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It had been a while after a rough break-up and talking to my ex-girlfriend again unveiled some surprising events that occurred during my absence.
Scene guide –

Scene One – The Resolution: We put an end to Dhanwarlal’s torment

Scene Two – The Buildup: Amishi explains how she got close with her co-worker

Scene Three – The Confession: Amishi narrates how her co-worker assaulted her

Scene Four – End of Chapter Three


Just when I thought I couldn't be surprised anymore, Amishi surprises me with another wild encounter, something which happened before this whole Dhanwarlal saga.

Scene One - The Resolution

As the buzzing continued, I realized the situation she was in and reached out to grab her hand. She didn't remove it this time and looked at me instead with pleading eyes. Not only was the bud in her panty vibrating wildly there was a chunk of plastic lodged into her ass, vibrating as well.

I was deciding what to do or say when her phone suddenly rang and I saw Dhanwarlal inviting her to a video chat. We both looked at each other and I instinctively grabbed her phone to pick it up. I picked up the call and looked into the camera.

'What the hell man, you guys are back together?' Dhanwarlal blurted out in shock as he stared at me. 'We aren't dude, but this has to stop right now' I demanded. Without saying anything further the video call disconnected and the buzzing stopped immediately. I kept down the phone and looked at Amishi. She had started crying.

'Hey please don't cry. It has ended. I'll talk with him' I caressed her arm trying to console her. Amishi looked down for a while wiping her tears and then stood up suddenly 'Can you please walk me to my home'.

'Of course' I said still holding her hand and stood up. Her apartment was just a couple of blocks away; we started walking slowly in silence. Though horrified with disgust and anger I was somehow happy to be finally able to hold her. 'Is it very uncomfortable?' I spoke out, eyeing her ass. She simply nodded and looked down.

As we reached her apartment, I still held her hand hoping she'll invite me in. 'Thank you' she spoke out suddenly and I realized she wanted me gone now. 'I need to get rid of these things' she said shyly.

'I can wait here if you want' I replied with hope. She thought for a moment but shook her head to my dismay 'We aren't together anymore, you've helped me enough, but I need to be alone for now'.

I let go of her hand and spoke again 'I'll call him and ask him not to disturb you anymore'. 'Just wait for now' she interrupted me 'He has my photos and videos. Plus, there's something more you have to know'.

I simply looked at her puzzled. 'Go home and call me, I'll explain why I broke up with you' she said slowly and started walking away. I stood there for a moment and left.

Reaching back home I simply sat down thinking about Amishi's story. I changed my clothes and got ready to call her as directed.

'Finally, I'll know why she left me' I thought to myself and dialed her number. It rang and she picked up.

'Did he call you again?' I asked. 'I thought he'll be infuriated and punish me but strangely he has neither called nor texted me' she replied thankfully 'Thank you again'.

'There's nothing to thank come on, plus he'll pay for what he has done' I said with a hint of anger. 'No, he has enough material to destroy my reputation. We can't push our luck' she replied back. 'That is also true' I said slowly. 'I better start what I promised but I hope you'll understand' Amishi said finally. I lay back on my seat and got ready to hear her.


Scene Two -- The Buildup (in Amishi's own words)

You already know Suresh right and I'm pretty sure you could make out we are close by what happened when he intervened when you came to meet me and quarrelled with you.

You see, everything was okay between you and me till I had joined his project. After that, things took an unexpected turn for me.

I was a new member of the team and found it extremely difficult to understand my work or carry out my responsibilities in office. Seniors would yell at me often and I found myself on the verge of crying at work. I wanted to share my problems with you but then stopped myself as you too were fighting your own battles. I kept everything to myself and kept suffering.

That's when Suresh entered my life. I was struggling with a huge report submission one day and was barely able to proceed with my task. My senior had already yelled at me during the morning and warned me of my failure to submit.

'Hi Amishi, Suresh here' he introduced himself suddenly 'I saw you are really stressed and thought I could help'.

'No, it's fine actually' I replied with a faint smile but before I could say anything more, he sat down beside me and looked into my computer. 'Oh, this is very simple. Let me do this one for you and you can learn along the way' he spoke out assertively and started working on my PC.

At that point it was a huge relief for me. Not only was I getting my work done for free but could also learn along. I made more space for him and let him work.

Suresh was expert at this and started teaching me while progressing with the report. I simply let him carry on and within half an hour the report was done, plus I had learned everything about it. If only my seniors were this kind, I thought.

Suresh got up with a smile and suggested we should grab lunch together. I never went out with guys alone so I declined respectfully citing some excuse. He accepted and went away.

I was finally happy after a long time and I still remember having a long call with you that day. However, I never mentioned about him to you as you would only get jealous and angry.

Over the next few days Suresh kept helping me in my work and we became good friends. It was clear that he liked me. Slowly we started going for tea breaks together in group at first but then two of us alone as well. This is perhaps when your friends saw me with him. He would always assist me in office work and try to make me laugh; I really thanked my luck to have found such a good friend. He was a saviour at my tough times.

This was also the time when we started fighting over call. You were miles away from me and we weren't able to give each other proper time. Misunderstandings grew and you often yelled at me. Though I missed you I also started viewing you as a troublemaker rather than my boyfriend. The absence of warmth in my life slowly started getting replaced with Suresh and the more my feelings grew distant from you, the closer I got to Suresh, however still as a friend.

One day I had just gotten off with a huge fight with you on call and Suresh found me crying on my seat. He inquired and I tried to conceal the matter but finally spilled the beans out of anger. He was very understanding and consoled me. 'Let's go the mall after office' he said finally. I still hadn't gone out with him outside office premises. But that day I agreed, I owed this much to him, I thought to myself. Again, that night, your friends saw me with him at the mall. I knew they would tell this to you and I somehow felt satisfied, I wanted you to feel jealous.

Within a month Suresh and I were extremely good friends now and often teased each other in public as well as in private. He often flirted with me and sometimes I flirted back. I was not only getting assistance in office work but also happiness. He would refer to me as 'darling' in text messages and we would always go to the mall after office. This is when I started ignoring your night calls and made excuses that I slept early.

In the beginning I used to feel extremely guilty but slowly it started fading. I felt no responsibility and flirted back with Suresh whenever he flirted with me. We started sitting very close during our tea breaks and he often tried holding my hands or my waist. However, I hadn't officially broken up with you so I avoided direct physical contact.

In my mind however, I was fighting a silent battle. You remember when we had sex for the first time right? It was just before I joined this project, when you came to visit me. It was the first time someone had entered me. They say that once a woman has a taste for sex, she craves for it again and again. That is exactly what was happening to me.

I saw couples holding hands every day in public, kissing in theatres and parks and the flame of desire kept burning within me, ignited by you. I also craved for a man's touch but you weren't there for me, you were miles away. On top of that we always fought on call and you made me feel unwanted. Suresh on the other hand made me feel special.


Scene Three -- The Confession (in Amishi's own words)

One Sunday afternoon I was just chilling in my room when Suresh called 'Hey I have to repair my spectacles and there's a famous shop near your house so let's have some tea once I'm done'. I was surprised at first but agreed readily 'Sure all right, we'll have tea like in our office break haha'.

At around 4 pm I got a text from Suresh informing me that he was at the shop. I was still in my house dress comprising spaghetti (no bra) and a knee length skirt. I thought of changing but then again abandoned the idea as the shop was just beside my house and we would only be having tea. I put on a shirt and left my room, hopped down the stairs and reached the shop in no time.

'Wow nice skirt' Suresh complimented me, eyeing my legs. He had never seen my bare legs before. 'Shut up, as if you know a lot about women's dresses huh' I replied mockingly hitting him lightly on his arm. 'I know a lot okay' he replied, smiling mischievously.

'Let's have tea ya, there's a stall here' I said excitedly pointing outside. 'Oh, I was hoping you'll make tea for your special guest darling' he replied back 'It's my first time visiting you outside office haha'. I was taken aback by his words; he was suggesting that I take him into my room. I was about to say no but then again remembered how much he had helped me during the past month. I smiled instinctively and agreed 'Okay darling let's go'. I didn't think anything would happen; as no matter how much he flirted with me, he was still respectful to me and our friendship.

I walked him to my apartment and led him up the stairs into my room; all the while he was cracking jokes and making me laugh. 'Room's quite comfy' he said sitting on my bed as there were no chairs 'where are your roommates?' 'Two of them gone to their homes and one is busy partying' I replied and started making tea. Our chit chat continued.

Soon the tea was done and I took them towards him. I handed him a cup and sat down folding my legs holding my own cup. I saw that he stared at my legs as my skirt rode up a bit but ignored.

We talked randomly for a while but he soon cracked the relationship topic and I got sad all of a sudden. 'Ah I don't wanna discus about my bf, he just makes me angry' I replied but he kept insisting. 'You can share with me dear; it will clear your mind'. I started telling him about our fights and deterioration of our relationship and soon tears welled up in my eyes. Suresh saw this and suddenly grabbed my hand 'You know I'm there for you right?'

I was taken aback by his sudden move but I don't know why I didn't remove his hand away and simply kept silent. He placed the cups on the floor and came closer to me, placing his arm around my shoulders. As if in a trance, I simply buried my face on his chest and wept a bit more. Suresh started caressing my back saying 'it's ok darling, let out your pain'.

I was really confused at this moment. I missed you, your touch and your embrace; and yet I was angry on you because you weren't there during my tough times and only yelling at me instead. And there was this guy, helping me, providing me comfort and warmth. A hundred thoughts were racing my mind when suddenly Suresh took his hands and hugged me directly, pressing tightly against my chest.

'Wait Suresh' I spoke out trying to break free but he only pushed me with his body and now I was lying on my bed with him on top of me. He soon faced me and tried to kiss me. I moved my face away but he planted the kiss on my cheeks and started kissing my neck. 'Suresh, what are you doing, have you gone crazy or what' I cried out wriggling, trying to escape his embrace. He simply kept silent and kept kissing my neck.

'Just one kiss Amishi' he suddenly blurted out and faced me. I looked at him and said 'no please'. Without warning, his face came down and he planted a kiss on my lips suddenly, this time successfully. I held his head trying to move it. Finding my hands busy he lowered both his hands and spread my legs placing himself between them. My eyes widened in shock while the kissing continued.

He tried pushing his tongue into my mouth and kept sucking on my lips in the attempt. My hands were still trying to move his head. Finding my hands engaged he started to lift my skirt upwards, rubbing and clawing my thighs.

In no time my skirt had risen to my waist, completely exposing my thighs. 'Creamy white thighs Amishi' Suresh stammered glancing at them. 'Please Suresh this is not right..' I spoke out finding the kiss gone but he again came back with more vigour.

Suddenly his hands grabbed my shirt and he started tearing it apart, the buttons flying here and there. My spaghetti was the only thing hiding my boobs now but he simply lifted it swiftly. 'Your boobs are too good Amishi' Suresh stared in amazement while I closed my eyes in shame. He grabbed my breasts and started mauling them roughly. I pushed him at his shoulders but he was way too strong. He lowered his face on my right boob and started sucking on my nipple. 'Ufff' a moan escaped my lips encouraging him to suck even harder. Soon his other hand started caressing the other nipple.

At this point I was still hoping that he would come to his senses and stop attacking me. He was still my friend and he was just overcome by lust. I didn't want to shout for help and cause him any harm.

'Please Suresh, stop now it's enough. You'll regret this later' I muttered trying to lift myself but he was busy sucking my nipples one by one. 'Please for the sake of our friendship' I spoke again and looked towards him. He stopped momentarily and looked at me 'Amishi I can't stop now'. Saying this he dove back into my chest, biting my left nipple. I winced in pain and grabbed his hair.

By this time, I knew I was aroused. Sex was new to me and quite exciting. I had my first sex with you only months before and since then was craving for it badly. My mind started remembering our first time and I got excited even more. All of a sudden Suresh pinched both of my nipples together and stared into my eyes. 'Aaah' I cried out again and arched my back. I reached out to grab his hands but he grabbed them instead with his left hand and locked them firmly above my head.

Desire was flooding my mind as well now and I closed my eyes to control myself only to find another kiss landing on my lips. I didn't turn my head this time, I couldn't, my body wasn't allowing. Suresh got the signal and kissed harder trying to insert his tongue into my mouth 'I know you like me Amishi, I've seen the way you flirt with me. Let this happen'.

As if in a trance, I slowly parted my lips and allowed his tongue inside. He immediately went in and started exploring. With my legs spread apart and him grinding on my pelvis, I was getting wetter as well. His right hand caressed my thighs again and slowly rested on my panties. I opened my eyes in shock and cried out 'Please not there Suresh' in a muffled voice. But he wasn't there to listen.

He started rubbing my mound over my panties. 'Ohhhhh' I moaned wriggling my body. Again, his lips latched on to my nipples and he started sucking. The sensations were building up unimaginable pleasure in my body and soft moans escaped my mouth. I had never seen him more than a friend but today everything was changing slowly.

Suresh adjusted his body again, bringing his bulging penis closer to my pussy and started grinding even harder, poking my mound with his rock-hard dick. He was back at kissing my neck. I was slowly losing more control of my body and my pussy became dangerously wet now. It had begun feeling empty and needing something inside it. I really tried to fight my feelings but Suresh's vigorous activities were sending my mind into a frenzy of sexual desires.

My resistance started fading away to the point where I was almost complying to his intrusions. Realizing this, Suresh let go of my hands; I moved them but strangely made no efforts to push him now. He brought his hands down and now started pulling down my panties. He parted the kiss to look into my eyes. I simply stared back and saw him smiling.

There was no point in resisting now; I was aroused beyond calm and Suresh was in no mood to let this moment pass. Looking at his face I knew know how much he had wanted to fuck me since the day we met. I slowly lifted my ass to let my panties slide down until Suresh removed them completely; I felt the cool wind brush my pussy as Suresh got rid of his pants and undies.

My hands were still free now but I made no attempts to push him away. Instead, I lay still, staring at his face, legs spread apart, awaiting the final penetration. Suresh adjusted his body again, glancing below, to adjust his dick. 'Huhhh' I gasped as I felt the tip of his dick touch my opening. He looked at me one last time and said 'I imagined doing this everyday Amishi, you're the sexiest girl I've met'.

'Aaaaaaahhhhh' I cried out arching my back as Suresh pushed his dick into me for the first time. He went in and withdrew slowly savouring the special moment. Then he went in again. My hands clenched his back and I began clawing him with my nails and he began thrusting in and out of my pussy. 'Fuck' he exclaimed as my tight pussy gripped his throbbing dick.

The pace started increasing and my pain slowly started turning into pleasure. I spread my legs wider and lifted them a little to allow him to enter deeper. Suresh understood this and grabbed my left leg, resting it on his shoulders. He paused for a moment and suddenly entered with full force. 'Ahhhhhhhh' I screamed, gasping for air.

Though I knew it was wrong I could no more resist. I started swaying my hips, accepting Suresh's cock deeper into my pussy. The guilt of betraying you only added to my pleasure and soon I was nearing orgasm. I tried to go for a kiss but Suresh was busy biting my nipples. I closed my eyes as I felt the wave about to hit me when Suresh suddenly withdrew his penis completely and stopped everything he was doing. I instinctively tried to pull him closer and moved my pussy towards his cock but he pushed me down. 'Ohh Suresh please....' I pleaded looking at him, my body wriggling. He was looking at me smiling 'Please what Amishi?'.

I realized what he wanted. I realized the degrading situation I was in now. I ran short of words for a fleeting moment but it was too much for my throbbing pussy, waiting to be ravaged. Shamefully I blurted out in a low voice 'please do it Suresh'. 'Do what' he replied without moving an inch. 'Fuck me' I said a little louder. 'Are you sure' he said again playing with me. 'Yes', I said, lifting my body, trying to touch his dick with my pussy. 'I can't hear you Amishi' Suresh replied still holding me down.

'Please fuck me Suresh, fuck me please, just fuck me' I almost shouted trying to pull him close. Suresh finally lowered himself on me again and placed his dick at my pussy. "Oh shittttt' I hissed and arched my back, anticipating the incoming pleasure. But he stopped again 'What about your boyfriend'. 'He's a fucking loser, he won't know' I replied wriggling myself. 'Fuck me Suresh, fuck me, fuck me' I started murmuring repeatedly, I knew he wanted me to beg him. As his dick finally started entering me again, I rejoiced in the overwhelming pleasure and wrapped my legs around him, not wanting him to escape again.

Suresh resumed thrusting me again wildly, with slow but powerful strokes. He kept kissing my neck while his hands kept pinching my nipples. I was drunk in pleasure and started moaning louder and louder. I kept grabbing his hair, eyes closed and moved my hips to match his rhythm wanting to be fucked deeper and deeper. I started nearing orgasm again and held him tighter. 'Fuck me Suresh, I'm your bitch, I'm all yours now' I moaned into his ear. He got turned on even more and increased his pace making me almost scream.

And then suddenly I felt it, the waves of orgasm came carshing wildly. 'Ahhhhhhh fucckkkk' I cried out digging my nails into his back. 'Fuckkkkkk' I screamed my body convulsing in wild pleasure. 'Ohh fuck' Suresh suddenly grunted out of nowhere and started dumping his seed inside me. This made me go wild and I held him tightly trying to squeeze in every drop that he released. His grip slowly loosened and I could feel his semen dripping down into my bed as he withdrew his now limp dick outside.

It is said that when a woman goes through orgasm a hormone is released which causes her to fall in love with her partner and perhaps this was true. I suddenly felt an overwhelming affection for Suresh as I lay on the bed watching him get up. I quickly got up and hugged him tightly, my bare boobs getting crushed on his hairy chest.

Suresh hugged me for a while and got up from the bed 'that was amazing Amishi, where's the bathroom?' I pointed him towards the bathroom and sat upright grabbing my top and put it on. My boobs were red with torture and nipples burning. I looked at the wet patch on my bedsheet and realized his sperm was still leaking from my vagina. I pressed my legs together in shame and looked for some rough cloth to wipe myself.

Though I knew what happened was extremely wrong, I was happy. I felt relaxed and content at that moment. A smile crossed my face as I stood and wiped his sperm from my pussy. I was searching for my panty when Suresh came from behind and grabbed my boobs.

'These belong to me now' he whispered into my ear as I let him play with it. I could also feel his semi erect dick on my ass. 'Wait let me make something for you' I spoke out. But he kept fondling my boobs and started kissing my neck. 'Do you wanna stay tonight? We could have dinner together' I spoke again turning my head.

Suresh simply nodded a no and pinched my nipples 'I never thought this day would come you know' he finally spoke as I let him use my boobs 'did you like whatever happened?' He turned me facing him and looked into my eyes. 'Yes', I said softly, looking down, pulling my top downwards to try and cover my pussy.

'See you're better without that loser boyfriend of yours' he said bringing his hand closer to my pussy. 'Guess so' I replied a little confused as his hands started rubbing my pussy again. 'Lift your top' he demanded and I complied without hesitation.

His finger started probing inside into my still wet pussy as I stood there holding my top, exposing my swollen boobs to him. 'My babies are inside you' he chuckled as he added another finger. 'I can make you happy like this always you know' he said looking into my eyes.

I simply stared back at him letting him finger me. 'But I have to go now' saying this he withdrew his finger. He started dressing back up and so did I planning to escort him downstairs. "Leave the panty' he said smiling and I obediently agreed. I didn't know why I was suddenly so affectionate to him.

As I locked my door, I started thinking how quickly things had changed. Only hours ago, this guy was just a friend and now his semen was swirling inside me. We climbed down the stairs and stopped to bid goodbye. 'Good evening, madam' the building watchman greeted me looking at my legs. I had almost forgot that I had no panties on and probably a little semen was still dripping on my legs.

'Call me when you reach' I said to Suresh and waved my hands. He simply smiled and left off. I went back to my room and fell down on my bed exhausted.

As the euphoria slowly started receding though, I began realizing what had actually happened. I was forced, manipulated, taken advantage of, but most importantly, assaulted in my own room. Was I angry? A little; primarily on myself for being so naïve, yet my anger was still overshadowed by the recent feelings of warmth, affection and mainly pleasure. Was I regretful? A lot; there was no doubt about that. I did enjoy our 'accidental' session, but this wasn't supposed to happen!

"Why didn't you scream Amishi?", I cursed at myself in my thoughts. I knew I resisted a lot, but could've surely done a lot more; I could've prevented him from entering me.

This incident changed everything now, things would never be the same between me and Suresh, neither between you and me.

When I was reminded about you, a huge wave of embarrassment and wrongdoing came over me. I perceived my mistake now; you were right all along. Soon, fear flooded my mind. What will happen at the office now? Will Suresh try to molest me again?

For a while I thought about reporting the incident. But then again, I didn't want Suresh getting into trouble. Not to mention the part where I was literally begging him to penetrate me. I had the chance to object, but that ship had already sailed!

"No use lamenting now Amishi", I started talking to myself again in my mind. "Whatever happened was a moment of passion. True, it started off as something forceful, but you enjoyed it too, afterwards. You desperately needed this release! Just consider this as a favour to him, for all the help he has provided to you. But this will be a one-time thing. You will firmly make this clear to Suresh tomorrow".

Gathering my final thoughts on this issue, I grabbed some dinner and dozed off.

What happened the next day is a completely different story. There are more details following this but I don't think it's a good time sharing it with you right now.

Out of guilt and shame I decided to completely ghost you, which was a good decision for your wellbeing as well. I kept working with Suresh in the same office until he resigned his job.


Scene Three -- Back to conversation

'Are you still there? Are you listening?' Amishi spoke out as I stood there in disbelief lost in thoughts of anger and disappointment. 'Yes, uh I'm there' I replied trying to hide my feelings. 'I don't even know what to say'

'I kept my promise and have told you the truth. Hope you can forget me and do well in your own life' she spoke again softly. 'I could've hidden everything and still be with you but that would be cheating'

'Well, I'm sad we didn't meet each other at the right time then' I said. 'Perhaps we would have been together forever if things rolled out differently'.

'Perhaps' she sighed.

We spoke a little bit more and hung up the call bidding goodbyes. "Not exactly the closure I wanted but perhaps the closure I needed", I thought to myself.

It's strange how things can change between two lovers based on where they are and to be honest, long-distance relationships never work out. It only takes one moment of wrong judgement to ruin a relationship of years.
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