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Jenny and Gracie stay at the boarding school for the summer
Flashback - A Summer of Sin

A few days after their sloppy adventures in the forest, the school year came to an end and Jenny and Gracie watched their classmates pack up for whatever summer activities they were headed to and their parents come pick them up. Most of the girls that went to the boarding school came from fairly wealthy families so Jenny and Gracie knew they were off to a summer on their yachts or private islands. When the last limo left Jenny turned to Gracie and told her with a smirk, “Here’s where the fun begins!”. They turned to walk back to their dorms knowing they would be free from all the “rich bitches” at least for a few months. They only had one resident teacher to contend with named Tamara who they both despised immensely but knew that she liked to hit the bottle and could often be found face down on her desk passed out. They knew they could get away with pretty much anything that summer as Tamara also avoided both girls like the plague for some reason. “Oh well.” thought Jenny, “More mischief for us to get into!”.

The girls headed to their still well stocked cafeteria to grab a snack when they noticed another girl sitting alone off to one corner with her laptop propped up on some school books. When they got closer to her table they noticed she was furiously rubbing her tiny skirt under the table. As they got closer she noticed them, flung her laptop closed and pretended she was only scratching an itch on her sexy fishnet covered leg. “Hello what do we have here?”, Jenny murmured and her and Gracie sat on either side of the girl. “Who might you be, and more importantly, what-cha watching???”. The girl had long wavy purple hair which was against regulations so they knew this was a recent dye job. Her eyeshadow and lipstick matched her purple hair and since they didn’t have to wear their uniforms because of summer break they noticed the girl had an enormous set of tits straining against her tiny cropped t-shirt. As Jenny reached for the laptop the girl stuttered something and pulled the laptop away. Unfortunately for her, it put the laptop in reach of Gracie who deftly snatched it away.

Gracie started to open the laptop the girl moaned in a soft sexy voice, “Please! No!”. Her gorgeous green eyes opened wide and she stuttered, “I…I’m Missy. Please don’t! Noone can know!”. It was too late as Gracie had gotten the laptop open and as she spun it to show Jenny what Missy had been watching, Jenny’s eyes opened wide and realized why Missy had been rubbing her panties under the table. On the screen was a porno and not just any porno! There were three smoking sexy girls with huge jiggling tits involved in a hot lesbian three-way. One of them was a hot blond with plump lips not too unlike Gracie. The second girl was a hot purple haired girl very much like Missy between them and the third girl had creamy light brown skin like Jenny. Jenny’s eyes flicked over the screen and saw that each girl also had an enormous throbbing cock between their creamy legs! Jenny and Gracie pulled Missy’s chair back and to their surprise saw Missy’s skirt straining and bulging. “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.”, thought Jenny and she impulsively reached down to flip up Missy’s tiny skirt to reveal she also had a massive cock and she wasn’t wearing any panties either! A tear rolled down Missy’s cheek and she attempted to grab the computer back, stand and walk away until both Jenny and Gracie lifted their own skirts to reveal their own rapidly hardening chick sticks. Missy gasped and slowly sat back down. “Ohhh myy…”, she moaned. Gracie centered the laptop on the table as Missy reached both arms out so she could fondle and stroke both Jenny and Gracie’s now dripping she cocks. The video continued to show the blond and the black girl kneel in front of the purple haired girl and began licking, lapping and sucking her engorged she cock sharing kisses over her freely leaking tip. Missy let out a soft wet moan and her fingers curled around the two dripping clits on either side of her and began stroking softly up and down. Occasionally she’d lift her fingers up to her plump lips and her tongue snaked out to lick off the sweet pre-cum she had scooped off both Jenny and Gracie’s straining girl cocks.

Missy’s eyes were rolled back in her head and she whimpered softly as she stroked Gracie’s ten inch bitch stick in one hand and Jenny’s eight inch cocoa clit in the other. Leaking freely both Jenny and Gracie’s eyes were squeezed shut from the pleasure when suddenly they heard stumbling footsteps entering the cafeteria. The three girls looked up to find their resident teacher, Tamara stumbling towards the coffee machines. Missy quickly slapped her laptop shut with one hand while yanking down her skirt. Jenny and Gracie scooted their chairs away from Missy and pulled down their own skirts. Tamara, oblivious to all that was going on turned two bleary red eyes towards the three girls and intoned, “Ladies…”, then fumbled with a coffee cup and the large coffee pot before her.

Missy covered her mouth and whispered, “Drunk bitch…”

Gracie mumbled under breath, “Drunk fucking whore…”

Jenny, whose hatred for Tamara knew no bounds said to the other girls through clenched teeth, “C’mon girls lets blow this popsicle stand and get to know each other a lil…no a LOT better.”. Missy grabbed her laptop and the three girls scooted off to Jenny’s dorm room before Tamara finished pouring her cup of coffee. Once back to her room she found matching micro skirts for her and Gracie and slutty cropped tees to match Missy. Missy was a stunner. She stood before them all of five foot four with beautiful long tresses of purple hair, gorgeous green eyes and plump juicy purple lips. Missy’s double D tits bounced lightly and she had a tight ass barely covered by her tiny skirt. Jenny sat to roll a blunt while Gracie took time to fondle Missy’s sexy body sliding her hands up and over Missy’s gorgeous tits, amazing little ass and everywhere in between. Jenny lit the blunt and blew smoke rings over Gracie and Missy. Gracie took a hit and blew it between Missy’s purple lips which made her cough and sputter.

“Uhh, I’ve never…”, Missy moaned which made Jenny and Gracie exclaim.

“A Newbie!!!”. Gracie showed Missy how to hit the blunt and advised her to take it slow and take a small hit to start. Missy wrapped her gorgeous purple lips around the tip of the blunt and took a small puff. Gracie pulled her close to allow her to exhale and blow the hit between her own perfect pink lips. Jenny took a rather large hit and pulled both Gracie and Missy to her and blew the hit between both their lips which ended in a smoke filled three way kiss. Tongues tangled and ropes of spit drooled from each girls tongue as hands slid up and down creamy bodies. Moans filled the room as their tongues tangled. As Gracie and Jenny pulled away, long lines of spit drooled from their wet mouths and both girls watched Missy wrap the lines of goo around her fingers and suck them off. Jenny started down one side and Gracie started down the other. They started with soft kisses down Missy’s soft cheeks, licks down her neck and planted wet kisses and licks over Missy’s gorgeous breasts spending extra time on her rock hard nipples. Jenny grabbed the blunt and blew a hit over Missy’s jiggling breasts and met Gracie’s mouth over Missy’s nips all the while licking sucking and lapping away as Missy’s nipples became even harder. Missy let out a wet moan as one hand from each girl continued their assault on her tits while their tongues dragged down each side of her body finally coming to Missy’s straining micro skirt. Gracie reached down to slide her skirt down her soft legs while Jenny pulled her panties down with her teeth. Missy’s nine inch girl cock danced before them and they shared a wet kiss over the tip of Missy’s leaking cock head. Both girls greedily lapped at Missy’s sweet pre-cum and began to lick up one side and down the other of Missy’s throbbing she cock making her leak freely.

Missy could only whimper, “Uhhh, I’m gonna…”, and she erupted shooting rope after rope of her sweet girl goo into their sloppy mouths. Being the good little sissy whores they were, they did not miss a drop of the creamy spunk and came up to share it with Missy in a hot wet gooey three way kiss. Their kiss intensified and the load snowballed between their juicy lips with cum drool and spit making a gooey mess between the three of them. They finally broke away from the gooey kiss to swallow the mixture of juices and each girl sighed happily as the loads slid down their throats and filled their bellies. The three girls sat on Jenny’s bed and passed the blunt around. Missy was getting better at smoking and didn’t gag or choke this time. The girls took hits, blew them over each others bodies and giggled. “Ohhh I’m sooo glad I met you girls!”, Missy gushed, “I was beginning to think I was the only one at this fucking school.”. She wrapped her arms around both girls and pulled them close for another sexy kiss. Missy moaned and lay back down on the bed. “This is going to be a great summer, better than I ever imagined it would be!”.

Jenny giggled, “You have NO idea how awesome this summer is going to be! We have such sights to show you!!!”. She looked over at Gracie who was still sucking on her goo covered fingers. “Think she’s ready for the forest…???”.
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