soon my phone rang and my questions were answered. 'Hope you like your gift baby' Dhanwarlal spoke 'Wear them now and I'll call you in video within 5 minutes'. 'Them?' I responded quizzically 'There's only one panty inside your package'. 'Didn't you get the butt plug?' he asked concerned. My heart sank in realization. This bastard not only wanted to torture my pussy but ass well.

'I can't do the plug please' I pleaded but like always he replied with affirmation 'Just put them on and I'm calling you in 5 minutes'. He hung up leaving me speechless. I picked up the panty once again and examined it. There was a bud like thing which would be in full contact with my clitoris. That was the vibrator. But how would I insert the plug? I looked around my house frantically, searching for my coconut hair oil.

I soon found it and removed my clothes from waist down. I took some oil and applied it on the plug and some on my asshole. I have never inserted anything at the back and this would surely be a torturous experience. But I neither did I have a choice nor time. I bent down in doggy position and took some oil in my pointer finger. I caressed my asshole slowly and slid it in. My finger went in smoothly.

Then I brought the plug towards my asshole and tried pushing. No way, my asshole was too tight. I decided to simply wear the panties without the plug but then again remembered how stubborn Dhanwarlal used to be. He would only increase my punishment so I decided to give it another try. I heavily lubed the plug this time and squeezed some oil into my rectum. Then I placed the plug at my asshole.

I took a deep breath and pushed in with all my might. A jolt of excruciating pain shot out from my ass towards my brain. I let go of the plug and grabbed my bedsheet in panic. I rolled on my back only to realize that the plug had gone in, now properly lodged into my ass. Just then the phone started ringing and I wore the panties hurriedly and received the call.

'Show time baby' Dhanwarlal was smiling at the other end, ready to enjoy a brand-new show. I placed the phone on my bed and showed him my new attire. 'What about the plug?' he asked. I turned around and lowered my panties to show the butt plug fully lodged into my ass. 'Aahh very good' he exclaimed. I turned back and sat down folding my legs.

'See the thing is..' he began. 'I can control both your panty and plug from my phone'. I stared at him puzzled. He pressed something on his phone and suddenly the panty started buzzing. I immediately felt pressure on my clit. 'Now that's only level one' he said smiling.

The horrific realization was yet to hit me. He pressed his phone again and suddenly the vibrations became a little more uncomfortable. I unfolded my legs and said 'Oh my, what are you doing'. He simply smiled and again pressed something on his phone. The pressure increased even more and I started feeling getting aroused. I remembered the way you used to massage my clit.

'Please stop..' I muttered but then suddenly the plug started vibrating as well. I couldn't stay sitting anymore and simply fell down on my back, clutching the bedhseet with my hands. 'Yeah baby, enjoy!' Dhanwarlal grinned and pressed his phone again. The buzzing sound became very loud now and the pressure on my clit and asshole was insane. 'Please stop..' I spoke weakly wriggling on my bed.

'Do you really want me to stop huh' Dhanwarlal smirked watching the vulgar display on his screen. I soon realized that I was highly excited now and nearing orgasm. I kept my mouth and eyes shut and simply kept clutching the bedsheet and pillows. The waves of pleasure started crawling over my body and suddenly I found myself grabbing my boobs while slowly moaning. The buzzing increased again and the pressure hit like fire.

'Ah, fuck' I groaned and pinched my nipples. My body convulsed and I wriggled wildly on bed closing my legs together. 'Aaaah fuckk' I cried out loud and opened my eyes. 'Please stop please stop' I pleaded him and looked into his eyes. He smiled and pressed his phone and suddenly everything stopped. I breathed slowly and regained my senses now.

'Clean yourself now haha. I want you to be wearing these all the times and don't remove it without my permission. I'll call randomly to check' he said with affirmation and hung up.

I simply lied on my bed thinking what had just happened. Then the realization came. He had full control of me now. He could switch on these devices whenever he wanted and I could be anywhere. At all times I would be at his mercy.


Scene Three -- Back to reality

Amishi finished her story and I was left speechless with my mouth wide open. I stared at her still trying to make sense of whatever she said. I didn't even know what to say or how to console her.

'He generally wakes up late during the weekend that's why I called you in the morning today' she said shifting her position again. That's when I realized the reason for her discomfort. I asked in horror 'Do you still have them on?'

Amishi looked at me sadly. Then I heard a buzzing sound.
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