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Total degradation and corruption of Margie.
I stood back, watching the men milling around my wife and taking turns fucking her cunt, her ass, and her mouth, their huge, hard and rigid cocks driving lustfully into her body, their cocks sliding between her lips and penetrating into her gullet, making her gasp and choke, muffled gurgling sounds emanating from her throat as she ineffectually thrashed her arms about as her airway was blocked by a rampant cock and she suffocated. She was totally surrounded by the men, all intent on making use of her body to satisfy their evil desires.

Shortly after the initial onslaught, a couple of the guys went into a side room which had formerly been the church vestry, and came out dragging a filthy mattress. I immediately caught a whiff of the unmistakable musky smell of stale cum. The filthy stains on the mattress were further evidence of the copious quantities of cum and piss that had formerly anointed this bed of evil corruption during earlier orgies of filth and debauchery. Margie was now roughly shoved down onto the filthy bed but with hardly any interruption to her physical abuse.

As Margie's husband, I'd been pushed aside, yes I'd brought my wife here so that they could use her for their perverted debauches, but now that they had her I was superfluous, they would defile her, destroy her, make her no more that an article to be used in their Satanic worship. She'd been thrust down onto the mattress her thighs parted and fucked by several guys in succession. Now she was dragged up into a kneeling position on all fours while some used her cunt while others were intent on buggering her ass, and of course, at all times her mouth was a third fuck hole. Torrents of foul language assailed her ears as she was mauled and manhandled. She knew that she was not regarded as a person, as a woman, she knew that she was here for one purpose only, to be violated by the most foul and malevolent means.

Standing with David at the outskirts of the milling crowd, I could only get glimpses of my wife's desecration. My own cock was rock hard and pulsing with lustful approval of all that the men were doing to her. I loved seeing her being constantly fucked by man after man after man, I loved seeing her mouth being used as a fuck-hole. I loved hearing the men calling her such disgusting and degrading names, and especially I loved hearing all references to Satan or The Devil.

"The filthy fucking bitch loves it all doesn't she," David said in a sneering tone of voice. I eagerly agreed with him, and he went on to start comparing her with the couple of other girls that the cult had formerly had. "We'd kidnapped them off the street, and so everything was forced onto them, your dirty fucking whore gives the whole thing a much better vibe."

I could tell as I watched, each time one of the guys climaxed and pumped his cum into whatever orifice he was using at the time. I could tell by the look of ecstasy on his face, by the way his body stiffened and held his position with his cock buried deep in my wife's hole. As he then withdrew his cock I could see the cum oozing from her already full cunt or ass, or if it was her mouth I could see her greedily swallowing the semen. Man after man had his fill, but with twenty seven guys for her to service, the fucking went on and on for over two hours.

Eventually, almost all of the guys had filled Margie's body with their cum, and now her abuse had taken a different turn. Many cocks where now just half hard, but the men were in no way finished with her. They had begun hurting her: slapping her face, twisting and punching her breasts so that they were now decidedly red and glowing, and no doubt would later on be black and blue with the bruising. One guy had shoved a finger of each of his hands into the sides of Margie's lips, and had stretched her mouth wide apart until he was all but ripping her cheeks. This sort of thing was going on when one of the guys came with an empty wine bottle which he placed on the floor and then got one of the other guys to help him lift her up and sit her onto the bottle with the neck of it up her ass. The two guys each had an arm around her back and another arm under her thigh so that they could then let her body weight force her hole down onto the bottle. The bottle neck slid easily up her shit hole and then by jostling her body about, her weight slowly but surely forced her down onto the larger section and her hole took the bottle right the way up her ass, a diameter of perhaps some three inches. Margie had wailed and pleaded with the guys not to do it as she felt her hole all but being ripped open, but now that the bottle was firmly located up her ass she just whimpered with the pain.

Margie was next laid back down on the mattress, knees slightly up and thighs spread so that her cum oozing cunt was gaping. One of the guys now worked four fingers fairly easily into her cunt and began working them about and all of the time forcing his hand forward and stretching her cunt more and more until his hand disappeared right the way inside her cunt. Having achieved this he then formed a fist inside her and began dragging his hand out but with it now being in the larger form of his clenched fist he succeeded in stretching her hole even more so that she was squealing like a pig. Soon though, with her cunt being such a sloppy mess of cum, he was able to fist punch her cunt, rapidly driving his fist in and out of her body. Margie was panting and groaning but making no attempt to interrupt his vicious onslaught.

It was now the early hours of the morning. I could see that Margie was utterly exhausted as she just lay there whimpering softly, and flinching and groaning in pain as the last handful of guys that were still there kept physically abusing her body. "What say we electrocute the bitch," one of the guys suggested. There seemed to be a general concurrence with this idea and two of the guys disappeared into the vestry, shortly reappearing with arms full of cables and some sort of electrical equipment.

I don't think that Margie had any idea what was going on as she just lay there, a look of abject misery on her face and blankly staring at the Satanic altar.

Soon the gear was set up and plugged into the power. Aluminum foil was wrapped around each of Margie's ankles and then held in place by a turn of plastic tape. The same was done on each of her breasts with a square of aluminum and then the tape to secure it. Cables where attached to all of the sections of foil, and then the men all stood back. "All clear?" a guy asked, then he flipped a switch. The result was instantaneous. The electrical equipment hummed into life and Margie's body seemed to leap slightly as it became totally rigid and twitching and trembling as it lay on the mattress. Margie's mouth gaped open and her tongue half protruded, her expression a total blank as the flesh of her cheeks quivered and her eyes rolled upwards so that all that could be seen was the white of her eyes. Other than that every muscle in her body became rigid other than the slight shaking that the voltage racking her body now produced. I could hear the noise of electrical arcing and there was a slight smell of burning flesh. Margie had just become an inanimate object as the electricity petrified her body in what I imagined must be horrendous pain.

"Fucking Christ!" I exclaimed in admiration, "isn't that so fucking incredibly fabulous."

"Burn for The Devil you filthy cunt," one of the guys laughed towards Margie's suffering body.

It was probably only a matter of perhaps ten or so seconds that the guys kept the power onto my wife's tormented body, but it seemed like ages. The guy turned the switch off and immediately Margie let out a shrieking animal like scream and then stared howling and wailing like a mad woman.

The guys all began laughing and rejoicing at her frenetic reaction. "Give the little cunt more," a couple of the guys laughed, and once more the switch was on and the power racked and shook Margie's body, locking her once more in that inanimate state. "Fry the fucking cunt's brain," the guys laughed.

Again the power was off and again Margie's reaction was wild and out of control but she was held down by the men standing on her hands and feet. Six times she was subjected to the ghastly agony of this treatment, but on the last turn she just slumped into a semiconscious state, trembling all over and just staring ahead of her in an unseeing and brain dead sort of a way. "That was so fucking wonderful," the guys enthused in glee, totally unconcerned by any damage they may have done to my wife.

It was time to call an end to this malicious and evil treatment though, and David helped me carry Margie to the car.

It was quite a drive back home, and after a time the even sound of the car and its momentum seemed to work on Margie so that she fell asleep. Arriving home about five in the morning, I managed to get her inside and onto the bed with her barely stiring. I only took off my shoes and flopped down beside her, but it was some time before I too fell into a fitful doze, half wondering all of the time whether the events of the night had really brain damaged my wife.

It was almost midday when I awoke. The first thing I did was to look at Margie still sleeping alongside me. The look of terror had gone from her face and she almost looked normal, it remained to be seen though what her mental state was.

She slept on for another hour or so before she came wandering into the kitchen where I was just brewing a pot of coffee. I jumped up and went to her, wrapping my arms around her about to cuddle her but she flinched and told me to be careful, she was sore all over. I was immediately relieved that at least her speech sounded normal.

"You poor darling," I said, "I had no idea it would be like that."

She just grinned without saying anything, but I noticed that she winced in pain as she gingerly sat down.

I was left in the dark as to what she thought about our night out, but at least she didn't say anything negative, so perhaps she accepted everything that had happened even though it was brutal and extreme.

We usually played around and fucked at least a couple of times a week, but because she was so battered it was over a week until we once more had a sex session together. Still neither of us had mentioned what had happened, but now while we were in the 69 position and working on each other, she drew her mouth from my cock and asked, "how many guys were there?" She must have been thinking about it as she sucked on my cock, and hopefully she had been thinking fond memories of sucking and being fucked by all of those guys.

I answered that David had told me twenty seven. "That's unbelievable isn't it," she said wistfully, "absolutely totally immoral and wicked."

"You looked so beautiful with all of those guys using you," I told her. "Yes but I paid for it later didn't I," she said, referring I suppose to her beatings and electrocution. She paused a moment then added, "I could never go through that sort of treatment again, it was terrifying."

My heart sank to hear this, but it didn't surprise me, she had really been made to suffer at the hands of those guys.

After that, our life reverted to what it had formerly been, and little mention was made of our wild night of Satanism.

It wasn't till about two months later that one night when we were fucking, Margie asked if I was still in contact with David. After telling her that I was, she commented that she supposed he was disappointed that we'd never been back for more. We then for the first time began discussing in some detail all that had happened on that night. She told me that she was actually glad about all that had happened, she told me that the beating and torture had been awful at the time, but now that it was over, she felt proud that she'd provided all of those sadists with what they'd wanted of her.

I made sure that she knew how much I loved her and how I'd loved watching her at the hands of all those men. I told her that she'd been magnificent and that the men all thought the same of her. "You almost make me want to do it all again," she said softly, and I knew from the way that she said it that she was serious.

I immediately grasped the opportunity to try to push her a little. "Yes," I said encouragingly, "you've done it once and you could do it again. You know that afterwards you'd feel so good at having done it." I was thrilled when she answered hesitantly, "I want to do it, but it was so brutal and anguishing that it scares me."

The next day I phoned David and told him every detail of our talk and that Margie might indeed give in and have another session. That evening I told Margie that I'd been in contact with David and that he was going to organize another session for us but that I might take a couple of weeks to arrange. Margie just nodded her head and said, "OK."

It did in fact take a couple of weeks before the night came around. I could tell that Margie was very nervous as we drove to the venue, but she had no thought of not going ahead with what had been planned for her.

This time, in the initial ritual part of the proceedings, Margie was treated more as a group member rather than a first timer. David led the service:

"Blessed are you Margaret as a Satanic Whore of Hell. Blessed are you that you freely give your body to be used in the Glorification of Our Lord Satan. Together we curse God and Jesus, together we revel in vile, evil debauchery and immorality." Then placing his hand on Margie's head, he pronounced to the gathered members, "I now call upon all followers of The Devil to come and partake of the body of this evil slut, may your actions destroy and ruin her for the Glory of Satan." With that all of the members came forward shedding their robes and revealing naked bodies and hard lusting cocks.

Once more the foul and putrid mattress was brought forth and Margie's body was once again invaded by the many evil and lusting cocks of the Satanists. Again my wife was little more than meat to be fucked and abused, and she willingly, eagerly even, gave herself to all who wanted her. Once again her body was pumped full of cum and then as the sexual lust of the men was sated, their wicked and malicious desires were manifested and Margie began to suffer as her face and body were viciously beaten, and her cunt fist fucked, and this time there was no thought of the men using a wine bottle up her ass, this time their hands were forced both up her cunt and up her ass. She gasped and cried out in pain as the men gloated over her battered and violated body.

Finally as on the first occasion, the electrical equipment was brought out. Margie looked at it in absolute terror, remembering the hideous agonizing pain of her first experience. As on the first occasion my wife's feet and breasts were connected to the electrodes. This time Margie had been standing when the power was turned on, her body immediately stiffened and she fell in a twitching, shaking heap on the floor, her eyes staring in absolute terror, but her vocal chords paralyzed so that no more that an inhuman gurgling sound came from her lips. As on the previous occasion her body was subjected to 10 second bursts of voltage. As previously her reaction was the same when the power was turned off - uncontrollable screams of agony, both physical and mental. After the sixth burst of electricity, the amount that she'd last time received, David, a gloating and evil look on his face, asked me if they should give her more. My cock was hard and lusting, my mind was on a level of malignant Satanic evil. "Yes, give her more," I answered in a husky trembling voice. David grinned an absolutely evil and devilish grin, "give the bitch 20 seconds he told the men.

I was gasping for breath and my heart was pounding I was so lustfully excited. "Oh fucking Christ!" I exclaimed. Then I was watching my darling wife, my wife who I loved so dearly, shaking on the floor as the current surged through her body. David was next to me and gave a truly evil sneering laugh, "I'll burn your fucking whores brains," he gloated. Twenty seconds! Double the previous shocks. The power was off and Margie was screaming uncontrollably. "No more, no more," she was howling and pleading. "What do you think?" David asked me, "another 20 seconds and she might be driven out of her mind." I felt so incredibly evil, I felt that Satan was controlling my mind. "Another 20 seconds," I croaked.

Margie was unconscious by the time that the power was turned off. "Is she dead?" I gasped, but she wasn't her mind had shut her body down so ghastly and horrendous had her torture been.

Driving home with Margie's inert body on the back seat, my mind went over all that happened. I couldn't get over the incredible feelings of lustful evil when they'd been electrocuting my wife. I was convinced that I had been possessed by an evil spirit and it had been so wonderful.

It was a couple of days before Margie more or less recovered, and I was relieved to find that other than a lot of bruising she seemed OK.

The next time that we had some sex fun, I told Margie all about the incredible feelings of evil and wickedness that had filled my mind and body while she was being electrocuted. I told her that I was sure that it had been some evil spirit, or even The Devil which had taken over my senses, and how I now had a longing for more. We as usual had a wonderful long sex session of sucking, licking, feeling, fondling, fingering and fucking. I worked on Margie in the way that never fails to bring on an orgasm, and as she was panting and moaning on the verge, I softly said in her ear: "Lord Satan, God of all that is evil and wicked, take my whore wife for your Beasts and Demons to fuck and abuse." I heard her murmur "mmmm" by way of response. "Fuck God and fuck Christ," I whispered. "Yes" I heard Margie softly say.

I think that this bit of blasphemy turned her on just that bit more that she started to orgasm, gasping and moaning and pumping her cunt onto my hand. "Satan, take this filthy slut and fill her mind and body with filthy desires and thoughts that she becomes your Satanic whore," I prayed as her body was racked with beautiful feelings of lust. I'd never before said such things to Margie, but as she lay there panting and recovering she laughingly said that I made her feel "like Satan's whore."


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