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Mind controlled Janice is programmed to desperatley want and enjoy sex with horses.

Mind controlled Janice is programmed to desperatley want and enjoy sex with horses.

Written by Ginger, dictated by Janice.

What I did yesterday...

I entered the stable at Tong which is near Bradord and saw Thunder. He dipped and shook his head in greeting as I entered. I stripped off my shirt and hung it across the stall door. My nipples were as hard as a stone.

I approached the stall and placed my arms around his neck, moulding my body against his as best I could. Thunder brushed his head up against mine, I shivered in excitement as I felt his hot breath on my back, I began to press my pubis against his foreleg slowly.

I stepped back and removed my panties, I knelt down to examine his flaccid penis. Swallowing hard, I reached out my hand to stroke it.

The shaft in its protective sheath was soft and warm. Thunder shivered a bit at the unexpected touch but remained quiet. Slowly, the great shaft began to fill with blood and expand. My mouth grew dry as it approached its length, nearly two feet long. I knew that I wanted the mammoth penis inside of me and I felt the wetness and excitement between my legs. The horse snorted and stamped a little as the stimulation continued.

I glanced around, and then leapt up to seize some saddle cinches that were nearby. I tossed them around Thunder's belly, setting them in the last notch, and leaving them loose at the bottom. After a moment's thought, I slipped a rope around the beast's neck and secured it to a nearby cleat. Then I knelt down, and, still stroking, moved under the stallion.

Gripping one cinch, I eased my legs through the other, and settled the backs of my knees on the wide leather. Then I placed my upper body through the other cinch, setting it just below my shoulder blades.

Thus supported, I could move up and down on the giant penis by working my pelvis up and down. My knees and lower thighs pressed against Thunder's stomach, as did my breasts and arms. I pressed my face into his chest and kissed it.

The horse-cock lay heavily on my stomach, drooling pre-cum. I was drooling too, the fluids from my pussy dripping down the crack of my tight ass. The blood pounded in my temples and I licked my lips.

I reached down with one hand and took hold of the giant prick just below the head, and placed it at the opening of my fanny, slowly, very slowly, I began to press myself upward and onto Thunder's cock. l gasped as the head slipped into my trembling body. Thunder snorted again.

Oh my! It was so big nearly three inches wide! And so hot! I swallowed hard, and beads of sweat began to break out over my skin. I waited, letting my slick pussy adjust to the size of the fleshy invader.

After a time, I began to press upwards again, forcing the big prick deeper and deeper inside me. The pleasure was excruciating, but eventually I came to a halt with a gasp, knowing I could take no more horse-cock. Slowly, oh so slowly, I began to rock back and forth, up and down the mighty prick.

I drowned in sensations. His chest hairs tickled my nipples and thighs, his animal smell invaded my nostrils, and of course, his monstrous cock moved deeply in my pussy. I began to move faster. I could feel the powerful horse began to tremble and jerk his hips slightly as my pussy massaged his dick.

It was amazing. I rotated my hips and suddenly had a small orgasm I cried out in surprise at the sharp jolt of pleasure, then another orgasm took me, and then another.

I pressed my face firmly into Thunder's chest, hips moving madly despite the strain beginning to grow in my arms and thighs. The stallion's and my own lubricating juices poured out of my thighs and between my ass-cheeks, even up along my backbone before dripping off into the straw below.

I felt another orgasm building, and instinctively knew that this would be the big one, the explosion I had been so desperately seeking.

Grunting and straining with effort and pleasure, I drove even deeper onto the horse-cock. My heart was pounding, and I knew it was time.

The climax overtook me. I lay back exhausted, supported by the leather straps, Thunder stamped his hooves and I felt his cock expand even more inside I gasped at the pain. His cock jerked inside me and pints of his cum squirted into me swelling my insides until it flooded out of my pussy and on to the floor.

Utterly drained, I slipped slowly off the leather cinches and down to the floor, gasping again as Thunder's cock pulled free of me I lay there for several minutes, breathing hard.

Thunder was blowing and stamping. Sitting up slowly, I reached out and once again took the great cock in my hand. I eased closer and smelled of the great penis. It was intense as usual. I took my left hand and touched my fingers to the drooling cock-tip and brought them to my mouth. The taste was strong but sweet. I then opened my mouth, and applied it and my tongue to the giant cock taking the massive head of his dick into my mouth, while continuing to stroke along its length with my hands.

Thunder tensed and whinnied at the unusual strength of the pleasure he felt, and with a jolt began to come. The sperm shot into my mouth, instantly filling it to overflowing. I sputtering, but continued stroking and sucking the dick in front of me. I took him from my mouth so that the next jolt spattering my face and hair. As I shook my head two more spurts blasted out and caught me full in the face, covering me from eyebrows to chin, and dripping down on to my breast. I quickly took him in my mouth again. The next spurts were weaker but still filled my mouth, I swallowed tasting the bitter, sweetness. His last jerk was so hard his cum filled my mouth and jetted out of my nose dripping down my front rivering down between my breasts across my stomach and down between my legs.

I had not noticed Jed come in to the stables. Do you want some real horse pleasure he said. I nodded.

I knelt on all fours and Jed reached into a cubby hole and brought out the small leather harness and bridle. He fastened the leather strap around my throat and neck buckling it behind my neck. Next, he placed the leather harness over my head, one strap over my forehead and one between my mouth and nose, he clinched it tight behind my head. He took the leather bit and reins I opened my mouth and he pushed the bit in to my mouth squashing my tongue quite painfully against the floor of my mouth so I could not talk.

He took the reins and I scrabbled along on my knees as he led me several times around the stables.

He took me over to Mac his big stallion. Jed took some leather straps down. I crouched under Mac , pressed my face against his chest and put my arms around him, Jed tied my wrists tightly together with a strap. Jed fastened a strap to each of my ankles and then lifted my ankles up on each side of Mac and tied them together across his back. I was now hanging helplessly below this giant of a horse with my legs wide. Jed started to stroke Mac's cock and it slowly grew I could feel it against my thighs. Jed went to a shelf and turned, he had a tin of the resin they used to glue leather. "I have always wanted to try this he said". He picked up a brush and painted resin on to Mac's cock. I was wet with excitement again. Jed moved Mac's sticky cock to my fanny and guided it into me. It felt like the whole 2 foot of cock was in me and I felt the resin doing its work as Mac's cock bonded to the inside of me. I had a small climax. Jed crouched beside me and pushed my back I moved against Mac's cock and then back, Jed pushed again and again I moved, and he kept up the regular pushing and I very quickly came to an exploding climax. Then Mac jerked and his hot cum filled me, with the resin acting as a seal it all stayed inside me, he kept on jerking until he had finished. I could feel his liquid swelling my insides, and his cock stayed glued in my fanny, I thought of my predicament and felt my body tremble in excitement and wondered how many times Mac could come. Jed led Mac outside to the paddock and left him to graze on the grass with me hanging underneath. Each time he moved my nipples rubbed against his chest raising them to hardness. The resin caused his cock to stay enlarged in me and as he moved it stimulated my clit, I climaxed again and again. After several minutes Jed returned and started to push me again against Mac's dick, again the two of us came, I felt swollen inside as his fluids filled my body. Over the next two hours Jed repeated the procedure three more times until I felt fit to burst. I was sad when the resin gave way and Mac's dick dropped out of me along with all of his cum.

Phil, and John, both naked joined Jed. Jed untied my ankles and lowered me to the ground, but left my wrists tied and still had the bit in my mouth. He rolled me on to my stomach, dropped his pants and I felt his erection against my buttocks, then he moved and pressed himself against my anus and pushed into me, he wrapped his arms around me and held my breasts, I could not help but moan with pleasure, Phil was next entering me while Jed sucked on my breasts. As he entered my sore vagina John took his time gently having sex with me. Afterwards the three of them walked away leaving me on the ground naked, gagged and bound so that I was defensless if any one found me which they did!
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